The wisdom of Arsène Wenger?

By Ian Henry

After defeat at home by Swansea…

Apparently, one of the reasons we lost to Swansea was because the team was tired and jaded after a Champions League game a couple of weeks ago followed by two away-performances. What a load of ****.

I could talk about the weak squad, the lack of defensive training, the lack of focus, the poor structure of the squad, the lack of leadership and footballing common sense on the pitch, and the complete lack of proper striking options on the bench in recent games. I could, but what is the point?

Nothing substantial will change at Arsenal until the manager changes. I don’t mean changing his mind (he won’t or can’t) or buying some players in January (he clearly isn’t getting the best out of what he has now, so why should he get more out of players who he signs in the future?). No, he needs to go, and go soon. I don’t think he will go, however, at least not until it has got a lot worse.

I am not sure how much worse things have to go before the man on more than £7 million a year can’t take any more. Nor how long before the supine, craven, detached and Nero-esque board act. Personally, I hope it won’t be too long, but I suspect we are in for the long haul. At the moment, Arsenal are in decline, rudderless, leaderless, directionless. The master of all he surveys, Arsène Wenger, was once a great innovator, a visionary and an inspiration. Now, he is a busted flush, a man who looks exhausted, jaded and tired, just like his team.

As our esteemed editor observed in his review of the Swansea game, all organisations reach a point when the leader has to be changed. In public companies, a chief executive goes when some aspect(s) of his or the company’s performance reach a tipping point; so what is Arsenal’s tipping point?

Look at our next five league games: WBA, Wigan, Reading, West Ham and Newcastle. Even with this team, at the start of the season, most Arsenal fans would have expected five wins, but then most would have expected wins at Villa and at home to Swansea. So, AKBs and anyone else who accuses me of being negative in your comments (or even suggests I should **** off to Spurs or somewhere else), ask yourself this: how many more defeats, or how many failures to win in the next five games would convince you of the need to change the manager?

I don’t get excited any more about Arsenal matches; I want my Arsenal back - you know, the one which scored goals, which attacked the opposition with speed, the one with players who cared, with whom the fans felt some real identity. The current team are no more than a bunch of temporary hired hands.

Remember, this is the team the manager built – the manager who first believed that foreign youngsters growing up together would provide the core of the team for years to come. Whatever happened to that idea? Oh yes, Clichy, Flamini, Nasri, RvP, Fabregas, Denilson, Bendtner – all gone, although admittedly some of them are not missed much. And what are we left with? The crocks (Rosicky and Diaby), the hapless and the rejects no one else wants (Gervinho, Chamakh, Djourou, Squillaci and Arshavin) and a few very good players who are being run into the ground, overplayed to the point of risking or suffering serious injury (Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta). And finally, some decent players (the keeper, the defence, Podolski and Giroud) who need organising, motivating and structuring.

Now, the manager talks in the days before the Swansea game of our British core: Wilshere, Walcott, Jenkinson, Chamberlain and Ramsey and how the jewel in his team, Wilshere, should sign a new contract to show his commitment to the club. If he has any sense, Wilshere won’t, for his own career. He won’t win the PL or the CL under Wenger; he might somewhere else and I suspect that is exactly what will happen. It’s just a matter of when.

And who is responsible for this? The manager. No one else. And finally, bringing us a full circle: this manager will be the same one who will take the core of his team to Greece this week for a dead rubber-match rather than resting them. So when the same players who were jaded on Saturday run out in Athens on Tuesday, don’t be surprised when the manager says next Saturday, after the West Brom match, that the players were jaded and tired from their Champions League game in midweek.

3rd December 2012 09:00:00


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Sinking quicker than the Titanic  9:00am 3rd Dec 2012

RVP was always going to leave last summer the same as Cesc and Nasri the year before.Wenger knew that ages before that happen so he had time to make plans to replace them.What does he do sign Gervinho one of our worst players ever, Park who didnt start one league game and Giroud.Why when we sold RVP to Utd didnt Wenger ask for either Hernandes or Berbatov in return? I have said it all along as soon as Wilshire proves his fitness City will come knocking with a £25m bid and you know the rest.We have some good players at the club but we dont have any great players.In 2004 we had 5 world class players Cole PV4 Pires Henry and Bergkamp.Finally a pat on the back for our scouting system Michu cost £2m Giroud £12m Gervinho £12m and Park £5m - Post No. 31540

Nutty's Right Peg  9:16am 3rd Dec 2012

It's been going Pete Tong for a while now, too many abject performances & or points thrown away from winning positions to regale here, we can all recall them. I wouldn't be confident of this current side winning the toss in the next five games, let alone actual football matches ! Let's face it, we're facing sides who will be better organised, show more of this famous "spirit" we're apparently full of, in short, the West Brom's & Reading's of this league will simply want it more. Can't get up for Tuesday night, frankly first or second place in the group makes little if any difference to our chances of winning the bloody thing. It saddens me greatly to see a once famed, visionary leader steadily turning into a figure of ridicule. As the author states, would you now trust Wenger to get the best out of any potential January signing ?? - Post No. 31542

Nels  9:28am 3rd Dec 2012

Here's a new chant for the West Brom game: Jaded, Jaded Arsenal!! Jaded, Jaded Arsenal!! Jaded, Jaded Arsenal!! - Post No. 31543

In Arsene We Trust  9:30am 3rd Dec 2012

Boy, you anti-Wenger rabble are such drama queens. This is just a little blip, you'll see that Wenger will guide us into top 4 once again. We are just 5 point behind 3rd spot, so you people quit your whining and support the club. Arsene knows. Btw, how did that little protest went? I didn't hear any news about it, I guess not many people turned up to their ridiculous cause. Either way, I couldn't care, as I'm too busy being a real Arsenal fan by backing the club than whining like those lot. - Post No. 31544

Arsenal...Who??!  9:38am 3rd Dec 2012

Fair point, but what is Arsenal way of playing these days....! This has been for a while now that Arsenal have lost their way of fact...Swansea played like we used to play!!! What is happening to our Club as all we see is the Rich Board et al laughing all the way to the bank while hiding behind Wenger!!! Wenger is in it as well as much as he cares for the club but as he has stated many times before that he is a servant to his Master/s. - Post No. 31545

Der Projekt ist Kaput  10:13am 3rd Dec 2012

Who can be satisfied with what's going on at all levels at our club? Who can seriously say that we have a squad capable of winning at the highest level? Who can seriously say that Wenger is irreplaceable? Two or three losses in our next five games will consign us to mid table mediocrity of which we may not recover. No european football at any level next season. God knows what's in store for our wallets if that happens. Protest. Demonstrate. Make your feelings known. Get our club back. - Post No. 31548

George Musisi  10:14am 3rd Dec 2012

You are right 100%. Wenger has ran out of ideas and he cannot lead the team to great heights as before. The problem is, he nurtures players and sales them when they are at their prime age of being intergrated into first team. Look at young talent he has at his desposal but is not giving opportunity to play eg Estfeld, Serge Gnary, Conquelline, Miyach,etc. Infact i rate Miyach highly than Garvinho. Look at the players he holds but are nit used and at the same are paid salaries. Wenger must assigned another responsiblity at the club but not managerial position. - Post No. 31549

GoonerGoal!  10:18am 3rd Dec 2012

All that's missing from the chaos that is now Arsenal is an announcement from Gazidis that he is changing the pre-match tune to Napoleon XIV's "They're coming to take me away Ha-Haaa!" - Post No. 31550

Support Arsenal and their amazing manager  10:23am 3rd Dec 2012

Really thoughtless moan from a non-supporter. Yes, it's really disappointing to see Arsenal have bad days. But remember, Arsenal are the only English team apart from Man Utd that are in the last 16 of the Champions League, and they're still only 5 points off third place, very early in the season. Would you rather be a Chelsea who are troubled despite all their bags of money – and knowing that if Abramovich gets fed up, they'd collapse entirely? It's really hard staying competitive when other clubs – even QPR – are being bankrolled by silly money – yet Wenger does it against the odds. Why not come out of your sulk and give him the support to keep Arsenal the best, most sane, most genuine, and genuinely brilliant UK club – and stop making Chelsea and Manchester City fans very happy by undermining him. - Post No. 31551

jamie hunter  10:25am 3rd Dec 2012

Well one thing this thread has taught me, looking at comment number 4, Ivan Gazidis reads The Gooner Online! - Post No. 31552

John Abrehart  10:26am 3rd Dec 2012

I think that we should get off the players backs and certainly not chant such things as 'jaded, jaded Arsenal'. I go back to a Highbury League game some 50 years ago when about 7,000 turned up. Billy Wright was gone almost the next day. If we want rid of our Manager it ought to be done in a dignified way, befitting of Arsenal but there are so many hospitality packages and the like that a core of people on 'freebies' will turn up come what may and this diffuses a 'stay away' protest by genuine supporters. Finally, I hate it when other clubs covet our best players and finally entice them away,(RVP etc) but I for for one would covet Michael Laudrup!!! - Post No. 31553

ljb  10:34am 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene We Trust,yes you are SO much of an Arsenal fan that you weren't even at the game.There were plenty of tickets avaliable on ticket exchange,How dare you have the nerve to criticise matchgoing fans.Still keep supporting Wenger all the way into the Championship. - Post No. 31554

Der Projekt ist Kaput  10:39am 3rd Dec 2012

@In Arsene We Trust. Official police estimates put 1,500 on the BSM March. I was on the march and saw many applauding as it made its way around to Bear roundabout. Only saw one person who voiced disapproval. - Post No. 31555

Jack  10:40am 3rd Dec 2012

Arsene Wenger has been at Arsenal 16 years in that time Arsenal's average league position has been (2.5). Alex Ferguson has been at Man U for 26 years his average league position has been (2.9). Wenger has the best long term consistency of all the managers,the quick fix glory hunters should not be allowed to drive him out. Wenger should be given as long as he want's he is due our respect and backing not the impatient heckling by the ill informed minority. - Post No. 31556

jb  10:48am 3rd Dec 2012

No disrespect to Swansea but we made them look good. Our workrate, with a few exceptions, was shocking. It seems Arsene has lost the dressing room as he is no longer able to motivate his players. Some of those players need and deserve a right roasting and Arsene is not the man to do it. They have to fear a rollicking from a manager if they don't do enough to earn their 60 or 70 grand. How many of our lot would AF put up with? - Post No. 31557

chris dee  10:50am 3rd Dec 2012

We are in big big danger if this is allowed to drag on,if winning is a habit then so is losing. And scarily Arsene's reaction and comments just seem to reinforce the perception that he has no answers to the problem. It may be naive of us fans but a comment from Arsene stating 'it was unnecceptable performance and it will not happen again' would at least show some passion and anger that we could connect with.And Arteta's bland,predictable club approved P R cliche on the club website that 'we must all stick together now' is just a load of unconvincing b******s . As it is we are left with our anger growing stronger and stronger with each passing souless performance. I would excuse Jenkinson from any critisism because I have never seen him hide,shirk responsibilty or give less that 100% which can be levelled at many of the other players.Treated and coached well he has the potential to become a great Arsenal full back.I remember him when we were humilated 8-2 at Old Trafford giving Woolcott a right earful for not tracking back,but obviously that upset Arsene who wants good Karma with hugs and kisses between the players no matter how s**t we are playing.In fact the boy should be made captain because Vermaelen from being a tough tackling no nonsense defender who knew how to defend when he joined us has become another tippy tappy precious liability whose defending skills have slowly but surely been eroded by our manager ignoring or worse,his inability to organise defensively. Good defensive coaching Arsene. - Post No. 31558

nilz21  11:03am 3rd Dec 2012

InArseneWeTrust ..with that comment you've shown what a idiot you are...completly clueless.. you must be being paid by Stan and Grazidis to say such nonsense. Your not a real fan ...your part of the problem - Post No. 31560

jj  11:03am 3rd Dec 2012

I'd like him to actually stand up and take the blame for the decline and not blame everything else. If the manager can't even take resposibility off the pitch,how on earth can anyone expect the players to on the pitch. - Post No. 31561

Harry  11:06am 3rd Dec 2012

@In Arsene We Trust Just a 7 make that 8 year blip.Its the WORST start in 30 years. - Post No. 31562

mark from aylesbury  11:10am 3rd Dec 2012

in Arsene we trust, the answer to your query is heavy coverage in the daily mail and Telegraph, coverage on 5 live and also mentioned on BBC Final score. So very good. I would add that I work in a part of London that see regular demos, 500 to a 1000 is plenty enough to create a noise. I have to say you sound like a pastche of Chemical Ali or going right back Lord Haw Haw. - Post No. 31563

Arsene goodnight  11:18am 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene we trust- you must be crazy to think this is a blip its 7 years soon to be 8 pal my god I can't believe your still backing the clueless fool yes he has done wonders for our club and we will never forget that but it's time to change quickly before its too late end of season he must call it might be happy with your top 4 trophy but for more and more of us this is not enough now what's the point in cl when we haven't got a cat in hells chance of winning it?i tell you what you and your AKBs can **** off with him true arsenal fan my arse.if you we're you would be as hurt and pissed off as the rest of us.i for one will have my wenger out banner at the Wigan game. - Post No. 31564

In Arsene We Rust and Rust and Rust....  11:18am 3rd Dec 2012

"A little blip"???? A seven year little blip???? Laughable. Truly laughable - but not as laughable as the current Arsenal squad. - Post No. 31565

Andyd  11:34am 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene we trust. A blip?! This is the eighth season of Wenger's "blip" Get a grip. Watching him flounder like an idiot by the side of the pitch waving his arms about is painful. Go on google and look at him 8-10 years ago smiling and enjoying watching a great team and then look at him now. When you've done that look at some pictures of Cloughie in his heyday and what he looked like at the end of tenure at Forest. I dont have to remind you that Forest wouldn't sack Clough either, they hung on blindly because in his heyday he won trophies galore. I also shouldnt have to remind you that he relegated them and over a decade later they still languish in the doldrums. Arsene doesnt know anymore, he's past it and should go with dignity before he's forced out in shame. - Post No. 31567

Jack  11:41am 3rd Dec 2012

It's the Wenger out Brigade who get some of our best players to leave by constantley saying in the media how they don't blame them if they want to leave as Arsenal have no ambition. Thus giving the player an easy excuse to go for more money. Then you hear them blubbing to Adrian Durham on talk sport telling him how they want their Arsenal back. Drama queens the lot of them. - Post No. 31569

Warmsy  11:47am 3rd Dec 2012

A very well written piece, Ian. There are now genuine business reasons why a change of manager is needed, and that surely must be the tipping point. I do get annoyed when I listen to punters and fans on the radio reminding us how good Wenger has been for Arsenal. That may be so, but he and the board are very different to what they were a decade ago. Judge the current manager as if a different person. - Post No. 31570

Highbury Diva  11:50am 3rd Dec 2012

So "In Arsene we trust" you think we will get into the top 4. It could happen but you obviously regard that as the trophy that Mr Wenger does. That would be another season papering over the cracks and it will never get better under this manager. Other managers, Moyes, Laudrup, Steve Clarke are all doing a better job on limited resources and I believe they would improve the crop of players we have now. Do you really think all those quality Arsenal players have left reluctantly? Of course not. They know they can do better elsewhere. I don't believe it's just about money. The rot set in when Flamini left and it's been a slow decline ever since. - Post No. 31571

Tony Evans  12:24pm 3rd Dec 2012

I wasn't even upset after the Swansea match, in fact, if it helps rid the club of Wenger than it is a loss worth suffering. The pressure on him is at last building and I hope that continues until he is forced out. He will take a great deal of shifting I know, such is the make up of our club now, but when he goes boy will I be celebrating. By the way well done to all those on the BSM march - but please now extend your aims to ridding the club of Wenger. - Post No. 31573

RDT - 4  12:26pm 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene We Trust, the protest only wasn't on the news because we didn't smash up shops and throw things - not exactly newsworthy. I was there with 1-2000 and we made our point in a peaceful and dignified way. Perhaps you could organise your own march in favour of the current regime - just might be a little lonely. - Post No. 31574

Frank  12:48pm 3rd Dec 2012

@Jack dream on.Ferguson is the greatest manager ever for a reason.He doesnt stand still.Last season Utd finished 2nd on GD he went out and bought the best player in the prem.In the last 8 years our average finishing position has been 4th.Ferguson would have the dignity to resign if Utd kept finishing 4th.And Wenger gets paid more than Fergie!!!! - Post No. 31578

Alex Ward  12:48pm 3rd Dec 2012

Lets be honest, a lot of us were saying that a season when we don't qualify for the champions league was the only way change may come, but then when that season looks like it might materialise we moan about it! Change won't come, and I'm talking about the ethos of the club, not just the manager, until the club are forced to change, that situation will only arise once they are hit financially. - Post No. 31579

maguiresbridge gooner  13:25pm 3rd Dec 2012

Yes Ian same excuse after same excuse the new buzz word is jaded you couldn't make it up, so much for all this crap from the players telling us we have/have to, learn from our mistakes did you ever see such slow learners in your life ? The manager has lost it whatever he had or used to have is gone there hasn't even been a sign,glimmer,flicker,that it's ever coming back.It's got to the stage where he's sitting on the bench talking to himself and muttering instead of out on the touchline shouting instructions and orders to the clueless players not that it would make much difference anyway.Yes the new buzz word is jaded i wish we all could be jaded on 50,60,70,grand a week, hold on we are, watching the decline of our club minus the dough of course. - Post No. 31582

In Arsene We Trust  14:06pm 3rd Dec 2012

It's so funny to see you lot trying to write coherent replies, especially how you guys are mad like rabid dogs all foaming at the mouth. LOL. Firstly, 7-8 years isn't that long. If I remember correctly, Alex Ferguson aka 2nd best manager in the EPL behind Wenger, took him that long to win his first league title for Manu. Chelsea and Man City went decades not winning the league. So 8 years is nothing, you people just need to quit whining and be patient. In a few years time, when FFP comes to play and more money is brought in for Wenger to spend, everything will fall into place like he planned. Finishing 3rd or 4th place is nothing to be ashamed of, but then again I'm not some plastic fan. Wenger is getting results, despite not having the spending power of the other top clubs. In a way, he's overachieving, but you ingrates wouldn't know that, because all you want is short term success and be like Chelsea where they keep hiring & firing managers and spending on £50 million flops like Torres. I don't want Arsenal to become like that, the club should spend responsibly like we are doing now. Things aren't so rosy before Wenger took over, you lot will beg him to come back if he decides to call it quits. So careful what you wish for. Arsene knows best. Regarding creating my own march, I don't need to because there are still plenty of level-headed Gooners out that supports their club who knows that Wenger is still the right man for the job. In fact, there's so many of us that we would make your precious BSM look like ants. I watched some interviews of those who participated in the march and some of them even praised spurs. Are you sure you guys aren't spurs fans in disguise? LOL. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between spurs fans and you anti-Wenger brigade anymore. - Post No. 31589

Rocky RIP  15:08pm 3rd Dec 2012

@in Arsene we trust - the walk went extremely well thanks. The police estimated circa 2,000 of us attended, many without tickets, all very well behaved. All proper Arsenal who care profoundly about our great club. So much that it breaks our hearts to see how its core supporters are being more and more alienated and priced out. If you ignorantly assume it was about the manager and cannot recognise what a valuable cause it's for, then I can only guess you are winding people up, or very misinformed and misguided. Do your research and get your facts straight please. - Post No. 31595

CanadaGooner  15:47pm 3rd Dec 2012

I do hope this site doesnt turn into a cyber-bullying site. i dont think many agree with what 'in arsene we trust' has said, but it would be great to see people express their opinions and state their arguments other than zoom in on one comment and rip the fellow to shreds. I actually find it amusing that anyone would or could still think Wenger is the man for the job at Arsenal; it would be very interesting to hear what such misplaced faith is based on? is there some planned revival at arsenal by wenger, that's suddenly going to propel us back into the elite? perhaps he's signed a deal with barcelona and co, to help us win the champions league like chelsea did last season? excellent! let's have faith and clear some space in the already empty trophy-cabinet then shall we? - Post No. 31599

Chris  16:21pm 3rd Dec 2012

@Frank - actually you're wrong. Arsenal's average finishing position over the last 8 years is closer to 3rd than 4th. Last 8 finishes: 2nd/4th/4th/3rd/4th/3rd/4th/3rd. That's an average position of 3.375. - Post No. 31602

jeff wright  16:27pm 3rd Dec 2012

Wenger's been trotting out that old excuse about tiredness for years after a poor display by our players. I think that he gives the players too many excuses to under-perform with his public statements , such as the League Cup is not worthy of me celebrating winning it,4th place in the league is a trophy nonsense. At least we don't hear him claiming that it's how you play that counts because he knows how poor the current side is despite his absurd claims about them challenging for the league title that he has made. - Post No. 31604

Jack  18:20pm 3rd Dec 2012

Agree 100% with In Arsene We Trust.If it came to the crunch us AKB's would crush the plastic WOB's.You should see my biceps. LOL - Post No. 31612

goonercolesyboy  18:35pm 3rd Dec 2012

2,000 of 55,000 home fans(both approximations) is 3.63% of the attending fans who protested... As I wrote in a post three articles ago the quality of the premier league is nowhere near as high as it was and we certainly do not have those class players Henry, Bergkamp team in this country has that quality of player in their team and that includes RVP...Spain's La Liga has the best players and Germany's Bundesliga the best organised teams, hence either country's teams are likely winners of this years Champions League. So until this country starts to coach properly and not continue to fuss over the money then the premier league will be left behind. They coach footballers to play properly, defending and attacking...the results this season show the lack of quality in every club and that any team on any day can beat each other in our league. Defending has become a lost art at all the football clubs in this country. The odd result does pop up eg Celtic but in the main this league is being left behind. - Post No. 31615

UltrArsenal  19:06pm 3rd Dec 2012

Arsene Wenger needs to resign at the end of the season and recommend to those idiots on the board to bring in Pep Guardiola or dortmund coach kloop to undertake the new arsenal project. - Post No. 31619

LJB  19:34pm 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene we trust WHY are there 6 clubs ABOVE us who have spent a fraction of what Wenger has spent?He has spent 100 mill over the past 2 summers;Swanseas team that taught Wenger how to REALLY play possession football cost LESS THAN GERVINHO.Whats your excuse for this,i'm dying to hear.I don't want Wenger spending another penny of the clubs money as he wouldn't know a good player if he turned up in his christmas stocking.I love the way you AKB's moan about how its unfair that Chelsea and City can spend so much money,and then say you can't wait for FFP so Arsenal can blow everyone out of the water.Whos wants to buy success again? - Post No. 31623

Northbank Norman  20:42pm 3rd Dec 2012

It's not about winning things it's about showing ambition and intent. The current regime in charge are content to trot along whilst asking fans to pay top dollar.please don't harp on about FFP as no ones the implications and direction where that will take . Wenger is quite happy to take players from lower league/foreign clubs for a decent price yet complains when wealthier clubs poach our stars saying its unfair. We are constantly being outplayed by "inferior" sides .when you pride yourself in playing the ball along the ground the way we have previously done then something is seriously wrong. Mr wenger you are in charge of team selection,the style we play, the depth of the squad and all footballing matters ,the buck stops with you. You seem to have mislaid your magic hat since we left highbury and its time for you to go . - Post No. 31628

Block G Season ticket holder!  20:56pm 3rd Dec 2012

In Arsene we trust - the simple fact that you were not even at the game just shows you up for what you reall are. You pompous arm chair supporting wengerite. This was a great club before him and will be after him. Winger is finished and is now making us a laughing stock....just except it you clown. - Post No. 31631

goonercolesyboy  22:38pm 3rd Dec 2012

@Highbury Diva, Moyes laudrup and Clarke are all doing a better job with limited resources....please remind me what trophies they have won as current managers? And to anyone else and maybe I missed it but where did In Arsene we trust say he wasn't there? The quality of this league is what should be in question and as yet no one has debated that point with me...very interesting.... - Post No. 31633

maguiresbridge gooner  23:33pm 3rd Dec 2012

LJB spot on. - Post No. 31636

In Arsene We Trust  0:51am 4th Dec 2012

Still so much whining from the anti-Wenger brigade. LOL. I swear you lot like to whine than actually supporting the club, so why some of you want the club to lose, just to show the man you hate so much. @Rocky RIP: already did my research, thank you very much. The march will soon or has already been forgotten by those Arsenal fans that matter like those who supports the club and manager. When Wenger gets us back to top 4 once again, your precious BSM will be a forgotten memory. @CanadaGooner: don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for the anti-Wenger rabble. I'm happy supporting my club, even at difficult times, but just looking at some of these posts on this website alone, shows how bitter they are. So much energy wasted with their nonsense instead of putting it to good use like supporting club & manager. @LJB: I doubt clubs like Everton, West Brom, Swansea, etc. will still be up there at the end of the season. In the past few seasons, pundits and so-called Arsenal fans keep telling how we'll finish mid-table, but Wenger keeps proving them wrong. I'm sure Wenger will once again do the job. The season doesn't end in December. You people need to stop panicking like the club is in relegation trouble. Arsene knows best. @Block G Season ticket holder!: I couldn't attend at the Swansea match, busy with other things, but I have attended in previous matches, so what's your point? Honestly, attending the matches have soured a bit, because the anti-Wenger disease have infected some of those attending the match. Still, they are a small bunch and those who attend matches who just come to abuse Wenger and boo the team, their money is funding the club, as well as paying for Wenger's salary, so the jokes on them. LOL. Well, that's all for now, I suppose I should stop now, so you anti-Wenger rabble will get a chance to gather your pitch forks and spout your nonsense once again. - Post No. 31638

Van de Ed  1:22am 4th Dec 2012

I am as frustrated as the next die-hard gooner fan. However being as objective as I possibly can, I'll say over past 7 seasons, we've been finishing in our TRUE POSITION in the EPL (as we're the 4th biggest spenders). So in that regard, Le Boss has been achieving the absolute minimum expected. Like it or not, winning any major trophies nowadays requires HUGE spending (with very few exceptions of course e.g Montpellier last season etc). So we'll have to truly assess Le Boss in May; and should we finish below 4th, then he'll have ZERO credible excuses to offer! - Post No. 31639

Ali  5:26am 4th Dec 2012

Previously it hurt me a lot when Arsenal conceded a goal or dropped points but not anymore. Surprisingly I was glad that Michu scored the goals since he is on my Fantasy PL team. - Post No. 31641

billthered  7:24am 4th Dec 2012

In Arsene we trust lets get real,it's only in the last few weeks that I have seen what was plainly obvious to everone else that our once great manager has had his day.We can thank him for all he's done but time has run out.You state FFP that dont count for managers does it 7.5 million anyone,anyhow do you want to give him more money to spend on the next leading scorer in the french league Gervino, I think I preferred Lee Chapman.Iff FFp does come in should we give all the dross you know who they are a pay rise at last count some of them are on 60k one in particular on 90k no me either.In the words of Alan Sugar you keep mentioning their tired so ok Arsene your FIRED!!! - Post No. 31645

Theo's Bikini-Line  10:14am 4th Dec 2012

How have the moderaters on here not cottoned on to the fact the 'In Arsene We Trust' is nothing but a WUM? Do you guys actually read his posts? - Post No. 31660

In Arsene We Trust  11:59am 4th Dec 2012

@billthered : I don't even know what you are trying to type there. No offense, but type proper English. To those people calling me a "troll", yes, every time there's somebody here who shows his supports for Wenger or more specifically he has different opinion than you lot, he must be a troll. Ha! It's you Wenger out brigade that are all pessimistic with all your whining. Look yourself in the mirror, before calling me a troll. I'm just showing my support for the club and being grateful we have a manager like Wenger than submitting to your ridiculous requests like being a manager is as easy as it is on FIFA video game. - Post No. 31674

Rocky RIP  12:00pm 4th Dec 2012

@In Arsene we trust - I've never once called for our manager to go, in fact I've never even publicly criticised him. For all his faults, I love the guy and it saddens me to see people turn on him. I'm longing for him to rediscover his magic hat. I've been slated on here for apparently 'exonerating' him. If the BSM walk had been about him I would not have gone on it. No chance. There were 2,000+ people there and not one of them had an ounce of indifference to Arsenal about them. They all love Arsenal like nothing else, hence why they are prepared to speak up for how other fans are feeling they are being treated. The noise on the walk was a throwback to the days when we had supporters who lived and breathed Arsenal, not ones who passed by and popped in from time to time on their way to the lastest Lloyd Weber. By the way, I do admire your loyalty to Wenger. Few are prepared to speak up for the man on here, for fear of defending the increasingly indefensible. - Post No. 31675

DJ  12:58pm 4th Dec 2012

Standing in the wind and rain at Villa Park, I thought it couldn't get any worse... Role on Swansea, one of the worst home displays I've seen, in all forms of football. It’s fair to say I’m as upset and hurt as any Gooner! However, when it comes to Wenger I still find myself in a large dilemma. In the short term, I will agree that there are other managers tactically better that could easily get more from this set of players both in terms of commitment and results. However in the long term, I still feel he is the man for the job and clearly has the clubs full interest at heart both on and off the pitch. This may turn out to be misguided, we shall shortly see... Looking at our fixtures until mid Jan he has every opportunity to turn it around. So I suggest we get behind him and the team as much as possible and judge him then. No excuses just by the plain hard ‘points on the board facts’. 'Arsenal til I die’ with or without Wenger, win or lose. Just think a few Gooners need to remember that. - Post No. 31683

LJB  21:27pm 4th Dec 2012

In Arsene We Trust, so you are so much an Arsenal fan that you didn't go to the Swansea match because you were "busy with other things" So you are either one of those irritating ST holders that doesn't bother to turn up, or a casual attendee who dares to tell those of us who spend hours every year travelling to support the team that we are not proper fans because we are not happy with the managers performance.I am NEVER TOO BUSY to see my team play.If Arsenal had to rely on fans like you the stadium would be half empty.Oh wait a minute....... - Post No. 31724

In Arsene We Trust  0:30am 5th Dec 2012

@LJB: if you must know, the reason I couldn't attend the game is because I had to attend to a sick family member. Sorry, if I didn't put my selfless needs ahead of someone else. I appreciate you don't call me a "casual attendee". Judging from the childish comments from you anti-Wenger brigade, I have been support Arsenal, while most of you people were in diapers. - Post No. 31734

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

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