Arsenal must exploit Perez & Giroud's joint wavelength

By Simon Rose

It's not all about Ozil & Alexis, Perez is ghosting in like Wiltord

While Arsenal fans and neutral observers debate if Arsenal can commit Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to new contracts, a fresh instinctive attacking partnership has developed. Lucas Perez and Olivier Giroud are forming a natural bond, for goals and assists and Arsenal need to make the most of it.

As Giroud slotted home Arsenalís late winner at Preston on Saturday, it struck me that the chance wouldnít have existed without the intuitive run and backheel from Perez. This came hot on the trail of Giroudís chipped curling pass to Perez at Bournemouth, which the Spaniard demolished inside the far post, with a first-time in-swinging volley. Both goals are proof of the kind of combination that comes only when two players innately understand each otherís needs and how to deliver to suit.

I've often mentioned that left-footed players have an uncanny knack for a stunning touch and quality finishing, which is a step above right-footers and hard to stop when on song. As two left-footers, Perez and Giroud both have that left-footed gift. Together, it is a potent combination and one that gives the extra edge needed to unlock a defence. It only takes a moment to score a goal and sometimes it only takes an element of surprise to turn a seemingly-contained attack into a goal. Their recent collaborations are not by chance: a bond has been formed. A closer look at these recent goals shows how they were scored because of a rare instinctive awareness that Giroud and Perez acted on.

Bournemouth had no idea they were under imminent danger when Giroud flicked first time to Perez. They thought the ball was wide of the Spaniard and that perhaps he would need to control it, maybe take it down towards the byeline. They expected to get an opportunity to block a cross or a cut-back. But no, Perez cracked the ball first time across the keeper for an unstoppable goal.

Similarly at Preston, the home side thought they were holding us out for a draw when Shkodran Mustafi lofted a late ball into Giroud, on the edge of the box. If you re-watch the goal, Perez was level with Giroud along the edge of the box as the ball was played and quite central. From the angle of the Mustafi punt, Perez was effectively ahead of Giroud and nearer to Mustafi, yet Preston didnít react quickly enough when Perez made a run behind Giroud.

The Frenchman nodded the ball down into the path of Perez and ran in across and behind him. Giroud wasnít running away into a central position - for a cross or a cut-back - he stayed close to Perez as if expecting a quick collaboration. Perez had the presence of mind and awareness of Giroudís wavelength to backheel the ball to him. Preston could only play catch-up and by the time they tried to react to the Perez skill, Giroud had already adjusted his body shape to hit the shot, rather than be too far forward and for the ball to run behind him.

It is easy to dismiss the quality of the teamwork involved, in Perezís volley at Bournemouth and Giroudís winner at Preston, but that is two players who get each otherís game. To have players on the same wavelength is a gift and not one to let pass by. So, given the importance of Ozil and Alexis, who will soon be available again, how do we make the most of Giroud and Perez?

Beyond the sheer truth that both players will need to be on the pitch at the same time Ė which has not previously happened often - formation and positions are vital factors. Giroud started up front at Preston, with the left-footed Perez on the right and the right-footed Oxlade-Chamberlain on the left.

You can benefit this way, from players cutting in off the wing onto their favoured foot for in-swingers, but that can also be read a mile off, leading to predictable tackles and lost possession, while reducing usable width and damaging the baseline purpose of flank players.

We got little out of either wide player until Perez was switched from the right. Just like at Bournemouth, Perez didnít combine with Giroud at Preston until he shifted to the left. From the wrong wing, he and the Ox have to waste time shifting the ball to their favoured foot, which runs them into trouble. Off the left, Perez has an immediate natural angle to shoot and collaborate. He could never have scored his Bournemouth goal from the right: heíd have cut inside onto his left and been tackled.

The sheer movement of Perez for Giroudís Preston winner Ė from almost alongside him, to the byeline for a backheel Ė came in the blink of a Giroud knockdown. That is not by chance, that is instinct. Both goals show the effect of Perez tucking in to act like an extra striker when Giroud needs him. Perez is like a latter-day Wiltord, ghosting in as a supplementary striker.

The instinctive connection between Perez and Giroud changes our formation needs. Weíve stuck with 4231 for some time, so does this need a switch to 442? Not necessarily. I think it needs a subtle switch in emphasis, between defence and attack. You always need to strike the right balance and need numbers when defending and attacking. A 4231 can suit when defending, but split it into more of a 41122 when we attack.

So with the Preston line-up, that means Xhaka holding back and patrolling across the pitch somewhat, behind Ramsey who shifts up slightly to add a deep-lying extra layer to the attack. Perez, as the wide left player in the 3, edges forward and in-field enough to become a foil for Giroud, as effectively a front 2.

A fluid 4231 shifting to a 41122 when attacking means that your defensive shape is strong when you need it, but you attack with a stronger balance, to catch out the opposition, who are not expecting to fend off quite so many attacking options. Perez and Giroud are gifting us an instinctive partnership, as their goals and joyous celebrations have shown. All Arsenal need to do now is to pay attention and take as much advantage as possible.


12th January 2017 09:00:00


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smithy  7:54am 12th Jan 2017

Have to agree perez is playing well- unfortunately history tells us the wengeritus affects some new signings and they regress- lets hope its not the case with this chap! - Post No. 102642

Joe S.  8:33am 12th Jan 2017

Good to see that tactical genious Smell the Roses give us his formula for world domination or is that a desperate lunge for a top four finish? Early days yet but at best the two above mentioned super heroes are still to play in the big games and are only a stop gap for the crises to come should Sanchez and Ozil decide to move on. wouldn't the best solution be to bear the pain for a few years while the next manager builds the team he needs to move Arsenal as far away from the Wegner years as possible. Wegner - Giroud, Ramsey out. Ozil too, if he thinks that he can't remain at Arsenal FC under any other manager, besides Wegner. - Post No. 102644

Seven Kings Gooner  8:39am 12th Jan 2017

Agree Perez has something, his volley the other week was almost "Van Bastenesque". However Simon, I think before we discuss Perez and Giroud playing within a "strong defensive shape" (LOL) how about just doing one simple thing - get the back four to move up in a straight line. We have dozens on our coaching staff surely we can tick that box before moving on. - Post No. 102645

John F  8:41am 12th Jan 2017

Perez on the right and the Ox on the left ,they join a long list of players Wenger has played out of position.It has frustrated me ever since he first played Freddie out wide after he was playing really well in the middle.The players lose confidence,get the crowd on their back and in Campbell's case never recover .Wenger is trying to copy the Ajax system with very few success es.If treated right Perez looks promising and it is interesting that he became successful in Spain when he was played as a central striker. - Post No. 102646

Deighty  8:48am 12th Jan 2017

Smithy, you're bang on mate, Wenger will kill off any of his natural way of playing. - Post No. 102647

Arseneknewbest  8:52am 12th Jan 2017

Simon - Big up yourself for starting what looks likely to be an annus (no Jamee, it means "year" in latin - don't get aroused) horribilis in lots of ways. However, I think you're trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear here. They're both decent players who combined well for a scrambled late goal against a tiring and ordinary PNE. And how often does Giroud lay on ozil-esque pinpoint crosses as he did at Bournemouth? General Franco haircut notwithstanding, Perez has shown some quality and should be given some more pitch time (if Sancho and Ozy leave that'll certainly happen!). But lets see this nascent telepathic partnership work when it matters, i.e. against chelski. Keegan-Toshack, Messi- Suarez, Henry-Bergkamp it ain't; well not yet anyway. - Post No. 102648

Seven Kings Gooner  9:25am 12th Jan 2017

Anyone watch Van Dijk last night? He gave a superb display of defending, plus he brilliantly protected the space behind him, reminded me of a certain Mr Campbell in his prime. Under a different regime I would see him as a key part of the rebuilding of our team. - Post No. 102650

Rose-tinted Rubbish  9:45am 12th Jan 2017

Simon the AKB continues to enthuse us with his verbal poo. More Rose-titned B.S today. Simon's latest trick, after years of being made to look an absolute Fool through his blind backing of his Lord Wenger, who has proven so incompetent he can't even win as many titles as Leicester...Simon's latest trick is to completely stop pushing his Arsene Apologies and to now make out that Perez and Giroud are the equivalent of Bergkamp and Henry! LOL. Simon's "evidence"? Their AMAZING synergy against some of the biggest clubs in Europe: namely Preston North End, and wee Bournemouth. Did you mention relegation-bound Palace yet Simon mini-me Wenger? Hahahahaha. Pathetic. Simon give up. Do us a favour this is insulting to anyone with a brain. You've spent years concocting various excuses for why Wenger WILL dominate, and 12 years later, the guy is an unqualified failure. Perez is rubbish. The proof is that when Arsenal face Chelski, Citeh, United or Liverpool, Perez will be NOWEHRE near the first 11. Mind you, I'm real glad to see that a £17m panic buy has his occasional uses against powerhouses like Preston, Palace and Bournemouth. Considering how good this Perez is supposed to be isn't it weird he's never come anywhere near being selected for Spain at under-16s, under 18s, under 21s or full international level? How strange. It's almost as if this Perez is an older journeyman that no big club would seriously look at. But hey. £17m for the odd goal against Preston and Bournemouth. IN ARSENE WE TRUST! Hahahahaha - Post No. 102652

chris dee  10:18am 12th Jan 2017

Blimey!I've read some nonsensical claptrap before ,but this takes the biscuit. 'Perez and Giroud's joint wavelength' 'A fluid 4231 shifting to a 41122' 'We've stuck to 4231 for some time so do we need to switch to a 442?''s someone with a lot of time on his hands! - Post No. 102654

Exeter Gunner  10:32am 12th Jan 2017

Perez and Giroud being involved in a couple of goals together means they've formed an 'instinctive partnership'? We have an internal solution to the loss of Sanchez and Ozil then. Sign that contract, Arsene! - Post No. 102656

jeff wright  11:04am 12th Jan 2017

Bournemouth having to play with 10 men for the last 20 minutes when ahead had a big impact on the result. Had they managed to keep 11 players on field I suspect that we would not have scraped a 3-3 draw in a game in which, deja vu Preston, we were outplayed for long periods by lower class opposition. It will take more than an 'instinctive partnership' between Giroud and Perez to compensate for the weak midfield and the comical Keystone Cops type of shambles that Wenger calls a defence. I have to agree with the views of others on the poor GK situation the ex-chav motorcycle courier is obviously well past his best but Ospina is no better .Good old Arsene. - Post No. 102659

Paul  11:14am 12th Jan 2017

Oh no they have let Simon Rose out of his padded room again.A very lucky 3-3 draw v Bournemouth and a very lucky win v Preston and we have found the new Bergkamp and Henry.This really is bull of he highest order and a sign of how far Arsenals standards really have slipped to.But the likes of Rose and his fellow AKB's are happy with this.Just heard Giroud an Arsenal centre forward who in 4 seasons has never once scored more than 16 league goals has been "rewarded" with a new contract.The summer we signed Giroud we offer just £40m for Suarez.This club is rotten to the core.Wengers legacy making Arsenal also rans - Post No. 102661

jeff wright  11:25am 12th Jan 2017

Ah so ! Is it really Brian? Possibly because I see that you are still struggling with the complexities of 'it's' and 'its' .I will offer some advice to you Baddie 'it's' is an abbreviation for ' it is' and 'its' refers to something specific such as the dog licked its tail .In the case of Monsieur Wenger his devotees lick another part of his anatomy . Although it would not surprise me if he had a tail and cloven hoofs. I have heard that when he departs he leaves a whiff of brimstone behind. Good old Arsene. - Post No. 102662

Website Editor  11:40am 12th Jan 2017

Jamerson now posting as Badarse (and deleted) - Post No. 102663

Kenny  11:45am 12th Jan 2017

Reading this article is like the last 13 years of mediocrity didnt happen.It was all just a bad dream(cue Bobby Ewing).After two games v 10 men Bournemouth and championship Preston DB10 and TH 14 have been reincarnated.The future is going to be wonderful We will win the league by 12 points beware Bayern beware the rest of Europe who needs Messi Ronaldo Suarez and Bale we have Prez and Giroud.Get your money on Perez to win next years Ballon D'or and then replace Messi at Barca.Simon Rose is really Ivan Gazidis - Post No. 102664

Redshirtswhitesleeves  11:58am 12th Jan 2017

Whoopee- keystone kos, Coquelin and giroud have all signed new deals to stay at the club. I can barely contain my excitement. It was all worth leaving Highbury after all! Just waiting for Monsieur Wenger himself to announce his new 2 year contract extension that he so richly deserves and then I can sleep sound at night. Up the gunners - Post No. 102666

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  12:25pm 12th Jan 2017

As per usual with Simon Rose-tinted Glasses, all is wonderful in Arsenal land. The title's on its way. - Post No. 102667

DJ  12:51pm 12th Jan 2017

The news that Giroud has just signed a contract extension is proof that Wenger is going to extend his own. No self respecting manager with championship winning aspirations would have the prancing peacock leading their attack. - Post No. 102668

jjetplane  13:21pm 12th Jan 2017

Please refer to Oliver as Scorpion Man and great news is he has signed up for life along with rwo other hyped Frenchman so le Wengo has a new French spine which clinically is broken, complacent, self satified and bereft/frightened of the big boys. These signingings signal Arsenole have little intention of chasing honours on the big stage but now that the domestic cups are out of reach period what is there left to play for? Top Six. Simon - for all your own hype you really have little ambition for Arsenal to become a trophy hunting club again. Reckon is things carry on Tottenham and Chelsae will be running London football. - Post No. 102670

mbg  13:23pm 12th Jan 2017

Just like a bus they all come along together, no doubt the SIF's chief bathroom attendant old circular will be next. wenger out now. - Post No. 102671

John F  13:35pm 12th Jan 2017

Sad to hear about Graham Taylor ,Always came across as a decent chap on radio and as a Manager. - Post No. 102673

jjetplane  13:45pm 12th Jan 2017

9 years of Untold are being celebrated today and the site is getting so many posts it has crashed. That was the fake news which Atwood would like to promote. The reality is 2 postings and one of them Walter slurp slurp. I ****ing love that site and so should Simon or perhaps he feels they are a little extreme and may damage his career? Anyway - if you want to hear Little Mix they will be performing in the summer at the Ems. Ox is to do a rap guesting with his new tunnel dance and plans for Olly to go into the jungle as a celeb to die for are just a couple of pieces of silver away. All that remains now is for Arsenal to eventually break the Scouser's record for not winning the PL. Big call but is they put Monsieur (sic) in deep freeze who knows? - Post No. 102674

Ron  13:49pm 12th Jan 2017

SKG - Van Dykes looked good all yr hasn't he. Very good last night as you say. Really wished Saints had have hit 3 or 4 past them as they should have done though. Would you be cruel enough to invite Van Dyke to play in a Wenger defence? He d soon look like Senderos in disguise once he realised a CH at Arsenal has to double up as a full back too!! Hi Simon - i think Perez will have his little moments as does Giroud and flatter to deceive, but both are just very useful squad players as i see them. At smaller Clubs both would be invaluable. - Post No. 102675

Redshirtswhitesleeves  13:50pm 12th Jan 2017

John F, just heard about Graham Taylor, very sad news. I remember the disgraceful media campaign against him led by the Sun and their turnip headline. His dignity and class during that time spoke volumes for the man. RIP - Post No. 102676

mbg  13:52pm 12th Jan 2017

You can talk about silly wavelengths (the only wavelengths they have is in their hair)and fluid combinations shifting here or there all you like it's just more rubbish trying to divert from your messiah's failings, because as usual you've forgotten (very conveniently on purpose)the biggest problem and obstacle of all in this and on a completely different planet let alone wavelength an old past it manager. wenger out now. - Post No. 102677

Ron  14:01pm 12th Jan 2017

Very sad to hear Graham Taylor has died too. A nice man, humble and seemed very genuine. Did well at all of his Clubs and his record as England Coach stands well with any of the other lame ducks theyve ever appointed to run that charade. R.I.P Mr Taylor - Post No. 102678

mbg  14:08pm 12th Jan 2017

Exeter, yes isn't it hilarious how the wengerites always try and find a silver lining in anything. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 102679

John F  14:31pm 12th Jan 2017

His Watford side of the eighties really was very good.I remember standing on the North bank stunned as Watford put 4past us in a 4-2 victory in the FA cup,they were outstanding that day. - Post No. 102681

Arseneknewbest  14:33pm 12th Jan 2017

Badarsio - Hmmmmmm - I remain to be convinced. Why not supply us with a generic account of where you've been for the last 12 months (HMP Strangeways? Sailing round the world? Writing your memoires - god forbid?)and why you decided to absent yourself, and your offerings might have a little more credibility. You could also redeem yourself by offering to condemn Jamee son's rampant bigotry, something that you singularly failed to do during your last spell on here. You won't be surprised to know that during your absence his behaviour deteriorated even further. I recall of old just how much you hated to take advice from anyone, even if it was well-intentioned, but think about it. I'm sure you don't enjoy being tarred with the same brush as the suffolk numpty. - Post No. 102682

Bonzo  14:38pm 12th Jan 2017

So the Badarse who kindly asked me to crawl under a rock the real Badarse? I'd hate to have called him a fascistic clown in error. Sorry to hear of Graham Taylor's passingRIP - Post No. 102683

A Cornish Gooner  14:40pm 12th Jan 2017

Has Badarse returned? Well, yes and no. 'His' latest offering seems pretty similar to this one: "Badarse 17:02pm 8th Dec 2014 E/G your last post really tickled me, really funny. @Ron good post as often is the case, but if you don't see any posters calling for AW's head NOW then you can borrow my red and white tinted glasses, the sixth post on this thread calls for his head right now. @ Gaz, if people like JAMIE and myself were ignored who could anyone vent their frustrations on, or blame for the poor hand life has dealt them? Plastic or vinyl jj? You are the Tupperware king after all. - Post No. 66345" I think that's what Jabba did in the previous thread. - Post No. 102684

John A  14:48pm 12th Jan 2017

Good player Perez. If we signed Payet it would be good business at this time and show serious intent - but we won't. - Post No. 102685

Bonzo  14:49pm 12th Jan 2017

Poor Ron - Badarse is like a bunny boiler girlfriend who gives you all the sweet come on then decides as the result of some minor comment that you have to forfeit your life through poison in your tea and why not cut up all your suits and take the beloved dog on a walk never to return. We've all been there! Badarse I'm starting to relive some very painful memories. - Post No. 102686

Exeter Gunner  14:51pm 12th Jan 2017

I didn't think it could be Jabberson doing a Badarse parody. Quite clearly Badarse has returned as a parody of himself. - Post No. 102687

Ron  15:02pm 12th Jan 2017

Bonzo - true but hes great sport to torment and his more hypocritical moments made for some explosive posting. He was like a lone ANZAC at Gallipoli when EGs GGs and MJ s howitzers were turned on him and it was great fun when he took the hump. - Post No. 102688

John F  15:04pm 12th Jan 2017

Baddie just to prove it is you can you tell me where your dad comes from as I remember you posting it in the past,after all we could be falling for Jameson pretending to be the website editor then replying as badarse. - Post No. 102689

Exeter Gunner  15:15pm 12th Jan 2017

I think Cornish Gooner and John F are onto it - it's Jamerson pasting in ancient Badarse posts. What a strange, and rather sad, individual Jamerson is. - Post No. 102690

mbg  15:24pm 12th Jan 2017

Paul, and the funniest thing of all, or Sadest is he, and other AKBs believe it. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 102691

mbg  15:46pm 12th Jan 2017

Badarse, your only back and your calling for heads ? what right have you to call for anyone's head ? your just a blow in, a newbe again, you have to be respected and earn it before you do that or have that right, you never had it or earned it before and it will take a long long time before you ever do, if ever, but you always were above your station weren't you, obviously you've learned nothing in all this time and still are. wenger out. - Post No. 102692

Seven Kings Gooner  15:47pm 12th Jan 2017

Hi Ron - No I would never want Van Dijk here whilst Arsene was in control, god forbid. No the ex Celtic lad would be ideal coming here but with a completely new team, anyone who could get back our GG defensive mindset! - Post No. 102693

Paul Ward  16:02pm 12th Jan 2017

Suprised Simon can mention the words defensive shape and AFC in the same article to be honest. Ropey defending has become a trademark of Wengers teams ever since Campbell departed, taking the last remnants of on the pitch organisation and leadership with him. - Post No. 102694

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  16:08pm 12th Jan 2017

What to say about Graham Taylor. Well, his selections often beggared belief (Andy Sinton?) Did strike me as being in way over his head as Engerlund manager but a decent enough chap and as Ron mentioned already his record does hold up. His Watford were our bogey side in the early/mid 80's; league P10 W3 D1 L6 plus that infamous QF in 1987. - Post No. 102695

Bard  16:15pm 12th Jan 2017

What a potent combo, Giroud and Perez ? I think we could really go places with those two. Perhaps we dont need Sanchez and Wally... er. come on Simon Im all for positively but really. Hola baddie glad you found your router, you took your time. Westie went AWOL when you left. My best guess is madam Jules locked him in a small darkened room. While you were away Jamerson took a liking to your alter ego and started posting under your name. Most of us knew because the standard Baddie test is to read your posts before bedtime. I usually manage two or three lines before falling asleep. If I do I know its you. - Post No. 102696

Exeter Gunner  16:41pm 12th Jan 2017

RIP Graham Taylor. Actually the author of some of my most devastating football related moments. Me and my mates were planning to travel to USA '94, we assumed England would qualify for that World Cup... And as a kid was so miserable after Watford knocked us out of the cup in '87 my mum told me off for being ungrateful when she took us to Pizza Hut in Wood Green that Saturday evening. - Post No. 102698

Peter  17:21pm 12th Jan 2017

Well done Simon Rose you have got it correct about Perez position on the wing. I have watched him so may times for Deportivo La Coruna and he is not a central attacker but a winger who can come inside and shoot and also find other players. Wenger when he bought him said he was a central attacker. Not true. Sell Theo and keep Lucas Perez in that position. He will not score that many goals around 10/15 which is not bad for a winger. - Post No. 102699

David  17:55pm 12th Jan 2017

@Arseneknewbest- be fair to the truly deranged Jamerson; he is,after all, friends with the guy whose name is a literal translation of anus horibillus:Badarse. Good to see that good old garrulous drivel back on these pages. - Post No. 102700

CORNISH GOONER  19:27pm 12th Jan 2017

Gordon Bennett, a complete nutter/troll "returns" & any sensible discussion of the goings-on @ Wengerville goes out of the window. Ignore & return to a review of The Rose Tinted Files. Hang on a minute - Giroud & Perez the new "dynamic duo"? Bournemouth, Preston? Hum, don't think so. To sum up, mbg style - Wenger out (No Country for An Old Man) - Post No. 102702

Bonzo  19:58pm 12th Jan 2017

Badarse - back to the glorious old days. You're polarising supporters yourself! What's a DM ? It's just as polarising as an AKB or a WOB. Ps are you going to call out Jamerson for using terms such as Mong and Homo. Or back him as usual just because he holds your Wenger world view? - Post No. 102703

mbg  19:59pm 12th Jan 2017

Bard, yes I think your right, especially with all these new waves/wavelengths (I think rose tinted is spending to long on the beach or with his testicles wired up to jump leads at AKB central command) maybe their microwaves been picked up from the star ship enterprise by Girouds quiff, yes it's on, they might as well give us the trophy now. - Post No. 102704

A Cornish Gooner  22:13pm 12th Jan 2017

Bonzo, mbg. As Exeter explained, these latest 'Badarse' posts are Jabba cutting and pasting old Baddie posts. This is the original post from 2014: BADARSE 23:20pm 17th Jul 2014 How amusing Gooner89, you criticise the writer for daring to 'insult' those of your ilk, then proceed to lace your post with insults suggesting that anyone with opposing views to you, ie those who would support the current manager, are a biscuit short of a barrel. The key to this is that the facts presented have different conclusions drawn by individuals. The 'lumping' together of supporters, as a polarised section is misrepresentative of specific views, attitudes and approaches to most things, not least the manager of a football club. I happen to think the Mayor of London is a buffoon, the other day a group of people had an alternative view. Right? Wrong? You decide, but whatever your decision someone will oppose it, be sure on that score. It's OK to disagree, the custard pie throwing act is just plain silly. Welcome back GoonerRon, the next bun fight is scheduled for 9am. - Post No. 57137 - Post No. 102706

mbg  23:43pm 12th Jan 2017

Cornish, cheers, yes I was very sceptical myself and normally wouldn't have bothered but I just wanted to nip him in the bud just in case, of course everybody is welcome on here no matter how long they have been away, and entitled to come back with their views when ever they like, but one thing a lot of posters on here will not put up with is for them to come back giving it large to others and talking gobbledegook and all the rest as if they've/he never left, and the reason they got their/his arses spanked so many times, and took the huff and left in the first place. - Post No. 102707

Bonzo  6:49am 13th Jan 2017

Some excellent detective work on here. I wonder if the general hubbub over the now fake Badarse was somehow due to his timeframe being a time when the site was back and forth with the AKB's still holding some power. Now we just have a mad Jamerson and a Spaniel who repeats Wenger must stay ad nauseam. As Kevin alluded to himself. The conversation is more or less over until he goes. - Post No. 102708

Plymouth Brethren Service Crew  8:14am 13th Jan 2017

Oi! Jamee, you've been mouthing off about God like yer own him! We're going to settle this one on one. Next Jesus meet-up we'll be seeing you Sunny boy! - Post No. 102709

thatsimonrose  8:28am 13th Jan 2017

Entertaining comments as always! I could write a blog here offering £50 in cash and some wouldn't notice and still reply "Typical AKB! Wenger out!" I've talked and written openly about Wenger flaws since the 2001 FA Cup Final and see all the same issues that many do, I just try to pick out positives as it's healthier than dwelling on negatives. Anyone here who follows me on Twitter will know that I'm not gazing longingly or Rose-tintedly into Wenger's eyes, I'd just like us to do as well as possible. And anyway, I don't even wear glasses. - Post No. 102710

Bonzo  8:45am 13th Jan 2017

Thatsimonrose - surely then you will have realised a long time ago that Wengo has reached a plateau and is unable to compete for titles and even less likely the Champions League. That's why we want him gone. On that understanding you'd be better off putting your energies into a media Wenger out campaign. - Post No. 102712

Seven Kings Gooner  9:16am 13th Jan 2017

Simon: I enjoy reading your blog, but many of us cannot not focus on the positives because the negatives are so obvious and alarming. I tell anyone who will listen in my Arsenal supporting family that one day I think we will turn up at a good away team's ground (Bayern do for you) and Arsenal will ship double figures in goals - I am very serious with that assumption. Our defending is not a negative, it is appalling, to the point where I think any manager in any of the 4 divisions with their own coaching staff could do a better job. I honestly believe that if Pulis took over in the summer and kept the same players, he would make a better challenge for the PL than Arsene and his "Keystone Cops" defensive tactics (tactics LOL) that we have now - there I never thought I would say it but I have now. I think this year 4th place will be beyond us which will put us out of the nonsense that is the Champions League. Entering the Europa Cup would be more realistic as it reflects much better our current status as a football club. - Post No. 102713

Arseneknewbest  9:16am 13th Jan 2017

Jamee son - I would have thought you'd have been too dim-witted to understand the definition of plagiarism, having only read autobiographies by your beloved chihuahua and the entire oeuvre of Katie Price in your miserable swamp-bound dwelling. And despite your endless cack about sodom and gomorrah (yes please, but not in that order!), you're too thick to understand all of the mythology in the bible. The funny thing is that you soooo desperately want to be taken seriously on here as the sole AKB, yet you alone are responsible for diminishing your credibility by reheating badarsio's verbiage on here. You're another specialist in failure it would seem. On reflection, you have to agree that your kids did the right thing in jettisoning your sorry dilated ass! - Post No. 102714

Bard  9:54am 13th Jan 2017

Good on you Simon, Im all for positivity. I was Old Trafford when we got spanked 8-2. All my mates were in despair at the abject surrender and calling for Wenger's head but I said, rather like you, lets look on the bright side of life, at least we dont have to live up here. - Post No. 102715

Arseneknewbest  10:02am 13th Jan 2017

Bard - Nice one. Despite the grim reality implicit in your last post, that has made my day. Comedy gold. That result was the one which broke the chihuahua's back for me. I was CONVINCED he'd be getting his cards the following day, but here we are, 5 1/2 years and numerous other embarrassments later. What a fiasco. - Post No. 102716

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  10:06am 13th Jan 2017

Don't be too hard on Simon. He's just another meeeeeeedja wanabee looking to increase his Twatter following. Tough job, but hey, someone's gotta do it. - Post No. 102717

Paulo75  10:12am 13th Jan 2017

Pointless article when the bigger picture is looming larger - Post No. 102718

Exeter Gunner  10:17am 13th Jan 2017

"dwelling on negatives" i.e. focusing on the fundamental flaws that prevent Arsenal from competing, is what's required within and without the club if there's to be any hope of competing in the future. Of course, you're not going to want to do that if what you want most of all is simply for Wenger to remain. - Post No. 102719

Cyril  11:09am 13th Jan 2017

Interesting article today telling us that Arsenal generate the highest in gate receipts with RM. We knew that anyway. As for wet sales, they could generate far more. I was at a beer point and ordered a pint and started chatting with two other lads randomly and managed to go thru the history of the GG era by the time she returned with my pint, I got my cash out and then she said "no cash just cards. Well we had all been in the queue for 10 mins, so you can imagine. I said where is the sign? . "We don't have one". I ended up buying the others a beer on my card or there would have been a riot and that's for the taste of the stuff.. As fletch said to godbar in the dinner queue, " be kind to the kid, it's his first day, give him a small portion! - Post No. 102720

John F  11:44am 13th Jan 2017

There is a thin line between looking on the positive side and turning a blind eye.I suspect many contributers on here can see that Arsenal as a club has huge potential that is being held back by lack of ambition and poor coaching.I would suggest that the critics of the present regime are the positive ones as they want change not the status quo.I genuinely think our rivals are more then happy with Arsene remaining as they would fear what a change in attitude at Arsenal would mean.A big club with a forward thinking board and a top manager would have them all worried. - Post No. 102721

Ron  11:54am 13th Jan 2017

i reckon those of us there in 2011 for the 8-2 will forever have that defeat imprinted in our minds wont we. It wasn't a defeat it was the day that a massacre finally told me that AFC as we once knew it was gone. I thought that AW would have resigned after that loss too. Arsenes apologists have always dressed that day up in terms that it was a mauling that was 'always going to happen' due to the circumstances of the time. Unbelievable then as it remains now. We expected to be beaten that day but not obliterated out of sight. I was quite glad that it was the start of that Season that i had surrendered my Season ticket. Our away support was great that day. Vocal even after the end of the game. I dont think they would be if the same happened again now! The 5-2 at Liverpool a few yrs later felt nearly as bad though. After that first 20 mins we were thinking Liverpool would score perhaps 10 goals that day. We rallied a bit but they went into cruise control thankfully.It was a disgraceful surrender though which matched the 8-2 debacle. How many times have the team surrendered this last 8 years? Countless times. I think its a risk thats still to this day always likely to repeat itself. - Post No. 102722

mbg  16:01pm 13th Jan 2017

Rose tinted, write a blog (is that what you call it ?) offering £50 in cash ? it probably would be ignored alright as it would be just more wengerite spin to try and deflect, there's a big difference in talking and writing openly about your messiah's failings and failures (of which there are many) especially when you've no choice anymore, but we all know where your loyalty lies (just like others who know he's past it and his time is up) but would be devastated if he left and indeed will be, and indeed don't want him to and would keep him in a heart beat. wenger out. - Post No. 102741

mbg  17:27pm 13th Jan 2017

Bonzo, 102712, of course he has, now that really would be a blog, and one worth reading, and there'd be no need of £50 to bribe us. wenger out. - Post No. 102745

mbg  17:50pm 13th Jan 2017

John F, excellent shout, yes not only do other fans and managers want TOF to remain because like ourselves they know we're going nowhere with/under him, they would/will not be happy when he goes because they know we're a sleeping giant with fantastic potential, and the devastation we can and would cause under a proper ambitious manager, what more of a reason do we need to get rid. - Post No. 102746

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