Seventh Heaven

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Arsenal find their shooting boots

This was just what Arsenal and their fans needed. Except maybe, for the number that have reached the stage of wishing the team fail so that the manager can be changed more quickly. I really can’t see that happening however disastrous this season might turn out to be, and I certainly can’t bring myself to hope the team lose matches.

RVP: Golden Boot on the horizon

On paper, Arsenal can still win a trophy this season, and I hope they do. Unless they suddenly develop a defensive game worthy of the name, then the FA Cup is their best shot, but results like this in the league will do confidence overall no harm at all. Fourth place, though achievable, would require wins in ten matches from the remaining 14, according to Arseblogger - 70 points plus being the required target. That doesn’t seem likely, but at least yesterday proved that the Gunners are still capable of putting poor sides to the sword, something they haven’t always found easy of late.

Unquestionably the early goal made all the difference. It was the kind of day when latecomers (and there were many, due to the tube problems) and early leavers (who did not really need to leave given the match finished at 3pm) missed some fine moments.

Blackburn suffered because Arsenal’s wide players Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain worked effectively and reached the by-line regularly. Such an approach will usually provide greater danger than trying to pick a way through the middle and the results speak for themselves. When the visitors then had a man sent off at 3-1, there seemed little doubt that the result was safe. A rare feeling these days, but a welcome one. Arsenal’s dominance was a pleasure to watch and they need to start asserting their superiority against lesser sides like this on a more consistent basis if they are ever going to return to the force of days gone by. I think we last saw such a performance at Wigan away. If teams are in fear of you, then your chances of victory are immediately boosted. A huge part of the game is psychological, and when Arsenal under Wenger were at their peak, there was many a game which was effectively won before it had kicked off.

One thing that had me confused. The manager talked about the possible need to rest Robin van Persie ahead of this game. He in fact started, but having scored a hat-trick and with the game safe, wouldn’t it have been logical to take him off and simply put Thierry Henry on for him instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain? With the amount of matches the Ox has played this season, which player is closer to the fabled ‘red zone’?

The final goal was a wonderful moment. Selfless first by Henry, and then in turn by Van Persie. I thought of the fans that left early and pondered how many more opportunities they’d have to witness the Arsenal legend score.

At 6-1 up, I wondered if there might be someone that started a chant of ‘There’s only one Arsène Wenger’ before the game was done. It never materialized. There is a great deal of repair work to be done between the manager and the supporters, and this was symptomatic. A real indication that a lot of people are very unhappy with the way things have been handled by him this campaign. It’s interesting to note that, due to the lack of transfer activity in January, the 2011/12 financial year will post healthy profits for Arsenal, due to the sales of Fabregas and Nasri. So the people that are running the club will consider it another successful year.

As for the black bin bags on seats protest, apparently they would not fit over the empty seats. Some real planning had gone into that one. Still, in my opinion, the red of the non-attendees’ spots speaks volumes at every match where their purchasers do not show up. From a distance, covering them with something black would actually negate the embarrassment to an extent. Until the team start justifying the prices the club are charging with on field performances such as this one, there will be many games with a significant number of vacant pews. One thing's for sure though. In most cases, these seats have been paid for, just not used. So when the monies are totted up, the only loss is the matchday programme income and any food and drink the absentee might have bought in the stadium. And most of that money is paid to other concerns as I understand it. So on the balance sheets, everything in the Arsenal garden is rosy. It’s when the empty seats are not being paid for that a sleeping billionaire in Colorado might finally stir. Bin liners, even XXXL ones, won’t have quite the same effect.

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5th February 2012 09:00:00


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RJ  10:40am 5th Feb 2012

Just a glorious afternoon - whatever your thoughts on Arsene the poetry was back. And wingers getting to the by-line (but how many pointless balls did Theo put in without looking up to see where the attackers were - sorry to have a whinge on what was one of his better afternoon - and someone needs to show him where the goal is). This was a testament to finishing - please take note Messrs. Chamakh, Gervinho, Walcott! Finally, from before the first whistle, I thought the atmosphere inside the ground was outstanding and the team played well to it, and we got behind them more and it became self-fulfilling. Perhaps those who didn't make it yesterday could stay away for the rest of the season? Come on you gooners - Post No. 20111

Ken Dodd  10:55am 5th Feb 2012

By jove,by jove...Wenger popped into his local newsagents last week for his weekly footie mag.''Your usual 'World Soccer' Arsene?'' asked the shopkeeper.''Non,I'll try ze 'Shoot' magazine if you don't mind!'' replied the beleaguered Gunners' boss! - Post No. 20112

Wenger must go  11:44am 5th Feb 2012

20,000 empty seats.Well done those who didnt attend.Remember the game wasnt on tv.Fans starting to vote with their feet.I know the seats have been sold Kev but when the club say the attendance is 59,000 they look like a laughing stock especially as the tv companies keep pointing the empty seats out.I know 3 season ticket holders who wont go back until Wenger goes.The revolution has begun - Post No. 20114

Dan h  12:03pm 5th Feb 2012

Must win game which we did with ease good to see everyone put their hands up some really well worked goals & nice to see the Ox get on the scoresheet.Some real tests coming up in the next few weeks so much needed good to get the goal difference more healthy! - Post No. 20115

Paul  12:04pm 5th Feb 2012

I agree with you Kev i dont want us to lose but i refuse to step foot back into the Soul-less Bowl as long as Inspector Clueless is in charge.There are many more like me.Only the foolish would believe everything is ok after yesterdays win against spineless Blackburn.Normal service will resume next week at in form Sunderland - Post No. 20116

Mike  12:54pm 5th Feb 2012

My mind boggles- these idiots who pay for their seats and don't show up - the powers that be at the club must love u -they have secured your money up front and are erning interest on it. At the same time you missed a memorable display of football to boot - rather go there and make you're voice heard or create banners - if I was Arsenal I would be thinking of selling standby tickets at a fraction of the price to the general public at half time to fill the place. Waht a bunch of plonkers - Post No. 20118

GoonerRon  13:10pm 5th Feb 2012

I've mentioned it on previous editorials that it often lacks balance. Here we go again. Walcott (Wally, Walnutt as some on here like to call him) is battered every week for ineffectual performances, sometimes justified. He gets three assists yesterday and his only praise is he 'worked effectively.' I'm all for constructive critique but we should also praise when it is due too. - Post No. 20119

RJ  13:16pm 5th Feb 2012

Wenger Must Go - is that 20,000 an official figure or a guestimate by you? Agree that there were a fair few empty in the lower deck especially the white of the cannon showing from my vantage point in Block 98 - but the whole upper tier was pretty full - I find it hard to believe that 1 in 3 seats were empty. 1 in 10 I might go with (ie 6,000) but is that surprise with the Victoria Line closed and a weird kick off time? And so much negativity about the club. I was amused however that the "extra entertainment" laid on by the club to stio us all leaving after the game was to keep the bars and shops open - more opportunity to spend money - priceless. - Post No. 20120

dd  13:16pm 5th Feb 2012

we win 7-1 against blackburn and think our team is now okay? - Post No. 20121

Peter Wain  13:29pm 5th Feb 2012

I feel sorry for those people who refuse to turn up and support the team. What ever your view of the management the club is enduring and our support be also. - Post No. 20122

Jekyll  13:47pm 5th Feb 2012

This style of football works if the opposition give you acres or space. Most teams don't these days, Blackburn did because they had 10 men and were unbelievably poor. I think the emergence of AOC is our bright spot of the season, as Wilshire was last year. Wenger's substitutions continue to be pre-ordained though. It would have been sensible to take RVP off after his hat trick, but Wenger hadn't legislated for it before the match so therefore he had to stick to his plan to take AOC off after 70 minutes, as he'll continue to do for the rest of the season I suspect. The state of the match is irrelevant. - Post No. 20124

Jimmy  13:48pm 5th Feb 2012

@GoonerRon... To be fair, the Gooner Fanzine Twitter feed was praising Theo last night and were getting plenty of stick for doing so, which they defended by saying they'd been quick to criticise in the past, so felt a spot of praise was justified. @RJ... 20,000 empty seats was probably an excessive guesstimate by "Wenger Must Go" (whose tag belies his not very well concealed agenda), but there were way more than your prediction of 6,000. I'd say the club level and boxes were only 2/3rds full at best, so that's 3,000 seats empty. I don't know what view you have of the upper tier, but it's where I sit and trust me there were way more than one in ten empty seats. In some areas that represents how many were filled rather than empty. I reckon there were probably about 45-47,000 there yesterday, although of course we'll never know as the club don't seem to think the attendance is an important figure to give out. - Post No. 20125

Merse-10  14:11pm 5th Feb 2012

There were chants of "one Arsene Wenger" during the game and at full-time so you wrong to claim there wasn't - Post No. 20126

Wenger Out  14:15pm 5th Feb 2012

Wow, we beat arguably the worst team in the league when they were down to 10 men for half the match. We really are clutching at straws if we think this result will reverse our fortunes. And of course it will all count for nothing because this manager and his team never learn from previous experiences. They never use games as springboards to better things. They fall from one game to the next with no focus, no spirit and no game plan. Just random performances that depend more on the opposition than our pathetic mentally weak and flakey team. Anyone who thinks this result counts for anything is sadly deluded. Wenger is to blame for our downfall. An arrogant, pig-headed man who has lost his way and is slowly but surely turning the Club into a laughing stock with a team full of average, over paid and underworked lossers. Get Wenger out! - Post No. 20127

Joe Fitzpatrick  14:43pm 5th Feb 2012

Blackburn were terrible but Walcott deserves a bit more praise for a very good performance, let's hope that he starts to pick up a bit of form or looses his place to gervinho. Our young Mr. Chesney was guilty of a few mistakes during the game especially for his poor positioning for the pederson free kick. Gary peyton should be sacked immediately. Song played well and Arteta is becoming a very influential player for us. Rosicky looks as though he is improving as well. Just how good are we? For me it all boils down to How good we look against an 11 man Tottenham team on 26th Feb. - Post No. 20128

Joe Fitzpatrick  15:15pm 5th Feb 2012

Merse10- where were the "one Arsene Wenger chants"? I was in the west lower and couldn't hear them. I'm glad we are winning again but Wenger needs to win a trophy for me to believe again. - Post No. 20129

Ron  15:27pm 5th Feb 2012

Good win. Pleased for the lads and AW. Worst team to visit Arsenal though since Derby in 07, when they were dispatched for 6 as i recall. So bad, even Diaby scored! Rovers are finished, down and buried. Could have played with 13 men and still been stuffed. Lets not run away with things. We didnt need to improve much to hammer that pathetic rabble. - Post No. 20130

Merse69  15:54pm 5th Feb 2012

Only City have hammered Blackburn anything like this (0-4 at Ewood Park) so this was a great performance. Fair point about the ticket prices, but while Wenger develops players like Oxlade-Chamberlain, most fans will give him more time. Surprisingly(!) the Ox's performance hasn't injected much positivity into the Gooner.... Looks like the mutiny is on hold (again). - Post No. 20131

IMAC  15:57pm 5th Feb 2012

I do think Chesney is a good young promising keeper but he has been making mistakes this season that most fans seem to ignore. That free kick from Robinson he came for was a very poor decision and on another day could have cost us. If Fabianski or Almunia had done that most fans would be hammering them. I do expect him to make mistakes because he is still inexperienced and with that comes inconsistency. - Post No. 20132

Shropshire Lad  16:13pm 5th Feb 2012

watching the start of possibly one of our greatest players career in the shape of the Ox, today, I was reminded by his body shape, strength and directness of the superb Alan Skirton. I still remember the chant ' we've got the bomb, we've got the bomb, eh, aye, adiyo, we've got the Bomb!  Very 60's but what a great memory jogger football is! - Post No. 20133

CanadaGooner  16:45pm 5th Feb 2012

Kev, you're on a roll!!!! nice article; you've made 2 excellent points: (1) those who have come on here (and there have been several) to state they wish arsenal continue to lose in order to get wenger sacked are quite simply put: bizzare. no matter how you try to explain or defend that, it's quite simply bizzare. so, we finish 9th and wenger leaves, then next season we get worse with a new manager, then they start praying we lose every game next season as well, to get the next manager out? very childish aint it? (2) A lot of the games we've lost this season have been matches played after our closest rivals have already played on a saturday and lost (or won) and our players just cant seem able to press home an advantage by securing a win. complacency perhaps? we finally get to play ahead of newcastle, liverpool, spurs and chelsea and we got a good result (unfortunately, newcastle unlike arsenal, replied in good fashion with their win over villa) our 7 - 1 win is only a flash in the pan and we cant read too much into it, but atleast we now know the Ox is ready to add goalscoring to his awesome displays so far and hopefully gervinho comes back with a bit more confidence (from their good run at the african cup) and we can close the season out in style. I strongly agree with you that the FA Cup is indeed within our reach, if only someone (henry or wenger or anyone else) can motivate our players to end this trophy drought - Post No. 20136

CanadaGooner  16:57pm 5th Feb 2012

to all those saying: "we beat arguably the worst team in the league" you really are a bunch of idiots. this is the same team that started off our disastrous season by beating us 4 - 3 (and history never remembers there were 2 gifted own goals in there: all we remember is, how crap wenger must be to have lost to blackburn?); furthermore, the teams we have been dropping points to (wolves, swansea (first timers in the prem), fulham, bolton are hardly the cream of the crop are they?). the psychological damage of drawing to blackburn at home yesterday would have definitely ended our season; so, beating them and in such a savage style is a huge huge deal and could be the key to where we finish this season in the league and what happens with the FA Cup. if we had won 2 - 1 yesterday then i would agree that the win was nothing to write home about. but mauling them mean we go to sunderland with a chance of winning (more than anyone could have said last week). 'wenger out' and a few others on this site: your comments show your level of intelligence (or lack thereof) and you're best ignores: waste of words on ya - Post No. 20137

bunch  17:21pm 5th Feb 2012

Some in the lower Clock end started a 1 Arsene Wenger chant. Not taken up by many. Good win but we still have a massively long way to go to get fourth. But a win has got to help confidence and like you Kevin I always want Arsenal to win no matter the dire state of our management. - Post No. 20138

Wenger Out  18:02pm 5th Feb 2012

There were no "one Arsene Wenger" chants - which frankly was the higlight of the day for me. Even the 'Wenger is God' brigade are beginning to see the light (or maybe not, perhaps they are just too embarrassed to cheer the loser on.Get Wenger out! - Post No. 20139

Theo's Bikini-Line  18:40pm 5th Feb 2012

IMAC wrote: I do think Chesney is a good young promising keeper but he has been making mistakes this season that most fans seem to ignore. That free kick from Robinson he came for was a very poor decision and on another day could have cost us. If Fabianski or Almunia had done that most fans would be hammering them." I think the first part of your paragraph is answered by the last part... "I do expect him to make mistakes because he is still inexperienced and with that comes inconsistency." Unlike the aforementioned Almunia and Fabianski, who had plenty of time to prove they could handle the pressure of the goalkeepers's position but ultimately failed, Szczesny is still young and having to learn on the job because he is still better than the other options. That's why he is probably being afforded more lee-way by most gooners. The thing to remember is that fans didn't start questioning the previous keepers after just a couple of mistakes. It was because they kept happening time after time and costing us points. If the same happens to Szczesny over the next couple of years, then I'm sure that some people will get on his back as well. - Post No. 20140

''We continue to be in excellent shape financially''  19:09pm 5th Feb 2012

i wish we had spent some of the stockpile of cash in Jan. Denver Ba looks good enough to me certainly better than Sham-Hack. Pardew appears to have developed into a pretty astute manager. Ox is so much more of a natural footballer than Walcott who for me is an Athlete not a footballer. whacking BBurn doesnt mean much to me sorry. lets see how we do sunderland away, spurs/chels home, liverpool away - Post No. 20141

Jonesey  19:53pm 5th Feb 2012

I can understand why many season ticket holders couldn't be bothered to turn up yesterday. Although it would obviously have been a shame to miss a 7-1 victory, we all know that another Fulham or Swansea is just round the corner with this team and the enjoyment from any win at the moment (except tottenham) will be tempered by the knowledge that it gives the man responsible for our slow, agonising, unnecessary slide to mediocrity that little more time at the helm. Time that Wenger might use to give Walcott a big, fat, new long-term contract. In a perfect world fans wouldn't feel that way about their teams results, but I know a growing number that feel that way about Arsenal right now. And the fact that many in the media and on here are talking about the no-shows yesterday is vindication enough of their protests, even more so considering those seats had already been (expensively) paid for. - Post No. 20142

Mad Marco  19:53pm 5th Feb 2012

Kev - In your summary after the Villa game, you said that the owner of the "In Arsene We Trust" flag which is seen behind the North Bnak goal, removed it. I actually discovered yesterday that he didn't remove it - it was done by the people who sit in the front row but do not own the flag. The owner didn't bring it yesterday as he is sick of the grief he gets for hanging it up. Sad that someone who wants to support the team is being stopped from doing so by other people who claim to be supporters. I guess this is an extension of the problems you've had on the Gooner Forum recently which has led to it's suspension. - Post No. 20143

Wombledin  19:55pm 5th Feb 2012

10 wins needed in our last fourteen matches to make top four. Ain't gonna happen. And I don't agree with you that no matter how disastrous this season may turn out, Wenger won't go. The only thing that will save Wenger now is winning a Cup this season. 20k empty seats and 5th or 6th place cannot be tolerated and Wenger knows it. - Post No. 20144

Ron James  22:03pm 5th Feb 2012

The chant was heard . When did you leave? - Post No. 20146

ex akb  23:04pm 5th Feb 2012

there were wenger chants in the west lower at the north bank end - Post No. 20147

Andy  0:22am 6th Feb 2012

@ Mad Marco Your comments about the owner of the Arsene flag are deluded, how can a flag supporting one person be construed as supporting the team?, obviously just a typical brain washed AKB, maybe if he changed the flag to I instead of we he wouldn't get stick as believe me the majority of us dont trust him anymore - Post No. 20148

DW Thomas  0:46am 6th Feb 2012

A win, even against lowly Blackburn, is always a good thing. Interesting how Rosicky started with Song and Arteta and our midfield was much better, along with the Ox having a cracking game. Ramsey has been poor lately. Still, I am not excited about the season's prospects as far as trophies. The one thing that stood out is when the Ox lost the ball near their box shortly before he came off and then tracked back and tackled the ball from their man. When does Theo ever do that? Already he is better than Walcott in my book and it has only taken him 2 or 3 games. Wenger gets no prize though for bringing him in as plenty of other teams wanted him too. Only here unproven young players know they will get time in the first team. Just not Park, yet. Can't shake these feelings that we should be much better in the table if only we had attempted to replace Cesc. Our style of play needs, no requires, a visionary CM who can find our wingers and front men with slicing passes and quick thinking. Walcott was much better yesterday but had tons of space and his defensive effort is still too inconsistent. The one thing Barca has that we don't is that desire to win the ball back quickly all over the field at each position. Ok, maybe they have more than that too, but look at Man United coming back after putting on Scholes and Chicharito. When was the last time Wenger made a series of subs that won us a game? Seems to always be the reverse, doesn't it? I guess we will all judge him in May. Better make top 4 though, or RVP and others may be off. Then who will rebuild with no CL? - Post No. 20149

Theo Jensen  1:05am 6th Feb 2012

Just wanted to say that we are MUCH better without Ramsey atm. Don't get me wrong in a year or two he'll be close to world class but he's sloppy currently and I preferred Arteta in a more creative role than Ramsey on Saturday. That said, they are a shambles of a team Blackburn and looking at our imminent fixtures you have to wonder whether we'll see the traditional season collapse ensue soon. 4th place might not be out of the question with the massively deficient Chelsea squad we are up against for the close though... - Post No. 20150

Tony Evans  8:28am 6th Feb 2012

Great win and I hope it is the start of better things to come. With tough games coming up it will be interesting to see if we can build on this or not. My guess is not, judging them over the last 6 seasons or so, but I live in hope. - Post No. 20152

chris dee  8:31am 6th Feb 2012

Any win is welcome. Blackburn were appalling but 7 goals against anyone is a good days work. Lets hope Arsene picks all of his main players and gets them to play to their maximum for four games in the F A cause it could win us the cup. I would willingly settle for a F A triumph and sixth place this season,although this goes against the party line from the club management for who glory means only a healthy bank balance.It's not either one or the other,you can have both, although the propaganda coming out from the big nobbs at the club try to tell us it can't be done. By the way I hope Arsene gives Kosceilny a massive b********g because it was his atrocious naive defending (our Registered Trademark for the last six years)which gave Blackburn the free kick from which they equalised.Against the better sides that could have cost us the match . - Post No. 20153

mkherd89  9:02am 6th Feb 2012

looks like your protest didnt work.........lol, dont need so called fans like yourselves, support the arsenal and manager through thick and thin.bring back the old fans.........prob wont print this so bias - Post No. 20154

lee afc  10:34am 6th Feb 2012

Still quite a lot of negativeness surrounding a 7-1 win. Thouhgt RVP summed up his quality and meaning to the club against an average to say the least Blackburn. Thought of the day has got to be, for me, when Gervinho arrives back does the manager continue to play the Ox in the starting 11 or back on the bench? Also, surely now is the end of Arshavin. The Ox lad has shown more to me over the last four games as AA has given to the club in well over two years. That's my opinion but does the manager see it that way?? - Post No. 20160

Oxy-Moron  10:38am 6th Feb 2012

Great performance, great win, but let it not be forgotten just how poor Blackburn were and how they, literally, gave up 2nd half. As for the 70 points - no chance - the best this lot will muster is 63-65, and 5th/6th place. One thing is for sure, Liverpool and Newcastle games are now absolute must-wins if we want to not be sweating over 5th place with 2 games to go. A win at Sunderland just might change my mind on top four though......... - Post No. 20161

Ron  11:17am 6th Feb 2012

Canada Gooner - You should lighten up on the 'idiot' accusations. I know youre not keen on any views apart from your own and i suspect you weren't at that game, but BR literally gave up at 3-1. White flagged it totally. At BR earlier in the Season, i was there too and they fought like tigers. They look like stick on gonners and 7-1 was a formality however much you might wish to dress it up as something extraordinary. Any less than at least 5 v them would have been surprising. Express your view by all means, but save the insults else you may get a few back! - Post No. 20166

Mike  12:11pm 6th Feb 2012

Dreadful -We can only put seven past that excuse for a team - I left as soon as I found out that my bin bag didn't fit over the seat. Just as well because I would have had to endure the best home game performance of the season - that would have made me miserable as hell - anyway we will get walloped again this weekend, then we can moan again - Post No. 20169

Ron  12:14pm 6th Feb 2012

Chris Dee - Quite true. Not sure why Koschielny has been lauded as a now super defender after last Seasons poor return from him. Hes bulked up and hes better than he was, but he still needs replacing. Hes nothing special and nor will he ever be. A real trier though for sure, but the heart of that defence needs rather more than a trier and he isnt it.He doesn't look commanding (far from it) and doesn't ever take command. Hes not alone. The BFG rarely wins a header and doesnt dominate forwards. Hes a game battler though, but isnt adequate for what we need. Both would be good squad men in better circs. - Post No. 20170

What was the point in leaving Highbury?  12:32pm 6th Feb 2012

You can only beat what's in front of you and fair play we did that in style. However, the result changes little for most I suspect. Wengers smug smile afterwards was annoying, along the lines of I told you so. Perfect summing up of his ambition. I wonder what picture his face will be painting after our next 7 games when realistically our season will be decided. Four tough league games, Milan and another tough FA Cup tie. This result will certainly help us as you feel confidence is key to a lot of what Arsenal do. I worry that Wengers constant refering to "mentally" and "confidence" is a bit of a self fullfilling prophercy and puts things in the players heads. Anyway gearing up for a massive five weeks, lets hope our post tranfer window form of the last four years doesnt continue. It shouldn't do because surely wenger has learnt his lesson and strengthend significantly!! - Post No. 20172

GoonerRon  12:52pm 6th Feb 2012

@ DW Thomas - You say about us acquiring AOC that 'Wenger gets no prize though for bringing him in as plenty of other teams wanted him too'. Doesn't your comment in itself mean that Wenger SHOULD get credit for bringing him in, seeing as everyone else wanted him too? And if the only reason AOC came was because 'only here unproven young players know they will get time in the first team' - well that is Wenger's policy isn't it? I know we are all emotive but, FFS, can't we give credit (even if through gritted teeth) where it is due? - Post No. 20176

Simon  13:24pm 6th Feb 2012

A great result and at least some hope; but brave decisions need to be taken by the owners perhaps encouraged by the fans. The big danger to us is Harry leaving Spurs and a certain Jose M. taking over. Whether you like him or not; he is a winner. That would leave Chelsea, Man City and Man Utd having more resources; and Spurs managed by a serial winner. Spurs champions league winners 2013?? Might not be a long shot. How do people think we would do with Mourinho as manager??? - Post No. 20179

tpm  13:53pm 6th Feb 2012

mkherd89, yes support the manager even if hes wilfully bringing the club down. let a routine exopected victory against one of the worst teams in the league missing there 2 best players paper over the cracks. unbeleivable - Post No. 20182

tpm  14:09pm 6th Feb 2012

funny how all the akb's are pouncing ona routine, expcted win against woeful blacburn to back up their view that nothing is wrong. - Post No. 20184

jonnyhawleylovinggooner  14:22pm 6th Feb 2012

can i just say we purchased The Ox, we did not discover him, we paid a near club record fee for him , and manu wanted him too. fair that we did take the risk and it just goes to show that if we spend the money it can work out. mind you we are now really buying players on end of contracts or out of contracts, hardly the workings of a very rich club, and if we have actually got very little money then that is not AW fault .there has to be a reason why someone as clever as AW and the board are so tight with the cash - Post No. 20186

GoonerGoal!  16:21pm 6th Feb 2012

I didn't go to the match not through any form of protest, or because of the cold weather, but because the absence of the Victoria Line meant the usual 90 minute journey to the Emirates would/could have become a 180 minute journey thanks to buses replacing trains on all overcrowded alternative rail routes due to the ubiquitous weekend engineering work. So, I missed us hammering the 10 man team one from bottom of the league. Big deal, that's just the 3 points I thought we might get from our next four games, with Sunderland (A) Spurs (H) and Liverpoll (A) still awaiting us, I suggest the AWB's and the "see, everything's ok" brigade might want to wait on those results before shouting the odds too much... - Post No. 20194

Mike  16:40pm 6th Feb 2012

@ Simon - the fact that at the moment Real are only too willing to be rid of Murinho, (despite what he has done there and at other clubs) and replace him with our manager just about sums it up - Post No. 20195

Ca  16:54pm 6th Feb 2012

@ tpm: "routine expected win over blackburn"? have you just woken from a coma? (we've lost to blackburn, swansea, fulham already this season...): nothing's routine with arsenal right now, and this was a significant win (go back to sleep matey) - Post No. 20196

tpm  21:42pm 6th Feb 2012

Ca, perhaps you have forgotten what club you support, this is the arsenal, one of the biggest 3 clubs in the history of english football, if we do not expect to beat the likes of blackburn then the situation is worse than i feared. regardless of recent results we should be expected to beat the likes of blackburn at home, and not make such a massive issue out of it as you and the rest of the akbs are. the fact that you are using the result as such a massive postive just sums up the whole sorry situation at the clb, yet the akbs cannot see it....Ca yes perhaps it was significant win, but whose fault is it that it has such significance, whose fault is it that a bog standard taking of 3 points at home against relegation fodder is seen as so massive. just shows how far we have fallen. perhaps your the one who should wake up and look at whats happening, rather than making light of comas....... - Post No. 20208

DW Thomas  5:36am 7th Feb 2012

The Ox was good before we got him. Just compare him to Walcott. What has Wenger done with Theo now on 6 years? Still unfulfilled potential. And Chamakh and Park. Are they that bad? Or Arshavin? I don't think so anymore. I think Wenger always plays his favorites. Given, RVP is sensational this year. But Wenger could have had a great player in Mata but wouldn't splash the cash. His ego prevents him from ever seeing his faults. We could have used him as our creative force. But no, that would harm Ramsey and Jack's development. - Post No. 20214

Red Member  12:45pm 7th Feb 2012

I see you are hinting at season ticket holders not renewing for next season this is something that I often said on the online gooner forum. This is the only language that Kroenke and co understand. Hit them where it hurts! - Post No. 20223

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23rd February 2018

It Is Actually Getting Worse

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