And So It Ends…

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Wenger’s luck finally runs out as Arsenal miss out on 4th place trophy

Blimey, where to start picking the bones out of yesterday afternoon’s 3-1 win over Everton? So much happened, on and off the pitch that I could do an editorial on events every day this week.

@NoNewContract Protest group give their verdict last night with Parliament projection

It was a fine summer’s day, the kind of weather it is a pleasure to watch a game of football in. Arsenal, needing a win to have any chance of finishing in the top four risked Koscielny, and started Welbeck instead of Giroud. The striker construed to miss an open goal early on but fortunately Hector Bellerin was on hand to lessen his embarrassment. Welbeck had a hatful of chances yesterday, let’s just hope he is more clinical if he plays at Wembley. Anyhow, 1-0 and so far so good.

Then Laurent Koscielny makes a challenge that earns him a red card and a ban from the cup final. A moment of madness for sure. Who can explain it? Referee Michael Oliver was justified in sending off the Arsenal captain (three different players wore the armband yesterday), and Arsene Wenger decided to play with a back four rather than bring on another defender.

The strange thing about the game that followed – which was extremely open, is that Arsenal rarely looked like they were playing with a man less. Sure, they were more exposed at the back, and both sides enjoyed multiple chances to score. As it was, the home side doubled their lead, with the Everton defence switching off to allow Welbeck to tee up Alexis for a tap-in. It will probably be the final Sanchez goal we will witness at the Emirates, unless he returns in opposition colours, although that won’t be for Bayern Munich in next season’s Champions League, as subsequent events played out.

This meant Liverpool establishing control over Middlesbrough. Wenger complained post-match about other teams being on holiday, a reference no doubt to Boro, Watford and other recent opponents of Liverpool and Manchester City. That conveniently forgets Arsenal have had their share of easy games too – hence the run of wins in the Premier League, either side of the horrendous blip at White Hart Lane. A good few easy points there. Still, why let the facts get in the way of your excuses for falling short, eh?

Everton certainly didn’t play with any great intensity for the most part, but due to the numerical advantage, were able to threaten Arsenal’s goal a good number of times. On another day, with more composure, they might have won. The penalty they were awarded for a Holding handball after the interval didn’t really create too much tension when Lukaku converted it. The result had become meaningless with the scorelines at Anfield and Vicarage Road being so convincing. Given that it was a game that in the end made no difference to anything, the collateral damage suffered almost feels like Arsene Wenger is being given a message from above to realize that his time is up. Koscielny’s dismissal was bad enough, but then Gabriel injured himself in the act of committing a foul and was stretchered off, recovery by next weekend looking a long shot.

So finally, club captain Per Mertesacker got his first run out of the season, in the penultimate game. Next weekend it will be intriguing to see if he plays, which I imagine depends on whether or not Mustafi can be patched up. If the younger German makes it, then Monreal will surely be switched to the back three with Kieran Gibbs getting the left wing back slot. This assumes Wenger sticks with a back three of course, which would seem his best chance against Chelsea.

Anyway, the fun wasn’t over yet. Not with the crowd, in spite of the team being ahead, feeling rebellious in the wake of news that Alisher Usmanov is testing the water with a bid to buy out Stan Kroenke. Chants of ‘Stan Kroenke, Get Out Of Our Club’ were sang with more heart and vigour than most heard this season. And it felt empowering. Let’s have more at Wembley when he will be there in person to hear it in the Royal Box. That will make headlines Stateside, and he might just feel uncomfortable enough to know that his ethos of buying Arsenal to make money rather than win trophies isn’t going to cut it much longer.

Aaron Ramsey scored his first goal of the season (in his 30th appearance) with a pearl of a chip into the top corner. However, for a midfield player, that’s not exactly a prolific return. Gilberto Silva was more defensive than Ramsey but scored more often. Alexis Sanchez limped off but I would be amazed if he did not start one more game for the club before moving somewhere with a sense of footballing ambition. Anyhow, no-one in the stands or on the pitch really cared too much by this stage, and we saw more end to end kickabout stuff before the ref blew time on Wenger’s worst Premier League campaign since his arrival in 1996.

The manager declined to join the lap of appreciation, wary of being barracked, and just stood in front of his dugout. Alexis trooped round some distance from the fans and didn’t really acknowledge anyone. Mertesacker, always the pro, seemed to be saying goodbye. Another non-playing captain about to depart then. No-one’s heart was really in it.

Post game, a fascinating series of interviews by the manager to the various media in which he suggested that something happened in December that derailed the season, and admitted, finally, that the uncertainty over his future had affected the team. He spoke of the players performing in a “difficult environment” which was certainly true in terms of the supporters wanting Wenger out, but may have also been a reference to something behind the scenes. Ever the tease, the Frenchman said he would tell all one day.

However, the long and short of it is that the manager has always used his consistency in qualifying for the CL as an argument for his continued stewardship of the club, and it has been pulled from under him by too many younger, better managers at other teams. His time is up and he is kidding himself if he thinks he still has it.

If you want to analyse one point that made the difference, it was the opening match of the campaign at home to Liverpool. Wenger admitted after the game that his team was not ready for the start of the season. They lost 4-3 in a fixture which, had they drawn, ultimately would have secured them fourth place. So if the players were not ready, whose fault, exactly, is that? How many days in football do you need to work before learning how to prepare a side to be ready for the opening match of the season?

I know anything can happen in cup matches, but let’s just say that optimism is difficult to find with regard to next Saturday at the moment. It might be Wenger’s last hurrah. It needs to be, because very slowly, the club is beginning to fall apart. If Wenger remains, decline is inevitable. He has lost the respect of his players and a significant percentage of the fanbase. The shambles needs to end with new direction from an owner with greater ambition than the current one, and a manager who is not some years past his sell-by date. It’s going to be an interesting summer.

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22nd May 2017 12:02:44


Comments and Reaction

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jwe1981  12:19pm 22nd May 2017

Any club or business that shows zero ambition to improve will always eventually start to roll backwards. That is obvious. Spurs have simply shown far greater ambition as a football club than we have over the last decade. The result of that difference can be seen in the league table. End of story. - Post No. 107343

Paulo75  12:23pm 22nd May 2017

Desperate stuff post match with a swipe at the fans causing absolutely horrendous conditions for the poor players to operate in. Everything about this situation points to a logical solution come the end of the season. However we've been over this time and time again and I have no confidence the Board are prepared to appoint a replacement due to the lack of Football knowledge it possesses. Lunacy from Koscielny which is damaging for Cup Final prospects. A big next week or two to come, on and off the pitch. Over to you Stan - Can't think Europa League participation will do much for increasing the value of your shares... - Post No. 107344

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:25pm 22nd May 2017

Great piece as always Kevin, what a coward Wenger truly is, bottling the 'lap of appreciation'. If this man stays on now it will absolutely ruin our club in a way that will take years to come back from (if it isn't too late already). He is finished, yesterday's man in every sense of the word. Dragging this will he/won't he out for months on end, taking the absolute p*** out of the very people that pay his ridiculous salary. Kroenke and the board are a disgrace too, allowing this situation to rumble on whilst saying nothing. We are a club run by cowards so it's no wonder we have a team full of cowards and a culture of surrender. A disgrace of a season from the very start with the astonishing admission by Wenger that the team were not ready for the opening game. He should have been sacked there and then for that dereliction of duty. I hate the bloke and every single self serving w****** on that board for ruining our club. On a plus note thank god we won't be playing in that god awful 'champions' league. There isn't a match worth watching in that until the quarter finals at least, by which time we have had our ritual humiliation anyway! Wenger, kroenke out - Post No. 107345

The Man From UNCLE  12:40pm 22nd May 2017

The fraud finally gets caught out, with Citeh and the Leccy Fiddlers failing to give him a get out of jail free card. Not before time too. - Post No. 107346

DJW  12:44pm 22nd May 2017

Wenger has the brass balls to blame the fans for our failure this season does this mean we were responsible for the success of the invincibles! Surely the contempt he now holds for the majority of our support, results aside,means he has made his position untenable? - Post No. 107347

Yes its Ron  12:46pm 22nd May 2017

Koschielny and Gabriel - If ever we needed a snap shot of the present day Arsenal, there youve got one. What pair of hapless clowns they are. Lets be realistic, this is a positive time for AFC. Now, the needed decisions are clear for all to see. Time out from the dreaded over hyped 'Champions' League is good. Its much needed and has been so for at least 5 yrs in my view. AFC can circle the wagons now and start to rebuild from a less pressured situation. This happens to all Clubs. AFC arent unique. The Clubs has been shamed. Time has caught up with players, AW and key staff members. The only uncertainty is who takes and when will the much needed decisions be taken? AFC will sort it out and get on a more even keel than this in time. Its a big job and a tough ask. I wonder how many of those flakies who attend matches there these days will hang about for the bumpy ride? Many will fall by the wayside .......hopefully. Awful place and has been since the day it opened. - Post No. 107348

TonyEvans  12:48pm 22nd May 2017

It's not looking good is it. I will be amazed if the Kronke / Wenger show is not still holding the club to ransom next season. So we will continue with an owner with no footballing ambition whatsoever and a manager well past his sell by date. I hope I am wrong but this scenario seems firmly on the cards to me. As many have said it has to get worse before it gets better and that is exactly what is happening - we are at the tip of a very large ice-berg! So to the cup final - I was going to watch it but with the prospect of a great weather forecast for Saturday I am not sure I can be bothered and may well record it to watch later. Such is my total disillusionment with where the club is right now, and with no prospect of anything changing it is difficult to find much (if any) enthusiasm for anything Arsenal right now. - Post No. 107349

jeff wright  12:48pm 22nd May 2017

Blaming the supporters for yet another season of failure to make a title challenge and the embarrassing usual early exit from Europe by himself is typical Wenger whinging. Personally I believe that Wenger expected to win his mythical 4th place trophy again right up until he heard that Liverpool had scored against Boro. Had he finished 4th then you can bet your bottom dollar that the hapless clown would have been out on the pitch celebrating at the end of what was just in the final analysis another dead rubber game against opponents with nothing to play for. So it 's now down to trying to save some face for Wengo by beating Chelsea in the cup final. I wouldn't bet on that happening though .Wenger is using the previously not worth the bother for donkeys years FA Cup these days like a drunk uses lampposts to lean on to help make his way home after after a night out at the local. It appears on the face of it that Wengo turned down signing the new contract on offer months back due to the changes that Syrupy wanted put in place for next season , Such as bringing in a Director of Football to help out .Now that his bargaining position has been weakened I can see the cowardly cretin accepting this just to keep his well paid job. I don't see the FA Cup result affecting that but an unlikely win for Wengo will see it being used for PR spin purposes .What a complete joke we have become under this well past it control freak manager and the creepy money mad Kroenke. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107350

600NER PETE  12:52pm 22nd May 2017

Wenger says that the fans feelings have made it difficult for the players. I think I have a solution.... Why doesn't he just f'#k off.... problem solved! It would certainly make my summer a lot better. - Post No. 107351

MAF  12:52pm 22nd May 2017

Henry on Kroenke: ‘First and foremost the first thing that comes to my mind is what time is it in the US? It’s early right? It’s just funny how when people talk about his company and is it for sale or not for sale we straight away have a statement about it ! ’ said the Frenchman. ‘Arsenal fans have been waiting for the board or Mr Kroenke to clarify a lot of topics this season and Arsenal fans are still waiting for that.. ‘But when it comes to personal matters he does answer ! That’s what I’m noticing.’ - Post No. 107352

peter wain  12:59pm 22nd May 2017

I object very strongly to Wenger comments about the bad atmosphere at our ground. Our supporters pay the highest amount of any supporters to see our team. Yet we are constantly told by the manager and Gazidis we are unable to compete in buying top top talent. Now our manager blames the supporters for the lack of a fourth place finish. It is our fault that the team were so inept against those mighty teams such as West Brom and Crystal Palace and also a pathetic performance against the scum? According to Wenger it is. We seem to have no rights but to pay whatever is demanded by the management and accept the rubbish dished up. Never challenging for the league of the champions league I see he is now saying we only need one or two players. We need Mr Wenger 7 or 8 top top quality players. We need a centre half a left back at least one holding midfield player a creative midfield player and a world class striker. To that can be added a quality goal keeper and right back. What will we get more of the same either young French players not up to the task or some sold as being world class but clearly isn't. Lets hope the contract is for one year only. - Post No. 107353

Yes its Ron  13:28pm 22nd May 2017

peter - yes, they certainly need those players you mention, but mate, the fans have happily paid up and accepted the dross for years. The Club have known it, so has Wenger. The fans cant blame the Club for being ripped off for such a long period surely? They have the choice not to go, a far better choice than aeroplanes with messages on that have no real impact and slow walks round the corner by 200 - 350 odd people targeting only Coach and not the owner , on their way to matches having already paid up the admission fee i d suggest. Its ever likely the Club disregards the unrest. - Post No. 107354

Rochey  13:33pm 22nd May 2017

Wenger said we need to keep these players together. Which is code for the late august 'we only need one or two top top quality' (if he stays). Kronke won't sell as he uses Arsenal as collateral against his other business ventures, why would he unless nobody turns up. A very state of affairs where greed has overcome the sporting ambition of AFC. - Post No. 107355

David1  13:35pm 22nd May 2017

If AW continues next season, every game will be a fans' backlash against him and Stan. I think he would've liked a big send off - a grand finale, which he would've had if he had chosen to step down in January. Everyone - possibly even mbg...well maybe not mbg - would've given him a warm goodbye in spite of the fact that he should've gone 8 or 9 years ago. One outcome of AW staying on would be a constant barracking of Stan, which is no bad thing. He needs to be made aware of what he's done to the club. - Post No. 107356

GoonerRon  13:51pm 22nd May 2017

I'm just glad that **** will be sorted one way or the other within the next two weeks. Here's hoping for a record breaking FA Cup win and an amicable parting of the ways with the manager. Wenger not being there should leave Gazidis free to re-work the structures of the club as he is reportedly keen to do and fingers tightly crossed we find the right replacement. Huge fortnight coming up. - Post No. 107357

Seven Kings Gooner1  14:02pm 22nd May 2017

I actually think Kos got a deliberate red - he just does n't fancy next Saturday at all, would n't be the first time either. The bonus for Wenger is he can say he was missing his best defender so a 3-0 plus defeat will not look so bad. Seriously now, the problem is Kronke and anyone who attends any games next season are prolonging this circus - nothing but a series of homes games in front of an empty stadium will end this nightmare. - Post No. 107358

Gunner Rob  14:17pm 22nd May 2017

so if he stays then how can any season ticket holder justify renewing their ticket? - Post No. 107359

Ham  14:19pm 22nd May 2017

On the bright side, at least we avoid the annual tanking by Bayern. - Post No. 107360

The Man From UNCLE  14:33pm 22nd May 2017

Still hard to get my head around wanting your club to lose a cup final so that things can turn around at last. We can do another 2005 number on Chelsea but what will happen if we do? Gut instinct tells me a battling 1-0 defeat or somehow or other we blag the trophy. - Post No. 107361

Paulward  14:34pm 22nd May 2017

Don't agree it will be an interesting summer at all. Wenger will sign his deal, Sanchez will leave and the money will be used to buy 2 or 3 good but not great players. There is nothing remotely interesting about Arsenal these days, on or off the pitch, giving up my season ticket has never been more tempting. - Post No. 107362

Yes its Ron  14:38pm 22nd May 2017

SKG - smack on matey. i thought that yesyterday when i heard hed gone. Lets face it, he usually walks off with his fake pained expression when the going gets tough and hes under the cosh, or about to be put under the cosh. A red ends the season in a more grandiose fashion and maybe, hes realised people are onto his oft used quitting games? - Post No. 107363

mbg  14:43pm 22nd May 2017

Another roll over from TOF's no pressure specialist bully boys but it's no good this time, because as the heading says, his luck has finally ran out and about f*****g time tee hee, it couldn't happen to a bigger loser, if it wasn't for luck and lots of it and other teams doing him favours like imploding and ballsing it up at the last minute he wouldn't have scraped into half his/this So called record of cl positions, yes this old past it excuse for a football managers luck has finally ran out and about time it's been a long time coming, isn't Karma wonderful. Any Resignation yet ? we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 107364

jjetplane  14:51pm 22nd May 2017

Things I have loved this season include Klopps' teeth, Adam's remarks on considering the fate of the Ostrich, Bournemouth, Tottenham and particularly those hand celebrations. Tottenham are now officially cool. And of course Conte's whole personae, nous and how he made me love Fabregas. Looking forward to the FA Cup and may the most motivated team win. Looking forward to next season too now that the Arsenal dross will no longer be stinking up the top four and allowing other clubs to get on with entertaining. Over on Untold chief cock Atwood is now owning the Stan out movement hoping all focussed on him will allow peerversely Wenger to be seen as a saint once again. Hate Untold more than Wenger. Nicest moment of season was Klopp of the beautiful teeth with arm around players and them smiling at a real football figure. Then again Conti, Kane .... oh did I forget to mention that now Ramsay has scored a goal he is to be reclassified as a new signing with wage rise to follow. Per in the manner of John Terry is to lead Arsenal out in the sunshine next week and let us hope there is no smirking from the Chelsea goalscorers. people need to be reminded that Per once carried the water (and Ozil) for Germany. Flr next season: Can Bournemouth, Leicester, Everton also finish above Arsenal? Can Palace and West Ham move above them in London? Why not ask Uncle Wenger as he just loves to rent his gob out for a fee anytime. Cannot wait for the County leagues to kick off. - Post No. 107365

Seven Kings Gooner1  14:55pm 22nd May 2017

Ron : Perhaps Kos has got it right - apparently it could be as high as 30 C on Saturday. - Post No. 107366

SPARKSY  14:57pm 22nd May 2017

Is Allegri our new manager?? Perhaps the club and Wenger are keeping quiet till after the CL Final?? - Post No. 107367

mbg  15:16pm 22nd May 2017

Yes standing with his arms folded at the tunnel like a spare p***k at a wedding billy no mates (and that's not far wrong) ready for quick get away down it, what a coward he hadn't even the balls to face the fans he's lied to, spun bullshyte to, humiliated embarrassed over the season in case he was booed or barracked, some man that, he's as guilty as sin and he f*****g knows it, well he's getting/got his comeuppance now and it's well deserved and long overdue, and hopefully there's a lot more to come. @no new contract, we want wenger out. - Post No. 107368

Yes its Ron  15:18pm 22nd May 2017

Ha - JJ 0 in all fairness Kloppy at least appeared to have had some Oral B Whitener in action this week end gone as he was proclaiming Liverpool are 'where they should be and belong'( the scouse boll---s has started already!) Conte - definitely man of the Season. Restores the faith in football a bit as has Poccetino. SKG - he sure knows how to dodge the column doesn't he. Nobody seems to notice or care though! - Post No. 107369

Exeter Gunner  15:32pm 22nd May 2017

So it's finally happened, the last pillar of the Wenger defence "He always gets top 4" has fallen. Swiftly after "He always finishes above Spurs" and "He always finishes above teams with less resources". All logic and reason says he now goes, but that's not AFC 2017. Listening to Wenger yesterday was like listening to a man sawing off the branch he's sitting on, and blaming the saw. How convenient that he cannot tell us the 'real' reason why the season collapsed in the new year. Was it the same mystery reason as the previous decade? - Post No. 107370

Time for change  15:34pm 22nd May 2017

Wenger has zero sway in negotiatios of a new contract and exoected payrise now. Usmanov in , Wengerol out now. - Post No. 107371

Yes its Ron  15:49pm 22nd May 2017

EG - He certainly sounded like somebody hedging his bets didnt he. There was a hint in there that suggested he doesnt hold the ultimate power to make the decision at least i thought. All the while though, it sounded like theres a book in the offing at some stage. - Post No. 107372

Up For Grabs Now  16:10pm 22nd May 2017

So as always, it’s somebody’s else’s fault (The fans once again) that Arsenal failed to finish inside the top four. Of course it is, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with you now could it Wenger! What an arrogant deluded prick Wenger is. What amazes me, is that he seems to get away with it with the journalists, who should be instantaneously challenging him on such ridiculous statements. So, when we probably get tonked next Saturday, will that be our fault as well? No doubt if Arsenal were miraculously to win the FA Cup, it would all be down to Wenger’s brilliance though wouldn’t it! You literally couldn’t make such egotistical arrogance up could you! - Post No. 107373

mbg  16:21pm 22nd May 2017

The projection looks great, how about putting it on Wembley on Saturday, or even better the team Hotel on Friday night right outside his room. @no new contract, wenger out. - Post No. 107374

RegW  17:16pm 22nd May 2017

Perhaps Clouseau could explain the annual August "why can't we be remotely prepared for the start of the season" mystery rather than coming up with bollocks about December's mystery happenings! Did it make Ozil crap himself when Williams got near him for the winner at Everton? Just when we thought we'd heard all his piss poor excuses - Post No. 107375

jjetplane  17:17pm 22nd May 2017

As the Lorde Wengo casts back to when all clubs in the Universe pleaded 'come to us! show us the secret way of the Ostrich' but no, he quietly, diligently sacrificed home on the plains beneath Kilimanjaro and saying goodbye to the hungry cheetahs he raced like the great bird he is to the less savannah of Holloway. There with only the precision a great bird could muster he began work with just one stone and then another until with all his feathers fallen and broken claws he had pronounced a new shopping mall, Rest of the story sees Wal Mart defending imported to the PL and the ostrich rewarded with a new coat of feathers but still the same old glint when approached by reporters of days racing under the hot sun as the cheetah gave full chase ..... Hopefully we will see more of his earlier days of when he ran around with Mowgli on his back. Guess it beats having Theo. ps nice one RON old schollahhhh! - Post No. 107376

mbg  17:39pm 22nd May 2017

And no doubt the AKB wengerites were hoping and praying for it all to come good yet again (in other words more luck) for their messiah, all ready for the celebrating, oh dear how sad too bad, I bet then the cowardly weasel would have skulked round on the lap of shame. wenger out. - Post No. 107377

mbg  18:03pm 22nd May 2017

jj, also looking forward to our players giving Chelsea (and Cesc) a standing ovation and applauding the Champions onto the pitch, I wonder will the Coward appear for that ? or will he skulk out last when it's over. Wenger out now. - Post No. 107378

jjetplane  18:22pm 22nd May 2017

Will be the first time any club has been led out by a pair of Ostriches if Per is fit. Wonder if the Chelsea players will lose their concentration because are in fits of laughter. Least Wengo and the poor little lambs will know how Villa and Hull felt. Looking forward to it. Are the AKBs - that is the question? - Post No. 107379

1971 Gooner  19:53pm 22nd May 2017

I've just read a transcript of Wenger's Everton post match interview; is he taking the piss? - Post No. 107380

CORNISH GOONER  19:56pm 22nd May 2017

Nice one JJ! On a more serious note I have taken Webster's criticisms to heart & will try to be a better person & less cynical in future, accepting his pearls of wisdom without question. Slightly worried, however, that the Bewigged One is now on record as saying he wants to win things - shock, horror! As John Wayne used to say "that'll be the day". - Post No. 107381

John F  20:09pm 22nd May 2017

Wenger was right it was the fans fault.The fans did sing for Ramsey to play on the wing against Utd with a broken toe and the chant at Bournemouth insisting that they over celebrate the third goal to make it 3-3.The crowd have also shouted at the defenders not to jump in the penalty area and Cech not to save penalties.Yelling at the team not to worry about Watford and Boro at home as they are easy meat and we need to take it easy And if you did not hear the crowd baying for Holding to be dropped after his man of the match performance against City and insist that Monreal play at centre back instead against the Spuds then you just was not there.And the way the crowd angrily reacted if they thought Ozil was going to be taken off in one of his disappearing games of his.Yes If Wenger had not paid any heed to the fans and just did it his way we would of won the prem. - Post No. 107382

mbg  20:36pm 22nd May 2017

The headlines and reports today doesn't make great reading for TOF and his band of AKB followers, i'd imagine their falling of the fence now faster than a pissed Humptey Dumptey fell of the wall, (until Sunday anyway where if a miracle occurs or he flukes it, minds will be changed yet again ) and going by some of the press, (and indeed by TOF himself) all might not be as done and dusted over his contract as some think, I honestly think an embarrassment for him and what's left of his ego on Sunday will swing it. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 107383

Siddy  1:48am 23rd May 2017

MGB, I think we both know that he deserves another chance. A bit of respect, please. ONLY MESSING! Get that cowardly, old fraud out of our club. W***er out, NOW. - Post No. 107385

Moscowgooner  2:38am 23rd May 2017

John F - classic: my vote for post of the season! Wenger - and Kroenke - out! - Post No. 107386

Kfs  9:34am 23rd May 2017

I tried to post this yesterday: Officially released Monday morning to the Stock Exhange's RNS (Regulatory News Service) . "Response to media speculation KSE UK, Inc notes the recent media speculation concerning its shareholding in Arsenal Holdings PLC and confirms that its shares are not, and never have been, for sale KSE is a committed, long term investor in Arsenal and will remain so" My heart sank as I read it.! As earlier articles here have spelled out, Silent Stan's sporting franchises aren't performing too well (certainly on the pitch). Relative to these however, Arsenal is doing well and making money, so why sell? This official statement tells us either little or nothing will change or Alisher wlll need to make an unrefusable offer. It's status quo sadly! - Post No. 107387

peter wain  8:28am 24th May 2017

I think the note about the shares coupled with Wengers statement that we only need one or two players top, top quality in this window sums it all up. Two more years of mid table obscurity or worse. - Post No. 107393

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