Life Without Sanchez Gets Off To A Promising Start

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Arsenal enjoy a comfortable afternoon against Palace

On a wet miserable dog of a Saturday, Arsenal gave their supporters a bit of cheer with a convincing victory against Crystal Palace. Although initially, the results achieved under Roy Hodgson were not encouraging, the south London team improved and Arsenal had been the only team to beat them in the league for some time, in the game between Christmas and New Year at Selhurst Park.

Add to this that, finally, the Alexis Sanchez saga seems resolved, and we had a formation in which both Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil played in the front four. Notably, Granit Xhaka played further forward with Elneny holding, and creatively the Gunners looked far more potent than they have too often of late. Elneny looked like a better option in terms of protecting the defence, which has not impressed too much of late, with only occasional exceptions. At times, it has felt like the teamís style needs greater solidity, but there has been little sign of it. Perhaps Elneny might prove the answer, but if you feel like gambling as much as Arsene Wenger seems to with his tactics, you can join Royal Vegas and play free slot machines, where, as the Gunners sometimes do, you may get the desired result.

Interestingly, with the return to a back four, the first three goals all featured Nacho Monreal prominently. Monreal has played most, if not all of the season as one of three centre backs, and on his return from injury he demonstrated what he is actually best at. Scoring the first with a free header from a corner, and creating the second and third goals by getting the ball across the penalty area from the bi-line, it showed the benefit of experience of the position, and being left-footed in this position. The law of Murphy dictated he was withdrawn from the action before the interval with what looked like a strain, letís hope itís not something that will keep him out for long, although the second leg of the League Cup semi-final looks a long shot. Palaceís defending for the opening three goals Ė all avoidable Ė was reminiscent of latter-day Arsenal.

The Gunnersí fourth goal was a thing of beauty, with Ozil driving the play, combining well with Wilshere and teeing up Lacazette with a gifted backheel in the area. 4-0 with a quarter of the game gone. Ozil had a very decent game on his return from injury / his mid-season break (*delete as appropriate). In the remaining three quarters of the match a couple of very decent chances, and a few opportunities for Palace to get back in the game, but aside from a late and well-finished consolation goal in the dying minutes, that was that for the goals.

The team certainly didnít miss Alexis Sanchezí contribution, and there is an argument to say that the ball moves around a bit quicker if the Chilean is not involved, with his tendency to hold onto the ball. But this is only one game. The remainder of the season will tell us far more. With Sanchez involved, Arsenal registered a 5-0 win against Huddersfield back in November, and his contribution to the previous win at Palace cannot be ignored. He will certainly be missed, heís too good a player not to be, but in the frame of mind he has been so far this season, when at times, he has not looked like a team player, it is probably best he leaves now, especially if it means the club can get a player in exchange, rather than nothing in the summer.

As for the team he leaves behind, we wait to see what the additions of Mkhitaryan (dependent on a medical) and potentially Aubameyang will bring. Are these last throw of the dice purchases for Arsene Wenger or influenced by the arrival of Sven Mislintat from Dortmund, with a view to the future. Both players built good reputations at Dortmund, although Mkhitaryan has not convinced at Old Trafford. If Liverpool win on Monday night, Arsenal will still be eight points away from fourth place, with Tottenham also in contention for a Champions League spot. There are 14 matches left. European involvement might favour the Gunners because the sides above them will play their first team players in the Champions League, not a policy we will see from Arsenal until the quarter finals unless they get a stiff draw after taking care of their next round Swedish opponents.

Aside from that, a couple of observations. One, Arsene Wenger spent much of the game uncharacteristically standing at the edge of his technical area, after returning from three matches sitting in the stands. Maybe he was trying to keep moving to remain warm? With his side 4-0 up so early, he didnít return to sit next to Steve Bould until some time into the second half.

And it was sad to see the Young Guns Ďenclosureí at the front of the Clock End lower tier reduced to one row. This hasnít been helped by the club now changing the policy so that any minors under the age of 14 cannot go to the game unless in close proximity to an accompanying adult. Some call it progress, but really, how many of our readers attended a match at Highbury either with their own or along with mates of a similar age before the age of 14. Itís ridiculous. Itís fine for parents to decide whether their child can attend a game on their own at the age of 12 in my book, but for the club to start dictating it is a very sad state of affairs. And let's be honest here, the club are supposedly trying to encourage some kind of young fanbase to get into the idea of providing a kind of Ďendí for them to congregate, but give them possibly the worst seats in the house, in terms of the view. Sure, some good close-up views of the Arsenal goals yesterday, but pretty difficult to figure out whatís going on at the other end of the pitch once the ball crosses the halfway line. As £10 tickets are also available for juniors in the family enclosure, I suspect most kids who do attend without parental accompaniment, having seen how poor the view from the Young Guns enclosure is, are choosing seats with a better view further back. Additionally, the club have never really gone heavy on marketing the £10 tickets for juniors, and no wonder, because the less of these places there are, the more Arsenal can sell full priced adult tickets. This whole area of developing future support really needs a good look at, and preventing 12 and 13 year olds attending without an adult is not going to help at all.

Anyway, at least the poor handful of souls who did occupy the front row behind the goal yesterday would have seen the action that mattered. Chelsea await on Wednesday and you would have to imagine we will see a side of similar strength to yesterday. Antonio Conteís side seem to have rediscovered their goalscoring touch and during the recent run of draws, they were not conceding too many. Will we see a return to three at the back? Currently, it looks like a game that Arsene Wenger will, uncharacteristically in this competition, see as important. At the fag end of his managerial career with the club, it would be ironic if his final piece of silverware was a competition he has rarely been concerned about winning.

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21st January 2018 12:43:43


Comments and Reaction

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Badarse  13:07pm 21st Jan 2018

A nice report Kevin and some interesting aspects I was unaware of. It is quite clearly a sign of the times that decisions are made committee-style in most areas of life nowadays. The liberty and freedoms which help develop children are missing, constrained by over zealous corporation mentalities. Still there is always hope, once women have been truly liberated we can perhaps concentrate on liberating the children. Just an observation here. To be in the PL you have to be special. To be the difference between Alex Iwobi and Mesut Ozil is a quantum leap of difference, and if on the subject of atomics Theo was merely a Quark. When Iwobi was on his run/movement the space opened and he snatched at a shot without any real hope of scoring. More poise, more composure, more spatial awareness a la Ozil and he might have just carpet-slippered the ball through to Alex Lac for an open goal, as Bergy surely would have. As I said, a big diffence, and I like Iwobi. - Post No. 112091

Scruff  13:10pm 21st Jan 2018

Wengers power is waning all the signs are there to see. He will probably be manager next season unless he resigns but will have no say on transfer dealings and wage structure. Good win yesterday and for those people who reckon we should sign Zaha it was a showing of why we shouldn't . - Post No. 112092

Alsace  13:19pm 21st Jan 2018

A freezing cold afternoon for the faithful. The team felt better for the return of Koscielny and Nacho Cheese. There is the minutest tinge of the beginning of a return to sense and sensibility with the offloading of Sanchez and Walcott. Let's hope that the next calling to account by the new boys in admin is Wenger's P 45. The ridiculous high line was still in evidence yesterday and that at least will die when Wenger goes. With that will also die the black despair which comes (not least for the creative players) with watching leads get surrendered. When self respect returns so will fun. Those old enough to remember George Graham's appointment and immediate effect will know what I mean. - Post No. 112093

Badarse  13:23pm 21st Jan 2018

Wow Alsace. I had fun watching yesterday. Are you sure the black despair wasn't caused by your two Captain Sparrow eye patches you got from Father Xmas? - Post No. 112094

GoonerRon  13:29pm 21st Jan 2018

Just nice to win and early multi-goal splurges are always lovely. The 4th goal was delicious. Disciplined performance from Elneny and in lieu of getting a bona fide DM he is probably the only player we have who is close to suited to that role. Now letís spank the Chavs. - Post No. 112095

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:43pm 21st Jan 2018

Good report as ever Kev - Palace started like it was the last game of the season and they knew that they were safe, next week's game with Chelsea will give a better chance to see how Arsenal fair without £anchez. The restrictions being put on under 14's is IMO a sad state of affairs but not a surprising given the power of litigation in the modern world. As an eleven year old I and my schoolmates would go to Arsenal, WestHam, Leyton Orient any London club that we fancied to watch a game of football. I went to Arsenal every fortnight with my father because he was a fan and we went together. However it was n't just football matches we would travel to, the London museums, Greenwich Park, Hampton Court and my favourite, a day out to Southend - not an accompanying adult in sight. This was late 50's early sixties, the war had ended only 15 years earlier and parents did want a better life for their children and freedom was a vital part of growing up in those times. All my peers had those same freedoms, there were of course many dangers but parents viewed those dangers as character building and luckily I grew up very happy and totally unaware of the troubles that could have pounced on a group of minors having a fun day out. However for all my freedoms I did not give my two sons the same unfettered access to life that I so enjoyed - I still am not sure why but perhaps we all know a bit too much that is really good for us. - Post No. 112096

markymark  13:49pm 21st Jan 2018

On the subject of young football supporters Arsenal have to be very careful. The digital multi platform lifeís that most kids live is pretty all encompassing . I spotted recently that Ralph Laurenís son said there biggest competitor is not another fashion house itís Tech. The youth spend on tech is going up but on areas such as fashion itís starting to recede. Notice thereís no real fashion cult styles anymore , no spread of music tastes between soul boys and new wave. No separation of football club loyalty? Clubs need to really work on embedding loyalty and need to work on this harder than ever. - Post No. 112097

markymark  14:57pm 21st Jan 2018

Seven kings - I think the changeover happened in the mid to late 70ís. Probably greater reporting of grim child murder I suspect. My early days were completely free much like previous generations I reckon. I was lucky to live semi rural and I remember catching sticklebacks in streaks as a water vole or occasional rat would swim on by. Then something seemed to happen. Mention of being careful , watch out for strangers. No doubt it was school and government led . No doubt it was also genuinely for our safety but a wild innocence felt lost. It be interesting to know if anyone of my age (48). Had the same feeling at the time. - Post No. 112098

Radfordkennedy  15:09pm 21st Jan 2018

Afternoon all..Badarse how yer doing fella,on the subject of Iwobi i totally agree,its quite indicative of many young players today and especially at Arsenal that so many young players could be a possible candidate for a GB 4x100 anchor leg but cannot strike a ball cleanly.Young Iwobi does tend to panic and snatch at a chance,and it infuriates me to see him scuff a ball so often,leaning back and hitting the ball with his studs,shin,heel etc,which when you consider that AW constantly puts high regard to technical ability makes it even more frustrating to watch,as good a prospect as he is, i cant really see him reaching a higher level,one of the greatest natural finishers of a ball ive ever seen Fowler possesed a certain something which cannot be coached which alas i think a lot of the youngsters lack today,it does seem to me that speed is king in the minds of todays coaches....anyway a very satisfying result yesterday,not quite as satisfying as a fish finger sandwich you understand but certainly up there. - Post No. 112099

markymark  15:09pm 21st Jan 2018

Typo streaks -> meant streams - Post No. 112100

Alsace  15:12pm 21st Jan 2018

If you want to believe that everything in the garden is rosy then that is a matter for you. I live in the real world where every day under Wenger weakens and humiliates our club. - Post No. 112101

Bard  15:21pm 21st Jan 2018

A very typical Arsenal performance.We are always capable of some sublime footy, although rather less frequently than in yesteryear. Having sold Sanchez and acquired Miych will we be in for anyone else ? As others have mentioned is it the last throw of the dice or the beginning of a new era. Who knows but as long as Wenger is the manager you can put your mortgage on the fact that we are only ever 10 minutes away from a defensive disaster. We are still short of at least 3 more players, but then we always are. Cant really summon a great deal of enthusiasm for the whole project. - Post No. 112102

mbg  15:39pm 21st Jan 2018

And of course this will be seen by fools that we don't need him, or any other reinforcements/players either (oh how you can keep fooling fools all of the time)until we come up against decent teams whose managers don't, and won't, bow to or allow wenger and his pansies roll all over them. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 112103

mbg  16:16pm 21st Jan 2018

Alsace, yes mate it was only a matter of time another rollover against mediocre opposition, (although mediocre opposition stuff us too) and when you have an opposition manager who throws receptions for wenger and licks his arse at every opportunity you can expect it to be a roll over, and everything's rosy in the AKB's garden again, with even the moistness returning, but it's fooling no one (well apart from we all know who) and we'll be here to remind them when the inevitable happens again. wenger out now. - Post No. 112105

Goonhogday  16:22pm 21st Jan 2018

Donít be fooled by yesterdayís result. I went and Iíd be lying if I didnít say I enjoyed the first 15 minutes. However, Palace played their part with abysmal defending. Once Monreal left, Palace won the last 70 minutes 0-1. Such a shame about the Young guns enclosure. I know itís hard enough dragging my kid to a match nowadays but I always thought the young guns area was largely populated. Yet another area that requires addressing by the club! Wenger out, Kroenke out. - Post No. 112106

MAF  17:32pm 21st Jan 2018

keep your feet on the ground it was palace + still there was plenty of evidence that we cannot defend properly when put under real pressure by smart forwards. we already know any wenger side is capable of getting 60+ points in a season basis his strategy to get as many points from the lowest 14 teams.but the reality is arsenal have gradually slipped to the point where we are no longer CL standard, wont get nearly enough points and this is clear evidence these owners/management dont care about that. - Post No. 112108

GoonerRon  17:50pm 21st Jan 2018

Oh yes of course Roy Hodgson didnít even bother with training this week, told the Palace players to not try and to ensure that they conceded a bucket load of goals early on just to help poor old Arsene. What a load of bull****. - Post No. 112109

markymark  18:06pm 21st Jan 2018

Gooner Ron - no ones said Roy has committed a serious breach of sporting ethics that if proved would result in prosecution and end of career. Itís simply that Roy is crap against Wenger, he doesnít get his team to press or use width. Not sure why youíve got such a bee in your bonnet. Wenger rolls over to Mourinho every year he plays him and nobody has accused Wenger of throwing matches. - Post No. 112110

Arseneknewbest  19:08pm 21st Jan 2018

Goonerron - paranoid toi? And it was all going so well with your anti-wengo truths during and post Christmas. Remember that huge corner you'd turned? Try to channel that aggression towards the real problem, i.e. that our manager is a complete cretin. - Post No. 112111

Paulward  19:30pm 21st Jan 2018

Trust Roy to let us off the hook , sure the mans a secret gooner. Hard to judge the new system against such woeful opposition but would guess heíll return to 3 centre backs on Wednesday - Post No. 112112

Paulward  19:41pm 21st Jan 2018

Apparently Gazidis is in Germany to tie up Aubameyang, itís a big If but if we did get both him and mikhatarian would everyone agree thatís a good window? A big test for the new arrivals behind the scenes, but would not be surprised if we get gazumped by a bigger club on Auba. - Post No. 112113

GoonerRon  20:08pm 21st Jan 2018

@ Marky / AKB - I just call it how I see it. If we play **** I say we played **** and if we destroy a team in 20 minutes who hasnít lost to any team but us in their last 13 games then I choose to give credit. According to some we only win against teams that allow us to tickle their tummies which I believe isnít true. Iím still all for change but struggle to read such inane nonsense sometimes. - Post No. 112114

markymark  20:57pm 21st Jan 2018

Paul Ward - we look sharper in the transfer market donít we. Maybe Dick Laws was absolutely fíing useless or maybe Dick was inept and Wengo was just stubborn with his power . We now seem to be flying . The two recent management recruits, is it just coincidence with Wenger having to acquiesce? Iím more excited about that possibility than the actual new players. Itís a bit sad when management politics appear more important than anything else but then again I hold Wengo 100% accountable for that. As Platini said ď He is just a business man these days ď - Post No. 112115

Scruff  23:16pm 21st Jan 2018

We destroyed a team in 20 minutes! F#ck off you idiot Palace are garbage Stoke Bournemouth WBA etc are relegation fodder and we struggle to get points off them grow up you silly c*#t and realise AFC are going nowhere under this regime. Well that's my council back street trashy mouth done for a year. Tooaw=Spud - Post No. 112116

mbg  23:38pm 21st Jan 2018

markymark, well said, too much respect you see, (hodgson like wenger is still living in the past (a past that wenger is still dining out on thanks to others) and i'd doubt very much doubt TOF has the same respect for him especially when he's a loser too, and/or if he had TOF in his pocket and was stuffing, beating, and embarrassing him like these other managers do, fortunately for TOF hodgson is another nice boy a laughing stock who knows no better and who just hasn't woken up yet especially to wenger. wenger out now. - Post No. 112117

mbg  0:02am 22nd Jan 2018

Paulward, nothing would surprise us mate if wengers hands in the till/negotiations so i wouldn't be getting to excited yet mate, and when or if they do arrive they'll be tied up alright. wenger out. - Post No. 112118

GoonerRon  9:30am 22nd Jan 2018

@ scruff. Classy. - Post No. 112119

Bard  9:45am 22nd Jan 2018

Interesting comments from the great one. He cant understand why anyone would want to leave Arsenal !!!! And in reply to a question about where Mikh will play he replied that its not a problem because I just put out my best footballers and they work it out. There you have it in a nutshell. Nothing further need be said about why we will never compete under Wenger. - Post No. 112120

Yes its Ron  10:01am 22nd Jan 2018

Sadly, i think in the PL now teams like Palace simply write of games v the top 5 or 6 Clubs. Such teams are in the league of 14 and its those games that are prioritised. Football is in a sorry mess really. Asl looked ok but in truth, the game was a training exercise and in the main Palace were the cones. In a week end that saw the passing of Cyrille Regis acknowledged, there are many on here who recall his Albion side who could destroy any team for 3 or 4 Seasons, yet were a side then as now, short of cash, small gates in a small stadium yet choc full of really good players, well managed and coached and could match any team it faced. Yet, they say football has improved immeasurably? Maybe off the pitch it has but on it? No, i dont think so. - Post No. 112121

GSPM  10:23am 22nd Jan 2018

A game of 2 halves, 1st half played well, fast movement & good finishing. 2nd half a snooze affair. As for the match day experience, not very good (nothing to do with weather) A sterile, cold place which I don't really have any attachment too, a cash cow there to fleece the fans. really have no interest in a season ticket, rather pick & choose my games, shame as I love Arsenal fc, not Arsenal Plc, but I guess its all part of the globalisation & the alienation of the true fan, who can be replaced by tourists. Max 45,000 attended on sat, with about 10% atmosphere. perhaps this is now standard in all newly built stadiums. Having said all that, its still Wenger Out...!!! - Post No. 112122

John F  11:44am 22nd Jan 2018

I had similar thoughts Bard.I expect he will get the shoe horn out again to fit all his central midfielder s in.I will always remember him shoe horning Ramsey with a broken toe out on the left against Utd in 2016,the highlight for me of his many odd decisions closely followed by the team sheet at Anfield this season. - Post No. 112123

Yes its Ron  11:59am 22nd Jan 2018

Arsene is an enigma, wrapped up in a conundrum, clouded by a mystery in all that he says and does. Football used to be considered a simple game but not in Arsenes World. Its ever likely its often a recipe for confused players. - Post No. 112124

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:54pm 22nd Jan 2018

Bard, John F : So right, like an out of balance flywheel, these new additions will be squeezed in to avoid upsetting our remaining "stars". In that beautiful third person riposte that Wenger excels in, he will exclaim "that it will take time for the new players to settle in." - Post No. 112125

peter wain  13:03pm 22nd Jan 2018

before we get too excited is was Crystal Palace. When we beat Man U Liverpool of City then we can say we don not miss him - Post No. 112126

Badarse  13:29pm 22nd Jan 2018

Hi Radfordkennedy old mate. Sorry I have only just seen your post, I only drift past the OG whenever I feel a poke with a bald egg is needed. It's good we both see a similar situation with these young players. I am bringing Ron in on this too as he is also possibly in accord. I actually think that the staging, marketing, and selling of the PL-all profit returns linked-is the promotion of it as a slightly different sport nowadays. It has perhaps evolved due to Arsene Wenger and happenstance. Inheriting the greatest defence English football has ever witnessed, his astute ability to buy aspiring and promising talent-light years ahead of his contemporaries at the time, galvanising the Rolls Royce's of the football world like Bergy and Titi, then sending them out to create and to express themselves. Sky, and BT to follow recognised a money spinner and as the emphasis on scoring became paramount to sell, defences suffered, footie got speedier, and each fed the other. Now we have speedster athletes, without the time to execute the finesse of a Bergy or Titi, so rare are their talents. It gives a rumbustious style of harem scarem, Harlem Globetrotter football...and the TV companies thrive. They enjoy their profits as many buy the product, they believe the hype that the advertising spits out. A nation that would buy jingoistic drivel that a Yuxit buffoon like Bojo spews, (it was the UK, pronounced yuk, who voted leave, not Britain, so Brexit is a misnomer), would buy anything. Just a thought. I do think that in a nutshell football is too fast for skill to dominate, though amassing a shed full of expensive talent in a squad can certainly prosper. - Post No. 112127

Wrinkly Voyeur  13:57pm 22nd Jan 2018

well...errrr.....badarse.....errrr....do you still leetle beet belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve? - Post No. 112128

Yes its Ron  14:35pm 22nd Jan 2018

Hi Baddie - agree totally. The thrust of football by its TV engine has made it a different sport as you rightly say. The rules have all been altered to the detriment of defenders ever since the back pass rules changed. The offside rule and the more or less ban on tackling has put Coaches into a type of limbo re defensive work. The margin for error for defenders now is a joke in my view. Its all given to forwards and the game s all about goal fests and as such the rules are designed to achieve that end. Its the sinister side of the TV coverage that gets to me. They love sackings and transfers and in fact urge sackings and transfers etc etc while they speak of the need for stability and express sentiments in favour of sacked coaches. Its ll double speak and duplicitous isnt it. Total hypocrisy most of the time. Footballs been cheapened terribly in my view. Americanised as you allude to, like most other things in this Country Baddie. They speak now of the need for 'intensity' and the 'pressing' and so forth. Both militate against skills being honed. AW to his credit has fought the tide like Canute whatever is thought of him, but the new football culture rules now. Its lacks fabric and soul. Its a celebrity driven theatre now and all in it act their parts. Very disingenuous in the main.Its not a culture that cuts much ice with me which is why i gave up going. Each to their own though isnt it. - Post No. 112129

mbg  15:21pm 22nd Jan 2018

Bard, yes that's who these new players (like all the others are coming (supposedly) to join and play under and be coached by(cough)like the rest they'll be ruined, f****d before they even arrive and there's some still getting excited. wenger out. - Post No. 112130

Yes its Ron  15:28pm 22nd Jan 2018

Meant to say as well that Wenger himself in my view is a man at odds with himself about the games changes and its modern day culture. Im not sure hes too enamoured with how its changed this last 10 yrs, though of course he earns a fortune from it to 'ease his turmoil'. Given his age and what hes earned its this that makes me wonder why he really carries on? Hes certainly a bit of a fish out of water now it seems to me, yet he gave so much to what the games become in his first decade. I d love to know his real views privately. Deep down, though i shout for change at AFC i suspect his views on what footballs become wont differ much from my own. - Post No. 112131

Seven Kings Gooner1  16:31pm 22nd Jan 2018

The $anchez deal will make life difficult for every PL club, simply because he is not a world class player. This gives the green light for every agent who represents any player who can trap and pass a ball, the right to demand his client is paid his true worth. OK, AS is not a journey man but I can think of a dozen players who are just as good.I think several chairmen are going to be very busy in the next coming months but as several on here have already stated - it makes great television. - Post No. 112132

Badarse  16:37pm 22nd Jan 2018

Hi Ron sorry for the delay, was off getting my truss realigned...and re-lined for the winter. Brilliantly put post. I think/believe/guess that Arsene is driven by his inner demons, as a number are. I am sure I am. If right my conjecture is he is 'locked in'. The drive to continue a love often becomes an obsession, even when that love has flown, it takes on a life of it's own, it is then the only way to be. I think he would happily die in harness, as many perhaps feel, and have felt down the years in all walks of life. When forced to retire they often die soon after, being denied what they have come to rely upon as their raison d'etre, their lifeblood. Sometimes age colours the past in our memories and he may well be still trying to recapture the 'beauty' of the game. These are the small kernels that I seek in matches nowadays. A well-timed crunching tackle that takes the ball cleanly, the sublime defence splitting pass, a rare thumping header a la Big Raddy, a speedy McLintock/Adams interception taking the ball off an attacker's toe. They still exist but everything has to be high octane now. Sold by superlative. I think the kids have no chance in this age. Technology, everything out-pricing them. If the punters on this website moan about 'what is', compared to 'what was', they ain't gunna like what's a-coming. Anyway we had people like Joe Baker, didn't we? How privileged we were, and never realised it at the time. - Post No. 112133

John F  17:14pm 22nd Jan 2018

SK it is probably just paper talk but already Pogba is making noises about his contract.Not sure how long football clubs will carry on at this rate.It only takes a problem with Sky and it will be like the banks in 2008. - Post No. 112134

Yes its Ron  17:24pm 22nd Jan 2018

Good stuff Baddie and a smack on summation. Hes a thinker is AW as you say, maybe too much so to be in football and i guess he is trapped by his own yolk of thought. His ideas and templates for how footie shd be done are now his master and no longer his slave. Yr right, we all are to a degree. I still often insist Jeff Beck is the best guitarist ever. He isnt really, he was once arguably but now there are many local unknown guitarists who can do all he ever did, good as he still is to hear. Yes, we didnt appreciate our heroes like Joe, but i do think they appreciated US back then and theres the difference to todays prima donnas. Different times. Did we ever get as bad as the modern PL fan does about defeats? I dont reckon we did, do you? As ive said to you before, my Dad schooled me to the view 'that without the other team youve no football match'. Back in Joes day, it was the other team who took the spoils home more often than not wasnt it!! Im betting all of our views on football, about AW, the whole lot of it would be out of the window in a second if were ever given a few weeks inside AFC on a daily basis. - Post No. 112135

markymark  17:36pm 22nd Jan 2018

For those who worry about the way Football is going , we may lose heading as a skill soon. There will be legal cases over brain damage etc Whatever the thoughts about Wenger 20 years is far , far to long. The Board have been very cowardly in letting the situation continue. Football managing is a 3 year phase role . The sooner Arsenal move to this model the better. Arsenal these days have nothing to teach football . We need to learn from others. That little team in Germany that Gazidis likes (Bayern Munich.) are a good model. - Post No. 112136

Seven Kings Gooner1  17:55pm 22nd Jan 2018

Ron, Badarse great posts, we have to move forward I know but truly the Sanchez deal has finally made me give up on PL football. I can't blame Wenger for the meltdown either, although he did get 24 million for Anelka which was astonishing by any standards - paying just 500K in the first place. However Ron, guitarists, I used to compare and say he was better than him, until I saw most of these guys live, then I realized how bloody brilliant all of them are/were. Jeff Beck was voted 5th in Rolling stones list of 100 greatest guitarists, I think you make a great sdcase. Three favourites, Gary Moore, Skunk Baxter and Larry Carlton - Baxter & Carlton have played with Steely Dan - - enough said! - Post No. 112137

markymark  18:09pm 22nd Jan 2018

Lucky enough to see Gary Moore he was excellent - Post No. 112138

mbg  18:48pm 22nd Jan 2018

So the ambassador of Arsenal, the much respected Robert Pires has had his say on the Sanchez transfer Saga, and how embarrassing for TOF, and exactly what we all believed and knew (but not some of course) that Sanchez has been forced out because Arsenal/wenger has refused to match his ambition, Ouch, he says Sanchez wanted to stay and was happy at the club what he wanted was for Arsenal/wenger to spend money on proper players, he says if players like Sanchez want to leave because they feel there is no desire to win here it is better to go, OUCH, he also gave TOF a dig about allowing contracts to run down, and all so reminiscent of the RVP saga and what was said and done, as the interviewer says wenger will be infuriated at this, good, a club ambassador telling the truth with no spin and lies it will infuriate the weasel alright, well done our club ambassador (just how long you remain in the post now is anybodys guess) well said Robert. wenger out. - Post No. 112139

Badarse  18:56pm 22nd Jan 2018

You were indeed fortunate Mark of Nark, wow, that was a big one, wasn't it? As Geordie Armstrong said, 'A small stride for one is a normal pair of strides for me.' Ron I bow to you, and seemingly SKG on guitarists; though I am entranced and enhanced by the sound my expertise stopped with George Formby's demise. I have said as a conversational piece often in illustrating your point Ron that I am the best loser ever. What I mean by this is that it is how I was groomed. I would be dying inside, but couldn't let anyone see it, and had to give some acclaim to the victor, and with dignity, that was my private penance if you like. Now it is a disaster if a team suffers a defeat, the greatest thing since sliced bread with a victory-nobody knows what the second greatest thing is...probably a hot crumpet, (that was for you Mark of Nark). As for heading, why Big Raddy could take a penalty with his head! - Post No. 112140

Badarse  19:06pm 22nd Jan 2018

Deals have been done! Sanchez history and someone called Mickey arrives. - Post No. 112141

Reality Cech  19:31pm 22nd Jan 2018

Lucky enough to share a couple of pints with Gary Moore and his lovely lady in Hammersmith, what a top bloke as well as a top guitarist. - Post No. 112142

TOOAW  21:32pm 22nd Jan 2018

Just heard that one of our greatest ever players has left our great club....., phew. Just checked it out and Mesut is still a gooner. - Post No. 112143

markymark  21:55pm 22nd Jan 2018

Badarse - welcome back! so sad that Gary has departed I was also lucky that for a while I hung around with a group of rock / mtetalists so saving me from poxy pop ensembles in the early noughties. Saw MotŲrhead , White Snake , Gary Moore , ZZ Top (quite brilliant) , Velvet Revolver and Hawkwind. Not bad for someone who tends to like Northern Soul and Funk. On this site itís almost , almost a fond family reunion with a peaceful friendly atmosphere. Oh know one of the uncles is on the whiskey again..... watch out... take cover... - Post No. 112144

mbg  22:28pm 22nd Jan 2018

Just seen the introductory video and the arrival of Sanchez from Man yoo for the media and their fans, Sanchez looking very much at home already, they really do know how to rub it in to their rivals (although i'm sure they don't exactly class wenger and Arsenal as that anymore) best of luck Alexis and just like RVP no doubt you'll return with you medal/medals, and the ambitionless second raters will still be here along with the ambitionless AKB wengerites and their welcoming committee. wenger out now. - Post No. 112145

markymark  22:38pm 22nd Jan 2018

Jimmy Armfield vs the UTD transfer . Itís a world away and Iím not sure itís a better football world we live in now. On a note I heard McClaren waffling on about UTD all he kept on saying was top man , top club , top club , top man. Obviously could be egg on face but when UTD most put out the PR bull**** it usually comes crashing down on them. Thinking of that video Be nice if this Henry guy bought for free might actually be ok for us. - Post No. 112146

markymark  7:21am 23rd Jan 2018

Toad - wasnít it you who said that Wengo had to sign a new contract so that keep SŠnchez and Ozil would sign back on. Didnít you agree that Wengo had to remain highest paid at the club? Iím sure it was you or one of you last remaining Wengerboy numbnuts. - Post No. 112147

Seven Kings Gooner1  8:14am 23rd Jan 2018

Markymark, there is a great video on Youtube, Gary Moore with John Mayall and Buddy Whittington with their rendition of "So many roads" Moore's playing is fantastic. Buddy Whittington is also a real player. - Post No. 112148

TOOAW  8:47am 23rd Jan 2018

Dreaming again Nark. Now what does that abbreviation WOPG stand for ?!??! - Post No. 112149

Badarse  9:34am 23rd Jan 2018

Just a word or two regarding Jimmy Armfield. 23rd Nov 1963 I was at the game when we beat Blackpool 5-3. Am not sure if this was my first game in the North Bank but believe it was either this season or the one before when I 'graduated' from the East Stand Lower to it. Memory not that good. Just really remember the score so looked up year etc., A Captain of England, a fit young man, and he dies in his eighties. Zoom! What was trhat? Your life mate. Do I get another? Nope, sorry mate, that's it. Good morrow Only One, how do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a smile. - Post No. 112150

Yes its Ron  10:02am 23rd Jan 2018

Some terrific guitarists you've all mentioned there lads! Yes, R.I.P Jimmy Armfield. He always seemed to be a true gentlemen on the radio and i also recall him playing for Blackpool when i was a very young kid. His name always reminds me of football books i had for Xmas like 'Kenneth Wolstenholmes World of Football' and others i had. His pic would always be in there as i recall. Happy memories. As for Sanchez and the SKY hype machine, to hear them Sanchez is already a 25% better player now simply because hes signed for Man U. Truly pathetic. Mkhitaryan barely gets a mention by comparison. A very good trade for Arsenal as i see it for many reasons. I know many dont share that view of course. - Post No. 112151

Radfordkennedy  10:23am 23rd Jan 2018

Markymark...hello mate..i was always more of an Albert Lee,Dave Edmunds,Mickey Jupp fan,as well as Peter Green,then a pal of mine played me Gary Moore's version of Green's 'need your love so bad' talk about hairs on the back of the neck,brilliant version - Post No. 112152

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:42am 23rd Jan 2018

Ron, Jimmy Armfield was a safe front cover for any football annual was n't he - my favourite was The "Topical Times Football Annual" Bardarse, I think one of my first Arsenal games was v Blackpool (I have looked it up) 7th Oct 1961 I think Armfield & Matthews both played in that game. Arsenal won 3-0, Mel Charles with a couple of headers. As you say Badarse, that's your life and you don't get another. Sanchez & Armfield, two opposites of the football spectrum, I have seen both and thankfully I know which one I prefer. As for United and Sanchez, I think the hike in AS's salary is a deliberate ploy by United to destabilize other clubs wages structure - funny thing is I think it will hurt them just as much. - Post No. 112153

GoonerRon  12:01pm 23rd Jan 2018

@ Ron - Iím hoping youíre right about the swap deal. The way itís been reported youíd have thought Messi was being traded Flamini. Truth is we donít know how it will pan out, but hopefully Mkhitaryan can show his Dortmund form where his style should suit the way we try and play. - Post No. 112154

Yes its Ron  12:07pm 23rd Jan 2018

GR - I just think that each time ive Mkhy on TV hes looked decent. Seems like its a personal thing between him and Mourinho thats stopped him getting games. Hes a player who just needs to allowed to do his thing it seems to me and not hemmed in too much by tactical considerations. He seems tailor made for us in that regard doesnt he. Im one whos never thought Sanchez is quite the player hes made out to be. Hes really good at his best of course, but a few notches down from his hyped status. Its just my view of course. A lot rate him higher. Use MKHY well and he ll prosper i hope. - Post No. 112155

Exeter Ex  12:23pm 23rd Jan 2018

If you look at Sanchez and Mikki's respective scoring records, the latter will not be replacing the former's goals. He doesn't help with the main problem of the defence either. With Wenger stating the other day 'Just play the good players!' when asked how Mikki would fit in and then listing all his midfielders as 'attacking players' I don't see any grounds for seeing how the guy can make any difference to the fundamental problems. And as has been pointed out many times, the evidence of the last decade tells us personnel don't really matter too much. The team hasn't progressed, in fact is now slowly declining, in terms of challenging for the title and league placing. Maybe if Mikki is still there whenever we get a new coach we might see him making a difference, but not until. - Post No. 112156

Yes its Ron  13:02pm 23rd Jan 2018

All good points Ex. The defence needs a radical overhaul for sure. A big job in itself, not really possible in a January window. It goes without saying that we need a top CB and a DM worthy of the name. Been the same for many years hasnt it.. In fairness to Wenger hes looking to buy a striker isnt he so we re told. I reckon the purpose with Mhky is to add to the creativity of the midfield plus to get a few goals from there. The scoring isnt shared out anywhere near enough in the team.I think hes got a few goals in him - i hope so! Hes also been brought in with an eye on the still possible departure of Ozil too i d guess? I think its reasonable to suggest that AFC need at least 3 top quality additions simply to get back to a top 4 slot. - Post No. 112157

Yes its Ron  13:13pm 23rd Jan 2018

RK - I went to see Albert Lee a couple of yrs back in a really compact, small venue in Worcs City centre. Really good night and he played some good stuff. Met him at the break and had a few words. Really nice humble man as many of the best musicians often seem to be to me. Bands a good one. Does some rock, folksy/rock stuff and good blues play too. Hes played with all of the very best bands as you know and hes still in demand by them. Must be early 70s now? Peter Green - now yr talking!! Kieth Richard is an excellent guitarist as is Ronnie Wood, the letter being very gifted in anything. His art works are worth looking at. Neither get held up as great guitarists, but they truly are in my book. - Post No. 112158

Badarse  15:39pm 23rd Jan 2018

Often in life we are tacitly asked to jump to one side or the other. I am with you on this one Ron, though it is a bit of guesswork on my part in trying to assess personalities and the dynamics that they may bring. Mkhitaryan is an overwhelming breath of fresh air after the 'will he won't he' drawn out saga, now the hype; all tosh and the type of thing I know lads like SKG want to leave behind-me too! How it actually pans out is anyone's guess at this stage but I feel quite relaxed under the circumstances; I place a lot of store by dressing room harmony. Yes SKG a different world back then, so many aspects to consider. One word of caution though those same eras allowed tramp behaviour against players like Cyril Regis. Old Russian saying, 'He who has one eye on the past is blind in one eye; he with no eyes on the past is blind in both.' So old Nelson type views probably cut it more often than not. - Post No. 112159

John F  15:45pm 23rd Jan 2018

From what I've read it appears Maureen didn't like Mikki because he would not track back which came to a head in the game against West Brom. If Wenger or should I say when Wenger plays all the creative players in the middle I can see happy Jack getting injured as he will be trying to make up for the lack of a defensive minded player by flying in with his tackles as teams start dominating the midfield.I would like to see Kolasinac tried as a DM,he can't be worse then Xhaka.He has played there before and would add a bit of steel but it would mean dropping one of the chosen ones. - Post No. 112160

Badarse  16:05pm 23rd Jan 2018

John F trying to pick the bones out of your post-personalities aside-a DM brings individual aspects of play to the position, for instance Peter Storey compared to PV4. Granit has suffered in the PL, it's speed is on the outer edges of comprehension to foreign players, at least I believe it is. A languid style can be assessed as lazy to 'English eyes', Susej knows what Nelson would have seen with only one. Xhaka has his frailties but against the CFC's in the 2-2 draw he seemingly gave the ball to Ozil twice as often as Mane gave it to Fabregas, Ozil then repeated the stat by giving the ball to Sanchez twice as often as Fabregas did to Morata. Fine lines and all that. Against CP Mo covered him and allowed him to play 15 yards upfield and he was quite dangerous. A player, his personal attributes, his counterparts in the team, his instructions, the rub of the green, opposition, the opposite number, a good or bad day. All contribute. I am not the greatest of admirers of Xhaka but I think his late and awkward tackles are to do with the speed of thought required in our frantic league. Will he adapt, who knows and Seo might be an interesting option, though his passing would come under deeper scrutiny in that position, wouldn't it? I prefer his dynamic runs down the line and his never say die attitude of chasing into the box, so think we might lose more than we gained from that one. - Post No. 112161

Bard  16:34pm 23rd Jan 2018

Now the deal has gone through its pretty clear who got the best out of it. The arguments about whether Sanchez is a worldie are irrelevant. He is top class and delivered in spades. Mkhh is an unknown. He was a hit in Dortmund but a failure at Utd. Whats more pertinent is that we could have sold Sanchez to City for £60m but ended up losing a cool £25m on the deal. Frankly a disaster. - Post No. 112162

Badarse  16:48pm 23rd Jan 2018

Bard the price doesn't allow for the value he offered during the interim period. Was it really £60 million? Could it have been £65? How about £48? All incidental as a manager/club surely has to decide whether to let go with or without an adequate replacement. Once that decision is taken all else is water under the bridge. If a player is valued at x then the club who retains his services certainly can expect half a season's valuation in playing contributions. Personally I am more concerned that due to Yuxit the Sterling is down 10-15% against the dollar, so Stanley will want to up the ante perhaps for his personal coffers.. It does mean that AFC on the world market has also lost 10-15% of it's value too. Still no doubt some would like to blame Yuxit on Arsene too. Ah if only AFC had the financial nous of this government, imagine how wealthy we'd be? 'We want Messi Boris, off you go, bring home the bacon.' Next day he arrives with Kevin Bacon. So do me a favour about AFC's incompetence it runs through the backbone of this country a foot wide, that's if you can ever locate the backbone...I think it's connected to de knee bone. - Post No. 112163

Exeter Ex  17:27pm 23rd Jan 2018

Of course for Man U it's a great deal - they get Sanchez for the price of losing a player that wasn't wanted, wasn't even making the subs bench. After a few posts well above his usual standard, Badarse in his latest post just above is seeking to obfuscate and distract as a means of defending Wenger. People just want to blame Wenger for the things for which he is to blame. Wenger himself said it was his decision to hold Sanchez and Ozil into their final years, in the hope it would lead to a title challenge. He gambled and was wrong; he is culpable - or should be. The fact that getting Mikki is making the best of an awful situation doesn't excuse the architect of that situation. Ozil and Wilshire still to unfold. Unfortunately the set up at the club and the nature of a section of the fanbase means Wenger is never held accountable. Let's hope that's going to change. - Post No. 112164

Exeter Ex  17:59pm 23rd Jan 2018

Badarse: "Will Xhaxa adapt? Who knows." You do know he's been here 18 months, don't you, not a few games. We're a bit beyond making excuses based on 'rub of the green' or a 'bad day'. 18 months is long enough to make the reasonable conclusion the guy is not up to the job. What I would say in his defence is any player with vaguely defensive responsibilities is made to look bad thanks to Wenger's 'philosophy'. Who was it leading the coaching to help Xhaka adapt? Mr 'Just play the good players'. Amazing that's there still people trying to throw shade at a situation that became clear a long time ago. - Post No. 112165

markymark  18:42pm 23rd Jan 2018

After Aston Villa final both Sanchezís and Ozils agents came knocking for £200k per week. Massive money at the time but highly likely to be in line with expectations once the new TV deal was done. Remember Wengo has worked for years in football and is apparently a brilliant businessman. However Wengo has to be best paid man at the club . So we then had a bit of an issue with Gazidis either not wanting to spend the cash , rock the boat, have a fight with Wengo or all 3. Deals are not then done and we were then stuffed after Wengoís frankly disastrous follow on season. So the mighty Wengo with his able side kick Ivan. Completely stuffed this up and quite frankly should have been fired for gross negligence Now we finally have two proís entering the managent structure hopefully theyíll tell Wengo to stuff it when he has a hissy fit and generally bypass him. - Post No. 112166

mbg  19:40pm 23rd Jan 2018

Lads be careful of this trying to divert attention from the real news, job in hand of getting rid, bringing down the reign/regime of an old past it manager and all his embarrassments and failures, and all that goes with him, remember this tactic has been tried before over and over by one of his chief apologists talking gobbledegook, this time babbling on about world markets, guitar players, demons, dynamics, stupid quips about bacon, my God even George Fornby, it never worked then so don't let it work now. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112167

mbg  20:05pm 23rd Jan 2018

Exeter, well said, I doff my hat, you've seen through him too. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112168

John F  20:30pm 23rd Jan 2018

The Sanchez transfer has certainty taken the pressure that was building off Wenger. If it wasn't for the transfer window the press may of started to concentrate more awareon what is going on with his management after the Bournemouth game Instead of Wenger under pressures we had Sanchez to utd. - Post No. 112169

Goonhogday  20:48pm 23rd Jan 2018

The way I see it is ... weíve just sold yet another elite player to bigger Premier League club than ours. Now we need to find a 20-30 goal player just to get nearer the top 4. One man made these decisions and no matter what he says right now to defend himself or the boardrooms actions, heíll continue do it again and again as fans have short memories and believe him. The only important thing to him is the bottom line and his own job. We are a selling club. Wenger out, Kroenke out! - Post No. 112170

markymark  21:10pm 23rd Jan 2018

Toad oh no Iím a WOPG! and to think your a member of the See You Next Tuesday fraternity. Letís hope you donít start wishing serious illness on people again. Anyway Arsenal play tomorrow . Youíll be tucked up in bed with your Cocoa and an Ozzieís Dream DVD. Scruff has called it right your a trolling Spud. - Post No. 112171

mbg  23:49pm 23rd Jan 2018

Good to see we're back on track again. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112172

Badarse  10:41am 24th Jan 2018

The WOR Minstrels are at it again, with their superior insight into all things Arsenal, whilst living in a broken society of their own making which kind of crept up on them over the last 40 years. Minstrels, only see in black and white....'Sammy, I'd walk a million miles for one of your goals, Jon Sammels!' That one was for you, julesd. I reckon if a Minstrel crosses the road via the zebra crossing they probably get a glazed look on their faces, eyes become like Catherine wheels, they mumble to themselves, then usually bump into the belisha beacon. All together now, 'Ebony and Ivory...' - Post No. 112173

Exeter Ex  11:18am 24th Jan 2018

Badarse - you were responding to every comment for a while, telling them where they were going wrong. Seems a bit hypocritical to start name calling when someone does the same to you, don't you think? Why don't you stick to addressing the points made rather than descending into abuse and nonsense? Why don't you go into why your insight is superior to ours? Let's see you break it down. - Post No. 112174

Badarse  11:26am 24th Jan 2018

Exeter, why don't you remove the blinkers and stop demanding? You display unrivalled arrogance. - Post No. 112175

Exeter Ex  11:39am 24th Jan 2018

"The WOR Minstrels are at it again, with their superior insight into all things Arsenal, whilst living in a broken society of their own making" says Badarse, then accuses someone else of 'unrivalled arrogance'. The lack of self-awareness continues to stagger. You have no counter-argument, which is why you distract, obfuscate, throw out silly points like 'rub of the green' as a factor in why a player hasn't adapted in 18 months. It's so much easier to say someone is 'demanding' when you're singularly incapable of arguing against a single point raised. It's so much easier to take the moral high ground and simply accuse them of being 'blinkered' and seeing things in 'black and white' and pretend your inability to go into detail of what you actually mean here, back up your accusations, is a demonstration of independence, of refusing to 'bend the knee'. I've seen through you, I've seen what you try to do. So have many others. Call it arrogance if you want, it doesn't make it any less true - you are singularly incapable of mounting a defence when the things you say are challenged and try to make a virtue of this incapability. - Post No. 112176

The Man From UNCLE  11:39am 24th Jan 2018

Well what about this Mkhitaryan then? Good luck to him but from what I've seen of the chap so far, it's a step backwards. - Post No. 112177

markymark  11:45am 24th Jan 2018

Badarse - if weíve caused this so called broken society? Youíve let it happen to you mate so your just as culpable. Seems a bit odd to randomly select Arsenal supporters as being responsible. If we supported Bolton would it be different ? My point makes as much sense as yours . Last time I looked violence and homicide in society has dropped. Looks like youíve been reading a bit too much of the Mail and been hanging out with Kippers. Broken Britain , yawn , society gone to dogs , yawn hang em! - Post No. 112178

Exeter Ex  11:57am 24th Jan 2018

Badarse believes he has a special insight very few others share. He believes he grasps the all the trends that have made a complex society what it is today, and also believes a bunch of people he has never met on a website are culpable in making that society what it is today. You've no idea what others on here do, what they may be doing to try and make society better, yet feel you can judge. He picks others up on points they raised, but when the same happens to himself, he starts name calling. Then is outraged that he's picked up on this. Badarse believes he can say what he wants to anyone, but if someone challenges him, the man who believes he has special insight calls that 'unrivalled arrogance'. - Post No. 112179

Yes its Ron  12:47pm 24th Jan 2018

Man From - Im quietly confident he ll be a good acquisition. Could well be mistaken optimism though. He needs to be free from Mourinho clearly and its a new chance for him. He seems a rational sort of chap and wont waste his chance with FC hopefully. Theres a gamble with any signing. Man U will get a yr to 18 mths out of Sanchez. He wont propel them to the title i dont think. Wouldnt surprise me if him and Mourinho left there roughly at the same time. Mourinho could be gone even sooner. The Manchester City / Pep presence is gradually sealing Mourinhos fate i feel. We re maybe thinking the Sanchex move is another RVP. I dont think it is. Theres an element of a last throw of the dice in them buying Sanchez. I think the irony in this is that Arsenal have maybe got the better deal. How long before Sanchez is falling out with everybody there inc Mourinho? Not long i m betting. We need to get a striker in though for sure and hopefully keep Giroud at lest till May. - Post No. 112180

Badarse  13:25pm 24th Jan 2018

The Eggman strides purposefully into his chicken's coop. 'Why have you not laid the correct amount of eggs thatr I require? Answer me, don't just cluck in obfuscation! Answer me! I demand it! Give me a reason!' His moustache and mien bristled with indignation. He then slipped into his Freddie Mercury routine, but the dancing caused three broken eggs. 'I want an answer, I wan't it all, and I want it now! You are all just feathered hypocrites and liars, er I mean layers. Do you understand? I get no satisfaction in life so I demand it here. Answer me, I insist!' The chickens sounded as if they were saying in unison, or some union or other, "Cluck off!' - Post No. 112181

Exeter Ex  13:28pm 24th Jan 2018

Man U getting Sanchez isn't just about Sanchez. It's also a statement, saying 'The world's best players come to us'. A sign of ambition, a signal to other top players. Also, Arsenal are the only top 6 club that strengthen their rivals. None of the other clubs do it or would ever do it. No way Man U hand over Mkhi if they think he'll make AFC any better. They know Wenger is the manager - when was the last acquisition under him that turned out 'good', can anyone remember? - Post No. 112182

Exeter Ex  13:39pm 24th Jan 2018

Sadarse - what you've just done there is exactly what I say you do. Thank you for confirming it. You make statements that you think make you sound clever, then when challenged to back them up, as you haven't actually thought them through (halfarsed) you panic, lash out then descend into unfunny confused nonsense in your flustered state. Textbook Sadarse. It's so funny watching you saw off the branch you're sitting on and not even realise you're doing it. Keep sawing. - Post No. 112183

A Cornish Gooner  14:19pm 24th Jan 2018

Marmalade man: 'What the veiled request asks for is a submission, to bend the knee-and in my case that is a non starter-to prostrate myself before a superior force both mental and physical'. Mrs Marmalade man: 'I only asked you if you wanted golden shred or thick cut - Post No. 112184

mbg  14:20pm 24th Jan 2018

The old fraud has been at it again preaching frugality, (to those who believe him anyway) we cannot afford this/that blaming it all on Sanchez for being money orientated, we have to be/remain frugal in the transfer market bla bla it just flows out of him, and all this having cost the club £20m plus (so far), you couldn't make it up, not to frugal when it comes to his own overinflated contract though, what an arrogant c**t. Go now wenger your not fit for purpose. - Post No. 112185

Badarse  14:29pm 24th Jan 2018

Ha ha, just like buses. You wait ages for one and two come along together in tandem. (What's he mean? Is he talking of buses or bikes?) Hilarious. Consider yourselves poked with bald eggs, gentlemen. - Post No. 112186

mbg  14:49pm 24th Jan 2018

Exeter, he just can't help himself, it's in him, with his self importance and with an imaginary moral high ground over everybody else, in a quest that used to be top dog on here (which was very quickly put down) now it's got to the new low of just to be respected and with said imaginary moral high ground that's hasn't happened either. wenger out. - Post No. 112187

Yes its Ron  14:51pm 24th Jan 2018

Ex - all very fair points but put in correct context AFC dont really seek to play with the big boys now so really we either accept it and the way they are or we leave it be. Im sort of at half way house with it all. No longer do matches at all but retain a watching brief on the Gunners. Im a footie 'generalist' now and have been for yrs. To be honest, its more enjoyable. I cant honestly see the point in digging Wenger and the Club out anymore. They ll change or U turn if they want to and not until. AW will jack it in when he wants. I can certainly appreciate the match day attenders being far more volatile though. Its an expensive game there. I dont agree with the Man U making a statement though. They've bought big off other Eng clubs ever since the war. Massive Club and everybody knows what and who they are. They need make no statements. Most players would want to go there. Theyre still Engs No 1 Club in my book by a mile. They desperately need Sanchez and if there is a statement, its only one sent to Man C as i see it. They're terrified of Citys emergence this last 9 yrs and so they should be. As for Arsenal, theyve impliedly accepted the title is Citys and Chelsea s for the foreseeable future. Their actions show it. Will the tide ever turn again towards clubs like AFC? maybe, but not for many a year yet. - Post No. 112188

mbg  15:07pm 24th Jan 2018

UNCLE, he looks a decent lad/player, but don't they all until they arrive here, I wish him well and like the rest he has a very very big obstacle to over come, wenger, few have managed it in the last thirteen years having been ruined and broken, a few have made it and escaped his clutches, good luck to him. wenger out now. - Post No. 112189

Bard  15:10pm 24th Jan 2018

Im looking forward to tonight. I understand we are playing a 1-2-9 formation. You may not have noticed but according to the great one we are developing our own. This has been such a success over the years that we now have AMN and smoking Jack in the team and whole crop of others banging on the door. Their names escape me but Im assured there are hordes of them. Which is why the Weng needs a long contract at the end of the year so he can develop them. Crafty devil - Post No. 112190

MAF  16:06pm 24th Jan 2018

Ozil's head is now properly turned at the deal Alexis got with Man U. no worries we got some 16yr old waiting to take his place - Post No. 112191

Exeter Ex  16:34pm 24th Jan 2018

"Ha ha I've provoked them into exposing my hypocrisy once again. I've made myself look stupid once again, job done. Time for another sabbatical, methinks." Ron - football is what it is now and Arsenal is the Arsenal most of us grew up with in name only so in sense yes, leave them to it. But on the other hand, as has just happened to Badarse, shouldn't hypocrisy and bullsh*t be exposed for its own sake. Wenger preaching financial frugality whilst wasting 100s of millions on poor players, contract mismanagement, not even making what we once assumed was the minimum requirement of top 4 whilst taking £10m pa out of the club for himself is a bit rich, wouldn't you say. In fact it totally stinks. He deserves be shown up for the monstrous hypocrite and fraud he is at every turn by the media, ex-players, supporters - everyone. Make him uncomfortable. Who knows, it may make him want to leave one day. - Post No. 112192

mbg  16:37pm 24th Jan 2018

Have you heard the latest from this weasel of a manager ? the Clown thinks Man u scarred and damaged Mkhitaryan, lol ha ha, hee hee, (is that all the retort you have for Man U and Maureen making you look a fool again ? )well it's fooking nothing like the way he's going to be Scarred and ruined now you old past it arrogant fraud. Go now you embarrassment. - Post No. 112193

mbg  16:57pm 24th Jan 2018

Exeter, yes, the site joke in his own warped mind actually thinks he's got one over on us and put us in our place, we shouldn't laugh really. wenger out now. - Post No. 112194

markymark  17:51pm 24th Jan 2018

Badarse - on a point you raised saying that society has declined / broken . Now ignoring the fact you are claiming people on this site are responsible ( why? How? ) letís look at your statement, by now claiming society is broken the logical extension of this is that you feel society was once better otherwise your discussion point is not logical. So when was society better? There has to be a period when you think it was. One presumes that this will be a decade. So when was this? - Post No. 112195

markymark  18:28pm 24th Jan 2018

Badarse - they used to say that those who go on about sex all the time are self projecting a sadly diminished sex life . So what is about you , bending on a knee and prostrating yourself? Are you downloading a problematic time in your life? Was the Guildford branch of the Freemasons particularly extreme with their practices? Were you blindfolded? Were people naked? Let us know Badarse, we are curious - Post No. 112196

A Cornish Gooner  18:47pm 24th Jan 2018

Iím awaiting marmalade manís response. Cue one, or more of the following: ĎI donít have to answer anybodyí, ĎIt was a silly tongue in cheek piece of nonsenseí, ĎIt was in a moment of deceptioní, ĎYour grasp of reality is pretty naÔve and a little two dimensionalí, a pun ridden Ďcomedyí response including at least one reference to a hard boiled egg or omelette, ĎYou canít see the big picture like I caní or in complete desperation an ĎAlas Smith & Jonesí type comedy script without any comedy. - Post No. 112197

Badarse  22:09pm 24th Jan 2018

One answer to those demanding...and frothing. As I said earlier, with Mo as an anchor man it can allow Granit to play further up the pitch in a more dangerous role. I am not a fan, er I said that too, however you play with what you have, and lo and behold he scores the winning goal which takes 'my' team to Wembley, once more. Come in from the coop western boys, and west end girls. Oh I shall go to bed tonight with a smile on my boat, remember what that was mug? Just ask Alsace if unsure. 'To be a wandering minstrel...' - Post No. 112198

GoonerRon  22:15pm 24th Jan 2018

Que sera sera. See you at Wembley boys! - Post No. 112199

mbg  22:24pm 24th Jan 2018

markymark and others, yes and the joke of the site had/has the fooking cheek and gall to bring up the behaviour of fans to Cyril Regis, and players like him, players like him ?(not a description i'd use) describing it as tramp behaviour and citing an old Russian saying (if there is such one) when all along siding with, and never condemning the biggest racist on here, what a fooking hypocrite, I guess he's blind then. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 112200

TOOAW  22:31pm 24th Jan 2018

1 nil down 2-1 up. Ozil genius, Jack awesome, "useless" Granit superb and Arsene Wenger deserves the credit for yet another day out at Wembley. Quiet days ahead on the O.G. Mickey mouse is waving at you all. - Post No. 112201

John F  23:45pm 24th Jan 2018

For the first 30 mins I thought we were in for beating and I do think Willian coming off was a big blow for Chelsea.The second half with Elneny further back our midfield worked hard and looked solid with Jack and Ozil having a good game.It is always good to beat Chelsea and having just read their forum they our out for Conti perhaps the Arsenal fans should sing Conti we want you to stay.One enquiry I do have is if Xhaka is a much better player playing a more advanced role then who is it made him play a deeper role on a regular basis,one he appears to be unsuitable for.I am glad there seems to be a consensus on here that Wenger plays players out of position affecting their confidence. - Post No. 112202

markymark  0:20am 25th Jan 2018

Badarse - I donít spot frothing at all, I think we are just genuinely perplexed as to why you think and I believe you have said this twice that people on this site are responsible for your idea of a broken society. Simply who, how and why? Also please answer when you think society was better? What decade and what made it better? - Post No. 112203

Arseneknewbest  0:21am 25th Jan 2018

Two very streaky goals and toooooey is back on here fellating wengo. You're one of the oddest spurs fans I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. And badarse's other half had to reopen the coffin lid and thus ruin her evening... - Post No. 112204

markymark  7:10am 25th Jan 2018

Arseneknewbest - Iím working on the theory that Maureen Badarse set up his Fisher Price ďmy first computerĒ to this site to generally give Badarse something to do, give his life meaning etc etc after a discussion with the Doctors.If Badarse. pressed the big red plastic button He can communicate with us lucky people. If he presses the big green button he gets a nice selection of nursery tunes. - Post No. 112205

Arseneknewbest  9:00am 25th Jan 2018

Marky. Interesting. It's probably got a random word generator that collects any old words from any old dictionary and throws them together using a pseudo intellectual algorithm. I just wish his poor old suffering wife - who is forced to read his miserable and incoherent oeuvre - would set it to a manure website instead. For new readers on here, the Reverend badarse has in the past expressed a deep and undying love for the red half of anywhere except Manchester. So much to answer for Badarse. Talking again of guitarists, why no mention of Johnny marr? - Post No. 112206

The Man From UNCLE  9:56am 25th Jan 2018

Two fortunate-ish goals yes, but who the hell can complain about that second half performance? One or two on this site, of course. - Post No. 112207

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23rd February 2018

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