Another New Dawn

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Arsenal hammer Everton as new signings start

Just like the Palace home game, Arsenal reached half-time 4-0 up. It’s a habit we could get used to. And what a contrast to Tuesday evening at Swansea. Out went Elneny and Lacazette. In came Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang. Mind you, the team that beat Palace and Chelsea (in the League Cup) did not require new players. It seems that really, this boils down to a simple matter of home and away. Arsene Wenger stated in the build-up to the match that he did not understand why his team would perform differently away from home. And that is after working in football management for over 30 years. Go figure.

The true test of what these players can bring to the team will be determined on the road between now and the end of the season, but as a 90 minute match in isolation, yesterday’s early evening game was a delight. Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan combined well, picking up their understanding from their days at Dortmund. Mkhitaryan was more involved, setting up three of the goals. His colleague was more of a target man waiting for service for much of the game, although when he did see the ball you could understand how, with time, he can provide good link play. Two very encouraging performances, and dare I say it, an indication of what the judgment of Sven Mislintat will bring to the club.

Jack Wilshere was on the bench after flu, but in spite of a poor display at the Liberty Stadium, Aaron Ramsey retained his starting spot. He answered doubters with a hat-trick. One wonders, given the manager’s reluctance to drop Granit Xhaka, whether we will see Wilshere start another match for the club outside of the Europa League. That could well foil any hopes he has of going to the World Cup with England, and surely increase the chances of his departing on a free transfer in the summer. The writing’s been on the wall since he was loaned out to Bournemouth last season, although there, at least, there was the mitigation of his injury record. Now, he has proved his fitness and his ability to avoid getting crocked so far this season, and more to the point enhanced the side’s attacking thrust. Yet it seems his face does not fit, despite his popularity with the supporters. The only hope I can see for him remaining is assurances that a new manager will be picking the team next season, alongside a better salary offer. Whether the club will privately inform the player that Arsene is on the way out after May 30th is something I doubt.

Theo Walcott returned to Arsenal for the first time since his recent transfer. And it was just like old days. Everton fans were chanting ‘Theo, Theo, Theo’ as they approached the stadium. If only they knew, I thought. Sure enough, Theo had one glorious chance he managed to make a hash of by not shooting early enough, and aside from that was largely anonymous. The love-in when he was removed from the field of play after an hour was easy for the home crowd. There was to be no ‘immutable law of the ex’ here. Theo – loyal club servant, rich man, and severely over-rated footballer has done well from the game, but his true worth was on display yesterday. He managed to pull the wool over the eyes of Sven Goran-Eriksson, Arsene Wenger (although the Frenchman has plenty of form there) and now Sam Alardyce.

Everton were a shambles. It was difficult to get your head around the fact that this is a Sam Allardyce team. When a team is this poor, all you can ask Arsenal to do is take advantage, which they certainly did. The goals flowed in and Tuesday evening was forgotten. That is often the way with Arsenal these days, although last season, the balance of bad performance to good tipped a little further to the former, and the top four trophy was gone. There is no good reason, mathematically, they cannot breach the gap to overcome two of Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham. These teams will drop enough points if Arsenal put together one of their end of season runs. Perhaps the new signings will make the difference to the inconsistency of the campaign so far. If they do, then Arsene will serve the remaining year of his deal.

If not, then the murmurs are that he will go. If both Neil Ashton and John Cross are running with this line, then presumably someone that knows something has tipped them off. My belief is that Mislintat will run the rule over the squad, and that the departures of Coquelin and Walcott in January were influenced by the German’s opinions. He has been brought to the club because he is a good judge of a player and that won’t apply to just transfer targets. Even if Arsene remains, this summer the rug will be pulled from under him in terms of player incomings and outgoings. With a year remaining and from my understanding, zero chance of an extension short of him winning the title next season, there is no point in buying players for Arsene Wenger, or retaining those not rated by Mislintat. So I predict plenty of comings and goings as Sanllehi and the head of scouting get active. The rebuild begins.

Mislintat was obviously influential in the securing of Aubameyang and was presumably consulted over the merits of Mkhitaryan in the exchange for Sanchez. Certainly, the manager had never even heard of the young Greek defender Mavroponos before he arrived at the club, and had no involvement in the deal. As one for the future, why would he? As it turns out Wenger was so impressed with the youngster in training he stepped in to prevent a loan deal to a German team.

So, in terms of change at the club, reasons for optimism. As for results, the home wins against sides outside of the top six are not fooling most people. It’s enjoyable, but Arsenal’s current style is no blueprint for future success, regardless of the personnel.

Next up, Spurs at Wembley. A derby day with a difference. Anything could happen. But one thing is certain. If Arsenal lose, yesterday’s win will be as quickly forgotten as the appalling display in Wales. Fortunately, it appears as if the CEO has finally seen the bigger picture.

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4th February 2018 13:03:24


Comments and Reaction

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Arseneknewbest  13:18pm 4th Feb 2018

Thanks Kevin. I saw the game on TV. There was a moment in the first half when wengo's chihuahua shaped hang dog face appeared on my Samsung and also I presume the stadium jumbotron or whatever massive tellies are called these days. I thought I could then hear a significant number of the crowd booing, followed a few seconds later by a half hearted '1 arsene wenger...' from the rabble that still think wengo is a football manager. Did that actually happen or was I just imagining it in my post 6 nations beer haze? Wenger may be regretting his diminishing power but,like me, he'll come to thank sven,raul and huss fahmy (who sounds like a porn star specialising in,ahem,agricultural flicks). A complete turnaround from Tuesday's shambles. Wengo and players like Ramsey should hold their heads in shame for being so inconsistent. - Post No. 112628

Badarse  13:32pm 4th Feb 2018

Insults AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-intelligent)? Why? Attention Nark! Attention Nark! Can you note that this poster says those who are inconsistent should hold their heads in shame? Now with that consistency in mind will you please address him referring to rabble when suggesting any who think Arsene Wenger is an Arsenal manager are part of a rabble? Actually AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-intelligent) he is a football manager, please be careful as that 'intelligent' epithet is in danger of being tarnished before the gloss wears off. We are watching you closely on this one, Nark. Spring into action like the British Bulldog you aspire to be. woof! woof! - Post No. 112630

Arseneknewbest  14:26pm 4th Feb 2018

We're talking about the toffees game on here badarse. Are you fick or something? If you've got nothing to say other than negative inanities, why don't you and your fellow hooligan coleslaw boy (plus other keyboard hard men in your dwindling rabble) take a trip up the seven sisters road and start a ruck with a bunch of octogenarian spurs fans? - Post No. 112632

GoonerRon  14:59pm 4th Feb 2018

Nice to see us click again, although I’d prefer it if us clicking doesn’t always come either side of a **** away performance. Seeing Auba break from the half way line and accelerate away from the defenders was pretty exhilarating as it’s been 10 years since we had a number 9 that could do that. Wenger saying afterwards that we need to find the balance between attack and defence is all well and good, but we have to actually do something about it. I think it’s a bit unfair to say Wilshere’s face doesn’t fit, he was only out of the team due to illness and have played plenty of games since he got back in the team. I suspect we might see a midfield 3 with him, Xhaka and Ramsey next week. - Post No. 112634

mbg  15:33pm 4th Feb 2018

Another new dawn i'm glad you didn't ask the question Kev, it is what it is just another win against a woeful opposition (no doubt there'll be those who'll be getting carried away and not like to hear that)who didn't even have to roll over they were so bad, did you ever see worse ? And now they've got wally, lol, (as Shearer said there's about ten of those players who will need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror tonight) lets face it if this old fraud of a manager and his side can beat a team 5-1 they must be bad, hell the long past it Tom cat in a hat nearly had a clear sheet that says it all, until the defence was caught out yet again, and that's the way they were playing/operating all game yes Everton were that bad. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112635

markymark  15:59pm 4th Feb 2018

Brian if your going to talk constant bilge at least keep to one posting (previous) . You literally pollute the airwaves. Why should I care if AKB calls you a rabble . Bet you secretly didn’t like it. We know you have very high opinions of yourself, you pompous oaf. - Post No. 112636

markymark  16:09pm 4th Feb 2018

GoonerRon - shades of a previous golden time wasn’t it with Mkhitaryan providing laser like passes PEA running onto them like some Thierry Henry. I am feeling the most upbeat I have felt in years. I am now absolutely sure big change is afoot and for once I don’t think Wenger’s got the final word. A lucky manager maybe in 18 months time is basically going to be playing the German World Cup Squad. Not a bad enticement ! - Post No. 112637

GoonerRon  17:21pm 4th Feb 2018

@ marky - there are some signings you’re never totally sure about but Mkhi is one that I’ve no doubt will shine with us. Playing in tandem with someone like Ozil they’ll just be on the same wavelength. Whether he makes us successful is more difficult to say whilst the balance in midfield remains so out of kilter. I share your encouragement too - I was hoping the strengthening of the infrastructure would bring some sort of change, and with the shifting of some fringe players on the periphery and high calibre signings I’m hoping it’s us laying the foundations for a new Head Coach. The fact is for all of our varying levels of frustrations, Arsenal is a rich club with a big budget, in London, in the Premier League, with a good reputation in world football, with a reasonably successful history, in a new stadium with recently-upgraded training and academy facilities and a squad with some very good players. We are a massive pull for the best coaches out there, and hopefully with our new Executives on board we have the nous to go and get one of them in 6 or 18 months time, which 8 months ago I had zero confidence we could. - Post No. 112638

TonyEvans  17:51pm 4th Feb 2018

Balance is the key says Wenger! So it's taken him ten years or so to work that one out has it. Jesus wept! - Post No. 112639

TOOAW  18:16pm 4th Feb 2018

Anyone care to mention the 'peaceful' protest that had many takers on here and was highly publicised on O.G. Was the rain too hard or the pub too cosy or is it all falling on deaf ears. Onto the match.... We look world class in all areas now. More silverware is an absolute certainty thanks to a manager who has, once again, performed miracles in the transfer window. - Post No. 112641

Badarse  18:24pm 4th Feb 2018

Nark I am sorry but you started this rabble business. You quote a position but when your boyfriend actually uses the same term in a derisorily manner you duck it. Quack! Quack! Now it either is or it isn't, so why draw attention to the term when within moments you show cowardice when the same term is used. Inconsistency, pal. Woof! Woof! By the way as previously stated I was out demonstrating yesterday, were you? Another thing, you won the Virtual OG Kermit Award. You are the Toad of the Year, a difficult trophy to attain but you beat all-comers despite a large field, in a small meadow, beside a tiny pond. Readit! Readit! - Post No. 112642

markymark  18:36pm 4th Feb 2018

Badarse - no you started it you’ve been using Rabble for ages then when someone calls you it back predictably you start weaselling . What’s this about boyfriend? Homophobic as well now I see. Looks like your an old hypocrite who will continue to ramble on rubbish with the odd giveaway like writing poetry about sexually assaulting woman. Remember you say it, we quote it back then you try and deny it . Liar , hypocrite , filthy groper , where does it end with you? - Post No. 112644

Bard  18:43pm 4th Feb 2018

If these signings have anything to do with the new people brought in then long may it last. I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays first half demotion but if only, if only someone had reined Wenger in years ago we might not have had to endure these years of crushing mediocrity. Its been a soul destroying era. I will be sad to see Jack leave but I can see the logic. - Post No. 112645

markymark  18:57pm 4th Feb 2018

Bard - whatever poor ToOaW thinks . Wenger is being told this is who we are bringing in. He will of course be allowed to have an opinion but he’s not exactly being offered 2nd rate players anyway. The Wenger Socialist wage system is shattered, Wengo highest earner shattered, Wenger negotiating 2 bob transfer fees , shattered . Wenger being told to keep his nose out by Dortmund. Two high profile journalists plus strong whispers across social networks . The only real disagreement is whether there is a chance he is off at end of season. Personally I think if he finishes top 4 it’s his choice so he will stay till 2019. Fail to reach top 4, fail to win in Europe there will be a hard conversation I reckon where he’s told leave now or leave in 2019. I think there is a view that Kronke worships on Wenger. No billionaire is beholden like that. He no doubt likes him, but a top manager replacement with top staff structure already in place is an easy sell. - Post No. 112646

Arseneknewbest  19:25pm 4th Feb 2018

Blimey Arsebad. As Arsenal's foremost octogenarian hooligan, you ain't half a softie. Getting all teary over being part of a rabble and a dim-witted, cultish minority. A sensitive and fragile snowflake when challenged aren't you? You're a straw man being blown about in your own miasma that emanates from your mouth, and your racist trolling spurs fan "partner" tooey (sounds less judgmental than boyfriend n'est-ce pas?) isn't even worth the bother. I simply don't believe you were on that demo yesterday. You don't care about anything other than being a piss-poor agent provocateur on this site. Go on - have another cry... - Post No. 112647

markymark  19:32pm 4th Feb 2018

Gooner Ron / Bard - the exciting thing is that Mstinlat and Sanllehi will not dick about. There talent books and connections are huge. Remember when Chips said we’d give Wenger the money it’s getting him to spend it. Those days are over. Targets drawn up, budget agreed then deal done. Unless the player suddenly wants to go somewhere else. I think we could see some very interesting signings coming on board. Brilliant times to be a Gooner, if we take a 2019 countdown view. - Post No. 112648

GoonerRon  20:14pm 4th Feb 2018

@ marky - I hope we’re right and these guys bring our off-field conduct to a level we should expect for what is ultimately a very big business. The issues we seem to have had in the last few years is identifying the top young global talent, having a wage structure to pay the best players and getting ourselves organised to decisively go for the big players and pay market value. I really hope these are the guys to make all of the above happen. - Post No. 112649

CORNISH GOONER  20:29pm 4th Feb 2018

Watched the conclusion of "Spiral" on BBC4 last night - did anyone else note the remarkable similarity between the bloke playing Judge Roban & Arthur? Both looking clapped out. As for the footie, it looks as if the 2 new guys have bought very shrewdly with the 3 additions to the squad. Despite all his bluster it does now look as if Arthur's days are numbered - even John Cross seems to be admitting it. Fingers firmly crossed, eh? - Post No. 112650

markymark  20:30pm 4th Feb 2018

Ron - I think Germany will be a happy hunting ground PEA is on 180k obviously salaries are a complete joke but compare to manure paying Sanchez 350k plus. German salaries are slightly constrained compared to the UK so it does allow some opportunity. Anyway we can but hope but two serous executive players from Europe gives us a major kickstart - Post No. 112651

mbg  21:49pm 4th Feb 2018

The road between now and the end of the season is not hard to predict, as always, TOF will do just enough (just like he always does with the help of others) maybe scrape 4th and that's still just a maybe, and that will keep his wengerites happy as that will be seen as progress, Sad, or maybe scrape the ropey, (one that was derided by the weasel and his fans for years), another trophy, whoopee, everything's not so bad after all, and of we go again, Sad or what. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 112652

mbg  22:16pm 4th Feb 2018

Bard, hear what your saying mate, but it would be enjoyed a lot more without this old fraud of a manager we have, smirking and fooking grinning like he had something to do with it and was responsible for it. Go now wenger your an embarrassment. - Post No. 112653

Badarse  8:07am 5th Feb 2018

A new day, a new dawn, a new fried egg. Now this is too good to let go. 1: Nark gets offended by the term rabble. 2: I tell him not to be prissy and a silly boy, then explain why he shouldn't froth over it. 3. You AKB(and we are not sure that the B stands for intelligent anymore), use the term rabble in your clumsy Neanderthal and aggressive manner. 4. unaffected by the word I draw Nark's goldfish attention to your behaviour and say, if it's sauce for the goose it should be sauce for the gander, asking him to show consistency.( I knew he wouldn't/couldn't). 5. He froths some more and ducks the issue. 6. You turn up on the scene and slate me for worrying about the word rabble!??!. 7. Strengthened by the dribble on his chin the Nark goes into froth overdrive by insulting and jumping up and down. 8. You complete the duo's froth limitations by hurling Stalinist insults and frothing all over your omelette. 9. I fall about with laughter. To be continued, ha ha. - Post No. 112655

Badarse  9:02am 5th Feb 2018

Told never to fight on two fronts, (Nark this is not a pseudonym for women's breasts though I know you are obsessed with them), but this is hardly a fight. Bard your assessment of myself I challenge, as you do get a few things wrong. 1. Some lucid moments when he posts sensibly/sometimes amusing. 2. A wind-up merchant. Well the first is when I post about the Arsenal and am pleased they are accepted and occasionally found amusing. This is your personal view, but am happy with that. I am not a wind-up merchant though. I have ridden with westlower to far off lands on crusades, also as Butch and the Kid, met The Knights who say "Neigh!", fought at Rourke's Drift, visited the circus, held many OG Virtual events, Barn Dancing, Knitting Circles, Cookery Classes, the annual BBQ at the MAYDUP's garden with his pansies and gnomes, watching him toddle in his Hoddle and Waddle wellies, seen jeff wright attain distinction as the chairman of the grey sock and sandal league, jj and his winkle pizzas with his constantly punctured bike, The Ronline Gooner and his Ronettes, discussed marmalade cuts, thin and thick? Posters traits, thin or thick? I have introduced the OG to a number of Badarse's international family, and used varying styles of humour to satirise. Most ignore or offer soft criticism which is fine. Some froth. It is those who get the treatment. As an aside if anyone insults my team, manager, players I reserve the right to respond, as I do in real life. Hope this is something you can sink your teeth into, Oh Dark Lord. - Post No. 112656

GSPM  10:19am 5th Feb 2018

Good performance , front line up looks impressive. Wenger once again trying to save his skin with another rabbit out of the hat routine. We all know where we are heading , Win, Lose or Draw - Another Wenger False dawn - Wenger out... - Post No. 112657

MAF  11:54am 5th Feb 2018

i still cant work out why they did not secure Johnny Evans when he is clearly needed? If spurs Play as they did against Man U and 2H against Liverpool, Arsenal will be in for a real test. Keep in mind this is £75mpa total salary V £200mpa total salary and £200mpa total salary bill is meant to win..... - Post No. 112658

A Cornish Gooner  12:52pm 5th Feb 2018

Wind-up merchant: Someone who enjoys pushing people’s buttons for their own personal amusement and satisfaction. Badarse: “occasionally I have idle time and think what can I do to upset a few who are too comfortably smug in their inward-looking existence, so I post”. “I am not a wind-up merchant though” Which of these statements was the ‘moment of deception’? Baddie, I think your problem is summed up in the phrase (your version) ‘The Devil makes work for the lazy German’. AKB. ‘The Great Protester’ was indeed out and about over the weekend. In Margate outside QEQM hospital. On the BBC News site is the following: “Protester Brian Badarse said: ‘This is a very large community and I've recently had surgery myself so I know what sort of discomforts there are when you have to go so far away. People can't visit very easily.’". The remainder of the ten-thousand-word response has presumably been cut. There’s also a nice photo of Baddie and his wife, holding their placards, on theisleofthanetnews site. - Post No. 112659

Badarse  13:24pm 5th Feb 2018

Corny never anything interesting to say, just a sniper. You wouldn't last five minutes in the real world would you? Please try to address your glitch-do you all have them out west?-and stop consulting dictionaries or a thesaurus, and please find something more satisfying than scrolling back through past posts and writing them verbatim. Free Range eggs are on special at Tesco's. No comment regarding the current situation? Thought not, cowardice is patently obvious, ha ha. It's frothy man! - Post No. 112660

RobG  13:36pm 5th Feb 2018

Very curious. Lame and inept in South Wales yet full of confidence four days later in N5. "We look world class in all areas now" 😄😄 presumably as long as we avoid South Wales ? How about Wembley ? As two rather important clashes thereat, loom. If we overpaid for Lacazette and Aubamayang, getting the returns we did for Walcott and Chamberlain must be amongst our smarter deals. Although the Ox could well come good with Klopp but Kev's verdict on Theo, is bullseye accurate. The big question is whether we can shift Wenger in May ? I can't see us making the CL by league place. And the EL remains our main hope. But I will happily sacrifice that for a proper fresh start with a new Manager in August. It can't come quick enough. - Post No. 112661

Exeter Ex  13:44pm 5th Feb 2018

Brian Badarse, a regular user of the term 'rabble', froths on for several posts when someone else uses the term 'rabble'. He also uses the term 'boyfriend' in a derogatory context i.e. is homophobic, following on from recent defending of the racist term 'thick oirish Paddy'. He also tells us "I have introduced the OG to a number of Badarse's international family, and used varying styles of humour to satirise". After referring to himself in the third person in this way and touting his global network, he is then the subject of satire himself, responding to it by calling the satirist a 'sniper'. He finishes his latest post with what amounts to a plea of 'Please stop catching me out'. What will the 'international family' make of it, I wonder? - Post No. 112662

A Cornish Gooner  14:13pm 5th Feb 2018

Badarse. Do I detect a note of frothiness today? Was it something I said? The ‘real world’? What’s that exactly? Stop winding people up. Leave the Wind-Up Rabble (WUR). Stop the cowardly name-calling. As to the current situation – I’m trying to keep abreast of it. Nothing interesting? “Didn't know of the conversion, very interesting. - Post No. 112604”. Nice picture though, ha ha. - Post No. 112663

mbg  14:50pm 5th Feb 2018

GSPM, good performance yourself, post of the day. wenger out now. - Post No. 112666

markymark  15:05pm 5th Feb 2018

Badarse - yes we all know what the B stands for, in your case Boring. Talk about Arsenal when your on this site. Politics - try the Guardian For your personal issues I’d suggest help the Aged and the Samaritans. As a suggestion try University of the Third Age as it will give you something to absorb yourself with. - Post No. 112667

markymark  15:32pm 5th Feb 2018

Rain lashed against the windows as Brian B’darse looked out towards the grey sky’s and the brown angry sea. In this part of the coast the sea churned up the sand bed creating the mud brown vista. It did not look welcoming, perhaps a metaphor for his life? The old guard were collapsing , technology moving too fast, where was the steady thump , thump of a typewriter or a welcoming clunk of a till. Mechanical giving way to electronic in turn giving way to digital platforms or something like that? Brian thought gloomily to himself. He had recently received a letter from the warden at the Rest Home welcoming him to the University of the Third Age. He had simply torn it up. Mostly well meaning dullards he’d summised. He was done with these stupid ingrates. Done with embracing new ways of thinking. A sudden sense of worthlessness took hold as he remembered. “The Eggs, the bloody Eggs!” Brian rushed to the Oven and as he feared . The Soufflés had collapsed. “Bastards”, you’re all worthless Bastards!” Brian waived his fist and shouted at the Soufflés. Brian then poured himself a stiff Scotch and floundered onto the Sofa. It was going to be one of those days again! - Post No. 112668

Arseneknewbest  17:06pm 5th Feb 2018

Arsebad, The pseudo street-fighting hooligan who calls other people neanderthals. No wonder there's neither respect nor credibility for you on here. You have reduced yourself to an idiot and a hopelessly flawed wengo idolator. Do the right thing and ask the long suffering Mme Badarse to nail your coffin lid shut for a few years. You're postings on here are atrociously poor. You're losing the plot old timer. - Post No. 112669

markymark  18:47pm 5th Feb 2018

The Russian Chap on the podcast is excellent “ Arsene Wenger is not a specialist in finances, nor is he a specialist in modern football” Classic - Post No. 112670

David1  19:14pm 5th Feb 2018

Well Badarse is certainly making the most of the new internet facility at the care home. Presumably he's escaped the attentions of the new nurse, the crafty old fox. - Post No. 112671

TOOAW  21:18pm 5th Feb 2018

Excellent posting Badarse my friend. You've certainly got the negatives all of a dither. Nark is even posting on pages which are irrelevant and he should be on the other page with his comments. Bard has already stated his opinion on him/her at least trying to calm him/her down with his posts but the ego gets in the way all the time. Be aware though, Scruff will be on here soon letting the expletives go awry. The "Anti Wenger's" ship is sinking slowly. Sshhh.... Not a word on the Everton demo. Quite a few red faces about Sunday morning I guess. Ha ha ha , after all the publicity they craved and 40 or so turned up with most not wishing to get there hair wet. - Post No. 112672

Arseneknewbest  21:29pm 5th Feb 2018

Racist Tooey - to paraphrase your last message,COME ON YOU SPURS! Do you think your boys can beat the Arsenal in the nld this weekend? - Post No. 112673

TOOAW  22:49pm 5th Feb 2018

AKB. And we all know what the 'B' stands for. Yyaaaawwwwnn. You appeared to get a slight stirring in your groins with the COYS tribute. Very strange fella, very strange. Hatred for Arsenal is one thing , getting excited about the scum from the lane. Something you wish to tell us AK(B). - Post No. 112674

markymark  22:51pm 5th Feb 2018

ToOaW - who’s your favourite pre Wenger player , apart from your very own Steve Perryman. Go enlighten us. Toad = Spurs Troll - Post No. 112675

mbg  0:12am 6th Feb 2018

markymark, and he's right, so begs the question what the f**k did Dein see in him in the first place all those years ago ? It makes one wonder. wenger out now. - Post No. 112676

Arseneknewbest  7:53am 6th Feb 2018

Groins Tooey? Groinssssssss? If I had more than one I could manage to do what you achieve every time you come on here which is to f*ck yourself. Spurs spurs spurs....I bet you and badarse met across the battle lines during a rumble outside manor house tube last season. You in your cockerel jockey's costume and he in pipe snd slippers uttering as many violent metaphors as his atrophied brain would let him. An unholy alliance of bell ends. Marky - his favourite pre wengo arsenal playerr is clive alken. 30 days at arsenal and soooo many more goals for his belived lillywhites. - Post No. 112677

Badarse  9:43am 6th Feb 2018

Good morrow my dear little poached eggs. Thanks for the support 'There is only one!' Nice that someone has your back, you can at least take out all those cowardly knives stuck there. What a society that spawns such a rabble, a real Spanish Omelette, or tortilla to those eggsperts among us. How funny that AKB(and we know what the B stands for, frustrated), the most orally violent and aggressive poster should misinterpret so easily. You must read characters for a living chum, or is it the Sun, tea leaves, or egg shells? To try to link respect with words offered in return for insults. Hilarious. This is me storming off in a huff, 'Froth! Froth! Froth!' ha ha. Then we have the paragon of virtue Nark with his odd and out of synch platitudes, so funny. That word reminds me of a joke; you'll like this, so wipe the spittle off of your chins. It's frothy man! Had a friend called Alan and he was upset as he took in a stray cat who damaged his new ones and twos. I saw him earlier and the cat walked past, I said, 'Pardon me Al. Is that the cat who chewed your new shoes.' Then he started singing. Kane is a diver? No! Surely not? A three lions man? Wow! Society, eh Nark? Who would have believed it? Trouble in large doses at the Bridge of Sighs. - Post No. 112678

TOOAW  11:01am 6th Feb 2018

Who is this Clive Alken fella ?!?!?! - Post No. 112679

Exeter Ex  12:29pm 6th Feb 2018

The irony of TOOAW berating markymark for irrelevance whilst toadying up to Badarse. Badarse - you do recognise the difference between support and obsequiousness, don't you? If I had such a 'supporter' I should want to keep as much of a distance as possible. And you do realise he doesn't actually understand your posts, don't you? Indeed the lack of good, comprehensible language indicates how much you live inside your own head. - Post No. 112680

Arseneknewbest  12:58pm 6th Feb 2018

Pseudo-Hoolie arsebad and racist spud devotee Tooey. Frankly, neither of your posts are adequate enough to merit a full reply. E minus and E minus respectively. Don't try harder next time - just stop because everyone is bored. Two street fighting dunces do make a rabble it seems. Oh and Tooey if you must continue on here, try to make any comments about typos pithy. Two groins and f*cking yourself has a bit more art than misspelling the name of your favourite player. Up the Cockerels eh tooey. - Post No. 112681

Badarse  13:06pm 6th Feb 2018

Those amongst us who would offer advice to distance themselves from someone gives a clear and concise indication of their personal problem, they only want to mix with their own kind, suffer no other views or opposing values. Hence the narrow-mindedness. Especially endorsed when the alternative tacit suggestion is stay close to the rabble. No thanks. As for an already devalued commentator giving marks and points to opposing posters it is beyond the pale, or over there past the bucket. The MAYDUP man is posting to his precious and replying on the podcast to himself. So funny. Froth on Tommy! - Post No. 112682

A Cornish Gooner  14:27pm 6th Feb 2018

Badarse. Where did your life go so wrong? How did it come to this chum? A supposedly highly-principled, erudite individual ends up spending hours arguing, and/or falling out with, nearly everyone he comes into contact with, on a football fan site? But it’s not just online where you have fallen out with people. Is it? As I’ve mentioned in the past, OG is littered with your stories of meeting a friend/relative/acquaintance at a party/in the street/in the pub. You take offence at something that is said. An argument ensues. You give as good as you get. The atmosphere turns toxic. You/your victim leaves. You are now not on speaking terms with them. Do you not see a pattern? I don’t have a problem with you sticking up for your rights, or having differing opinions to the majority on here. At least those who post on a regular basis. Just please don’t come on here ramming your opinions down people’s throats, and then claiming they have some sort of mental illness if they disagree with you. This bickering won’t stop until you change your approach. If you don’t then the dog’s abuse will continue I’m afraid. You probably don’t agree with what I’ve written, but please hear what I and others are saying. You’re really not doing yourself any favours carrying on regardless. Peace. - Post No. 112683

Badarse  14:55pm 6th Feb 2018

Corny I believe along with others you confuse the difference between action and reaction. I would be the first to admit that words, posts, reactions, are not always well constructed on my part, but that is an aside. I am able to connect well enough in general however if someone insults the team unnecessarily or uses pure conjecture to pursue a point it should be challenged, shouldn't it? I choose where and when to do this, or even if I should. Mine are always reactions and then a line is drawn in the sand so all is fair game thereafter. It is an interesting conundrum for you to solve. Why is it some posters with opposing views on the tenure of AW are not opponents and some are? Peculiar that. Shouldn't those look to themselves? We all know that majority doesn't make for being right. Quite the contrary on occasions, in fact it is those extreme occasions when the world changes in history. I decide not to post-actually that time seems fast approaching again-and I have stormed off in a huff. How inane. Anyway perhaps we should all look to ourselves, our attitudes, our rancour, our behaviour in what we do, and especially in what we say. Peace. - Post No. 112684

Arseneknewbest  15:06pm 6th Feb 2018

A Cornish. Nice one mate. A really thoughtful attempt to restore some sanity on here. My two betes noirs on here will disagree but I consider myself a generally affable and equable person who comes on here because he loves Arsenal. There are no crossed words on here between, say you and me, Marky and MBG, Ex and SKG or Ron etc etc. And nor is there any animosity between any other permutations of those people. Add Badarse and tooaw into the mix however and the mood becomes ugly. Any one of us and tooaw or any one of us and badarse is a problem. The only conclusion, given that they are the common factor in any tension on here, is that they are trying to provoke others for reasons unconnected to the Arsenal. Tooaw has some appalling "isms" that really ought to disbar him from a site like this. Moreover this identity replaced a similarly repugnant one that used by him in the past and badarse, on the other hand would pick an argument in any empty room (or web forum). Hey that's given me an idea - maybe we should decamp somewhere else and not tell him...The former is an unsophisticated troll who either supports another nearby team or simply hates football and free speech as well as Irish people. The other is an undophisticated troll living in the past who wishes he could have it all his own way and batter senseless anyone who disagrees with his octogenarian antediluvian 8world view. Together they make for two of the most tiresome idiots you could wish to know. - Post No. 112685

A Cornish Gooner  15:16pm 6th Feb 2018

Baddie. Unfortunately, I think your response highlights the problem. Yes, I agree with your final sentence. We should all look to ourselves, and I can understand why you would want to justify your posts in your right to reply. But why start off with “along with others you confuse the difference between action and reaction” Can’t you see that that is the very sort of comment that people object to. Reminiscent of ‘naïve’ I’m afraid. - Post No. 112686

A Cornish Gooner  15:28pm 6th Feb 2018

Baddie. We're trying the 'good cop, bad cop' method! Peace - Post No. 112687

mbg  16:13pm 6th Feb 2018

Arseneknewbest, yes mate, but what I can't fathom is why the joke of the site manages to get out over his high sided bed so late at night and early in the morning especially as the home help nurse locks them, I guess it's all the jello they feed them. wenger out now. - Post No. 112688

David1  16:22pm 6th Feb 2018

Looking up national service records for 1959, I found a platoon consisting of the following chaps: Babbling, Badarse, Blathering, Chattering, Garrulous, Long-Winded, Prattling, Prating, Jabbering, Voluble, Verbose. Stationed on the Orkney isles apparently. - Post No. 112689

Exeter Ex  16:29pm 6th Feb 2018

Badarse tries the old 'he started it' defence. Whether a post is an 'action' or 'reaction' is not the issue, it's the nature of what you say, and how you say it, that is the issue. Cornwall has just given you another example. And the faux-outrage when you get inevitably hostile responses to your 'reaction'. Wenger is not 'your' manager, stop taking it so personally when he's criticised and using that as an excuse to talk down to, insult and question the mental health of others, then having to run off when you get it back in spades, as you indicate you're about to do again. You'll be stuck in this pattern until you change. And my point about TOOAW is if I had someone writing 'you're brilliant', 'you're a genius' after every post I would find this rather worrying. But if you think you're virtuously embracing someone with 'different values' then you're obviously free to carry on your relationship with him, such as it is. - Post No. 112690

Yes its Ron  16:55pm 6th Feb 2018

Speaking as one who used to exchange differences with Baddie many, many moons ago, often unfairly on my part i hasten to add and i know he thinks vica versa on that, i would say now that a lot of Baddies messages carry weight either in whole or in part (same as those all of us as we all talk drivel at times), quite often. His message can be lost in the delivery of it from time to time either by the intonation of the message or by the style of it. Chaps, you lot have been hounding each other down for days on end. Just agreeing to disagree is best or if Baddie or any other poster grinds yr gears, best just let it past and disregard without comment. Im pretty sure we all have readers of our offerings who think 'hell, not that burke again with his garbage'? . Baddie adds a lot to this here message board and its a shame that its good, exact and erudite posters waging the anti Baddie crusade. We re all wildly misguided at times guys, you lads, me Baddie, the whole job lot of us. Arsenal remains the glue though. - Post No. 112691

mbg  17:18pm 6th Feb 2018

A Cornish Gooner, yes where did it all go wrong for the joke of the site, just like his man yoo hero George best, although I doubt it was sitting on a bed in a hotel room surrounded by money and a few models, mannequins maybe,they listen to him and don't talk back. I'd say it was the day he arrived on here full of himself and tried to put us all right with his so called superiority, knowledge of everything, self righteousness, craving to become top dog, and holier than though sermons, oh how that failed and was seen through very quickly indeed, he soon found out to his expense there was a hell of a lot more smarter, and knowledgeable than him on here and unlike mannequins and dummies talk and answer back and don't listen to or take the bullshyte gobbledegook (just like his messiah)he spews time aftertime, but still (again like his messiah)he never learns/learnt and like (his messiah never will) even though he has been given ample opportunity to do so, (something he wouldn't have been given else where) he just keeps coming back for more digging his hole deeper and deeper with his bullshyte, where has it all went wrong indeed, once the wanabee top dog, now the site joke. wenger out now. - Post No. 112692

Badarse  17:56pm 6th Feb 2018

He slipped on his pretty blue frock, then he slipped on the mat-it didn't suit him so removed it, then he smoothed the hairs on his legs. I am amiss, he thought, but what sort? He took another look at his ensemble. The little black beret, or was it a blackcurrant? sat askew on his head. His orange Trump wig held the hat at a jaunty angle but he was keen on jaunts, especially a roast beef one. I look like a girl guide he mused, therefore I must be misguided. With his identity settled he put on his clogs. Lighting his cheroot he stroked his beard, his belly, his knees, and the cat. She hadn't chewed his new shoes so that pleased him. He knew she was innocent, (lovely smoothie but now owned by the despicable Coca Cola Company), because when he asked she replied, 'Me? How?' He accepted that as he was misguided he would be hounded, but reasoned that it would make those hounding, dogs. He placed his Keiller thick cut marmalade omelette into his pocket. Then he tucked his 80 years old chins under his coat and walked into the door. He dodged back speedily drawing upon his Riverdance skills. He straightened his wig, and walked out into the scary world vowing to try harder. Thank you Ron. Power to the poppy! - Post No. 112693

mbg  17:56pm 6th Feb 2018

Exeter ex, good post well said, the joke of the site thinks TOF is his dad, (maybe even his granddad) family, and can't stand critism of any form, (even when he knows it's deserved and true)I bet if we started criticising Rob the chef, the laundry lady etc, etc, he'd have something to say and be opinionated on that too, I bet he's opinionated on the colour of his jello at bedtime. wenger out now. - Post No. 112694

Exeter Ex  17:58pm 6th Feb 2018

Ron - obviously you're feeling more warmly towards Badarse these days with the shared reminisces about marmalade and so on, and have obviously decided you don't mind anymore the 'Ronline Gooner' references that still continue, but as you say his message gets 'lost' but he has a lot to offer, maybe you could interpret for the rest of us what that message actually is? Because if there's anything of worth there, it really isn't coming across amidst the gobbledegook, affectations, insults and hypocrisy. - Post No. 112695

FPGooner  18:24pm 6th Feb 2018

To be fair Ron, the issues you had with Badarse many moons back are still the same issues that rankle others. You took exception to the fact that he was attempting to ‘tousle someone’s hair’ if they stepped out of line, in a very patronising and derogatory fashion. Badarse took you on many times and then threw in the towel. He resents the respect you have built up over the years and has even turned on posters who approved of your posts. While I don’t always agree with your posts, they are put forward with eloquence and in good spirit and you take criticism without making barbed and sneering comments in return. Badarse, as with Wenger, your past good work has been undone, you sneer and snarl at anyone who disagrees and you display a complete lack of self-awareness about your current situation. You will spin a yarn, merely to prop up one of Wenger’s failings. There was the meandering diatribe about trying a player in different positions, mainly because Wenger was being hauled over the coals for umpteen examples of tactical ineptitude in player positioning and strategy. Then there was the lengthy dissertation about not ‘not throwing money at a problem’. What comes across to me is of someone very insecure but desperate to be Top Dog and have all the posters on OG fawning over your pearls of wisdom. Even the name Badarse has either consciously or subconsciously been chosen to send out a sneering threat. It doesn’t work. Even when you mentioned that you were sent on a negotiating course, you had to mention that it was ‘Advanced negotiation’. I lack the time, (work, wife, kids blah blah) to be able to write more on here, but I thoroughly enjoy reading them, even the ones with whom I disagree occasionally. Thanks Ron, AKB, mbg, Marky, Ex, Cornish etc. - Post No. 112696

Ando  18:34pm 6th Feb 2018

Ed. I think its time you called time on all this name calling. - Post No. 112697

A Cornish Gooner  18:43pm 6th Feb 2018

Ron. I was hoping for a post from Badarse such as ‘Ok everybody I hear what you’re all saying. I’ll see what I can do’. Unfortunately, his last post was more in line with what I was expecting. He’s being hounded by dogs. And ‘Thank you Ron’. Your comments about Baddie’s messages carrying weight, in my opinion make matters worse, as they did after your Exeter/Badarse post the other day. I think it just emboldens him. If we look back one year, two years, three years, four years, we would probably find the same bickering, including your own ‘hounding’ of Badarse. He either does it deliberately or accidentally. If it’s accidental he should be able to change. If he continues in the same way it’s deliberate. It’s a wind-up. In which case he’ll continue to get abuse. I realise that ‘hell, not that burke again with his garbage’ probably applies to me as well. In a previous post Baddie asked why some people, with differing opinions to his, are not opponents, and some are. ‘Peculiar that Shouldn't those look to themselves?’. Maybe. But I don’t remember seeing any supporting posts either, from anyone other than TOOAW and you Ron. Ando. It’s not just ‘name calling’. We really need to sort this out. We don't want it going on for another four years. Do we? - Post No. 112698

markymark  18:56pm 6th Feb 2018

Ron - I have to say I’m struggling with this one. As far as I can see we get Badarse saying “eh that Joe Baker he were good weren’t he!” A bit like anyone of us saying, Liam Brady , Charlie George etc. Yeah it’s Arsenal but very Arsenal lite. I’m obviously not a fan of Badarse but I do feel some artifice to this. It’s very shallow . Then we get pure nastiness aimed at other posters. Now ok it’s all give and take. But I was rather taken aback to for called a slug when I had a pop at Wenger. So obviously I’m going to have a go back. For some odd reason he decided to call Exeter a Bigot . Completely random. But then we have Badarse justifying it for countless postings when it’s plainly rubbish. On a personal note I have a big problem with a self appointed saint , a protestor for woman’s rights who then goes onto write stupid lines about groping woman. Total hypocrite I’m afraid. Real hypocrisy . Standing on a pedestal while engaging in unpleasant behaviour. Lastly I think the guy is deluded I mean he’s knocking into his 80’s and he was going around saying he’d want a fight on the terraces . It’s no wonder people take the piss. Ron if Badarse leaves, look at the diversity of posters afterwards. It grows each time and recedes when he’s trying to wage a pathetic war . I’d actually be very happy to see him go. I think Badarse might do better on Untold as everyone will agree with his world view. - Post No. 112699

Arseneknewbest  20:02pm 6th Feb 2018

At the risk of sounding a bit creepy and gushing, this forum is pretty important to me. I trust neither papers nor the official website for news about the arsenal not least because both are full of spin and hearsay designed to keep the Arsenal on a course of financial expansion and maintenance of a thoroughly miserable status quo. They and other modern clubs are about as open as the old stasi to be honest. And having moved from N5 (Highbury Grange) just north of the Barn to the relative football wilderness that is west Wales I hugely welcome other posters' insights and opinions. Where can one reminisce about unsung heroes like Steve Williams while imagining a brighter future for the club. I read your posts avidly and the regular contributors all have something new and thought provoking to say. Put us all in a pub with a screening of "89 and we'd have a fine old time. But whether it's because they come on here with an inferiority complex or simply a plain bloody-minded attitude to provoke, I would not include the two usual suspects in that number. Bluntly tooaw is a truly horrible individual with no redeeming features. The b*stard hybrid son of those awful leekie bba monikers he used to inhabit. Others have written very eloquently about badarse on here tonight and I agree with much of it. I make no apology for confronting him and Ron, I recognise you as a true gent and a diplomat but the evidence is plain. If we imagine this site without their antagonistic behaviour, one could easily see a return to quieter more constructive dialogue about a club that matters to all of us. Badarse - grasp the nettle and just stop coming on here. Most of us think you are not welcome. - Post No. 112700

Exeter Ex  20:16pm 6th Feb 2018

Ron - you did it with the best of motives but there isn't easy equivalence of 'we're all good and bad' to be made here. Regardless of if anyone thinks it's fair or not, justified or not, who's to blame or not, the cold reality is when Badarse is on here the comments section invariably becomes dominated by antagonistic exchanges between him and one or more others. Badarse may claim it's important to have his alternate view on here, but this dominance obviously puts off a greater number from posting. Who knows, maybe we'd even get a Wenger defender on who wouldn't be offended to be pressed to justify their views. We want to be talking about Arsenal, not Badarse, don't we? Badarse - if you continue, you're saying you want this site to be about you. - Post No. 112701

markymark  20:28pm 6th Feb 2018

Badarse - call it an intervention on Ron’s part , call it what you will. Buts it’s doen to you. Unless something health wise happens I and many others of your Dark Moany, Society smashers are going to be on here for a very long time. A lot of opinion is stating Wenger has 18 months at max. It’s the winds of change. You either bend with it or you’d be best to jump off the site. If your comment about some people are allowed to have differing views is aimed at Gooner Ron? it’s because this is s football site and he rarely frames his views outside of football and Arsenal. Dare I say it his posts have far more clarity as well. This allows a good all round discussion. There is something in you that only you can figure out. I’m fairly prolific on two sites this and a watch site. I bumble along seeking interesting opinions and sometimes contribute . On the watch site there are people like you who spend their whole time provoking people. Lucky for you the editor is more relaxed on this site. But then again I believe some architectural changes to the website would benefit all. Untold is a site where they have one world view and spend lots of time clapping and applauding each other . I think you’d be better on their.d5y - Post No. 112702

mbg  21:31pm 6th Feb 2018

Ron, my respect for you has grown mate, you can now actually understand the village idiots gobbledegook and ramblings, did you go on a course. wenger out. - Post No. 112703

mbg  22:10pm 6th Feb 2018

A Cornish gooner, your not likely to either mate, even after he's being given ample opportunity to, from yourself if i'm not mistaken, markymark, Exeter, even Arseneknewbest, hell even my self (apologies if I've left anyone out) but no he continues, he's probably curled up on his favourite chair tonight like the child catcher in chitty chitty bang bang grinning and going hee hee hee. wenger out. - Post No. 112704

TonyEvans  7:28am 7th Feb 2018

Hi Ron - re Badarse, can't agree with you at all. I find most of his diatribes are just complete nonsense. I just ignore them now and move on to another post with something relevant to say about football and Arsenal. - Post No. 112705

Hi Berry  8:40am 7th Feb 2018

Quite honestly I'm amazed at all this fuss over Badarse...do any of you continue to read his postings? There were a couple of posts a month or so ago which were actually to do with football and written in comprehensible language, but any that start with references to souffles or blue dresses I just ignore and move on. Badarse appears to inhabit a world where his avant garde literary musings attempt to resemble a cross between Alan Ginsberg, the back covers of some early Bob Dylan sleeves and Spike Milligan. Unfortunately he comes across as Rambling Syd Rumpo. Please ignore him as this site is fast becoming unreadable. - Post No. 112706

Badarse  8:50am 7th Feb 2018

Good moaning my little egg nogs. The truth evades you. I am quietly content to discuss AFC and any connecting issues, always have been. However for the umpteenth time I can take exception to any rude or insulting jibes aimed at my club, can I not? Should I roll over when faced with a spiteful jibe at the club when aimed by a Chav? Of course not. Neither should I if the hurler of insults masquerades as an Arsenal fan, or clearly is a fan. On occasions I believe the individual misses some aspects which delivers an incorrect assessment of the point in progress, so I offer an alternative factor and produce a slightly different outcome. It's all weighed and considered. I found much in general was insultingly rude and confronted. This would never win friends but I have no illusions about friendship on an impersonal site. I can be friendly though, and set off with these intentions. We all have 'glitches', mine is I won't roll over and try to be a rock. I am an ageing rock and roller. Nark calls the Arsenal manager a 'deluded lizard', I respond by addressing him as a 'deluded slug', he takes exception to it, and so he should. However he sees no connection. This is obtuse. The OG was dying on it's arse, and I love the Gooner, so rather pompously? Arrogantly? I came back after a year and a half to liven it up, to help it survive? You see the results. I could be a paid employee from Gooner Towers doing much the same thing. It is why I know I am safe on the site because I think that much is understood. Lots to say, no time to say it. Enjoy your day, see you later. - Post No. 112707

Redshirtwhitesleeves  8:59am 7th Feb 2018

Didn't this used to be a site to discuss Arsenal? It's time the children went somewhere else and leave us adults to have our grown up conversations about football and the gunners - Post No. 112708

A Cornish Gooner  9:01am 7th Feb 2018

Following on from something mentioned recently, and in an attempt to lighten the mood today, here’s a two-part football trivia question. 1. What connects the following: Kyle Walker, Ashley Young, Wayne Rooney, Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling, Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane, Arsenal’s Premier League keepers August 18th 2013 – present? 2. Which is the odd one out? Baddie. Your friends name was Roy. Not Alan. - Post No. 112709

Exeter Ex  9:39am 7th Feb 2018

Well, we have our answer. Nearly everyone tells him he's spoiling the site, but he thinks he makes the site - he saved the Online Gooner! The delusion and ego are greater than seemed possible, totally impenetrable, cannot be reasoned with. He really does want the site to be about him. - Post No. 112710

Yes its Ron  10:11am 7th Feb 2018

All comments noted guys. However, the first league match NLD at Wembley coming up so i believe. Im suspecting a bit of an open footie fest and defensive despair (heads in hands at times). However, 3-1 to us im going for. Whats yr offers guys? Purely gut feeling on my part though thats what i usually rely on! - Post No. 112711

A Cornish Gooner  10:16am 7th Feb 2018

Ron. With Arsenal's poor defensive record and Spurs player's record of diving, defending will be even harder for this NLD. What we need is someone who can defend the indefensible. Hmm? Any suggestions? - Post No. 112712

Yes its Ron  10:44am 7th Feb 2018

CG - Its a good point that you make. Are we all daft do you think? We see these dives every match, refs give the feeble pens and then these player pundits and regular pundits try to tell us that theyre not dives, theres 'contact' therefore theyre 'entitled' to go down? I simply cannot get this? Those of us who saw that Liverpool v Totts game KNOW that neither was a legitimate pen. There was a case for both the 'victims' to be booked for faking it or whatever its called these days. I m far from having any time for Liverpool FC and its fawning media get right on my t-ts but Klopp was right in what he said wasnt he? They talk about VAR but for me if theyre going to use that, its the conning that needs to be eradicated. Having said all this Spurs did play well. I think theyre running on empty though and friend Kane is looking like his lucks out a little bit. Open spaces at Wembley, the 2 new forwards and the fact that we have nothing to lose really suggests to me that we ll do them. Its set up for Arsenal if theyre brave enough to just go for broke which they need to do now i think if they are to claw a top 4 place back. - Post No. 112713

A Cornish Gooner  10:51am 7th Feb 2018

Exeter. Completely agree. It's hard to believe. As Hi Berry and others have suggested, it's time to move on and just try and ignore Voldermort. Hopefully ignorance WILL be bliss. Just to clarify. In my Eggman versus The Joker comment recently, I had you as Eggman, and not the other 'egg man' mentioned above. I'm sure you realised that anyway. Redshirts and others. Apologies again. We tried our best. Ron. I think you're being very optimistic. Hope your prediction is as good as the Everton one. I'll settle for a draw. - Post No. 112714

markymark  10:58am 7th Feb 2018

Ron - I suspect we will see some roller coaster results until Wenger goes. I’m fairly confident we can get a result purely on the basis that somehow Spurs always faff it up. Spurs 1 Arsenal 3 - Post No. 112715

Exeter Ex  11:07am 7th Feb 2018

A Cornish - all understood. Yes others have been right all along. Don't feed the ego and it will wither away. On your trivia question: Is it that they're all divers. The odd one out being AFC goalies since 2013 as they've tended to collapse to one side rather than dive. Prediction v Spurs: 2-2 or 3-3. - Post No. 112716

A Cornish Gooner  11:38am 7th Feb 2018

Exeter. Yes, you are correct. Apologies for the use of the English language. 1. They’ve all dived badly for penalties. 2. All apart from the Arsenal keepers are England Internationals. Somebody, can’t remember who it was, mentioned diving and playing for England. Tried to think of a complete team of English divers, then remembered Arsenal keeper’s poor penalty record. Any divers I’ve missed? Ron. So far this season we’ve had retrospective punishment for diving and VAR. Has the diving stopped? No. It’s worse now, I think, than it’s ever been. We’ve all seen incidents which are blatant dives, but a penalty is given. Pundits are divided as you say. How many times has the FA reviewed a dive and then banned somebody? Twice? The only way it will ever stop is if the players change their attitude, but we know that won’t happen. Every team has a ‘diver’ Spurs aren’t the only ones. It amazes me when a team complains about a penalty given against them, when an opponent has dived, but they then go up the other end of the pitch and their player dives! Hypocrisy. Pochettino has come out with ’Football is all about trying to trick your opponent’ as a defence for Dele Alli’s dive. I’m sure he’s not the only manager who thinks that. What hope is there? Good articles by Stan Collymore and Martin Samuel on Alli and his diving. Samuel goes for harsher penalties for serial offenders. They’ve got to be found guilty first though. - Post No. 112717

GoonerRon  12:18pm 7th Feb 2018

Yes, we’re back on football again. We’ve got a great recent record at Wembley so this doesn’t feel like a proper away game (thank **** with our away form). In theory we should be fresher as they will have played twice - albeit they’ll probably rest players tonight - since our last match. Heart says 0-23 - with Cech saving 8 Kane penalties (and after each one saying “I’ll give you as many chances as you want, you blimp-tongued twat”), all given for a mixture of Alli diving and being absolutely thundered by a tag team of Mustafi and Kolasinac. Head says 1-2. On diving, I honestly don’t know what a penalty is anymore. We’re heading to a place where any contact is now a spot kick which breeds exaggeration and essentially cheating. Kane’s first on Sunday was a ‘modern day’ penalty where he knows if he touches it first and leaves his legs in he will get some sort of contact (Delofeu’s the same on Monday). But his body shape and movement was so unnatural that I said dive straight away, yet not one pundit or ex-referee has called it as a dive. I don’t actually know the law though - it’s a contact sport so ‘contact’ is expected but if a player dangles his legs and waits for contact is he duty bound to try and hurdle the challenge? What if there is contact (like Hazard’s against us and Lamela’s) but it clearly wasn’t sufficient to make the player lose the use of both his legs - has he dived or is he making the referee aware there was contact? I literally do not know the answer. For me though, when there is clear evidence of diving (like Alli’s on Sunday) I’m ok for a yellow to be given at the time because the red only gets to see it once, but the FA should still be allowed to apply a retrospective ban of say 5 games. That way Pochettino won’t be telling his players to dive because the punishment for being found out is too great. - Post No. 112718

A Cornish Gooner  12:53pm 7th Feb 2018

GoonerRon. Agree with you on the Kane incident. A typical modern day penalty. I think all the PL clubs probably use recordings of Sky/BT Sports coverage nowadays as training videos for diving. - Post No. 112720

Badarse  12:59pm 7th Feb 2018

Interesting issue about, 'what is a penalty'? I, like anyone who played the game with a high percentage of time in the opponents penalty area had 'contact', but rarely regarded this as a penalty. Now it is. It has to come down to this fundamental problem before we look at diving and all the other modern outrages that infest the game. If opponents stretch for the ball it is often the case that the thigh, calf, knee, or even boot of each player makes contact. I always believed and stick to the premise that it is, therefore not a foul, so no penalty inside the box. Easier said than done nowadays though. How it is overcome is a difficult one, but often I believe pundits do a great disservice to the game with their personal views, their reluctance to commit on an issue, (usually to safeguard any contractual agreement and not wanting to rock the bonny boat to Sky. The times I have heard seasoned internationals saying that a player was fouled but not enough to go down. Going down is academic, a foul is a foul, we are discussing using the system to gain an unfair advantage. A player clobbers an opponent and a twit like Shearer says, 'It's what you want to see from your players; going in hard, breaking up the play.' He confuses hard but fair tackling with a form of cheating, and he influences those who listen. As I said a simple abuse of the rules and spirit of the game, as far as most football fans can see; the difficult part is how to eradicate it. - Post No. 112721

Yes its Ron  13:22pm 7th Feb 2018

CG - Yes the players are perfecting their diving techniques to new levels each yr arent they. I think generally the players on both sides accept that each team will try it on. Some players get the hump over it but compared to a few years back it seems to me that most players take the view thats 'its their turn next' as you say. its pathetic but its the money thats done it. Anything goes now to get a win. I think its also this culture thats made the quality of defending so chronic. Defenders cant defend now. The whole ethos and rules of the game has been handed over to attackers so the TV gets its goal gluts. - Post No. 112722

Yes its Ron  13:38pm 7th Feb 2018

Baddie - they removed the use of discretion by refs many yrs back so their view on whats a dive and what isnt cant be expressed in the game. They know a dive when they see one but if theres the merest hint of contact, they have to comply and err on the side of the attacker and give the pen or the free kick. If they dont, their assessor in the stand jumps all over them and they are then at risk of missing games and so on as punishments. They are therefore bound to play it safe all of the time to protect their careers. Given discretion they ll get a few decisions wrong but its better than this circus as it is now. Its questionable now as to what a ref actually does do. What are the parameters of his decision making powers? Their role is diminishing. VAR is another nail in the refs coffin as i see it. Im not totally anti VAR but i can see its use burgeoning so to make most games stop start affairs for the whole 90 mins. Lets face it the TV will make the witing and the suspense a major feature of the coverage and the hell with the flow of the game. Like everything else the match day fans will buy into how 'great' the suspense is, once they've been told it is for long enough. The screens at stadia will be enormous things before too much longer and become more a feature of attending than actually seeing the game. - Post No. 112724

mbg  14:22pm 7th Feb 2018

Redshirts, i'm sure the weasel and his apologists would just love that, they just love supporters like you and with attitudes like that. wenger out now. - Post No. 112725

mbg  14:42pm 7th Feb 2018

Yes we're back on football, but for how long ? the big bad spud players diving, but it'll be alright if one of ours do it for the winner oh how we'll cheer, anyway we're forgetting one thing/obstacle, a past it fraud of a manager. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112726

Badarse  16:00pm 7th Feb 2018

FPGooner, nice to have you in my fanbase. Seems you don't care for me much, I think nothing of you, thank you for your attendance though. David1 methinks you have an agenda, still thank you for your testament, pity it is all old. Redshirts white sleeves, can I have a penny lolly please, better still I'll give you this gobstopper for a single smile, there you go. You see gentlemen, reactions not actions. - Post No. 112729

Redshirtwhitesleeves  17:09pm 7th Feb 2018

Ron I'm going for a gunners win on Saturday too. Don't know why but fancy 2-1 to us, despite the best efforts no doubt of Kane and alli to con another couple of pens. Just a gut feeling and hope to god im right on this one! - Post No. 112731

markymark  17:42pm 7th Feb 2018

Badarse - 10 people or so have bothered to give you feedback. I’d take it on the chin and man up . Why pick on FP in particular? , I think I suspect why. I’m going to move on by completely ignoring you in future unless you get too abusive. I think a fitting punishment is to let your nonsense poetry hang in the air , completely out if synch with the site and without further acknowledgement of your existence. I reckon if all 10 of us had said your an old tosser . It’s the fact that 10 people had paid you attention would be the most important thing for you. I wonder if your sat in a corner at home ignored. - Post No. 112732

mbg  23:51pm 7th Feb 2018

markymark, spot on, I'll be following suit. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112740

Badarse  9:33am 8th Feb 2018

They came on a tandem. The Nark at the front, the MAYDUP man behind, with eyes closed, leaning his forehead on the Nark's back. They pedalled their way in synchronisation, in the same way as they conducted their OG posts. The MAYDUP man had had a small problem that morning as he looked in the mirror. 'We wants Wenger out my precious.' "No, it's not what we wants. I am not the MAYDUP man. I am the PUDYAM man." MAYDUP knew this and winked at him. "Don't youse winkle at me. I is PUDYAM 'cause I likes the yams in a pud. Sometimes I yam a yam." Nark meanwhile wondered how many men he could entrap if he was a female. He would just need to rewrite history a bit, which he was quite good at, tweak a few things and wail, howl and froth long enough for some to believe him. Anyway our two heroes pedalled off into the morning sun, happy that they had wittily defeated Badarse once more, frothing together, and dribbling better than Auba. - Post No. 112742

Arseneknewbest  18:04pm 8th Feb 2018

arsebad and toooey. They came in tandem after tooey had let loose a particularly egregious anti-irish tirade. Arsebad pursed his lips (the ones around his scab-encrusted mouth), preferring to stay quiet while spurs fan tooey went into a castlereagh inspired rant. A bead of sweat dropped from arsebad's nose onto the back of tooey's neck as he let ourt a soft moan. I love you mr arsebad, you're the only person in the world that understands me. Arsebad latterly felched tooey rusty trombone as a gesture of appreciation. You misanthropic old f*cker Arsebad... - Post No. 112746

markymark  20:42pm 8th Feb 2018

Just a few little points Badarse. If you start your silly little rhymes there are at least 3 people on here who can genuinely take the chronic piss out of you very effectively. I don’t know why you bother as to be quite frank Arseneknewbest can shred you in 3 easy moves. Now about this altering of history. Bear in mind you spend 99% of the time talking about yourself. One would think after 80 years or so you’d be intellectually curious about others. But know it’s Badarse did this and Badarse did that. Also bear in mind your a self confessed liar . So where does the truth lie? You’re asking us after admitting you lie to make a leap of faith that everything you say is true. I believe instead you are a charlatan a liar and BS merchant. This is not my view alone. As I’ve said before you say it , we quote it back and then you start complaining. 4 weeks of you calling me a liar and then guess what. You admitted to lying. Think you’ve got a problem old son. There are better things to be doing at your age then being continually examined on this site. - Post No. 112747

Badarse  8:45am 9th Feb 2018

To gage an exam result you have to judge the markers, no international observers present so your judgement lies in tatters dear Nark, as does the assessment of AKB( and we all know what the B stands for-shredding). I prefer to let the three previous posts stand for sensible souls to decide-quite an absence of those on this site though-they would see a 'humorous' dig, which drew a response of insults. Ageism, lying, BS-stating, charlatan, crudities from the other one, and frothing galore. Not very convincing Nark. Guess what? Do you know how many insults, swear words, oaths, and bald eggs I could throw, but refuse to? Now get back on your tandem and eat your omelette. - Post No. 112751

markymark  19:52pm 9th Feb 2018

If you want to make a fool of yourself going on about going into rucks with a nasty rascist Colesey OAP ( see what I did there ) you deserve everything you get you silly old arse. I remember you dropped a line “don’t be frightened of me” you , frightened of you? A geriatric who can’t even surf the Internet . Liar , BS merchant , Charlatan I’ll keep on saying it and let you froth - Post No. 112765

Badarse  8:48am 10th Feb 2018

Others can read and therefore see your descent into an abusive guttural response. Sad that you are winning this exchange so decisively, ha ha. Froth on bad boy. I think that you were just poked with another bald egg. - Post No. 112773

markymark  18:33pm 10th Feb 2018

Badarse - I think a lot of people will see how boring you are. Eggs, eggs , eggs ... is that all you can ever say? Last time you left halfarse the site traffic went up. Does that tell you anything ? - Post No. 112790

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