The Barca suicide

By Ewen Cook

Tough draw could and should have been avoided

Forget the fate nonsense and the bravado: Wenger's failure in the Champions League this year is clear - and should be roundly criticised.

Wenger Arrogant idiot?

He will trot out the usual "It makes no difference, if you want to be the best you have to beat the good teams at some stage" bullsh*t. And it's just as inexcusable - and naive - as it ever was. It's a cup competition - a cup in which Arsenal are by no means the best team. The longer you stay in the competition - even if just a single round more - the more chance you have of fluking an easier run to the final. Which is what this team will need to win it.

Wenger would prefer to think no such practical strategy exists because a) of his delusion that this defensively-impotent Arsenal side can genuinely compete with Europe's top-class teams; and b) because he has once more screwed up the group stages. He is an arrogant idiot. This is a failure with a clear consequence: to come second in the group is to invite the possibility of Barca. Which is what has happened. We have quite literally asked for it. Given that they are obviously the best team in the competition, and that we have now ended the possibility that someone else might upset them for us, this is not just foolishness in the extreme, but a gross competitive error.

18th December 2010 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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dan  2:03am 18th Dec 2010

well said - Post No. 517

Alfonso  2:38am 18th Dec 2010

You are so right about the defensive impotence of the this Arsenall team. Yes Wenger is deluded if he thinks his weak defence can go all the way. Actually the weak defence is of his own making. The warning signs were ther but he chose to ignore them. His mantra is my attack will take care of the weak defence. Either he is ignorant or he chose not to know that soring is harder than preventing goals being scored. This time rounf the defence could be about 20% better than the last match against Barca.He better know there can no margin for errors and failure to convert the chances will come back to haunt him. Btw I hope the gunners willl shoot instead of making endless passes at the penalty area.A snap shot with A REBOUND CAN CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. - Post No. 519

Shropshire Lad  3:33am 18th Dec 2010

Every cloud has a silver lining. Spuds likellihood of going further, the reduction in revenue by going out early plus the missing out again on the prize most older gooners crave than all other puts not only Wenger but more tellingly this inept, guilless and bollockless Board under more pressure. Happy. Days and he still won't sign anyone in January, love him! Oh, and by the way, what does Pat Rice do?!! - Post No. 521

The rookie  3:40am 18th Dec 2010

Don't be a pussy. Either we're good enough to win the cup and we'll beat barcelona and all others, or we aren't and we won't. - Post No. 522

Hausner  5:21am 18th Dec 2010

This is the CL, you are the one displaying naivity n foolishness in the extreme by suggesting that one would set out to meet easier teams. All these teams are here on merit n you cant b sure of meeting easier competition. - Post No. 527

Rick  5:38am 18th Dec 2010

This is the worst kind of negativism. There's no way one can DECIDE to win a game - that's why the games are PLAYED. I would examine your own motives in writing pointlessly nasty stuff like this. To wait for others to do the work you yourself should be doing is callow and feckless. Step up lads, show this whinger what you're made of! - Post No. 528

Markhouse  7:21am 18th Dec 2010

"arrogant idiot"?!! him or you? - Post No. 531

Brad  8:05am 18th Dec 2010

If only you were manager. When will the world learn? O, cruel footballing gods, why hath you forsaken Arsenal? Appoint this guy posthaste - Post No. 532

victor  9:05am 18th Dec 2010

I honestly dont understand why true gooners cant accept that wengers has made some serious mistakes in the last five years and even though we can see what this team needs to be great, the powers that be are blind to it or there are other elements we are not aware of. Believe me when i say that barca will tear us apart because of wenger naivety in conceding 2nd place to shaktar. villa, pedro, busquet, xavi, iniesta and the magician himself messi will tear clichcy, sagna, kosienlcy, sqillachi, song and denilson or diaby apart. I agree with the moderator wenger has made a gross competitive error. i can imagine wenger saying we will adhere to our beliefs in how we want to play the game, the beliefs that has cost us losing 10 out 11 games to chelsea and man utd who are both having a **** season also. - Post No. 535

Richard  9:25am 18th Dec 2010

we came second and could of got Schalke, or won the group and got Inter or AC Milan! Barca could stick 10 past us, but at the same time they are on of the few teams left in the competition I fancy us to score against home and away. Its gonna be a tough game but its amazing how many of our fans have written us off already! We are the Arsenal.... since when have we done things the easy way! - Post No. 536

ando  9:55am 18th Dec 2010

fact is you do need luck to win anything in any sport. i think our keystone cops (sorry i mean our defence) will need more than their fair share against barca its a funny old game - Post No. 537

Proudtosaythatname  11:26am 18th Dec 2010

Shakhtar drew Roma (currently 6th in the Scudetta). Realistically, Barca on current form will stuff us. So a dreadful error by Wenger to not play his strongest side at Braga, but please don't insult the man who brought to Arsenal one of the most successful periods in the club's history and some of the most entertaining football ever seen, certainly in English football. - Post No. 541

Theo Superstar  12:37pm 18th Dec 2010

One of the most irritating sayings in football is the 'well you have to beat the best teams eventually if you are going to win it". Such nonsense is repeated by almost all the 'experts' as if it is based on fact, when even a cursory look at history shows many examples of top teams getting knocked out before reaching the final. Think of the CL in 2004 and tell me that Porto's win and Monaco's appearance in the final wasn't assisted by all the favourites getting knocked out beforehand. Or that Chelsea's FA Cup wins in the past few years wasn't helped by getting drawn at home against lower league teams in almost every round? Indeed, that saying is almost as irritating as the 'We're the Arsenal' one - as if that by itself is enough any more. Maybe we could shout that in the old days, but with this current group of spine-less and characterless individuals, one would be better off whispering it and hoping for the best. - Post No. 542

Fan for over 60 years  14:42pm 18th Dec 2010

Agree. Wenger got it totally wrong. He thought that with a maximum 9 points and scoring goals for fun these 3 CL opponents were as bad as everyone said. Instead of going for victory at Shakhtar which would have meant he could field weak sides in the last 2 matches he thought he would look after his star players and save them a long tiring journey. He therefore sent the Carling Cup squad. However players like Eastmond, Eboue and the returning from injury Walcott and Bendtner were not up for it. The bench with Vela,E Thomas,Lansbury etc was nowhere near good enough and the message sent out was that the weekend PL match v Newcastle was more important. As we know it was a waste of time anyway as we lost both matches. I don't know whether it's Wenger's arrogance,stubborness or just deluding himself with his continued statements about the quality of this squad. Whatever it is it is his actions which have made made the club favourites to go out of the CL at the first knock out stage and that's not good enough. - Post No. 544

Tony  10:49am 19th Dec 2010

would you like us to withdraw from the competition or take part in the match ? - Post No. 548

Dan  14:19pm 19th Dec 2010

Spot on. We may as well have not bothered with the past 4 months of group games, what a total waste of time. To start the campaign as strongly as we did & then decide that was enough, play substandard teams in two tricky away ties was idiocy of the highest order. Wenger need only have looked to our pathetic European away record to see that we shouldn't have rested players against Shakhtar & Braga. 2 European away wins in the past 2 seasons - Partizan & Standard Liege. Hardly the record of a team whose manager claims are good enough to win the thing. - Post No. 549

Ray  20:57pm 19th Dec 2010

Wenger keeps saying we are one of the top 8 teams in Europe.He's right we are 8th and no higher.I want us to lose the tag of biggest team in Europe NEVER to have won the CL and be the champions of Europe before i die.So what does Wenger do he throws away the group after winning the first three games and now wqe are playing the best team in the worls who slaughtered us 9 months ago.What a prick Wenger is - Post No. 552

GoonerRon  22:50pm 19th Dec 2010

God, this negativity does my head in. I'm not an 'AKB' and I understand the basis of the argument that by finishing top we increase the odds of getting an 'easier' path to the next round. That said, we could have drawn Schalke in this draw or won the group and got either Milan. That said, most people seem to think we will get battered by Barca no matter what - with this sort of mentality the underdog would lose every single time. Why noy accept what we have got and get behind the team.... - Post No. 556

Tony  1:13am 20th Dec 2010

In 1982 or 1983 or even 1995 we would have stampeded over dead grannies and children to have been playing Barcelona - Post No. 557

Murphyr  3:01am 20th Dec 2010

I know its always a bit dicey to draw paralells between away games in the group stages and the knock outs but it didn't fill me with confidence about beating the likes of Barca, Real etc when we can't get over the top of Braga and Shakhtar (yes i know we gubbed them at home). Whatever. The fact is that we should have comfortably topped out group and we didn't. - Post No. 560

Andrew  10:34am 20th Dec 2010

I dont understand some people. Im not an AKB by any means but whats with all these insults being thown at Arsene? Arrogant idiot? Prick? Youd think hes been an absolute failure rather than our most successful manager. Ok, hes made a lot of mistakes in recent seasons but insulting him is ridiculous. What are you going to do if we get knocked out by Ipswich, sing that song so loved by the Man Utd neanderthals? By all means be critical but to actually insult him is pathetic. Sod off and support Barnet if youre so fed up. Its not like were fighting relegation for crying out loud. - Post No. 561

aabbs  0:43am 21st Dec 2010

2 b honest i'll just be glad if barca let us have the ball for a while, i'v seen them play a couple of times this season, they really are on another planet peoples, their the best evidence 4 UFOs. We havent got the players that can shut up shop and keep it tight for 90 mins, also we cant compete with their passing, movement and closing down, we havent got the experience or temprement to deal with Barca, like someone else said, 2 months of concentrating on the league after Feb!!! - Post No. 578

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