Gooner Podcast 111 now online

By Kevin Whitcher

The ‘classic’ line up returns

Gooner Podcast number 111, sponsored by goonershirts is now online

Giroud: Coming good?

Recorded: Monday 8th October 2012

Topics Include -
Are Arsenal flat track bullies?
Why the defensive downturn since the clean sheets?
Will Sagna get straight back into the first team?
What’s the best position for Aaron Ramsey?
The Gervinho debate
The merits or otherwise of Olivier Giroud
The best starting XI from the current squad
Potential January transfer activity
Should Theo Walcott be given £100k a week?

Steve Ashford
Marc Ollington
Don Sebastiano (although he wants to be called something else now)
Host: David Oudot

There are three ways of hearing it. First up, online without downloading by simply clicking here. Alternatively, if you want to download it to play on your mp3 player or at your leisure on your computer, visit this page move your cursor over where it says ‘episode 111’ in red text and then…

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And we are also available on iTunes. Our page on iTunes can be found here, from where you can download the latest podcast, and the 110 that preceded it

We’ll be back with another podcast in November

12th October 2012 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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Jon Peters  12:20pm 12th Oct 2012

The Gooner Ed is missed massively. Why isn't he on every week? Ollington's improvement continues. He is the Podcast's Carl Jenkinson. A decent podcast. - Post No. 29430

Tony T  14:17pm 12th Oct 2012

The "classic line up" is Kev,Olly and Bernard - Post No. 29435

Gooner SA  14:37pm 12th Oct 2012

Good podcast. Was the Arsenal player being thought of Nicholas Anelka? - Post No. 29436

Jonny Moped  19:21pm 12th Oct 2012

It looks like Bernard was a one off. It's a big shame as him, Ollington and Gooner Ed had a natural chemistry. This podcast aint bad though. - Post No. 29438

maguiresbridge gooner  19:38pm 12th Oct 2012

The team spirit is good at the minute but i agree with mark we're not title contenders.The only comparison walcott has with Henry is he's got pace. Henry had the ability to beat defenders anytime not just when they were tired 100k a week ? Steve you probably are the only guy in the stadium still thinking about chamakh but thanks to his contract he's not poor. - Post No. 29439

Orson Cart  20:14pm 12th Oct 2012

What has happened to Bernard?I forgot how stupid Steve Ashford really is.Walnutt worth £100k a week Gervinho is good!!! he needs his head examined.Thank god for Marc Ollington - Post No. 29440

Frank  21:25pm 12th Oct 2012

Ashford is a joker.He says we should give Walcott a 100 grand a week,he says Gervinho is another Rodney Marsh(Rodney even at 68 is better than Forehead)Rosicky should be in the team but best of all he thinks Chamakh is good and that he should be given more game time(you couldnt make it up).Surprised there was no mention of Gazidis £2m plus wages/The Ed was missed - Post No. 29441

Don  8:36am 13th Oct 2012

I would love to sit next to the Spy at the E*******.Just to hear him say great run Forehead as runs the ball out of play for the 10th time, why isnt Chamakh playing?Walcott you are worth every penny of the £100k as the ball sails into the crowd.Doesnt the Spy want to see Arsenal ever win anything ever again?His love for crap players is mind-boggling. - Post No. 29443

Owen  10:15am 13th Oct 2012

@Frank i like you was surprised there was no mention of the Gazidis wage rise.Didnt no one think it was worth bringing up.Because all the Gooners i know are furious about in when everyone is suffering the recession. And as others have said the Spy is the Gooners resident comedian.His comments about Chamakh comedy gold - Post No. 29444

Harry Bojangles  14:12pm 13th Oct 2012

The Spy has us all talking though! So he is interesting to say the least. I agree with Mark though that 100k a week for Walcott is insane. - Post No. 29445

Jude  15:36pm 13th Oct 2012

What’s the best position for Aaron Ramsey? The bench. He's rubbish. - Post No. 29447

Tony T  17:19pm 13th Oct 2012

So some on the panel want Walcott to be the highest paid player in Arsenal's history after 7 average years at the club.It defies belief.No wonder some of us Gooners have had enough - Post No. 29448

Steve  19:52pm 13th Oct 2012

When i hear Ashford and Oudot say give Walcott £100k a week willy nilly i think what have they been watching for nearly 7 years.That would mean he would be earning more than Cazorla Arteta and TV.Walcott has started one league game this season FFS.Get Kev back asap - Post No. 29450

Mick  14:07pm 14th Oct 2012

Wally Walnutt needs to take a look at Arteta who took a wage cut(yes a wage cut) to play for us and he is one of our best players.Yet Walnutt who has played maybe 20 half decent games since he joined us wants a hundred grand a week.And if it was down to the Spy he would give it to him.The Spy talks out of his a**e - Post No. 29451

Sasan Roohi  16:21pm 14th Oct 2012

Can anyone from The Gooner let us know if you do plan to do another podcast with Mark Ollington, Gooner Ed and Bernard Azuley? - Post No. 29453

Website Admin  16:33pm 14th Oct 2012

Sasan Roohi - The panel is generally made-up of people who are available on the night the recording is booked, so although Kevin, Marc and Bernard will all be back at some stage in the future, it's not possible at this stage to say when. - Post No. 29454

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