Arsenal board using FFP as a smokescreen

By Marco Silva

How long before Ivan Gazidis turns into Comical Ali?

Six years ago, we were told that moving was the future for Arsenal. Arrogance and flair were abundant at Highbury and the burning embers of success continued to smoulder for a bit at the Emirates. Fast forward, and the fire is out. Nothingness remains. At our old home, we were ambitious. We were run by people with football in their blood. At our new one, we are soulless. Now we have people with money running through their veins.

Our next CEO… or the current one in disguise?

Opta stat tweet: this is Arsenal's worst start to a Premier League season in the Wenger era, beating the previous low of 16 points in 2011-12. Decline.

Before the Man Utd Game, I watched the 2006 Sky Classic, Spurs v Arsenal, when we won 4 - 5. Watching Vieira, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Fabregas, Cole, made me smile. Even Cygan made me smile. I felt happy. These players loved playing and scoring for us. As a fan, I felt connected to them. Watching Utd destroy us today showed me how far we have fallen. Humiliating and sad. Sad, because we used to do that. We used to be up for games of this magnitude. My heart used to beat ten-to-the-dozen. Adrenalin. Now, I have to force myself to sit and watch. Valium.

We used to play in the top tier of the Premiership. We used to score at will. Now we have a plethora of strikers, all of whom can't buy a goal. We didn't have a single shot on goal on Saturday. Did we replace van Persie? Of course not. These new players are balance sheet depreciators. They're not assets, that's for sure, because we wouldn't be able to get rid of them if we wanted to. I mean, we still have Bendtner on the books! It's not just the front line, though. Why didn't we challenge Spurs when they bought a goalie like Lloris? Why do we think our midfield is good enough when we are still (duh!) relying so heavily on sick-notes like Rosicky and Diaby (if they were horses...).

We continue to sell our biggest names. We lost Ashley Cole for the equivalent of a few quid in the football world, and we've been trying unsuccessfully to replace him ever since. We lost out on Xabi Alonso for £2 million. Mata pulled out when he realised we had a wage-cap and van Persie left for a competitor because we are dead wood. We only need to watch Saturday's game to see what that has cost us. We're now heading into the world of Financial Fair Play and our board seem to think that it will be our saviour, our shining knight. Are they bonkers? Are we that short-sighted that we honestly believe this directive will actually help us? With any new directive, there'll be loopholes. FFP is a big, wet, red herring, and our board continues to use it as a smoke-screen to not invest in the club. We have £70M available to spend on players.

The AGM was ugly. At the top table there was Hill-Wood, an obnoxious hooray complete with Arsenal birthright hanging round his neck like a 'Jim'll Fix It' medal, Gazidis ("...what the f**k do you dooooo?"), with his monotone sound-bites about sustainability and FFP and, lastly, Silent Stan - who obviously has dementia because he can't recall not meeting people. The nonchalance is astounding. Stan's objective is simple. He wants to build a franchise and then to extract regular dividends. He isn't in it for love. But what exactly is a franchise and do we want to be part of it? An ironic part of proceedings unfolded in front of disbelieving shareholders. Whilst Gazidis eulogised about controlling players' wages, the board agreed for him to trouser the highest CEO salary and bonus package in the league! What are friends for eh, especially considering Arsenal made an operating loss of £31M (ie before transfers)?

An important flaw in our wage-controlling policy is that we don't save money on salaries. Our wage-bill is fourth highest in the Premier League. Seriously. It is. So where are our Rooneys, Agueros, Yayas, our Matas, Hazards, Oscars or even our van Persies? Nowhere. A legitimate question to ask is why we have a wage bill which is up there with the best, but continue not to be anywhere near the best? Arsenal pay a greater-than-average wage for players and impose wage caps. Ideologically a good idea, but realistically, totally flawed, because low wages do not attract top-class players. World-lass players want to earn world-class salaries. They don't want to be on the same as the likes of Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Ramsey or Djourou. We're in a position where we have no truly world-class players, yet our wage-bill is one of the highest in the league. Our player economics are painful reading. Meanwhile, the fans continue to fund the equivalent of a football Ponzi scheme.

The question of whether the board has lost its ability to steer the club towards silverware answers itself. More importantly, the board betrays decades of tradition as we move away from a focus on the pitch, to an almost obsessive focus on money. As my mate always tells me, there's no point in being the richest bloke (club) in the cemetery.

Player underinvestment is also nonsensical from a sponsorship perspective. Sponsorship is simple. Winning things brings larger sponsorships deals, which means more money. Chevrolet's marriage with Utd demonstrates this perfectly. So why tolerate underinvestment and underperformance just when new sponsors will be needed in 2014? Maybe we think Chevrolet spent £360 million because they like Manchester? If only money was that fickle.

So where does this mismanagement leave us? In decline. Serious decline. As a season-ticket holder, I've had enough and next year I'm non-renewing. Seeing how quickly the stadium empties recently, I won't be the only one relieving myself of the league's most expensive football tickets. Welcome to Premiership Tier-Two football. It's November and we've already been 'relegated'.

9th November 2012 09:00:00


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Wenger is Fergie's puppy  13:05pm 9th Nov 2012

What do you mean how long?Gazidis already is Bull**** Ali.Repeat after me 4th is the new first - Post No. 30446

gooners are goners  13:31pm 9th Nov 2012

yep, its all a smoke screen. I was thinking the same thing the other day. We could have had a team consisting of cole, alonso+(cesc might have stayed), flamini, diarra, as much as I hate him (Ade) and rvp. Now we treat our best player (theo) like he's only done enough to sit on the bench. wtf!?? Sagna, verm, kos and jack the lad will all be gone within 2/3 years. If I was a footballer I would leave to win. - Post No. 30451

moleAFC  13:40pm 9th Nov 2012

Good article. Spot on - Post No. 30453

What was the point in leaving Highbury?  13:43pm 9th Nov 2012

Online Gooner, I really feel that the time has come for you as the biggest Fanzine at Arsenal and therefore a mouth peice of the people to come out and nail your colours to the mast. Direct action is needed to sort this complete shambles of a so called Football Club out. It's obvious from articles and posts on here and in your paper based version that the vast majority of support wants the board out, Kronkee to leave us alone and now the jury has returned its verdict on Wenger after years of wrangling. We as Arsenal supporters have allowed this to happen to our club however we have the power to take it back. You must be aware of the BSM and their march before the Swansea game so please promote it. You also need to break cover on Wenger. Your articles on here are cutting towards his decline but I feel someone needs to break the silence and demand him gone and then the damm will break and his positon will be untenable. Please reflect the views of your readership and LEAD!!!! - Post No. 30455

Tony Evans  13:45pm 9th Nov 2012

Spot on and I am sick of it too. Don't let the morons who will tell you that you are not a true supporter for feeling like you do (and for not renewing your season ticket) and stick to your guns. The more fans that turn their backs on the whole rotten set up the better. Something has to shake Wenger and the Board out of their cosy little '4th place is OK' world and a half empty stadium would be good for starters. Hopefully failure to secure a CL place will help too - though even that may not be enough to break the love in between Wenger, Gazedis and Kronke. I have been through some bad Arsenal times during my years as a fan but nothing compares to the stale, hopeless feeling that I feel now. Arsenal have had worse teams, yes; finished well down the league, yes, but I still cared about my club back then despite everything, whereas now I am close to hating them and wanting them to fail to get Wenger out. - Post No. 30457

Ian McAllister  13:49pm 9th Nov 2012

Well said and well written, we need to stand up and make a noise and make change happen before we go too low. Financial fair play will never work, as you said you think Man City or PSG money men don't already know the loop holes, of course they do. Fresh faces and fresh ideas are needed, get Usmanov on the board for a start - Post No. 30458

Mike  13:54pm 9th Nov 2012

"Where our our Rooney's....." every player you list plays for the 3 richest clubs in the country. Blindingly obvious but that's why we don't have any players like that. You bang on about us having the fourth highest wage bill, we are (at best) the fourth richest club and wwe finish.......fourth! If you try really hard, you might see a common theme. You're an idiot and if glory is so important to you, go and support a club where they buy their trophies. The negative energy you and your kind generate is actually detrimental to the club. Please just go and leave the majority of us who actually support the club to do just that. You speak like having a season ticket gives you some special privilege and knowldge when deciding how the club should be run. If you don't believe that, then why write this rubbish. If you do believe that it gives you some special rights then as someone who had his first season ticket in 1968 and still travels over 200 miles to every home game, I'm glad you're giving up your season ticket. It can now go to someone who wants to support the club rather than slag it off for totally illogical reasons. - Post No. 30459

Harv197  13:59pm 9th Nov 2012

Totally agree with your comments above. I've been a season ticket holder since 1993 but have been going fairly regularly since 1987. Whilst I understand that we can't compete with Chelsea and Man City on transfer fees and wages as they don't need to balance the books. We should still be able to attract better players than we have brought. Wengers recent transfer activity is pretty poor and hardly any of our first eleven now would get into the 2003/04 first eleven....maybe Cazola at a push! To be honest even the football we play is becoming pretty dull. We overpass it all the time and there is a lack of cutting edge up front and hardly any pace...........how many times can we have said that about previous Wenger sides? We are trying to play like Barcelona when we don't have anywhere near the players they have at their disposal. I'm a big Wenger fan and I do share the view that the grass isn't always greener but something fairly soon is going to have to give. I'm hoping he can address our need for some firepower and pace upfront in the Jan transfer window and also get decent cover for Gibbs at LB........but I'm not holding my breath. We do have too many players that are earning 50k a week, not earning their money and very happy to sit out their contract as they know they won't get that kind of money elsewhere. How the hell did Djourou earn a new 50k a week contract last season? And its funny how Rosicky got a new deal last season and we haven't seen anything of him so far this season...........and don't get me started on Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner (still on our books), and Park (Wengers worst signing ever?) They are all very happy to sit out their contracts and the worst thing is they are entitled it. The one question I would love to ask Wenger would be - Have the club given real funds to compete in the transfer market recently and you have choosen not to spend it or have you just been toeing the company line and have not spoken out about the lack of funds you have been allocated.........unfortunately I don't think we will ever get an honest answer to that question! I'm still hopeful/optimistic that we can turn this season around and have a good second half of the season. - Post No. 30461

Gooner  14:26pm 9th Nov 2012

Additionally I have an issue with AW, if he means well he should not be supporting this farce of a board, remember he too is one of the highest paid managers in the league!!! I just wish that more of the supporters realised what's going on and stopped showinng their blind faith in AW. He was very very good 7 years ago ..but unfortunately not any more!!! - Post No. 30465

Derek  14:32pm 9th Nov 2012

I have been a Gooner for over 40 years and i dont ever expect us ever to win the premiership again unless Usmanov takes over.This is the worst Arsenal team by far under Wenger.But dont worry we are interested in a striker from Burnley - Post No. 30466

Arsenal fans get the club they deserve  14:51pm 9th Nov 2012

Yeah of course it's all the board's fault. Wenger doesn't have any say into which players we buy, for what price and what their wage should be. Please AKBs, let go of Wenger's apron strings, The Arsenal really did exist before 1996. - Post No. 30467

Dobromir  15:06pm 9th Nov 2012

It's hard to argue mainly because the results on the pitch haven't been favourable and the style of play is also deteriorating. In the past we used to lose 'beautifully', now when we lose we are usually totally outplayed. Can Wenger turn it around? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure. The last few years have made the fans numb to the pain. - Post No. 30469

Mahmadou  15:08pm 9th Nov 2012

Wenger is THE single biggest problem at the club and he was incompetently mismanaging Arsenal long before that bald clueless moron Gazidis showed up. Of COURSE the board don't believe in FFP don't be silly! Remember all the jam tomorrow promises that have been made! Well this is just the latest one. Then, in 2 years when it becomes clear FFP is a farce, we'll be told we 'cannot compete' and that we are 'waiting for the global economic slowdown to subside by whichtime we will be in a great position'. There is ALWAYS an excuse to reward the proven failures from Wenger to Gazidis, and lose the people we really need. If you asked me who I would rather have kept of: RVP, Nasri, Cesc, Cole vs Wenger, Gazidis? EASY ANSWER! The FIRST thing that needs to happenis Wenger HAS TO GO. ASAP. Once he is gone we can turn our ire to the board as there will be no more accountant to help them creat their lies. You are wrong on one thing though. We do still have some world-class staff: world-class LOSERS Wenger, Gazidis et al. Arsenal fritter money away there is nothing 'sustainable' about paying a manager £7m a year to be utter garbage, paying a CEO the top salary for making a LOSS, and paying players over £130m for being nothing short of mediocre mercenaries. Welcome to Wenger FC. TIME TO REVOLT! - Post No. 30470

Rob  15:17pm 9th Nov 2012

Very good article. But this :- " Meanwhile, the fans continue to fund the equivalent of a football Ponzi scheme." nails it. And whilst the funding continues so will Gazedis, Hill-Wood and Kronke. So cut the funding - in other words stop going - and you might see some changes. That's what I've done. Keep going and they will. - Post No. 30471

Red Member  15:28pm 9th Nov 2012

What was the point in leaving Highbury - yes the online gooner is quick to criticise but slow to do anything. BSM March Saturday 1st December - get Kroenke OUT!! - Post No. 30472

Dan h  15:54pm 9th Nov 2012

Even with CL qualification we cannot keep our best players to the point other than Wilshire & Gibbs (due to no fee paid)who do we have left to actually sell at a decent profit?The wage bill shows how badly we have used what resources we do have.OGL judgement on purchases recently has to be questioned even from France where he still has all the scouts/contacts required Gervinho,Chamakh(remember AA23 playing CF while we waited for him on a bosman!).Squillaci french player picked up from Spain in wages & fee over £10m down the pan likewise Chamakh.Giroud not in you know who's class & frankly bought on Mr.Grimandi's constant glowing scouting reports without crosses pretty limited striker so far.OGL was pushed by other scouts & coaching staff to sign Kompany then Cahill his judgement has to be questioned.A deal was in place for Mata even with £35m from the Fabregas sale we baulked at the last minute.There is money to spend but IT IS being held back MSS technically right on that but knowing full well the PTA will never be allowed to fall below a set figure.August 2011 should have been the time for change the drubbing at OT.The comical last day trolly dash for players not imo because of OT but because we had just beaten Udinese.Arteta & Mertesacker good solid players who were scouted.Park £5.5m written off crazy signing.Santos was offered to us as Fenerbache had financial problems the fact he has somehow got some Brazil caps may have tempted us was he scouted i seriously doubt it desperation signing that again will cost us a lot of money.Please look at our recent deals not good enough rank bad choices the buck stops with the manager.Still MSS interviewed & appointed by OGL who's footballing claim to fame is working in the MLS & boasting of doing hundreds of contracts.Good to know the man that secured deals for the world renowned MLS will be overseeing our negotiations on player purchases give me strength pathetic. - Post No. 30473

Gaz  15:58pm 9th Nov 2012

I totally agree with 'What was the point in leaving Highbury?' All I seem to do is read endless articles about how bad things currently are and whilst I agree with most of them (I think Wengers underperforming and the current board are useless) its surely now the time for the likes of the online Gooner to come out and not only support this march but to start to actively protest themselves. Otherwise nothing will happen and we'll all be here next year doing exactly the same thing! - Post No. 30474

RJ  16:11pm 9th Nov 2012

@WWTPOLH - "the vast majority of support wants the board out, Kronkee to leave us alone and now the jury has returned its verdict on Wenger after years of wrangling". Where do you get this idea? From reader Online Gooner and other minority sites only I suspect - get out a bit more please. If the vast majority wanted Wenger out, there would be protests against him in the ground - they don't need to be organised by the Gooner. Admittedly "One Arsene Wenger" has not been heard recently at the Emirates, but neither has "Wenger out". BTW - Kroenke does leave us alone - hence the "Silent Stan" tag. @Gooners Are Goners - you must be a Spud calling Theo our best player. Per-lease. He should, agree, be in Starting 11, but I would rate him behind Bacary, BFG, Cazorla, JW10, MK8 so not even top 5 - and he is the one that started the contract games last year "I want to play through the middle" - well take more of your chances, yes he is our top scorer, but he is no RVP. And if things are so bad, how come I managed to sell my two season tickets in about an hour on the ticket exchange yesterday - obviously people still want to go to the ground - or is that so they can join your mass protest day of action thing? Things are not perfect at the club by a long shot, but what gives us the right to expect them to be. - Post No. 30475

maguiresbridge gooner  16:26pm 9th Nov 2012

Spot on Marco we're in decline alright and have been for a while regardless of our manager and comical ali spinning that fourth place and qualification for the CL a competition we'll never win is a trophy.The fire is out alright will it ever be relit ? not by/with some of the dross we have.The days of PV FL TH RP DB etc, are long gone some would argue it's hard to replace players like that but we have none that come even close any we had we flogged for a profit and never replaced.Spot on again can any of us feel as connected to this bunch as we did with the players above ? and you could go back a lot further than that. - Post No. 30476

John Gooner  16:28pm 9th Nov 2012

Well said! Why does the club not realise that winning things makes you a lot more MONEY than selling players and facing the wrath of the fans? Winning things is sustainable source of money, winning things wins you fans, enlarged sponsorship deals and political power. Why are the board so blind to this?! Do they not see that the fans will stop turning up and the decline will be irreversible?! - Post No. 30477

Angry Dave  17:05pm 9th Nov 2012

Mike - It's supporters like you who show no ambition and let this sinking ship sink even lower to the regions of mid-table (and god forbid lower). I mean how many more mistakes is that man in charge going to make and the club's direction as a whole will it take for people like you to wake up and smell the coffee? Embarrasing. - Post No. 30478

ppp  17:20pm 9th Nov 2012

We hear a lot of Usmanov sponsored teeth gnashing on here - but when these "protests" take place they're attended by a few dozen people that no Arsenal fan I know has ever seen or heared of. The simple truth is we are going through a tough period - but if you don't think it could be a hell of a lot worse then you should either grow up or - as one sensible poster suggested - change your fickle allegiance to one of the sugar daddy clubs that regular buys trophies these days. You'll be much happier and you'll be leaving the genuine fans who just want to get behind the team to start helping the club instead of fending off the Usmanov eggs. - Post No. 30479

Bard  18:36pm 9th Nov 2012

Good post. I have been a Gooner for 55+ years and seen the up and the downs and believe me there have been some serious downs. Yes I know I dont have a UEFA B licence but I know when the club are trying to get things right and I know when someone is taking the piss. I wrote last season that I thought it would take a fans revolt to turn things around because Wenger wont be sacked and I believe the same is ture now. The Gooners are and always have been tolerant and largely sophisticated bunch but forget all the tinkering; if only we'd bought X or bought Y. The side ( and the club) has been stagnating since we scraped that FA cup win against Man U. While we continue to pour money into the club, while we have full houses nothing will change.If you think we cant drop into mediocrity look no further than Liverpool. Blame Gazidis, Kroenke all you like. Its our club and we have to take responsibility for it. We need to get organised ! - Post No. 30480

Lenny  18:43pm 9th Nov 2012

I can understand the author's frustration, and I agree with chunks of it, but much of it is just evidently wrong. "At our old home, we were ambitious. We were run by people with football in their blood. At our new one, we are soulless. Now we have people with money running through their veins" — The board is pretty much the same as it was back then, with the exception of Gazidis and Kroenke, and the manager is the same. "At the top table there was Hill-Wood, an obnoxious hooray complete with Arsenal birthright hanging round his neck like a 'Jim'll Fix It' medal" — isn't he one of those people with "football in their blood" who the author is so fond of? "Our wage-bill is fourth highest in the Premier League. Seriously. It is. So where are our Rooneys, Agueros, Yayas, our Matas, Hazards, Oscars or even our van Persies? Nowhere." — errr, we're the fourth best team in the league, or technically third if you're going on the last full premier league season, so surely having the fourth highest wage people is actually pretty fair? "Player underinvestment is also nonsensical from a sponsorship perspective. Sponsorship is simple. Winning things brings larger sponsorships deals, which means more money." — or you could invest loads in players and end up like Leeds or Blackburn (post 1995). It's actually not that simple. For one, I think the board is dead right to insist the club runs on the resources it generates — this doesn't mean I don't have major issues with the way the club is run at the moment, but this isn't one of them. "So where does this mismanagement leave us? In decline. Serious decline." — falling from 1st/2nd to 3rd/4th in the Premier League is not "serious decline", it's a problem, yes, but let's have some perspective. That said I do agree with the author on many points, such as overpaying average players, the lack of focus at the club on winning trophies and the cost of tickets to watch us play. - Post No. 30481

Gare Kekeke  18:48pm 9th Nov 2012

Good article. FFP, though sounding great in theory, is indeed a smokescreen used by Wenger & Gazidis. Interesting that it’s emerged that Chelsea, who along with other petrol-dollar filled clubs are meant to be caught out by FFP if you believe some people, have finally turned a profit (albeit a small profit but hey it all counts) for the first since the Abramovic takeover in 2003. And why? Because they won the European Cup. Yeah that’s right, big clubs like Chelsea annually aim for European Cup qualification because they want to win the greatest trophy in European club football and not make up the numbers or hold some sort of prestige over rivals because they are in it. Compare that to Wenger, Gazidis & Kronke who only want us to qualify for it because of the lucrative finances that comes with it. Bring on another European Cup humiliation later this season. We’ll still finish fourth as I believe that only the Manchester clubs and Chelsea are better than us in the Premier League (the likes of Everton & Tottenham are just pretenders in my view no matter who good they are) and it will continue for the foreseeable future. Happy days. Up The Arsenal! - Post No. 30482

Judge me in May  18:52pm 9th Nov 2012

Clueless clueless PPP. Trotting out the same old AKB adage of "F off and support Chelsea / Spurs / City". Fickle allegiance? We wouldn't be around here voicing our concerns if we weren't true fans, we'd have sod off long ago. We're just not so dim-witted to be so easily conned into believing the spin of the regime. Don't you short-sighted sheep realise that continuing to give your blind support to this rotten regime will only compound the problems? If it has to take a painful surgery to eradicate the cancer that is Wenger from our club, so be it. - Post No. 30483

Rob  19:04pm 9th Nov 2012

So ppp - anyone who doesn't think it's all hunky dory at Arsenal is an Usmanov agent ? For the record, I'm no ones 'Agent' other than my own. And did you follow the last shareholders meeting ? There seemed a lot of discontent there, so it plainly isn't just the obscure and unheard-of that don't like it. Is it 80 - 20 in Wenger's favour at the ground ? As I no longer go I can't say but I can certainly see a lot of empty seats and your mate Ivan, came in for some ferocious stick at OT the other week from the away fans. So regardless of your little fantasy of a Russian conspiracy, I think the clock is running down on the current regime and the end can't some soon enough. - Post No. 30484

Any Old Iron  19:04pm 9th Nov 2012

Spot on matey. Wenger and the rest...OUT! - Post No. 30485

Joe S.  20:41pm 9th Nov 2012

RJ and ppp you guys are right the majority of Arsenal fans seem to be a bunch of placid sheep happy to maintain the status quo and keeper the Wegner legend alive regardless of whether his statue is now covered in pidgeon ****.On line Gooner is an oasis compared to other drooling sites which exist mainly to share the love for a man whose early achievments now count for very little in the modern world. - Post No. 30491

Absolute Power  21:12pm 9th Nov 2012

viera for example has a role to 'nurture talent' at man city and look after balotelli. Viera could not have been more passionate about Arsenal but no role for him in Wenger's Louis IV hierarchy where he sits on the throne and listens to no one. no outspoken number 2's or 3's at Arsenal. Only the Sun King enjoying absolute power who has all his directors and board under some kind of spell. we are going downhill and we are going downhill big time this year. Cesc smelt it, as did Sami as did Robin. they loved the club but they could smell what it was truly all about - Post No. 30492

What was the point in leaving Highbury?  21:28pm 9th Nov 2012

RJ, obviously we are entitled to our own opions, thats what football is about, but ibelieve i am speaking for the majority. I do go on more niche sites than this but as this is most famous i believe it represents the widest crosss section of the Goonercommunity. Surely your excuses for wenger, the highest paid manager in the league working on a top ten wage bill in europe, are a little tierd now. Wenger and the board out, enough is enough. - Post No. 30494

mark gregg  21:55pm 9th Nov 2012

couldnt agree more,we gooners are constantly trying to climb the big slippery pole year in year out and are bluffing ourselves that we can compete with the big money clubs.our season consists of 1st, finishing 4th or higher.2nd knockout stages champions league.3rd,fa cup run [if any].4th,league cup run for the potentials.season after season our expectations rise only to fizzle out before xmas.For a club of arsenals stature, its an absolute disgrace.I think Mr Wenger needs to have a good hard look from the fans point of view [it costs me a weeks wages going over to see us play] and waken up before the fans turn on him,by which,for me,will have undone the superb job he has done. - Post No. 30495

GG89  22:52pm 9th Nov 2012

AKBs... wake up! Maybe the board are leaving these comments on the forums... There's a future without AW and its called Winning SOMETHING and pocketing the EFFFFing financial rewards and getting the younger generation to support us.... WAKE UP!!! FFP more than a smoke screen its an IRON CURTAIN.... Ahhhhh! Still banging my head against the wall. - Post No. 30496

AKBs are fake fans  6:28am 10th Nov 2012

What annoys me the most are them Arsene bum lickers who sit at home thinking without Wenger there won't be Arsenal. They say disabled things like 'oh it's ok when FFP comes in place we'll win everything and have enough money to buy Messi and Ronaldo', also things like 'Gazidis and Kroenke are the people to take Arsenal forward, hopefully in 4 years time we can buy a world class player but in the mean while I'm happy with Ramsey and Gervinho because in 2-3 season Wenger will make them world class' It's ok for you guys because you stream matches off your laptop you don't even attend matches so it doesn't bother you if Kroenke is mugging off the fans or not, if you want to see mediocrity then go and support Spurs you mugs. Usmanov is the man to take Arsenal forward and hopefully he will take over and kick Gazidis and Wenger out of Arsenal. Kroenke OUT, Usmanov IN!! - Post No. 30500

Big Dave  8:57am 10th Nov 2012

Well we could go on the march on Dec 1st and show our disgust. Oh sorry i forgot the Gooner and A.I.S.A don't do protest just sit behind keyboards and moan or in .A.I.S.A case just go to meetings and eat free sandwichs - Post No. 30501

Stevesam  10:39am 10th Nov 2012

Marco - you should realise by now, like most of us, we are just plebs and customers of Walmart. As PHW confirmed, " thanks for taking an interest in our affairs " - Post No. 30502

Dandy Mod  16:22pm 10th Nov 2012

@Mike - If you've been going since the 60's you'll have realised we weren't the richest in 1971, 1989, 1991, 1998, 2002 or 2004! You might be detecting a theme here! What we didn't do then is run up the white flag and just said sorry we can't compete! There are plenty of footballers about that are good enough that aren't playing for Chelsea, City, Man U, etc. Employ a manager that can find them, organise them and motivate them! There lies the problem. - Post No. 30504

Peter Wain  17:07pm 10th Nov 2012

Another performance of total rubbish. The defence a joke the midfield pathetic and the attack worful. When oh when are we going to have some quality players. - Post No. 30505

ATID  23:08pm 10th Nov 2012

Another afternoon of comedy club defending against Fulham. I think we are at last seeing the beginning of the end for AW. We have no chance of a "fourth place trophy" if this form continues and why should it end? In Arsene We Trust to sort it out? The odds are getting longer every day. - Post No. 30511

Noz  23:14pm 10th Nov 2012

Mostly spot on. Well, I sing Wenger Out at every game (I make sure to sing Come On Arsenal either side) and all I hear is the chewing of grass. I am completely serious when I say I would prefer to be shouted down but nothing......rip chew swallow, rip chew swallow. It makes me sad that so called supporters really dont seem to love the club enough to even have an opinion :-( - Post No. 30512

Ali  6:20am 11th Nov 2012

From 2005 to 2010 we were one or two players short of winning the title and mounting a serious CL challenge but the continued loss of quality players has left us much weaker. In those years we could have easily won two or three main trophies with 20-30 million investments but the board refused to take any action. Now we are years away from winning anything credible. - Post No. 30515

chrisy boy  7:47am 11th Nov 2012

im up for any form of protest to vent my anger at the board/wenger but am i right in thinking the the protest march starts at 2pm opposite the gunners pub in blackstock road. By 2pm the board will be on there main course drinking there bubbly stuff and treating the swansea directors like royalty. What im getthng at is shouldnt any protest and gathering of all us that our unhappy be starting at around 12 30 when the directors turn up, obstructing there entrance to the ground and actualy letting them see we are not happy might be the way ahead. And it may even make them late for there prawn cocktail starter. Hopefuly the powers that be who are making this protest happen will read this and have a re-think and give my idea some thought. - Post No. 30516

Mike  13:18pm 12th Nov 2012

I'd be interested to know the average age of the people who ae ceratin they know how to run a multi-million pound business AND are tactically more knowldgable than AW AND know all the best players in the world AND know exactly how to get them to sign for Arsenal. It's incredible how ridiculous the Gooner and their supporters can be. It strikes me that most of them are about 10 since the level of logic, knowledge and insight is considerable less than than I get from my 10 year old daughter and she's not even interested in football. Get real people, be disappointed but don't be absurd and undermine the team that you supposedly support. I'm sure some of you were the ones that were booing at half-time on Saturday. I defy any one of you to tell me how that helps the team. If success is all that's important to you, sod off to one of the very rich clubs and join the rest of the plastic fans. You're no good to Arsenal. - Post No. 30634

tpm  22:38pm 12th Nov 2012

mike, haha...poor kids i feel sorry for them for having such a blind father. yep all is well, club is doing all it can to win, we have a great financial model. well firstly we run at an operating loss, hear that? our model doesnt work without property sales and player sales. classic akb arguement success....its not about lak of success, about deliberatly competing with one hand tied behind our backs, about rewarding crap players too well. if u really are as old as you claim, its precisely people like you that the club and indeed the country are in the ****. with age comes wisdom usually, in your case not. its a lament that we didnt join the yanks in nam, as lots of morons would have had sense knocked into them, and actually see whats right in front of them. - Post No. 30675

joe mehmet  8:07am 13th Nov 2012

This Board has to GO.it is as simply as that they can't even sort out Walcotts contract,Wilshere will be next then the OX..it just goes on an on and they simply haven't Learnt from the pass about HOW we the season ticket holders feel..they simply don't give a 5hit about us - Post No. 30684

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16th February 2018

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