Gooner Podcast 115 now online

By Kevin Whitcher

Recorded on Monday evening

Gooner Podcast number 115, sponsored by goonershirts is now online

Theo: Has he made a good enough case?

Recorded: Monday 7th January 2013

Topics Include -
Do the cup tie line-ups indicate Arsene Wenger is getting desperate?
Is Arsenal’s defending actually getting worse?
Should players fit the system or should the system be adapted for the players?
Time to give up on Gervinho?
Could a January signing change the course of the season?
Is Arsenal’s wage structure going to bring success?
What did Robin van Persie’s recent statement about his team-mates say about Arsenal?
Has Theo Walcott made a good enough case to be awarded £100,000 a week?
Will the long term contracts signed by five young British players mean greater loyalty to Arsenal?
This season’s new pricing structure with Grade A and Grade C games.
Do fanzines still have a role to play in the age of the internet and social media.

Marc Ollington
Mike Francis (Twitter@GoonerFanzine)
Phil Wall (Twitter@AngryOfN5)
Host: David Oudot

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We’ll be back with more in early February.

9th January 2013 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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Barry  7:56am 9th Jan 2013

AngryofN5 a great addition and always great to have Olly back.Wonder what happened to the president of the Gervinho fan club the Spy? - Post No. 33243

Wenger Must Go  10:56am 9th Jan 2013

Great podcast. The players should fit the system but not with this team :( Marc Ollington was fantastic!! - Post No. 33251

Jonny Moped  12:33pm 9th Jan 2013

I love the Ollington! Listening to him closely I think he is a little stammer but the missus finds that cute! And for me, even though he rambles and doesn't quite get to his point, I find him a fabulous and funny listen. Great podcast and good panel! - Post No. 33260

Highbury Spy  13:46pm 9th Jan 2013

OK! OK! Barry please cut me some slack on Gervinho! I made those comments on a podcast a few months ago and it was after his rare good games against Chelsea and Southampton when he looked a world beater. Since then I admit he's regressed to last year's abysmal form culminating in a 'bambi on ice' performance at Southampton last week. I still think he's got great ability and he's the only player apart from Theo that ever gets to the byline behind an opposing team's defence, it's his decision making once he gets there that needs improvement. That and obviously his finishing of course. My current point is I think Arsene Wenger has contracted Alzheimers judging by his recent comments to the media about the transfer window and his look and demeanour. What on earth does he mean "if a top top player becomes available we will sign them"? They only become available when you put decent money on the table Mr Wenger, haven't you learned that yet in your 16 years at Arsenal? My God, if any team ever needed freshening up with a new manager it's us. If he's still here next season we are in big, big trouble. Wenger Out! - Post No. 33263

Peter Wain  15:18pm 9th Jan 2013

I not sure who said we would be getting rid of Gervinho at the end of the season but as he was signed on a long term contract and is by some distance the worst premership player I think that to be optimistic. - Post No. 33267

smithy  16:20pm 9th Jan 2013

If we do have any 'new' signings I suspect they will be the old chestnut of diaby,fabianski and santos 'like new signings' returning from injury. T he squad is in need of chronic overhaul, with particular emphasis on the spine-gk,2 central defenders,2 ball winning brick walls in centre midfield and 2 out and out strikers who will put the ball in the net(NOT WINGERS OR MIDFIELDERS PLAYED OUT OF POSITION). I know I ask for a lot but i have never seen such a disjointed Arsenal squad as this one. Unfortunately Arsene is far too loyal to players who have systematically let him down and his scouting network which has proved to be inaccurate and misinformed of late. - Post No. 33269

Rob  21:06pm 9th Jan 2013

Love the Spy ! We are of similar age ! Similar Outlook ! And......Almost.......Similar Appearance. (I have more hair) But otherwise, he's spot on, as always. Wenger will be here this time next year and we are - and will be - in BIG Trouble. Apart from that - all is Rosy ! - Post No. 33275

Tom  0:02am 10th Jan 2013

A bit predictable every body just saying what every one else want's them to say.One of the guys sounded like he'd be at home on a farm OR OR. - Post No. 33282

Theo Walnutt  20:11pm 10th Jan 2013

How long before Ollington is poached by one of the bigger Arsenal podcasts? - Post No. 33347

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