Leader of the Line

By Theo Jensen

Is Olivier Giroud the right player to ‘take Arsenal forward’?

Despite what has been (mostly) a good run of form for Arsenal this season, there seems to be almost a consensus that the team position most in need of strengthening is the centre-forward role, one currently plied by Oliver Giroud. I want to look at whether he is or has the potential to be our main striker, or if, as many fans hope to see, we would be better off buying another marquee signing of the calibre of Mesut Ozil come January.

Case For Giroud
In his first season Giroud needed time to adapt to the pace and style of English football after his successful spell at Montpellier. In total though, of 43 games played he still managed 17 goals and 10 assists, which is a decent return for a player still bedding in to a new side. This season, having completed this transition, in 11 games he has managed a relatively better return of five goals and four assists.

Another indication of his progress is a marked improvement in chance conversion. Having struggled with his finishing last season - converting just 29% of his chances, so far this campaign that has been upped significantly to 42%.

Giroud is also becoming excellent at holding up the ball and bringing others into play. This allows the midfielders opportunities to move higher up the pitch, which must be a factor in Ramsey’s recent exceptional form. It’s also a key reason for his assist record as a striker being matched by only Aguero and Rooney this year.

Case Against Giroud
None of the arguments presented in defence of Giroud are particularly contentious. The truly problematic factors are his weaknesses, which arguably outweigh those valid strengths. What seems to hold him back most is a lack of acceleration, and ultimately a slowness both mentally, but more so physically. This has been mitigated more as time wears on with his increased understanding with fellow players, and more unorthodox (but effective) movement off the ball.

Indeed, the majority of his goals seem to come now from counter attacks, where he can be sure of the time and space to execute better finishes. And if there’s one major deficiency in his play it has to be his dependence on crosses. I have counted him only scoring five goals for us that weren’t from crosses: a near-post smash against a demoralised Newcastle in that 7-3 win, a penalty against Marseille, a chip against Coventry City and a brace against Brighton. All teams probably about equivalent to the mass of Ligue 1 clubs Giroud faced playing for Montpellier, giving significantly more time and space to attacking players. Interestingly, his goals from crosses actually represented the minority of chances taken in a Montpellier shirt.

In terms of taking those crosses however, usually with a near-post run; there aren’t many players better at it in the game right now. But for Arsenal to really challenge for titles, they need a more dynamic striker, as Giroud ultimately remains too one-dimensional as a goalscorer.

Indeed, I’d argue that his role as a striker is not actually what suits him best. When you think about some of his best moments in terms of technical ability, it’s not the role of a lone striker that plays to his strengths. Take for example the superb assist to Podolski at home to Montpellier - he actually drifted in between the defence and midfield, slotting into the position of what would actually be a second striker.

Take as well our last goal, scored against Dortmund. It was his headed assist to Ramsey in what ended up with another player (Ramsey in this case) ahead of him, that came off when nothing else would. And as we saw against United on Sunday, he can struggle to play ‘through’ the lines of defences, being somewhat dependent on midfield runners ahead of him.

Really then it’s Giroud’s ability to provide assists, bring in other players to score goals and overall team-player-attitude that mark him out, rather than his ability as a lone striker in the mould of a Lewandowski or Van Persie.

Although the club lacks the wingers and has too great a dearth of central midfielders to play a 4-4-2 system, it might not be a bad idea to play 3-5-2 against weaker teams, with Giroud supporting either Podolski’s clinical finishing or Walcott’s deadly pace on the counter attack (which is far more devastating coming from a central position.)

Ideally however, the club will buy a truly world class striker who can make something out of nothing, help keep the tempo of the play fast and contribute with many goals. If only Bendtner’s ability matched his psychology…

13th November 2013 09:00:00


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Geoff Seago  5:10am 13th Nov 2013

Agree with this.... Giroud works hard and is good getting on the end of crosses, but apart from that, 1 dimensional as you say. Poor acceleration, does not create on his own. - Post No. 44569

smithy  6:19am 13th Nov 2013

The old adage of a 'good big un with a good little un springs to mind'.We need an out and out goalscorer the man united mexican would be ideal but they wouldn't sell to us.Someone who thinks of where the net is primarily and not how they can assist in a beautiful move.And I'm not sure about Benzema either- a mood player who can be brilliant or totally disapear.I said a while ago Fred the Brizilian is a good finisher but never gets mentioned by the papers.Giroud needs help and god knows Bendtner and park are no help- like two contestants in Takishes castle! - Post No. 44570

Roy  6:40am 13th Nov 2013

Imagine him tucked in behind an Ian Wright. Of course we need to do something in this area if we're to stand a realistic chance of winning the title. It's a no brainer. - Post No. 44571

CanadaGooner  7:56am 13th Nov 2013

I think Giroud has been immense for us this season (in holding the ball up; buying valuable seconds), and the victory against Liverpool was largely down to that. Problem is, prior to the Liverpool game, it was billed as the toughest game Arsenal will ever face! (SAS - best strike force in the history of football and all that crap), but as usual, right after the game, everyone started saying our next game is going to be the toughest test in the history of Arsenal FC... and so on and so forth. If we had gone off to OT and won there, people will say the home game against Southampton is the toughest game in our history! The reality is: if you've gone 8 years without a trophy, EVERY game in a promising season, is the toughest game. Even the most optimistic Arsenal fan on earth, would have lingering doubts util we've plage game 37 and we are 4 points clear at the top of the table! Back to the Giroud debate, the problem is that when we had Thierry Henry banging the goals in, we also, over the years, had Pirez, Wiltord, Bergkamp and even guys like Viera and Ray Palour putting in the odd (important) goal every now and again. Right now, we wont win anything with the scoring options we currently have, as I dont see any of the others, scoring enough goals in IMPORTANT matches - Post No. 44572

Hamza  8:05am 13th Nov 2013

I think alot of Gooners are underestimating Podolski. Both he and Walcott were definitely coming good before the injuries. If we can have a chance to see Podolski, Walcott and Giroud together for a run of games, I really think we will have more than the currently-required World Class striker in the combination of them. Just think of the mayhem we're gonna create with combinations of Podolski, Walcott, Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere and The Ox! If only we could keep them all for for 20 consecutive games. - Post No. 44573

Mike  8:45am 13th Nov 2013

The question actually becomes - do we need a back-up striker for Giroud, or is Giroud a back-up striker for someone else - someone mentioned Dafoe the other day which is not a bad call - they can play together if required. - Post No. 44574

Johnny Lynch  9:04am 13th Nov 2013

We've got a world class striker in Bendtner .. Wenger (7 million a year and counting) thinks so .. Apparently Guardiola , Benitez, Mourinho and even David Moyes wanted the man to spearhead their respective teams , but our glorious manager saved him for us and the glory that awaits. - Post No. 44575

BADARSE  9:38am 13th Nov 2013

Thanks Theo, this will provoke debate, but I guess most will be assumptions and speculation, based on individual's view of one man, Olivier. I rate him highly. I am aware though that this type of player takes a step up in the eyes of the masses when he has a partner. Will he get one? Who knows, now begins assumption and speculation. I still have a distinct feeling that we shall not find 'that' man in January, my speculative forecast. If one of the men behind him had something akin to the qualities we are looking for they would have shown it by now, we haven't anyone currently who might. Ozil is a forlorn hope in this department, Walcott a non-starter for the role. Podolski? He may be a limited success at best I assume-my assumption. If Giroud is to get a foil doesn't that suggest we go 4-4-2? Again would be surprised if that occurs; 3-5-2 as suggested in the article? I doubt that, again my presumptions. Then if one appeared over the horizon would Giroud complement the player? Would he be number one or two if it was a straight swap? More questions than answers, so the speculation and assumption takes the high ground. Intriguing to think that had we a young Ian Wright in the ranks how would we augment his place in the team, drop Ozil? Interesting problem. Oh and johnny lynch, our manager's wages have no baring on Giroud's ability, neither does the mortgage manager's on the dwelling you might have. Bendtner was being pushed for sale, it didn't happen, he remains for now, we utilise his resource whilst we pay his wages, that's common sense, surely? - Post No. 44576

Radfordkennedy  9:44am 13th Nov 2013

Giroud is sadly on a hiding to nothing when we win hes called immense when we lose hes incompetent,They way this team is set up Giroud is very much the hod carrier to load up the craftsmen behind him,when they perform it works well when they have a bad day he looks exposed,and as a team with no real winger or width to speak of he can be starved of any real and quality service.Now the problem as i see it is that if we get another striker but dont change the way we play will that player be as good as Giroud,because it would seem that going 442 is not in AW's plans,and with the man who looks like a campaign poster warning of the danger of driving whilst under the influence of band narcotics,namely Ozil seemingly drifting through games i would rather take a punt on young Gnabry in the number 10 position should we come unstuck in the transfer window and not bring anyone in.On the subject of the transfer window there seems to be an expectation amongst fellow Gooners that AW is going to land someone special to be honest i have my doubts,i dont think theres anyone left of any quality that another top flight club would sell us,certainly not from these shores or any of the top CL clubs....incidently big respect to the club on sunday as an ex-serviceman i was deeply touched by the lettering under the poppy on the shirt 'Arsenal Remembers'pure class that. - Post No. 44578

Bard  10:00am 13th Nov 2013

A good analysis. The problem of the lack of goals has partly been covered up by Rambo's stunning form but all teams with the ambition need a top class striker. united as oneosted yesterday are a team of scuffles and two world class strikers. I don't usally agree with you Badarse but no he's unlike To buy in Jan because it will be expensive and he doesn't like to spend money unless he has to (Ozil was a must buy for the fans). So frankly we can kiss winning a trophy goodbye. - Post No. 44579

BADARSE  10:33am 13th Nov 2013

See Bard, brothers in arms. Incidentally I love the 'Bard', could get to love you too I guess. Hi radfordkennedy, as a 'not' ex-serviceman, I too loved the design. We are class chum, aren't we? By the way two of my heroes, Radford and Kennedy, as mentioned before, I think would have struggled alone in todays team, and they were special. Don't you think so? - Post No. 44580

Edmund  10:35am 13th Nov 2013

Poor Park. Hardly given any chance and already written off. At least Bendtner played a few more minutes. I think we should look at Fred as smithy says. Brazilians always bring something special and unpredictable. But I think Wenger should try for Lewandowski or Berbatov. Dortmund won't sell to Bayern and their coach is a fan. As for Berbatov, he was top scorer for MU and ex-Spurs player like Sol do well in Arsenal so why not? - Post No. 44581

BADARSE  10:48am 13th Nov 2013

@Edmund life is cruel, and Park is just one who is experiencing it. Don't really consider Berbatov an option and am more inclined to think we may go for a different kind of player to Lewandowski, as suggested on these posts, like a terrier-type finisher in the Suarez mould, but where do you find him? Oh and radfordkennedy AFC lost more personnel than anyone in the last world war, which is coincidental, but sort of typical, perhaps their blood changed the hue of our shirts just that little bit. - Post No. 44582

Ikechukwu  11:12am 13th Nov 2013

Ples arsenal win man united - Post No. 44583

Ikechukwu  11:22am 13th Nov 2013

If i wish i'm arsenal player i try 2 let my club 2 b best - Post No. 44584

BADARSE  11:36am 13th Nov 2013

Hello ikechukwu. Perhaps we will beat Manchester United at Arsenal Stadium, I think we might. I wish I was an Arsenal player too, even after all these years, it is still a dream. Which position in the team do you play? I used to play in midfield, but also scored goals. Do you have a team that you play for? If so what is it's name? Where are you from, I am from London but live outside now, but still in the south of England. - Post No. 44586

Ron  12:13pm 13th Nov 2013

I say this without being in anyway derogatory to the player im going to mention as he was a very effective, grafting and sound PL player BUT Giroud is a French Emile Heskey. He isnt and never will be mobile and prolific nor fast but he s a beast and defenders are scared of him. Put a top quality striker alongside him (maybe Hernandez) and The said striker will have lots to feed off plus Giroud will score a few himself. Hes an excellent team player with a top class attitude to his work in my view. - Post No. 44588

Transfer Window action needed again  12:15pm 13th Nov 2013

every player needs to know he is in competition for his place. ALL arsenal players know that, except Girooo. Also his role is to pull defenders out of the centre to open avenues for our running midfielders. this is the reason Ramsey is scoring. its like Lampard when Drogba opened the door. But chelsea had a plan B when that did not work and it looks to me against Man U & chelsea that if the opposition defence doesnt lose shape, that we dont have a plan B - Post No. 44589

JamesR  12:29pm 13th Nov 2013

Feel a bit bad saying this cause he does work hard and seems like he really wants to do well for us - but I just don't see it with Giroud, I think his hold up play and first touch is awful. He seems to get caught offside from our defensive clearances a lot which suggests to me his awareness is poor. I can't remember a goal that he has scored for us that wouldn't have been put away by any half decent centre forward and I think Remy or Michu would have a stack of goals this season if they played for us and got the service that Cazorla and Ozil are ready to provide. The creative players look like they don't have a goalscoring target to hit. Happy to have him as backup or as an impact sub but I think a club like ours should have a world class centre forward. Maybe I've been spoiled watching some of the unbelievable forwards that we've been privelidged to watch over the last 20 years. - Post No. 44591

chris dee  12:40pm 13th Nov 2013

It's not just Giroud who will' take us forward ' but it's the whole team that will take us forward if we break the habit of the last eight years and turn up for big games.We had a chance to kick United out of the Premiership race,but sadly and worryingly,they showed they wanted it more. - Post No. 44592

Ron  12:44pm 13th Nov 2013

JamesR - We have been priveliged matey, but those types of players arent around or being produced now and in Arsenals case, if one or two are out there, the Club isnt going to pay up to get them.We are in the position now of looking to get 2nd tier types as are ALL the PL clubs to be honest. The creme of the worlds strikers dont come to the PL until their star has waned (Eto as an eg and Ronaldo may even be back here once hes 'mortal' again!) Giroud does look how you describe though but his mitigation for that is due to his Coach asking him to be all things to all people and he simply doesnt have the armoury. Its academic really as Wenger s burning him out and he may pick up stress injury soon, then we ll have Bendtner! Its quaint how Wenegr seems to think Giroud will last until January, but then burning players out is his specialty, even though he speaks of 'red zones' and the need to 'rest' players from time to time. - Post No. 44593

jeff wright  12:56pm 13th Nov 2013

It's a fact that Wenger tried to sign Suarez,it's hard to argue that if he had signed him that it would not have strengthened our title ambitions.Although personally I think that Wenger is still putting a squad together that he thinks can win the Champions League - and one with enough strength to at least finish 4th. This a is the position where he normally finishes and also celebrates it. It's even more celebratory if it pips the spuds to 4th of course,but should this be the level of our ambition,or even worth celebrating ? Of course Arsene would be delighted to win the Prem , but he's made clear recently that he would be even more delighted to win the Champs League and this looks like it's near mission impossible . Signing strikers , who have no Prem experience, is always risky,ask the spuds about it, so I think Wenger needs to go for a player with experience in our league and this is always costly. Suarez it ? Unfortunately it looks like that bird has flown now, if indeed it was ever really obtainable ,even for 40m and a quid. Considering that Wenger paid 42m for Ozil the 50m+ that Liverpool wanted for Suarez doesn't look that outlandish - especially if Wenger thought that he was the player that would turn us into champs again. Actually in reality,taking account of the near 10m that we got for Gervinho and money saved from off-loading some of the costly deadwood that we were paying wages - it seems to me that we could - and should have - gone in harder for Suarez by offering more than a 40m and a quid. That silly bid though more or less summed up Wenger's summer signing efforts with Ozil being a last ditch effort by Stan and Ivan, under pressure from supporters, to try and make a silk-purse out of a pigs ear. So with other clubs knowing our desperation to sign a striker it will cost more than it would have done last summer to buy one in January. - Post No. 44595

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  13:03pm 13th Nov 2013

Ron@12.44 = dead right, these so-called "superstar" strikers are either surplus to requirements at Bayern/Real/Barca/etc or are coming here for one last payday. As for Olivier, well, he's an Alan Smith for the 21st century; honest, puts in a shift for the team, a trier. Now cast your mind back to 1990/91 and who partnered Alan Smith upfront for the 2nd half of that season.....Kevin Campbell of course. Which may suggest a similar kind of player is required there now. - Post No. 44597

radfordkennedy  13:05pm 13th Nov 2013

Badarse...hello mate I didn't know The Arsenal had lost more players to the war than other teams I hope they all served together...anyway mate you're quite right I think Raddy and Ray would have struggled to score today as would supermac,stapleton or sunderland stapleton they all needed a winger to thrive as indeed did their counterparts of the day I'm thinking of Toshack n Keegan for instance I'd fancy my chances with Stevie Heighway crossing the ball!!,even Jimmy Greenhoff and that perenial thorn in Arsenals flesh Big John Ritchie had someone like Harry Burrows to drop a ball on hs head time after time....Ron I agree with your Heskey-Giroud analogy he was a coaches dream.there has been several names banded about as a possible striker addition in january and its one of those situations in football where a short term fix could do the job.it need not be a 17 year old mexican or french lad but as someone else mnentioned a player like Defoe or Berbatov just to get us over the line would do - Post No. 44598

cyril  13:14pm 13th Nov 2013

"mirror mirror on the wall, would do i do when i have the ball, fcuk all" - baldrick. I think we need a 'baldrick' type player and i understand we can go for him in the next window but one. A few extra beans should get us over the line .. come on arsenal ! - Post No. 44599

Westlower  13:14pm 13th Nov 2013

Be thankful we didn't spend £26m on Soldado. Lewandowski or Suarez would be ideal. Haven't given up on present squad yet. 15 players away on International duty makes a win over Southampton increasingly unlikely. - Post No. 44600

Ron  13:17pm 13th Nov 2013

Wearebuilding - Yes. The last pay day or the fact that that said so called class player at those type of marquee Clubs is privately recognised by them as not being as good as the hype suggests and they secretly want rid. My own view is that Benzema falls into that category. The trouble here is that the media mirror the 'Championship Manager' game merchants here and raise the profile of these players to such a level that the Clubs actually believe that they are true greats and buy them. The Marquee Clubs play up to that image and get unreal prices for not a lot! Now im not saying our Ozil isnt a good player, but im pretty sure Madrid didnt see him as the real McCoy to play in a team that really wants the top prizes. Had they have done so, he wdt be in North London. I reckon we paid far too much for our Mesut. Im sure ill be slated for saying it, but ive seen him and im still not convinced he ll squeeze the big Clubs midfields to surrender to his wiles in the big matches that count. I hope im wrong. - Post No. 44602

Conteh  13:47pm 13th Nov 2013


Ron  14:16pm 13th Nov 2013

Westie - Nothing like getting your excuses in early then? I do know that your an exponent of the 'tiredness' theory defeating and excusing all things of course. Arsenal will beat Saints and probably convincingly. Why? Theyve no fear factor as a team or Club and neither do any of their players have any either. The mentally fragile Coach and crew we ve got will even fancy taking them out at home. If at St Mary s? Maybe not. They d be too 'tired' and all that travel to the South Coast when they got back from their jollies would be a burdensome load for the most mortal of men! Arsenal 3 Saints 0. Theyre the type of team we do beat in the main. - Post No. 44606

jeff wright  14:40pm 13th Nov 2013

This 'tiredness' excuse that we keep hearing from some was used before the Chelsea cup game recently to excuse using our top players. Wenger though did use them ,albeit they were well beaten, butt here was no sign of any tiredness when the ran out on the Saturday night to trounce Liverpool .No doubt the sight of Rodgers playing a kamikaze back 3 played some part in this . Rodgers obviously was not aware that parking the team bus in front of his own goal would have made life easier for him. Southampton are not likely to do that though,so it most likely another home win for us. We will still need to take points off the top 3 sides though to be serious title contenders as against that of being just also-rans again when we pass the finishing post in May. - Post No. 44608

maguiresbridge gooner  14:44pm 13th Nov 2013

Giroud is a decent player he's been doing some things well just like some types we've had for years now, but not the type/class we've needed, especially now we're top of the league and we've already splashed out big on Ozil and supposedly pushing on, we need real world class that we can rely on to get us the goals we need when needed like last Sunday, Giroud is not that player he's not the class that's required to really push us on, good enough as back up to bring on if needed and a hell of a lot better than the cart horse that was brought on on Sunday to save try and save the day, as DW Thomas said over the page it was a laugh it certainly was, or someone having a laugh.It was more like a complete piss take a complete lack of respect towards the fans. Can you imagine all the i told you so's telling us OGL was right and they knew he'd come good if he'd have gotton one of his hooves to a cross and it went in? I suppose that's still to come. Yes ideally we'd buy a real top class striker now to really push us on and give it a real go but this is Wenger we're talking about, and it would look like Giroud was a failure, and that would never do. If Giroud doesn't break down in the coming weeks and is actually still standing we'll be going with what we have, or it'll be another french ligue 1 type. - Post No. 44609

Mike  14:46pm 13th Nov 2013

If a 40 million pound striker gives you 40 goals over two seasons it equates to 1 million pounds per goal scored. My mind just boggles when its put into that perspective. I wonder what Gareth Bale's return on invetment is - Post No. 44610

Danny  14:49pm 13th Nov 2013

Olivier Giroud is ok, but is slow and has not skill to beat players. He was useless against tight defending Lewandowski is good but also slow and i do not think he is made for the PL. Suarez is perfect but will cost $50+ mil and i cannot see the idiot buying him now since he throw 40+mil away on a lazy sleazy Turk. i feel Javier_Hernández is the ideal foil ( if we get him) for Giroud - Post No. 44611

Westlower  15:02pm 13th Nov 2013

Ron, Get your money at 100/30 on for a draw against Southampton. Money for old rope! You know it makes sense. - Post No. 44612

BADARSE  15:07pm 13th Nov 2013

@Danny, what makes Ozil sleazy, and you not? I would like to know so that I can become a better person. - Post No. 44613

Ron  15:09pm 13th Nov 2013

Westie - Ha. OK buddy. Ill take your advice seeing as your a man of the turf!! Big test for Saints isnt it. Its amazing what theyve done so far, but if theyre beaten as ive suggested, it ll be interesting to see the effect wont it. Ive never quite got past the John McGrath (wasnt he bloody horrible? Made Neil Ruddock look like your favourite aunty when that loony oaf was at Saints) and Ron Davies days at Saints. - Post No. 44614

4th here we come  16:04pm 13th Nov 2013

The game on sunday was his 7th in the league against Man Utd Chelsea and City.He has yet to score against any of them.And thats his big promblem against better quality defenders he is not up to it.All thse who think we really wanted to sign Suarez dream on.If you are going to offer £40m and a pound you dont just walk away when its turned down you offer £55m.It was all a smokescreen - Post No. 44617

trigo  16:10pm 13th Nov 2013

I believe in this Arsenal team, just wait and see. MU knew they played a good team hence the excitement and relief after beating the Gunners.In future Arsenal should avoid unnecessary loss of the ball. Go on Arsenal! - Post No. 44618

Ron  16:15pm 13th Nov 2013

4th here we come - I think youre spot on re your Suarez comment. It was pure window dressing theatre and i think Liverpool sensed it too, as was the Higuain 'bid'. The Bendtner/Giroud 'dream ticket' was planned and not circumstantial. - Post No. 44619

Mike  16:19pm 13th Nov 2013

@Ron -Bendtner is only on the bench because Padolski, Walcott and Sonogo are not - Post No. 44620

Ron  16:27pm 13th Nov 2013

Hi Mike - Sound comment and logic, but im not so sure matey. Walcott nor Pod offer anything as a 'spearhead' for the forwards, theyve both been tried and both failed there. I dont think AW has any faith at all in Pod as a central striker and he doubts his work ethic i feel as well. His efforts there have been sporadically tried. At least Walcott was tried often last season there, but the jobs beyond him. Im more inclined to think they are there to play with Bendtner when and where required. Sanogo isnt an alternative to anybody yet. Hes just a kid with an atrocious fitness record, who represents one of Wengers gambles. - Post No. 44621

maguiresbridge gooner  16:28pm 13th Nov 2013

smithy, i liked your Takishes castle quip, it was popular in our house for a while especially the guy who was in his seventies i think, older than bendtner and park yes, but just as mobile who never got past the first obstacle and never would, but they always let him come back and have another go just for a laugh. - Post No. 44622

Edmund  16:52pm 13th Nov 2013

All said, lets not get too critical of the players. Good strikers need love from the fans. Van Persie got lots of it and scored for fun. Unfortunately Wenger made a very bad move to sell to a direct rival and is paying for it. Until the Jan window opens we need to cheer Bendtner as if he is as good as he thinks he is. Perhaps something miraculous can happen. Meanwhile a good striker coach would help. Arsenal keeps producing great midfielders but good strikers are rarely produced AND some awesome strikers rot after coming here like Chamakh and Gervinho. - Post No. 44623

Westlower  17:12pm 13th Nov 2013

RON, During Christmas 1970/71 there were snow blizzards in Cambs/Herts and the roads were closed in parts due to drifting snow. On Boxing day we set off on our regular 150 mile round trip in the slim hope of reaching London but resigned to the fact we probably wouldn't get too far. After passing a couple of snow plough's the road conditions improved and we arrived at a snow covered Highbury in time to watch the most boring 0-0 game against Southampton. The game would be called off these days because of the terrible pitch conditions. I can only remember Terry Paine in the Souhampton side but the Arsenal team was Wilson, Rice, McNab,Kelly, Roberts, McLintock, Storey, Radford, George, Graham. Because of that day, it's ingrained in my brain that we always draw with Southampton. Get your Christmas money early this year and fill yer boots at 100/30! - Post No. 44624

Westlower  17:26pm 13th Nov 2013

Apologies for omitting Geordie Armstrong from the team who faced Southampton in 70/71 in my previous post, 44624 - Post No. 44625

BADARSE  17:37pm 13th Nov 2013

My turn to impress you westlower. Firstly the clown John McCririck has just lost his case for age discrimination-am sure he sometimes posts on here! I was there that Boxing Day you posted of. Drab 0-0 as you say. Let me paint a scene to substantiate your memory my friend. The pitch was cleared where every line marked the playing area but the pitch remained covered in a blanket of snow as the snow had come unexpectedly before the underground heating was switched on. For younger Guns we were the first to use underground heating(no surprise there then). To combat the white playing surface we wore red shorts for the only time I ever saw them played in. They actually, and surprisingly looked quite good. Southampton played in an orangeish plain shirt and black shorts. I had a brandy flagon and nipped it on the North Bank. Wow, forty odd years! - Post No. 44626

BADARSE  17:48pm 13th Nov 2013

Oh and am certain Ron Davies played. - Post No. 44627

David Alexander  18:03pm 13th Nov 2013

Someone needs to keep a count of how many times he gives the ball away and / or the move breaks down with him. I don't get it that he is a great 'link up' player. Moves far too often break down with him. It makes him a liability in big games. Arsenal need a better / faster all round striker. Too bad RvP is gone. - Post No. 44628

Kelvin Igboekwe  18:22pm 13th Nov 2013

Honestly,I do agree with that,Giroud in my opinion is not a clinical finisher to be played in the role of a lone striker,except if he develops more of his clinical ability. But I must say he do contribute a lot in making the opposition defence work hard,we desperately need a good top striker that can bring competition to Giroud,maybe that would make him develop more and fully reach his potential. - Post No. 44629

Westlower  18:31pm 13th Nov 2013

I had my future missus with me that day and eager to impress took her to the relatively peaceful Westlower to enjoy the game away from the NB fanatics. On lads only days would have joined you brandy sippers on the North Bank. Ironically, in later years my missus became very friendly with the late and much missed Lynn Barnes who used to be a steward in the revamped North stand. My favourite memory of Lynn was when I took a happy smiling teenager from Vienna to watch his first Arsenal game and as I introduced him to Lynn she came out with the immortal words "what the f**k are you smiling at". Welcome to the North Bank! The lad later met and was photographed with his hero Tony Adams. Your description of McCririck is accurate! - Post No. 44631

Ron  18:45pm 13th Nov 2013

Westie - NB loyalist i was matey. Approx a third of the way back and just to the right of the goal as you looked at it from the pitch ie East stand side of it. It was generally safe enough there for when Man U and West Ham got in, though many hairy moments not so fondly recalled. Mass fights and the opposition perpetrators were in the main just shoved over the fence and frog marched to the old open clock end weren't they. Amazing! Never ever went down to the old clock end until 1972 ish. We lost 1-2 to Man City. Recall Colin Bell scoring for them and it may have been Blockley who scored for us. Not sure. Never went down there again till the mid 90s. - Post No. 44632

JollyJumper  19:09pm 13th Nov 2013

Jackson Martinez, superbe (Porto) or Fred (Brazil). See on YouTube. - Post No. 44634

Ramgun  19:12pm 13th Nov 2013

The 1970 0-0 against Southampton was not drab at all. We played incredibly well in terrible conditions and Southampton were extremely lucky. We scored a perfectly good winning goal which was wrongly ruled out. Some 0-0's are dire but the one in 1970 wasn't. - Post No. 44635

BADARSE  20:38pm 13th Nov 2013

Ramgun love it, that extra point would have taken the edge off the drama that Monday night in May at the Lane. Still, better to beat them there in winning it, rather than only needing a 0-0 draw. Still rankled after all these years, ha ha. Well done Gooner. - Post No. 44636

samdot 12  20:45pm 13th Nov 2013

He Is not the right man lol - Post No. 44637

Westlower  20:50pm 13th Nov 2013

Ron, Claiming the North Bank back from the away support became part of the pre-match ritual. Quite often it was more entertaining than the game itself. The first time I stood in the Clock end was in 66/67 against West Ham when they had a good team, the likes of Bobby Moore, Harry Redknapp, Budgie Byrne & Ronnie Boyce. They played us off the pitch but we beat them 2-1, I never did figure out how we managed that one. Once standing was abolished we settled for seats in the westlower in the block adjacent to the away support. Ramgun, I remember John Radford nearly scored the winning goal and tippy tappy football hadn't been invented back then! Badarse, Post 44631 should have been addressed to you. I'm trying to watch racing from Kempton & write some posts. Like all good men I can only do one thing at a time. - Post No. 44638

BADARSE  21:06pm 13th Nov 2013

I knew the delivery was mine westlower, so I ghosted in on the blind side and just got a delicate flicked header on it to put it away. Then continuing my run, I went behind the North Bank goal with a fisted salute acknowledging the dude with the brandy flagon...Those occasional runs behind the goal after scoring somehow geed up the crowd. Nice memories of the lady with the Viennese language. Wonder if the young guns of today will carry their memories forward 43 years as we are. I really hope so, they are invaluable. - Post No. 44639

dave  21:26pm 13th Nov 2013

He's a good support. We need someone scary who will score 25+ a season. Your final sentence is the money: a world class striker. - Post No. 44640

Eddie  21:53pm 13th Nov 2013

Giroud is definitely a decent player, and everyone's abiding memory of him last season was his almost desperate struggle at start....heard a lot of people saying he is the next Chamakh/Bendtner (etc), but he did actually finish with half decent statistics for a player in his first season (as you rightly pointed out). And this season he has started brilliantly with a bag full of goals and assists. However despite this, and even if he keeps up this form for the remainder of the season...we definitely new need a new striker. Giroud just isn't prolific enough in front goal. Him betting a brace of goals is a magnificent fiet, let alone getting himself a hat-trick. I would still put Poldolski ahead of him in terms of a player who you would want to get goals! So no, he is not what we need! And the tragic thing atm is he is our only striker atm! Heaven forbid if he gets injured and we have to resort to the mon ghole that is Bendtner. Or that bloody Sanogo (a definite NO-GO) wherever he is lurking at the minute. He just can't keep playing every game and with France involved in a 2 game play off, the geezer is going to be cream-crackered! He will get injured at some point, of this we have no doubt. Wenger needs to spend on a striker in January! Or a loan move for a top class striker at the very least! But, (and despite going mad and signing Ozil), I have serious doubts that he will break his stubbornness and cough up some readies. And even more so if Poldolski makes a log awaited return and starts nabbing a few! - Post No. 44641

radfordkennedy  22:10pm 13th Nov 2013

Westlower...hello mate back in the day we all lived in mountgrove road near the Arsenal and on that boxing day in 1970 i went with my dad,uncles and my older brothers to the game in question,and the journey took us up herrick road and along riversdale road the snow and ice was very bad and it was very difficult to keep your footing especially for my uncle patrick who was shall we say suitably refreshed having partaken of several large rums early in the morn..just to keep the chill out you understand..anyway westlower my memories of the game seem to differ from yours i seem to remember it was an exciting game and their keeper had the game of his career,we were all seated in east lower for that game towards the north bank i remember the wind whistling through the gap between the stands my god it was cold..incidently mate unless a mixture of senility and jamesons whiskey has finaly done for me i seem to remember a screamer of a shot from jon sammels im sure he played mate although its likely im wrong and he wasnt in that teamsheet you mentioned earlier,which incidently still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. - Post No. 44642

BADARSE  22:51pm 13th Nov 2013

Hi radfordkennedy off to bed but just read your last post. You have rung a bell and also am fairly certain Jon Sammels played that day. Good memories young gun, well done, see that old grey matter is still in fine fettle. Off to bed now, so red and white dreams chum. - Post No. 44645

Ron  22:55pm 13th Nov 2013

R/K - Yes - You're right mate. Wilson Rice Simpson Mc Nab Storey McLintock Sammels Armstrong Kennedy Radford Graham, 34169 in attendance. Goodnight guys. - Post No. 44646

Nas  23:13pm 13th Nov 2013

But there is nothin new here. Giroud has never been fast and is never gonna be fast. He's a decent hardworking player but lacks that ruthless instinct in front of goal that distinguishes world class strikers. It is unlikely we will get a world class striker in January. We should be more focused on getting more goals from our midfielders. Cazorla, ozil, theo should get at least 10 goals a piece this season. Arteta and gnabry chipping in a few should more than make up for giroud's less than exceptional goals to games ratio. Theo was goal shy b4 he got injured, vaz is just regaining fitness, ozil has been outstanding in some games and pedestrian in others. If we get more consistency from these guys I think we'll be in good shape. - Post No. 44647

Westlower  7:57am 14th Nov 2013

Ron, R/K, Badarse, Thanks for correcting me as I gave the team that drew 2-2 with Everton on the opening day of the season. Jon Sammels surely did play. I'm getting in the ear from my 'other half' as Sammels was her favourite player, closely followed by Eddie Kelly. Seems some of you thought it was an exciting game but we were disappointed on the day as we hadn't secured the win. I don't think I ever saw an Arsenal player with a harder shot than Jon Sammels. Who remembers his fantastic goal against Man U at Highbury? - Post No. 44652

johnson miller  8:11am 14th Nov 2013

that's true,arsenal need a striker with an unfinished strenght to come between strong defenders,while giroud supports and ozil plays the middle. - Post No. 44653

BADARSE  9:36am 14th Nov 2013

Morning westlower, these little lapses are forgivable, especially when multi-tasking, I am the world's expert at being as precise as possible but at times on here posting and trying to hold onto the reins of real life it is difficult. It's nothing to do with red mist though, ha ha. The Sammy goal you talked of I discussed a while ago with Ron, a few others joined in, R/K, 7 Kings Gooner. It was a delightful chat, sorry you missed it. One point I want to tell you about is I watched from the North Bank end of the West Lower Stand, but towards the halfway line. I had a perfect view of the goal scored at the Clock End and followed the trajectory as it beat Stepney. A handsome upright, highly-skilled and graceful player. Arsenal through and through, cried in the dressing room after we had won the League in May '71 at WHL. Like your wife, I loved him to bits. I love these artists, and he was one. Am still walking a million miles for one of his goals! - Post No. 44658

Ron  10:19am 14th Nov 2013

Morning Westie/ R/K and BADARSE - I loved Jon Sammels. Raddie was always my hero, but Sammels was a lovely footballer. Some fans didnt quite see him as the warrior that many in the 70/71 team were and gave him stick.Always the cool dude wasnt he. Hell of a shot on him though. Very unfair. I was in the NB in that 2-2 draw in Sept 69 and seen his goal, in between dodging the fights with Manc nutters who had invaded the NB and been hammered for their troubles!! I recall we lost Willow just before KO that day and a kid named Webster played in goal for us. Humdinger of a game. Bestie played well but we shackled him pretty well. Utd had won the Euro Cup the year before and were on the cusp of their decline by that seasons start. Best was more into his sha----g and boozing by then but was still some player. - Post No. 44663

radfordkennedy  10:38am 14th Nov 2013

morning fellas...westlower yes sammo had one helluva shot as did charlie and eddie was no slouch either,i seem to remember a player for sheff utd in those days i think his name was woodward had possibly the hardest shot ive seen...a slight change in subject,ive heard yourself Ron and Badarse talk in great terms about players who i just missed namely Eastham,Baker Strong etc,ive tried to find a book covering the period of say 58 to 68,to find out more about this period in our history but i cant find anything does anyone have any suggestions - Post No. 44664

Ron  11:03am 14th Nov 2013

R/K - Hi mate. You ll struggle to get anything good. Its like the period from 60/61 to about 69 has been airbrushed from our history. Its very frustrating. All of the books etc ive got hardly address the period. Understandably as it was a poor period, but we did have some great players and played soem good football as well as the Ures and Magills and Furnells and a few other Kamikazi types!!I was just a kid but we were still a special classy Club even in those tough years. - Post No. 44667

Ron  11:30am 14th Nov 2013

R/K ps ON shooting - I went to Maine Road one season, early 70s some time and we won there as usual. Might have been 2-0. Cant recall. Charlie scored. Hardest shot i ever saw him hit by far.Like a missile. Corrigan never even seen it!Roof of the net nearly busted out. Charlie just stood there, arms wide, looking up at the Man C end as if to say ' did you like that'. They had been giving him has usual girl chant stick etc etc. He was a sod wasnt he. I recall once at Stoke. He scored and then the 2 fingers went up to their Boothen End. It was a freaking riot he d incited afterwards, bottles, bricks the lot as we charged to Stoke station. Great fun when your about 16-17 though as we were. - Post No. 44675

Westlower  12:02pm 14th Nov 2013

R/K, Ron, Badarse, The only book I've got that covers the period you're looking for is 'The Official Illustrated History 1886-1996 by Phil Soar & Martin Tyler'. Chapter 7, Whittaker's Arsenal covers the 50's & 60's, pages 98 to 117. The majority is about the 50's as there wasn't too much to glorify in the 60's as we only knew how to score without being able to defend. In season 61/62, we scored 71, conceded 72, won 16, lost 15, finishing 10th behind champions Ipswich. In 62/63, we scored 86 (2 more than champions Everton) but conceded 77, won 18, lost 14, finishing 7th. in 63/64 we scored 90 (2 less than champions Liverpool), conceded 82, won 17, lost 14, finishing 8th. It was never dull but sadly never successful. Great photo on page 115 of George Eastham scoring in the 5-1 victory over Man U, other scorers were Gerry Ward, John Barnwell & Alan Skirton (x2). The game was my first visit to Highbury in Oct 21st, 1961, accompanied by 7 Man U school mates. It remains one of the best days of my life! - Post No. 44681

Ron  12:21pm 14th Nov 2013

Westie - Those stats tell it all re the mid 60s. Well done there. Joe Baker matey. The best. The King! - Post No. 44683

Westlower  12:35pm 14th Nov 2013

Giroud would be able to go up another notch or two if supported by a couple of conventional wingers aka, Armstrong, Limpar, Overmars,etc. George Armstrong was probably the first wide player to track back when we lost the ball. The hardest working player ever to pull on an Arsenal shirt. Some of our current squad would do well to watch video's of Geordie's work rate. Chasing a lost cause & retrieving the ball before providing a perfect cross for Ray's header at the Lane typified George Armstrong. Let's hope someone in the present squad can provide similar for Giroud to nod home. - Post No. 44685

radfordkennedy  12:50pm 14th Nov 2013

Westie,ron...season 63/64 conceded 82 goals!!!,my god it must of been 4-3 every week,no wonder I can't find a book on that decade,who in gods name were in defence!! - Post No. 44688

Ron  13:07pm 14th Nov 2013

R/K - It often was mate. As a very young kid, my first visist to Highbury with my Unc was a 6-0 v Everton. Joe B beacme my hero as he grabbed a few and i loved Arsenal from that day. Must have been 63/4 ish. Everton were the champs i think then!It was a gung ho team, but many teams then were to be honest. Our forwards were better than most. Must have been haertbreaking for them. Every goal was cancelled out by a balls up at the back. Pretty much like the last few years! Westie makes a good point abaout Geordie Armstrong. There were great wingers everywhere, even with the so called weaker teams. That and great cetre forwards who knew how to use their heads made for a stack of goals. Wingers are classed as a luxury now hence full backs double up as wingers, but they dont exite like little Geordie, Wagstaffe at Wolves. Hinton at Derby, Morgan and Best at Utd, Clarke at WBA, Thompson at Liverpool and Morrisey at Everton, Jones at Tottenham plus loads of others who ive missed. Great days Great football and great crowds. The modern fan doesnt know what theyve missed. - Post No. 44689

Westlower  13:15pm 14th Nov 2013

R/K, Name and shame the defenders from 63/64. L Brown; Bacuzzi; Jim Furnell (lunatic GK), Magill; McClelland; Billy (Flint) McCullouch (my fav); I McKechnie; Terry Neil (no wonder we became a cup side under his tutelage); J Snedden (reputed to have slept with Judy Garland &/or Liza Minnelli); Ian Ure (the one & only). Our league positions in the 60's; 11th, 10th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 7th, 9th, 4th, 12th. Yes folks we achieved the revered 4th spot once in the 60's. Maybe that's why some of us old Gooner's think 4th is an honourable achievement. Definition of Old Gooner; if it wasn't for white hair I'd have no hair at all! All this mediocrity in the 60's with arguably the best forward line we ever had, Armstrong/MacLeod, Strong, Baker, Eastham, Skirton/Anderson. - Post No. 44690

Ron  13:46pm 14th Nov 2013

Westie - The keepers were atrocious werent they. All of em!I always rationalise the mid to late 60s though as being productive, even though we didnt know it i.e Raddie, Storey, Simmo, Kelly, Roberts, Sammels, Armstrong were all developed by Billy W and later formed the backbone of the double team just a few years later. Graham and Frank Mac et al, all bought by Billy W to add to it. By 1967 we were starting to look ominous werent we. Hammering the spuds by then. My first NLD was a 4-0 at Highbury.Then we had the 68 and 69 debacles at Wembley. All in all the black period wasnt so much a full decade, it was 61 to 67 really,then we emerged only to dissapear again from 72 onwards, due to being too tight with the cash for the most part! - Post No. 44693

BADARSE  14:02pm 14th Nov 2013

Hi westlower, Ron and r/k. Just caught up on your posts. Yes westlower I too have that book, invaluable at times, but not much covering the period you are looking for radfordkennedy, sorry buddy. Alan Hinton of Derby, his left foot could really hit a ball, known as the 'Hinton Hammer', remember lads? Interesting topic because I have never seen a ball hit harder with such regularity as when Sammy and Charlie hit them. They could have injured a 'keeper. Those games certainly helped shape my awareness of life. All to do with character and personality of course but I remember us beating perhaps Bolton 4-1, getting excited, thinking perhaps we are going to do it now, only to lose to possibly Blackburn 1-3 in the next match. It was soul destroying. I have always trod warily since then, as in this season, hoping for no false dawns. A good lesson to realise at a young age that though all things are possible, you can always fall on your face. I do humility quite well, ha ha. Moving on a couple of years John Barnwell was a big player for us, early-mid sixties. - Post No. 44696

Westlower  14:13pm 14th Nov 2013

Ron, Lowpoints of the 60's for me were the FA Cup defeat in 64/65 at P'boro after John Radford gave us the lead. Derek Dougan scored both for P'boro. Losing 4-2 at the Lane in 60/61. That season,Spurs scored 115 goals for & 55 against, compared to AFC 77 for, 85 against. The 60's proved you don't win anything without a strong defense! Finally the lowest point of my footballing life losing to Swindon at Wembley. Didn't go out for a week! Spent 10 years of my working life travelling down the M4 to Bath but I always sped past Swindon, just in case there was some sort of memorial glorifying their triumph. - Post No. 44698

Ron  14:15pm 14th Nov 2013

BADARSE - Yes, Hinton could hit it. Did you ever go to the Baseball Ground? Total mud heap, apart from the two little strips down each wing along the touch lines. Derby looked after them for Hinton and left the rest as a bog. They won a league title doing it!Hinton was fast ( his pansy white boots were the 1st time i saw them) and had that shot, but he was actually like a big girl as a player. He 'hid' when the going got tough. Rarely got much change out of Storey, but then who did. Storey used to go and wait by the others teams dressing room and stare (he had the eyes didnt he plus the facial hair and sideburns - must have been fearsome) at the guy he was going to mark and say nothing so legend has it. Peter Lorimer at Leeds had the best bullet shot i always reckon. - Post No. 44699

Ron  14:25pm 14th Nov 2013

Ha ha. Westie - thats funny, the Swindon thing. It was numbing that was, we were so odds on fav s. I went with Unc and my dozy uninterested Cousin (who he took to the Fairs Cup Final a year later and not me!) and went to the Posh defeat. As a kid, it was hurtful enduring those losses, esp as most of my mates followed Man U or the Spuds. We ve always had a penchant for absurd losses here and there. York? Wrexham? (i went to that) - Post No. 44703

johnnyhawleyloovinggooner  14:41pm 14th Nov 2013

he is also the first line of defence.i love a tryer and Giroud really puts in a shift.would like to see a marquee forward purchased in the january window.the guy has carried the front line alone due to injuries and is playing as the manager has told to do so without complaint. - Post No. 44706

TheMissingPiece  17:54pm 14th Nov 2013

Loic Remy would be an excellent addition to the squad in January, the man has expressed his desire to play for the Gunners since years back. His clinical finishing would be highly valuable if we were to challenge for the title. There really hasn't been anyone who i'd describe as 'clinical' since Eduardo. - Post No. 44716

ugoboy  21:58pm 14th Nov 2013

Well Olivier is good sometimes but i think we need a sharp striker like Diego Costa who have more pace - Post No. 44730

Finsbury Joe  0:59am 15th Nov 2013

Giroud is a complete lummox, a waste of money and a damning indictment to wenger and his scouting team...the same team who gave us Squillacci chamakh Gervinho Park Sanogo and so many other duds. The few half decent players are coached in a way that regresses them, just look at what Wenger has reduced Vermaelen, Ox and Theo to. Ozil next, wenger will make a class player the new Arshavin. Only a rampant AKB could approve of what Arsenal have become, it truly is heart breaking - Post No. 44733

Ed enough....  6:18am 15th Nov 2013

It's quite simple. Get the cheque book out again and go back to Liverpool and offer £55-60m for the Chav biter... Baggage is ample but his talent is unquestioned and he would without a doubt be the difference between us going all the way or slipping back down into a 4th place scrap with the usual suspects. (Spuds) - Post No. 44735

Ron  7:55am 15th Nov 2013

Finsbury Joe - It could be worse. We could be like the spuds and blew a kings ransom on a pile of dross! - Post No. 44736

Westlower  8:25am 15th Nov 2013

Finsbury Joe, 53 years and counting. If only AFC scouting system was as good as our near neighbours, we could be as successful as the Dare To Do's! - Post No. 44739

Jimray  16:24pm 15th Nov 2013

The question on my lips is how do we get Giroud firing again? He is exceptional when it comes to hold up play but when drifting forward he often seems to be short of ideas. Well rambo has saved our blushes severally this term but he's not going to do dat always. Giroud needs to step up on the big stage. I am a huge fan of his and feel delighted each time he plays well and stand in his defence when he doesnt. Recently we have bolted to the lack of wide men due to injuries. Havin podolski,theo and ox fit, i know giroud wil be better off bcos he wil not only hav fast wingers with searing pace,he will hav doz who wil rplace him when fatigue sets in. Theo in the middle will be fantastic. I do hope wenger tries to get chicharito or dzeko not benzema com january. Having top players in abundance wards off fatigue. GIROUD i believe you hav a lot to prove. Come on boy. - Post No. 44781

ugoboy  22:17pm 15th Nov 2013

for me Olivier is a good player but he need good supporter like Alexis Sanchez.Alexis have good pace,dribbling,heading accuracy and lot more. i think if arsenal want to win trophy s this season they to sign Alexis Sanchez for any amount..............OOH what a nice GOAL by Alexis Sanchez as Chile win England by two goals to nil. - Post No. 44791

Sanogo  20:17pm 17th Nov 2013

@Finsbury Joe - 2 questions if I may. 1. how much have you seen me play please? (A rough figure will do. Even if it's a grand total of 3 minutes on youtube) 2. Do you believe this to be a reasonable amount of time to condemn me as a dud. 3. Should Tottenham fans be so bitter that their last meaningful trophy was before I was born - the FA Cup in 1991? - Post No. 44834

Finsbury Joe  1:12am 19th Nov 2013

Mr Sanogo, I have seen you play about as much as I have seen Amaury Bischoff. It is not your fault but the fault of Wenger, as I am sure all the fine people on here will agree. Why is everyone on here obsessed with Tottenham Hotspur, can only assume some sort of fear factor? - Post No. 44874

BADARSE  9:04am 19th Nov 2013

Ha ha Finsbury Joe, you wish. I'm old enough to remember when Totteringham were a halfway decent football team. Way way back in the last millennium. - Post No. 44877

Rocky RIP  22:32pm 19th Nov 2013

@Finsbury Joe - nobody on here is obsessed with Tottenham. You're just like a t**d that won't flush. You keeping getting repeatedly seen off, only to re-surface with your vile jibes, which are born of bitterness. (Are you over Sol Campbell yet?) It's a bit rich that a fan of another club persistently appears on one of another, only to then accuse fans of that club of being the ones who are obsessed. I wouldn't have any interest in being an imposter on a THFC fans' forum - no interest. I repeat: bore off. - Post No. 44891

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Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds