Time For Change

By Black Scarf Movement & REDAction

How you can make your feelings known if you feel Arsenal has gone stale on Saturday v Norwich

Fans will have the opportunity to make their feelings known about the direction of the club at Saturday’s home match against Norwich. Here are statements from two of the leading supporters’ groups at Arsenal…

Print from the links and hold up on 12 and 78 minutes and at full time

Black Scarf Movement statement

Have your say when we play Norwich

The current season has been one of massive disappointment for Arsenal fans, with the campaign fizzling out in a depressingly limp fashion.

Over the past few years - massively so in recent months - increasing number of supporters have become fed up with the club. There are a number of reasons for this, including...

• Our majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke, showing he's purely motivated by cash when he went on record to say he doesn't care if Arsenal are not challenging for honours.
• A complacent Board with absolutely no football experience, focusing purely on Arsenal as a profit-generating entity, not a football club.
• A Board happy with Kroenke milking millions of pounds out of the club every year, and refusing to give valid details of what the payments relate to.
• Being sold the vision of moving stadium to compete with Europe's elite. We're now close financially but in a football sense we're probably as far from the top European sides as we have been for many years.
• A huge amount of cash sitting in the bank and comments from Ivan Gazidis that we can buy pretty much anybody, yet the money remains banked and our squad remains lacking in key areas, year after year.
• A manager who seems to be past his best, refusing to adapt to the modern game and dragging us down through lack of signings, poor tactics, predictable poor performances, and not being able to get the best from his team.
• Consistent failure to challenge for football's big prizes and using 4th place finishes as a cause for celebration, when all Champions League football means is more income for the Board to celebrate.

Basically speaking, Arsenal Football Club has gone stale.
We are seeing the same failures year after year, and amid rumours that Arsene Wenger may be given a new three-year contract there really seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Kroenke and the Board are seemingly content with Champions League cash, so outside of finishing 4th best in the league there is no pressure at all on the manager. This isn't good enough.

It's time for change.
Whether it's the manager, whether Stan Kroenke has to go and whether the Board needs shaking up and reminding that we're a FOOTBALL club, change is needed at Arsenal, A fresh approach to bring some excitement back to this great club of ours.

Have your say
We host Norwich this coming Saturday in what's become a pretty meaningless end of season kickabout. At this game we would like as many fans as possible to show their desire for change at Arsenal by holding up signs demanding that action is taken. We've seen Coventry City do this successfully at Emirates already, and abroad there has been massive success with this approach.

On this page you can see an image of a sign declaring TIME FOR CHANGE at Arsenal. Click here to download a copy; then print it off and if you can, print as many copies as possible and hand out to people you know are going to the game. We'll also try to get copies in pubs around the ground and handed out near the stadium on the day.

When to hold up your TIME FOR CHANGE sign
We ask that all fans hold these signs aloft on 12 minutes, and 78 minutes (12 minutes from the end of the match). Then at the final whistle hold them up again. We'd love to see a consistent effort in highlighting this message and hope people join in. There have been huge numbers of people saying it's time to protest, so now is your chance.

Up The Gunners.

REDaction statement

TIME FOR CHANGE - Have your say at the Norwich game

It's pretty clear that things aren't right at Arsenal.

We have an absentee owner who takes money from the club whilst not engaging with fans. We have a manager who won't use the resources available to him, to strengthen a squad which everybody can see needs investment. Throw in some of the highest ticket prices in world football. And, all of the Groundhog seasons, where it's clear that the fans' ambitions are not matched by those in charge.

Fans are fighting each other over what exactly is wrong and who is to blame - but it's clear that we are in a rut, and that something needs to change.

Lots of people have opinions on how fans can make our voices heard. At Saturday's game against Norwich, we (along with other fans' groups – the BSM for starters) are calling on fans to send a co-ordinated message - together we are stronger.

What we are asking fans to do:
Before the game - print as many copies of this image as you can (colour or B&W, whatever size you can). Give them to friends who are going to the game.
• At the game - we are asking fans to hold these signs up on 12 minutes (the number of years since we last won the title), and again on 78 minutes (12 minutes from the end). Then, at the end, we are asking fans to stay behind, hold the signs up again, and make your voices heard.

Why this, and why now?
We believe that the only way to ensure our voices are heard, is by getting lots of people involved. A huge banner held up by four people is one thing - signs held by thousands of people are quite another.
• Lots of people have advocated a walkout, or a boycott of the Aston Villa game. Thousands of Arsenal fans walk out 10 minutes before the end of games anyway, and there were thousands of empty seats at the West Brom game. So, would anybody notice the difference?
• The Aston Villa game is unlikely to be on TV now, so this is our last chance to make a big impression at a home game.
• We are encouraging the most vocal protest to be after the final whistle, so no suggestion that this should affect the team. And it goes without saying, during the game please give your maximum (and loud) support to the players on the pitch.
Finally, if you don't agree with the sentiment that things need to change at Arsenal, get involved in your own way. If you don't like what the sign says, make and print your own, and hold that up instead. Apathy achieves nothing - and talk is cheap in the pub and on the internet - we need fans to get involved. Something is wrong at our club - and only change will unite the fanbase again. See you on Saturday.

26th April 2016 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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Nick  10:26am 26th Apr 2016

The time for protest will be at the end of our final game vs relegated Villa, unbelievably we can still overhaul the vile scum, its a long shot but it can be done , we must WIN our next three games to do so however which given current form.seems unlikely but a negative atmosphere in the ground against Norwich wont help matters, lets at least try to help the team give us a chance at a belated St Totteringhams day. At the end of the Villa game THEN let us vent our anger and frustration at the bottling of a title challenge yet again and the mismanagement which precipitated that annual choke job, let us then DEMAND a change of attitude at our club back to a time when FOOTBALL MATTERED MORE THAN FINANCE !! - Post No. 93572

Arsenal Geezer  10:34am 26th Apr 2016

For Gods sake, wake up and smell the coffee. The protests need to be now. What is the point in waiting until after the villa game. The players, wenger and the board can sit in their nice restaurant and not give fying f**k, knowing they will be away on their hols for the next few months. The team have had massive support home and away for years and nothing changes. Grow a pair and lets get this thing moving. - Post No. 93574

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  10:56am 26th Apr 2016

Did the Russians in 1917 and the Romanians in 1989 wait until the last game of the season to change anything. No......so why wait till Villa. - Post No. 93575

goonersol  11:01am 26th Apr 2016

Well done BSM & RED, good to see a united effort in trying to change things, let see how many gooners are willing to let their feeling be known - either for change or against. - Post No. 93576

TJ  11:03am 26th Apr 2016

Get a petition started, for goodness sake! If there are millions of people who want the manager out and it's public then it's terrible PR! The fact is, even if most want Wenger out, the majority of people at the stadium WON'T protest as they're either AKBs or feel too much respect for him for his pre-2006 work (even though the last ten years have been mostly awful thanks to him). Now that Black Scarf have (finally...) extended their protestations against the manager, another march outside the stadium would be good too. However, these actions can be ignored by the club - a petition with millions of signatures is something the media can talk about and that the club can't exactly consider healthy if the manager is to continue his autocracy. - Post No. 93577

Red Member  11:12am 26th Apr 2016

Nick - stop making excuses. Why must we win our last 3 games? So we can repeat the same failings again next season? Sorry but there have to be NO MORE EXCUSES. Wenger Out Now - Post No. 93578

Nick  11:44am 26th Apr 2016

I'm not making excuses, I just want us to do all we can to finish above the scum while there's still a chance left! All my in laws are bloody spud supporters and the stick ill get if the scummers finish above us will be merciless! I admit to not reading the whole article my bad, I didn't see the part about waiting till AFTER the game to protest, I also take the point about the Villa game not being televised live, so with that in mind I take back my original stance, I want change as much as any of you, ive called for it on here for some time now, I saw through Wenger when we threw away the title in 2005 after the ending of our unbeaten run when Wenger sulked and let the whole squad sulk too, its been obvious to me that our brittle nature is a reflection of his personality, the lack of bottle , our naivety in not closing out games from winning positions and the lack of a game plan to combat opponents strengths and to take advantage of their weaknesses is all down to the manager, the stubborn refusal to accept that everyone else may be right and himself wrong in not strengthening the squad responsibly in the requisite areas, the constant and serial gambling on the fitness of proven injury prone players etc etc, need I go on ? I am all for ousting him , wiggy and the entire board of non footballing accountants, I am however still very much invested in at least TRYING to put the Middlesex rabble in their rightful place BELOW us ! It is the one thing that will give me and many others solace as Leicester City strut their stuff as champions, seven games have defined our season, seven games where we lost a total of SIXTEEN points from winning positions, seven games where lack of tactical nous , lack of defensive bottle and attacking inventiveness cost us dear, those sixteen points would see us as the champions we SHOULD have been even with the playing deficiency's we have at the club, a manager who could actually motivate and organize this squad would have won the title with what we have , Wenger has shown the world he is not capable of doing those things or unwilling to do them either way his time is up ! - Post No. 93580

AJ  11:58am 26th Apr 2016

Wenger just needs to go.He is too comfortable in the madness going on at the club for the past 11 years which is a win-win situation for him as his job is secure and he earns around £8.3 million a year with his current Arsenal contract. He is under no pressure for constantly failing to assemble a complete and balanced team that can challenge for the EPL title and CL trophy and actually go on to win them. He can afford to get away with what no manager in football history can. He has become so delusional that its alarming to keep making the same mistake for almost 11 years and still be expecting to produce a different result. His player management is suspect. His tactical plan is dodgy and the substitutions he makes are alarming but this all serves Kroenke’s agenda as long as the financial books are healthy. The most annoying part of Wenger’s attitude is making us feel guilty for calling for a CHANGE after all he has done and achieved for us in the past 19 to 20years. What about our support? What about our feelings? Don’t they count? I say Enough is Enough! #WengerOut - Post No. 93582

Bard  12:01pm 26th Apr 2016

Sounds like there is a clear mandate for change. Even the most devoted of Wengerites must see that his time is up. The more pressing issue is Stan. Removing Wenger doesnt change anything really. The next manager will have the same brief. The only way I can see real change happening is if Stan stops making shedloads of money from the club. - Post No. 93583

Denis Club class gooner  12:17pm 26th Apr 2016

Can we say Arsenal are stale and not Arsenal is stale - Post No. 93585

Exeter Gunner  12:18pm 26th Apr 2016

I'm pretty sure Kroenke would not force the next manager to play tippy tappy, or make pre-arranged substitutions, or force him to give the permanently injured and semi-retired new contracts, or stop him from scouting the opposition, or stop him from coaching the defence. So even if nothing else changed at the club, simply removing Wenger from the equation would change things profoundly, and would be a blessed relief even though it would not follow we would automatically start winning titles and CLs. - Post No. 93586

Tony Evans  12:19pm 26th Apr 2016

Hope this catches on, I really do. Something has to happen to force the issue otherwise all I can see is yet another ground-hog season in 16/17 and probably several more beyond that too. - Post No. 93587

SM  12:39pm 26th Apr 2016

Another half hearted attempt from the organisations that are supposed to represent us, but in really don't even come close to the actual views of long suffering gooners. What exactly doe "Time for Change" mean, change of manager/owner or both? I know why this vague banner has been produced, its because Redaction especially don't want the club telling them to do one next time they organise something before a big game and really they are sitting on the fence because they have always been AKB but they are just guaging the mood of the fellow gooners. It's ok to move from being AKB to WOB, everybody has a tipping point myne was last summer when Wenger didn't buy the two obvious signings we needed. The only way is to let both the manager and the owner know that we wont put up with this rubbish any more, vocally. What happened to songs like "we want our arsenal back" and "ivan gazidis what the f... do you do" or "stan kroenke get out of our club". It's not just the poor standard of football but the rip off tickets, food and beer they serve inside the stadium. Going back to Redaction, the website is awful is it really any use if they cant even be bothered to tell us when the rocket will be open. - Post No. 93588

officepest  12:54pm 26th Apr 2016

Better 8 years too late than not at all. - Post No. 93589

John Evans  13:02pm 26th Apr 2016

I think this is a step in the right direction but I don't know if it is enough. Your relying on people printing out a document which wont be any bigger in reality than A4 size and then taking it along to the game. An organised chant at a certain time within the stadium would surely be a better idea but I guess this may start some chants if enough people decide to get involved. I would suggest handing out thoushands of the posters to fans outside the ground before the game if you want enough people to hold them up to make it hold any real weight. How about a chant of 'Enough excuses, its time for change' at 12 and 78 mins to accompany the poster holding? - Post No. 93590

Paulo75  13:03pm 26th Apr 2016

Plaudits to both groups for taking the initiative to question and demand an end to what is a deep rooted problem at our club. Live TV audience is a perfect opportunity for maximum exposure so here's hoping the SKY cameras pick up on it and it is acknowledged by the Club and Media. Time for change - Up the Arsenal. - Post No. 93591

Norsgeneral  13:14pm 26th Apr 2016

Great call, at last some positive action. Its a real shame that AW has led us to this, but if he'd had any semblance of common sense, he would have walked away after two FA Cup wins. He has no one to blame but himself. A very sad but needed reaction. - Post No. 93594

Danish Gooner.  13:31pm 26th Apr 2016

The protest must be now and very,very vocal !!!! You all and i are fighting for the soul of the club not just against Kroenke and wenger but the very soul,because if we fail this one Arsenal football club will be caught in a serious stall for many years,this is the time for the regime to be removed permanently.And wenger must not be given one inch to secure a new contract. - Post No. 93596

G Webber  13:43pm 26th Apr 2016

Get behind the club and the manager. He has done a good job and yes there can be more signings. Injuries have been costly not the manager. Still with a chance of champions league. It's not all about money. Get behind this team - Post No. 93597

Abbey  13:48pm 26th Apr 2016

I'm really in support of what Bard suggested, I became anti-wenger back in 2008, but having wenger out now and Kronke is still rolling out his duffle bags should be the prime target. It is either now or never else we all would be trapped in the shadow of a one time British most feared football club. Peace y'll - Post No. 93598

jjetplane  13:48pm 26th Apr 2016

What a hoot that Jambi's last game will be Villa - he will need the solace of the Fens for years to come .... Porchi will be mad at his team and they will finish above the Holloway Hampsters who are presently trimming their beards and getting those partings right while in a fix about how many pairs of jeans to take to some tax free haven during another useless lazy summer. Alexis will probably go AWOL and refuse to play again while Ozil will be praying that ANY German club takes him. Good luck with the above but watch out for leek KFC because on the hardometer he reads a good 4th he just might mumble Spud under his breath as he trips over in a Wally stylee .... Loving the idea that the EMS has only 45 years of life before it collapses but imagine they will have uprooted to New York or Beijing by then playing in some global league where they will sit at mid table for a respectable 1000 years. Just to reiterate Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham will finish above the Ostrich in his last year and the EMS will be more empty on Sunday afternoons. Thank **** for County football. - Post No. 93599

aaron  13:51pm 26th Apr 2016

Does anyone on this page remember a time when David Dein ran things? this was funnily enough around the time we started to lose our bottle, in my eyes Gazidas is the problem. Let Silent Stan sit there and say f**k all, all he has to do is get rid of Gazidas or at least let him look after non football matters, get David Dein back and let him sort out transfers and contracts and all the rest and at least let Wenger finish his last year at the club with Dignity. Lots of people seem to forget what we were like pre Wenger. I'm not pro Wenger or anti Wenger, but he does deserve the respect he has earned. COYG - Post No. 93600

kenny  13:58pm 26th Apr 2016

I totally agree with the statement made and hoping changes can be made. It's about time!!!! - Post No. 93601

mbg  14:00pm 26th Apr 2016

Nice one Lads and lasses good on you, but it's just a pity you couldn't have took the final step at last and made a more powerful statement, and had on the banner where change is most definitely needed, wenger out, I suppose it can be added by the fan but that's not the same, and why wait to the final whistle ? we're going nowhere, and cant achieve anything, the damage is long done, right from the off right through the game to the very end by everyone, that will make a very powerful statement indeed, and could see the end of him that night, so do we want change or not ? wenger out. - Post No. 93602

Arsenal Geezer  14:02pm 26th Apr 2016

Aaron, you have to earn respect and not for something you did 10 or 12 years ago. He makes the same mistakes season after season and never learns from those mistakes. His own arrogance is his undoing, going with dignity has long gone. He should not be allowed to see out the final year of his £8 million a year contract. We the fans deserve far better than someone just seeing out the final year of his contract. His time has past and we need something different now. - Post No. 93603

Richard McMillan  14:17pm 26th Apr 2016

Supported this lot for over 65 years and I have never seen such a mess sine Billy Wright was manager. We only survive because the willingness of the supporters to pay top rate to watch the team - Post No. 93605

Shu  14:19pm 26th Apr 2016

Good luck with this , something is better than nothing but to get change we need Usmanov in charge. You need to get the message to him. Kronke in US won't give 2 fuuucks !!!! where were the protests over ticket prices b4 , !!!!! - Post No. 93606

Bubbles  14:22pm 26th Apr 2016

Protest now,board out & thanks for the memories but wenger leave our club - Post No. 93607

Redshirtswhitesleeves  14:22pm 26th Apr 2016

Good luck to anyone taking part in this or any other initiative to force a change.i did my bit by giving up my season ticket 7 years ago but I'd also walk a mile over broken glass to get this lot out and have my football club back - Post No. 93608

BG Gooner  14:27pm 26th Apr 2016

Well, with United lurking behind us this season too is now officially a race for Champions League spot. Those paying loads of money to watch the team play..just somehow get into the field and slap Arsene so that he comes out of his dreams. Look where City have reached, and when was the last time we reached semis of UCL? And why hold the banners on 12th and 78th min ? Why not the whole match ? Please just shout the "Wenger Out " loud enough ! - Post No. 93609

Seven Kings Gooner  14:29pm 26th Apr 2016

"Time for change" In keeping with the last 10 years being known as "The Walcott years" this headline has as much conviction as a Theo challenge for a 60 - 40 ball. - Post No. 93611

John A  14:33pm 26th Apr 2016

It's very simple don't turn up don't buy the merchandise or next years ticket.. See how quickly change happens then - guaranteed 100% . - Post No. 93612

Bob  14:36pm 26th Apr 2016

It is a step in the right direction, but my fear is it too vague. "Time for Change" doesn't spell out what change we are calling for. It might safely be interpreted as a call for reinstatement of terraces, cheaper tickets or a better prawn sandwich in the middle tier bars. I know it is risky to print "Wenger Out" or "Kronke and Wenger Out" messages which spell out what we want to happen because that might deter some from taking part. But it is a risk that we have to take if this is to be anything more than another Black Scarf "kick out greed" exercise which will be as useful as a chocolate teapot. - Post No. 93614

jjetplane  14:46pm 26th Apr 2016

Seminal WOB piece over on Untold and lots of little AKBs are meekly agreeing that their master/God/deliverer/father figure (creepy) just may be in need of leetle rest for his mental speeerit .... One of them (think Mary Magdalene) is still hoping for another 3 years to be added to previous 'crimes'/contracts as there is hope he will suprise a few of those/us unbelievers. Hahahahahahah! .... Still there is the consensus that this club was good enough to win the PL this season but fell short because Santi the Glue (see Fawlty Towers) was playing board games with Jack and Wally and of course the refs handed the league to the Perfect Storm that is Claudio's fantastic Foxes on a plate with the Spuds as a side plate. Still - if this club wot woz once Arsenal and warrior like can overcome said Spuds then all is saved hahahahahahahah! ..... Ulloa is my player of the season all ****ing day! & an example to all lazy useless clubs of what is meant by having a squad. Wenger knows nothing about football. Period. - Post No. 93615

Bob  14:49pm 26th Apr 2016

We need to back the visual campaign up vocally, with a recognisable chant which as many as possible can get going both outside and inside the ground. It won't be easy, but it's worth a try. I would suggest: "Au revoir, au revoir, Arsene Wenger Au revoir, au revoir we say Au revoir, au revoir, Arsene Wenger We'll be happy if you leave in May" - Post No. 93616

Bard  14:51pm 26th Apr 2016

The change I want is to return it to what it was, a proper football club not an accountants paradise.This doesnt mean we bankrupt ourselves in pursuit of glory far from it. Wenger has lost his footballing soul more than anything else. He seems to view the game as a an aesthetic exercise not a sporting confrontation. My own view is that chanting is more effective than banners but Im happy to support any efforts to help bring about change. - Post No. 93617

John  15:10pm 26th Apr 2016

I propose a chant, To the tune of the Robin Van Persie "he scores when he wants" chant a few years back "It's time to go, it's time to go, Arsene Wenger, It's time to go!" Easy tune, and the words will be easily heard - Post No. 93618

David the Price is Ian Wright Wright RIGHT  15:21pm 26th Apr 2016

Remember me...I used to post here 3/4 years ago. Myself & 3 other close friends jacked in our season tickets in 2009. The cause of this is Arsene Wenger. He is a spin doctor, and full of BS! Chickens have been coming home to roost for years, but are now finally landing. Wenger AUS! - Post No. 93620

luigi carretta  15:29pm 26th Apr 2016

started watching arsenal1943 AT THE SPURS GROUND 73 years bring back DAVID DEAN - Post No. 93621

Keith  15:30pm 26th Apr 2016

It is time for Arsene Wenger to go. He isn't up to it in the modern game now and can't adapt to different ways of playing. Wenger out. - Post No. 93622

Gooner223  15:33pm 26th Apr 2016

I don't want to say 'what a load of ****e' - but, what a load of ****e. Some A4 litter by a handful of fans make the rest of the lot look less than unified. It's half assed, as most of these moans and attempts of 'we'll show them' have been. You want to make a statement, NO ONE shows up for the match - NO ONE. Otherwise, the TV audience just sees a bunch of piss poor 'fans' with a ****ty attitude towards their club that would be better off supporting Chelsea. These factions ONLY matter to those that are in them - everyone could give a toss. In fact, many Arsenal supporters outside London have never even heard of Black Scarf or REDaction. Some font on A4 isn't helping their exposure either. - Post No. 93623

Rocky RIP  15:48pm 26th Apr 2016

Even when we were far worse than this, at least it was cheap, the atmosphere was normally raucous (ie you could sing without getting odd looks) and you felt like you belonged to a proud football Club; rather than getting rinsed to support a money making enterprise with an identity crisis. To alienate the most passionate fans from attending home games is a staggering feat, but our club has managed it. - Post No. 93625

Nutty's Right Peg  15:50pm 26th Apr 2016

Whilst I agree 100% with the sentiments, I can't help feeling might there be an attempt to prevent this by the stewards, even to the extent of searching people on the way in, I expect they'd deem it to be an inflammatory action. It'll look good on the tv though....go for it guys and girls - Post No. 93626

cyril (the real one)  15:59pm 26th Apr 2016

I am on a sabbatical from this site due to trolling, however I must share this dialogue with the gooner world: Me:'So spud, you must have had your pass from the Vatican to award us a sainthood this year due to the miracle of finishing above us, er you know references to the hinder part of the rump, that kinda stuff!' Spud:'Er, well er, kinda, we've got one for you!' me: 'and?' spud: errrrr! me: 'come on son, throw some syllables at me , you can do it!' spud: 'we're waiting to launch it!' me: 'what, do you mean like a rocket!!' spud: errrrrr, kinda! me: why? Spud: 'Ug, errrrr, just in case!' - Post No. 93628

Highbury Boy  16:19pm 26th Apr 2016

You know it's time for change when even the extreme Untold Arsenal site has an article calling for change and almost all the comments are supportive. What about "Merci mais allez". Not disrespectful. - Post No. 93629

Harvey Croney  16:34pm 26th Apr 2016


David the Price is Ian Wright Wright RIGHT  16:38pm 26th Apr 2016

Please feed us Arsenal again next year say Barca & Bayern. We look forward in advance indeed to this tasty morsel "We promise not to wobble or quake, as we did when confronted with Atletico & their stoical approach" said Barca's guardian angel. Yes, of course but they have a general on the sidelines all in BLACK. Remember him in 2002? An Argie so competent to rival one in N17! But, what do we have..., well I don't do opposition. I send them out, & hope it's not too difficult, and that the handbrake is off...erm on, & hope we don't get done. Sometimes that doesn't work though, the opposition don't allow my team to weave delightful, seductive patterns to mesmerize & beguile. End product: delicious possession football to whet the appetite, unless we face Barca or Bayern then its role reversal, & THEY WIN! - Post No. 93632

Gooner Nepal  16:39pm 26th Apr 2016

Lets just be very loud and clear throughout the match ! Let us not let Wenger sleep during the matches, which I think he really does, looking at lack of tactical changes and substitutions. Lets get violent ! That is the only remaining way! - Post No. 93633

mbg  16:49pm 26th Apr 2016

Au Revior Le Fraud, great post, yes Kronke Gazidis and co don't scout and buy the players train them(cough) do tactics (cough)give team talks before and at half time, made 40,000 subs and are responsible for embarrassments (like the latest one where the spuds are going to finish above us for the first time in how many years ? ) etc, etc, etc, TOF does/is, a lot of AKB wengerites have now woken up to the fact that their messiah is not up to it any more and needs replacing (the sooner the better) but still can't bring themselves to say it, admit it, or more precisely blame him, and so that it doesn't look as bad are blaming and calling for Kroenke and Gazidis to go to, Sad, like I've said above Kroenke and Gazidis don't sit on the bench at games. wenger out. - Post No. 93634

Papa D  16:53pm 26th Apr 2016

This is belated, however it is better to be late than not at all. WENGER IS SUPPOSED TO BE SENT PACKING TEN YEARS AGO. "I was a wealthy man before and now poor does not make any sense." ARSENE you have reached retirement age. Go and enjoy your lottery money. - Post No. 93636

Abiola  17:00pm 26th Apr 2016

I dont believe this approach is the best. If we are displaying banners, let it be throughout the game and for the rest of the season. However, the best approach is complete boycott of matches to send real message. - Post No. 93637

mbg  17:05pm 26th Apr 2016

Kenny, couldn't agree more, as the saying goes when you have someone down with your boot on their throat, don't let them up, wenger out. - Post No. 93638

DanLeo  17:11pm 26th Apr 2016

I mention that it needed change and Wenger out two seasons ago just before the winning of the FA cup and I was hoping even not to have won that FA Cup and not qualified for the CL just to wake them up. Because by winning the FA Cup that would give Wenger the power to determine what he still wanted to do with Arsenal. If you guys recall each Arsenal defeat, his comments were, we have to response in the next match and what happened the next match? From the beginning of this season I've already foreseen the outcome of another year of failure as I have told many of the supporters over here in Singapore since there was not even an outfield player purchased. I have been very passionate each time when Arsenal played in those days of Henry and Viera, waking up 2am or 3am to followed every match. Never missing a match, even when we were one down, I was very confidant that we will overturn the result and we do. But nowadays I don't see the players showing that kind of desire to chase after the ball when they lose it let alone winning the match. We are losing to teams that are way down below us in the table, teams that find Arsenal to be a threat those early days are winning matches and better still at the Emirates sometimes. We are just so predictable in our play that teams can come and win it from us, it is indeed embarrassing to be losing some of those matches which we are not supposed to be losing and how we got threshed by ManU and even Chelsea which I dislike them a lot. If we the fans continue to stay quiet and not do anything this season, Arsenal Football Club will be ruin by Wenger and some of these board members who thinks football is now a business. I am glad that this is happening now with the protest coming up, which I hope I can be there to support you guys because what is football if there are no fans. - Post No. 93639

Peter  17:12pm 26th Apr 2016

Well said BSM and REDaction. The No:-12 also means 12th Man which all true fans of thiS club are. The timE for action is now - Post No. 93640

Mbajja hussein  17:19pm 26th Apr 2016

Its a good approach however some of us are not in london but u fans who buy seasonal tickets should refuse to buy them this time and completely boycot the matches that wil send a good message to those m ****ers we are tired enough is enough - Post No. 93641

DeanoGooner  17:21pm 26th Apr 2016

First of all, action is needed, whatever the approach is, our message needs to get across to those that are stealing our club from under our noses, one question though... if Wenger goes (which I hope he does) who, realistically will replace him? - Post No. 93642

George Timuri  17:24pm 26th Apr 2016

About time too. Arsenal fans pay the most but are not 'rewarded' in return. This has been going on for 10 years or so and AW's excuse has been that they were unable to compete with the 'moneybags' like Chelsea and City, a myth that has been proved wrong this season. There's no way the Boss is going to win anything tangible again. He is in it for his £8m a year salary and of course filling the coffers. A new dynamic manager with fresh ideas is needed - something being done at Spurs and Liverpool at the moment. AW needs to be reminded that he is holding the club to ransom if he does not resign at the end of the season. He should respect the wishes of the majority of fans and simply walk away. I am sure he is set for life- what else is he after? - Post No. 93643

Gaz  17:42pm 26th Apr 2016

I'm all for a protest but I notice getting rid of Wenger was only number 6 on that list? Would I rather have the current owners and a new manager or Wenger and new owners? They should all go of course but right now my number one aim above all else is to see Wenger out of the club. It's a great idea but I can't help feeling it's playing safe by blaming everyone else AND Wenger. He's the main problem and it's him we should be targeting first and foremost... - Post No. 93645

Roy  17:46pm 26th Apr 2016

Believe me, playing to a half empty stadium or worse will work irrespective of whether the majority of those seats are already paid for. Since there are only the two games left, we need to make the most of them. I'll do my bit against Norwich as you ask and I won't attend against Villa. Enough is very definitely enough. Even though you could have heard a pin drop in the pub that I was in last night when West Brom scored to answer my prayers, if truth be known I just want this season to end. - Post No. 93646

John Evans  17:50pm 26th Apr 2016


RedPig  18:15pm 26th Apr 2016

Gaz - you're absolutely right, I was thinking the same. Wenger is the no.1 problem at the club right now without a doubt and he should be top of the list and the main target. I suppose we should be grateful he is on the list at all though as in the past he has escaped the wrath of groups like REDaction and the BSM. Particularly the cringeworthy REDaction who should be on their knees apologising to us all for their 2009 'March for Arsene'. We could ahave been shot of the fraud years ago if it wasnt for nonsense like that. - Post No. 93648

Au Revoir Le Fraud  18:31pm 26th Apr 2016

The headline in The Standard says it all- 'Arsenal Fans Target Kroenke In New Protest'. Wenger and his disciples must be laughing their heads off. - Post No. 93649

SJM  18:47pm 26th Apr 2016

It IS time for change. However, RESPECT the manager and respect what he has given for us. Some of the **** thrown his way is beyond shameful! Want change. What Gooner doesn't, but if you can't respect what he has done for us you are a ****ing idiot. - Post No. 93650

Gooner 83  18:48pm 26th Apr 2016

Wasn't it the black scarf movement that wanted Kroenke in at Arsenal over Usmanov? Sounds like hypocrisy to me. Why not approach it head on and call for the end of Wengers reign and demand that Kroenke sell to Usmanov. Why side step the issue? - Post No. 93651

RedPig  19:12pm 26th Apr 2016

SJM - so we should RESPECT Wenger for what he has done for us ... but IGNORE all the damage he has done to us? Is that what you are saying? If you cannot see the damage he has done and is still doing, then maybe you're the idiot? - Post No. 93652

John Evans  19:12pm 26th Apr 2016

SJM - I feel it has gone way beyond the stage of showing Arsene respect for what he achieved well over a decade ago. How much respect has he shown us Arsenal fans over the past few seasons with his pathetic and often infuriating post match comments? Football and life is about today, the hear and the now not the distant past. - Post No. 93653

Arseneknewbest  19:27pm 26th Apr 2016

Depending on the heft and reach of the planned protest, the acid test will be how chihuahua-man deals with it in the subsequent press conference. Given that the canaries game is a dead rubber for us, I'd like to see the press focus on the protest exclusively in their questioning, and I suspect they will if only to meet their editors' lust for controversy. Of course, that's what we AKBs also want i.e. to see wenger try to account for himself under some close scrutiny. If he sends Bouldy out to face the bawbags of fleet street, then it's a safe bet that he'll be really rattled and possibly teetering. And if he doe front up but fails to screw the nut under interrogation, and loses it, then the clamour will begin in earnest pour le saque. If Arsenal lose or draw to the plucky norfolk-based purveyors of mustard, then it'll add some extra spice (pun intended!). In essence, the post-game press conference will be probably be the most watchable bit of the entire day 'cos the game will be a shocker I fear. Let's hope Jacqui Oatley has her pencil sharpened. - Post No. 93655

CORNISH GOONER  19:43pm 26th Apr 2016

At LONG last I feel things could be made to happen by us Supporters. Probably no shows on match days would be best but good luck to the guys with the posters anyway. But the real agent for change would be The Media. I would like to see all the proper Arsenal websites start petitions, send their substantial lists to the Club & make damn sure that the The Red Tops are kept in the picture. God knows why but they have given OGL & The Club a very easy ride up until now. But I sense they are starting to enjoy Webster's discomfort & you know what that lot are like when they get their teeth into a story - they are like the proverbial dog/bone. If they can bring down figures in the English Establishment then "project Wenger" should be a piece of croissant? Perhaps The Sun could do a bit of good for football for a change. Spin is king these days & it would be sweet justice to see AW hoist by his own petard (ouch!). - Post No. 93657

Spanner  19:45pm 26th Apr 2016

12 years lol , i and others waited 18 yes 18 years 1971-1989, if it includes a Wenger out protest then count me in , - Post No. 93658

Esso  19:57pm 26th Apr 2016

I'm disgusted about this. All I want to do on Saturday is attend the game and support my club, who I have followed over land and sea since 1969. I want no part of any protest movement and I decry the effect it will have on the 'ordinary' supporters such as myself; the creation of a poisonous atmosphere, which will ruin any enjoyment I and my son might have got from the game. Thanks for nothing. The protesters do not speak for everyone and should not be given a free platform in here to do so. Might be a meaningless kick about to them, to me its simply a match with an Arsenal team on the pitch, who I want to support through thick or thin. Absolute disgrace. - Post No. 93659

mbg  20:25pm 26th Apr 2016

aaron, i'm afraid he doesn't deserve any respect or dignity, maybe at one time but it's gone way way past that now. And as or all this get David Dein back in to run things ? do you/we think for one minute TOF would allow that ? (regardless of his relationship with him if any now) and relinquish all that power ? and have to sit back and allow Dein to take responsibility, all the plaudits, congratulations, thanks, when or if he turned it all round and we were successful and feared again ? being as arrogant and egoistic as TOF is not a fooking chance mate not a fooking chance. - Post No. 93660

Exeter Gunner  20:26pm 26th Apr 2016

Esso, if everyone takes your unquestioning, uncritical, unthinking attitude, soon there won't be anything even remotely identifiable as the AFC you started supporting in 1969. So much damage has already been done and they get away with it due to the attitude of supporters like you. That's what's disgusting. Thankfully not everyone is a sheep. - Post No. 93661

Arseneknewbest  20:30pm 26th Apr 2016

Esso - You mention following afc over land and sea but what about Leicester? And therein lies one of the myriad problems at our club - we have been convincingly beaten by the filberts who, to my mind, are a bit like the team we had in 89 (remember them - who'd you rather have in the dressing room - Feo or Rocky)? You need to wake up and realise that as a genuine supporter, you need to take part in this rather than feign disgust and stay sat on the fence. I mean, surely you're not happy with the status quo are you? If the answer is no, then do something to help and get the chihuahua out of N7. - Post No. 93662

mbg  20:39pm 26th Apr 2016

Gaz, top post, as much as this is welcome, it's a pity all these groups hadn't the balls to come together and make the most important issue top of they're agenda, getting rid of wenger, and call for his removal. wenger out. - Post No. 93663

surendar.G  20:39pm 26th Apr 2016

our position is too bad... there are only two reasons for Wenger and Stan. once a glorified manager became a parasite to us. this protest should have come early. please do boycott as many games as possible. let the board and Wenger know that they have to care for the fans too. - Post No. 93664

Etai schwartz  21:01pm 26th Apr 2016

Arsenal FC not Arsene FC - Post No. 93665

Mark  21:32pm 26th Apr 2016

Lets get serious.This is a pathetic gesture.The only way to get Wenger and Kroenke out is to boycott season tickets.Thats the only way Wenger will be removed.As long as you purchase season tickets you are giving Kroenke all he wants.Money.Its time Arsenal fans stood up together and do not renew your season tickets.Have you got the balls? Wenger Out Now - Post No. 93666

leek fc  21:54pm 26th Apr 2016

Esso. calm down mate. this meaningless protest is a failure from the start. yes, admittedly, there will be some cards held up and yes, there will be the screening of this. but the fact is, a very, very small proportion of the stadium will do so. They will get the media attention that they have craved for. unfortunately, Online Gooner has asked for many things over the years. i.e. get to the stadium early!!, Support the Arse at wembley!!, wear your colours!!, buy the fanzine!!, black scarf movement etc. most have fallen flat on their arse. See Ya Saturday. - Post No. 93667

ashie  22:05pm 26th Apr 2016

we are tired with that old man,he has to go and we need something new - Post No. 93668

Salim hbz  22:30pm 26th Apr 2016

wenger will challenge with Guadiola and JOSE??time is up for him and we ar so tired with this 10years without any thing is enouge so wee need change and yes we can i am from kigali RWANDA - Post No. 93669

Clarky  22:31pm 26th Apr 2016

Excellent news! Not expecting a huge protest in the ground but this should at least get the ball rolling! - Post No. 93670

Noor Miah  22:31pm 26th Apr 2016

Thank you, long overdue. - Post No. 93671

Au Revoir Le Fraud  22:34pm 26th Apr 2016

More from The Standard-'Notably, the protest is not specifically calling for manager Arsene Wenger to be sacked'. This is how the protest will be perceived, folks. It's unbelievable that still no fan group is willing to put it's head above the parapet. Same again next year then. - Post No. 93672

Frank  22:45pm 26th Apr 2016

These fan groups just dont get it do they?.The message should be WENGER OUT not Time For A Change.What is it with them that the are not reflecting the mood of the fans they are so out of touch .This should be a Wenger Out protest.Wenger runs everything that goes on at the club.Why are these groups so afraid to call for Wenger's head.And dont forget RedAction were the group who did the we love Wenger march and had **** off Usmanov banners in the ground.This is a great opportunity missed by these groups.Look how much publicity the "Thanks for the memories" banner got.There is still time to changer the posters to Wenger Out - Post No. 93673

lee armitt  0:25am 27th Apr 2016

what a waste of time another pointless protest that won't change anything. - Post No. 93676

Oni Michael  0:34am 27th Apr 2016

Am a Nigerian fan,I support this protest, it is time for change, we are fed up with same stories of failure. #wewantchange - Post No. 93677

Stone The Gonner  7:00am 27th Apr 2016

Am a Die hard Arsenal Fan from Uganda, All i need is change otherwise, life is becoming hell to support Arsenal if this kind of result will always be seen at the end of every season. - Post No. 93678

DECLAN BURKE  7:20am 27th Apr 2016

It's now or never, Wenger and the board have to realise on saturday that the game is well and truly up. I for one couldn't care less whether we finish 4th or 5th, the only result im interested in now is getting the management/owner out for the long term benefit of what used to be a great great FOOTBALL CLUB. - Post No. 93679

Pearson  7:45am 27th Apr 2016

The fans should effect a late walk in against Norwich, twelve minutes late. Or, they should abandon the team 12 minutes before half time, or twelve minutes after HT during the nil nil draw with Norwich. It's not as if the fans are going to miss anything or as if The Arsenal are going to change during those twelve minutes. An empty stadium sends a better message than a thousand banners - Post No. 93681

Mark  7:48am 27th Apr 2016

Unbelievable comment just now on the radio by Wenger lover Parlour he hopes fans dont protest during the game.When would you like a protest Parlour 3 hours before the kick off?.We are not just figthing Wenger and the Board we are also fighting the media and ex Arsenal players whose heads are stuck up Wenger's arse - Post No. 93682

Gaz  8:42am 27th Apr 2016

Raymondo Parlour also predictably blamed the players and said we just need two very good players. Tbf he's hardly likely to criticise the hand that partly feeds him... - Post No. 93683

Tony Evans  8:47am 27th Apr 2016

Gaz - right with you on that one mate. There are lots of problems at our club but Wenger is at the epicentre of most of them. It's his team, his transfer policy (if he actually has one that is), he is the one making daft substitutions and talking up crap players as if they are world-beaters. Kronke is nothing but a leach and Gazedis obviously purely just a businessman and I would like to see wholesale change on those fronts too, but it is Wenger who has caused me more grief and anger than I can ever remember. I will party like it's 26/05/89 when he finally leaves! - Post No. 93684

Gaz  9:19am 27th Apr 2016

Hi Tony. Can you imagine the scenes when Wenger finally leaves? Part of me will be absolutely delighted then I'll probably go through a period of real sadness as he has give me some fantastic moments in my life. All good things come to an end though. By the way I had an argument on Twitter last night with a fan (you know the type!) who's convinced kroenke did not/would not allow Wenger funds last summer. I tried to make the point that if Wenger was denied funds but is willing to take the abuse from fans who blame him for not spending then he's completely stupid. As you can imagine it ended badly and I doubt we'll be sending each other Christmas cards lol!!!... - Post No. 93687

Jedaiah  9:21am 27th Apr 2016

It has been a tremble 12years without a modern day EPL title and yet the arsenal broad is sitting comfortable, happy with a top four finish. I think it is the right time for the arsenal fanbase's voice to be hear. - Post No. 93688

jjetplane  11:31am 27th Apr 2016

Great to see all these posters from far away places saying their bit. Salute everyone of you and let's rip this excuse apart and start fresh with a squad of Tony Adams type and a sprinkle of DB10s ... AKBs are finished, extinct mumbling into their horse hair shirts. - Post No. 93694

Nick  11:58am 27th Apr 2016

The vast majority of us now want Wenger out, no more judge me in May codswallop, no more wait and see , no more chances, just get him the hell out, however we all know deep down he wont quit nor will the board sack him, not this summer anyway, as it stands we are five points adrift of the scum who face Chelsea away next game they also have to go to Newcastle who will very likely need to win to stay up , therefore its entirely possible out of the next nine points they get only three, which means we still have a chance to choke the cockerel crowing in mid crow, IF we WIN our next three games! Big ask on present form I know but its not impossible and I for one would find it preferable to finishing below them, it would in no way vindicate our season in no way vindicate this and the prior ten years of failure in the league by Wenger, it would not vindicate his errors of judgment and tactics' and it would not stop myself and others from.wanting him gone! Realistically we wont get our way not this coming season but another term of surrenders and abject failure on the pitch and in transfer windows would be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back ! In the meantime surely no gooner would want us to give up on the chance to shut the lot from Middlesex up and deal a savage blow to their overweening pride ! - Post No. 93698

Tony Evans  12:17pm 27th Apr 2016

Hi Gaz - you just can't convince some people of the cold, hard truth. If Wenger was denied funds last summer then I'm a Dutchman as the saying goes. You're right also that although Wenger leaving will be met with wild celebrations in the Evans household (well by me anyway - not sure wife and daughter will quite see the significance) there will be an element of sadness (getting smaller every year) that he out-stayed his welcome and tarnished those wonderful memories he gave us. - Post No. 93700

SteveP  13:30pm 27th Apr 2016

I understand the frustration at the board, but this is so small time. We'll be roundly mocked by the football world - Post No. 93706

mbg  14:09pm 27th Apr 2016

jj, indeed, far away and closer to home, and all new to the site it's something I intended to mention yesterday but forgot, well done to them, and hardly an AKB in sight. - Post No. 93710

mbg  14:19pm 27th Apr 2016

Pearson, indeed, after all TOF and his team have abandoned the fans on plenty of occasions, with embarrassments and humiliations with one of the biggest still to come. wenger out. - Post No. 93711

Joel L  15:52pm 27th Apr 2016

Great news, the time for change protest is 7 years WELL overdue. The potential outcome of Leicester City winning the premiership title, is the final straw for me. As all the excuses Wenger/board have used over the past 10 years, are no longer credible. Thus showing me, the issues at Arsenal FC are far deeper than I first though. The attitude of the club needs to change. With an ambitious board applying pressure to the manager, to produce better results on the pitch. Instead Arsenal FC are stuck with Wenger, a manager with no motivation to surpass claiming 4th spot. Due to achieving financial profits for the board and himself. TIME FOR CHANGE IS NEEDED #WENGER OUT - Post No. 93712

Geoff Palmer  16:05pm 27th Apr 2016

I entirely AGREE with everything in this statement and I have personally written to Arsene directly telling him to GO and take Kroenke with. Kroenke is using it to make profit and Wenger has seriously not on song with the modern game and does not care about the fans or what they think! - Post No. 93713

mbg  17:33pm 27th Apr 2016

Parlour has become the new AKB poster boy, there will be no slagging him off and disrespecting him from the wengerites I'll bet. - Post No. 93714

Sad, sad people  18:21pm 27th Apr 2016

What an embarrassment you guys are developing! This just shows that the internet is dumbing people down, not making the more knowledgeable. Can one stop supporting a football club because of the low quality of some of its "fans"? It's getting close now. - Post No. 93716

leek fc  22:12pm 27th Apr 2016

Mark. I would happily enter into a debate but as with all of the anti wengerites on here, they find it easier to belittle the person whom they have differing opinions. Pathetic attempt. Pathetic support. oo too bee - Post No. 93724

GebeGunner  23:15pm 27th Apr 2016

Every Arsenal fan is surely very unhappy for the way the Club is run for the past decade. It is very understandable to want Wenger out but who is going to replace him? Make no mistake. Wenger is a very successful manager for the money he grudgingly spent on the players he signed. In 19 years, 3 League Titles, 6 FA Cups, Runners up for both Europa League and Champions League and playing in CL year after year and mostly managing to qualify for the knockout stage. Is there any manager that we can lure who can deliver so much with so little? What did Van Gaal, Pellegrini, Benitez, Spurs, Liverpool etc..deliver for all the insane money they spent? Spurs and Liverpool spend aggressively on signing players but they got nowhere and always finished below us consistently. The problem as I see it is this. When Wenger came to our Club, he is a nobody (Arsene who?). He was motivated to achieve and make a name. He built a great team and in 9 years till 2006, he won three League Titles, 4 FA Cups, became runners up for CL and Europa League and also achieved the immortal and incredible Invincible Season. He made his name and satisfied his ego. He became a legend and invulnerable. The board venerated him with a bust of his statue, an honor that is usually conferred after retirement. After 2006, after he made his name, it was time to make money for himself and the greedy owners. Arsenal became a club more concerned about business and more and more profits rather than an ambitious Football Club eager to win titles and honors. A full decade is spent amassing more and more profit while the silverwares became far and far away. Make no mistake. Wenger is a very good and successful manager for the very little that he spent on building the squad and inability in keeping its star players from being lured away. The great success of the 1997 - 2005 ERA was achieved because the Club focused on building a great team and holding to its star players from being snatched by the Vultures. Arsenal was not that bad after 2006. It is just that the squad is thin. We had great players but the bench is empty of good players that replace the great ones when they get injured or suspensed. As an example, the squad of 2007 - 2008 was such a great entertaining team and the Title was ours to lose. When Eduardo got tragically injured in the Birmingham game, there is no one to replace him and the Title was lost. If Wenger had invested in January of that season, the title would have been ours. The problem of the Second Decade of Wenger's ERA was that the team is good but it is too thin. Wenger did not bother with building and strengthening the squad. With a little bit of more investment, he could have built a great and resilient team. In the Second Decade A.W., we were credible title contenders until February and then wilt and wither away breaking fans heart. Yes, we need change and a fresh approach. But how? If it is possible to bring this change and fresh approach under Wenger, then I think we would have more success than under a new manager. If Wenger must go, who is going to replace him? I bet you that Spurs and Liverpool would pay fortunes to achieve the mediocrity of the post 2006 Arsenal. Thank you for reading. - Post No. 93725

mbg  23:56pm 27th Apr 2016

More to be pitied than laughed at. God love him. - Post No. 93727

Arsene's departure iSaNOgoals worse luck...  6:15am 28th Apr 2016

I am of the opinion that not making Chumps league qualification will actually be for the longer term good of the club. Arsenal are not in a position (on field) to win it. Off field YES! A great stadium, great commercial & merchandising, great worldwide appeal, massive on social media, financially top 5 in the world of club football. Why is it then that with all the tools at our disposal (the artisan) cannot deliver? It must be his parsimonious predilection. Because, lesser clubs without the aforementioned capabilities consistently challenge in Europe. Sorry to disappoint :- Wenger was good, not that good, AND NOT ANYMORE. The two FA cups recently were a gift from the gods. Had we of faced a 'bigger' team more runners up would've been added to the numerous Wenger has already amassed. 2 League cups- 1 against Birminham in a humiliating manner. The other to Chelsea when Drogba did a job AGAIN on Wenger's feeble backline. 1 FA cup v Liverpool in 2091 can be excused. Numerous runners-up in the EPL (5) at last count, none in recent years. 4th though is a speciality. One disastrous penalty shootout defeat in 2000 to Galatasaray in UEFA cup. The defeat in 2006 to Barca in Paris when we had nothing on the bench to change, or attempt to change the match. Yes, Arsenal used to be called 'lucky Arsenal' in years gone by. Under Wenger though there appears to be an unlucky distinctness. His record is not that good. - Post No. 93731

Stephen tippett  8:12am 28th Apr 2016

I agree with this Time for change - Post No. 93734

GingerDeano  16:32pm 29th Apr 2016

After todays reports, Wenger is blaming us not winning the title on the fans???? Is he for real? - Post No. 93834

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