Arguments about Arsène are now about how he departs

By Elliot Segal

Sentiment is the only reason to keep Wenger in the job next season

It's sad to see the stadium as it is, with fans fighting each other, divided over the future of a manager who gave us fantastic times between 1996 and 2006 and then nearly eleven years of mediocrity. From a team that had strong, powerful and skilful players to a bunch of pretty boys who are too nice to succeed.

The number that believe Arsene can win the Premier League again is dwindling

I fear that Wenger will sign the two-year contract that is on offer, for the sole reason that he genuinely believes he is the only man who can manage Arsenal and that nobody else could do a better job, a view shared by the board.

I was at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago, not far from the guy with the banner who Gary Neville described as an idiot, and heard the “Wenger out” chants. I'm one of those who's wanted him to leave for many years but I couldn't bring myself to join in the chanting. As much as this contradicts my viewpoint on him, I don't want to see him sacked but rather to leave with the dignity he deserves.

The seeds were sown back in 2008 when we spectacularly blew our chance of winning the league, and we've barely come close since then. There was the pathetic shambles of the summer 2011 transfer-window which ended with a mad trolley-dash after conceding EIGHT at Manchester United, a result which should have seen him dismissed. But it carried on and, since then, he's rewritten Arsenal history to preach that finishing fourth is a trophy. I've never heard such a ridiculous statement from a football manager and what that has done is to brainwash people into believing it was success.

In 2004, Liverpool finished fourth, which Gerard Houllier described as a "magnificent achievement". He was promptly sacked a week later with the club describing it as a "minimum standard and not a goal". The AKBs will argue that Liverpool would love to be where we have been for the last few years, but that's not the point.

There's the regular stuffings we take in the big away games, to the point where they no longer become a surprise. Last Wednesday night was a result I expected and couldn't even bring myself to be angry about, such was my lethargy and lack of expectation. That is the biggest shame of all.

Towards the end of last season, Wenger took the extraordinary step of blaming the fans for his failure. In the next game, at home to Norwich, the fans sung his name. You genuinely could not have made it up.

One of the reasons Sir Alex Ferguson was so successful in his last ten years at Old Trafford was because he kept adapting to changing tactics and moving players on when he needed to. Wenger rewards average players with lucrative contracts. How else do you explain Almunia drawing a salary from the club for eight years?

This myth that there's been money until recently is exactly that, a myth. There was, but it was wasted on contracts for rubbish like Denilson, Diaby and Eboué.

There is no reason for the board to keep Wenger other than sentiment. He will not improve Arsenal. He has taken us as far as he can. He will not challenge for the title again. No team has a divine right to win the Premier League, but I expect Arsenal to challenge for it. That's all I want, but it's the same failures, same tactical ineptitude again.

Wenger was a great manager; he did fantastic things and deserves to be remembered for that - the Invincibles and the two doubles, not celebrating finishing fourth on the pitch like we'd won the Champions League.

I invite any AKB to respond to this with a coherent argument as to why Wenger should stay and not use the "who would replace him?" reply which is the default, ostrich position.

20th February 2017 08:35:05


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N-4  9:08am 20th Feb 2017

Good article that's been written before about the same subject but since the pressure is a little on now...and fans fighting each other in the ground etc...why hasn't the club, board or even Arsene coming to say to us calm down a decision will be made by either the club or the manager regarding the current issue of the manager's contract etc...! So far nothing at all. What kind of club has this Arsenal club have become where everything is kept inside as if nothing ever happened...where is the PR at arsenal??? - Post No. 104272

ArsenalMagna  9:40am 20th Feb 2017

The thing is, even the 'AMGs' aren't radically different from the AKBs in terms of the action they will take. An anti-Wenger protest should have been organised outside the stadium or a petition started online to get Wenger out - bad press like that is something the club has to take seriously, complaints on social media sites are not comparable. If the argument is that it would be bad for the team, putting aside the argument it's a necessary short-term evil, it could occur in summer when the season is over. However, even the very articulate and intelligent critics on here never seem to advocate such action, so I feel like even they ultimately have too much respect for Wenger's first decade in charge. Given that, it's ultimately going to be the board/owner or Wenger himself who makes the decision... - Post No. 104273

Arseneknewbest  9:41am 20th Feb 2017

Wenger has squandered his legacy. The huge sums that he has been paid override any warmth or well wishes that might have been offered to someone else who started well and then perennially failed (and lied to fans). I certainly won't look back after he goes and fool my self that this was a good period for the club. He deserves the most ignominious of exits, and all those hangers-on in Fleet Street and former players need to record his tenure truthfully. Otherwise, the fans will never be able to reconcile and the club will continue to be blighted, like a bickering couple who divorced years ago. Wengo: You are toxic. Go, in the name of Jean-Paul Sartre, go. - Post No. 104274

RobG  9:47am 20th Feb 2017

This is pretty much on he money and nails all the salient points. The trouble is, that I too fear that Wenger will sign on again for another two years. At which point, the internal strife becomes out and out civil war. - Post No. 104275

GSPM  10:02am 20th Feb 2017

The current situation is a reflection on the board and Wenger, they all claim to love Arsenal Fc and have its best interest at heart, if you substitute Arsenal Fc for "Money" that would be nearer the mark. Wenger's legacy from being 100% glory is now at best 50-50 . 50% positive for 1996 -2006 & 50% negative for 2007 -2017 ( some would say 40% - 60% or less)...the saga continues, and only a massive meltdown will see any change, Wenger saying he will continue to manage is a broadside to the board, sack me or back me, so another contract beckons...zzzzzz - Post No. 104276

The Man From UNCLE  10:07am 20th Feb 2017

The only time anything will change is when we drop out of the top 4. Looks like a distinct possibility this season. I wouldn't even care if the unthinkable was to happen tonight - it's got that bad. - Post No. 104277

John C  10:11am 20th Feb 2017

Sorry, Elliot but you contradict yourself, you first say you didn't join in the Wenger out chants at Chelsea even though you agree with them and then go on to say that you can't believe fan's sung his name against Norwich last season. Has it ever occurred to you that the many like you who don't have the courage of their convictions allow themselves to get drowned out by those that do? If you truly want Wenger gone i suggest the next time Wenger out chants are sung you join them loud and proud! - Post No. 104278

Bob Bayliss  10:51am 20th Feb 2017

Rinse and repeat. We all wanted to see him leave with the dignity he deserve, but whatever happens now, whenever it happens, however it is spun, that ship has sailed. It is not entirely his fault, to the extent that which of us would resign from a job which pays £9.5 million for the sake of the company who employ us. But the bottom line is he has taken a lot of money he has not earned out of our club and held us back for too long. The price he pays for me and I think many of us now is any tribute to his earlier achievements once he announces he is going. They are in the record books, they were fantastic. But he is not owed any testimonial, stand named after him, statue.....he has been rewarded in full and then some! - Post No. 104280

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:05am 20th Feb 2017

When you compare Wenger's spell at Highbury to the form at the new ground it is as if his mad twin brother has abducted Arsene 1 and locked him up somewhere whilst Arsene two ruins the team. It is really unexplanable the change of character in the club, in short Arsenal Football Club have been feminized and I do apologize to ladies football teams everywhere for that comment but I don't have another word for eradication of the toughness, strength and nous required to compete at the highest level of any team sport. Arsenal now could have two games against non league opposition, they should win in any normal situation but this is not a normal situation. Wenger does not have the dressing room and the team cannot take pressure, no matter what league their opposition comes from. I hope they beat Sutton because I want to see our powder puff centre backs trying to cope with Lincoln's Matt Rhead - that will be some contest. Defeat to any of these two teams would probably still not be enough for a honorable resignation but would leave more empty spaces at the "Cash Bowl" I actually think the players will give up on Wenger long before the fans finally say enough. The fact that the Arsenal fans are so gullible is the real reason Wenger is still the manager. - Post No. 104281

Exeter Gunner  11:27am 20th Feb 2017

I think the difference in character and power between the teams Wenger had at Highbury and Emirates is... this is what you get when it's unadulterated Wenger. Dein and the old players along with Wenger made those Highbury teams what they were. This characterless, leaderless crap we have now is what you get when Wenger gets to realise his full 'artistic' vision. I really don't care how he goes now, as long as he does. The trouble with giving him 'respect' is he'll interpret it as support and a reason to sign on again. I suspect he'll have to be hounded out, whether that be this summer or a few years' time. No problem with AFC losing every game so it happens end of this season. It'd look terrible in the history books, but good luck Sutton. - Post No. 104282

The Man From UNCLE  11:41am 20th Feb 2017

Seven Kings: the word you might be looking for is "emasculated". Since the move in '06 everything about our great club has been sterilised. The stadium, the team, the playing style, are all anodyne. Doubtless if it were possible the fraud would have had the past history airbrushed out too. Wenger out now. - Post No. 104283

Yes its Ron  11:41am 20th Feb 2017

'Feminised' - so true SKG. In fairness mens and womens football generally has gravitated towards each other in style and substance this last 10 years. If the ball gets any lighter, kids football will become close too! - Post No. 104284

Petergooner  12:21pm 20th Feb 2017

As a Gunner I usually want Arsenal to win but all you gooners out there would it not be great to let Sutton win tonight so 2 non-league teams play each other in Quarter Finals and therefore 1 non-league team will be in semis and playing at Wembley?? It will never happen again. As Wenger has won the Cup many times and if he wins it again this year he will obviously stay that is another reason to support Sutton tonght. I thought I would never ever say the top sentence but I mean it this time. Come back to me with your agreement. - Post No. 104285

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:29pm 20th Feb 2017

UNCLE : thanks for that "emasculated" - I shall use it in future. I was talking to my son, a fellow Gooner, about what would you do to quickly break up Wenger's legacy of "pretty football" and we came up with three signings that would smash up the "club model" Fellaini in midfield, to win the ball, win defensive headers from set pieces against us and make the "poster boys" in our club feel a bit uncomfortable. Second : The Millwall centre half Webster, I have seen him a few times and he is an uncompromising sod but a good leader and finally Matt Rhead of Lincoln, just to hit back at some of the centre halves who have had such fun smashing up our lightweight forwards in the last 10 years. To be honest any player from the top half of the PL would be a start down the road of the change required to bring us back to competing properly again for the games top honours. - Post No. 104286

CBee  12:32pm 20th Feb 2017

Petergooner, I'll come out of the closet. I hope they beat us. It will be the biggest humiliation of Wengers carrer ( and thats saying something). And hopefully that will stop any further contract - Post No. 104287

TonyEvans  12:40pm 20th Feb 2017

The fact that many of us would welcome Sutton beating us tonight says it all doesn't it? We are so desperate to see the end of Wenger that we can even accept losing to a non league team in the FA Cup to force the issue even more. How the hell has it come to this! - Post No. 104288

jjetplane  12:53pm 20th Feb 2017

No other club would want Wenger because he is too expensive and he delivers the bare minimum for a toppish club with clinical regularity. He is so used to being overpaid in a circus of a league that he thinkis signing up for another 20 m is small fare while delivering non-champion participation in the CL which gets wound down at the last 16 stage in order to start attaining the same for next season. Reckon they will win tonight but Lincoln City will get a draw at the Ems and take them home and knacker out the little pussies. They may get through scarred only for the first PL they meet (Chavs, Totts, Manc U/C) to give them a record shafting. Think Arsenal will finish 5th but he will still get two years because this particular ostrich (just look at him!) is there for the money and nothing else. He is not football material. - Post No. 104289

Highbury Boy  12:57pm 20th Feb 2017

Tony,I don't even think a win for Sutton would mean the end for Wenger. He would blame the plastic pitch,the ref,an offside,2 balls on the pitch,injuries to Cazorla,Ramsey,Welbeck and others,unavailability of Sanogo......in fact anyone and anything but him though he would feel guilty. He would say lets get behind the team for the next match which is important so we still challenge for the PL. Also we are still in the CL. - Post No. 104290

GSPM  12:57pm 20th Feb 2017

petergooner: I agree with you, I never want Arsenal to lose, but if a loss would Guarantee 100% he would leave, I'll take it on this one and only occasion.... Somehow, even if we do lose, I can see wenger spinning his way out of being sacked, he has more lives than an unlucky cat. - Post No. 104291

MAF  12:58pm 20th Feb 2017


Yes its Ron  13:05pm 20th Feb 2017

I think any fair minded fan, Gooner or not wouldn't mind if Sutton won tonight. Yr reasons Petergooner are fair enough and tbh many Gunners fans ive spoke to have said the same. I would add too that if Sutton won, it wouldn't really be an earth shattering event. Such is the downgrading of the FAC in recent yrs and the despicable approach of some Clubs towards it, the shock element no longer registers on the football shock richter scale as it did back in the day, for eg Hereford beating Newcastle back in 1972 or even Sutton beating Coventry in 1989. It seems to me that Clubs no longer really care if they lose to a lower league Club. Perhaps losing to a non league Club would be slightly worse, but my point is that Clubs fans have been conditioned to the FAC being aborted anyway. It barely seems to matter to whom they lose to. Im sure AFC are arrogant enough and would shrug off a loss tonight, especially if they field a weaker team. Quite why they would field a weaker team of course is beyond me given that Arsenals season is more or less done bar the FAC or whats left of it. Such is the feeble state of AFC s mentality its no sure bet that they ll beat Sutton tonight. Sutton will be at them, tacking and harrying them and duffing AFC over as best they can and why shouldn't they. All the ingredients for Arsenals shrinking violets to shrink even more. At the same time, nobody would be surprised if Arsenal won 10-0 as we oft excel when a bit of flat track bullying is called for. On yr point of ' it ll never happen again', i disagree. The more Clubs are allowed to field weaker and weaker teams, the higher the chance of lowly teams getting deep into the tournament. Once the so called 'big' Clubs get their way, ALL replays will go. Eventually they ll be allowed to opt in to the FAC and even then to field scratch teams as part of the opting in. It ll come for sure. I hope that one day soon the cash ridden PL bubble busts and the TV tires of it. Sooner the better in my view. - Post No. 104293

Redshirtwhitesleeves  13:10pm 20th Feb 2017

I would rather lose to Sutton tonight than to get yet another spanking against city/chelski/man ure or heaven forbid the spuds further down the line. It will change things up nicely to lose to a new opponent rather than one of the usual suspects that we are all (except our board and manager) growing so bored of being ritualistically humiliated by. Anything that hasn't been embedded in the same repetitive script for the last 10 years will make a nice change for me - Post No. 104294

TonyEvans  13:23pm 20th Feb 2017

HB - reckon you are right. Wenger would find an excuse - it would never be anything to do with him would it! I really do not know what it will take to see the back of him - he's like a bloody cancer that refuses to respond to any level of chemo! - Post No. 104295

Wardy  13:25pm 20th Feb 2017

i agree with your comments but Friday's press conference had me baffled / worried ,,,,, I asked myself "surely the club cannot be seriously be considering offering AW a new contract, when he has clearly lost the dressing room and all sense of reality" ,,,,,, but his re-found confidence and happy demeanor suggested that is exactly what is happening ,,,,,, if he signs another contract, the club is officially dead in the water and won't be receiving another penny from me - Post No. 104296

jeff wright  13:29pm 20th Feb 2017

It's this ,I don't want him to be fired so put up quietly with the garbage that he produces every season instead of vocally protesting at games, that helps Wenger to keep his job. - Post No. 104297

mbg  13:38pm 20th Feb 2017

So you've wanted him out for many years but you couldn't bring yourself to join in with the chants and you don't want him sacked and to go with the dignity he deserves, he deserves ? well then Elliot (as good as I think your article is) you and others who think the same as you have been part of the problem for years now, it's you and others like you who have been keeping the old fraud in the job, if fans like you would have taken your heads out of the sand with this leaving with dignity and feeling sorry for him and sentimental bullshyte etc, etc, and joined in, you the rest of us might have got rid of the old past it waster years ago, but here we still are, and you still can't bring yourself to chant it,(what will/would it take defeat tonight ?) even after all the humiliations and embarrassments, and everything that went with them not forgetting the one just the other night, is it any wonder we're in the state we are, you either want him out or you don't, I suggest you start doing something about too rather than leaving it to others, a good article but slightly flawed, you can't have it both ways, like I said you either want him out or you don't. We want wenger out we want wenger out, there it's easy. - Post No. 104298

mbg  14:07pm 20th Feb 2017

Bob Bayliss, excellent post, yes that ship has indeed sailed a long time ago, he deserves no dignity when leaving, no fanfare, certainly no testimonial it'll be a travesty if he gets one, he deserves to go just like he has left the club on numerous occasions, embarrassed humiliated, and a laughing stock, with that smirk and grin wiped of his ugly mug, maybe tonight's that night. wenger out. - Post No. 104299

mbg  14:30pm 20th Feb 2017

Petergooner, tonight's certainly a great opportunity for the players to eventually get rid of him, so come on wally, carthorse, ramsay, etc, etc, get rid of him for us and all will be forgiven. wemger out. - Post No. 104300

MAF  14:49pm 20th Feb 2017

should we get through to the semis, and being Arsenal we all know that this is far from certain, then we are the Team all the others want to get. chelsk/spurs/City or Utd will be happy as Larry getting drawn against the laughing stock. by the way of course he is smiling, he's just been offered a new 4 year contract @ £10mpa. he gets the £££ whether we win lose or draw. this is a Coach who has no clue at all how to be tough with his squad ! Michael Ballack said it on BT Sport. After 20 years you might no longer be tough with your Players. do you think Fergy ever suffered this ?? do me a favour. tough to the end. otherwise These Players will do what they want when they want and let you down. look at arsenal's squad it is absolutely full of prima Donnas who think they are way better than they actually are. thanks to how wenger has treated them - Post No. 104301

Bard  15:42pm 20th Feb 2017

Plenty of scope for a f*** up but would expect us to prevail. Could the FAC be his saving grace. I certainly hope not. I reckon the club will go into full spin mode for the rest of the season. I dont imagine they want a change at all. Why should they. They dont give a fig about football so results are neither here nor there. Just need to keep the money coming in. 4th place and an FAC should do the trick for another 2 years. - Post No. 104302

Paulward  15:56pm 20th Feb 2017

Actually think it'll be better for Wenger to go out tonight. Think the stick he should get would be lost in admiration for Sutton, or Lincoln if it happens in the quarters. Getting smashed all around Wembley by any one of Chelsea,Utd,City or Spurs however would leave him absolutely nowhere to go,and losing a semi final like that would have the fans doing their nut, and he would struggle to survive that, especially if the league results don't pick up. - Post No. 104303

shu  17:15pm 20th Feb 2017

Well said no doubt most will,agree with u - Post No. 104304

Leek fc  17:24pm 20th Feb 2017

Premature ejaculators the lot of you. Since when was it in an Arsenal fans DNA to want to see us lose. Can this site get any lower.???? - Post No. 104305

Alsace  17:38pm 20th Feb 2017

My dear old thing. Why would you try and engage in a logical debate with the AKB mob? At best it is a matter of faith with them and they will hear no evil, and at worst they try and knock your block off. I don't agree with you about allowing Wenger to go with dignity. He has wasted 10 years of my football going life, £30,000 of my money, has effectively destroyed any respect that anyone had for AFC and has made us the third best team in London. Don't you realise that his response to a defeat this evening would be to hunker down and hope let it all blow over in the summer. He has no shame and no love of our club. No, I want him sacked and leaving in disgrace muttering over his shoulder about trawlers and seagulls. - Post No. 104307

Alsace  17:49pm 20th Feb 2017

No, numbnuts, we want Arsenal to be able to win against anyone. That means getting rid of your master and building up from the mess he has left us in. Losing every last game of the season is a hammer blow on his bony white knuckles as he attempts to hang on to his money. It is you who wants Arsenal to be defeated every year ad infinitum. Wenger =Losing. Try really hard to focus on that and the light of reason may dawn upon you. - Post No. 104308

mbg  18:09pm 20th Feb 2017

Tony Evans, the excuses are already been made by the waste of space, he's not happy with the pitch, you can't slide tackle on it(not that they do that anyway, you couldn't make it up)we've practiced on our indoor pitch for the game but it's not the same, they water theirs to much, balls hard to control, and on he babbled covering all angles what a f*****g fraud. Go now you embarrassment. - Post No. 104309

markymark  18:21pm 20th Feb 2017

Squeak if a WOB is a premature ejaculator then I'm sad to say your average AKB (that's you Squeak). Have been failing to get it up, it's on the flop, failing to cut the mustard, unable to penetrate. With wrinkled shrivelled balls resembling Wengo's face. Personally I think the Gooners rather good at the moment, if you don't like it you can always join comedy man ****fields on Untold. - Post No. 104310

Paulward  18:40pm 20th Feb 2017

Leeky Wengers earned a few quid for not winning the league in 14 years hasn't he leeky? We didn't win too much in the sixties or mid seventies either, but then Billy Wright or Terry Neil didn't have coming 4th as a fig leaf to disguise they're short comings did they ? You had to win the league to play in the European Cup then, remember? - Post No. 104311

mbg  19:33pm 20th Feb 2017

Bard, your right mate we'll prevail tonight alright, the old waster will come up smelling of roses against the mighty mighty Sutton and everything will be rosey again, we'll have wally telling us how they learned after Munich, yes against Sutton, we'll even have a couple of AKB's back telling us we played well, such and such had a good game (anyone that doesn't have a good game tonight should be castrated)their pleased with the result and lets build on it (we know who they are) and their old favourite lets brush ourselves down and go again, what the f**k is wrong with these people, you couldn't make it up. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 104313

David1  20:33pm 20th Feb 2017

Same old lament for the last 8 years. I'm afraid that the two year contract will be signed. All it will take is a strong end to the season - 2nd place and an FA Cup win. He'll be back to do all the same shizzle (but probably without Sanchez) for the next two years. It'll be another two years of pushing the wheel of pain. - Post No. 104314

NickT  21:17pm 20th Feb 2017

See Feo's got the armband again.....must be his birthday - Post No. 104315

mbg  21:53pm 20th Feb 2017

Well done Sutton UTD you done yourself proud, 2-0 nothing to be ashamed off at all, indeed you had your chances, and if you'd have taken them it could have been different, unlike our well preened nice boys and wallys with their missed flicks and scorpion kicks, afraid to put in a tackle, and a keeper not fit for purpose who looked out of his league you. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 104316

Leek fc  22:26pm 20th Feb 2017

It's gonna go quiet on this site for a day or two. Check out GSPM's comment at 12:57 today. Read it and read it again. Contradicting or is it just a thick, "idiotic", AAA comment. "A loss would 100% guarantee him going but on the other hand it may mean him staying even if we lose".. supporters like that make me chuckle. Very much like the Beeb. Wanted a story like the WOB's but didn't get it. Untold Arsenal anyone ????? - Post No. 104317

Leek fc  23:17pm 20th Feb 2017

Well done Sutton. You did the BBC proud along with all of the armchair, plastic Gooners who wanted Arsenal to lose. Fukked their night up big style. Wenger is a genius. - Post No. 104318

Leek fc  23:28pm 20th Feb 2017

Hello. Mad monk, Bonzohomo, Jeff, anusol, JJ, arseknewbest.... Where are you. Most boring gooner. Whereabouts are you. mmmmmm. Ok. There must be a reason why you are not getting vocal. ?!?!?!?!?! - Post No. 104319

Leek fc  23:44pm 20th Feb 2017

Ssssshhhhh. What did she wear. ?????! - Post No. 104320

mbg  23:47pm 20th Feb 2017

TOF comes up smelling of roses again, even though it was nothing to write home about or get moist about for Arsenal or wenger fans, that tells us all we need to know, did you see the relief on his mug ? none of us really expected anything else I know, but like i've already said little Sutton didn't embarrass themselves against the so called mighty Arsenal and their so called superior manager. But our OWN latest embarrassment ? already forgotten about and brushed under the carpet yet again (but not by everybody you can be sure of that)thanks to little Sutton utd saving his bacon. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 104321

markymark  5:25am 21st Feb 2017

Squeak that was Sutton not Man U. A tad desperate I'd say. Next round is massive the Imps!! With their free flowing total football a mix from the Barcelona school and that of Ajax from back in the day. If we beat then you must post 10 in a row screaming Wengie 10 more years! - Post No. 104322

The Man From UNCLE  7:55am 21st Feb 2017

What an absolutely pathetic performance. Walcott, go now, please. - Post No. 104323

GSPM  8:52am 21st Feb 2017

Leeky : stop wetting yourself that we beat Sutton..also are you aware of Irony , you do come across as a bit thick, so I will make allowances. Anyway, we best the mighty Sutton, only player to come out with any credit is Lucas, with the Ox also having a reasonable game, the rest were poor/average. Any leeky enjoy your day, and I await your next post when Arsenal win, as that is the only time you appear.... - Post No. 104324

Arseneknewbest  9:00am 21st Feb 2017

Leekie - You're such a fraud. We never go away, win lose or draw. It's you and your ilk that desert this site when, as is often the case, Asano come second in the big games. I thought we played terribly last night and got a narrow victory against an equally poor team. Walcott was dire, showing that he has no technique nor courage whatsoever. Oooh, I'm getting tumescent now thinking about you, the chihuahua and the groundhog in a bestial threesome. Better log off before I prematurely ejackkkkkwhoaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh! ....all over my keyboard. Awww Leekie look what you made me do. - Post No. 104325

markymark  14:30pm 21st Feb 2017

Squeak - my apologies as I accused you of being completely flacid. I've since discovered amongst the Wengosexual community you just need a nice picture of old Wrinkly and a box full of viagra then Bob's your uncle. - Post No. 104347

GSPM  14:57pm 21st Feb 2017

Leeky : See my post to which you refer : I never want Arsenal to lose, but if a loss would Guarantee 100% he would leave, I'll take it on this one and only occasion.... Somehow, even if we do lose, I can see wenger spinning his way out of being sacked, he has more lives than an unlucky cat. - Post No. 104291 ..........NOW, see your reply....Check out GSPM's comment at 12:57 today. Read it and read it again. Contradicting or is it just a thick, "idiotic", AAA comment. "A loss would 100% guarantee him going but on the other hand it may mean him staying even if we lose".. supporters like that make me chuckle. Very much like the Beeb. Wanted a story like the WOB's but didn't get it. Untold Arsenal anyone ????? - You are such a buffoon , you cannot even get your facts right, that's it lay low for a few days, so as you get over the massive victory against Sutton, who only train twice a week...Its people like you that allow this shambles to continue. In Wenger We Rust. - Post No. 104349

Moscowgooner  16:03pm 21st Feb 2017

You can only beat what is in front of you. Some of us here were at the Huish in 1971 when a full strength Arsenal team got past Yeovil of the Southern League 3-0. None of this really alters the fact that Wenger has to go at the season´s end. Keown´s remarks underline the fact that great players rarely make good pundits - aside from the fact that he and Gaz Neville seem to change opinions by the game. I would rather focus on what people like Henry Winter say, from a more detached perspective. I suspect they owe less favours. - Post No. 104351

MAF  15:39pm 22nd Feb 2017

Walcott sums up Wenger's Arsenal post 2006. to have this child of a man in the Dressing room and generally around about the Team is a complete silent killer to any hope of having a winning mentality in the camp. he wouldnt last 1 day @ chelsk, Utd, City or Liverpool. Wright, Adams, Keown,cole would have torn him a new A hole every match - Post No. 104407

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Gooner Editorial

16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds