No New Contract Protests to continue… starting v Lincoln

By Mark Halfpenny

Gather in Avenell Road from 4.15 tomorrow for another respectful march to the Two Cannons Roundabout

Watching Barcelona on Wednesday took me through a range of emotions. As they went 3-0 up I admired their skill, determination and teamwork. When PSG scored it reminded me of our “heroic failures” over the last 10 years, but as those last five minutes progressed and they completed the most amazing comeback, I felt only despair.

Despair that as Arsenal fan, with Arsene Wenger at the helm, we would never see our team play anything like that. That despair wasn’t borne solely out of the dreadful collapse that we witnessed from Wenger’s team the night before, it was borne out of his stubborn refusal to accept that he is so unbelievably far behind the top European teams and managers. Top manager?? In 30 years he still hasn’t won a European trophy and judging by Tuesday’s debacle – he never will!

Even after the whole world had witnessed the most awful collapse and defeat to Bayern Munich, Wenger went into full Comical Ali mode, blaming everything and everyone but himself. There was no introspection, no humility, no acceptance of what the whole world can see – just “What are you saying? There are no tanks in Baghdad!”

For Wenger to do this yet again beggars belief. Trying to blame the referee for a 10-2 aggregate defeat demonstrates just how out of touch with reality he is. I wonder what kind of daily life he must lead, what kind of people surround him, if he can refuse to look in the mirror after everybody has just seen how incompetent he is.

Sadly, Wenger’s continued “Bunker Mentality” in the face of all reason, means that our protests must continue. There will be another peaceful and respectful gathering before the Lincoln match tomorrow, Saturday 11th March.

We are starting once again from Highbury’s beautiful old Marble Halls where we will gather from 4.15. We intend to leave at 4.30 and walk together to the new stadium where we will call for Wenger to leave once again.

Our intention is not to cause trouble; not to spoil anyone’s day out; not to be disrespectful – it is to leave Arsene Wenger and our Board of Directors in no doubt that a large section of the fanbase wants him to go.

And for anybody that is contemplating joining us but is worried about what might happen, let me just say this. During our protest against Wenger before the Bayern Munich match, I was surprised at two things:-

1. The passion of the Gooners that joined us. Not aggression; not abuse; just passion for our great Club. I spoke to several fans that had travelled from hundreds of miles away. Fans had come from Ireland, from Devon, from Yorkshire just to make their feelings known, such is their frustration with Arsene Wenger.

2. The total lack of dissent shown to us by other supporters. We had only one1 person say anything against us during the entire protest and that was just a single shout of “Support the Team”. Every other fan either applauded us, filmed us or went about their own business. Surely this lays bare the myth that everyone is behind Wenger?

Oh and if anybody tells me this time to “Be careful what you wish for” my answer will be simple. “I wish not to get beaten 10-2 by Bayern Munich; or 5-1 by Barcelona; or 6-0 by Chelsea; or 8-2 by Manchester United; or 2-1 by Birmingham etc. etc. etc”.

If fans who want Wenger to leave and can't make game/protest/are overseas etc they are requested to do their bit and tweet the below text at kick off and at half time. Even if you are in or at the ground you can still do this.

@Arsenal @PUMA @emirates @Betfair @GatoradeUK @CitroenUK @CooperTire @Europcar @IndesitUK @Vitality_UK #NoNewContract #WengerOut

Or post the hashtags on the AFC Facebook page if you don't use Twitter.

If you want Arsene Wenger to leave, here's your chance to do something direct.

Ed’s note - The Gooner is an open platform for the views of supporters across the Arsenal spectrum. We print what is submitted to us. We welcome debate. Football is all about opinions after all. So if you have an issue with the content on the site or in the fanzine, please submit something. The truth is that we rarely receive positive articles about the club these days unless they are nostalgic in nature, but are open to running any that we do receive.

10th March 2017 07:01:31


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The Man From UNCLE  7:49am 10th Mar 2017

Mark, I like the cut of your jib. Keep it up, anything to get rid of this bell end of a manager who is slowly but surely squeezing the life out of our great club. - Post No. 105031

Goose  8:31am 10th Mar 2017

I support the march but i can't help but feel there should be more banners, chants etc. towards our inept board. It's only when Sir Chip et al feel under pressure that they might actually do something and take the decision out of Wengers hands - Post No. 105032

TonyEvans  8:33am 10th Mar 2017

Great stuff Mark. Make no mistake Wenger will not leave quietly, the mans hubris is off the scale and, quite evidently, see's himself as virtually blameless for each and every debacle he has presided over during the last 10 years or so. Wenger's book of excuses must resemble War and Peace, just when you think he has exhausted his supply he trots out another lamentable reason why we were stuffed out of sight yet again. It's never his fault is it! He has brought the fans wrath on himself and deserves all he gets - the pressure needs to be ramped up now whilst he is down, otherwise he will wriggle and spin and sign that contract. - Post No. 105033

Robert Exley  8:59am 10th Mar 2017

Seems awful that we've got posters referring to our most successful manager as a 'bell end', but sadly Wenger lacks enough self awareness to know when to call it a day and the board lack the balls to make a big decision. Yes, we've yet to suffer a mid-70s capitulation as we had under Berite Mee, but the club still feels like its in an awful place at the moment - Post No. 105034

Exeter Gunner  9:26am 10th Mar 2017

Goose, focusing on Wenger DOES put pressure on the board to do something about him. Widening it out to them as well dilutes the message and gives the AKBs justification for, "It's not Wenger's fault, he should stay on, blame the board". It needs to stay laser sharp focused on Wenger. People should be getting this by now. - Post No. 105035

CBee  9:40am 10th Mar 2017

Well done Mark and good luck on this next march. I hope someone from the board saw your interview on AFTV, because no sane person can argue against the points you put forward. Lets hope they are getting the message. - Post No. 105036

Cyril  10:16am 10th Mar 2017

The board told us that we would compete. The Manager tells us it's all about the top 4 and Champions league. He keeps his job as a result. Hang on a minute, this must mean that if the el dorado is games with the likes of Bayern Munich, why is it nobody bought my ticket on the exchange. I couldn't go and didn't want to go. Of course the answer we know. He ruins it every year. The fans who pay for this are cheated every year. This would have been the biggest game of the year and it is likely that fan apathy was at its highest all season. ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB YOU BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! - Post No. 105037

Yes its Ron  10:23am 10th Mar 2017

Cant agaree Cyril. The fans who keep paying to experience the same old, same old arent being cheated. They shd know what AFC are by now and have worked it out. If having done that, they still choose to pay the scandalous prices thats their choice, nobody forces them to go and endure the tedium. Its those who still go whove kept the status quo intact at Arsenal this last 10 years. I did my bit to preserve it until 2012 when i made my last visit to the 'Emirates Experience'. We re all culpable through our gullibility. - Post No. 105038

Alsace  10:28am 10th Mar 2017

Am coming back from holiday for the game and will not be there in time to take part. I have never demonstrated in my life but I would do in this case. What amazes me is just how hard it is to get him to budge. It's like we have to smash the beast in the face with a metaphorical big spade over and over again until he lets go. In addition to boots on the ground, slogans are important. Arsenal Wenger, the man who took charge of the best team in London and made it the second best. Arsenal Wenger - Specialist in failure. Arsene Wenger - 8million reasons to cling on. - Post No. 105039

FPGooner  10:29am 10th Mar 2017

I witnessed an appalling sight after dropping my kids at school this morning. Almost walked into Keown at the opening of a new B&Q store on Holloway road. There he was smiling away, the big fraudster and he reminded me of the time when I had a conversation with a former England cricket captain, who shall remain nameless, but who has a brother who played for and is still employed at the Emirates. He said that Arsenal always look after their own. If people wonder why so few former Arsenal players have come out against the corrupt and despotic tin-pot regime at Arsenal, it is because most of them are being paid their pieces of silver. This has long ceased to be a club for the local area despite the fact that it has been the fans that trundled through the Highbury gates for decades to help create what has become a faceless monolithic corporate beast. The metamorphosis was complete with the move to the Emirates. We, the fans, have been complicit in this heinous crime. There are still many 1000s of gooners who lap up the hysterical drivel that Wenger trots out as he laughs at our idiocy - there are Wenger sycophants who still trot out the insane number of years we have been in the CL consecutively. I, for one, would rather not be in the CL if it meant not being skinned alive by the likes of Bayern. I despise these morons more than I do Wenger because they have been the buffer that has stopped him being washed away. With massive fan hostility comes questions being asked by the commercial sponsors. That is when the board will take note, as happened at Old Trafford. I also think any hostility or action against Kroenke must be tempered for now. The sole focus must be Wenger, otherwise the wagons will just circle around the whole rotten carcass that now represents AFC. - Post No. 105040

markymark  10:42am 10th Mar 2017

I can confirm Mark's comments re dissent. I did join later at the round-a-bout but still circled the ground with the protest. Hardly a murmur against us was heard. Robert the bell end comment is used twice a day on average by Leek to try and cut off any arguament about Wenger. Previously Colesey used to scream F'ing Mug at anyone doing the same and the Rev Oddball Brian would shout Quisling. Leek is the last of the desperate. Sadly when it keeps on being used it ends up being part of the every day language. Anyway there is a bit of natural rebelliousness against being overly respectful to Wenger. As a lot us suspect he will twist that for his own purposes . I'm almost tempted to create a 'Wenger is a Bell End' Banner - Post No. 105041

Yes its Ron  10:48am 10th Mar 2017

Good stuff Mark. On the Barca thing though, do you really think that result was genuine? I cant see it that way. Take a look at the goals and esp the pens. Far too convenient. Result was nailed on from the start in my view im afraid. The next nailed on outcome for that CL farce is that Madrid are going to retain it. UEFA need it to retained for the first time. Its happening this yr i feel and theres only one Club who ll be 'awarded' it. Wenger may well be sh--e at that tournie, but i cant personally stand it. - Post No. 105042

Alsace  10:49am 10th Mar 2017

It isn't necessary to be lowly abusive. Pick the thing that hurts most and hammer away. It is also essential that what is said is the truth. Mr W is unprofessional. A professional person learns from his mistakes. Better still he works hard to avoid the bear traps by proper preparation. Monsieur does neither. Monsieur is also a failure. His teams repeatedly fail. By what other measure should you judge a premier league manager. - Post No. 105043

mad max  10:51am 10th Mar 2017

i agree with yes its ron, who are these so called fans who keep attending the games I stopped going 3 years ago as I no longer recognise the club I grew up with. how can anyone who love the club as I do have arsenal in their hearts when they think wenger is doing a great job, he,s made us the laughing stock of Europe, stop living in the past this man needs to be removed like a cancer, you all know what happens when you don't remove a cancer it spreads Sir chips and his cronies are about to give him a 2 year contract its absolute madness. I just hope enough people join the protest lets make it as hostile as we can till now and may its the only way we,ll get our once great club back WENGER OUT NOW - Post No. 105044

Redshirtwhitesleeves  11:05am 10th Mar 2017

Good luck with tomorrow's march Mark, let's hope the momentum keeps building until there is no option but for the fraud to resign. It's been obvious all along that the board and manager would quite happily keep their cosy, money grabbing operation going for as long as possible. The thought of Wenger signing another 2 year extension makes me feel physically sick. It's down to the fans to force their hand, good luck to all involved - Post No. 105046

John F  11:30am 10th Mar 2017

I thought the most successful part of the march was when it was reported the people in the restaurant noticed it.The restaurant would of been full of friends of the board,sponsors and business people .It would of been highly embarrassing to the board and they would feel that it upset the match day experience of these well heeled people .Sir Chips him of 'it's just noise 'fame statement did not appear to me to be very supportive of Wenger he could of said a lot more to back him up so perhaps a change is coming.I still think there is a dispute about the length of contract going on. - Post No. 105047

jeff wright  11:33am 10th Mar 2017

My view on the Barca farce is that the Catalans got lucky with a scrappy early goal two dodgy pens and a bizarre own goal thrown in.The French side collapsed under pressure at the end .PG did themselves no favours by siting back trying to defend their 4-0 goal lead.They could easily have had 2 more goals though to add to the one that they scored but Cavani hit the post with one shot and the Barca GK saved another one with his foot in a one on one situation that Cavani should have done better in. So no fix or grassy knolls for me involved but certainly a bit of very questionable refereeing on the two penalties. Perhaps the ref got influenced by the home crowd and the atmosphere in the Nou Camp.Wenger says that he is surprised by AOC wanting to leave.Apart from picking up their wages perhaps Wengo can explain why any player with more ambition than just doing that would want to stay on his magic roundabout going around in circles to nowhere. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 105048

equalizer  11:35am 10th Mar 2017

Good luck with the march Mark. I'd love to think it would make a difference but I don't think it will, apart from allowing you to blow off some frustration. So I'm fully behind you doing that. However, I believe that only empty seats will make a difference. Here's why I think why... AFC has become a money making machine who does not want passionate fans or locals attending games. They don't need us. They want day trippers, who will go to the club shop every week and spend. They've got their market research done and know they'll fill 20- 30K seats per week from day trippers given the turnover of tourists in London. Besides the day trippers, you have a lot of people in London on obscene wages who have nothing to do with their cash and will buy season tickets at Arsenal- to tell their mates they have a season ticket at Arsenal. Half of them never attend matches or only the biggies, their tickets are permanently on ticket exchange. They get tired of it after a few seasons and some other ponce comes in and takes their ticket. Football and football demographics has changed in the upper echelons. The Arsenal we knew is gone. For the record I have not attended a match since 2011, and have no plans to ever again. I have great memories from Brady to Bergkamp though. And Kronke nor Wenger cannot take them away. Good luck lads. - Post No. 105049

Bob Bayliss  11:37am 10th Mar 2017

We have to march tomorrow, but it won't be an easy "sell" as far as effective PR is concerned. As sure as night follows day, what remains of the media which is in thrall to Wenger will contrast the thousands of excited Lincoln fans for whom just one day at The Emirates is all they could wish for with a few hundred "spoilt brats" throwing their dummies out of the pram when Arsenal are near the top of the Premier League, as they always are. I am playing devil's advocate here: we know it is about a massive club which is declining year on year as a result of an unholy alliance between an absentee majority shareholder who only cares about making a profit on his investment and a manager who is content to deliver the bare minimum to keep him happy in return for an extortionate salary and inaccountability. Don't be disheartened that we won't come out smelling of roses this weekend. It will be far easier to get our message across effectively for the remaining Premier League matches. Hang on in there and be prepared for the ingratitude card to be played by Wenger's remaining media lackeys. - Post No. 105050

Yes its Ron  11:45am 10th Mar 2017

FP Gooner and equaliser - wonderful posts! Agree with every word youve both set out. Treasured memories for me too for the period 1967 (first time at Highbury) until 2006 (last visit) . Happy with them. the period 2006 - 12 are just irrelevant. To be honest, im not sure i saw a memorable game in that period. Perhaps the 4-4 with Spuds is about it. AFC can keep it now. - Post No. 105051

TonyEvans  12:05pm 10th Mar 2017

Following on from equalisers great post, I too doubt that I will ever be passionate enough about Arsenal again to want to go to the vast expense, or to expend the huge amount of emotional energy I used to put in, season after season, up to 2006 or so to support my club. As equaliser says we all have our own great memories of Highbury and I fully accept that those times are sadly gone, but that doesn't mean I have stopped caring completely and I would still like to enjoy a healthy interest as an Arsenal 'follower' more than the proper supporter I used to be and Wenger is the huge block stopping me from even enjoying Arsenal in any shape or form. Yes Kronke and Gazedis are appalling leaches too but Wenger is the main cancer at the club, and maybe the whole unholy trinity will collapse like a house of cards once he has been removed once and for all. - Post No. 105053

Robert Exley  12:37pm 10th Mar 2017

'a former England cricket captain, who shall remain nameless, but who has a brother who played for and is still employed at the Emirates' - oh I wonder who on earth that could be? Anonymity well assured there, lol! - Post No. 105055

mbg  13:14pm 10th Mar 2017

Great to hear that, yes great news, keep the pressure on, win or lose, especially if we win, there must be no let up let TLSOE know it makes no difference it's to late for that now he's not wanted regardless, even if he was to fluke another FA Cup, it's not far away now, Sky sports reporting wenger has never been under so much pressure in his life, and can't see how he's going to survive this, and he knows his time is up, and there's TOF himself saying he's going to take the protests and banners into account, and that's what the arrogant c**t is waiting and hoping for, for the banners and protests to die down, and the journos are turning, the players themselves, even the board i'd say as there's not a squeak out of them (their probably as pissed off with him as much as us if the truth were told) yes hopefully the fans will reach their Holy Grail shortly and be shot of TLSOE. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105058

Danluvsafc  13:26pm 10th Mar 2017

Mike Gatting - Post No. 105059

Goonhogday  13:42pm 10th Mar 2017

Good luck with march tomorrow. Time for a change. - Post No. 105060

The Man From UNCLE  13:42pm 10th Mar 2017

Following on (if you'll excuse the pun, ho ho) with the cricketing reference, AFC have been blessed during their great history with several men who played both sports; Wally Hardinge, Andy Ducat, Joe Hulme, George Cox, Denis and Leslie Compton, Ted Drake, Jim Standen, Leslie Swallow. But the brother of the person "named" is almost certainly the one who used to play for a well-known South Coast association football team. - Post No. 105061

Robert Exley  13:51pm 10th Mar 2017

Uncle - obviously it's Basil D'Olivera isn't it? - Post No. 105063

Arseneknewbest  15:26pm 10th Mar 2017

Mark - Thanks for writing that up and good luck tomorrow. I reckon bystanders should be encouraged to either join the march or applaud to show their appreciation for your efforts to make things right at the club again. Keown at the opening of a new B&Q - the mind boggles. Maybe he was making an emulsional appeal to AMGs not to screw Arsene Wingnut and the chip-board...I remember that loss to Wrexham in 91/92 vividly. I was in Belize of all places wandering through a jungle and could not believe my ears when the short wave radio reported the result. I was discombobulated for weeks. If we suffer an even bigger upset tomorrow, it'll surely be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Meanwhile a crunch game for me and Arseneknewbest junior's U12s team tomorrow - a bottom of the table clash. Just like wengo, lose and my "job" is safe - only difference is that I get a quarter of an orange rather than 8 million simoleons. Hey Leekie - do you think I should my football "job" if I keep on losing come what may? - Post No. 105067

Woodywoo  15:37pm 10th Mar 2017

Good luck protestors. A supporter from 1979, a Junior Gunner (£1.25 a game) and a season ticket holder until 2013 when finally, with the life sucked out of me, I gave up. Tuesday's protest may have only had 200 people but that's because proper fans like me don't attend any more. We aren't at games to support the Wenger Out brigade. We protested when we gave up our season tickets and our voice won't be heard. Those who do attend and want TOF gone must march, shout and sing. Do it for everybody whose passion for Arsenal FC has been ebbed away by the clueless board and past it manager. - Post No. 105069

Alsace  16:04pm 10th Mar 2017

The player who everyone is alluding to will, like every other right minded ex player, be sick to his stomach at what has happened to our club. When Terry Neills team of goalkeepers lost 6-2 on aggregate to a vastly superior Spartak Moskva, the writing was on the wall for him. The then management team dismissed Terry Neill with ruthless efficiency, politely but firmly. Someone needs to walk into Wengers office, put a cheque on the table for however many million quid is still due and owing to end May 2017 and present him with a Letter. "Dear Mr Wenger, your fixed term contract will not be renewed in May 2017. Herewith our cheque for £X representing the balance of wages and benefits for the remainder of your fixed term. You are not required to work the remainder of your contract.. Please leave your keys and mobile telephone with the security guards delivering this letter to you and leave the building with them. Any further communications should be addressed to our lawyers." It's all very simple and will be hugely cathartic for whichever officer of the club gets the call from Stan authorising it. - Post No. 105070

Yes its Ron  16:12pm 10th Mar 2017

akb - hi matey. I had an old mate who did time in Belize with the Cheshires. Not seen him for years. Youve just reminded me of him! - Post No. 105071

Yes its Ron  16:36pm 10th Mar 2017

Alsace - PS Will please you also return your overalls, tape measure, glass cutter, trowel, plastering float, chisels, Wellington boots and spireeet level with stadium services. - Post No. 105073

Mike F  16:56pm 10th Mar 2017

Is Compton still on the payroll - Post No. 105075

Arseneknewbest  17:35pm 10th Mar 2017

Hi Ron - It was a mad place. Very benign on the face of it, but dig a little and you found all sorts of shenanigans going on. I think it's still like that today. I don't think it was a favourite of forces personnel, not least because there was nothing to do. Paul Theroux captured the area nicely in the "Mosquito Coast". I was halfway between the carribbean and Guatemala for two months in the capital Belmopan, an artificially created burg with no atmosphere (a central American Emirates if you will). The most exciting thing to happen to me was getting bitten by a dog and sh*tting myself that I was going to get rabies. My deteriorating mental health also took a further dip when that Mickey Thomas (the other one!) free kick went in! If the imp-probable (but not impossible) happens tomorrow, I think we'll all know where we were/are if it happens...surely that would be wengo's waterloo moment? - Post No. 105076

mbg  18:06pm 10th Mar 2017

Maybe wenger invented Cricket too. - Post No. 105079

Wengerballs  18:45pm 10th Mar 2017

Hear hear! Must keep the pressure up and building. OUT WITH SQUATTER WENGER! - Post No. 105080

mbg  18:48pm 10th Mar 2017

Nice one Ron, love it. - Post No. 105081

Old Man  18:54pm 10th Mar 2017

Arthur Milton? (sorry but I am Old Man!!!) - Post No. 105082

CT Gooner  19:12pm 10th Mar 2017

@Robert Exley: "most successful manager" Why the need to rewrite history with these Trump like "alternative facts". Wenger is not our most successful manager, I'm happy to listen to your arguments why you believe this though?? Good luck tomorrow all, wish I could be there! - Post No. 105083

Cheltenham Gunner  19:20pm 10th Mar 2017

Good luck Mark, with you there in speerit. - Post No. 105084

CORNISH GOONER  19:37pm 10th Mar 2017

The pressure has to be kept up on Webster - a big danger is starting to feel sorry for the £8 Million Man. He is clearly now of unsound mind & has spouted nothing but total bollocks for months - just love his recent comparison with Luis Enrique! And I do think we are too negative re our chances of forcing him out, as I have previously said the "tourists" will find more attractive thrills & there will eventually be a significant loss of sponsorship income & I bet Ivan & Stanley will be aware of that. An interesting footnote, my mole at Jamaica Inn has reported that a strange guy from up in England has just turned up in the bar, got totally rat-arsed on shandies & kept mumbling "Wenger must go, Wenger must go". The locals decided that they didn't want his sort there & dumped him by the side of the A30. Anybody out there know him? - Post No. 105085

BigDaveTheGooner  19:54pm 10th Mar 2017

Good luck to all those that participate in the March tomorrow,having stopped buying season tickets in 2009 I won't be attending,I knew back then we had a busted flush of a manager. Don't forget fella's show mental strength and great spireet!!!!! - Post No. 105086

Cyril  21:42pm 10th Mar 2017

Ron, your wrong. I'm not a freedom fighter or renegade. I'm still a fan who happens to pay up. I can't eat my mind up enough not still take part. I still am in the privileged position where I can make a decision to go and sit in a top seat, which you chose to give up. As much as you are right, i still have the real persuasion of my choice. - Post No. 105088

clarky  21:53pm 10th Mar 2017

I will be on the march tomorrow and have convinced 3 mates to join me. But, b0110cks to those posters who say we should give up our season tickets. I have had mine for 28 years now and am not giving up that easily. I was here before Wenger came and I'll still be here long after Wenger has gone. Arsenal till I die. - Post No. 105089

Robert Exley  22:05pm 10th Mar 2017

@CTGooner - I deem Wenger to be Arsenal's most successful ever manager on the basis of a little empirical measurement called adding up the number of trophies he's won compared to every other Arsenal manager. It's a matter of fact, compared to that of the concept of Arsenal's 'greatest' ever manager which is a matter of opinion (not my opinion, for the record). That is of course unless I've made the mistake constructing the meaning of words by the use of an 'alternative' dictionary - Post No. 105090

Cyril  23:00pm 10th Mar 2017

Clarky: class, some people don't get it! - Post No. 105091

CT Gooner  4:29am 11th Mar 2017

But Robert, he's managed us for 20 years, our second longest serving manager only had 13. AW has 3 league titles and 6 FA Cups. Successful yes, but since 2006, what is it, 2 FA cups?? Now normalize those achievements over his tenure, what are you at, a win ever two years, excellent!! But that's not the reality either, it's been a tale of two decades, first, a win almost every year, since one every 5. Just to put that in context, George Graham was manager for 9 years, he won 6 titles, including in Europe. While I have to accept your point that he's been our most successful manager, he'll never be our greatest. He's allowed his legacy to be soured to the point many fans,myself obviously included, have lost all respect for the good things he was once capable of - Post No. 105092

markymark  6:42am 11th Mar 2017

Well done to all those taking part on the March today - Post No. 105093

BigDaveTheGooner  7:11am 11th Mar 2017

Just an idea to keep the protest going inside the ground,how about waving the red season ticket book at Wenger,just like we used to when an opposing player used to get sent off.He probably wont see it due to his poor eyesight,but hopefully it will get picked up by the t v and media.Te - Post No. 105094

Gaz  7:35am 11th Mar 2017

Was there on Tuesday and quite frankly it was the proudest I've felt as an Arsenal fan in many a year. Fantastic turnout, loads of chanting and the message well and truly driven home. Seemed kind of surreal traveling up there on the night of a game and not actually going in but these are extraordinary times so I've got to expect nights like this! Cant make today sadly but I hope it builds on the success of Tuesday with even greater numbers this time. I certainly believe we must concentrate the protest on Wenger as anything else will just dilute that message. So good luck to all of those who are going today and keep up the great work! One last thing. I'm sure most of you are on twitter right? Some of the pro-Wenger tweets I'm seeing are simply ridiculous now. I just can't work out in my head how some of our fans can be so brainwashed into still believing in Wenger. Quite frankly its now gone well beyond being weird and its all rather creepy. - Post No. 105095

Robert Exley  9:30am 11th Mar 2017

@CTGooner - I never said he was our greatest manager (I've said in my opinion he isn't). I said he was our most successful. I think Bob Marley and the Wailers are the greatest reggae band. I can't argue the fact UB40 are the most successful because it's measurable outside of the bounds of my opinion. Even taking longevity into the matter, GG won six trophies in eight years. Wenger won seven trophies in his first eight years. When you throw finishing positions into the mix it supports the point even further, because GG finished as low as sixth and tenth during his time and his sacking spared him a decline that was on the cards judging by League performance - Post No. 105102

jjetplane  11:40am 11th Mar 2017

I shall be in a group of one saying the Barca game was brilliant! Neymar is a football god and PSG folded just like Wenger. Imagine the score if Barca had to come back against Wenger's excruiatingly mundane squad. Bored with all this Untold cock about cheating. No one says a ****ing word if arsenal get the rub. I am not a Barca fan but look forward to seeing/buying a DVD of that match. Bayern are immense too and it's fun that Ican dig all that while spending my actual football days with county football. Hassocks today and we are really fighting for 4th! and hoping to upstage are noisy neighbours. Come on ****ing Lincoln! - Post No. 105110

mbg  14:55pm 11th Mar 2017

Gaz, that's all the wengerites have left now, they're even confusing themselves, LOL. - Post No. 105123

CT Gooner  15:18pm 11th Mar 2017

I agree Robert. consider this, with the defense GG had assembled, you could argue had he got past the scandle, we'd have won more. Wenger's post 2006 performance was barron, though we consistently finished top 4. To me we have much to thank both for, but as long as Wenger stays, his legacy will decline with many fans. - Post No. 105127

FPGooner  17:16pm 11th Mar 2017

drunk who hangs around parties and drink-ups who picks out dog-ends out of gutters and empties half-finished glass while muttering away profanities to no one in particular? Is it the lone Taliban gunman with his ancient Lee Enfield, all his colleagues having deserted the cause, fighting for a warlord, who is safe, wining and dining and completely oblivious of you. Far from putting forward your thoughts or your case, you just sit there taking pot-shots with your ancient rifle and missing wildly. You use terms such as ‘empirical measurement’ and ‘It's a matter of fact’ but then go against all this by using terms like ‘Wenger won seven trophies in his first eight years’. GG was Arsenal manager shy of 9 years and won 2 championships and 4 cups. Wenger has been manager almost 21 years and has won 3 championships and 6 cups. Based on that, Wenger compares unfavourably to GG and compares even worse against Herbert Chapman. You having become an impotent keyboard warrior firing blanks with your LE. I mentioned yesterday about a conversation with a former England cricket captain who has a brother who works at the Emirates. It was transparent enough without mentioning names, who the people are to 97% of the populus, 2% we can dismiss as village idiots and the remaining 1% are the ones like you who are so chuffed at knowing the answer, they cannot contain their inner sense of genius. I understand by your rantings, that you are an ‘Arsenist’, Let’s hear your case, Robert, rather than your pot-shots. This site is fantastic. I am constantly informed and entertained by a number of the posters on here, including TonyEvans, Ron, Jeff W, jj, AKB, mbg, Alsace, CT, Exeter, Cornish etc. - Post No. 105132

Robert Exley  3:00am 12th Mar 2017

@CT Gooner - again, what GG would have won had he got through the scandal is a 'who's the greatest?' question. I said that Wenger was the most successful, i.e. what was actually won. @FPGooner - after reading through the chaff of what you've typed (and then re-typed) I gather you seem to be under the misapprehension I'm defending Wenger. I'm not. I made a throw away comment that he was Arsenal's most successful manager (what is a measurable matter of fact). You seem to want to make an issue out of it and claiming that I'm saying he's the greatest and the sun shines out of his arse - Post No. 105164

Robert Exley  3:11am 12th Mar 2017

@FPGooner - judging by your reaction to the unnamed Cricketer fable (not Basil D'Olivera I take it?) you seem to be within the 1% of the population born without a sense of humour - Post No. 105165

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