Majority Owner Hangs Manager Out To Dry Theory

By Bard

Has Stan played a blinder?

Those fans who seriously thought Wenger would leave the club are guilty of delusional thinking. Conversely the euphoria enjoyed by the Wenger disciples is misplaced in the extreme. By the time Bayern administered the ritual Champions League thrashing and the team had collapsed like a deck of cards in the league it was already too late to make a proper assessment of the managerial alternatives. That and the fact that there is no one on the board with a clue about football left dear old Stan with very little alternative. However what he has done is give Wenger enough rope to hang himself and in the process kept himself out of the firing line at least for a while.

I read a hilarious but serious piece about the ‘new’ resolve. Wenger is set to be given £100m to turn Arsenal into title contenders. He apparently wants to get transfer business done early and cited the fact that we have all but signed the Belgian 19-y-o Henry Onyekuru for £6.8m. Despite having half a team full of duds, Wenger apparently feels we only need a couple of players.

We have read this kind of guff for years but even if true it’s worth a minute or two of deconstruction. £100m doesn’t get you a whole lot these days. It’s one worldie plus a journeyman or three journeyman whichever way you do the maths. Dear old Henry is a punt for the future. He may be a star but as likely could be another Sanogo or Park, so we can ditch that. The idea that we get business done early is fanciful at best. Our transfer negotiations are protracted for two main reasons. We haggle forever over the cost of an Oyster card and Wenger dithers because he can’t make up his mind. Somehow the fact that he has signed a new contract appears to have automatically transformed our transfer process. Answers on a postcard please.

To add to our summer transfer woes we have Sanchez disappearing over the horizon despite a monster offer to stay. He wants to win trophies and doesn’t seem share the board’s optimism over the boss’s capacity to deliver them. That’s 25 goals a season gone west. Ozil’s position seems more fluid but after having gone missing for a large part of the season, is it really a massive loss if he leaves? A number of other players’ contracts need negotiating and several need shipping out. So the idea that we are the proverbial ‘one or two’ short seems wishful thinking.

There is also the backdrop of all the other top clubs apart from the Spuds and possibly Liverpool investing heavily in top players and the potentially toxic atmosphere at the Emirates. If we add in the familiar lack of tactical flexibility and periodic defensive chaos you might be forgiven for thinking that suggesting we might be title contenders is a gross misrepresentation of our ability and ambition.

From my perspective it’s more likely that Wenger will disappear under the weight of the fans disgruntlement by Christmas than he is of makng this current side title contenders.

3rd June 2017 13:02:55


Comments and Reaction

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Swiss Tony Adams  14:37pm 3rd Jun 2017

He's here for ever. After another contract renewal he'll go upstairs to the Boardroom where he'll be wheeled out every few months for a token appearance, just to remind everyone that he built the Stadium and transformed our Club into his vision, his image. Arsene FC - tragic! - Post No. 107859

mbg  15:58pm 3rd Jun 2017

And anyone that thinks TOF is going to go out and buy decent players is also delusional, they haven't learned much, £100m ? to turn Arsenal into title contenders ? LOL like I said they haven't learned much, they must be thinking of his wages that he'll have scammed of us under false pretences (but we always have those delusional idiots who think it's going to be different this time they're even started showing their optimism already, you couldn't make it up) a team of duds and he goes waxing lyrical about another one, like every other year delusional halfwits full of optimism mostly AKB's but others too will be linking us with every tom dick and harry under the sun, wengers watching him, he's been watching him for two seasons now, he's in for him, he tried to sign him two years ago, and listening to Sky sports, and TOF himself tongues hanging out, and his spin department, and on and on it will go from the idiots who think it's going to be different this year, and the old weasel will be sitting there with a f*****g smirk on his ugly mug as if he knows something everybody else doesn't and take great delight in keeping us all in the dark and feeding us bulls***e (well not all of us) right up until big ben strikes and then he will feed us more bullshyte in the form of two or maybe three lumps of lard who he'll tell (those who will listen)are top top qualittee, and then the biggest piece of bullshyte of all, the markeet was slow, there was no value, players were too expensive and not available and on the weasel will rave and of course he'll be believed by we all know who, then some delusional half wit, probably an AKB but maybe not, will come out with more bullshyte like he's keeping his powder dry, fooking delusional alright. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107860

GoonerRon  17:03pm 3rd Jun 2017

@ mbg - is Wenger 'scamming wages from the club under false pretences' going to be your new mantra? Must try harder, as it makes you sound so very desperate to sling any mud whatsoever, no matter how nonsensical it sounds. - Post No. 107861

KC38  17:07pm 3rd Jun 2017

Bard, good read. Sadly the money is not relevant, unless Wenger changes his DNA on the way football should be played he could spend 200 mil and still concede goals for fun. He just does not get the balance correct, we want to be offensive but with a solid base but we dream on. It's horrible to hear the usual one or two more when we all know we have at least 5 we need to off load. We have no choice but to support or turn away, and protest when it all goes wrong again. My only consolation is that Wenger does at least want to play football on the floor, he is not a monster or a thief, his wages are decided by the board, his football philosophy and his signings can be super frustrating but I watched GG's team at the end of his reign and that was absolutely putrid, so things could be worse. - Post No. 107862

markymark  17:39pm 3rd Jun 2017

I strongly believe that the statement we want to win the title over the course of the new contract has been set as a marker from the Board. It makes no sense at all for Kronke to piss off his board from 5k away particularly as he is the laziest owner in sport . Half your board leaving is serious stuff and means getting your arse off a chair. Therefore those AKB's who are literally besides themselves with glee should be concerned. Wengo balls it up and I think he's toast. Whether they'd given him 2 years or 10 years same story. Last time he can now screw up and I suspect due to the protests expanding each time in number and ferocity and his obvious discomfort with it I wouldn't be surprised if another balls up would literally cause him to have s melt down and retirement through bad health being used as cover - Post No. 107863

jjetplane  19:40pm 3rd Jun 2017

I do believe it is The Way of the Ostrich to 'keep it on the floor' though think this particularly well rewarded specimen would like a bit more dust to kick up on the surface. He probably gets Bellerin to chase him around the practice pictches for the fun and nostalgia of it all. I guess being in captivity for twenty years whilst holding the whole club in the same stasis earns him that. At least with Giroud getting a hatrick against who? means there is no competition up front for the new err hunting season. - Post No. 107864

jjetplane  21:45pm 3rd Jun 2017

This thing about competing with Real Madrid. Oh well, there's Ludogrets. - Post No. 107865

mbg  0:35am 4th Jun 2017

markymark, and that statement is enough to keep the sheep and the optimists happy, those AKB's (and others) now think it's going to be different this time we mean business again, lol, the others were AKB's the year before, and we were telling them then, they've come over now but old habits die hard and they still think it's going to be different, they've been told that so it must be true. You couldn't make it up. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107866

markymark  7:20am 4th Jun 2017

First of all my deepest sympathy for victims of the London attacks and anyone caught up in them. I suspect I've drunk and eaten in a number of the venues affected it does bring home the banal evilness of these turds who carried out recent attacks. The Daily Mirror has an interesting slant to the Wengo story suggesting Wenger had to agree to go quietly if he doesn't lead Arsenal on a title bid ( quite what this means, is a close 2nd acceptable?) it says Josh Kronke also opposed the contract extension. - Post No. 107867

Alsace  7:26am 4th Jun 2017

I'm pleased that we aren't in the champions league next year. It starves the club of some funds which means less for Wenger to waste on Theo. Lucas Perez wants to leave. My question is, why on earth do players come to Arsenal? Last nights final shows how far we are away from the top rank. A victory for hairdressers everywhere though. - Post No. 107868

equalizer  9:12am 4th Jun 2017

Good article Bard, but, how likely do you think Wenger is to disappear under the weight of the fans disgruntlement? As he said himself after the away fans let him know how they felt about him at Stoke train station in 2014, he is immune to criticism. This is a man who signed a new contract despite not feeling able to go on his home pitch after the final game of the season. Think about that- not White Hart Lane or Old Trafford, couldn't face his teams fans on his home ground! He'd have razor wire and bullet proof glass installed around the dugout before he'd resign and Kronke won't sack him. Shameless, the both of them. - Post No. 107869

mbg  14:49pm 4th Jun 2017

We can say what we like about Bale (some more than others)he showed ambition left for pastures new and to be successful and win things, (just like some Arsenal players did )he has a CL medal in the bag now, imagine he'd have came to Arsenal (cough as if he would) and TOF would have got his bony fingers on him ? lol had him running around like a crab, ruined, and I wonder if he was to come back today or next season what club he'd pick (leaving aside his links)I doubt it would be either but I'd bet it wouldn't be TOF. Wenger out. - Post No. 107870

Exeter Ex  14:51pm 4th Jun 2017

I'd like the theory to be true, but it itself is wishful thinking. You are dealing with sociopaths here. Kroenke just sees his asset appreciating. Wenger has his little empire and everything he says and does is to reinforce that. They are not interested in sporting achievement or supporter's opinions. Even the game of football doesn't matter, just keeping the business making money. We are nothing to these people. Those still defending Wenger are the biggest fools of all - he wouldn't wipe his shoes on you. - Post No. 107871

KC38  15:29pm 4th Jun 2017

'Nothing changes at all. Wenger saying exactly what he says every post season. I would love to believe the mirror story but Wengers behaviour and his words don't appear to show a man who has been given any ultimatums or any targets. - Post No. 107872

mbg  15:38pm 4th Jun 2017

Alsace, we're years behind alright and have been for years (but we knew that anyway)all because of an old fraud of a manager who himself is years behind. These players come to Arsenal because of lies, spin, and false promises from a past it manager, and of course because their surplus to requirements not wanted anywhere else and certainly not get paid as much, remember that's one thing TOF is an expert at spin lies and persuading (just ask his AKB luvvies) anyone who can persuade an owner to pay him £9,000,000 plus a season for failure is certainly a top top qualittee persuader. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107873

PerryG  15:38pm 4th Jun 2017

We've 'bid' for Mbappe ( knowing Monaco wont accept it ), we're interested in Mahrez blah blah, Ozil and Sanchez are staying ( Yes of course they are don't laugh ). If you're not a deluded, blinkered sheep who still believes in Wenger then you know that this is another load of cobblers as season ticket renewal deadline approaches. Our ambitious rivals will strengthen accordingly, we will sign the free agent Bosnian, the Nigerian kid from the Belgian league and Cazorla coming back will be like a new Signing. Wally will get a bumper new contract as a reward for his loyalty and yet another 2 wasted Wenger years await us - Post No. 107874

TOOAW  16:17pm 4th Jun 2017

The Arsenal super fan clairvoyants are out in force this weekend. A lot of desperate, pointless predictions from several. I predict yet another successful season next year. One in which our so called "ambitious rivals" would love to have. I also predict that players will be queuing up to sign for us after all, it's ARSENAL 16 SPUDS 2. Kicking the cat gets you nowhere and I for one will be supporting the club, the manager and the team when we begin our campaign (2017/18). - Post No. 107875

mbg  16:25pm 4th Jun 2017

PerryG, it didn't take long did it ? see my post 107860, you can just see the sheep and the optimists, TV remote in hand, clicking and scanning Sky sports tongue out, looking and waiting for news lapping it all up getting all excited about this £100m their messiah has to spend (cough) completely forgetting that season ticket deadline day is looming lol, then it will suddenly rise to £150m if ticket sales are slow, maybe we'll back in for Dracula and that should do it, and the rush will be on, what idiots. You couldn't make it up. Wenger out. - Post No. 107876

equalizer  18:30pm 4th Jun 2017

If youre at that age where success is waking up in the morning and still having the ability to put on your socks without assistance, then I can well understand your support for Wenger. - Post No. 107877

CORNISH GOONER  20:23pm 4th Jun 2017

I do not like abuse towards engaged fans BUT I can make an exception for posters such as TOOAW. ffs, you cannot be serious - the whole thing is a massive sick joke. Stanley isn't being tactical - if he wanted The Ostrich gone he would sack the bugger like any other ambitious owner. TOOAW's idea of success for a massive club in a massive City is timid beyond belief - WAKE UP MAN! - Post No. 107878

mbg  21:53pm 4th Jun 2017

equaliser, and respecting him, whatever the fook for is anyone's guess. Wenger out. - Post No. 107879

John F  23:01pm 4th Jun 2017

It's that time of year for Wenger talk, Sanchez and Ozil like Van Persie,Cesc and Nasri before them will not be allowed to leave unless he can find the same caliber of players to replace them.So that's them off then.If they do leave does it mean that the 100mil allegedly available for transfers is going to be added to the fee he gets for both of them or is it all included.If it is all included he could end the summer with a nice profit for Stan if he also sells Perez and others,bearing in mind that he said he is only signing 2/3 players.Sad to see the greatest ever Arsenal striker is leaving ,Sanogoal forever a legend .The man with a name that reflected his talent. - Post No. 107880

peter wain  8:52am 5th Jun 2017

as we all knew the point of giving Wenger a two year extension is a complete waste of time. Far from learning from past errors he is set to repeat them by only buying two or three players maximum. Bit at least they will be top top quality which will be a first in Wenger's case. And we will be doing business early so no late night 31 August purchases for us every thing done on 30 August this year. So far with the season ticket renewal window still open we are bidding 87m euros for Mbappe. Ignore the fact that Monaco turn down Real Madrid's bid of 105m we are improving ours to 95 million. Do not expect a purchase any time soon and certainly not Mbappe or Lacacette. The Belgium winger at less than 6.8 million may be possible but only if we sell first. So Kroenke how are you going to spin another failed transfer window. When all our rivals improve there squads and we sell our best players and buy yet more duds. Mid table mediocrity beckons at best next season. Wenger out now. - Post No. 107881

MAF  10:34am 5th Jun 2017

i dont think Stan is ambitious in a sporting sense, like Roman A for example. I think Stan wants Arsenal to do just enough to Keep the total income at a certain Level. make all the right noises as if we are serious competitors, but never really mean it. a real PR Job on the public. if Stan was serious he would do a Roman A and not hesitate to fire and hire and then re-hire. Has that style made Chelski unstable ?? has it reduced their Marketing income ?? are they less competitive, less profitable? absolutely not. Chelski have taken the seat at the top table of Football for precisely the reason they are so competitive. bonuses are very high for winning things. isnt that how it should be ? the owner watches every match at home and some away. every top Manager that passed thru the clb, left some Expertise inside the Club. the Club and ist owner got stronger due to this not weaker. compared to getting stale after 20+ years,,,,,, - Post No. 107882

Yes its Ron  10:46am 5th Jun 2017

Absolutely. SK has bought both time for himself and eased AW further into the heat so that eventually the decision to make the change by him will be universally accepted by all. - Post No. 107883

Yes its Ron  11:03am 5th Jun 2017

'a victory for hairdressers everywhere' - love it Alsace? - Post No. 107884

mbg  14:47pm 5th Jun 2017

CORNISH, and getting his supporting priorities all wrong too, that won't go down well. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107885

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