The Bosnian Hulk

By Albin Mouton

Introduction to new signing Sead Kolasinac

On Tuesday, Arsenal made official the arrival of the first summer signing : Sead Kolasinac. Moving on a free transfer after being spotted at Schalke 04, the left-back Bosnian international will start training with the first team at the beginning of July. Unless you follow the Bundesliga, you probably don’t know who Sead Kolasinac is or what to expect from him on the pitch.

The first of many this summer?

At the age of 23 (turning 24 on June 20), Sead Kolasinac has played for Hoffenheim and Stuttgart before moving to Schalke 04 at the age of 18. Since the 2012/2013 campaign, he has been a first team starter and before switching to Bosnia in 2013 was a strong part of the German international under 18/19/20 teams. He even made it to the Bundesliga 2016/2017 team of the year as a left-back. A solid performance when you know there is a certain David Alaba in competition for that honour.

After a knee ligament rupture between August 2014 and February 2015, The ‘Bosnian Hulk’ came back stronger and more determined. On his first Arsenal interview, he said that “his main strength is his mentality”. Also called, “The Tank” and “The Destroyer”, Sead Kolasinac can rely on his physical strengths to be a solid defender.

What’s his style of play like?

For us to get a better view of what to expect from Sead Kolasinac on the pitch, let’s compare him to Nacho Monreal and what’s best in Europe at the moment when it comes to left-backs. First, check out his let’s defensive statistics in this chart (courtesy of Squawka).

As you can see, Kolasinac is a defender who wins his duels. Thanks to his physical abilities, he is able to win at least two tackles and 55.7% of his aerial duels per game. Just like his crucial tackle against Dortmund (at 1.05 in this video), where he prevented Christian Pulisic scoring a tap-in, he is the kind of player that never quits. Beyond that, the defender seems to also be a bit like Granit Xhaka on the pitch. His Bosnian roots makes him play with great passion and he has a habit of committing too many fouls (38 in 25 games in the Bundesliga). Also, with at least three interceptions per game, the Bosnian is not only physical, he is also a clever defender that uses his brain to help his team. He anticipates what his opponents are going to do to prevent attacks.

But as a left-back, Sead Kolasinac is not afraid to go forward. With five assists in the Bundesliga this season, more than any other defender, it is not rare to see him sprint up the left-hand side of the pitch to deliver crucial passes. As this chart shows, Sead Kolasinac can provide the Arsenal attack in many more ways than Nacho Monreal. He also scored three league goals last season, which is three more than the Spaniard.

How Wenger will use him?

Assuming the Frenchman is going to keep using the 3-4-3 next season, which appeared to be quite successful after the switch from the 4-2-3-1, Sead Kolasinac will have the left-hand side for himself. His arrival could lead Nacho Monreal to become the third centre back, alongside Laurent Koscielny and Shkrodan Mustafi. The Bosnian could then use his defensive and attacking skills to create chances by going up and down the pitch. “I can play as part of a three at the back or further forward. I’m really flexible,” he said in his first Arsenal interview.

If Arsene Wenger comes back to the 4-2-3-1 system, the Bosnian will obviously fight his spot against Nacho Monreal. But that could be a good thing because of Nacho’s age. In fact, Arsene Wenger could rest the Spaniard more often and give time to the Bosnian to adjust to the Premier League.

For a first signing this summer, Arsene Wenger proves once again that he’s still got the eye to spot talent without spending a tremendous amount of money. Other clubs like Manchester City or Milan were interested in him, which means he isn’t coming from nowhere. His arrival also means that one of Kieran Gibbs or Nacho Monreal will likely be leaving Arsenal this summer. Like Granit Xhaka in 2016, this signing is a signal sent that Arsenal will be active during the transfer window. And with a bid made for Alexandre Lacazette, Arsene Wenger seems ready to please Arsenal fans.

8th June 2017 09:53:55


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Bard  10:23am 8th Jun 2017

Dear me Albin perspective my man perspective. Lets wait and see. First point if he is so good why didnt City or Milan go for him. Or the other way round why would you come to Arsenal except for the money as they never win anything. Next up when was the last time Wenger uncovered a real gem ? I cant for life of me recall one in recent times. If we are only going to buy 2 or 3 do we really need another left back. Nacho does pretty well to my mind. Dont fall for the spin mate. - Post No. 107932

Yes its Ron  11:46am 8th Jun 2017

A feeling in my water that this man will another utility man, asked to play LB or CB and be the master of neither. Bards right too, Nacho is a good player. Hes been Arses best this Season in my humble view. He never quits like some of them in that sqaud. Perhaps this lad is a gutsy player and just maybe Arsene has accepted he has a few bottlers in his midst, at long last! - Post No. 107934

Yes its Ron  12:07pm 8th Jun 2017

ps - suggest its best not label him 'the hulk'. It brings a recollect of 'the beast'and many of us know how beastly he turned out to be 10 yrs or so back. - Post No. 107935

Paulward  12:14pm 8th Jun 2017

Hard to get too excited to be honest, Monreal one of the better players last year and I've always thought Gibbs was solid enough. I also hope this signing doesn't hinder Holdings progress as part of a back three. As usual the club are saying the right things, but aren't doing a great deal, the fact is until they know what Sanchez and Ozil are doing they can't spend serious dough. Getting that groundhog feeling already. - Post No. 107936

Yes its Ron  13:15pm 8th Jun 2017

Paulward - i think the bare minimum to keep either of them is for a quality striker to be brought in. I think Wenger will do that because he knows he has to. If nothing else, Wenger will know that the usual baseless spin about potential signings without actually closing a deal or two will heap so much pressure on him that next time round will be irresistible, even with SKs backing. Im thinking (at least for now) that the demos etc etc haven't been entirely worthless despite him staying in situ. I could well be totally wrong of course and wouldn't be surprised if i am. The other side of the coin is that Wenger has stayed on more for purposes of effecting a change to suit SKs preferred timetable and wishes, much earlier than 2 years anyway and thus no real major signings will be made this Summer. As with any contract in football, theyre as much about whats not written in them as what is. They are often underpinned by 'understandings' secured by a wink and a loose handshake. - Post No. 107937

equalizer  14:17pm 8th Jun 2017

Have Arsenal made a bid for Lacazette? Who has confirmed this? Why would that news please Arsenal fans? I'm sure Sanchez will be licking his lips at the prospect of playing with Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac- signings that demonstrate the clubs ambition... - Post No. 107938

peter wain  14:30pm 8th Jun 2017

well lets hope this guy is good because if he is one of three or even two players we are buying he needs to be world class. Especially as we are losing Sanchez and bellerin. Still should make a profit on this transfer window - Post No. 107940

markymark  14:42pm 8th Jun 2017

The player maybe quite good but it will matter not one jot if Wengo puts in his standard shift. Make no mistake about it Wengo has to improve as a Manager massively over his previous 13 season performance. He entirely bought and believes in this squad so it's down to him. However an over 25% increase in points across one season is pretty unrealistic imho. Particularly as it took Wengo 4 more months than Conte to affect a change to winning ways. I think Ron is correct that it is nuanced without it being a total victory for Wengo. I suspect if Wengo has a bad February that's him done for. I suspect at this point the agreement is he resigns . The 2 year contract is to show stability and nothing more. As I've said before they could make it 2 years or 10 years it will not affect the departure date that is set from May 18 to May 19. - Post No. 107941

Bard  15:55pm 8th Jun 2017

Markmark; I tend to agree. Despite the euphoria over the signing of a new contract nothing has fundamentally changed. I do think he will have to make a marquee signing to placate the fans as he did over Ozil but aside from that its 'as you were'. If he could have changed he would have done so by now. The squad needs a complete overhaul and that isnt going to happen. A few rubbish performances plus a spanking and it will be poisonous at the ground. Forget the rubbish about winning anything he has his work cut out holding onto the job. As I have written before Stan has given him enough rope to hang himself. - Post No. 107943

mbg  15:58pm 8th Jun 2017

The Bosnian hulk ? lol I remember the last hulk we signed he's still roaming about somewhere looking for the cure, we'd have been better off with hulk Hogan, wrestling is very popular with the young fans, and he's got meenteel strength ? no speeritt ? I bet that one sold him to TOF straightaway, and of course the regulation bad injury (at least it's not a broken back) a typical wenger signing cheap and never heard off with a bad injury behind him, with great meenteel strength, lol, he doesn't need the eye to spot that or any eyes. - Post No. 107944

Paulward  18:48pm 8th Jun 2017

The uncertainty over Ozil and Sanchez could derail the whole summer. A ditherer at the best of times, there's no way Weng will commit huge money before he knows if his two undroppables are staying, and to be fair he's probably right. What's the point in buying a player who won't get in the side because Ozil or Sanchez decide to run their deal down? When you add the uncertainty over Chamberlain, the deadwood that he never seems to shift , and the question of whether Santi will ever play again , this things looking a mess already. - Post No. 107946

mbg  20:15pm 8th Jun 2017

paulward, is it ever any other way with this old waste of space, he's the biggest mess up of all, just wait until the end of next season and we'll see the mess he's made and where all this new found optimism is, and what they've got to say about it, but I suppose it'll be someone/something else's fault. we want wenger out. - Post No. 107948

CORNISH GOONER  20:30pm 8th Jun 2017

Can someone please tell me why a "marquee signing" would bother to come to L'Arsenal for next season. It will be the usual mix of young boys &"unknowns" or second raters - just because the stubborn old coot still thinks he has what it takes. Or am I missing something? - Post No. 107949

equalizer  21:57pm 8th Jun 2017

@Cornish, you're not missing anything, you're spot on. Wenger doesn't have the pulling power any longer, in footballing terms he's an old man, out of ideas and impotent. Add that to the fact that Arsenal are out of the CL, look like a club on their way down, and pay less wages than three other clubs in England. And the likelihood of Mourinho in his second season at Man U investing this summer to advance beyond Arsenal. Everton may do so too. Arsene FC will probably lose the best player he has and make a profit for Kronke. The very reason he was retained. - Post No. 107950

TOOAW  22:43pm 8th Jun 2017

I tend to see it as it's another 2 years which will be the managers last hurrah without too much for him to bother about. He knows deep down that the fans are going to attend, or spend, if we are top or bottom of the league. The factual details are that when the fans can no longer see through the trees, it is completely irrelevant because the home game last season against West Ham was the wettest of lettuces in relation to the demos. Demonstrate, maybe, can't be bothered, maybe next week or like markymark, pump money into the club once vowing never to do so. The unhappy lot have themselves to blame. Vote Wenger. The rod has been made so get behind or good riddance. - Post No. 107952

mbg  23:17pm 8th Jun 2017

Predictions Predictions Predictions assumptions assumptions assumptions, and everyone (well not everyone) forgetting (very conveniently obviously) the biggest prediction, liability, and hindrance of all, wenger, you couldn't make it up you really couldn't. wenger out. - Post No. 107953

jjetplane  13:31pm 9th Jun 2017

So the serene TOOAW is back in a 'army of one' on here now GoonerRon has taken time out to reflect on the FACT he wanted Wenger out. TOOAW is indeed a troll who is more than welcome on here but we can see the similarities between money mad Wenger and money mad Maybot. Both extremely unpopular and both still in positions of power though each being found wholly unsuitable for the tasks ahead. In Wenger's dictatorial decades of damage to AFC we have seen a club go from Freddie with the red hair to some freebie journeyman known as the tree, hulk but paticularly OG specialist. How long before he scores one against Arsenal? Wenger's being doing it for years and finds it nothing more than something to shrug off with arrogant amusement. There is no denying now that Man Utd are fully geared up to remain above a Wenger type operation and if Koeman stays the Toffees will do too. Other clubs are already operating in a different world from the staid, unambitious anti-football project that Wenger has weakly cobbled together and simply the real fan-bases of clubs like West Ham and Palace will ensure a relative degrading of Arsene FC as a leading London club. Funny thing about all this is that the likes of Pep G at Citeh will be gone next season if he does not deliver while Wenger will happily rent his gob out on any subject and carry on hiding when the subject is his own lack of capability. Most of the media are bored ****less with the inertia of AFC and if next season is a semi-pragmatic journey through sub-standard Europa fayre and a push to stay in the top six then the media will simply not have the time to indulge them. Things are happening fast and the only guys really feeling the pressure are Conte and Peppy. Wonder why that is? Bye bye TOOAW - you are wanted back at the Untold temple. - Post No. 107954

equalizer  13:39pm 9th Jun 2017

TOOAW, for a self confessed lefty and Corbyn fan you are amusingly oblivious to the power of the people. Remember Stoke train station? I can see things getting much nastier this coming season. The loss of Sanchez and Bellerin, coupled with a poor start to the season, or a poor start to the season alone, will be the straw that broke the camels back. The media will be sharpening the knives. He had his chance to go out on a high, and you and I both know he should have taken it. - Post No. 107955

mbg  14:37pm 9th Jun 2017

CORNISH, great post, and question, why indeed, this fact just keeps flying over heads, a mixture of both TOF and his AKB wengerites still think he has it i'd say, even after nine years of proof he hasn't, short time memory syndrome has really kicked in for some, You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107956

Yes its Ron  14:43pm 9th Jun 2017

TOOAW - Yr on the nails head there. AW doesnt have 'too much to bother about' and he hasn't had to bother too much for yrs has he. Thats the nub of the problem at AFC. Its good that you recognise it at least. Yr not so wrong about the demos though. It appears that theres not much strength of feeling at the ground on match days. Its more a case of fans having been conditioned to mediocrity for so long now that they've almost become immune to the prospect of anything else,forgotten what energy and passion amongst fans is all about and are basically passive to it all. Thats says more about the modern south east based football fan than whether theyre right or not about Arsene. Lets face it, theres not a lot of atmosphere at any of the London stadia nowadays. Its this that keeps Arsenals regime in place of which you seem to be very much part of it. Good luck with that. i hope that youre getting satisfaction from it. - Post No. 107957

markymark  19:09pm 9th Jun 2017

Robert Mugabe, Theresa (The Maybot) May, Arsene Wengo. There's a link there somewhere, I just can think what it is. If anyone can give me a suggestion please do so. - Post No. 107958

TOOAW  19:12pm 9th Jun 2017

@equiliser. OR how about the manager has had a kick up his behind and we sign some much needed quality. Come Christmas, we are several points clear. No ECL distraction and we kick on and give it a good go. There is always a positive to everyone's negative. Try not to make assumptions about me my friend, you are way off the mark. - Post No. 107959

CORNISH GOONER  19:17pm 9th Jun 2017

Markymark - my contribution would be "delusional" as I don't think the latter two have actually murdered anyone - although they drive their "victims" to suicide maybe? - Post No. 107960

markymark  19:19pm 9th Jun 2017

it's TOOAW aka the barsteward son of Tony Attwood. Spotted your little comment about thinking Jameson was good fun! Well yes if your into Fascistic , Anti Semite, Homophobic Pre - Ordainers. I'd drop Jeremy and head straight for the Maybot and her DUP cronies. I can't understand why the Mail is not running a 13 page Terror special. Oh well one of life's mysteries much like your trolling. - Post No. 107961

GoonerRon  19:54pm 9th Jun 2017

@ JJ - I did want Wenger out, I thought we could find someone to get more out of the team and push the club on. There's little point moaning about it now as he's signed a new deal. Therefore, I'll choose to support the club and the team rather than throwing my toys out of the pram and declaring my love for The Spuds goal celebrations. Each to their own. - Post No. 107962

TOOAW  22:20pm 9th Jun 2017

@markymark. Enlighten me on the Jameson comment please? - Post No. 107963

markymark  23:37pm 9th Jun 2017

Sorry TOOAW I momentarily mixed you up with Badarse a declared leftie who liked to cuddle up with Jameson over their shared love of Wengo. After all why let a little KKK craziness get in a way of a beautiful relationship. Of course from you their was utter silence when old Jameson popped up and used to abuse people because of course there was that shared love of Wengo. - Post No. 107964

Badarse  7:09am 10th Jun 2017

Oh Mark of Nark, you misrepresent my confused friend. I noted your bending of the truth a few times. I'd like to think that you did it innocently, however time to put the record straight. As an Arsenal fan I found much negativity disappointingly repetitive on the OG, and eventually opted for a humorous approach hoping that it would amuse(?), possibly get my points across, but at least entertain myself. I enjoyed our encounters and the 'Mark of Nark' came about accidentally. Unless you misunderstood, have forgotten, or just purposely misrepresented the term, it was offered as a friendly identification when westlower and I took the WOBs on our Lucozade virtual journey to that last game at the Castle that was New and meeting the 'Knights who say Neigh' en route. Much Forth Suing as you may recall. It's true I watched from the side lines as that cretin Jamerson spewed his damaged bile, however it was merely schadenfreude on my part watching the WORs ranting like 'Mister Angries'. He was clearly a troll rather than a fan of AW. Incidentally I contacted the OG personally regarding his behaviour. I even tried pointing out that he was a Jehovah's witless to you all. Anyway no hard feelings I hope. Sometimes below the surface there isn't much to choose between posters. mbg who spells his name DUP is one. I learned much from many on the OG and remain indebted, it was an interesting chapter of my life posting. What did I learn? That's perhaps for another post sometime, however much admired the expertise of dear old Ron, we crossed swords on occasions because that's what I do, but in my own style, as in this explanation-my Ronline Gooner was also a tease by the way. Jamerson was correct about there being only one JC, he just got the wrong one, the real one is an Arsenal fan. Here's a tip, don't eat anymore of jj's winkle pizzas. - Post No. 107965

mbg  9:55am 10th Jun 2017

So TOF has had a kick up his skinny arse to sign much needed quality, lol, (believe that you'll believe anything, wait, they do)and no Cl distraction this year (completely forgetting that there's none every year) more comfy blanket grasping, any excuse for a bit of hope and optimism that it will be different this year, lol, where do they get these people out off, you couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107966

markymark  13:10pm 10th Jun 2017

Badarse - I take it this is the real Badarse? When you were gone Jamerson pretended to be you and this became yet more confusing. You are at your best when you cut the word count and at your worse when the verbosity bug strikes you down. Many of us scratched our heads with your joint Wengo back stroking. Jamerson was a nutter who became even worse after you left. I do also remember a macho let's fight them together post with Super Mug Colesey who could be vile. It is possible to like Wenger and not go smooching up to unpleasant nutters. The Maybot will learn that the principle of cuddling up to lunatics is not good policy. Also MBG has said about the dangers of terrorism having witnessed it in his own back yard. So you're on shaky ground casting MBG as a far right socially conservative Loyalist. I've no idea of his politics whatever they may be and he steers well clear of it on this site. - Post No. 107967

markymark  13:40pm 10th Jun 2017

If the rumours coming out are true that Sanchez wants to go to City with Pepe then it's going to shake the AKB's. Personally I'd say good on him as he'll want to work with a manager who takes responsibility for failure and recognises the risk of dismissal . Looks like the Wengo fantasy being conjured up by some is falling apart already. - Post No. 107968

equalizer  13:40pm 10th Jun 2017

TOOAW, you must be living in the Wenger land of make- believe for the last 10 years. Even if he has the team unusually prepared for the start of the season, the players will go on holiday twice during the season, like they ALWAYS do. AFC players under Wenger get two 'mid- season breaks' every season. They take them because they have a manager they don't have to listen to, a pushover, a loser, who has nurtured a 'bare minimum' culture at the club with his 4th place trophy and profit. He removed all leaders from the club and removed any authoritative voices from the dressing room that may challenge him and lead the players, the likes of Adams, Vieira and Bergkamp now replaced by the likes of Mertesaker, Coquelin and Giroud. He leads by example, the players follow. It's no wonder Sanchez looks so frustrated there. Wenger is finished, he had his time. He should have been sacked after the 2011/12 season, he should never have got the 3 year contract in 2014 and this one is yet one more contract too many. This will be the straw that broke the camels back, mark my words. The pressure he will be put under this year will be relentless and nobody should have an ounce of sympathy for him, because he brought it on himself. - Post No. 107969

TOOAW  14:35pm 10th Jun 2017

@ equalizer. Point taken. Not my take on it but point taken. In my opinion, the camels back has already been broken with the Wenger in/out debate. It's old news, by all means feel bitter but move on my friend. @ markymark. I hate to burst your bubble but Sanchez left our club in December as the manager told you. He threw his strop and it was goodnight from there on in. Roll on the charity shield when the winners play the winners and Lexi will be on the beach. - Post No. 107970

equalizer  15:00pm 10th Jun 2017

TOOAW, No, you are completely wrong. The camels back will be broken when the camel is GONE. Far from being old news, it's future headlines. Imminent. Relentless pressure for the next 6 months will see him gone. Relentless - Post No. 107971

Badarse  15:32pm 10th Jun 2017

Mark of Nark, I agree with the pertinent points you make in general, however I never made a friend of Jamerson. As to casting aspersions on individuals, all do that on this site, and it isn't very pleasant. As for some who are able to refer to 'pansies' and 'dwarves' with impunity, and insults any Arsenal fan who disagrees with their view, it suggests that perhaps criticism is very selective. Very interesting that AKB whilst doing his pieces constantly about the 'left' he cosied up to right wing clowns constantly, whilst digging at me. Also interesting to see AKB and the Eggman taking Jeff wright to task over things that I too challenged him on, even more interesting was his line of defence in criticising them on issues that I too challenged them on. Funny too that AKB was able to degenerate into his fad of talking of 'winking' without issue-I think Bard's challenge was probably politically motivated as the 'left' ranting probably offended him. As for yourself I did think that your verbosity on such crudities about Leek were questionable-you too seemed obsessed with 'winking' to my mind. Funny also that people insult AW and think it is acceptable, but get shirty whenever something is offered back at them. Just reflections and only my opinion, but that should be acceptable, shouldn't it? I think you, like a few others, struggle with the concept of support. Backstroking AW? That is a perverse statement. Because I am an Arsenal fan who contends the view of the OG family it doesn't make me wrong, but in the eyes of a clique it certainly may. I think you should also decide more carefully on your cuddling partners, but I won't condemn you for that, just advise against. - Post No. 107972

TOOAW  16:08pm 10th Jun 2017

@ equalizer. Relentless. Yes. But by whom because the very small minority of fans who demonstrate will not topple the manager. It's been proven. And as I have stated before, if we are hovering top 4, don't count on the press to back you. I personally believe that we will still achieve success under Wenger. - Post No. 107973

equalizer  17:50pm 10th Jun 2017

TOOAW, you underestimate the number of supporters who sat on their hands last season in belief that he was going, that there was no way he could stay. Now he's proven himself to be a shameless self -serving deluded old goat that will only be removed by protest, the supporters will be more easily agitated after a few defeats and much less forgiving. If you don't think the media are going to go after him you're very naive. Of course you'll say you believe AFC can be successful under Wenger, setting the bar as low as you do. You're part of the problem. - Post No. 107974

TOOAW  18:22pm 10th Jun 2017

@ equalizer. I'm lots of things, but not naive. People sitting on their hands, as you state, could suggest they were afraid of change, unable to comprehend a new manager, fed up with negativity towards Arsenal as a whole or silently supporting the manager. It's a difficult one to ascertain. I will say it again, the protests could not remove him then so why will it be different next season?? The answer is that we (Arsenal) are an attractive club and ticket sales will be sold to Jonny nobody who can gain the Arsenal experience. Highbury days are gone and we have all experienced that feeling of emotion, disaster, disappointment, elation etc. You name it, I've seen it. It is history, the world has moved on and so has football. My "bar is set" with Arsenal. 1984 1985 1986 rubbish. 1989 best day of my life. Wenger days great days and not so good but the passion is for AFC. Passion that some people have dislodged from their memories to meander down the wrong river. Lastly my friend, I'm not part of the problem because if supporting Arsenal is wrong then I'm happy to be debunked. - Post No. 107975

equalizer  19:08pm 10th Jun 2017

@Tony, " afraid of change, unable to comprehend a new manager,fed up with negativity towards Arsenal as a whole or silently supporting the manager". You certainly are naïve. You've been paid to write that pro- Wenger blog for so long you've forgotten what its like to support the football club. As I have already said, most people had hoped he would have the decency to walk away without the abuse. That's about to change, the protests are at their infancy. And supporting Arsenal is not wrong. Getting paid to write a blog supporting a manager who has lowered all expectations and footballing ambitions to serve his and the owners interests only is completely wrong - Post No. 107976

TOOAW  21:33pm 10th Jun 2017

@ equaliser. If you wish to be dumb enough to believe I am any of these people and peddlers or hawkers from Untold, then you have issues. Online Gooner deserves better than your ignorance. And yes you are ignorant. You have just proved that with your narcissistic, foolish comments. Take a breather my friend. - Post No. 107977

equalizer  21:53pm 10th Jun 2017

TOOAW, I didn't mention Untold at all, but you write like Tony, use the same language and same tired old arguments. And like the Untrue crew you resort to abuse when you're being trounced. I'll not go down to your level. Thanks for confirming it, hit a nerve I think Mr T! - Post No. 107978

Alsace  8:36am 11th Jun 2017

It seems like the last transfer that I was excited about was Charlie Nicholas. Perhaps Dennis Bergkamp. New signings are meant to make a difference. Nothing. Not the signing of Messi, Christiano hairdressing, Neymar, Robben, and Zlatan combined could possibly make any difference. The Waldo supreme would have them on the bench or playing out of position or cleaning the boots were they to dare play out of his system. The worst manager in the history of AFC, the destroyer of careers, has the ear of the owner and is in place for another two years. Deep deep and abiding joy. Perhaps there will be a hideous accident in Cannes on his holidays with a coffee cup and a banana skin and an unfortunately placed wine bottle and he will succumb to his injuries? One can but dream. - Post No. 107979

Yes its Ron  14:35pm 11th Jun 2017

Well if it is the real Baddie and not that very poor impersonator a while back, the real old blighters welcome in my book!! Have to say that Gooner Ron is dead on right now. Events will take their own course and be shaped by circumstances and not by what fans say. The in out,in out, shake old Arsene all about debate is well and truly over now. It would be good to the debate put in cold storage on here now. We ve had our say, lets just see what follows. Cmon the 2017/18 Gunners. - Post No. 107980

Badarse  15:05pm 11th Jun 2017

Hi Ron, yes it is ...I, me, mine. See I remembered that you admire George Harrison music. Think since I've been away-16 months-you have become more rational, what will occur now that I am back? Only kidding buddy, have enjoyed some of the posts especially some of yours. Keep on keeping on. - Post No. 107981

Yes its Ron  15:13pm 11th Jun 2017

Good lad Baddie. Now, i do know its you for sure matey. Big welcome back to you from 'rational' me! ha. Good one! PS Baddie, as far as singers go, i 'discovered' Beth Hart a few mths back. You familiar? Shes brilliant. A bit Joplinesque. A voice given to her from higher perhaps but underneath my radar for sure for many yrs it seems. - Post No. 107982

Badarse  16:52pm 11th Jun 2017

Now I know that you never read my posts properly-probably the length of them put you off. I was advocating this lady a couple of months before I went into hibernation-hanging upside down in the dark next to Bard was a bit disturbing at first, but he just got used to it. I went into music outside my normal avenues and she was one who knocked me out-so well done to you-also Future Islands, and recently have discovered London Grammar. I so wanted to tell westie about this group because the singer sounds a little like Joan Baez to me, and I know we connected on Joan. Conscious of keeping it short-thanks Mark of Nark-so won't rabbit on. - Post No. 107983

mbg  16:52pm 11th Jun 2017

markymark, (and everyone else) even if it is the real sulker don't even humour him mate that's what he wants, attention, he craves it, that's why he sulked so much before and left and came back left and came back (always as smarmy)he wasn't getting it or the respect he thought he deserved and really pissed him off, and if it is him here he is again after all this time as big an idiot as he always was just like his messiah having learned absolutely nothing from getting his arse spanked (back for more of the same)and sent on his way daily from all the real top guns on here. - Post No. 107984

Badarse  17:10pm 11th Jun 2017

mbg if that's how you spell your name-I refer you to my last post 26th Feb 2016. I had had a few exchanges with the Eggman and we met halfway...more or less, and contrary to Mark of Nark's view that I am too verbose, (and I can be for sure), it was a one word response-'Touche!'. Also I didn't therefore go off in a huff-I only ever 'huff' when I play draughts with my grandchildren. Oh, by the way, stop looking in the mirror when you end a post with, 'We want Wenger out!', you sound a little like Gollum. - Post No. 107985

TOOAW  17:12pm 11th Jun 2017

Good to hear from this badarse guy. Sounds as if he can shake it with the best. @mbg don't go knocking this fellas humour because I fear you have very little. Could be in for an interesting summer on this site and at the Arsenal. - Post No. 107986

Badarse  17:53pm 11th Jun 2017

mbg does this mean the Online Gooner Virtual BBQ is not going to be staged at your drum this summer? Look what happened last summer. DW Thomas finally jumped off the virtual window ledge because I wasn't there to talk him down, nor was I able to drag you out of the fish pond as I did the year before, after eating three of the wife's goldfish, 'goldfish, uncountable noun', (that's my first and last free grammar lesson). I was also unable to keep jj in check as he constantly promoted his winkle pizzas, and you all suffered in the morning. Anyway chum, no hard feelings, or hard Brexit. Nice to connect TOOAW. - Post No. 107987

Bard  17:59pm 11th Jun 2017

Welcome back Baddie. Glad you got your router fixed at long last.We just need Westie back and the whole AKB team, err all two of you, are back in the fold. TOOAW has joined so it makes for a very soft midfield three. Speaking of which I see Gnarby has just been bought by Bayern. Another who has flourished away from the stifling competitiveness and attention to detail at the Ems. - Post No. 107988

Badarse  18:07pm 11th Jun 2017

Hi Bard, how are the fangs? Yup our soft midfield trio can only be matched by your twin spear-head mbg. I know it's been a joke for a while, but I still don't really know what a router is, though I do know what a wireless is-Dan Dare, Bernard Braden, Housewives Choice, (how could you get away with a title like that now?), Round the Horne, ahh, yesterday. Fifty years ago I was at Wembley watching the Sours beat CFC 2-1, in what was billed as 'The First Cockney Cup Final'. Funny how time passes, and not always like Bergkamp. - Post No. 107989

mbg  19:02pm 11th Jun 2017

Alsace, spot on, there's not one signing that would get you moist over, not one (although it's not the way with some) as we all know it wouldn't or wont make any difference (not that there's going to be any anyway) with TOF at the helm, as you say he'd be converting them all over the place, and anyway as we all know the first box that has to be ticked with TOF before he signs anyone is they have no mind of their own a yes man, so that automatically rules out any real top top quality players with ambition, and any that did or does slip through selection that suddenly finds his voice when he realises what he's got himself into doesn't last long. - Post No. 107990

mbg  19:55pm 11th Jun 2017

markymark, again spot on, all this new found optimism from the AKB's it's the same at this time every season they'd believe anything God love them, will they ever learn, it's even brought an AKB's out of retirement from waltons mountain and his beloved garden of pansies and all these virtual bbq's he's been having with himself and his grandson, i'm sure he's well doctrinated by now, or maybe he's just ran out of sudocream, but as always when the false dawn arrives and the optimism fades and the realisation sets in it will be back to retirement again for him and a couple of blow in's and a fresh supply of Sudo cream. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107991

Sturgooner  22:22pm 11th Jun 2017

Gnabry signs for Bayern , I suppose they noticed he could play. I would like to know what our manager missed ? - Post No. 107992

mbg  2:46am 12th Jun 2017

Sturgooner, obviously something this old fraud is supposed to have a good eye for, lol, or Gnabry like those before him have realised what we all do, and become ambitious. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107993

MAF  8:24am 12th Jun 2017

i hope old man whinger's first real move isnt sanctioning the sale of Alexis to City....... - Post No. 107994

Yes its Ron  10:44am 12th Jun 2017

I used to think Gnabry looked a bloody good prospect. He had a bit of power and muscle in his game didnt he for a youngster. Not surprised BM have 'Gnabtryd' him! Hes a player type they go for isnt he. - Post No. 107996

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds