A Letter To Arsenal Fans

By Robert Miller

Time for supporters to take action to ensure genuine change

To all Arsenal fans,

We as supporters must unite for the love of our club. What we all uphold higher than any player, manager or owner is the club that we support. No man is bigger than our club and no man shall be the downfall of it either.

Earlier this year, there was a push for change. A decent number protested to remove Wenger, along with some flashy displays to reinforce the point. Unfortunately the backlash and toxicity wasn't enough to remove the venom from the wound. Instead, the absentee owner who drinks the lifeblood of our club for eternal life, delivered a massive blow - offering Wenger, the genius, le professeur and demigod a two year contract. Selfishly, he accepted, despite damaging the club he profoundly loves with his own ego and uncertainty.

Now, on the final day of the transfer window, we fans sit on the edge of the void awaiting final judgement after a summer of failure and lies. Why anyone expects any less is beyond me, anyone who thought a man who continually fails and makes the same mistakes, would dare to change is either naive or blinded by hope. Perhaps for some the reality is too bitter to swallow, that the once revered leader has now become what many despise. All those fans who struggle to accept this reality, I say to you; the sooner you accept it and fight, the sooner we can make a happier place. The fans, the apologists and the Wenger acolytes who still hold this man atop his throne, you're willing to risk the future of our club for the sake of one man. If Arsenal is your faith, your quasi-religion, then that's sacrilegious.

Arsene Wenger is no longer a great manager. Time has caught up with him and it's also surpassed him. His refusal to change and adapt is his Achilles’ heel, along with baffling decisions. The man is often titled a 'genius' but does a genius play players out of position, so drastically it affects the team dynamic and performance, having a negative impact on the result? Does a genius bring in average players and offer them high wages that they don't deserve? Does a genius support said players, only to lose their faith? Does a genius sell his best players under the guise of austerity? Does a genius shoehorn a player in, who has refused to sign a new contract? These are just some of the things our so-called genius has done.

Whilst being a self-absorbed genius, he also lies. He lied about the situation last season, he lied about players leaving, he lies about anything and everything to spin the webs that suit him. How can anyone still support this man and believe he is what we need? How can anyone justify his two year contract without turning their back on what it means to support Arsenal? You simply can't.

What's become more apparent to many and it's dawned more on myself, is how ridiculous our board truly is. Not only are they ridiculous, they're weak. Our fury needs to be directed at the cowards above Wenger too. Ivan Gazidis, for example, a money-hungry lying snake. 'A catalyst for change' he hissed, 'we're working on signing players' he assured, 'we're going to compete with Bayern' he lied. Gazidis has no power and his soppy comrades are just as bad. Cash in those cheques while you can old chaps, because the hangman's noose is coming for all of you.

Of course, we can't forget the final piece to the puzzle: Stan Kroenke. Our owner who doesn't invest. He comes in with his riches and ruins everything he touches; his hand of Midas corrupts whatever he owns. Once again, he does not care for the club, he doesn't care for the fans that skint themselves to see their beloved team play week in, week out. He's simply a dark cloud that looms over our club, hiding any ray of light. He's also a big reason as to why we're in this current mess.

All the 'powerful' men within our club from Wenger to Kroenke are liars and they all share the same desires - money and profit. As long as they can slither into their increasing revenues and lay their seedy eggs for another year, they're happy. Wenger says he loves this club, but if he did, why is he still here? Why didn't he go? Fear, selfishness and because that man's definition of love has changed. Ivan Gazidis says we'll compete and that he cares, so why didn't he dig his heels in and fight harder to get Wenger out? Why didn't he force the changes promised after the Palace away defeat, the so-called ‘catalyst for change’? And Kroenke, all I have to ask is why? Just, why?

Fellow Arsenal fans, I've laid out what a lot of you already know. The problem is, not enough of us act on it. Anyone who is able to voice their opinion, be a number in a protest or simply add to whatever noise, please do it. This summer should show you all, from the weary to the loyalists that this farce cannot go on any longer. We are the knives that shall land in Wenger's back, just as it did to Caesar. A man's reign always comes to an end. Help save our beloved club.

Wenger, the board and Kroenke out, forever and always.

Ed’s note – unrelated, but highly relevant to this piece, but the protest group that tried hard to ensure the manager was not awarded a new contract last season have started up a fresh campaign page to raise fighting funds. If you wish to chip in – here’s where you can donate…

31st August 2017 11:32:31


Comments and Reaction

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TonyEvans  12:02pm 31st Aug 2017

Robert - with you all the way on this obviously. I personally haven't been to game for ages - I simply refuse to lend my support in any way to the ludicrous, business first, never mind the football way AFC is being run. The fact that Wenger has got away with murder every season since about 2008/09 has been a complete and utter mystery to me. Any genuine fan surely by now must see the bigger picture, never mind what happens in the next few games - because we all know the next embarrassing display is just around the corner, whatever the next two or three results are, under this selfish maniac. If you can't bring yourself to protest (why not though - I would be genuinely interested to know) just don't go - vast empty swathes, devoid of fans sends out just as strong a message. Trouble is how many match day die-hard fans like I used to be are actually left now; it would appear we have been replaced by an army of 'don't really care' types that will just keep attending and do bugger all to get Wenger out! - Post No. 109474

Alsace  12:41pm 31st Aug 2017

So you are appealing for unity against Wenger. Well amen to that. The sands are beginning to run out for Wenger as is anyone who is still looking at this objectively. My Dad and my cousin refuse to budge from their opposition of non criticism, and they aren't exactly the sort of people who would nut you for daring to question the creature. Kroenke, not the people who live up the creature's metaphorical bottom, keeps Wenger in situ and he loves only one thing. Money. Hard to see how we can affect that. At the other end of the foetid stick is Wenger's by now fragile state. We need more performances like Anfield. A season spent in the bottom 3 will settle his hash. I'm looking forward to his fall and the more painful the better. It's time the creature suffered for what he has done to the club. Revenge is a dish best served as from the deep freeze. - Post No. 109476

Goonhogday  13:31pm 31st Aug 2017

I'm always amazed at how many fans buy match day programs, merchandise, drinks and food in the stadium. If you want to start making a point financially, I'd suggest fans also don't contribute to the owners greed by buying anything from the Arsenal shops and concessions. - Post No. 109481

Rippy  13:33pm 31st Aug 2017

7th is on the cards united city chelski Liverpool spurs everton are all much better run clubs with superior managers. 7th should still bring European football if the cups go the right way. so anything lower than 7th will mean wengers gone. fingers crossed. - Post No. 109482

Up For Grabs Now  14:01pm 31st Aug 2017

I totally agree with you Robert, as would any other rational genuine Arsenal supporter. The problem is that thousands of genuine Arsenal supporters, myself included, have over time either been priced out of going to games or have given up going to games, in protest at the way the club is run. The downside of this effective cleansing of original core support, is that it has given the board and Wenger the license to do what the hell they like, with no real mutiny from the new ranks who have replaced us. Let’s face it, this shift in who attends games at Arsenal, has been perfect for maintaining the status quo, because these new tourist type of fans are still attending, buying the club merchandise and eating/drinking inside the stadium, so more profit for the few who run this club. They are ironically still being entertained (Keystone cops capers spring to mind!!) so they are happy with that and have a selfie to prove they were there! I know I am generalising, as there are of course still genuine original core supporters whom attend, but those that do, and who are prepared to raise their head above the parapet, are often confronted by violence or verbal abuse against them inside the stadium, for daring to suggest Wenger should go do one. There is simply no way with what is currently happening, could ever have happened in the pre-Kroenke/Emirates era, as collectively not only would everybody have let the board know it was time for change, but they would have acted. Not sure how to overcome this hurdle, clearly not by being keyboard warriors, which I am guilty of like many other on here. When I saw on the opening day of this season some young lads holding up a poster supporting Wenger, it became clear that there still a hell of a lot of fans who support Wenger more than they support Arsenal inside that stadium, and that is the crux of the problem. How and why they do, well to me that’s the equivalent of those cult religious nutters whom in the past have committed mass suicide because that was what their leader instructed them to do i.e. 100% brainwashed and they will never ever admit to anyone else, let alone themselves, that they were wrong! - Post No. 109484

mbg  14:58pm 31st Aug 2017

Good article, I remember saying to the fans last season when the embarrassments and humiliations were forthcoming and TOF was down and very close to being out, we have our foot on his throat now so don't let him up, well they f*****g did and all it took was one win, Sad, and look what has happened ? happy now ? we now have that same chance again to get rid(and even sooner than some expected)and it's all of his own doing and making yet again, are we going to make the same mistake again ?? are we going to let him up again ? do we fooking want him out or not ? yes get behind these groups that want him out. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 109489

Seven Kings Gooner1  15:58pm 31st Aug 2017

Up for grabs now, you really could be speaking for me in your post, very well put my friend. I read recently that Kronke and Wenger had between them perfected the art of "managed mediocrity" the brilliant art of reducing the supporters expectations and keeping them believing that tomorrow will be better. These new supporters are probably the same people who are responsible for the gentrification of the traditional working class areas of London. - Post No. 109492

Paulward  18:27pm 31st Aug 2017

I'm fully behind you Robert, is anything being planned for the Bournemouth game? No point in waiting, may aswell get the marches going right away. - Post No. 109499

MAF  21:23pm 31st Aug 2017

Lemar changed his mind about coming to arsenal due to events of the last 7 days. as for the liverpool debacle it was partly down to Wenger complete inability to deal with the loss of OX which he knew about last Thursday. That on top of the usual standard lack of tactics/proper training preparation and throw in fact that alot of the players have turned against Alexis. Seriously this club has become a complete shambles. - Post No. 109510

UTU The Arsenal FC  10:22am 1st Sep 2017

Its all been said and done of the last 10 years. Fariplay those that will continue to protest and keep regime change on the table. Apart for seeing friends in the boozer and doing the odd away game I have not gone over The Arsenal for a few years now. The New breed of fan have the same mentality as the new breed of London dwellers who are prepared to pay a fortune for a supermarket quality product which is presented as Harrods quality. The Bubble will burst and when the money stop flowing Regime change will occur ! - Post No. 109536

OneBardGooner  16:19pm 1st Sep 2017

Wenger is a Lying, CUN.T and Wiggy does not give a ****k as long as the money continues to roll in every week...Which is why All Gooner's need to BOYCOTT the club - Games, Merchandise ANYTHING that lines that wig wearing ****'s pockets...Get yer Banners out and Protest Outsid ethe Ground and at away games...Coz that is the only way we will get shot of these 2 scumbags. ****K_OFF WENGER and ****K_OFF WIGGY! - Post No. 109554

Suker  8:11am 2nd Sep 2017

Agree 100% Been holding back on all avenues till the dictatorship is dismantled. Disappointed to do so but its the only way - Post No. 109573

ipearce  9:23am 2nd Sep 2017

Dear Stan Sorry to disturb you while you are building your new ranch. Thought I should let you know that your plans went very well in the transfer market. The fans are happy because we made a record signing (apart from a few crazies on Arsenal Fans TV) and our PR department did a great job stage managing the Sanchez situation. I told you he was going to leave over my dead body and the PR job we did with Sterling and Lemar worked like a dream – just goes to show you can fool a Gooner all of the time! On top of all that I made £18 million profit for you – slam dunk! You are probably too busy to notice the early season results. Apart from a whipping by a team called Liverpool (where the Beatles are from?) and a very close defeat to somebody called Old Stokie we are doing really well. Next up are a team from a small seaside village called Bourne Mouth. We expect to at least draw which means we don’t lose – or win. Looking forward to receiving that bonus you promised. Best wishes. AW. X PS Early days I know, but any chance considering a contract extension beyond 2019? I can keep this going for years! CC Ivan Gazidis and Sir Chips Keswick. - Post No. 109575

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