Crossing the Threshold

By Peter Le Beau

Last May’s final has proved one of the most gigantic red herrings in the modern history of the club

(Ed’s note – this piece was submitted on Wednesday, over 24 hours before the close of the transfer window)

£30 million extra in the bank. Stan will be happy

It is a sign of complete disaffection when your first thought on a match day, often a game you are going to, is depression about what awaits you.

Last Sunday I awoke, shook off the bleariness of age, beer and decrepitude and realised with a sinking heart that this was the day we were going to suffer a chastening experience at Anfield. I claim no credit for predicting an Arsenal defeat and it certainly isn't a case of being wise after the event because I shared this premonition with my friends. As the kick-off got closer, my anxiety grew and was compounded when I saw the side we had picked. It is a sure sign of concern when you look at a line-up and can't work out what sort of tactics we were likely to adopt. Had I realised it was to offer token resistance and play like gutless amateurs I wouldn't have wasted time trying.

After the game I was profoundly depressed and that depression has grown, not diminished. I'm not a good loser and defeats take a while to get over as I get older but on Sunday I crossed a threshold that I should have probably crossed a long time ago. I hate the classifications of AKBs and WOBs but I would have described myself as someone who had largely lost faith in Wenger but wanted him to leave with dignity. I would not chant or march against him because I respected him too much. On Sunday I crossed the threshold where I no longer hold that view. I believe he has seriously run out of road. I write this, in the hope that it is conveyed to senior management and the board at Arsenal (no chance) but primarily because it might help fellow supporters to get their thoughts together after that utter debacle.

What has made the suffering worse has been the proximity to the transfer deadline, another event I utterly dread. At least we only have two transfer windows a year. I come from a business background where I work with companies on planning and strategy. When you've made a decision you try to implement that strategy. May I refer you to Wembley in May, just after the best Arsenal performance in recent years when we overcame Chelsea. Arsene Wenger who had still not committed his future to the club (officially) gave an interview to Dan Walker which I recorded and looked at, at leisure after returning from the match. In it he reiterated that 'if we can keep this team together and add two or three players' we had the potential to be champions. He has long emphasised that too much upheaval in the close season can adversely affect a team's chances. (Maybe like when we lost Henry and Fabregas and Nasri and Van Persie)

If someone running a business says to me that his core team is excellent and needs to be retained, and that we need two or three additions I would take him at his word. I would probably query why he had left himself so vulnerable to losing key personnel by not tying them down on contracts but I would get the basic message - probably three top additions and no key departures. That would be paramount in my planning considerations. If there was deadwood to be disposed of, I would do so as quickly and effectively as possible, certainly in good time to execute the key plans.

If we look at what this blissful summer has brought us we have made two promising acquisitions. We brought in Kolasinac, a seemingly smart move, as a left wing back, and one day we may even play him there. We also brought in Lacazette, a very exciting striker, who after a period of familiarisation, is likely to score many goals. He took two minutes to open his league account for us. Unfortunately these two have not really settled in yet as they haven't played much and thankfully for them weren't involved from the start at Anfield. Still those acquisitions looked like steps forward and with the end of the window to come, the 'poker game' that Arsene so relishes (and plays so badly), we could see progress.

The key thing was to hold onto our talent. A few weeks from the end of the window we were told that the priority was to thin out our squad as too many players can be hard to manage. That's the excuse then! Earlier we had been told we were also going to see the disappointment suffered in the early months of this year being a 'catalyst for change'. Well we've shuffled the deckchairs on the Titanic to provide seats for ALL the people who were there before and made some cosmetic changes with the conditioning of players and contracts (that's worked well so far).

Primarily, we have been looking at selling or loaning or goodness knows what, a vast horde of players. We have sold Szczesny, Toral, Gibbs (more on him later), Oxlade-Chamberlain, the first man to make a debut for Liverpool in an Arsenal shirt, and have been at some stage in negotiations to sell or loan (whatever the other team prefer) Sanchez, Gabriel, Mustafi, Wilshere, Chambers, Perez, Jenkinson, Bramall, Akpom, Nwakali, Crowley, Martinez, Elneny and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Does that sound like a phased and careful implementation of a vision agreed in May, which is completely up in the air with just over a day of the window to go?

A lot of people have a degree of cynicism about our ability to negotiate. The case of Gibbs might illustrate why this is the case. Early in the window hard man Dick Law turned down a deal from West Brom to buy Gibbs for £10 million plus £2 million in add-ons. Today (as I write) Kieran has moved to the Hawthorns for £7 million. You literally couldn't make it up!

Can you imagine how they view us in the West Brom boardroom as they clutch their sides in paroxysms of uncontrollable laughter!? You might have wondered with these departures if we are going to replace them because, surely if we lose a lot of key players, don't we need some quality replacements - e.g. Mustafi signed for £35million last year (Lord knows why). Well the priority has to be trimming our sales and robustly fending off the nasty clubs who want to sign our best players... probably... unless they offer silly money. We will take the hit next summer. It will only cost us about £130 million and we can well afford that. Having disaffected players in an unsettled dressing room for a season won't do any harm at all.

What was that about preserving stability? When did we say that? You fans just don't realise how difficult it is to run a top football club. Of course we don't - some of the decisions that have been taken are far too sophisticated for us to understand. We pay men fortunes to implement our strategy because mere mortals wouldn't appreciate its subtlety and direction.

The complete and utter dog’s breakfast that we have witnessed over the last few weeks has pushed even ardent Wenger loyalists over the threshold. The interesting thing is what that threshold is? Is it just wanting Wenger out? I estimate 90% of Arsenal fans would like him to go at the present time. I always wanted him to go stylishly, with applause ringing in his ears, say after a great Cup win at Wembley in May. That would have been a perfect moment and it was an opportunity not seized by the club. That game was a marvellous experience but one of the most gigantic red herrings in the modern history of the club. Those of us who still fondly remember the two doubles and the Invincibles, Henry and Vieira and some wonderful moments are now finding it hard to relate to those triumphant moments. They are in another life and one that Wenger won't ever recapture again. Even May seems a lifetime away.

As Arsene plays his mediocre game of poker at transfer window time and leaves us as ever with a busted flush I'm not sure that I can contemplate the months ahead. These few months of total mismanagement (by not means a new phenomenon) have been biblical in terms of impact and monumental incompetence. A few months ago, still seething from Selhurst in April I declared a truce with Arsene, hoping he would see sense and walk at the best (only) positive moment, he was likely to enjoy again at Arsenal.

He didn't seize the day... he dropped it on the floor and it shattered in ribbons and now I couldn't care less what his parting is like and nor could many Arsenal fans. We are the only Premiership club that would tolerate this complete incompetence on and off the field, a management style that is years out of date and a business model that is completely unfit for purpose unless that purpose is to make Stan Kroenke richer and richer - and that won't last at the rate this club has declined over the summer. Wenger needs to be fired or saved from himself but who is there to do it?

Then maybe we can wake on match days without that dread feeling in our stomachs and the fear of the ridicule this club is suffering now.

1st September 2017 11:44:47


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Yes its Ron  12:40pm 1st Sep 2017

Peter, the modern Arsenal doesn't care about yr feelings and sentiments. Many of us felt a good few years ago how you do now and gave it up. It sounds like you ought to do so. Youre old school by the sound of it, like a few of us who post our views on here. The new breed arent motivated by football or Arsenals place in it how we once were. Leave it to them. Theyre welcome to it. One you give it, you ll be surprised how much better it is to fill the void with other things in life that do give pleasure and satisfaction. AFC hasnt done that for many years and they dont care either. - Post No. 109541

TonyEvans  13:00pm 1st Sep 2017

Excellent article, Peter. Our club has become even more of joke after yesterdays non event, which I didn't the think was possible. So AFC have effectively written off A £60M asset, preferring to keep a player for a few more months (when said player can leave for bugger all) that does not want to play for the club anymore, rather than to lose face and sell to a rival PL club. They have had all summer and yet, as usual, it came down to a last minute scramble at the death with AFC unable to find a suitable replacement in time - no wonder though that Lemar wouldn't touch us with a barge pole, as a talented and no doubt ambitious player who could blame him? I wouldn't mind so much if I thought this latest debacle might signal the start of a concerted effort to rid the club of Wenger but I don't think that will happen - a decent result against the mighty Bournemouth in front of a full house and all will be well again with The Emirates faithful! - Post No. 109542

Gaz  13:24pm 1st Sep 2017

Good stuff Pete although its always sad to see a long term fan reach this point. Sadly I reached the same point three or four years ago which is why I no longer have any respect for Wenger. As far as I'm concerned I want him out and I really don't care how it happens or how nasty it gets. I tweet a lot now and yesterday-after the window shut-I replied to a few fans who suggested all we can do now is back the team. I told them there are other options. Stop going, join the protests, email the Club. Do something at least but don't just accept the situation as that's exactly what SK and AW want you to do. - Post No. 109543

markymark  13:27pm 1st Sep 2017

I genuinely don't know why people are getting so depressed, neither do you have to break from Arsenal itself as some form of antidote. To get in the top 4 now you basically have to be capable of mounting a title challenge even as an outside runner. Top 4 runners Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea , Liverpool, Tottenham on outside likely to have home form issues. Arsenal simply not in the running with 1/3 of the max defeats we can suffer already hit. Arsenal won't make top 4 unless Liverpool and Spurs implode. Wenger will have failed again, less and less people willing to bear the PR guff. We essentially have to fail for Wenger to fail. Bring it on. Doesn't effect my love of Arsenal but defeats are needed for Wenger to go. - Post No. 109544

Trevor Ross  13:31pm 1st Sep 2017

Peter, the club tolerates this complete incompetence because the vast majority of fans, including yourself, have tolerated this complete incompetence for years by having 'too much respect' to protest against Wenger whilst he is simultaneously disrespecting you and every other Arsenal fan every time he opens his mouth. Just weeks after watching the Watford, Liverpool, West Brom, Palace and of course Bayern x 2 humiliations, 34% of Online Gooner readers still thought Wenger deserved 2 more years on the basis of winning a competition that big clubs treat as a consolation prize. There is no hope when flip flopping Arsenal fans have the memory of a goldfish, and as these last few days have shown us nothing we haven't seen before, I look forward to many coming back on board once our fragile little selfie-kings despatch pointless Bournemouth with ease next weekend. - Post No. 109545

mbg  13:42pm 1st Sep 2017

Look at the grin on the arrogant twat, (the most hateful manager in our History along with the most unwanted one)obviously the cameras have been aloud in) how i'd love to knock that of his smug gob, good luck to you Ox fair play to you, you were biding your time then got out it will be interesting to see how you fare with a proper manager now with proper coaching and tactics (I bet the wengerites are making plans for you already) as for Alexis I wonder what plans they have for you, you'll have to wait another while to get out, what's going to happen in between God only knows (TOF certainly doesn't) hopefully you can hasten his demise and then maybe even stay on under a proper manager. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 109546

MAF  14:03pm 1st Sep 2017

I admit to partly falling for the PR machine over the last 6 games of the season, the FA Cup and 1st weeks Close season. but then the longer the summer went on the more i doubted us. then saw the friendlies, didnt think we were particulary Slick. lucky V leicester, crap V stoke, Abysmal V Liverpool but they did have 13 men and we only had 9 due Ox/Alex. now we are back to reality that showed itself in Feb and March. the Club is in a complete and utter crisis - Post No. 109548

KC38  14:27pm 1st Sep 2017

Peter great post, totally get your feelings pre the game. We are genuine Arsenal fans that have a passion and will not just say good bye. It's football in the 21st century in most cases new stadiums, tv money, improved facilities change the demographics no different to society really. Arsenal have been extremely unlucky we got the worse kind of owner, American owners in general are not great news but Kronke is extreme, he simply has no interest in football at all, in some ways he is the typical choice of old etonians, they got it totally wrong when selling. But to walk away is the talk of quitting, some Arsenal fans turn on the tv at 5 to see how we got on some live and breath it, so we hope that change will come and perhaps just perhaps it will both in the dressing room and in the board room. - Post No. 109549

KC38  15:04pm 1st Sep 2017

Good luck to the Ox! Yeah the goals the assists the sublime performances. Wenger is deluded when it comes to defence and team set up but he cannot be held responsible for poor crossing, weak minds, and an ability to go missing, all attributes of AOC. 35 mill was the only positive on deadline day, G Nevilles comments on him are very telling. - Post No. 109550

The Man From UNCLE  15:20pm 1st Sep 2017

I have to be honest....will we miss The Ox that much anyway. Always seemed to me to be another Walcott. - Post No. 109551

mbg  15:25pm 1st Sep 2017

Trevor Ross, spot on yes just watch the new dissenters (and older ones) jumping back on board again (even becoming AKB's again) after Bournemouth roll over and allow wengers little nice boys to pass and tickle them to death and the one after that, all rosie in the garden again, the silence among them will be deafening, (there's even those who think he's done a great job in this window ffs) until the next embarrassment and humiliation of course which is always just round the corner, like has been said before they fooking deserve him, pathetic. wenger out. - Post No. 109552

Yes its Ron  16:16pm 1st Sep 2017

MGB - I think Sanchez will still go in January and some daft and desperate Club will be happy to pay the proper price despite his contract only having 5/6 months left by then. Really cant see why they didnt let him go now. They talk of pacifying the fans by selling and not bringing anybody in? Its rubbish. AFC couldnt care less about fan perception. Should have edged the price up to 65/70 Million and got rid. - Post No. 109553

GoonGer  16:28pm 1st Sep 2017

If you knew the outcome, why get depressed? I am totally numb to it all now. I'm glad he got no one in, surely the end is nigh? With no one up above to remove him,his legacy has been ruined. As we become NottsForest. The protests on there way are the boards fault, and that's why the dignified departure won't happen. As it's been forced on us, when it has been obvious for years. Bring on the Chelski!! - Post No. 109555

Redshirtwhitesleeves  16:29pm 1st Sep 2017

Good riddance to the 'ox' and Gibbs, another couple of pathetic little cowards on the pitch, very much in the manner of the lying toe-rag of a manager. If the likes of McLintock and Adams used to typify what being an Arsenal player was all about, thanks to wenger a typical arsenal player these days is a frightened little pussie a la Walcott. The damage being done to our once proud, great club is an absolute disgrace. Still the club got exactly what they exist for- a nice little transfer window profit. The club is run and managed by scum, anyone continuing to pay money into this regime is getting the club they deserve. - Post No. 109556

Bard  16:31pm 1st Sep 2017

Peter a good post but youre late to the party mate. Many on here and elsewhere think we are stuck with the current situation and cant do anything. I dont agree. Last seasons protests werent game changers but they certainly ruffled feathers. Empty seats and a hostile atmosphere allied to poor results will tip the balance. I havent given up my season ticket but Im not going until there is change. Im also not going to give/sell my seat to anyone else so it will remain empty. I have no doubt that its painful but while the ground remains full (ish) nothing will change. - Post No. 109557

Highbury Boy  17:13pm 1st Sep 2017

Peter, I note that you submitted your article 24 hours before the Transfer Deadline. Can't imagine what you would say about the last 12 hours with the Sanchez bid acceptance and the Lemar on/off deal. I have supported them for well over 60 years and gave up my ticket this summer after writing to Gazidis saying I would give it up if he renewed Wenger's contract. Received a no comment reply. I was one of those who protested at Billy Wright and eventually the Board sacked him. But though he was out of his depth he was a genuinely nice guy. Wenger is stubborn and arrogant and despite his great achievements in the first half of his reign he deserves to be hounded out of Arsenal. - Post No. 109558

MAF  17:44pm 1st Sep 2017

If Brian Clough was displeased with a performance, his players knew about it. There was an occasion at half-time during a Nottingham Forest match when, unhappy with a couple of failed stepovers and a cross that went behind the goal, he punched the culprit, Nigel Jemson, in the stomach. Understandably enough, that’s not going to happen in an Arsenal dressing room when Arsène Wenger confronts his players in the middle of another catastrophic display. The trouble is that nothing is going to happen. During Alex Ferguson’s quarter-century at Old Trafford, Manchester United very seldom crumbled in the way that has become all too familiar to Arsenal’s fans. When United looked as if they might be in danger of a meltdown, Ferguson would do something. Anything. Like the day in the spring of 1996 when, on the way to their third title under Fergie, they went to Southampton and found themselves 3-0 down at half-time. What the manager did next went down in legend. During the interval, he made them change their kit. The grey away strip, he said, was making it impossible for them to pick each other out with their passes. So he sent them out for the second half in their alternative away kit, blue and white. That didn’t save the match, but they did win the second half 1-0 with a goal from Ryan Giggs to salvage a scrap of self-respect. Almost a decade later Lee Sharpe told this newspaper that the grey strip hadn’t made any difference. They had been able to see each other perfectly well. But Ferguson showed that he was not going to accept the first-half performance without doing something to change it. Anything. All Wenger does in such a situation is lean forward in his padded chair, rub his face, and look distraught. The Sky Sports cameras close in on him, waiting for some telltale gesture of distraction, something either embarrassing or potentially symbolic, or both, like the habitual fumbling with the zips on his quilted jackets. They don’t see him change anything, not even the players’ kit. That’s because he never does, beyond a handful of substitutions late in the game. And so a half-time score of 3-1 will turn inexorably into an 8-2, as it did six years ago this week at Old Trafford. A 2-1 at the Etihad will become a 6-3, as it did in 2013. A 4-0 will become a 6-0, as it did in his 1,000th match in charge of the club at Stamford Bridge in March 2014. They don’t see him talking to the man sitting next to him – Steve Bould, his assistant – because he never does, at least in public. Bould’s stone face might disguise a desire to initiate a conversation about the way things are going, but Wenger’s own expression does not appear to encourage debate. After the 4-0 pasting at Anfield on Sunday, it was seemingly left to Petr Cech, the goalkeeper, to raise his voice in the dressing room. Ever since sanctioning Gilberto Silva’s premature departure in the summer of 2008, Wenger has been asked time again why his side has no leaders on the pitch of the kind who, when the going is tough, know how to direct, motivate and inspire their colleagues. It’s a question to which he has perfected a dead-bat answer, and three FA Cup successes in the past four years have just about provided him with the evidence that, in a one-off match, today’s Arsenal can still get their hands on a trophy. But in terms of achieving competitive consistency, he has no answer at all. Gilberto Silva was the club’s last central midfield player worthy of the name. Wenger’s best midfielders of the last decade – Tomas Rosicky, Cesc Fàbregas, Santi Cazorla – have been inside forwards or playmakers. The number of failures in the crucial defensive-midfield role since the Brazilian’s departure must now be approaching double figures, with Granit Xhaka the latest. Advertisement Abou Diaby was never fit and Mathieu Flamini and Francis Coquelin were not good enough. Lassana Diarra and Alex Song certainly were good enough – good enough, anyway, to play 87 La Liga games for Real Madrid and 39 for Barcelona respectively in that position after Wenger had let them go. He had two chances to sign N’Golo Kanté and missed both of them. In other positions there have been a string of disasters. Who knows what he saw in Sébastien Squillaci, Yaya Sanogo or Shkodran Mustafi? In the last decade he has failed to help so many of his young British players realise their potential that the departure of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for Liverpool now looks like a test case. If, under Jürgen Klopp, the player succeeds in fulfilling the huge promise he showed as a teenager, the verdict will be obvious. Then there are the Frenchmen. Right from the beginning, when Nicolas Anelka, Emmanuel Petit, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires and Thierry Henry swept all before them, Wenger has tended to favour signing his compatriots. He is still at it, except that now he tends to sign the wrong ones. He acquired Alexandre Lacazette in July for what could turn out to be £53m but put him among the substitutes on Sunday because, apparently, he is still trying to adapt to the Premier League. Perhaps Lacazette will turn out to be the real thing – although if he is, shouldn’t it have been a case of the Liverpool defence trying to adapt to him? But it’s the heart of the team, in the hole that Kanté would have filled, where Arsenal’s problems loom largest. The day before their collapse at Anfield, Sam Clucas made his debut for Swansea City, following a £16.5m transfer from Hull City, and won universal applause for his role as the team’s defensive midfield player in the win at Selhurst Park. Clucas is 27. Released by Leicester City’s academy at 16, he played a season for Nettleham in the Central Midlands league while studying for a sports degree before moving on via Lincoln City. He played for Jerez Industrial while spending a fruitful 18 months with Glenn Hoddle’s academy for rejected young pros in Spain, then Hereford United, Mansfield Town and Chesterfield. Not a CV, one imagines, that would attract Wenger’s interest. Afterwards Clucas spoke on Match of the Day of how he had been attracted to the idea of working not just with Paul Clement, Swansea’s head coach, but also Claude Makélélé, Clement’s assistant. “He played in my position,” Clucas said – a bit of an understatement, since some would say Makélélé invented it – “so you’re working with the best.” Which member of the current Arsenal squad could put his hand on his heart and say that? - Post No. 109559

Yes its Ron  17:46pm 1st Sep 2017

Highbury Boy - Wright was a class guy wasnt he. Despite his best effort of 7th place he also produced a batch of younger players who matured and went on to win the coveted Double in 71 didnt he. Wenger in truth has never been as wholly successful with younger player development. Its quite a tragedy to see what Arsenal FC has become. We were poor in many respects in the early and through the mid 60s but the Club never lost its pedigree or pride as it appears to have sacrificed now. Footballs changed much of course and so have the players and socio dynamic of those who attend games but none of this is a reason to excuse the weak spirited, apology of a Club that we ve become. It is said that players who left yrs ago always spoke in the highest regard for AFC, i often wonder what todays clutch of departing players say. To blame Wenger in its entirety for whats happened is wrong and easily done. In many ways hes a creature of the modern game and found his own way to adapt to it but the man has so much to answer for. Ultimately however, those above him and the majot shareholder have kept him in situ. Whos mainly to blame? I think SK and the Board. For yrs they've been as spineless as most of Wengers playing staff. - Post No. 109560

Alsace  18:07pm 1st Sep 2017

Points. (1) What an appalling Cl*sterf*ck. (2)The creature has just wazzed $70million of Mr Kroenke's money up against the wall. Something we should point out to him. This is the most significant thing to happen last night(3)Campbell and Perez, who are actually proper players have gone out on loan because the creature can't recognise a good player any more. A decent manager could get them back. (4) Sanchez is not a good person to have in the tent p*ss*ng inwards. Tough times ahead for the creature. Let's hope that he leaves in a straightjacket. I have no such residual warm feelings for a man who hates our club. I'm pleased that the writer of this article has recognised that he wouldn't employ Wenger, so why, logically, does the club do so? - Post No. 109561

stevo433  18:52pm 1st Sep 2017

Hi Pete, seems you've come fully over to enlightenment eh? As you know I reached this point in 2007, though continued to attend through gritted teeth, moaning my way through another few months until, that fateful 0:2 home defeat to Villa, all the others that sat around us berating me as to why I bothered to attend, I took them at their word, and have never been back. I realised ten years ago what a charlatan Wenger was. I know that you love Arsenal dearly, but it's always baffled me that such a sensible, knowledgeable chap as yourself took so long to come to the same conclusion that I reached all those years ago. Hope the fishing has been good on the broads this year. - Post No. 109562

markymark  19:23pm 1st Sep 2017

MAF - that was a great post if you're going to write to that level of detail I'd actually contact the editor and put it in as a submission it deserves to be a leading article. - Post No. 109563

CORNISH GOONER  19:36pm 1st Sep 2017

Always look on the bright side say I. OK the footie may not be great but, the way things are likely to go, TV's "Live from the Apollo" is going to have a serious ratings rival in 'Live from the Emirates". Comedy gold & with plenty of gallows humour added as well. Lovely photo by the way. - Post No. 109564

KC38  20:38pm 1st Sep 2017

Bard - Agree, the feathers were ruffled and results will prove to be the catalyst for change, as someone lies to say. - Post No. 109565

CBee  21:17pm 1st Sep 2017

Markymark, he copied it from the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/sep/01/arsenal-malaise-heart-operations-central-midfield-leaders - Post No. 109566

markymark  23:33pm 1st Sep 2017

CBEE - well I thought it was pretty good , more than I could muster😮MAF you are a very naughty man . A Plagiarist !!! How dare you!👺 - Post No. 109567

Cyril  0:19am 2nd Sep 2017

MAF: that was great reading regardless of whether it was other work. You brought the message and so thought provoking. I couldn't get my head around getting rid of Diarra so quickly. He was perfect. As much as I have respected Wenger and still will always pay him respect for the past, you could write an idiots guide to Wenger's idiocy. It's baffling. I wish I could remember it all, but as a fan, I would say we are now well into the late twenties, early thirties of really bad decisions he has made since the move to the Emirates. Working backwards, I will start us off. 32. Sanchez out and lemar in, in the last two hours. 31. Playing Ox when he was going to Liverpool. Actually, might have to bump this forward starting at 50. Anyone with a photographic memory willing to take this on!! - Post No. 109568

mbg  0:38am 2nd Sep 2017

Ron, your right we've no pride, no class, no respect, and no pedigree whatsoever, we're just a past it old joke of a managers Bitch. Go now you wenger your an embarrassment. - Post No. 109569

mbg  1:00am 2nd Sep 2017

Alsace, what's the betting the lizard hasn't it in their loan deal/contract that he can get them back ? I can't see these other managers being as stupid and behind the door when they seen him coming, in agreeing a clause that they have to give up a player if/when he's playing great stuff (even he is on loan) unless they really have to, i'd bet they've chanced their arm and insisted it's for the whole season regardless of Arsenals malaise and TOF in his haste to get rid and deluded mind has agreed, would it surprise any ? we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 109570

Ebor Gooner  1:03am 2nd Sep 2017

At least Clough had the excuse he was an alcoholic, to explain his baffling decisions. I'm back from an evening at the pub and my (non Arsenal supporting) mates are feeling sorry for me. They used to complain about my criticisms of Wenger, but not now. Thanks Arsene. You have turned Arsenal FC, and me, into an object of pity. - Post No. 109571

Alsace  6:36am 2nd Sep 2017

I'm sure you are right. The loan deals will be for the season. I meant that a proper manager would recognise the power and strength of these players and recall them next season. With Wenger gone we could can Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott and with their wages and whatever money we might get for them, an extra 50p perhaps, we could get a decent midfield destroyer. - Post No. 109572

mbg  8:30am 2nd Sep 2017

We're no doubt still paying half (if not more)of the loanees wages too mate. Go now wenger you bumbling embarrassment. - Post No. 109574

Rippy  10:05am 2nd Sep 2017

I feel so gutted for the great fans this club is lucky to have. We all know what will happen. Couple wins against **** opponents . This talk of doom will die down until the next big game mauling. I said on here many times kroenke will get his 30-40 mill CL money back. He is a massive leach and Wenger is his puppet . The fans deserve more especially paying through the nose for everything. The dislike is now going to turn to hatered and this season has the ingredients to be truly awful . But what do you expect with a manager who buys **** players has no game plan and hasn't the decency to resign hold his hands up and except the inevitable. It's a shame but his looking just greedy now. - Post No. 109577

Bard  11:05am 2nd Sep 2017

Rippy a good post mate. What seems to have changed is the club have more or less dispensed with trying to spin their actions. As you say it obvious that this transfer window has been about offsetting the loss of CL revenue by accumulating cash. It seems incredible that they are going to let Ozil and Sanchez go for nothing. ( although I agree they will probably sell Sanchez in Jan.) Absolute shambles. - Post No. 109578

Highbury Boy  12:38pm 2nd Sep 2017

Thought I would vote for Cazorla or Chambers in the official Player of the Month for August but the Arsenal FC site only have 3 nominees : Cech and the 2 new signings who were dropped for the Liverpool match. I think they would have done better by scrapping it for this month. - Post No. 109579

mbg  14:48pm 2nd Sep 2017

Rippy, that dislike has turned quite a while ago. Go now you Lizard you've no respect left and not wanted. - Post No. 109580

TOOAW  21:37pm 2nd Sep 2017

Good to hear Mezut Ozil come out in support of many individuals and the manager at the club that most on here are trying to destroy. As from this day and this day forward, my stance is to support Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. The two are combined. Now, firstly Ed. Throw me to the lions and chew my arse and erase all posts and delete me from this site but it's an open church as described. I will try to post in the manner if honesty and Tottnham Hotspots down the road. Mr W must ........ is my next post., - Post No. 109581

mbg  21:56pm 2nd Sep 2017

Bard, I wonder what they're/wenger going to do next season when we/he doesn't qualify, if TOF's still here. wenger out. - Post No. 109582

markymark  22:05pm 2nd Sep 2017

ToOaW - you been on the sauce again? you've always been unable to differentiate between Arsene and Arsenal it's your biggest failure in life. It's not our fault that you'll have to stop supporting Arsenal when Arsene has gone, been committed or is 6ft under. So stop whining. Ps. Are you Leek the Squeak ? I have strong suspicions. - Post No. 109583

TOOAW  22:08pm 2nd Sep 2017

"stop talking and start supporting" 5 words very well spoken Mezut. It will fall on deaf ears only to those who can be bothered to support and attend and those who believe that the keyboard is of more importance. Sure it rings a bell with many on here. - Post No. 109584

TOOAW  22:22pm 2nd Sep 2017

@mark of nark. Worth a try but I'd rather associate myself with a lemon as opposed to a cancer driven cynic who cannot differentiate between support, boycott and an MAF guardian shackled poster. Beamish anyone ???? - Post No. 109585

markymark  23:27pm 2nd Sep 2017

ToOaW - for someone so morally outraged by internet posting , your on here rather a lot. Now didn't you remember never to wish for bad health on others lest it come your way? You never know you might have a little dark star eating away at you. Slowly , slowly no symptoms as of yet, but...... - Post No. 109586

mbg  23:32pm 2nd Sep 2017

markymark, well it's that time on a Saturday night again isn't it, when he usually appears,(didn't leek the squeak always appear at the same time also) yes definitely been on the sauce, buckfast i'd reckon, probably chucked out of an AKB boozer (now ex)for singing there's only one arsene wenger, you can just imagine him staggering home on his Todd, billy no mates, bottle of buckfast in a brown bag swigging away killing there's only one arsene wenger with tears running down his cheeks. wenger out. - Post No. 109587

Roy  4:27am 3rd Sep 2017

Ok Mesut, you can talk the talk, now let's see you walk the walk. Oh wait......now maybe if your clueless Manager had bought a decent enforcer for you ?.....Hmmmm. Wenger out. - Post No. 109588

markymark  6:58am 3rd Sep 2017

MBG - yeah definite reminders of Squeak , even does the posts saying 'Yawn' when he knows Arsenal played crap. He's about as intelligent as Squeak as well with his recent placing of Nigeria in South Africa . Still these things happen when ToOaW starts hitting the hard stuff ( every night ) - Post No. 109589

Badarse  7:57am 3rd Sep 2017

Morning Mark of Nark. Just a small point, TOOAW has every right to post as often, or as infrequently as he wishes providing he never crosses the line. If he does we have goal line technology now so it will be ruled out of play. In the meantime, on planet earth, in the real world it is quite acceptable, nay normal, to have a position which aligns with the policy of, 'I support AFC and it's current manager.' It is a shared position of mine. No more, no less. In a truly fair and democratic state no minority should be hounded out by the majority, even if the majority are in a repetitive mode, and don't always quite get it. Just relax and have a nice Sunday. Now, two bald eggs please for everyone, and can we put extra butter on the toasted soldiers for those with a miserable outlook. Good old Arsenal. - Post No. 109590

KC38  10:03am 3rd Sep 2017

Badarse - Your right everyone has freedom to post, and some of the childish name calling of Wenger on here is pathetic and as repetitive as Wengers mistakes. The bottom line though is that our manager is earning a fortune and is expected to deliver a competitive title challenging club, he is far away from doing so and the club is being run in a way that is slowly unraveling. To support this continued failure is beyond me sadly, Ozil comes out with tough words but I want tough performances when we travel to tough venues, I cannot support continued thrashings away from home or a manager that carries on with the same set up regardless of who we play. To continue to support this extremely overpaid manager is to continue supporting my football club taking a beating and being the cause for ridicule and embarrassment, I can't support that because I am an Arsenal fan. - Post No. 109592

TOOAW  10:09am 3rd Sep 2017

Morning Badarse. I go along with your comments. No butter for me thanks. - Post No. 109593

Exeter Ex  10:41am 3rd Sep 2017

I don't see anyone trying to hound TOOAW/Leek out. That's just disingenuous, melodramatic nonsense designed to guilt trip and/or make criticism seem somehow extreme. But freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism. Blind adoration for a failing manager prevents the likes of Badarse and TOOAW seeing the long con being played out in front of their eyes. To continue to support a man clearly now harming the standing and reputation of the club is about as extreme and anti-Arsenal as it gets. Wenger blatantly lies and BS's you, and you lap it up - a truly misguided and miserable outlook. You really don't get it. There's a democratically exercised right of reply for you. - Post No. 109594

TOOAW  11:54am 3rd Sep 2017

@Exeter. Supporting Arsenal and the manager makes me anti Arsenal !!!! Bizarre thought to say the least. For the record, I had a fantastic day on 27th May this year. Not sure how that harmed the reputation of the club. - Post No. 109595

Exeter Ex  12:05pm 3rd Sep 2017

Supporting the manager is to support harming the club. You are not supporting the club if you support the manager. I hope that's spelled it out simply enough for you, but I doubt it. - Post No. 109596

Ham  12:12pm 3rd Sep 2017

Why on earth would anyone not support the manager? Remember the last time we dared criticise a manager? Yes, we ended up getting rid of Terry Neill, what a mistake that was, Terry should still be the manager, when will you ingrates finally shut up and realise that? - Post No. 109597

Paulward  12:27pm 3rd Sep 2017

To Mesut : Stop talking and start playing better! - Post No. 109598

markymark  13:03pm 3rd Sep 2017

Badarse - err where did I say ToOaW has no right to post? The fact I think he is an offensive drunk is different matter. Ps calling someone cancerous is unpleasant you not think? Anyway judging by the way his posts go on a late Saturday it suggests some problems with the bottle. The cancer thing is just a window on his fears. If he puts down the bottle , gets some healthy exercise and maybe finds a healthy relationship he'll feel better. The point I have is he sees Arsene and Arsenal as being totally entwined . He loses Wenger where does he go? I lose Wenger and I get a whole new exciting journey in my Arsenal pastime. I think I know what position I'd rather be in. - Post No. 109599

johngage1  13:47pm 3rd Sep 2017

Arsene Wenger could murder and eat a small child in the centre circle of the Emirates and this Board will still not sack him. In fact he would probably be given a £2 million raise. - Post No. 109601

Badarse  14:12pm 3rd Sep 2017

Afternoon Mark of Nark. I don't think the use of 'cancerous' in this instance is offensive. People can have a cancerous effect. I try hard not to pussy foot over terms which I believe to be OKish. We paint ourselves into corners sometimes with over zealous use of the 'hand brake' on language, non? Anyway tipple or not, lucid or not, it is a point of view. No more no less. Hello KC38. You make a mistake of linking expectations with a salary. If AW is a poor manager, and in current circumstances and with an imagined history, perhaps he is. He is then poor irrespective of payment levels. Either you can do the job, or not. The monetary rewards are secondary in debate. Were the Spice Girls worth their revenue? Is May a good PM or not? Personally I think she is inept, and I am not interested in her earnings. I respect your decision to stop supporting Arsenal, but why post on a site for that same team? Sometimes support comes in a different guise, my truss is one of them. I have Arsenal in me. Cut my arm and it bleeds like Alphabetti Spaghetti, spelling Arsenal. It is how it is. I am not enraptured by events, but am realistic enough to know the game has changed, the running of our club has changed, and we as individuals are pretty powerless to do much about it. You do what you think fit, I shall do likewise. I reserve the right to keep council with myself and not be goaded or railroaded by some with differing agendas. We do whatever it is to get us through the night-thank you to John Lennon. - Post No. 109602

MAF  14:26pm 3rd Sep 2017

sorry it was so long and yes it was from daily mail and i thought it was spot on. thinking more about it. Wenger has managed Monaco and someone in Japan. he has no real idea about the tribalism which is how teams are supported in the UK. a fan in china is the same as a fan who supported arsenal all their lives and thru the generations. He is cold to all of the passion and love for the club from the core fans it means nothing to him. Wenger could never manage a Dortmund or an Italian club or anyone else in the UK. hes idea as an international manager. hes not a club man hes just way way detached. his words are all hollow as are his actions. it doesnt hurt him that currently arsenal are rubbished for how they play and how they conduct their affairs and transfers. it doesnt cut him to the core as it does so many people on here. he is a political animal. i fear so long as stan ivan arsene are aligned our club will wallow in mediocrity in everything that it does - Post No. 109603

TOOAW  14:37pm 3rd Sep 2017

Mark of nark. For a few minutes of your time run your eye on the forum of this site. Several so called Arsenal fans want the manager dead, diseased, killed etc. But that is ok because it sits on your side of the fence. I'll try to keep my posts during office hours in the future as it clearly offends you but it's ok for mbg, ahem, to post late at night with no reference to a lager lout. Maybe just maybe your demons are one of drinking late at night so you feel the need to mention it. NON. @Exeter. Thanks for pointing that out but you failed to comment on my other observation. - Post No. 109604

Badarse  14:39pm 3rd Sep 2017

MAF fair point but largely made from assumptions and supposition. He doesn't understand? I think he understands implicitly. Two differing views we have, each borne from an interpretation of circumstances, but generally assumptions. - Post No. 109605

Moscowgooner  16:34pm 3rd Sep 2017

Ozil quote: "After all, six [trophies] in four years is quite something. However, this only makes myself and the team even more disappointed for not playing a role in the title race at the end of last season - this is something we hope to change this year." Some gall to count the Community Shield as a trophy - why didn't he add in the Emirates Cup??! As for 'not playing a role in the title race' - like virtually every other season over the last 13 years. These guys have not a shred of self-awareness. Greedy f...kers who just want to loot the club. - Post No. 109606

Paulward  16:37pm 3rd Sep 2017

Never sensed any great rapport between Wenger and the fans, even in the good times. A distant figure who views supporters as a necessary evil rather than the most important people at the football club, it is noticable how Wenger never points the players over to thank our away fans after games. The stick he's been getting recently probably reinforces his view that we are ungrateful irritants. - Post No. 109607

Exeter Ex  16:42pm 3rd Sep 2017

TOOAW - to answer your other comment, yes I know AFC won the FA Cup in May. But nice as that is, I'm afraid this doesn't mean that everything is okay going forward. However, if you don't have the insight to see that good players don't want to play for Arsenal anymore under Wenger, good players want to leave, if you do not comprehend when you look at the pitch how his methods lead to regular humiliation and mean challenging for more than the FA Cup is not possible, and if you don't have the foresight to see how the running down of contracts is and will affect AFC over the next couple of years, that the club is being diminished under Wenger and change is needed, then I cannot help you. These are facts. By contrast you and Badarse have your faith in Wenger, and you think that somehow that's just as legitimate a viewpoint, in fact more so, than one that takes in the evidence before our eyes. - Post No. 109608

markymark  16:52pm 3rd Sep 2017

Badarse I'm not suprised you wouldn't find it offensive just as you didn't with good old Bubba Gump Jamerson, yet get on your sensibilities and off you fly for a month or a season. Just to add from previous post I still can't find where I've said others should be stopped from posting, can you enlighten me? Factoid for you, Leek the Squeak was banned from the site due to inappropriate postings, nothing to do with us Anti's. tOoAw quite simply your late Saturday evening posts tend to be nationalistic / racist and virtually every post has an alcohol reference plus you're rather sad request to meet in a pub. It does suggest issues . By all means post at work when you're sober. - Post No. 109609

Bard  17:06pm 3rd Sep 2017

Paul Ward, precisely mate. Ozil needs to stop moaning about the support and start producing performances. Does anyone really believe he will be 'at it' after Christmas. More likely he will have a rest before the world cup ? - Post No. 109610

Exeter Ex  17:12pm 3rd Sep 2017

Badarse is a hypocrite, we've seen this many times and can see it again here. He says he won't respond to goading and will keep his own 'council' [sic] and asks for respect for different views, but also says those who don't share his support of Wenger have a 'miserable outlook'. KC38 says he doesn't support the manager, Badarse disingenuously conflates this thus: 'I respect your decision to stop supporting Arsenal'. At least TOOAW has the excuse of being a bit dim. Badarse is knowingly goading. He'll excuse any language or view he'd find offensive in another context so long as that individual shares his love of Wenger, he's been doing it for years on this site now. It's not a matter of opinion - this is all self-evident hypocrisy. - Post No. 109611

markymark  17:35pm 3rd Sep 2017

ToOaW - I'm on this site regularly and I'm pretty sure I've not seen a direct 'I hope Wenger dies' contribution this season. Last year prior to the site being a closed invite only site, somebody posted a couple of posts like that and was condemed from both sides . The recent Wenger Senile post was based on a view point he was ill, not a wish for him to become ill. Again people from all sides commented and criticised this. As far as I can see no one is asking Wenger to suffer canker, ague or the English Sweat ( surely a terrible illness for a Frenchman). Because of his age and unwillingness to retire comments like being carried off in a box are likely to be expressed and may actually be said in humour by some of his misguided supporters. Basically I think you're raising a straw man argument to cover your own posting sins. - Post No. 109612

mbg  19:26pm 3rd Sep 2017

Just watch catweasel flex his muscle now and teach Sanchez and co a lesson and show them all who's boss,(as well as the fans) dropped, a sub, be subbed maybe even brought on and then subbed, and do you think he'll care about the detriment of the team ? will he f**k the arrogant egoistic dictator. wenger out now. - Post No. 109613

TOOAW  21:06pm 3rd Sep 2017

Mark of nark. I said the FORUM. Top right hand click on this site. Sorry it's past my login time but read it slowly maybe. Give the FORUM a look. If you attend the Chelsea game you can get yourself some bank of Arsene memorabilia. Now where's my hot toddy ??? - Post No. 109614

Hi Berry  21:38pm 3rd Sep 2017

Sorry to interrupt all this arguing back and forth, but I've just read an article that we apparently have a super-talented 17 or 18 year old...Marcus Mcguene??..drawing admiring glances from Europe's elite. Guess what...his contract has less than a year to run. - Post No. 109615

mbg  22:08pm 3rd Sep 2017

Roy, yes, like all the other Lard Arses he can talk the talk,(obviously like the wallys and others he's receiving lessons) and that's all,(they've been doing it for years now) if they were even half as good as walking the walk they wouldn't be as useless as they are, and no one more so than that sad excuse for a manager who just spews verbal diarrhoea. We want wenger out. - Post No. 109616

markymark  7:49am 4th Sep 2017

ToOaW - so let me understand this, your justification for calling me Cancer driven is due to someone else entirely on a completely different part of the site making overly aggressive remarks about Wenger? Ho humm . So by extension , your Herpes driven comments are due to your association and conscious coupling with Badarse on this site? BTW guys I'm not trying to make any suggestions, I know that Badarse is a famously thick skinned contributor, who will simply take it as a figure of speach no harm intended etc etc. - Post No. 109617

Arseneknewbest  9:10am 4th Sep 2017

Badarse- we live in different worlds don't we. I cut my finger at the weekend making egg mayonnaise and the alphabetti spaghetti letters "T" "A" "W" "T" came out. I thought to my myself, it's anagram time, and then you and your miserable, incoherent oeuvre came into my mind and ligered there unpleasantly for the rest of the day. It quite ruined my weekend... - Post No. 109618

Badarse  9:50am 4th Sep 2017

Morning AKB, sorry about that egg mayonnaise, they can be dangerous things can't they? I always find wrapping a small omelette around the damaged area works-you can't lick it. Have you been on holiday, as there have been fewer missiles launched? You don't have to strive to be the Kim Jong-un of the site, just the smiling, politically aware, bundle of fun we know that you can be. Mark of Nark, just chill a little. Ease up on the nuances of language or you will have Bard sharpening his fangs. My sensibilities are offended often in what passes for modern life. Just as a digression but also perhaps a change of tack I have a story depicting this. It is commonplace and am sure everyone has an account of their own. Someone recently saw me getting out of the car-I was doing the person a favour, just a simple but kindly act. She saw my badge and immediately informed me that I had poo on my shirt. As I said commonplace in this crumby 'Big Brother'-inspired society, but completely out of place and inappropriate. Why insult the favour giver? A pudding of a woman who is so inactive even her nose doesn't run. This is what riles me. A berk insulting a person's colour is just that, a berk. By the way, during a TV match years ago in a pub I 'stood up and spoke out', the Titi/Nike Promo black and white band time. Not particularly wise but spontaneous, and I survived to tell the tale. Have you ever tried eating bald eggs the Arsenal Way? Spoon and tap, tap, dip, dip, munch, munch, soldier in salt, dip, dip, and repeat. You never score but it's fun during the process. This kind of post is a form of eggsistensialism, so forgive me. - Post No. 109619

MAF  10:25am 4th Sep 2017

Ivan + Arsene have no Problem at all to lie to the fans. fact is Ivan agreed with City the fee of 60m for Alexis. he then pulled out when Lemar said no. best case utter shambles. more likely they were always going to sell alexis if they got 60m and some Kind of replacement to placate the fans. fact is Ozil Alexis Ox all wanted to go. usually the owners would question why do such Players want to leave....... - Post No. 109620

peter wain  11:22am 4th Sep 2017

so OGL had doubts about whether he could lead this club. Mr Wenger I have not doubts and you should go now. - Post No. 109621

Badarse  12:31pm 4th Sep 2017

Hello Eggman, I know the leeches didn't work but do not despair try bloodletting, it may release some of the poison within you. You really shouldn't promote yourself to a position of virtue whilst insulting and accusing people of that which you practise daily.Is it worth wishing you a nice day? Do try to have one, in fact have two today which may make up for the sad one you had yesterday. - Post No. 109622

peter wain  13:29pm 4th Sep 2017

I have heard it all now. Gazidis the snake oil sales man claims that Arsenal had a great transfer window improving the quality of the squad and keeping Sanchez and Ozil as well as getting £35m for the Ox. Well Mr Gazidis I have to tell you I do not agree. Firstly we have not addressed our goal keeping problem which will become more apparent as the season progresses. We do not now have a recognised left back apart from Monreal. We have not addressed the chronic weakness of our centr halfs. The only one with pace is injury prone. Mertersacker is retiring and Holding was awful in both games he played. As for our midfield what use to be the strongest part of the team is so weak. We have no defensive mid field player and no great passer. Ramsey's positional play means he cannot be relied upon to play the holding position and the £35 million Swiss player is a complete flop. We desperately need a replacement for Cazorla and for Wiltshire but have only Iwobi and Coquellin in reserve. Up front we will see how many games Sanchez plays. Interestingly it looks as if he is injured for Saturday. As for Ozil I agree with Wright. If he loves the club so much sign a new contract. He will not and when the end of season comes and these players leave I wonder if the snake oil salesman will hail the great transfer dealing done by the club. So no Mr Gazidis I do not consider the transfer window to be a great success and we will see at the end of May who is right and who is wrong. I think we could be looking at a bottom half finish. - Post No. 109623

Goonhogday  13:38pm 4th Sep 2017

Just read the Wenger Q & A interview with Telefoot via BBC website. Very depressing. Reinforces all my assumptions about the current direction our club has headed in and will remain in with the current business model in place. If they cared that much, the Alexis, Ox and many more issues should've been sown up ages ok. Kroenke out, Wenger out. - Post No. 109624

Exeter Ex  14:03pm 4th Sep 2017

Badarse - they're not accusations, your hypocrisy is a fact. I've backed up what I've said with evidence. If you think I also practise hypocrisy daily then point out some examples. I'm waiting. - Post No. 109625

Up For Grabs Now  14:15pm 4th Sep 2017

If it’s been accurately reported, which I don’t doubt it has, then Wenger is now in the territory of needing a visit from the men in white coats. According to him, although this season has started poorly for Arsenal, he thinks we can still be champions!! What further proof, if any is now needed, that he has completely lost the plot? Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe him, it’s at times like these that someone should take Wenger aside from the boardroom, and put him out of his misery, as the guy is clearly not mentally stable, if he truly believes that. Unfortunately, as we all know to our cost, there is no one at boardroom level who can do this, as Wenger is king of all he surveys. The only man that can act, is miles away in America, and he is not remotely interested in what’s left of Wenger’s sanity, but just his ability to produce a profit for him, and on that, Wenger always delivers. This Wenger quote (If true) reminds me of David Icke’s infamous ‘Son of God’ moment! At least David Icke had the excuse that he was once a goalkeeper, whom as we all know are all inherently mad, so what’s Wenger’s excuse? - Post No. 109626

mbg  14:22pm 4th Sep 2017

So bug eyes has said nice things and spoke out (a pity his coaching wasn't as good on the pitch) I never read or heard him Deny the things said about him and the fans were calling him and accusing him off. Just like his excuse for a manager he must think fans are stupid, thick, and blind, well not all are. Go now wenger and take that lazy lard are Ozil with you. - Post No. 109627

The Man From UNCLE  16:08pm 4th Sep 2017

Call me a saddo, but I watched Faroe Islands v Andorra yesterday for a laugh. It goes without saying that neither side will qualify, but a good honest 90 minutes played in front of what seemed to be a fairly raucous crowd, maybe 4 to 5 thousand, with the home side running out deserved 1-0 victors, and to top it all no irritating commentary either! The most fun I've had watching football so far this season. - Post No. 109628

Arseneknewbest  20:05pm 4th Sep 2017

Badarse You're neither wit nor raconteur are you mon ami? I assume your shirt bore a legend along the lines of 'I love arsene wenger' meaning of course that the lady's judgement was entirely right. Time to hibernate old man - your welcome has been outstayed. - Post No. 109629

FPGooner  21:04pm 4th Sep 2017

Touching to see our self-proclaimed genius Badarse rushing to the defence of TOOAW. In the past, you have thrown your hat into the ring with anyone remotely Pro-Wenger, whether it has been the insanely stupid Charlie or the racist but also insanely stupid Jamerson. None of these associations seem to end well, for you or your cohorts. Badarse, by your own admission, you attempt to ‘police the site as you do in real life’. There seems to be a cycle happening every 18 months or so, where your pathological self-aggrandizing lands you in hot water with some very bright posters on here, who then proceed to take chunks out of you. You then storm off in a huff, vowing never to return. But, lo and behold, you always turn up again. My advice? It is the same that I have given to you previously. Stop trying so hard to impress people on here. You posted a diatribe on here a while back about equating patriotism with loving country, loving Arsenal, Loving Arsene Wenger etc. Then another post about equating supporting Arsenal with supporting Arsene Wenger. To both of these ridiculous posts, you would do well to think of the words of Mark Twain - ‘….the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the Nation ALL the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it’. Similarly, I am loyal to Arsenal ALL the time and support the players and the administrators of the club when they deserve it. - Post No. 109630

mbg  22:22pm 4th Sep 2017

johngage1, 109601, or certain AKB wengerites also, they'd still make some excuse for him and claim it wasn't his fault and carry on supporting him. The Lizard out. - Post No. 109631

johngage1  1:03am 5th Sep 2017

This makes for very depressing reading, suggests things will get worse before it gets better: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2017/sep/04/arsenal-problems-stan-kroenke-premier-league-los-angeles-rams - Post No. 109632

markymark  6:49am 5th Sep 2017

FPGooner - cannot disagree with a word you say, how anybody can slavishly devote themselves to a rusting , broken Manager and put that love above the institution of Arsenal is beyond me, it's evident that the bunch of racists, thickos and oddballs who pushed this line have all mostly gone. When Badarse seeks to comfort and succour, all I can say judging by the deluge of comments is "he who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind" - Post No. 109633

A Cornish Gooner  8:20am 5th Sep 2017

FPGooner, markymark (et al) It's what we've all come to expect from him after all this time. More 'eggscruciating' humour laced with pomposity and hypocrisy. Nothing sums it up better imo than his 'You really shouldn't promote yourself to a position of virtue whilst insulting and accusing people of that which you practise daily.' the other day. So self aware! Must be careful, I don't want to offend his sensibilities. - Post No. 109634

MAF  9:52am 5th Sep 2017

id take Daniel Levy over Ivan the idiot any day of the week and twice on sundays. all of a suddenm spurs seem to know exactly what they are doing while Arsenal became a shambles. A simple case of total mis-managment by Arsenal leading to others catching up from a Long Long way behind in every area of the business - Post No. 109635

Badarse  10:29am 5th Sep 2017

That's a nice slice of 'Libertie, Egalite, Fraternite', AKB. Still trying the Stalinist approach of closing down the opposition? Then there are the two gutter snipes. What company you keep. Are you reading all this Mark of Nark? Quite a bit of 'double think' required here to try to square the circle. Reverse the poles, (but leave the plumbers the way they are facing), and imagine that exchange but with TOOAW accusing and sniping. Doesn't work, does it. Laughable and sad old men,(are you reading this mbg? They too are TOFs). Good old Arsenal. - Post No. 109636

Bard  10:30am 5th Sep 2017

Yesterdays report of Ivan's email to the faithful that we have had a good transfer window is not only ridiculous but laughable. He has the audacity to spin the loss of 2 players ( roughly £100m probably more) + whatever it costs to replace them say another £100m; total loss in the region of £200m, as a some kind of transfer triumph borders on the insane. He must think we are complete idiots. - Post No. 109637

BigDaveTheGooner  10:59am 5th Sep 2017

Gazidis has surpassed himself, he actually. Said the result at Liverpool put a negative spin on the result and said if Arsenal had won it would have looked like a good transfer window. Gazidis it was.nevr a oodles window.,it was a shocker.Arsenal got found out for what they are, a spineless couldn't care less bunch of mercanaries. Get out of our football club and take those other two clueless morons with you. - Post No. 109638

Exeter Ex  12:09pm 5th Sep 2017

"imagine that exchange but with TOOAW accusing and sniping. Doesn't work, does it." We don't have to imagine it, TOOAW does just that, and is taken apart every time he does. Badarse, if everyone else is wrong, about you and what's going on at Arsenal, why don't you take them on, point by point, and counter it? You seem so confident in your intellect and that you are in the right, so what's stopping you going beyond these generalist, faux-moral high ground remarks about 'guttersnipes' and so on? Also, thought you were anti-ageist? 'Laughable and sad old men'?? You also happen to be talking about people for the most part younger than yourself. I, for example, must be a good quarter of a century younger than you. See, there's an example of taking on a specific point. Why not have a go at it yourself? If you want to engage your 'opponents' properly on here, that's the way to do it. Look forward to your attempt. - Post No. 109639

A Cornish Gooner  12:40pm 5th Sep 2017

Spot The Hypocrisy. 'Why insult the favour giver? A pudding of a woman who is so inactive even her nose doesn't run'. As you dropped her off at the Oncology department maybe you would have found it acceptable to call her 'an offensive cancerous pudding' - Post No. 109640

markymark  13:02pm 5th Sep 2017

Badarse - I am continuing to read this as you suggest, it must feel painful for you. I'm glad to see ToOaW has done so much to defend your honour (not) . Left you swinging in the wind, hasn't he! You've been told this so many times. It's similar to when you left the site and Jamerson did mock postings on your behalf. You'd spent energy and lost a large lump of credibility to a racist nutter who then proceeded to take the piss. It's a real shame my friend. - Post No. 109641

Yes its Ron  13:11pm 5th Sep 2017

Baddie keeps on sticking his head over the parapet and the bullets zing across his ears from all angles instantly. Nothing changes guys does it. He loves it really. Baddie, bless him just hasn't been the same since he changed his marmalade. Baddie lad, get back onto the Seville fine cut. You know it makes sense. - Post No. 109642

mbg  15:49pm 5th Sep 2017

Has the walking skeleton crossed back over the threshold of the once proud club he's destroyed and headed back to France yet ? Or wherever he's from, every day I get in from work I switch on Sky to see if there's any news, a melt down among the hierarchy, a suspension, gardening leave, oh for the day, thankfully it's coming sooner rather than later, but still not soon enough. We want wenger out. - Post No. 109643

mbg  18:11pm 5th Sep 2017

Bard, him and wenger come out with crap like that because they know we have dimwit halfwit fans who are, and hang off their every word and believe it, Sad. Go now wenger and talk all your idiots with you. - Post No. 109644

CORNISH GOONER  19:28pm 5th Sep 2017

A bit of politics here. Having viewed Lord Bell's car crash interview with the Beeb last night, I just wondered whether his firm were responsible for the PR Spin disaster that is Arsenal? Or do we give all the "credit" to our inimitable French/American combo? - Post No. 109645

Petergooner  20:13pm 5th Sep 2017

Have I gone to sleep for 8 months and today is April Fools Day because what Gazidis has said about the transfer window is so laughable it is unbelievable. We are one of the only clubs to make a profit on the transfer market this summer. So Stan will be eating more of his cattle and geting fat on our club. I hope he chockes on a large bone and never gets back to Emirates. Fingers crossed that Saturday is not a blood bath and by that I mean in the stands not on the pitch. - Post No. 109646

mbg  20:36pm 5th Sep 2017

FPGooner, excellent post, another smacked arse, I bet his face looks like one too. wenger out. - Post No. 109647

Hi Berry  7:20am 6th Sep 2017

In view of the deadline day last minute 'attempt' to sign Lemar this is delightfully ironic from our leader on the subject of closing the transfer window earlier..."You can't have a player preparing for a vital football game and still be on the phone at 4 o'clock: 'Do I go or not?' or 'How much is it?', 'Where do I go?" - Post No. 109648

Badarse  8:57am 6th Sep 2017

Morning Ron, this site isn't the same when you disappear at weekends. Still weekends are the best days for sitting on the shopping centre pavements with the cardboard sign around your neck. Seriously, the script was written long ago and this is my remit. Didn't get involved but although I liked the prospects of Chamberlain he never made it did he? Injury accounted to an indefinite degree but to me the mental weakness was always just below the surface. Many can play well in a good winning team, but not when a side struggles. £35 mill was a good price. I do think you were the only/main one to call it as such, and I did agree. Poing! What was that? Another bullet? Relax Badarse, they are not real. - Post No. 109649

markymark  9:45am 6th Sep 2017

Badarse - the site wouldn't actually be the same without you, but I think the nice ambling conversations 'more lemon drizzle Vicar?' Are an exception rather than a rule. Honestly even a wrist watch appreciation site I'm on has erupted into physical confrontations! Crazy isn't it , but then the Aussies had punch-ups over Ford vs Holden Muscle cars. So it's boys with toys in general I suspect. Now you support the regime , that makes you a rarity on Social media. Unfortunately for you , as a lot of the decent normal Wengerists peeled away from about 5 years ago I'd guess. It left the nutters. Not saying you're a nutter but a lot of your bed fellows are. Do you ever listen to Podcasts? The Gooner and Le Grove have proper sensible and journalistic level discussions. These guys are smart , the Le Grove group hold media jobs in New York ( so not fools ) . They point by point shred Wenger and the board, literally every Podcast. The readership of these sites is increasingly if not wholly anti Wenger. Your heroic side kick ToOaW recently spouted that he would be banned for holding alternative views ( looks like he has recently banned himself ). I'm am still waiting to see when I said he couldn't speak? The issue is you and your hero sidekick are like a couple of soap box characters wailing woe is me at Hyde Park Corner. You're only lucky in that the Board is so weak and Kronke so mediocre that Wengo remains. Any other club would have been shot of him. - Post No. 109650

Yes its Ron  12:17pm 6th Sep 2017

Morning Baddie - Yes i always thoight there was a footie player in young Ox. Why didnt Liv buy Walcott instead. Rogers would have done. I d have drove TW to Anfield and took the 30p postal order back to N7 and then took it to the bank for Arsenal!! They only needed to ask me matey. Certainly a decent price though as the lad wont ever be a truly top performer but i think Kloppo might squeeze more from him. I think the Ox is a younger version of what Milner was 6 or 7 years back really but perhaps not as professional as Milner has always been and he ll need to improve on that facet of his make up wont he. PS That cardboard sign weighs heavily these days! PS Trying to play 'Wish you were here' last night - Floyd. Not easy Baddie. Ever the intellects werent they, Waters and Gilmour and it reached into their music for sure, but then again its probably me whos not very good ha - Post No. 109655

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds