Gooner Podcast 158 with special guest Amy Lawrence

By Kevin Whitcher

Recorded last week with fellow panellists Tim Payton and Mustafa Goldstein

Firstly, just to explain that our webmaster was away and without a decent internet connection last week, so was unable to get this online until Saturday.

Anyhow, it’s now up and well worth a listen, so, details as follows...

Gooner Podcast number 158, sponsored by goonershirts.com is now online.

Recorded: Tuesday 10th October 2017

Topics Include -
Arsenal’s run of games since Anfield?
The joys of the Europa League.
The prospects for Jack Wilshere.
Arsenal’s youngsters.
Marc Overmars – Director of Football?
Looking ahead to Arsenal’s AGM.
Memories of The Gooner as it celebrates 30 years.

Amy Lawrence (Twitter@amylawrence71)
Tim Payton (Twitter@timpayton)
Mustafa Goldstein (Twitter@VillageVoice1)
Host: Kevin Whitcher (Twitter@KevinWhitcher01)

There are three ways of hearing it. First up, online without downloading by simply clicking here. Alternatively, if you want to download it to play on your mp3 player or at your leisure on your computer, visit this page and move your cursor over where it says ‘episode 158’ in red text and then…

For pc users, right click your mouse and select ‘save target as’. For mac users press ‘control’ on your keyboard and then click your mouse and select ‘download linked file’. Once it’s downloaded you can play the file using your mp3 software, and transfer it to your iPod/mp3 player.

And we are also available on iTunes. Our page on iTunes can be found here, from where you can download the latest podcast, and the 157 that preceded it.

We’ll be back with another podcast in the November.

16th October 2017 07:57:11


Comments and Reaction

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Bard  11:07am 16th Oct 2017

Recorded before the Watford debacle so has a 'maybe we have turned a corner feel'. Amy sitting on the fence presumably to keep her connections with the club rather like John Cross. Some nice stuff about the younger players but overall ( dontcha love Wenger's use of that word every sentence) a little to evenhanded for my taste. - Post No. 110262

mbg  14:22pm 16th Oct 2017

The prospects for Jack Wilshire, that should be a short topic with a short discussion for a short arse. wenger out. - Post No. 110271

RobG  21:37pm 18th Oct 2017

Amy Lawrence toned down her overt Wenger adulation for the occasion, probably wisely.This AGM should provide some fireworks - I hope. Even if it leads nowhere. - Post No. 110352

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