Arsenal Circular 180 – ‘Tis The Season… For Proper Debate

By Graham Perry

Social Media has changed the nature of many football supporters

Ed’s note – Graham Perry’s latest Arsenal Circular arrived in my inbox on the morning of the West Ham League Cup quarter final (last Tuesday). However, as it’s Christmas, what better time to run a message from a fan who has faith in his football team? Best festive wishes to you all!

Dear Fellow Gunners

Three good wins followed by the Manchester United defeat and now two draws in matches we would expect to win and then the hard fought win over Newcastle. A friend approached me after the win – quite aggressively commenting on my support for Wenger. I did not want to raise the temperature and was sotto voce in response but I did want to enquire whether he felt like that after the strong win over our North London rivals. I also wanted to ask him whether he was happy that we beat Burnley at Turf Moor where prior to at game they had conceded just four goals or whether he watched us against Huddersfield Town frustrated by our 5-1 win.

There is a point here – the need to see things in the round – take in the whole picture – there is good and not so good. But people tend to fit the results into their views on Wenger. If you feel he is a drag on progress then any setback is maximised and any success is shrugged off. Draws when we are expected to win upset us but fans forget that just four days before drawing with West Ham the same Hammers team had beaten the Champions. So there is always a perspective, a context into which we need to fit the present.

You can take the long view and write off Wenger because he has not challenged for the title since 2004.

You can take a shorter view and allowing for the years when we sold our best players to help fund the stadium construction and say Wenger has not challenged for the title since we turned the corner and became a buying club with the purchase of Sanchez followed by Ozil.

You can take an even shorter view and say Wenger has not challenged for the title since August 2015 when with the purchase of Cech he professed himself content with his squad at his disposal without the need for further purchases.

There is a case to be made against Wenger – no question.

There is also a defence.

We have always been in the Champions League – this season apart

We have won the FA Cup three years in four and along the way beaten City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

We have built the Emirates and Wenger did bid £92m for Lemar as evidence that we have funds even if we cannot compete with Russian money and Oil money.

But we do not operate within the sober atmosphere of a court hearing with a judge and a jury and court officials to ensure good behaviour.

There is a new element in the game – certainly for those of us who go back to the 1970’s and before.

Social media has injected a new element of instant views – often aggressive – fanned as they are by a media eager for conflict and confrontation.

I am reminded of that wonderful sentence of Hugh McIlvaney’s when he recalled the treatment of George Best by the press – something like…
“there stands the media hailing the new messiah while fingering in their pockets with the nails for his eventual crucifixion”

Heroes are there to be taken down. As one who tweets daily very much on the front foot confronting the regular diet of hate, insult and humiliation (not just football) the mood of public debate has moved very much from reason to no reason – Brexit was an example. Football too.

So the atmosphere is different and opinions are expressed more forcibly. Judgments are instant. Every match is an opportunity to express views – often resentments, animosities and even visceral hate as well. We cling to reason believing that only proper debate and discussion can secure the acceptable outcomes. But reason is in a battle with non-reason.

Back to Wenger and Arsenal. I was reminded of another point by a tweet from an Arsenal fan – he loves coming to a game, travelling with family and friends, the drink before the game with long standing fellow fans and the chance to catch up on their respective lives. And then there is the football. The Arsenal and the opportunity to support the team. He refuses to hate or mock. He is happy when we win and he is upset when we lose.

Others are quite different – they have had enough of Wenger. They want him out. They enjoy the wins and will celebrate the goals but turn quickly and decisively and aggressively when we draw against Southampton or edge home against Newcastle.

And that is where we are today – if there was an age of innocence some time back it has gone and we support our team in a different atmosphere. For me – Wenger signed a two year extension. He has never broken a contract even when he was courted with mouth-watering sums by every top club in Europe and afar. And we should not break his contract. He may of his own volition decide to leave – I hope he doesn’t.

There are uncertainties – is Ozil about to sign a new contract? Will Alexis leave for City? Has Koscielny suddenly reached the point of decline? Does Xhaka need to be replaced by a stronger presence? At the same time we have important backroom additions following the departures of Rowley and Law. Is Arteta being lined up as a successor or will Puel enjoy a successful period at Leicester and suddenly come into view?

Stability and Change are two ever-present contenders for the moment – not just in football but in life everywhere. Too much stability and things stagnate. Too much change and things never settle. The balance is all important. The Board know that and the responsibility lies with them.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year

You can read more on Twitter@arsenalcircular.

25th December 2017 10:48:07


Comments and Reaction

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CORNISH GOONER  19:13pm 25th Dec 2017

I know this is the season of goodwill to all men but really - G Perry & his Arthur Webster fan club? And I have had such a good day prior to reading this. Total pretentious bollocks as per usual. - Post No. 111332

Arseneknewbest  21:12pm 25th Dec 2017

We regret to announce the sad death of Mr Perry's pet stallion 'Arsene je t'adore' two weeks ago. Sadly, Mr Perry cannot be reached for comment because since the sad passing of the old nag, he has been standing over its prone body repeatedly flogging it with a whip...same sh*t, same smell Graham. Time to put your brightly coloured children's entertainer trousers on and bugger off to the lane matey because anyone with views like yours is an enemy within. Cornish - thanks for posting such a stinging critique -it saves me having to read it. - Post No. 111333

mbg  23:34pm 25th Dec 2017

Aw Gawd this is all we want or need on Xmas day, fair play to you Ed you have a good sense of humour. We want wenger out. - Post No. 111334

Badarse  8:30am 26th Dec 2017

A well written article of fair and balanced reason. An assessment of the damaging confrontational elements of modern 'keyboard-worriers' is illustrated by the immediate responses of the three stooges, who have shown their inanities and negative attitudes so graphically. Imagine being trapped in a lift with these three? Time for the 'Virtual OG Annual Awards' results fast approaching. - Post No. 111335

Gaz  8:48am 26th Dec 2017

Another ridiculous Graham Perry circular endorsed by Badarse. What a depressing way to start boxing day. - Post No. 111336

Arseneknewbest  9:17am 26th Dec 2017

A poor attempt badarse even by your consistently underwhelming standards. Only a fool - or bawbag - tries to defend something as indefensible as these excruciating circulars. Atticus Finch you ain't. Try a bit harder if you want to reassert yourself on here. Not that we want you to of course. - Post No. 111337

TonyEvans  9:28am 26th Dec 2017

The sad truth for many as we approach 2018 is that we are so bored with everything Arsenal these days we have ceased to care whether Wenger stays or goes. Incredibly sad for me personally as Arsenal used to mean so much to me but there is only so much of this repetitive cycle of going nowhere fast that you can take. I'm bored rigid by a defence still as bad as it was about 7 or 8 years ago and incredulous that the likes of Walcott are still on the payroll. What is the point of being angry - Arsenal just aren't worth it anymore. - Post No. 111338

Exeter Ex  9:52am 26th Dec 2017

These circulars go appropriately around and around in circles, saying essentially the same thing over and over. Perhaps that's why Graham loves Wenger's stewardship so much. He finds reassurance in the constancy of the regular humiliations, the seasonal collapses, the neglect of the defence. Graham yearns for an illusory 'age of innocence' where the masses automatically deferred to those in authority - simply because they were in authority. This is nonsense of course. AFC supporters protested against Wright in the 60s and O'Neill in the 80s. But in Graham's world, all those that want a change of manager are 'aggressive'. And for a man who claims to be daily commenting on the club, he shows a surprising amount of ignorance about its power structure, thinking that the Board decide Wenger's future. Why should the opinions of someone so ignorant - and who makes it so very obvious he values the man ahead of the club - be taken seriously? - Post No. 111339

Hi Berry  10:35am 26th Dec 2017

Tony Evans pretty much sums up a lot of people's views, but Graham Perry appears to blunder on with his undying love of all things Arsene. He just doesn't get it, does he? He preaches that we should take all results 'in the round' without understanding that that is exactly what the majority of posters on this site and beyond have been doing for the past five to ten years. Some saw the writing on the wall many years ago, but the penny has taken longer to drop for many others....though it would appear as if Mr Perry is quite content to keep shovelling pennies into the machine in the hope that three golden bells will eventually line up for a jackpot payout. It seems in Mr Perry's world none of us can take any delight in an Arsenal win if we are asking for Wenger to be removed...is he also honestly suggesting that wins against Spurs, Burnley and Huddersfield should be a sufficient sop thrown to the masses to eradicate the utter and regular humiliations that we have endured over the past ten years. We all have our breaking point, Mr Perry, and it would appear Alexis Sanchez's was the 2-10 against Bayern. If a supposedly educated man in his seventies cannot see the appalling state of affairs that is unfolding season on season at Arsenal with results, league position and contracts, he has my deepest sympathy. - Post No. 111340

markymark  10:37am 26th Dec 2017

Goodness me BadArse now I seem to remember you saying how you got on with everyone on this site bar me. You do seem to have an ever increasing list don’t you. Before I twist your words any further. Please let me know if you have any more words of wisdom for us, this Yuletide . You know the ones, walk a mile in my shoes, I raise money for charity , your ongoing defense of causes. Oh and yes any grope poems? Anyway I’m keen to find what you found funniest about Jamerson ? Was it white supremacy , anti catholism, anti Semitism. Perhaps when you take off your white hood you can supply an answer . See you later Mr G Roper - Post No. 111341

TOOAW  11:00am 26th Dec 2017

Excellent article Graham. Many on here appear to feel that Arsenal aren't worth it anymore. Fickle, one feels. Good to see @exeterex is banging on about going over and over the same thing when a certain, I'll be polite, mbg does this hourly on this site. All of which is negative, repetitive drivel. Keep up the good work Graham. Roll on the 2017 Awards from our good friend Badarse. - Post No. 111342

Exeter Ex  11:45am 26th Dec 2017

TOOAW - the difference is that mbg is basically right whilst Graham, and yourself, are deluded. Yes, let's look forward to Badarse - who rails against confrontation and double standards - putting forth his telegraphed, deliberately provocative and attention-seeking OG awards. - Post No. 111343

markymark  11:50am 26th Dec 2017

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing Mr Perry live. There is nothing moderate about him. Shouting down other views. Accusing those who want change of violence yet not accepting we have proof of actual violence against those who dared question Wenger. He classically followed Jamerson and his lackey Badarse by calling people rabble which was Interesting judging by the level of individuals in the room. ( journo’s , professionals , accountants, city workers etc ). Perry is a man who loves his own voice and tried to shutdown debate. I noticed Ivan was appearing increasingly stressed and made motions to get Perry off the mike. As Exeter and others have commented he has an agenda and I don’t believe for one minute it’s inclusive. - Post No. 111344

Badarse  12:10pm 26th Dec 2017

AKB(and we all know what the B stands for), why do you have to react in a course, crude and foul-mouthed manner? Surly you don't think it makes a little boy seem big? Then the Eggman emerges from under a rock with his hard place, stridently deriding in his usual confrontational style. Surly this is no way to get your rocks off? Then another completes the Three Blind Mice as the fact-twisting Nark again makes a superficial and incorrect statement-'As I've said it, so it must be true'. Surly you cannot believe that you are in an exclusive and exalted position as I count none as friends, just intentionally positive as opposed to inaccurate and nasty. They say a man who can see through women is missing an awful lot. They say a man who can see through Nark is not a WOR. - Post No. 111345

Exeter Ex  12:58pm 26th Dec 2017

What's the stuff about 'emerging from rocks' Badbum? Is it because I don't post all the time? But you don't anymore either, so why would you have a problem with that? And why do you keep telling us you'll be doing the OG Awards? Why don't you just... do them? Perhaps you're attempting to soften the ridicule that's coming your way when you do put them up - almost an apology in advance. And as always with your posts, you're unable to coutner a single point made. All we ever get is essentially 'that's not true' and a feeble attempt to take the moral high ground when things you and others have actually said and your self-evident hypocrises are pointed out and critiqued. It's so weak. - Post No. 111346

Arseneknewbest  13:31pm 26th Dec 2017

Badarse what do you think the 'b' stands for? - Post No. 111347

markymark  14:44pm 26th Dec 2017

Badarse - what have I twisted? You said you found Jamerson funny. I have simply pointed out the main references in his humour which was white supremacy, anti catholism , anti Semitism . I asked you which of these topics you found funniest. You know in many ways despite Jamerson being a complete arse at least h wasn’t a coward . He would hold him himself to account for what he said . You on the other hand are totally gutless. - Post No. 111348

mbg  15:41pm 26th Dec 2017

Arseneknewbest, yes, the self appointed holier than thou one back down from waltons mountain dungarees and all, to visit relatives for Xmas (god help them, i'm sure they laugh at him as much as we do) so decided to pop on here and take it upon himself to impose his again, self appointed superiority, self righteous, and self importance, on us all and preach to us where we're going wrong, (with his silly and ridiculous games that nobody gives a fook about) and in fluent Martian too, but don't worry he'll soon disappear again back to Iks store. wenger out. - Post No. 111349

RobG  18:02pm 26th Dec 2017

Sorry Graham but as others point out, this is called 'The Arsenal Circular' because the argument goes round and round and round and gets nowhere. Just like the person whom it is aimed to defend. This is from the BBC website as half term report. It isn't definitive but neither is it the product of 'Wenger-Out-ism' :- Team rating: 6/10. Manager: Arsene Wenger seems to have the same old problems and inconsistencies that have characterised Arsenal in recent years and does not look any closer to solving them. 'Does not look any closer to solving them ! Now ; next week ; next month ; next season ; or - God help us - the season after that. - Post No. 111350

TOOAW  20:43pm 26th Dec 2017

Graham posts a very well written article followed by 3 replies by myself and Badarse. The lightweight punters on here go into melt down. The old North Bank would have had you lot shifted out with a large foot up your Arse before you could sing "good old Arsenal". AK(B) would be well and truly down the road by now. - Post No. 111351

mbg  21:09pm 26th Dec 2017

markymark, yes and there's only one place for the mike. wenger out. - Post No. 111353

markymark  21:13pm 26th Dec 2017

Toad - don’t pretend you knew the old northbank , Arsenal was nothing to you pre Wenger. Your existence on this site will be meaningless post Wenger. - Post No. 111354

Roy  21:31pm 26th Dec 2017

Wow, accusing fans of instant judgmentalism after all this time of the Groundhog Day mediocrity culture that has beset the club? I really have heard it all now. The problem is Graham that "pantomime season" has come to mean the actual whole football season for longer than most of us care to remember, and the "uncertainties" you mention will no doubt be dealt with in the same cack - handed form of mismanagement that we've all come to expect. Like it or not, after all this time AW is no longer the future of the club, so get used to it. What I and a lot of others find incredulous is that the club obviously gave AW carte blanche a good while ago to decide when he wants to go. Say that over to yourself a few times and then put it in the context of the modern game and you will realise what an utterly ridiculous and farcical situation that actually is. This should never have been allowed to happen. It's unaccountability and non - acceptance of change that leads to 'stagnation', thus where we currently find ourselves. Oh, and you and your ilk need to get over yourselves and accept when the 'against' outweighs the 'defence'. - Post No. 111355

TOOAW  21:52pm 26th Dec 2017

Nark. You bottled the chance to meet up and discuss all things Arsenal. Your assumption is based on what?? - Post No. 111356

markymark  22:11pm 26th Dec 2017

Toad you and Colesey both used to plead to meet people in pubs probably to stop feeling lonely. I have absolutely no inclination to meet with you and I’m surprised you’d want to meet with me. You have absolutely nothing to say pre Wenger and under your previous pen name Leek said you hated the football . Therefore what point was the northbank for you? Anything prior to Wenger is meaningless anything post Wenger to you is meaningless - Post No. 111357

mbg  22:27pm 26th Dec 2017

Toady, what do you know about the old North Bank, did you take a photo of it, or did you buy one of the seats in the auction. Wrong again, It would have been the other way around the Old North Bank, the one I remember anyway, would have seen through the fraud and failure that wenger is years ago, and wouldn't have put up with his embarrassments, humiliations, lies and spin, and had him out to fook years ago too, and wouldn't have suffered fools like wengerites like you, perry, and that other half wit in dungarees, backing and supporting him as he makes Arsenal a laughing stock, because until now thanks to wenger, that's one thing they never f*****g were. wenger out. - Post No. 111359

TOOAW  23:08pm 26th Dec 2017

Nark. Badarse is right in his take on you. You do like to twist things around to further people's opinion that you are correct. Unfortunately I have seen through you hence the boycott, attend, spend, protest situation that tied you up in knots. And you have the gaul to call Badarse gutless. So mbg (polite again) Highbury never saw mediocrity then eh?? Do me a favour and take off those blinkers. - Post No. 111360

mbg  0:34am 27th Dec 2017

Toady, Highbury saw mediocrity then of course they did, who's saying they didn't, it's just that then the proper supporters, those with ambition could see, and said and done something about it, unlike ambitionless wenger luvvies like you and perry and the rest of your ilk who haven't the balls because you support and love an old past it manager instead of/more than the club, that's if yous support or are Arsenal fans at all. wenger out. - Post No. 111361

Perryashburtongroves  1:00am 27th Dec 2017

It's got to the stage now, where anybody who thinks Wenger should still be managing Arsenal is deranged, ill-informed, pissed or just plain attention-seeking because they want to be seen as alternative and 'thoughtful. We've been through all this Wenger-excuse **** before. It's boring, the few of you that remain are damaging the club and we're all suffering because of your blind selfishness. Go and follow a Sunday league team if you want people to think you're so deep. - Post No. 111362

markymark  5:01am 27th Dec 2017

Toady - I think the wanting to meet because you’re lonely obviously upset you. For that I’m truly not sorry. How about one of our questions on Wenger. Why do you support a man who cannot deliver a title over the past 13 years. Let’s see twisting in knots now. - Post No. 111363

TOOAW  8:29am 27th Dec 2017

Nark. I feel Graham has summed it up nicely as I have already stated. Read his post again if you have to. The answers are all there. - Post No. 111364

markymark  8:45am 27th Dec 2017

Toad - so your not going to answer my question then? - Post No. 111365

TOOAW  8:46am 27th Dec 2017

Nark. Or how about dragging your knuckles over to UNTOLD ARSENAL. They'll have the answers too. I'm sure you have read these but it just won't register. - Post No. 111366

Arseneknewbest  9:56am 27th Dec 2017

Tooaw - Now you've been properly outed as lee KFC, I don't see why you continue this pretence. Come on geezer show some backbone and revert to your former moniker. AFKAL -the arsehole formerly known as Lee. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you're a shapeshifting coward? No wonder Marky has you in his pocket mate - you and badarse are complete buffoons. You're worse though because you resort to racism - he on the other hand just enables you. - Post No. 111368

Badarse  10:29am 27th Dec 2017

These exchanges are so amusing. It is akin to an atheist-guilty as charged, ha ha-trying to convince a group of devout religionists that there isn't a Griff. It is a pure and simple waste of breath. You explain and they get angry. You try a different route to goal and they resort to abuse. You fire humour at them, they never laugh and get more tangled up with acute indignation. Then the die is cast, the line drawn in the sand cannot be crossed. So demands are vehemently issued to explain, to justify. It becomes increasingly daft, hence more of the same silliness is returned as an answer, which gets under their skins and annoys, irks, irritates, makes them puff up, go red in the face, (or should that be Navy and white?), and bluster, once more becoming crude, nasty, fact-twisting, and displaying self congratulatory vacuity...the mutual admiration society of the WOR. Still with all that I hope you all had a nice Xmas; how many bars of humbug did each of you get? - Post No. 111369

markymark  11:30am 27th Dec 2017

BadArse - there seems to be one chap spitting feathers whilst going cold turkey and that Sir is you! Anyway please let me know what was so funny about Jamees humour , you see Your the only one to come on here and say it was funny. So was it The White supremacy, anti catholism or anti Semitism? Ps I know you said your family used to read your postings. Did they enjoy you being entangled in a groping scandal? Must be just like your showbiz pals. - Post No. 111372

Exeter Ex  12:00pm 27th Dec 2017

Badbum - where's your explanation of your position? Where is your counterargument? Where are your actual points? Where do you and your associates like TO0AW actually answer a direct question? Nowhere, because you cannot. As justification for your failure to provide an argument, you state that you will not 'bend the knee' when asked to do so. This is transparent, disingenuous bullsh*t that people on here can easily see through. All we get is faux-indignation and faux-moral high ground with absolutely no substance to it whatsoever. Perryashburtongroves has put it very well - that's you summed up. It's time you put up or shut up. - Post No. 111373

Badarse  12:10pm 27th Dec 2017

So funny, and so typical of the responses. Nark creates more illusions and mirages of the facts-is it for real Nark, is it done on purpose, or are you really so obtuse? Sorry too many questions, ha ha. Listen Eggman. You arrived at the party quite late in the evening, so under those circumstances would you ask, nay demand that all guests repeat their previous conversations? Did you not read or digest any answers I made to you? Do you insist on being confrontational in real life or just when you believe that you are safe and in the majority? Gutter snipe? You decide, ha ha. Tell Boris what the B stands for. - Post No. 111374

Exeter Ex  12:24pm 27th Dec 2017

Badbum - what do you mean by 'late to the party'? How do you know which comments I've read, from when and by whom? Please explain. If you think I've missed something but can't bring yourself to repeat it, then point out where it is. I don't think you can, can you? The closest I've seen from you as a justification for your continued support for Wenger is 'I support whoever the manager of Arsenal is'. The likes of yourself, Graham, Toady do not and cannot give a coherent argument for your position. If you were honest, this is what you would state: "I simply love Wenger. If Arsenal got a new manager and we were successful with them it just wouldn't be the same. I would rather we were 4th with Arsene than 1st with AN Other". This explains your lack of argument - there isn't one, it's simple Wenger love. You haven't the strength to admit you were wrong and shift position, so have ended up putting the man before the club - Post No. 111375

mbg  16:18pm 27th Dec 2017

Perryashburton, good post, that's the funny part of all this, perry the toad and the mountain man think their some kind of super fan, more loyal than others, just because they support the manager more than the club, lol, they certainly think their more superior with their self righteous holier than thou tripe, well two of them anyway the third one he doesn't know who or what he is and just hops along with the two other idiots, and even funnier, at the end of the day and if and when it comes down to it wenger doesn't give or won't give two f***s about them, LOL, You couldn't make it up. wenger out now. - Post No. 111382

markymark  16:48pm 27th Dec 2017

Toad - subtle difference. I don’t want you to rely on others . I’d like you to justify why you support a manager who cannot win a title in the last 13 years. You keep on dishing out that we do not justify ourselves even though many of us actually write articles on here. So your opportunity justify your support for Wengo. - Post No. 111383

mbg  16:49pm 27th Dec 2017

markymark, Excter, see ? there he goes again with his self appointed superiority and self righteous bull***t, is it any wonder he gets slapped down every time he opens his gob, what would he do without sudocream, he must be well into his Xmas batch already. wenger out. - Post No. 111384

Badarse  18:03pm 27th Dec 2017

mbg I am becoming seriously concerned about your obsession with bottom spanking. You have to leave the Paisley MAYDUP mentality in it's tightly constricting binding. Try to put your bottom behind you. - Post No. 111386

mbg  18:30pm 27th Dec 2017

And up he pops to prove it again. I rest my case. wenger out now. - Post No. 111388

markymark  19:03pm 27th Dec 2017

Toad , calling Toad , hello Toad are you there? Now please explain your Wengo support to the audience. There are some very important people here, Exeter, MBG , Arseneknewbest and me of course. If you get stuck Brian will always feed you a line. Can’t wait to hear from you. - Post No. 111390

Badarse  19:08pm 27th Dec 2017

Why do you support a manager of the football team you support? We don't, us three stooges, and we is important peeps. Oh my word it is so painful. Well said, 'Fake News'. - Post No. 111391

markymark  19:39pm 27th Dec 2017

Badarse - care to enlighten us about your Bannon , Richard Spencer , Jayde Fransen love in? - Post No. 111392

TOOAW  19:55pm 27th Dec 2017

Important people?!?!?! ha ha ha ha ha. Mislintat, Sanllehi, Fahmy, Jens, Bould, Yamamoto, Per and the great one Wenger are important people. Perspective required Nark/scruff/bonzo. - Post No. 111393

markymark  21:09pm 27th Dec 2017

Glad you’re talking about important people but really Wenger great ? You really have lost your marbles , a busted flush who’d lose his job in 6 months if Real or Barcelona were crazy enough to employ him. Now Leek / BBA / Toad - explain why Wenger is great go-on try us . - Post No. 111394

TOOAW  22:41pm 27th Dec 2017

Nark. Please just ask if you require my autograph. Don't feel shy. I sense you have my name over your bed. Nothing to be ashamed of because there are many who have. Jealousy of my stature is nothing to be ashamed of. Arsene Wenger greatness is set in stone. It doesn't require me to roll the honour out in front of you. It's there for you to see even if you and your cronies wish to push it aside. Calling yourself, Exeter, mug, ak(b) important people is excruciatingly funny for all egos involved but the truth is, daft as a brush, anti Arsenal gets you nowhere. Now where is that scruffy nark? - Post No. 111395

mbg  23:10pm 27th Dec 2017

Ref the fan who loves coming to a game traveling with family and friends, the drink, to catch up with each other, then there's the football, is that before the five course meal in one of the many high class restaurants in the ground, and do they actually leave the table to do it. wenger out now. - Post No. 111397

A Cornish Gooner  1:55am 28th Dec 2017

Cornish. Good first post. Unfortunately you're now mistakenly in Baldarse's sights as one of The Three Stooges. I see the latest 'Baldy' film (Kung Foo King Baldy Returns Again. With Bruce LeeKFC) was released just in time for Christmas. Next up. Looking forward to Badpenny's 'virtual' crap awards. Obviously nothing virtual about them. They are complete crap. After last year's 'Whatever happened to baby Jamee' we've now moved on to 'The ODD Couple' or 'Just The Two Stooges' I know 'TOOAW equals TWAT. BUSTED', but as Yamamoto probably never said about Baldarse: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant ego and fill him with a terrible resolve" - Post No. 111398

markymark  5:02am 28th Dec 2017

Toady - err stature?!? now what was that about losing perspective. I think most think your a sad lonely creature given to public drinking on park benches . Your previous incarnation as Leek was a constant Mr Wenger, oh Mr Wenger giving you a lick spittle appearance which is probably in keeping. Btw I keep saying this but I’m not Scruff. Now are you going to answer my question? Brian tried to help you previously but didn’t get very far. - Post No. 111399

Moscowgooner  7:50am 28th Dec 2017

'....public debate has moved very much from reason to no reason' - you are ignoring the fact that in the old days we could stand on the North Bank for a quid and no matter how crap the team played, could still enjoy a great atmosphere. I feel today's 'audience' is actually behaving very rationally: you charge sky high prices, create a sterile environment, and expectations naturally escalate. The focus has shifted to what is happening on the pitch rather than on the terraces. What was acceptable in say the period 1974 to 1976 is not acceptable in today's context when Arsenal are one of the world's wealthiest clubs. (And even in that golden past, the Arsenal crowd in effect pushed Billy Wright, and then Terry Neil, out.) Our current performances are actually very reminiscent of the Neil era: a good cup team with no chance of winning the league. That has never been considered good enough at Arsenal. - Post No. 111402

Badarse  9:15am 28th Dec 2017

Ha ha, now the corny one comes along, lashing out indignantly, insults aplenty, another VIP I suppose. Virtual OG Awards 2017:-Part One. 'The Ronline Gooner Award', naturally goes to Ron once more. Despite his knowledge and eloquence in general he still slips into occasional xenophobic comments, "...I've found the French are all like that...", and has heightest issues, "...Maureen is a little short arse..", (mind I've never seen a tall short arse), but he has improved due to Badarse's perpetual explanations. He now has a wider perspective and the benefits of his experience means all are winners. His lionising of AV, Everton and Manchester Ltd has also subsided helped by certain factors of course, AV relegated, Everton imploded with a manager, 'merry-go-round', and Moan U having Maureen in charge, the man he dislikes. He is not just a pretty face though, his advice on guitarists, frozen jubblys and thick cut Seville marmalade is top notch. Well done Ron, keep on keeping on. 'Best Article Writer' goes unchallenged to Robert Exley for his constantly interesting articles. Of course the field has thinned with fewer article writers, and of course he stays neutral just writing of history and factual accounts so avoids the poisoned chalice of upsetting the WOR. More please Robert. 'The Franz Kafka Award', goes to our esteemed editor. The frustrations and resignation of his stance in requiring a change of manager has been drawn out to a point of dismay for him. He has begun to morph into a WOR, e.g his reports. Chin up Kevin, change is inevitable, try to enjoy whatever you have on the plate in front of you. The 'MARCUS AWARD', goes to equaliser for his shouty, loud comments. Misunderstanding points, and screaming denials. A bottle of "Schhh, you know who" comes with the award. - Post No. 111404

Arseneknewbest  11:26am 28th Dec 2017

Badarse - if it's your intention to write something as pithless about everyone on here who takes exception to your views (masquerading as a piss poor awards ceremony at which only you and the racist tooaw/leekie man were in sad and morose attendance), then I suggest you're in for a few long days and nights. We ALL think you're a pompous, pointless bollix! Much in the spirit of don't shoot the messenger, I hope you won't cut me to the quick for saying this (I don't think my poor old heart could take your oh-so-cutting repartee...). And talking of vital organs, you don't half bore the liver out of us sometimes. No, give it up - it ain't funny nor big. You criticising Ron for his "isms" when you're delighted to be racist leekie-man's apologist is risible. Get the Horlicks on the Aga badarse and have a nice snooze til the season is over. That's my prescription. - Post No. 111406

Exeter Ex  11:53am 28th Dec 2017

Wenger, with his cod philosophy and mantras, is a not very intelligent person's idea of an intelligent person. We can also see Badbum and Toady's lack of perception in their taking 'we are important people' seriously. Supporters on the whole tend to stop supporting manifestly declining managers as it means their team will decline. It should be simple enough to understand, but clearly not. That lack of insight again. Finally, the 'virtual' awards - trumpeted over the past couple of weeks, then it's that weak and insubstantial. With yet another dash of hypocrisy (as has already been remarked upon) and a soupcon of giant ego: "has improved due to Badarse's perpetual explanations". The delusion is breathtaking. - Post No. 111407

Badarse  12:33pm 28th Dec 2017

Ha ha. And out of the woodwork they crawl. Good old Arsenal. - Post No. 111410

markymark  12:59pm 28th Dec 2017

Badarse I really don’t expect a response certainly not anything positive but here are some thoughts and comments from me. Whether you despise me or not the Gooner offers a site with views broadly in line with mine along with many others. It allows me to post the odd article as well. From you I see someone who has become broadly detached and unable to find a way forward . Your remark to Kevin is somehow full of hope that he will change his mind and move the site to some homage of Wenger. Why on earth would a site do an entire volte face and lose all credibility to support your beloved Wenger? . This is only going to end one way it’s just a matter of when. The comments about Ron are interesting, I sense you spent time telling him what a great guy he is in some vain hope he’ll suddenly turn around and say how right you are. Highly unlikely to happen (imo) How dare you then go onto have the front to have a go at Ron when you are seen as an enabler for the racists on this site. You were once proud of your contributions, mentioning your family viewed them. Do they still view them? If I were getting constant feedback like you’re getting, the wife would be having a word with me. You’re angrily isolated unable to convince no one. Ultimately the damage to you by constantly trying rise 5 or 6 contributors will tell as you are famously thin skinned ( I judge myself a little sensitive but you’ve done about 5 runners) As AKB has said probably best to rest and leave now. Maybe take a long time off then come back reinvented. - Post No. 111411

A Cornish Gooner  13:43pm 28th Dec 2017

Badarse. AKB, Exeter & markymark have all beaten me to it. Where to begin? 1. Ron. Why have a go at him? He’s the only one on here, apart from the loonies, who ever connects with you. Your hypocritical criticism of him reminded me of your ‘sizeist’ classic. “A pudding of a woman who is so inactive even her nose doesn't run”. Do you suffer from cacomorphobia? Then you show your huge conceit with “but he has improved due to Badarse's perpetual explanations”. 2. ‘We ALL think you're a pompous, pointless bollix!”. Maybe a bit harsh. I’m sure there are some on here who don’t, but there can’t be many. 3. As markymark mentions, you have, in the past, said that your family read all your posts. Is that true? Do they also read ALL the responses you get? 4. We’ve all ‘come out of the woodwork’ to respond to your ‘awards’ post. We couldn’t have responded to it before you posted it, could we? - Post No. 111412

Badarse  14:59pm 28th Dec 2017

All my family? Ha ha. None read it. If I suggested it, then it was in a moment of deception to perhaps beguile, or confuse, or possibly it is a figment of the Nark's 'Fake News'. There is no need to become indignant on your leader's behalf. Ron and I have history. I have taken exception to some matters and been upfront about them-you should get up off your knees and try it sometime. However I have always insisted he has much to offer. The award was truthfully described. Consider yourselves poked with a bald egg. Nark, I do not despise you, just your behaviour. - Post No. 111414

mbg  15:19pm 28th Dec 2017

Moscow, and their all still highly thought off too and are welcomed back whenever they return, just like Terry Neill, as is George Graham, but the same will not be said of the old parasite wenger when he pisses off, and in years to come. - Post No. 111416

A Cornish Gooner  15:29pm 28th Dec 2017

"it was in a moment of deception" So you lied then. - Post No. 111417

mbg  15:38pm 28th Dec 2017

markymark, be careful of these invitations to meet from toady, especially if a couple of his mates say they'll be there too, remember these stories we were hearing about him hanging around toilets in bars and out making a nuisance of himself. - Post No. 111418

TOOAW  16:01pm 28th Dec 2017

mbg (how polite) he's too timid and sensitive for that in fear he may meet someone who is not within his assumptions. A proper gooner in other words. - Post No. 111419

markymark  17:22pm 28th Dec 2017

Badarse - so your twisting things then, you tell lies , you crawl from under rocks, out of the woodwork Badarse the louse rises . A Quisling ... oh dear just repeating your stuff Badarse, hope I didn’t twist it. The stuff you used to write about your family then Badarse, was that all lies? Looks like we’ve got another issue of yours about to be aired, it’s actually It’s an odd thing you and Leek do. You accuse us of all sorts of cynicism yet when you tell lies and sort of get away with it ( both of you are essentially immature so you try and crow a feeble yahboo) you then tell us we are naive and foolish An outsider of course would see 5 posters trying to intercede with someone who may be ill. I think you are Ill, you generally don’t seem to be acting rationally . The pantomime laughs you keep on adding to your posts fool no one. - Post No. 111423

Exeter Ex  17:23pm 28th Dec 2017

Badbum - people have taken exception to you and been upfront about it. If you approve of such an approach generally I wonder why you also 'despise' it when such an approach is taken towards yourself. And using terms like 'your leader' will only increase the humiliation until you're once again run off the site. It's clear you've not much else going on and would like to contribute regularly as opposed to just reading every comment for months at a time before reappearing to repeat all the same mistakes again. You think you'd learn from that and change your ways somewhat. But I suppose if Wenger is your role model that's not going to happen. TOOAW - someone like you that puts a declining manager before the good of the club is the opposite of a proper Gooner. - Post No. 111424

mbg  19:49pm 28th Dec 2017

I see TOF slabbering about speeritt, quaittee, commitment etc, in his pre match presser, where the fook does he get these words out off ? Is there any end to his verbal diarrhoea ? If there were ever three words (among others) that don't match or fit into wenger and his teams performances and vocabulary it's those, but of course they'll be lapped up. You couldn't make it up. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111425

Badarse  22:17pm 28th Dec 2017

Corny, re-read my answer before being nasty, chum. It is a figment of Nark's imagination, or a deceptive ploy as a misunderstanding, as the Eggman often misunderstands and you have in this instance. It's akin to the mug going on about smacked arses, who has smacked an arse? Be careful how you answer as mug likes that sort of thing. Oke, poke, bald egg, bald egg. Ha ha. The Eggman says 'people' and he means the Dark Moanies, the clique. If they didn't take exception to me I'd be quietly concerned. Tell me WOR, when, if, you ever travel to watch the Arsenal, do you ever sing, 'We love you Arsenal...', as the lads at Selhurst Park did tonight? No, you probably don't know the words. The Nark says, 'Goodness me Badarse, I remember you saying you got on with everyone on this site.' Yes Nark, I got on and fell off. More fake news. Anyone going to pick him up on that, now spreading misleading info about my family. What a posse, but who shot the Sheriff? Now where is me omelette? - Post No. 111426

mbg  22:31pm 28th Dec 2017

CORNISH, well said, all this talk about family, morals, his grandson, teaching him right from wrong etc,(I know don't laugh)teaching, coaching, him football, (I know stop laughing) bringing him to matches the emirates, All lies (does it surprise any of us) probably doesn't even have a grandson or a family, that would explain it. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111428

TOOAW  22:40pm 28th Dec 2017

Good evening Badarse. Wonderful result this evening. Palace were very much like the negatives on here. Chasing shadows, all over the place and never in control. Good night and 3 points. - Post No. 111429

Arseneknewbest  23:04pm 28th Dec 2017

Oooh leekietoo - did the Arsenal win tonight? I was too busy sticking pins in a wax effigy of you and wengo making the beast with two backs to notice... - Post No. 111431

TOOAW  23:29pm 28th Dec 2017

AK(B). Stick pins in your eye. It's still 3 points in the bag my friend . - Post No. 111432

A Cornish Gooner  2:29am 29th Dec 2017

Badarse, my tripe enriched ‘chum’. More weasel words from you I’m afraid. Your response seems very Trump like. You either don’t remember saying anything about your wife sharing responses to your posts, OR if you did ‘suggest’ anything it was ‘in a moment of deception’ OR it is a figment of the Nark's 'Fake News' OR you’ve been misunderstood. ‘If I did suggest’, as you wrote, is not a strong denial of telling a lie. Is it? Anyway, I’m SURE you have made comments about sharing posts with your wife. Are you still denying that? - Post No. 111434

markymark  7:58am 29th Dec 2017

Cornish - Badarse has also mentioned about taking grand children to football and athletics as well mentioning family members sharing his posts on this site. He was trying to build up a portrayal of himself I thought at the time. If he says that these are lies as well I really would start questioning if he is well . I would have thought a can’t remember would have sufficed.9 - Post No. 111435

Exeter Ex  10:03am 29th Dec 2017

Badarse has also said in the past that family members set up the computer for him on this website and that he doesn't know how to change it, and types out his comments very slowly with one finger - were these lies also or were you also 'misunderstood' when you wrote those words? And yes, by people I do mean people on this site, the ones you refer to as Dark Moanies, WOR and have individual names for - whilst also complaining about 'name calling' yourself. And if you don't care what regulars on this site think of you, why do you keep leaving then returning, leaving then returning... and claim that Ron 'improved with my perpetual explanations'... and implore the editor to change the course of the site at this late stage in Wenger's tenure? This the behaviour of someone who cares deeply what others on here think of him, someone who'd like to be seen as the sage of the site, someone who returns after each retreat in the hope that his moral and intellectual superiority will finally be recognised. If your wife was reading this as you have previously claimed, I would hope she'd tell you to stop, as this cannot be good for you. - Post No. 111437

markymark  12:36pm 29th Dec 2017

Badarse - so apparently it was all a figment of my imagination, I twist things do I? Strange how multiple contributors seem to remember the exact same comments from you. Looks like you have been sandwiching layers of lies and now can’t remember what you’ve said. You are truly a sad individual. - Post No. 111444

mbg  14:48pm 29th Dec 2017

markymark, yes, or told/tells that many he believes them himself. wenger out. - Post No. 111449

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