So finally… Farewell to the Espresso Machine Kid

By Frank Lee

Theo Walcott has left the building

It was a day I, and many Gooners I know have longed for. Theo Walcott has left Arsenal. Now under normal circumstances this would be hailed as a time of progress for the club, as let’s face it, Walcott has never been “top, top, quality” in the words of the manager. But the inability of Arsenal to persuade Alexis Sanchez to extend his stay, and his departure in the same transfer window does not bode well for the future. As for Theo, we were excited at the prospect of great things when he arrived, but it never really worked out. Here are ten memories of Walcott’s time at Arsenal.

1. Signed in January 2006 but not played until the following season
Strange to think it, but Walcott was actually an Arsenal player during the club’s final season at Highbury. Yes, he’s been around that long. And yet, I have a memory of Walcott being on the bench for one game – maybe Birmingham away – but there was never any chance of him getting on. His non-appearances can only have been to ensure some bonus payment on his transfer fee for appearances that season was not paid to Southampton. So, one for the future.

2. The 2006 World Cup
We still wonder about this one to this day. Theo, now 17 years old, and having never made a first team appearance for Arsenal, was picked by Sven Goran-Eriksson to go to Germany with England for the World Cup Finals. On what basis? Arsene Wenger’s recommendation? Maybe the Arsenal manager was trying to handicap the national team so that his native France would have a better chance? It seemed like madness at the time and the fact that, in spite of Michael Owen getting crocked in the second group game, Theo never appeared in that or any of the three remaining matches Eriksson’s side played just backs up the notion that the Swede had lost his marbles.

3. The 2007 League Cup Final
Arsene Wenger fielded a young team against a far more experienced Chelsea side at Cardiff for this final. And in fairness, for the first half hour, the young guns had Jose Mourinho’s side on the ropes. Theo has made plenty of appearances by this time, but was still to score. He put that right by opening his account in this final to put his team one up. But it was the only one of several good chances Arsenal managed to convert during their period of dominance. In the second half Didier Drogba scored two goals leaving Theo with a runners’ up medal. It was a case of men against boys, and Walcott then was a strip of a lad, in contrast to a few years later, when he bulked up as if he had been taking boldenon (which of course he did not!)

4. 2007-08
Probably Arsenal’s best team since the stadium move, one that came closest to winning a title. Theo made plenty of appearances, but most as a substitute. He came on in the second leg of the Champions League quarter final against Liverpool at Anfield to provide one great Theo moment. 2-1 down in the game with the clock ticking down, Theo made a fantastic run down the wing before teeing up Adebayor to level the scores, meaning Arsenal would go through on away goals. Of course, within a minute, defensive naivety cost Wenger’s team and the Scousers equalised. It’s something we’d get very used to over the next ten years…

5. Inheriting Thierry Henry’s shirt number
In the summer of 2008, with Thierry Henry’s number 14 shirt number unclaimed since his departure 12 months earlier, Theo switched from number 32 to 14. Henry had given the youngster plenty of advice during his full debut season, the club’s first at the Emirates. However, in spite of scoring 100 goals for the club, it’s fair to say that although he might have shared the Frenchman’s incredible burst of pace, his finishing ability was nowhere near as clinical.

6. England hat-trick v Croatia
There were already a lot of doubts that Theo could become the finished article after two seasons of seeing the teenager actually play, but then he’d pop up with something like this in September 2008 – a hat-trick in a World Cup qualifier away to Croatia. However, his goals tally for his national team outside of this game says it all. Five goals in 46 appearances. It’s not exactly lethal, especially given the number of bang average nations England play during the qualifying stages for major tournaments. It’s not wonder he’s never been selected in a finals squad since.

7. Holding the club to ransom in contract negotiations
In January 2013, Walcott’s contract was running down, with a free transfer possible at the end of that season. The previous summer, the club had sold Robin Van Persie to Manchester United as the Dutchman entered the final year of his own deal at Arsenal. With marketable star names thin on the ground, poster-boy Theo had the club over a barrel and to add insult was actually in a good run of scoring goals. The club eventually relented to Walcott’s wage demands and handed over a reported £100,000 a week to secure him until the end of the 2015-16 campaign.

8. Sticking two fingers up to Spurs
In January 2014, Theo was badly injured in an FA Cup 3rd Round tie at home to Spurs. Stretchered off in front of the away section with his team 2-0 up, Walcott received some verbal abuse, so in response put two fingers up to remind the Tottenham fans of the score. A hail of coins was returned, many hitting the stretcher bearers, who turned out to be Spurs fans themselves. Theo was out of action for several months, but his final appearance of that season finished on a note that delighted Gooners.

9. The 2015 FA Cup Final
It was a walk in the park against a poor Tim Sherwood managed Aston Villa side. In his time on the sidelines recovering from his cruciate ligament injury the previous year, Theo had turned into a musclebound, pumped up tattoo boy. He had scored a hat-trick in the final Premier League game of the season at home to West Brom, to earn his a starting spot ahead of Olivier Giroud as the fulcrum of The Gunners’ attack at Wembley. He responded by opening the scoring shortly before half-time (having missed the 2014 final through injury) and Arsenal never looked back.

10. Out in the Cold
Having been given innumerable chances by Arsene Wenger, the one area of his game Theo never mastered was consistency. He could, on occasion, look like a world beater. But the other 90% of the time he looked like a League One quality marksman, missing chances and mis-placing passes. The manager’s patience finally ran out this season, as Theo was demoted to the Europa League / League Cup / FA Cup team, not making a single Premier League start. There is a theory that he was punished this way not because of a repeated failure to deliver regularly but because of comments made after the defeat at Crystal Palace last season that the opposition players simply wanted it more. I admire the player’s honesty, but suspect the manager didn’t. Desperate to revive his career and have some hope of making the cut for the World Cup Final squad that travels to Russia, Walcott decided to move to Everton to see if he could get more first team football under Sam Allardyce.

In conclusion, the post-Highbury Arsene Wenger managed era has been labelled elsewhere as ‘The Walcott Years’. Full of promise, but ultimately, delivery was all too rare. With Theo’s move, Arsenal fans will have to find a new target for their frustration, and going on recent performances, there seem plenty of candidates. Farewell Theo, you provided plenty of drama, good and bad, alongside a good number of complete no-shows. Don’t forget to take the espresso machine with you now.

19th January 2018 12:32:19


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Yes its Ron  13:08pm 19th Jan 2018

Never fully understood how TW ever made it as a footballer. Good luck to him and hes maybe found a level at Evton, out of the limelight really, less expectation etc etc. He ll have his little 2 or 3 match patches of goal-scoring im sure and long periods of inaction too. Going to that WC in 06 was the biggest set back to his career i think. It was the hype about him at the time that swayed SGE im sure. What else could it have been? Ever since the wally has been trying to talk himself up it always seems to me. In the end, he has believed his own bluster that he really is a good player. Its quite a sad ending for him really. Wengo didnt help by allowing Wally to think that he could make it as a CF, instead of telling him straight he d no chance. It kept him in limbo and accordingly Wally and AFC have never really known how best to use what limited skillsets he does have. - Post No. 112031

Scruff  13:17pm 19th Jan 2018

Can think of only 2 occasions where he showed what he was capable of Liverpool away in CL ( that superb run where we scored only for our defence to let us down again) and 2nd half showing against the Spuds (5-2) glad he has gone probably the worst player in the last 40 years because of the length of his tenure and was shocked to find out he made more appearances than DB. - Post No. 112032

Yes its Ron  13:23pm 19th Jan 2018

Brace yourselves for his goal v AFC. - Post No. 112033

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:59pm 19th Jan 2018

TW scored over 100 goals and that under normal circumstances is an achievement. I never gave much thought about Theo because Arsenal have always had more serious defensive problems to overshadow his tenure at the club. It will be interesting to see how he and AOC fair under different management, I suspect SA will get Theo to play wide, get beyond the last man and cross the ball into area's where Sam will have a big man waiting, whatever style he plays at Everton I am sure it will be pretty basic. I do however think he might do a bit better than perhaps we all expected. Agree Ron, a Theo brace in a 4-4 draw at the Em*rates is more than likely. - Post No. 112034

Yes its Ron  14:26pm 19th Jan 2018

SKG - ...but whos going to teach him how to get beyond the last man and cross? Hes rarely managed that in 12 years, even allowing for how dainty tippy tappy has overarched AFC game. - Post No. 112035

MAF  14:49pm 19th Jan 2018

Theo is not 100% to blame we all now know that. im upset about Alexis. Heart of a Lion. managed by an aging selfish sensitive French poodle - Post No. 112036

TonyEvans  14:56pm 19th Jan 2018

His performance in the 2-0 cup win v the Spuds was superb - he was on fire and looked the business. I remember thinking that he had finally come good, but he never really came back from the injury he suffered in that game. He had plenty of other chances to impress though and never took them so you can't blame his failure to nail it at Arsenal on injuries alone. He is one of those players that doesn't seem to have a natural position - take his pace away and what are you left with - a winger that can't cross or get behind the last man, or a striker that is offside more times than he is on and is not clinical enough in front of goal. I fancy his time at Everton will be very similar, short lived purple patches followed by long periods of going awol. - Post No. 112037

cameron326  15:02pm 19th Jan 2018

Theo is/was a good 7/10 type player, and will be for another two or three years until his pace goes. It’s not his fault he wasn’t a great player, but we should have sold him 5+ was years ago when he’d reached his potential. Sadly, 7/10 is all modern Arsenal aspires to. - Post No. 112038

TonyEvans  15:07pm 19th Jan 2018

I would also suggest that Walcott was / is a confidence type of player. Not a natural footballer by any means, but when on his game can look the bees knees; and we all know how Wenger can drain confidence from even the best by messing them about with his nonsensical decision making. Maybe under a better manager Theo would have flourished, and I can't see Allerdyce being that manager! Or maybe he is just crap after all! - Post No. 112039

Yes its Ron  15:21pm 19th Jan 2018

Theo and Lennon are similar. Neither really do what it says on the tin. Maybe Lennons on his way out. Who cares tho eh! - Post No. 112040

Alsace  15:54pm 19th Jan 2018

Theo is a victim, not a villain. I am very pleased for him and us that he doesn't play for us anymore. Allerdyce will put him o the wing and teach him to cross the ball. He will also make sure that someone is in the box to meet the crosses. In short, he will have a plan, which Wenger does not and never did. Good luck to him. My friend and mentor Paul, says that the biggest indictment of Wenger is the Ox and his progress at Liverpule. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Theo turned into something useful under a proper manager. - Post No. 112041

Wardy  15:59pm 19th Jan 2018

At times he looked a top player ..... at times he epitomised all that is wrong with so many English players, overpaid and hardly seemed to improve since he arrived all those years ago. He needs a change and I wish him well. Hopefully his new manager will play to his strengths. Now can we please get a new manager ASAP. - Post No. 112042

Paulward  16:11pm 19th Jan 2018

Tomorrow could be the day the crap hits the fan inside the ground. Can certainly see another defeat as the whole club is in disarray right now.Caught in the middle of another hopelessly mismanaged transfer window with a team that is impotent up front and about as solid a plate of jelly at the back. Throw in 10 or so thousand empty seats and some pouring rain and the stage is set.Normally Wenger gets a result on these occasions, this time I’m not so sure. - Post No. 112043

Bard  16:39pm 19th Jan 2018

Sad really but he never kicked on as they say. Why is a mystery. I was always bemused that someone who trained every day for over a dozen years never really improved. To my mind that takes some doing. Anyway I wish him well at Everton. - Post No. 112044

Exeter Ex  17:56pm 19th Jan 2018

The fact he's gone has raised my respect for him a bit. We know Wenger never sells players if they don't want to go, indeed would prefer to keep the same set of players around him all the time for 'stability'. Maybe Wally decided taking £100m odd off Arsenal was enough and he'd go and get some actual football coaching before it's too late. - Post No. 112045

mbg  18:29pm 19th Jan 2018

Yes wally has left the building, the great Arsenal hope, the great England hope, oh what lies we were spun by an old fraud of a manger, remember how he grinned and smirked standing behind the young guns signing their new contracts some years back, how he was going to build Arsenal around them and how he done England a great favour ? bringing their future on (except the Welsh Jesus of course another false prophet, great Parrott though, oh how he lauded all that, (and the AKB's lapped it up)where are they today you lying old fraud ? Either useless when you bought them, ruined by you, and/or trying to rebuild their careers elsewhere. Go now wenger your not fit to be called a manager. - Post No. 112046

Badarse  18:46pm 19th Jan 2018

Hi Ron, Golden Shred is all in the name...and not in the jar. It just displays how hype and pretence is endemic. Won't sink lower than a Frank Cooper's Thick Cut buddy. Nark, to declare yourself centre in politics in this country is akin to Feo declaring himself a central striker. As we are an extremely conservative country the centre is about thirteen moves to the right, which takes it off the chess board. Still you are in good company, with other 'right-minded' individuals like Moscow Gooner and mug. Good morrow SKG, whilst channel hopping the other day I just happened upon 'The Good Life' and a comment was, '...as liberal as a Daily Express headline...'. All those years ago, eh? As Future Islands sang, some people change, others never do. The numpties I enjoy seeing froth at the mouth are the clowns on this site, you know, those who froth, ha ha. It's frothy, man! Just a bit too subtle for some, eh? Speak to Bard about nuances, and to Cyril-the veiled racist-about oldances. Omelettes at the ready, toss! - Post No. 112047

Scruff  18:47pm 19th Jan 2018

Off topic Chelsea looking for a target man ( Crouch and Carrol rumoured) but no interest in Giroud? Can only be one reason for that! - Post No. 112048

mbg  18:50pm 19th Jan 2018

A player that has never improved in any way (only got rich) since he arrived fourteen years ago, yes fourteen years and learned absolutely nothing in fact regressed, what does that tell us about this so called great manager of yours (and wally's not alone) eh AKB's, in fact it tell us all we need to know but we all knew that anyway, what a f*****g fraud your messiah really is. wenger out now. - Post No. 112049

Cyril  19:06pm 19th Jan 2018

Badarse- please go away! - Post No. 112050

mbg  19:09pm 19th Jan 2018

So Alexis has been made to train with the kids, how this pathetic egoistic old fraud of a manager hates not getting his own way, what an arrogant pathetic big child he is. wenger out now. - Post No. 112051

Goonhogday  19:14pm 19th Jan 2018

I hope SA coaches the hell out of him and he comes back proving Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing in training sessions. Next question is ... will Malcolm become the New Walcott if we sign him!? I know nothing about Malcolm but still think we should be addressing our soft underbelly with the Walcott money though. Get Evans in for the short term and some proper competition for Xhaka to worry about. But Arsène knows best as they used to say !! Wenger out. - Post No. 112052

markymark  20:08pm 19th Jan 2018

Cyril I think as MBG said it’s best to completely ignore Badarse unless he says something very personally insulting. It’s an issue in him obviously trying to constantly gain acceptance and he’s often delusional. Most of the postings make no sense anyway. I’m thinking that he’s an old man who is barely IT literate. It’s making me a bit uncomfortable engaging with him as I don’t want his wife blaming us for giving him a funny turn. Ignoring I reckon is the way forward: - Post No. 112053

Paulo75  20:15pm 19th Jan 2018

Harsh perhaps, but good riddance to as over hyped and under performing a player you are ever likely to see pull on the shirt. Given an easier ride than others because of his English roots I don't think I've ever been so frustrated by watching any other player in action. His failure to perform the basics doesn't reflect well either on the coaching staff but Walcott should have had closer to 300 goals rather than the 100 he is getting plaudits from some for scoring. To have awarded him £100k a week contracts on more than one occasion is another example of Wenger's culture of failure within the Club. - Post No. 112054

Cyril  20:48pm 19th Jan 2018

Markymark: Its libellous what he said there. I like talking about Arsenal footy and so I am not happy. I emailed the editor to ask him to modify his comments. I’m not sure I will take part anymore. That said, back to footy, would like to see Sanchez one more time tomorrow. Gonna really miss him. Ozil and Sanchez really linked up well. Where I sit, I can see the whites of their eyes and they looked for each other all the time. Great player Sanchez, he pulled players all over the place. He is about to get 450 plus a week. How much would he be worth today if they sorted his contract. 100 mill plus. What is there left to say about this management.. - Post No. 112055

mbg  20:54pm 19th Jan 2018

I see our old friend Adebayor is back, and shooting from the hip at TOF calling Mourniho one of the most honest managers he's ever known Ouch, slamming wengers coaching philosophy and preferring maureens, Ouch, and referring to wenger as a fake, Ouch, I bet that went down well i'd have loved to see the weasels face as he read that, Thanks for that Ade. He claims he wanted to stay but wenger told him no, you don't have a future here anymore, the next day wenger was telling pressers Adebayor wanted out for the money, regardless the in's and outs of the transfer at the time he's right when he says he was bought for £4,mil and sold for £27, mil and their still slagging me off, go figure. wenger out. - Post No. 112056

markymark  22:29pm 19th Jan 2018

Cyril - take part , he really is a fool with an issue. Don’t let it ruin your enjoyment. As a point I should add he called me a liar for over a month until myself , Cornish and Exeter had him banged to rights. He disappeared then for a few weeks, he is likely to disappear again. - Post No. 112057

mbg  23:39pm 19th Jan 2018

Cyril, don't worry about him mate, he's not worth it, he's the site joke, stay and enjoy the banter you talk sense, more than that idiot ever did/does, he seriously insulted/libelled (and i'm not easily insulted as i'm sure your aware) me a few years back in a retort to serious to be repeated on a family (as he claimed/claims to have himself) site, it was pulled by the moderator almost immediately and warnings given, a few got to read it at the time and found out what he's really like, unfortunately not enough, but believe me he's in no position whatsoever to lecture, accuse or give anybody advice. wenger out now. - Post No. 112059

Moscowgooner  3:13am 20th Jan 2018

Badarse - yes, I'm on the right; probably a fascist by your warped definition. I would consider that a badge of honour given the nonsense you spew. My point to you - and others - over the years is: keep politics out of football! You are still (I assume) an Arsenal supporter - as even Corbyn claims to be - so I am interested in your views on the club; nothing else. As for Theo, sad that it didn't work out. We can't entirely blame Wenger for this - just everything else. I certainly wouldn't agree with the comment that he was 'our worst player for 40 years'; he had a decent scoring record given that he was normally coming in off the wing. He added one ingredient (speed and directness) that could disturb teams like Barcelona when they were entirely comfortable dealing with the tikka-takka approach. However, in the overall disintegration of the club his departure is hardly more than a footnote. - Post No. 112060

markymark  9:17am 20th Jan 2018

Badarse I shall say this again for someone who constantly claimed to be left wing and tried to take a moral high ground with your various causes ( never defined of course ) why were you hanging out and admiring a true neon Fascist Jamerson . It’s interesting you label others but the true fascist on the site you actual cuddled up to. I’m not sure if it’s just hypocrisy or some sort of mental illness. - Post No. 112061

Badarse  9:24am 20th Jan 2018

No, Moscow, like the others who attain to get the froth place trophy you are not interested in the subject of AFC, just Wenger Out. There are just two posters who I respect on this site with perhaps opposite views to mine, Ron, who talks such experienced good sense most of the time, and the Dark Lord, Bard, who has never really changed his approach and attitude-though who's hat he chewed is anyone's guess. Cyril I would never slate another nation in the way you did the French the other day. Think on that, change your tack and I shall forgive you; being called out is embarrassing, non? It is something I would challenge anyone over so I am not singling you out. mug your piety leaks out of the holes in your wellies and spills over the floor. Just a heads up, the Jewish religion was founded on the Caan religion much older, just as patriarchal and misguided, and check out Gilgamesh before you celebrate Noah. Of course there is no documented evidence that Susej ever existed. I know you think exist are the ways out of a building, never mind my little poached egg. Nark, my flavourite WOR. I have explained on numerous occasions that having acceptance from numpties is not a desired target, of course why let truth get in the way of a 'good' post? Anyway due to popular demand I have to reluctantly announce one more award from the OG Virtual Awards 2017, the Kermit The Frog Award, known colloquially as the Toad award, and of course Nark is the recipient despite remarkable competition throughout 2017. So arise Toad and take your place of honour. Egg Ruby tonight gentle folk, ah now Indian food is a subject. All I'd need is julesd's hedgehog kebabs and a frangipane to accompany it. Have to go postman just been so am going to get some letters and make a scrabbled egg for brekkie...with some thick cut marmalade on brown bread. - Post No. 112062

markymark  10:23am 20th Jan 2018

Badarse - lines and lines of total tripe laced with arrogance. As if anyone cares for, or needs your forgiveness. Stop moralising, you cuddled up to a racist anti Semite and write poems about groping woman. You’ve nothing to moralise about. - Post No. 112063

markymark  10:39am 20th Jan 2018

Badarse - “Just a heads up, the Jewish religion was founded on the Caan religion much older, just as patriarchal and misguided, and check out Gilgamesh before you celebrate Noah” Why single out Jews, Badarse ? Looks like, as MBG noted your mask slips. Considering you were hanging around with an Alt Right Fascist whilst trying to deny it. I’d say quoting like you’re a paid up member of the Alt Right is doing you no favours . Looks my theory about you is holding water. - Post No. 112064

RobG  10:47am 20th Jan 2018

One thing I will say in Theo's favour is that he was woefully let down by that idiot Ericcson and also by Wenger, when the former selected him for the 2006 WC squad. He was actually picked ahead of Jermaine Defoe, who was bang in form. A really stupid decision designed to make paper headlines and nothing else, which screwed up his international career before it started. I often think of that idiocy when people say 'Managers' must know more than us - fans. Often, they don't. - Post No. 112065

Badarse  11:01am 20th Jan 2018

For your edification Toad of the Year, it is Canaanite religion, please forgive my typo-see we can all ask for forgiveness. I never singled out the Jewish religion but as they poached the older religion-along with their camel eggs-and the Christians scrambled the Jewish religion-along with their Easter eggs-and then the Muslims fried the Christian religion-along with their egg tagines-I thought it a good place to start. Now deny that you have learnt something today. By the way Toad the cuddling is a fiction of your limited imagination, as is the conclusion of me being a misogynist and of being a right wing Trump supporter. It says much of your awareness; being a centrist working alongside right wingers must have addled your eggs. - Post No. 112066

markymark  11:30am 20th Jan 2018

The trouble is Badarse you keep saying it. I quote it back and then you hate it as you are skewered . See your recent pathetic posts where you couldn’t even confirm if you had lied or not. If you randomly start going on about Jews and yes Badarse I know a potted history of Baal then , Jahweh through the Semite tribes to New Testament . So thanks Badarse but most of us on the site actually are probably more intelligent then you . You have nothing to teach us. You admired a Fascist , you wrote nonsense about groping woman, you write comments denigatraing an older woman whilst trying to claim what high morale standing you have. The list goes on and on. - Post No. 112067

Yes its Ron  11:30am 20th Jan 2018

MBG - Im not totally sure that the Adebayor comments should be taken as a fountain of honesty. Most of his actions in football seems to have been motivated by his next pay cheque. Nothing wrong with that but if thats a blokes prime factor he should admit it. Ade was never as good as he thought. Hes another who when he did put it in he could play a bit, but his application was clearly never there in each game. I was a regular in his day and he often disapointed. The sale price was a good price, well over his real value back then. AW for all we think of the bloke as a Coach knows a good deal and when to sell players in the main. Ade also says that 'most' managers are a bit fake. In football im guessing they have to be to survive. Football is fake and in the main, so are the fans who behave and say things in footie context that they often wouldn't in any other context. So, no i d take his comments with a pinch of salt. Having said that, i was at the game in 2009 and the songs about him that day were quite bad, more in the bars there than in the actual stadium once the game had started. Ade is tight to be offended and it was clear from the start he was up to do Arsenal who on the day folded in that characteristic way they have done this last 10 years. Only Rosicky could walk off having done his best that day. Ade is just trying to grab a bit of a headline in this Sanchez dominated press situation i think. - Post No. 112068

Badarse  12:05pm 20th Jan 2018

It was deep in the night, about 5ft 6in, which is quite deep. Desperate for attention he consults the wiki pages to arm himself. He thinks arms are handy, but his poor ability in biology lets him down again. He knew something was amiss, wearing a dress and going by the moniker Anita gave him a clue, but what did she eat? His complicated understanding of reality was under threat. He tugged on his trews and his nose, he was serious now. How to get rid of Wenger and Badarse; life just kept on getting more and more complicated. It was true he shared a lot with the mug; the mug was always talking of spanking Badarse's bottom, now Toad wanted to skewer Badarse. Wonder what they would like to do to you Arsene? Especially considering what they have collectively brought to the Arsenal compared with yourself. Deluded slug? - Post No. 112069

markymark  12:26pm 20th Jan 2018

The Skull and Dagger symbols on his dog collar glinted in the sunlight that streamed through the windows as the Rev Brian B’darse thumped his Bible on the Lectern. “I am the supreme being” Brian yelled; spittle flying from his mouth. “Believe, oh yes Believe, for I have walked a thousand miles in the light of the Lord . Oh yes he told me that I am the Chosen one! I have risen to Heaven in a Chariot and the Good Lord told me , I will destroy the WOR! For I understand things that the pitiful WOR cannot understand. For I talk in a subtle way that the WOR are to stupid to understand. I lie to those heathen’s as I must confuse them with my lies. hallelujah, oh glory hallelujah!” In the aisles a toothless vagrant known as Leekey hopped from one leg to the other clapping his hands. “you are the chosen one” he shouted. A very obese follower called Jamerson then collapsed to the floor speaking in tongues, though the sounds were muffled through the white pointed hood he was wearing. To the side of the Reverend a sinister looking character called Colesey, dressed in black scanned the audience and discreetly held a lead filled cosh in his hand waiting for trouble. He was ready to bludgeon anyone and was experienced at the task having been a member of the SPG back in the 1980’s. Colesey thought to himself “all this stuff is rubbish”, having supported Spurs all his life. But the opportunity to give someone a kicking and to crack their nut was an opportunity to good to miss. To be continued...... - Post No. 112070

Scruff  14:12pm 20th Jan 2018

I wonder if the 2 racists could answer the easy questions ' do you think Wenger is doing a good job and why?' 23 points off the top and 22 points from the bottom. - Post No. 112071

A Cornish Gooner  15:24pm 20th Jan 2018

Apologies for lowering the tone, but did anybody read that the BBC has received no complaints whatsoever, regarding The News Quiz presenter Sandi Toksvig, who, when discussing ‘The racist Badarse and marmalade’, declared: "It’s Badarse who has put the 'n' into thick cut." - Post No. 112072

mbg  16:13pm 20th Jan 2018

Paulo75 has touched on an excellent point, ref wally getting an easier ride, here he is having fooked off, jumped ship, committed treason, in the eyes of AKB's, left poor wenger in the lurch, not a fooking word, a peep, Sanchez ? does/doing the same because he has the Audacity to want to better himself and get away from a past it joke of a manager, and he's banished to the stiffs out of spite, slagged off left right and centre by fans (not all though) treated with contempt by fans (not all though) why ? what's the difference, I seem to remember the exact same scenario when RVF was going, to better himself and win something he was treated with Distain also by fans (not everyone) mostly wengers luvvies, slagged off on nearly every Arsenal site in the Country, and by coincidence at the time too wally was pushing for a new deal, and there was a strong rumour he was going to leave poor granddad in the lurch also, but again not a fooking whimper from fans then either, why ? Look at the Ox again not a peep from fans,Is it an/the English thing again ? Surely if that's the case they are the ones who should be vilified, English club and all that, and they are supposedly so greatfull to wenger, and love him and the club so much having been here from no age/all their life, surely they are the ones who should be vilified for jumping ship on Grandad and letting him down and not the foreigners/mercs who have no affiliation to the club and only stay a few years anyway, but no their the ones vilified while the English lads are waved merrily on their way. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112073

mbg  16:33pm 20th Jan 2018

Moscow, how you can be interested in anything the joke of the site has to say is beyond me and i'm sure everyone on here and others. wenger out now. - Post No. 112074

mbg  17:20pm 20th Jan 2018

Ron, I do agree with you there I think if there was one player who was motivated by greed it was him, and I certainly didn't take everything he said as gospel, taking all the Arsenal players boots of the dressing floor on his last day and putting them in a bin bag and chucking them in the boot of his car without permission was a good example among others, but the fact what he had to say would have pissed TOF and his luvvies off was good enough for me. - Post No. 112075

markymark  20:04pm 20th Jan 2018

Badarse - “ Now deny that you have learnt something today“. - correct the whole forum has discovered your an anti semite fascist prick. - Post No. 112077

Scruff  20:08pm 20th Jan 2018

mbg I doff my hat to you ! How correct you are about Woy doffing his hat to Wenger and not allowing his team to dare play against us. No doubt the pair of racists from Untold will be back celebrating how we will make top 4!!! Boring. - Post No. 112078

Alsace  20:40pm 20th Jan 2018

Ahem.....back in the real world, it looks as though Wenger is going to try and screw up the Sanchez move. If he does that he is actually overtly and deliberately going to lose tens of millions of Stan's dosh. Again! We needed Wenger gone 10 years ago but the need of any decent players to stay away from Wenger is gathering pace. The Ox and Walcott have gained the self respect to break out and if they are doing so then others can and will. His mercenaries and his disciples are deserting him, now let's hope that the end is very very painful. The harm that most of us knew Wenger was going to do is now coming to be shown. - Post No. 112079

TOOAW  21:30pm 20th Jan 2018

Seems as if Nark has been wound up like an elastic band helicopter. If you see him flying over your house, you can do one of two things. I'll leave it at that. Back on track..... Easy peasy lemon squeezy today. Problem is that with results like these and a few signings, it's a nail or two in the protest campaign. - Post No. 112080

mbg  21:43pm 20th Jan 2018

Alsace, and only he could, and all because he hasn't got his way this time, and it doesn't look good for him and he hasn't/not coming out of it smelling of roses this time, what an arrogant egoistic spiteful old c**t. Go now wenger your not for for purpose. - Post No. 112081

Scruff  21:43pm 20th Jan 2018

Tooaw = Spud. - Post No. 112082

markymark  21:48pm 20th Jan 2018

Toad - I’m actually quite chilled just calling out your rascist mate. I’ve not been the only one I notice. - Post No. 112083

Arseneknewbest  22:39pm 20th Jan 2018

Blimey toooooaw - Thickos like you are too easily pleased it seems. If you can't see palace for what they are, i.e. a team on the beach, then I unrespectfully suggest that you've been drinking badarse's kool aid. Have some f*cking personal integrity you utter buffoon! If you can't see a club in crisis, you're an even bigger a-hole and bullsh*ter than wenger. - Post No. 112084

Rippy  23:13pm 20th Jan 2018

Always seemed to be a player who didn’t actually like football to me. Played for contracts only. Wouldn’t ever risk a tackle and despite blistering pace was like a dog with a balloon. Not enough heart or balls to ever be considered a truly good player. Only survived so long because of Wenger being manager and his love for nice trouble free no lip players. I am sure Walcott is a great human so good luck to him. Just very glad his not playing football at arsenal anymore. - Post No. 112085

GoonerRon  23:50pm 20th Jan 2018

For all this talk of Walcott not fulfilling his potential, I’m not sure on what potential we’re basing that on. I think our opinion of him was coloured to much by him going to the WC06. I think he’s had a fantastic career. I’ve said lots on here that Theo isn’t a natural, skilful, ball-playing footballer. He had electric pace and over the years he improved (yes he did improve) his movement and his finishing. But that’s the sum total of Theo Walcott. That for me is why his performances cery rarely found a middle ground between completely anonymous or very effective. His scoring record for a wide player (1 in 2.5 starts and 1 in 4 overall) is exceptionally good. I’m not sure how many other 16 year old wide players came from a lower league and scored at that rate or got near his goals tally at the top end of the top division. - Post No. 112086

mbg  0:07am 21st Jan 2018

ArseneKnewBest, well said these AKB wengerites have no integrity whatsoever or no principles either or ambition, and certainly no respect for a once proud club and their funder members and foundation layers, instead they have it for an arrogant egoistic spiteful Frenchman who had all but destroyed it and everything thy built, no Morals at all. we want wenger out. - Post No. 112087

Moscowgooner  8:12am 21st Jan 2018

Mbg - take your point about not taking the site seriously, but even Badarse might have something to say about AFC - rather than religion, politics, philosophy, literature, music etc etc etc - one day(?) For an atheist, he seems to have an awful lot of faith in one deity at least... What money on Wenger paying off Ade to come out with his 'hate' remarks? He knows if there's one thing that would unite Arsenal supporters it's an extreme dislike of that mercenary; 'hating' Wenger attracts the sympathy vote. And of course the AKB's are already going over the top regarding the 'beautiful football' we played post Alexis versus Palace. Palace??! - Post No. 112088

Arseneknewbest  9:57am 21st Jan 2018

I must have missed the original reference in the cultural melee of daily life, but can anyone on here reveal why the athlete who dabbled in football, aka Feo, was dubbed the espresso machine kid (see title above)? Espressi are meant to be uncompromising, punchy and capable of waking you up... If any beverage applied more suitably to TW, wouldn't he be more like a decaffeinated soya-milk latte with some horlicks and served in an overpriced long glass in some hertfordshire shabby chic sh*thole. Sorry St Alban's and Harpenden Gooners - Ive been over-influenced by Badarse's mate Donald Trump...Feel free to take the p*ss out of Pembrokeshire where I now live in order to achieve some balance. It is really is a wet and windy wintry sh*thole here by the way. Lest we forget, Feo is an Orfor of children's books. TJ and the Hatrick, TJ and the cup rn, TJ and the 6 months on the couch with a sprained ankle, and TJ and the enormous unwarranted paycheque. All available on amazon for a penny, in the same bargain bin as badarse's biography of oswald mosley. Quiff and Tatts looked good and blended nicely with his natty blue toffees jersey yesterday. And he even risked his barnet by heading the ball. Good times ahead for the erstwhile footballer and managing director of feo inc. Wengo will be proud. - Post No. 112089

Exeter Ex  12:38pm 21st Jan 2018

I think it's becoming increasingly clear Badarse is not well, something perhaps age related. He's told us his wife sets up the computer and puts him on this website, we know this is how he spends his days. He regularly states he'll longer post on here then returns as if he'd never made such statements. The timeframe for these returns has shrunk from months to weeks to days, so his condition is clearly worsening. His posts are increasingly unfocused and nonsensical. He still thinks Arsene Wenger is doing a good job. It's not looking good. If his wife reads these posts, she can surely see being verbally torn apart like this on a regular basis cannot be good for his condition. At this late stage the best thing is to leave him in his world of delusions. As such, she should put him in front of Untold Arsenal for the day each morning. - Post No. 112090

Almunia is a clown  15:56pm 21st Jan 2018

Remember this delusional rubbish by Theo, only Wenger could have matched it for the clown factor! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/30909943 - Post No. 112104

mbg  16:31pm 21st Jan 2018

Moscow, it was taking the joke of the site seriously not the site itself, although i'm sure you just forgot to add the words, joke off, something to say about Arsenal ? that'll be a first. wenger out. - Post No. 112107

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