Arsenal’s January Window Points To A New Approach

By Markymark

Arsene’s removal from the negotiating process has led to three in and five out

Looking at this transfer window we have successfully moved on Theo Walcott, who I now hope can revitalise his career. A swap about sends Giroud to Chelsea. Our prime target Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is purchased for a record signing fee, whilst the man who didn’t want to play for us (Sanchez) is sold. In return we obtain Henrikh Mkhitaryan and we tie Ozil to a contract at very least creating a price in the market for him. Other departures are Francis Coquelin and Mathieu Flamini, and a recruitment is the young Greek centre-back Mavrapanos. A massively engaged, high tempo window that has effectively pushed Chelsea, Man United and Man City into the shade.

Talking pure activity Arsenal have suddenly become a force and have become yet more Germanic in team balance. Previously a supine Board were beholden to Wenger, who also appointed the hapless Dick Law. We have been told that transfer business is an incredibly difficult business, that the Billy Beane Moneyball model over-rules all and previously the highest paid member of staff at the Emirates was Wenger.

Smashed and broken, the amateur model of missed flights and dithering has ended. I’m sure that Wenger has been consulted but there are different levels of consultation. Such as “This is who we are buying!” It is also interesting to note that the Dortmund’s Chief Executive Michael Zorc felt he could berate Wenger in the media whilst simultaneously dealing with Gazidis, Huss Fahmy and Sven Mislintat. This in my opinion was a tactical move to show Dortmund supporters he was being tough in negotiations whilst hurling an insult acceptable to all parties around the table.

The Old Guard is going, one by one they will fall. The transfer activity will sharpen up and expect the sale of Ramsey and culling of Welbeck. Expect the culling of internal staff. In fact expect the removal of Wenger’s key men, one by one. The future (delayed by up to 18 months) is suddenly an awful lot more competitive as we are dragged kicking and screaming to the new model of European Football management .

The great thing is we will be actually learning from very solid professional management so I expect rapid changes emerging from end of season 2017-18. Make no mistake Wenger will finally be removed inch by inch

1st February 2018 11:55:25


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The Man From UNCLE  12:01pm 1st Feb 2018

Hope springs eternal, but ah hold on haven't we been here before....the signing of long term contracts for Oxlaide-Ch / Ramsey / Gibbs / Wilshere / Jenkinson back in 2012. That was spun as we now have a British spine of players........yeah, that worked out. - Post No. 112532

Moscowgooner  12:06pm 1st Feb 2018

Are you having a laugh? Where is our new defensive, screening midfielder. Where are our new central defenders? Where is our new goalkeeper? So far just luxury indulgence spending - although the Ozil contract is a solid piece of good news (assuming he doesn't ease up now again, given that it's in the bag). - Post No. 112533

Exiled in Pt  12:19pm 1st Feb 2018

I hope your right but just because we have a new record signing, who appears to have all the credentials to be top class!! Does not mean everything's changing, we needed a defender and a midfield player that can make a challenge and we did not go and get one! Wenger will still be there next year mid table dross, with kids football tactics, we may score a few but we will concede more. All seems a bit same old same old to me - Post No. 112535

andy1886  12:22pm 1st Feb 2018

Flamini??! He left in the summer of 2016. Do you mean Debuchy? - Post No. 112536

Bard  12:31pm 1st Feb 2018

Mark I hope you're right. The sceptic in me says that you have bought the PR hook line and sinker. The signings signal a new beginning, lets give Wenger time to work his magic black bla bla. Sorry this smells of a strategy to pacify the fans and buy Wenger wriggle room. End of season goes something like this. 'The new players need time to bed in and we will see the best of them next season'. 'This shows our intent'. I hope Im wrong. - Post No. 112537

Exeter Ex  12:50pm 1st Feb 2018

This transfer window looks a signal of intent but I have read that it's only a net spend of £7m. I do fear that Bard is right; in a worse case scenario you could even see Wenger signing an extension this summer no matter how badly the season (continues to) go on the basis that he needs the time with the new players and can't go into next season with the 'destabilising' effect of it being the final season of his contract again. These attacking players can make no difference to the fundamental problem of Wenger's (lack of) coaching and if/when these new players don't succeed, you can hear the AKBs now: "You can't blame Wenger, he didn't buy them". So in that respect, the perception that he has less power now may even work in Wenger's interest. - Post No. 112538

MAF  13:19pm 1st Feb 2018

I see Theo's played well. anything to do with the Coach he now has.....? of course it bloody well does ! - Post No. 112540

Reality Cech  13:20pm 1st Feb 2018

Mark, I totally agree. Wengo's end game is well and truly rolling. Significantly, Ozil's contract tie up which blows the Wenger economic old school policy out of the water (pity not a year earlier to keep Sanchez) means that all/most of our key players will now be in place for the new manager. Make no mistake, this was not a Wengo window and all the signs are encouraging that we may finally see the most outdated, out of touch managers in the modern game disposed of. Cant wait. - Post No. 112541

TonyEvans  13:36pm 1st Feb 2018

The last minute token gesture to try and sign a defender had Wenger's hand written all over it. I don't think it was a new approach this window; it was reactionary rather than proactive, and failed as usual to address our appalling defensive frailties. - Post No. 112542

Yes its Ron  13:54pm 1st Feb 2018

Its best now in the light of the incomeings and outgoings to place yself in AWs shoes. If i was him i would be saying im 67 im fit and as keen as ever to continue. I m happy with our business and i do intend to re shape my defence once i can buy a quality defender. I wd have taken Evans but he was only short term so missing him isnt a problem. Im excited about the new dawn and our new approach and looking forward to redeveloping our team. Ive been let down by a few players lately and accept the time has come to change things even more radically. Im confident in my own abilities to reshape us and to once more reach the top 4. As it is, we ve done well to get to the LC Final and to progress in the europa Cup. Expect Arsene to market himself and seek to extend his contract accordingly. The only thing that could stop himself is if hes already given the thumbs up to a new Coach and hes knowingly keeping the seat warm i would guess. - Post No. 112543

Paulward  14:15pm 1st Feb 2018

No question that this window felt different and you have to wonder how many of these deals would have gone through under the Wenger/ Law axis.Personally I doubt Wenger wanted Giroud to leave , and therefore we would never have got Auba if it’s was left to the dithering duo.My money is on Wenger going at the end of next season, but would not be suprised if he goes this May if the season ends badly. His chances of another contract are virtually zero .We would have to win the league next year for him to stay longer. - Post No. 112544

mbg  14:32pm 1st Feb 2018

And just think what the walking skeletons removal from his current position would do for the club. We want the weasel out. - Post No. 112545

A Cornish Gooner  14:36pm 1st Feb 2018

Ron I'd be worried if he was saying that. He's 68 isn't he?:) - Post No. 112546

Yes its Ron  14:52pm 1st Feb 2018

CG - Not sure of his age exactly. I honestly think that if theres anything like an air of ending on a very low note(in Arsenes perception of low note) that he ll stay on, at least until 2019. - Post No. 112547

shu  14:55pm 1st Feb 2018

Why do you think wenger wasnt involved ? Hope you are right - Post No. 112548

TonyEvans  15:07pm 1st Feb 2018

I've not read or seen anything yet that even hints at Wenger leaving anytime soon. I am sure he will still be manager next season, and I wouldn't even rule out some sort of annual rolling contract after that, especially if we regain a top four spot. I wish I could be more optimistic, but there it is. - Post No. 112549

markymark  15:15pm 1st Feb 2018

SHU - some guesswork around the fact that Gazidis, Fahmy , Mstinlat went out to Germany. These are Gazidis men make no mistake . Wenger will claim he knows everyone but Gazidis got these guys in around him. Wenger’s also been aggressive about Gazidis in the press. Whilst Gazidis goes and gets on with bringing in a DOF Raul Sanllehí. Basically Wenger is being bypassed . - Post No. 112551

Yes its Ron  15:23pm 1st Feb 2018

Hi Tony - yes, the roll over concept is still be considered and to raise its head i agree. In view of Arsenes age its inevitable i suppose. I still think he ll become a Director or at least a non exec Director/Ambassador after hes been Coach. Hes simply too well thought of by SK to be dispensed with. SK wont sell, hes in the US and he ll value AW still in the cockpit. Any new coach to get the job will have to agree to work in tandem with AW. SK will want to see AW rewarded in some way hence this scenario i think. Only unless AW wants to sever all ties totally will it happen. I dont think the situ of brazen new bombastic, hawkish young buck of a Coach going in there and ripping up the present blueprint will happen at all. Its not Arsenals way. - Post No. 112552

Seven Kings Gooner1  16:03pm 1st Feb 2018

The cynic in me thinks - our record breaking signing was to placate the fans - the selling out was to keep Stan happy. Books nicely balanced, let the in fighting begin. I think Arsene will have a few little traps set for Ivan and his new team and in the summer we will all be informed that Arsene intends to carry on. Arsene is Stan's man and SK is not going to ditch him. We have a fan base that can be smooched to be happy with anything, so why do so many of you think there will be changes? - Post No. 112554

TonyEvans  16:03pm 1st Feb 2018

Hi Ron - it's got to be something cataclysmic happening, I feel, to shift Wenger. If he can survive an 8-2 he can survive virtually anything! There just does not seem to be any catalyst for real change anywhere in the club's hierarchy. We are well and truly stuck with the status quo, and I think the 'just enough' factor will keep him in the job for a while yet. Just enough for SK and his cronies, and our supine fanbase anyway! - Post No. 112555

Alsace  16:25pm 1st Feb 2018

Absolutely everything except the manager that we need and the players that we need. I accept that signing Ozil has stopped him going on a Bosman and that some of the dead wood has been cleared. - Post No. 112556

CORNISH GOONER  17:01pm 1st Feb 2018

Some green shoots here I agree. BUT we "swap" a 29 year old for a 28 year old (29 this year?), who seems to be a talented prat or brat by his own admission, posing in godawful ankle length shorts like some guy out of the 1930s. Is he also a thumb sucker I wonder. Hope I am wrong but it looks to me that he will fit in very well with the members of the existing Colney Creche. No attention to the defence & every indication that old Arthur will need to be dynamited out of office. Sorry to rain on any AKB parades out there. Cynical? Moi? - Post No. 112557

A Cornish Gooner  17:05pm 1st Feb 2018

Tony. I’m (slightly) more optimistic about Wenger moving on. Over the last twenty or so years he appears to have become almost indispensable to Arsenal. In the summer it would have been very hard to sack him. That has changed with the appointment of the men markymark mentions. I’m sure, from what I’ve read, that if it had been left to Wenger they would not have been appointed. That suggests somebody, other than Wenger, had realised changes were necessary. In the last couple of months, he’s become ‘less indispensable’. This must at least make it easier for him to be sacked. Ron. His thoughts on when to retire? Will he want to leave on a low note or a high note? Or, if there is a high note might he decide to stay for another two years! - Post No. 112558

CORNISH GOONER  17:11pm 1st Feb 2018

A PS - I forgot to say that Ozil's performance at Swansea was abject - one very good pass, otherwise a leisurely stroll around the pitch - great new contract though which will help to enjoy the fleshpots of his beloved London night life. But a talented guy who could do great things - let's hope he was told Arthur is moving out soon but I'm not holding my breath. - Post No. 112559

Paulward  17:31pm 1st Feb 2018

Another season out of CL ,dwindling home attendences, our lowest League position since 1995 . I think those behind the scenes are getting the message, and if Kroenke is willing to pay 60 mill for Auba and 350 k a week to Ozil he presumably wants some sort of return on his investment ? Don’t think he loves Wenger enough to cut of his nose somehow, barring a huge turnaround in results in what remains of this season or next theres no chance of another contract, rolling or not. - Post No. 112560

Arseneknewbest  17:40pm 1st Feb 2018

Thanks Mark. Speculating on wengo's future is amusing but we don't make the decisions of course, and nor will the club give us a scintilla of clarity about his future. That we're almost already out of the running for 4th spot and with no suggestion that the away form will improve as a result of these signings, the narrative needs to be about the club regressing even furather from the depths plumbed last season. That despite not having to play any cl football. If mislintat and sanllehi's stock continue to rise and Gazidis manages to filter this new and improved approach through to a silent but listening stan,then there might be an earlier end to this tyranny in sight. Its always puzzled me why stan hasn't decided to boost his wealth and the club's profits by getting rid of the highest earner, ie wengo. I could have prepared 11 blokes to play the way arsenal did on Tuesday. - Post No. 112561

TonyEvans  17:50pm 1st Feb 2018

Cornish - there is evidence of some changes afoot with the recent appointments I agree, but I remain very sceptical that any of it spells the end of Wenger. He is stuck to Arsenal like the proverbial leech! - Post No. 112562

mbg  18:46pm 1st Feb 2018

Arsenal's future has been delayed a hell of a lot longer than 18 Months mate, i'd say it's 10 years and counting now, so we can put up another 8 Months or 18 I suppose, think of the fun and satisfaction we'll have seeing TOF being embarrassed and humiliated in that time, and the fun and enjoyment we'll have slagging him off and seeing him getting his comeuppance in that time, so if anything in between that were to happen it'll be a bonus and we'll be even more ecstatic. wenger out. - Post No. 112563

Exiled in Pt  19:07pm 1st Feb 2018

Wenger removed inch by inch, he is not going anywhere!! When this contract runs out he will move upstairs. Gazidis is as big a c#nt as the zip fiddler!If he had any power we would be signing players we need!! Toupee Stan will do as Wenger tells him! He proved it last year Gazidis was not even consulted on Wengers new contract. Nothing will change until it is all to late have a look at what the Yank owns in America he is not bothered about fans not turning up and the team not performing!! He will still make his money at our expense!! Only when the TV bubble blows might we see some interest from him and that is a long way of yet. Get used to it our once great club is focked. - Post No. 112564

arrgee  19:34pm 1st Feb 2018

IMNO looks like a pretty bad bit of dealing. The two major signings weren't truly wanted at their clubs. Effectively down to 19 first teamers (can't count BFG nor Carzorla) for Europa League. PEA is cup-tied and given the only route back into Europe is the Europa League it was madness to let Giroud go and have Lackofgoals as the only option up front. Wenger wouldn't play him in the big games at the start of the season. Given how poor the Arsenal defence is its amazing there has been zero improvement in that area. The table doesn't lie. Arsenal have conceded 34 in the league aa well as 4 against Forest in the cup. The usual batch of injuries in February should deplete the squad to bare bones. Can't see Wenger going either. - Post No. 112565

RobG  20:02pm 1st Feb 2018

Top Post ! I am with you on this. There is ABSOLUTELY no way - No Freaking WAY ! - that this window would have happened without Mislintat, the Barca fellow and - to be fair - Ivan Gazedis - stepping forward. We are on the up ! And I say this as someone who has been ground down by Wenger with pessimism, for the last seven or eight years. Arsenal are coming back 😎 - Post No. 112566

Exiled in Pt  20:17pm 1st Feb 2018

Crikey i hope this new found optimism is right! The new man from Barca does not start until this month so why is he getting any praise for the signing of PEA.Am i the only person who does not see any changes just yet to get excited about. We made a derisory bid of 12 million for a defender with a couple of hours left of the transfer window after being told not to leave it until the last day, by the club that would of sold him! All of a sudden we have seen a revolution behind the scenes sounds like the usual ****e to me. Yes we signed a very good striker but is that really solving our problems? - Post No. 112567

markymark  20:18pm 1st Feb 2018

Thanks for the comments to this article even the “what have you been smoking! Style comments from one or two. It is instructive that no one has argued for Wenger’s retention. How far down the road we have travelled. I also think there is something to that, a zeitgeist if you like. Will Arsenal continue to thumb a nose? I also think the Pro Wenger home attendees majority Is a bit of a myth. No one chanted his name and against Chelsea when they sang Wenger we want you to say. It was met by deafening Silence from Arsenal supporters. Just stone silence. The chances of Wenger going end of season are not so strong , personally I think it will be 2019. However why we continue to persist God only knows. - Post No. 112568

Jason  20:24pm 1st Feb 2018

Personally I think Wenger will either leave in the summer, or sign a new deal (I hope its the former) otherwise we'll be in the same destabilising position we were in last year!!! - Post No. 112569

markymark  20:31pm 1st Feb 2018

Exiled in PT - if you remember Wenger all those years ago was recommending purchases before he started. Was one of them Patrick Vieira? So the ex Barcelona soon to be DOF ( don’t say that to Wenger ) maybe continually talking with Ivan. The other thing that is now obvious is the new Manager will have to work with a DOF so Arsenal are finally catching up. - Post No. 112570

arrgee  20:38pm 1st Feb 2018

I don't see how anyone would argue for Wenger to stay unless thay are happy with not challenging for the league and being satisfied with a good cup run every season. But why pay someone £10m/annum for that? It may have been good enough circa 1980 but given what happened from 1987-2006 (5 leagues + 4 euro finals) it is not good enough anymore. 12 years of relative mediocrity has to come to an end. - Post No. 112571

mbg  21:14pm 1st Feb 2018

A lot of fans seem to be getting carried away, optimistic and excited at the minute, fans I agree with and want the same as, i'm certainly not knocking it, and to be honest I can't help feeling a little optimistic myself so don't want to burst any bubbles, some great points and arguments made from us all on here why things are shifting and are changing, but it's much much and way way to early to be getting excited yet, remember all the false dawns over the last thirteen years ?, the AKB's and this is our year, (and all their disappointments, lol) and their still waiting, the only thing their waiting for now is his departure. The only time when we can really and should begin to get excited and optimistic is when we know for sure TOF is on his way out or in/at the very least see definite signs of it, and lets hope and pray that's not far off. wenger out. - Post No. 112572

Exiled in Pt  21:16pm 1st Feb 2018

Markymark fair point and i hope your right. I just dont see anything yet that makes me think change is afoot and we will all be rejoicing at the end of Arsene f. C. Ultimately until the board has gone too, Wengers influence will carry on and that is just going to cause more problems for the next coach! I pray your right mate but i think this club will only get worse until the change comes at the very top. - Post No. 112573

TOOAW  21:17pm 1st Feb 2018

Nark. Lots of flaws in your post. Very negative as always. It clearly suits the agenda of this site that is hatred for Arsene. Now show me evidence that Arsene wasn't involved in the signings??? Go on show me. The manager will see out his contract whether you like it or not. Arsene has been instrumental in the signings and you all know that. The additional contract for Mesut was a stroke of a genius. Please feel free to check out the stats. Every top club was interested in him and he's a gooner. #please remove Arseneknewbest. - Post No. 112574

markymark  21:24pm 1st Feb 2018

ToOaW - actually I’m going to hand it over to you . Write a positive Wenger article show us how his influence installs the winning spirit. Go on show us , go on show us! Over to you sunshine. - Post No. 112575

TOOAW  22:41pm 1st Feb 2018

No Nark. Show me where you believe that the manager had nothing to do with the new signings. Proof would be nice enough. I didn't write this piece... You did. PS Flamini left in 2016. - Post No. 112576

markymark  23:17pm 1st Feb 2018

ToOaW you’re sounding really worried. If you weren’t bothered you’d just laugh it off but it sounds like your crying . It reminds me of a spurned girlfriend just finding their love has been spurned. Please don’t read John Cross in the Mirror. He gets the official line and has a strong “in” at the club. For instance last time around he was very strong on Wenger staying. Well he’s sort of just confirmed what I’ve said. Somebody in the club is making it very clear that Wenger is being sidelined 😭. I also spotted that Wengo’s replacement choice Arteta has had a slating piece done in him from inside the club. All’s not well in Wengo’s world my Son. Now stop being a little child we can all read between the lines . None of us can ultimately proof anything unless we are Wengo or Gazidis. We can simply draw strong conclusions. Stop crying , get on with your life and prepare to support a different team once Wengo has gone. If your lucky that might be as long as 18 months. Ps I know Flamini went in 2016. It was an editorial error. - Post No. 112577

mbg  23:20pm 1st Feb 2018

markymark, good post, as i've already said a bit to early yet for getting excited, but we've come a long way alright. I know we were all disappointed last season when TOF signed a new deal, thinking he might go, and the fact that a lot of fans believed the FA Cup saved his arse, five or six seasons ago would we have been thinking that ? No, we wouldn't, we were a long way off getting rid off him then, there were only a handful wanting him out and shouting for it, look how many AKB's were there then calling for him to stay ? and on here arguing for it, and not just on this site, where are they all today ? We have two part timers left on here, who can't make any king of argument in his defence whatsoever and just talk rubbish, the majority have turned, we'd never have thought it/this back then. But here we are now, expecting him to go in 8 or 16 months and believing that there are plans a foot for that, and debating who'll take his place etc, etc. Yes we've come a long way and it's getting closer and closer by the day, as close now as it's ever been, who'd have thought it. wenger out - Post No. 112578

John F  23:38pm 1st Feb 2018

Mark I have to agree with mgbs last post.I am guilty of interpreting any sign that he is going. He probably signed his new contract with a clause in that he identifies players then lets someone else do the leg work I would imagine his age is a factor.He is not the sort of person that would allow someone to pick his players for him .I hope your theory is right and Ian Wright claiming that there is a war going on in the boardroom may support it. - Post No. 112579

John F  23:50pm 1st Feb 2018

mgbs I meant your post 112572 sums it up perfectly. - Post No. 112580

Gaz  7:49am 2nd Feb 2018

I'm hoping that there's no smoke without fire and that these rumours about Wenger being marginalised as a prelude to him leaving are true but until it happens I'm definitely airing on the cautious side. Reckon this summer will be pivotal though with a big announcement of some sort as the Club can't allow Wenger to go into his last season with a 'will he/won't he' go scenario hanging over it again especially as Wenger himself said it caused all sorts of problems when it happened last season. My take on it is this and it involves three possible scenarios. 1.There is a get out clause and he will leave amicably this summer to be replaced by someone like Ancelloti or Low. Of course the recent new deal for Ozil adds some credence to the Low rumours of yesterday and most of us would favour this I'm guessing. Certainly I can't believe Ozil signed that new deal knowing Wenger would be there for the whole duration of it. 2. Club announces Wenger is definitely leaving in 2019 and he'll spend his last season helping them find a successor. I'm guessing most of us would not want this to happen as personally I don't want Wenger anywhere near that decision. If it happens expect an Arteta type appointment with Wenger pulling the strings from above. 3.The Club simply announce he's going to sign another new contract or as some have speculated a rolling contract. Once again I think most of us would hate that happening. My fear here is that whilst a lot of fans are looking at a relinquishing of power by Wenger as an indication he's going I can't help thinking that he's actually simply decided to play ball with the new appointments in return for staying until 2019 at the earliest. He's not stupid and would do anything to remain as manager meaning he still has ultimate control over the first team. My gut feeling is that option 2 is most likely as it just seems so Arsenal like to only go half way to replacing Wenger which will placate a lot of fans but not all of them. - Post No. 112581

TOOAW  8:33am 2nd Feb 2018

Apparently, Arsene was spotted booking a flight to Paris yesterday. mmmm wonder what the clan will read into that !! - Post No. 112582

John F  10:35am 2nd Feb 2018

Is Arsene going to Disneyland Paris to attend a refresher course on defensive coaching at the Mickey Mouse soccer school.Was he dressed up as Goofy? - Post No. 112583

Badarse  10:52am 2nd Feb 2018

Morning my little chucky eggs. Odd that a proportion of people who would like a change of manager cannot sit on their hands for five minutes, and that they have to spew out the same old, same old, over and over again; then descend into speculation and personal 'group think'. All laced with a poisoned and negative view. It's OK I suppose, I get why people are frustrated. Football is a conduit for the unhappiness in individuals' lives. All is miserable in the land of people; just used as punch bags by the system,('What's wrong with society?' Nark circa Jan 2018), so vent about matters that are sterile or inanimate, where they are safe and can snuggle up in small cliques, or rabbles. Given this scenario it is not incumbent on a more positive individual, especially one who doesn't buy into hype, gossip and rumour to justify a position. Either a personal one or more specifically speculate on unknowns, unless they see fit. Most people would just shrug at these demands. This line of mad reasoning perpetrates the religious arguments. 'Prove Griff doesn't exist then!' An absence of facts asks for no argument. So Nark as Bertrand Russell once used a statement against those demanding and insistent religionists, 'The Teapot Argument'. In this he suggested that were he to assert that a teapot orbited the sun and he couldn't prove it, then it was up to others to disprove the claim. He also insisted that if kids were brought up with the myth it would be accepted by rote. Question. Who are the kids, who are the Bertrand Russell's? - Post No. 112584

Exeter Ex  11:13am 2nd Feb 2018

Badarse - that's longwinded sophistry to try and excuse the fact you cannot answer a straightforward question. You were most recently asked 'What did you think of the Swansea match?' It's obvious why you won't answer. Talking about the matches, giving opinions, speculating on Arsenal and football - that's what this site is FOR. The manager is and will remain a major subject as long as he is in situ. People repeat themselves because the issues remain the same. You may wish this site was something else, involving lots of people listening whilst you dispense wisdom on every subject under the sun, but it is not. There are other online forums out there, you know, for you to talk about other things, such as the ills of society. - Post No. 112585

Badarse  11:31am 2nd Feb 2018

Good morning Exeter. Is it so important that I give a view on the Swansea match? Are you operating to your agenda again? Conflict but spelt with a capital 'K'? It is transparent. This site is basically a place where like-minded souls can reassure each other that they are correct in their analysis of all things AFC. If someone offers an alternative view they are shot down, and vilified. Rarely does one of these individuals hang around for too long as it is unproductive. I find my own satisfaction so do. What on earth would you derive from the view of Bill of Hoddesdon? Remember him? Unless you scented an opportunity to sharpen a knife and find a conflict where there wasn't one? Unless it is to mismanage the truth as is often the case by you and others on this site. You insult automatically, 'sophistry/long-winded', do you speak this way in society? Do you ever get taken down if you do? Interesting questions, now answer them, I demand it, right now, hear me? See how puerile it is? You do see, don't you? I believe your glitch just makes you blind to what you want to be blind to, to force a conflict. Are you one of those with unfulfilled lives I spoke of? Swansea game was a poor showing by my team. We were sterile, rode our luck, given a chance by a flash of brilliance, especially the pass for the goal, then proceeded to foul up. So much so that it was almost written that we would lose. Full credit to the Swans for their performance on the night. Modern football, eh? One team goes forward, the other camps in their own half. Difficult to break down, counter attack-done extremely well on the night-and more huffing and puffing from the side prepared to play football. Endemic with the game, the lure of TV cash for 'entertaining' sides near the top, who don't have to actually be at the top. Sad but reality. Now off you go and make your obvious criticisms and throw in a few insults as you are there and I am here. - Post No. 112586

Exeter Ex  11:45am 2nd Feb 2018

Badarse - to answer your question, if I was having a vigorous debate with someone and found what they had to say disingenuous, inadequate, evasive, long winded, sophistry then I would tell them. That's not the same as insulting. What would I have to be afraid of? There's something implicit in your remarks that I should be afraid to say these things to you face to face. What are you trying to suggest would happen? You don't have to give an opinion on anything on here. But you don't even present an 'alternative view' as you suggest. You simply say 'I am positive, I offer an alternative view' and condemn others for their far more rigorous, stronger views on AFC. Your take on the Swansea is weak and evasive of the issues behind the performance, of which you will be fully aware, but won't express due to your reverence for the manager - and it is this that is behind your attacks on others that don't share that reverence. You simply can't bear to hear him criticised. If you don't like my points, why don't you offer a counter to them, rather than simply condemn me for making them. If you can't, there's no need to say anything. I'm not 'demanding' anything of you. You are clearly someone that wants a platform though to express their views on many subjects. I am pointing out this isn't the place. I would, for example, point you towards the comments section of the Guardian online if you want to talk about societal ills and so forth. You will find a much more receptive audience there. Here it comes across as inappropriate and preachy. God knows, you've had enough feedback from so many on here over years now to that effect, but you don't listen to anyone. Can it really be the case that everyone else is wrong, and you are right? Actually, I think I know what you really think there. - Post No. 112587

Yes its Ron  12:17pm 2nd Feb 2018

Ideal opposition to cheer eveybody up and propel the new boys into popularity tomorrow. Everton at home (unless Theo ruins it of course!). I read some where a while back that we ve beaten Evtn more than another club ever has. Its always felt that way to me. As a very young kid i can recall seeing them beaten 6-0 at Highbury (mid 60s ish some time). Since then we do seem to have dispensed many thrashings v them since, not only at home but at GP too. 2-0 tomorrow i think. - Post No. 112588

peter wain  12:22pm 2nd Feb 2018

certainly is a new approach. We use to be renown for our defending but we are not now. What's the point of signing a 30 centre half who is slower than the two senior ones we already have. You could not make it up. Any price for Walcott to score on Saturday? - Post No. 112589

TonyEvans  12:47pm 2nd Feb 2018

Just looked at the lunchtime footy headlines and I see Wenger is trotting out the money card again, jumping on the convenient fact that City, Bayern and PSG are running away with their respective leagues. Leicester anyone? He has obviously air-brushed out that unpalatable fact and swept it under that carpet again! - Post No. 112590

peter wain  13:16pm 2nd Feb 2018

we now have Ozil feeling like a new signing quote. Wenger out now. - Post No. 112591

Bard  13:27pm 2nd Feb 2018

The other factor in this equation is Wenger's oft quoted remarks that he is addicted to the job. He lives and breathes Arsenal one suspects to the detriment of other parts of his life, so the idea that he is able to walk away is fanciful even if its the right thing to do. I hope for his sake that it is a dignified ending but one cant help but think it might be bloody. - Post No. 112592

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:27pm 2nd Feb 2018

Ron, Dec 10th 1963, Baker 2, Eastham 2, Armstrong & Geoff Strong, I was at the game, Everton had a good side out that day, Temple,Vernon Alex Young and Arsenal managed a clean sheet with Snedden & Ure in tandem - that in itself was an achievement. My first season watching Arsenal (61 -62) I remember the last game, evening match against the Toffees. George Swindon had been sacked and Everton raced to a 3 - 0 lead, after the third goal George Swindon had his head in his hands - that image was captured by the Daily Mirror and cruelly planted on the back page of the next day's edition. We stirred a bit in the second half (Everton gave up really) and Arfon Griffiths pulled one back and a 17 year old winger from the North East scored the second. That winger was of course wee Geordie, even though Swindon's tenure as Arsenal's manager was brief and unsuccessful, he over saw the development of a key member of the 71 double winning team and he deserves credit for that noteworthy fact. - Post No. 112593

Rippy  13:37pm 2nd Feb 2018

wenger..."if we had won at Bournemouth and Swansea we would have only been two points off of fourth." genius. except we lost to a club that hasn't scored 3 goals all season in a game. plus a cherries side that up until the moral boosting victory against us was really struggling. I don't hate wenger. I don't want him hounded out. but come on give another man a shot at getting us up there again. ffs - Post No. 112594

mbg  14:26pm 2nd Feb 2018

Gaz, yes indeed mate if there is change a foot lets hope they knock this usual charade from the weasel on the/it's head, the usual will he won't he sign bollox, with the old fraud strolling about smirking and grinning with his ego and arrogance working overtime like he was keeping some kind of big secret (and loving doing it)from all the peasants. wenger out. - Post No. 112595

Badarse  14:27pm 2nd Feb 2018

Tony Evans your post is wishy washy, and it isn't even panto season. Look, Yuxit is a disaster, not for me, I am almost fireproof, but for the children, and those yet to be. However in amongst the selfishness, xenophobia, and misunderstandings of the situation there are some moot points. Try not to disguise your frustrations with unconnected drivel or you'll only have the Eggman breathing down your neck. No of course you won't because he is as bigoted as the post. Wem-ber-lee! - Post No. 112596

Yes its Ron  14:33pm 2nd Feb 2018

SKG - Thanks for that. Blimey, i didnt realise it was so long ago! Thats may have been the season either when they were or maybe the yr after Evtn were the champions. Can recall being there along with my Cousin, Dad and Uncle. They did have a good side in the 60s didnt they for the most part and their 1970 team was superb. Ball Royle Harvey Kendall Labone and Co. I recall that team very well. - Post No. 112597

markymark  14:44pm 2nd Feb 2018

Badarse what actually are you on about ? It’s not a lack of intelligence on my part, you simply cannot make clear what you are accusing me of. Spit it out man in shorter, meaningful , understandable language . Teapots? You also seem to be mixing up bigots with people who disagree with you. This is why you lose all credibility on here. It is obvious that Exeter is not a bigot, nor is Cornish , nor is AKB. It is obvious though that 75% of the posters on here tend to, or always disagree with you. If I had those stats I’d be looking at myself. You should also look at Gooner Ron who can have a contrary view but can give an in-depth discussion. All you do is ramble on , with very little clarity. - Post No. 112598

mbg  15:03pm 2nd Feb 2018

peterwain, yes the like a new signing spin, especially designed to keep the natives happy especially the wengerites, who of course lap it up, but not everyone is fooled, he's also spouting crap about how he now expects Ozil to take over the senior pro role and lead by example, no doubt that will be believed too, did you ever hear such shyte from the mouth of a so called manager. we want wenger out. - Post No. 112599

Badarse  15:05pm 2nd Feb 2018

He knew he had to have a long look at himself, but the last time he'd tried it he dislocated his collar bone. He would make it a shorter look. Under cover of a cover he went out. He thought it was the cloak of invisibility as he couldn't see anyone, then walked into a lamppost. He aligned himself with Harry Potage as he was always in the soup. Still he had a big heart, a medium sized liver, and two very small kidneys. This Arsenal business was so complex, Ivan, Stan Arsene; it was right he pared it down to grass roots, so he thought about the pitch. He had a high pitch when he howled at the moon, every time the Arsenal won. He had skeletons in his cupboard like Herbert Chapman, George Graham, and Oswald Moseley. He liked to trot them out now and again but it made him hoarse. He went to the wrong cupboard once and the Dark Lord was hanging upside down. He duly bit him in the bits and smiled up with a,'Now that's what I call a rude awakening.' With all said and done he preferred the cupboard under the stairs. It was the safest place for a keyboard WORrier. - Post No. 112600

A Cornish Gooner  15:20pm 2nd Feb 2018

SKG. On Everton and George Swindin: Everton 61/62 Jack Kelsey’s last game I believe. The next season we used four different keepers including Ian McKechnie who was signed as a left winger, but Swindin, saw his potential as a goalkeeper. (Sound familiar!) - Post No. 112601

John F  15:26pm 2nd Feb 2018

Bit too young for the 70s side but Remembered the mid 80s Everton team beating us 1-0 at Highbury on their way to the title.Standing on the little terrace in front of the East Stand I got a great view of what a hard working championship winning team looked like.I was a bit surprised by their decline after that period after having such a great team.I have never thought Arsenal would go the way of Leeds or Villa but like Everton is a possability - Post No. 112602

GSPM  15:30pm 2nd Feb 2018

Control Alt Delete ; while Wenger in charge , now't will change. Everything else is just waffle. - Post No. 112603

Badarse  15:36pm 2nd Feb 2018

Dear old chubby Ian McKechnie, arguably the worst keeper ever to represent the Arsenal, I remember him fondly though. Didn't know of the conversion SKG, very interesting. - Post No. 112604

Yes its Ron  16:04pm 2nd Feb 2018

Baddie and CG - McKechnie was the first keeper i ever saw for us. I can recall seeing him at Villa Park as it was first trip to an away ground. Dad used to drive coaches to the games. We lost 2-1. Recall a poor Villa side but they had Hateley. do you guys recall him? I think he scored both as he terrorised Ure (who didnt?). McLeod scored for us. Mixed terraces still it was then. Saner times. - Post No. 112605

mbg  17:03pm 2nd Feb 2018

Bard, more like addicted to fooking Drugs, LSD, Marijuana, etc, you name it he's on it, orbeing on it, he's that delusional. wenger out. - Post No. 112606

ClockEnd_90  17:19pm 2nd Feb 2018

It is my belief that Wenger held too much power at the club and that resulted in inertia on many fronts. With the new arrivals at strategic level this has already resulted in players leaving and arriving in greater numbers. The coach should really be focussing on matters on the pitch/training field. I would be very surprised to see Wenger's performance improve in these areas as I do believe he is past-it. What it might indicate is a brighter future where we have many more hands to the pump and expertise at strategic level. This transfer activity is the first glimmer of hope at Arsenal I have seen in a long while. Let's hope it becomes more cemented. - Post No. 112607

Exeter Ex  17:51pm 2nd Feb 2018

Over the last couple of days on here you've had Badarse calling regulars a 'rabble', 'bigots' with 'poisoned and negative views' who have 'unfulfilled lives'. Yet when he receives less than friendly responses he is indignant; how 'rude', how 'demanding', how 'insulting'. Draw your own conclusions. - Post No. 112608

Bard  18:12pm 2nd Feb 2018

Exeter mate Baddie occasionally write a coherent and interesting post but most of the time he just tries to wind people up. He likes the attention. Dont fall for it. What I find interesting on here and Untold is the difficulty pro Wengerites have in constructing a decent argument for him staying. Tony 'facts' Atwood can only really come up with the 'fact' that we would have won a ton more trophies except for the 'fact' that we haven't been awarded our due share of pens and the refs are incompetent or bent. Its puerile stuff. - Post No. 112609

A Cornish Gooner  18:33pm 2nd Feb 2018

Badarse. I fully respect your ‘right to remain silent’, your ‘Fifth Amendment’ when faced with certain ‘demanding’ questions, such as ‘what did you think of the game last night?” With that in mind will you give your views on all of the following please NOW: society (broken or otherwise), philosophy, fulfillment, mental illness (including ‘glitches’), Brexit (ok, we get the message ‘YUXIT’), religion (or in your case Atheism), psychology, eggs, marmalade, music, literature, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, art, wrestling, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Ireland, physics, astronomy, astrology, racism, protests, protesting, trajectories, trajeclabour type puns, script writing, bigotry and anything else I might have forgotten to mention. Please DON'T mention any of your interesting Arsenal memories. Many thanks. - Post No. 112610

Exeter Ex  18:36pm 2nd Feb 2018

Bard, I do see it. Badarse spends most of his time in antagonistic exchanges yet just today said he derives 'satisfaction' from being on here, so I do get what he's about. I know he's desperately seeking any sort of attention but I quite enjoy puncturing his pomposity and exposing his lies and hypocrisy. He scurries off when this happens but always comes back for more. A recidivist. As for him or any of his ilk constructing an argument, they think it's an outrage you even ask. Badarse's position is he laid out all his arguments in 2011, so never need again. Awfully convenient. - Post No. 112611

markymark  19:25pm 2nd Feb 2018

Badarse - the last time I looked , calling people who you disagree with a rabble. Well it sounds, how should I put this ? Bigoted, yes that’s the term I’m looking for. TTFN.... Much Love... - Post No. 112612

Seven Kings Gooner1  19:32pm 2nd Feb 2018

John F. Everton were such a good team in the 80's with Read driving them on in midfield. Don Howe wanted Read but Arsenal would not meet his wage demands, another one that got away. I am one of the very few on this site who think Arsenal could get relegated, there is no anger from the players at the way we leak such pathetic goals, it's now just an acceptable habit that we have formed and is firmly in the team's DNA. If the current management structure remains for the next couple of years we could quite easily do a Villa. Why can no one else see it? - Post No. 112613

CORNISH GOONER  19:52pm 2nd Feb 2018

Blimey, it was very difficult reading through today's posts as I had to scroll past a great deal of Wenger style bollocks from his media manager & wind up merchant supreme which, being an old chap myself, wasted valuable time. Anyway Arthur has excelled himself today, apparently AFC is owned by the wrong sort of billionaires (despite shelling out record sums again on a new signing & a new contract for Herr Thumbsucker) - sounds a bit like the old excuses trotted out by the railways every autumn/winter. No mention of the new nasties "sovereign wealth funds" but a short list of old favourites from England, France, Germany & Spain which we all knew about anyway. He conveniently chose to forget that in his early years (which were remarkable) it was just a 2 horse race between us & Utd. If his mission is SO impossible why the hell doesn't he do us all a favour & bugger off. Alternatively have a chat with Claudio about managing on a PL shoestring "I do not understand why my players are constantly letting me down Claudio - what can I do, I don't know". - Post No. 112614

A Cornish Gooner  21:33pm 2nd Feb 2018

Sorry Bard, but I'm quite enjoying these Eggman versus The Joker spats. Trouble is we all know the ending. It's the same every time. - Post No. 112615

mbg  21:59pm 2nd Feb 2018

Lads yes that's always been the way with TOF hasn't it, there's always a team/result that comes along to take a bit of the heat or pressure off him, we thought that of Swansea I bet but him and his little nice smelling Dwarfs have got so bad that's not guaranteed any more, you wouldn't bet on it/us under any circumstances, except from being bottlers and being embarrassed again. we want the weasel out. - Post No. 112616

mbg  22:49pm 2nd Feb 2018

UNCLE, yes remember TOF posing with Arsenal's saviours (wally lol) as they were signing ? Lapping it all up with a smug smirk and grin on his mug as if it were all down to him and he'd just saved the world, in this case Arsenal with this grand backbone, and of course the grin got wider when some arse licker journo mentioned England will be glad too, the backbone was like his own, non existent. wenger out. - Post No. 112617

GoonerRon  23:38pm 2nd Feb 2018

@ SKG - I know it’s a cliche but we are simply too good to go down. For all of the crap performances (more regularly seen in the last year, especially away from home) we’ve got too many good players to get near a relegation battle. Even though our standards have slipped and we’re now the 6th best team, it would take a further, monumental shift in our performances (not to mention teams below us all improving markedly) to even get near relegation. For all of Wenger’s failings we’ve never finished lower than 5th, let alone mid-table, lower half or remotely near relegation. - Post No. 112618

Badarse  8:18am 3rd Feb 2018

Corny what about sausages? I likes to talk about sausages. Remember on my travels to the east I called for Bangalore, it's a much more sizzling style of jurisdiction, especially when judgements are delivered by someone with scrambled egg on their uniform. Ron, Tony Hateley was another 'finisher' when we had so many. I do genuinely believe heading was a much practised art in yesterday's footie, and it was in all fairness a much easier skill to execute on the pitch in those days. I saw a clip of The Big Match a couple of years ago, Wolves v Liverpool I think. A free kick 20 yards outside the box and the forwards stood stationary in the box-a little walking about-with defenders standing a yard behind them. Ball delivered and men moved but there was no grappling, no wrestling to the ground, it became a straight heading duel between those closest to the balls trajectory. Headed away or at goal, but cleanly. I do think we are always likely to conflate memories which gives them a golden hue. Still suggestions that heading may damage people may have some bearing on future children's football. Whether all connected to just being hit in the head or it as an addition to, is inconclusive, but have spent some time with ex-pro boxers, and also spent some time with Jeff Astle once, and their plights were obvious. However the skill with flicks by Gilzean, the thumping power of Big Raddy were sights to see. - Post No. 112619

mbg  14:51pm 3rd Feb 2018

CORNISH GOONER, yes there was no whinging from him back then about money or spending when it was just Man yoo and us him and fergie who were top dogs with no one really competing against them, (fergie got pissed off for a while until he quickly figured TOF out and he was of no relevance to him anymore and had him in his pocket until he retired. In the meantime the money men arrived to buy a few clubs and quite rightly showed ambition by pumping money into them (Oh how he hated that, along with his wengerites who'd have loved it if it had been ourselves)and employing bright talented young managers who quickly figured him out also, and started being a big threat to him winning PL's CL's FA Cup's, leaving the egoistic fraud in their wake ( that really got to him/them too) then the excuses and complaints started, whinging, Money, buying titles, it's not fair, unlevel playing field, etc, etc, the list goes on, and he's still at it, fooking whinging about an unlevel playing field money being pumped in by their owners, (conveniently forgetting about Leicester of course) and excuse after excuse with of course the AKB's believing it/him too, without stopping for one moment to think he's just an old past it has been clueless fraud who couldn't hack it and still can't. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112620

Yes its Ron  19:52pm 3rd Feb 2018

Lads, i hate to say that i told you so as a result of Evtn turning up for what did turn out to be another thraping in their dismal history v Gunners. Good to see Mhyky doing so well. Cant understand at all why he cdt get in that boredom inducing MU team. The defending was kamikazi though at times all the same. Good job Evtn were so feeble. A good win though. Need to beat Spurs now and pop them back in their box for a while. Theyve been allowed out of it for a bit too long. - Post No. 112621

Paulward  22:53pm 3rd Feb 2018

A fine win and there’s no doubt we have the firepower to beat anybody on our day. Miki/ Auba made decent bows and with the likes of Lacazette and Jack on the bench we are not exactly short of quality. But why only 3 wins from 13 on the road? Step forward Mr A Wenger.Perhaps he can explain. - Post No. 112622

TOOAW  9:21am 4th Feb 2018

Fine win yesterday and the scoring power of the team is very much there for all to see. It appears that the miserable weather caused the protest to be cancelled. Nothing to do with the 40 or so who turned up. Give it up fellas, it's not worth it. Arsene has had a great transfer window and we are far from relegation fodder that some would like to see. - Post No. 112623

Badarse  10:20am 4th Feb 2018

Oba wan Kenobi has grabbed all the headlines but Miki is the man for me. - Post No. 112624

Badarse  11:02am 4th Feb 2018

Nark I am not a number, well they thought I was number 6 but actually I was number 9, but just standing on my head. At least it was my head I was standing on and not a disingenuous individual's. I am also not an acronym so to have a slight, which is how it's viewed, like AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-intelligent), is also wrong. So tit for tat-whoops have mentioned breasts again, please do not show faux offence, so pull your strides back up. To assign an acronym of WOB alluding to a brigade is wide of the Nark. I rightly charge that a brigade is an organised group,(with unpleasant military connotations, yuk), who have a well-planned strategy. Whereas a rabble is a meaningless group of disparate individuals railing, ranting and frothing. I believe WOR is therefore a more apt description. Having said that it is not intended as an insult, you should be proud to be a part of your rabble. By the way I was out demonstrating yesterday and probably due to the piercing blue teeth, and the gleaming white eyes I was commandeered, and gave a BBC interview. Are the rabble revolting? - Post No. 112625

markymark  11:35am 4th Feb 2018

The problem is Badarse Rabble has never been a dignified term and is often linked to filthy . I sensed Jamerson was actually upset you came up with WOR. Brigade is actually a more nuanced form considering the mass organised multi media platform against Wenger. Toad if you actually want to believe it’s Wengers window nothing will dissuade you. Here’s John Cross Daily Mirror. “Back in the day, transfer negotiations with Arsenal became infamous for the talks having to be put on hold while someone left the room to call Wenger to make sure the figures were OK. No wonder they gained a reputation for dragging their feet. Those days are gone.” There’s plenty more in the Article , remember John was being slated by us for being Arsenal’s inside man. He won’t be coming out with this unless sanctioned to say it. Pre Mstintet, Fahmy , Raul Sanllehi, our windows were ****. Since joining our windows are excellent . Wengo’s been side lined son. - Post No. 112626

Badarse  13:13pm 4th Feb 2018

Nark, your views are convoluted my friend. It is your judgement and your view, all unsubstantiated, but why let facts ruin a good post? I've seen many posts ruined, why someone nailed a Tory pamphlet to one of mine once! Anyway that is just your personal glitch-and goodness don't we have lots of those on the OG? My response is, 'get over yourself'. It is Arsenal. It is OK to celebrate the scorer, fine to recognise the assist, also the brain who put the ball into the danger area, but do not forget the ball-winner, and the player picking up the loose ball and supplying the schemer of the team. TEAM. It is an easy term to understand, so don't be TAME, MATE, or even shop in ETAM, just celebrate the situation, because even the remainder of the team that I never mentioned played their parts...but don't play with your parts! - Post No. 112627

markymark  13:28pm 4th Feb 2018

Badarse - no your views are convaluted . I repeat again rabble is not an enrdearing term which is why people in general don’t like being called a rabble. What are you on about man? If I called you cock breath and said you should be proud would you ? I didn’t mention Arsenal in my reply as I’ve replied solely to you calling people bigoted then used terms like rabble ( hypocritical in my book ). Why not write an article where people can comment , it will make a break from the constant tedium where you make aggressive remarks then try and blame the individual who draws comment to them. For instance “Groping woman’s breasts” you wrote yet take offence to those who link you with sexist pigs like Weinstein. - Post No. 112629

TOOAW  14:06pm 4th Feb 2018

Nark. But then people do not particularly like to be called 'tossers' eh, which you have in several posts. - Post No. 112631

markymark  14:28pm 4th Feb 2018

Or Slug either or Thick Paddy .. your call Toad I know your into racist chatter. However by engaging you have confirmed that Badarse is trying to use aggressive , unpleasant language whilst passing this off as acceptable while accusing others of bigotry. So well done Toad for once you have actually carried out a service. - Post No. 112633

Badarse  18:09pm 4th Feb 2018

I wrote about groping women's breasts???? Linking me with that toe rag Weinstein? Are you mad? Sorry, I shall reframe that, are you sane? Outright lies chummy. Your faux offence does you no service fella. I was an active feminist before you were born. Now please grow up and eat your omelette. - Post No. 112640

TOOAW  18:31pm 4th Feb 2018

Nark. You are one confused human being. On the latter post you claim you don't care about the ' rabble' comments. Yet you get all agitated on this post with the 'rabble' comments. Listen to some advice son. Less is more at times..... You need Online Gooner but do they need you. Tying yourself up in knots only makes you look foolish.. Bard has told you once or twice but the ego doesn't appear to listen. - Post No. 112643

mbg  22:50pm 4th Feb 2018

Paulward, would we even want him too ? it would only be lies, spin and excuses anyway and somebody else's fault. wenger out now. - Post No. 112654

Issue #269 - Out Now!

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds