Ivan’s game changing transfer window

By Simon Hill

January’s deals leave Arsenal in a stronger position

In the midst of last September’s post transfer deadline day media maelstrom I faced Ivan across the table at the Fans Forum and put it to him our transfer dealings looked like a shambles (players wanted out but were retained on run down contracts, players signed just last year were loaned out and rumoured to have been for sale, deals collapsing etc etc). I think it is fair to say Ivan was as close to apoplectic as Ivan probably gets saying words like “bullsh*t” and that we and the media weren’t privy to all the data and facts the club has on players, that it was a mix of fake stories and incredible circumstances and if he could talk freely off the record he could tell us what really happened and how complex big deals now were. There was talk of game theory and scenario modelling and huge databases on players who may be available and I think it’s fair to say we all said “whatever” and thought the problem was Arsene’s dithering and penny pinching and the club’s lack of football nous.

Gazidis and Mislintat pictured in Dortmund for the Aubameyang talks

Well, in the light of this window I feel compelled to speak out on Ivan’s behalf because the club has just completed two innovative complex swap deals involving fellow top 6 clubs, bringing in €10m pa players and have in consequence re-signed one of our top two names on a €20m pa deal despite his entering the last six months of his deal on January 1. What made these unusual deals happen during the incredibly difficult January window was the construct of win/win arrangements between Arsenal, the top six club, the selling club, the players and their agents. This created a deal everyone wanted to happen and helped protect the deals from derailing by outside parties and as any city negotiator worth his salt will tell you, buy in from all the key players in a deal is key to getting it over the line.

Deals for top players (earning say €200k a week) are notoriously hard to complete even in the summer. The buyer is by definition one of Europe’s top 10 (the EPL 5, Spanish 2, Bayern, PSG or Juventus) and the selling club is reticent to sell a prized asset to either a big name or a fellow euro top 10 competitor. The vendor leaks the deal to try and generate an auction, they hold out to the last minute and demand premiums for selling to a top 10 club and in January the problem of arranging replacements is normally a total barrier to big name signings.

By going for swap deals involving fellow top 10 clubs Arsenal have broken the mould and knocked down one of the main barriers to completing a deal (finding a replacement) and removed much of the premium such deals normally involve. The swapped players (Mkhitaryan, Giroud, Batshuayi) get moves to clubs of status, on good pay, in cities their wives like and most importantly the promise of high profile game time. The clubs get players that solve a problem and/or lose a problem and even the super agent is happy once his reputation gets a boost from his posturing during the deal.

Of course many fans look at the deals and decry the fact we have strengthened a direct opponent but that is more emotional than logical as our gains outweigh our losses on the deals and it is our strength that counts. Cutting our noses off to spite our faces by keeping a super sub in Giroud and an out of form Sanchez instead of buying an Aubameyang, swapping in a Mkhitaryan and re-signing Ozil would have left us relatively considerably weaker than our rivals have been relatively strengthened so in my book Ivan’s game playing has paid huge dividends

Looking back at the summer you can now understand the Sanchez/Sterling swap talk that fizzled until either Guardiola or Sterling put a stop to it. Guardiola clearly had a new plan for Sterling, one he’s implemented to great effect but it is hard to see a swap ever being talked about without at first the player having been sounded out/sold the benefit and at the end of last season Sterling was on the fringe and facing personal challenges in the North West. Perhaps City did pull the plug on this last minute as they couldn’t bear to strengthen a rival or because Pep intervened and then came in last minute with a cash only offer? Who knows but swaps will clearly be featuring more often as the pool of clubs that can afford to take away a disillusioned €10m a year player is small and the top clubs will need to deal with each other to move on their problems. We’ve already heard talk of other swaps and we should expect to see other variations brokered during the summer.

Of course, whilst getting deals done for top players is a great facet for a club to have, picking the right top players to invest in is the thing that really counts. On unaffordable wages to all but nine other top clubs in Europe, mistakes are hard to get rid of and Arsenal must hope Xhaka, Mustafi and Lacazette work out on the pitch to say nothing of Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan as Arsenal’s recent track record remains open to question in this regard. And so Ivan and his new team are not totally off the hook in this writer’s eyes…

7th February 2018 11:25:59


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Exeter Ex  12:19pm 7th Feb 2018

Bringing in new people is an admission that what you were doing before wasn't working. Which makes Gazidis's apoplexy last year look rather manufactured. Why employ new people to work on these things if the club was already doing the best that possibly could be done and it was all external factors beyond control. You don't see star players at any other big club running their contracts down to this degree. Wenger himself said it was his decision to let these contracts run into their final years. The new off pitch staff have been brought in to make the best of a bad situation, which they have started to do. - Post No. 112719

Bard  13:25pm 7th Feb 2018

Simon whether Gazidis had a good window or not is immaterial really. The key factor seems to have been his recruitment of a better back room transfer team and the diminution of some of Wegners control and power. Im delighted with the signings but they shouldn't hide the fact that allowing Ozil and Sanchez to run down their contracts was a disaster. It was only the fact that none of the bigger clubs wanted Ozil and he was only left with the option of signing for us that prevented it being an unmitigated disaster. Even Wenger admitted the fact that he made a mistake not selling Sanchez for £60m. The fact that we got Mikki in exchange was fortuitous, a byproduct of having our pants pulled down by Utd. So yes a better window than normal but circumstances dictated we were fortunate. Lets see what they do with Ramsey and Jack. And again next summer before we start praising Gazidis. - Post No. 112723

markymark  15:04pm 7th Feb 2018

1: Mstinlat 2: Sanllehi 3: Fahmy 4: bull**** Wenger paid the most pay structure removed 5: no more calls to Wenger asking if he agrees to the sum paid 6: no more Dick Law missed flights 7: Wenger sidelined I.E all the top 3 report direct to Gazidis 8: Willingness to deal with super agents 9: mysteriously highly complex deals that Arsenal couldn’t deal with suddenly become obtainable see points 1-8 - Post No. 112727

mbg  15:25pm 7th Feb 2018

In other words side lining an old past it manager with so far out of date practices he still can't use a hankie, yes if so well done Ivan and lets hope that's only the start and it lasts right until the end. wenger out now. - Post No. 112728

GSPM  16:28pm 7th Feb 2018

Lets hope the old fossil is at the end game and it wont be long before he does his Zip up and leaves....... - Post No. 112730

Yes its Ron  18:08pm 7th Feb 2018

Hi Simon - i can agree with the signings too. I personally think we ve got a batter deal than Man U. They appear not to have given Mhky a decent run at playing there, yet hes what we would normally look for in a typical swashbuckling type MU player until Mourinho went there and converted them into a dreadful bore machine. Jury out as yet on Auba i guess isnt it. He seems to have the attributes needed. It wont be long before Sanchez is playing his face at Man U and hes one who needed the exit door i feel, good as he is when on song. Its the choices they make in goal (Cech looks well past his prime now) and at the back now that will define AFC going forwards i think. Lots to do there i feel. - Post No. 112733

CORNISH GOONER  19:27pm 7th Feb 2018

Certainly some cautious green shoots appearing - but unless Arthur is somehow shoehorned out we will not see a resurgence of undoubtedly one of the few "mega" clubs - which AFC surely is. The sour note for me is the bigger picture of an industry where spoilt, but talented, brats trouser such mind-blowing "earnings" - eclipsing even Arthur's - & like that he does not!! Sad fact is that I take more pleasure from Plymouth Argyle's efforts to better themselves these days. And how about top rugby players earning. tops, around £1 million "only" maybe where in every international they earn every single penny in risking a career threatening injury? Finally, I find Eddie Jones' professionalism & humour a great deal more entertaining than than any shown by you know who these days. It wasn't always this way but unfortunately Arthur never understood the concept of "outstaying your welcome". - Post No. 112734

Paulward  19:36pm 7th Feb 2018

Any chance of swapping Cech for De Gea and Ramsey for Kante in the summer? - Post No. 112735

John F  20:42pm 7th Feb 2018

I tend to think the Sanchez summer fiasco caused tension behind the scenes and was the reason behind the back seat approach by Wenger.It did look like a complicated house chain deal with the added tension of a deadline so credit to all involved. Bit fearful for sat with a Goalkeeper who can't deal with high balls replacing Czech who can't deal with low balls.Their midfield looks too physically strong for Arsenal and with only a pitiful 3000 Away allowance in a hostile 80000+ crowd Arsenal just May wilt under pressure.I hope I am wrong but the thought of Kane and our dodgy defence doesn't fill me with confidence.I would drop xhaka and put Kolasinac as dm ,it is not an unusual position coincidencesfor him as he has covered it before in Germany. - Post No. 112736

Goonhogday  22:09pm 7th Feb 2018

There’s no doubt our January transfer activity showed positive signs of life. Long may it continue and I bet it is extremely complex getting those swap deals over the line. However, be it Wenger, Gazidis or Kroenke, Arsenal made the wrong call with Sanchez in the summer and salvaged a potentially huge transfer loss swapping Sanchez with Mkhitaryan. What narks me most about all this though is why we didn’t address the back room restructuring sooner. Be it fake news fuelling the fires or whatever, we were a shambles. Wenger out. - Post No. 112737

mbg  22:29pm 7th Feb 2018

paulward, yes indeed, were we not supposed to be in for Dea gea way back ? before man yoo, or we were interested in him, well so TOF's spin machine told us (I wonder what embarrassment was being buried and kept quiet then ? )but as we know that was TOF he doesn't buy top top qualittee only second rate hand me downs, and especially when a clapped out cheapie like the idiot in a hat lands in his lap, how Maureen must have laughed at that (and probably still does) and really suckering TOF by playing hard ball and pretending he was still of value. wenger out. - Post No. 112738

mbg  23:19pm 7th Feb 2018

CORNISH, good post, I bowed to pressure today from the wife to do a bit of a read out in the attic, and of course she caught me sitting nice and comfortable going through a batch of Arsenal programmes from twenty five or more years ago, (after all we haven't much left now)a lot of great players from then, duds too of course, but neither sets rich today, in fact a lot of them quite the opposite, but the majority of them gave all especially on the pitch, and in Rockys case (and others) a lot more, and now we have second rate talentless premadonnsa (like wally) who have pulled on the Arsenal shirt and should never ever ever have done (the list is endless) strutting about made millionaires by and old past it manager because he liked to keep them all happy and pay good wages. And that's before we even go in to how rich he's made himself for being a second rater. wenger out. - Post No. 112739

Seven Kings Gooner1  8:55am 8th Feb 2018

Cornish, I am like you regarding my football now, I enjoy my fortnightly visits to Colchester Utd, it is a day out with much less bullsh*t and I get the impression the players have a plan when their walk on the pitch. I also see the efforts of a lot young English managers who set up and coach their teams very well. These managers have to work with what they have and cannot sign a "star" player to solve a team problem - sad thing is most of them will never get a chance higher up the leagues. - Post No. 112741

peter wain  11:05am 8th Feb 2018

need to buy some quality defenders and get rid of the deadwood - Post No. 112743

Reality Cech  12:46pm 8th Feb 2018

Hopefully the next swap deal on the list has to be the Manager. This is the only way we can possibly benefit from any of this January, or next summer's, transfer activity. Wenger out. - Post No. 112744

mbg  15:08pm 8th Feb 2018

Reality Cech, spot on, in all this furoe and excitement over, what looks like anyway a decent transfer window, everybody seems to be forgetting (well not everybody)we're still stuck with one major obstacle, an old out of date manager. wenger out now. - Post No. 112745

Alsace  20:45pm 8th Feb 2018

Great article. Hopeful article. However - the reason why players were disillusioned and wanted to leave is the totally unprofessional Arsene Wenger. The cycle of failure will go on. The defence will not be mended. Only when Stan has some one in the organisation who says " this man is a waste of space. He's holding us back. We can do better", will the cycle of ersatz be at an end. Let's hope the new boys assert themselves soon. - Post No. 112748

mbg  23:25pm 8th Feb 2018

And another thing people are forgetting, (but of course there's those that always do) the weasel has form for side lining those that were supposedly foisted on him, remember those other saviours who started showing promise and making a name for themselves left kicking their heels, or played out of position, ruined, ? We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 112749

markymark  8:10am 9th Feb 2018

The Jan Oblak rumour is interesting purely because of the mahoosive trigger fee. I think there is growing evidence that Arsenal will start playing with the big boys for signatures. Even if we are not always going to be successful. A £180k a week is roughly where it is for most elite players ( with Sanchez getting lucky ) . We are now paying the wages as well. So looks like a team is effectively being formed for the new manager probably in 2019 to coach. - Post No. 112750

Badarse  10:03am 9th Feb 2018

Sixty years ago I was at Highbury watching Arsenal lose 4-5 to Manchester United, the last game in England before the Munich Air Disaster. I stood in the Clock End as I did in those days, and had a few good natured exchanges with young Manchester United fans, before KO and at Half Time. They all spoke with Mancunian accents in those days. Time, eh? Can't live without it, but die after it. My beloved Highbury. - Post No. 112752

Yes its Ron  10:17am 9th Feb 2018

Gents - i heard Lebo M singing Circle of Life this morning. Im sure its Arsenes supporters theme song. It become s clear in the opening of the song. Check it out. Youtube it. Arrrsssseene Weeennngggerrrr. Jack Whitehall had it on DIDs. - Post No. 112753

Yes its Ron  11:49am 9th Feb 2018

Must have been some game Baddie. My Dad was there too. - Post No. 112754

Badarse  12:36pm 9th Feb 2018

Afternoon Ron. Yes I heard DIDs this morning and found the Arsene Wenger scream amusing. It sounded a bit like a critic screaming his name in frustration, ha ha. I quite like Jack Whitehall, quite a talented young man. Yes I remember your dad was there from our previous posts. Highbury was so grand, so immense to this little chap way back then. I knew I was in the right place just by being there. That feeling of the Arsenal is still tangible for me. That Saturday was in many ways just another game, now it's inscribed in English football folklore. I believe there were 65,000 present that day; I would have been one of the youngest so I wonder how many are still around, still kicking every ball they watch? Remember time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. - Post No. 112755

Yes its Ron  13:01pm 9th Feb 2018

Baddie - yes hes a funny bloke isnt he. Cant help but like him. Very self deprecating. Always amazes me now how we used to go in Highbury and there was often close to 60000 in for games v Utd. Its was the Best Law and Charlton era though for me. Great crowd pull. Cant see really how the club has managed to retain its pull as since Ronaldo went theyve had no real crowd pleasers. Munich was a terrible event for them but they keep it alive and topical for marketing reasons as well dont they and have done ever since. Munich is the reason for their stature and mass support in football i always think. Smell the grass at Highbury still now Baddie. - Post No. 112756

David1  13:27pm 9th Feb 2018

Agreed - it was one of Arsenal's best moments in the transfer market since AWs early years. Hopefully the Aubameyang bounce will get Arsenal past the Spuds tomorrow. - Post No. 112757

Seven Kings Gooner1  14:17pm 9th Feb 2018

Badarse, my father saw that game with Man U in 58 and I have the programme somewhere in the loft. Can remember really wanting Man U to win the 1968 European Cup Final, I think most of the country did - very different times. - Post No. 112758

mbg  14:33pm 9th Feb 2018

markymark, (hope it's ok to agree with you,)yes indeed mate, unfortunately we're still playing with the small boys in the amateur, has beens league where the managers concerned. wenger out now. - Post No. 112759

TonyEvans  15:21pm 9th Feb 2018

Badarse - good to see you talking football for a change. Beloved Highbury is right; I don't think many of us older supporters have ever really got over the move to The Emirates. - Post No. 112760

Badarse  15:37pm 9th Feb 2018

Afternoon gentlemen. Tony Evans I love talking football, especially Arsenal. What I find difficult is regurgitating the same theme. I get that a person may want a change of manager, but they have to get that I am not pushing for one. Out of those two simple exchanges of respect we go on. Still as said before if a person insults the team or the manager which I think very unfair, I reserve the right to challenge or not, as the fancy takes me. I never am intentionally rude, I guess I try to be good bad, rather than evil. You should see some of the nastiness hurled in my direction. Yes Ron I agree about the MU popularity. Mainly due to the Cinderella effect and milked for all it's worth by the modern PR people. I believe that they have gained some huge advantages over the decades from officials, commentators and pundits. Whilst we were criticised unnecessarily due to the 'lucky Arsenal' tag. This mainly due to the ignorance of the fan of the day not being able to grasp Herbie's swift counter attacking style. All they knew was their team had a lot of the ball yet were beaten 0-2. It went on and on with the myth growing by the season with every trophy nailed. SKG, yes very different times buddy. It is this you have to keep reminding yourself of. The world is still a beautiful place and some beautiful football can still be played. Highbury is locked away inside all of us. No one will ever take it away. That is the beauty of those red and white memories. - Post No. 112761

Badarse  16:06pm 9th Feb 2018

By the way SKG I was at the 1968 European Cup Final and yes I wanted them to win. Times change and there is no love between teams now. Again a reflection of changing times. We can never go back, but we can strive to make the best of what we have. The way society is descending I think this may well be as good as it gets. Pity the kids. - Post No. 112762

Yes its Ron  17:43pm 9th Feb 2018

Baddie - spot on re Utds advantages. Munich created the big gates at OT, the rapid expansion of OT there, so there they were come 1992 at the birth of the 'best league in the World' and the awful PL monster stirred. Such was Man U cash advantages over many decades pre 1992, they were the only club ready for the marketing men to use to show how footballs great re birth would use the PL grow. Their cash adv was always there pre 1992 wasnt it but rubbish coaches from Busby onwards and scatter gun spending meant they didnt win any titles after the 1960s but they grew big as a club nontheless. As a result of TV s and the PL s need for them it led to soft refs at OT and in my view quiet covert instructions to refs by the authorities not to upset their 'Man U baby' too much and so their dominance began. Rafa said what we all knew in his so called 'rant' yrs back, but he was on the nail with all that he said. I differ from you guys re that 1968 EC Final.I wanted Benfica to win. I loved Eusebio and for me, he put Charlton and Best et al in the shade plus i never could stand such as Stiles and Crerand. It all went for them being at Wembley though. Maybe at a stadium elsewhere that Benfica team would have prevailed. Who knows. What ive never understood is the media obsession with Liverpool? I put that down to the Beatles and 60s music from there? Liverpool until 1960 and Shanks were a rag arsed, rag tag nothing club often 2nd Divison. They've had a glory history of 30 odd yrs really up to 1990 when we ended their dominance, not Man U as the media will have us believe. To hear the media now you d be fooled into thinking they had always been a great Club for about 100 yrs. I accept 5 ECs says a lot but lets be honest, the old Euro Cup was often won back then by beating many small fry Clubs. Arsenals perception has always been hindered by media mugs in London most of whom are West Ham or Totts followers. This is why Chelsea have only been given grudging credit for what theyve done this last 14 yrs. The London press is atrocious and always has been. - Post No. 112763

mbg  18:06pm 9th Feb 2018

Tony Evans, or what many of us older supporters (and indeed younger too)also haven't got over, is the destroying of the good name of the club, history, traditions, ways, etc, air brushing, etc, embarrassments, humiliations, etc, etc, by and old egoistic arrogant manager who has turned it into an image of himself thinking it belongs to him, and that will be his legacy, go now wenger and let us salvage what we have left. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112764

TOOAW  22:10pm 9th Feb 2018

Interesting statistic. Over the last 100 posts by mbg...... Only 6 people have responded/acknowledged him. But because he is anti Wenger, this is ok. The person is as dull as dishwater. - Post No. 112766

Arseneknewbest  23:38pm 9th Feb 2018

Tooey If you're going to come on here and use clichés for f*ck's sake get them right. It's "Ditchwater" you dullard. I am a big fan of mbg's material. He's been on here since before you were Jameeson leekie bba and all of your other shapeshifting guises. Always to the point and never wavering in his message, he is spot on about wengo and the club's crippling malarise. You, on the other hand,only ever come on here to offer barely readable cloying hagiograghys of arse bad and wengo, two of the biggest a-holes in the northern hemisphere. Think your boys can beat the arsenal tomorrow you miserable old cockerel jockey? - Post No. 112767

mbg  23:50pm 9th Feb 2018

Toady, Interesting statistic, (and stats are a very sticky subject on here with some at the moment I suppose it's because their true.) that none are disagreeing either or retorting or putting up any sort of an argument against (with stats) I wonder why that is ? Any idea ? I suppose that goes right over your head as you haven't, but of course that's no surprise as we know that argument is long defunct by AKB wengerites like your self on here who have or can put up no defence of your messiah, with guess what stats. I'm flattered you think so much of me that you took the time to look back check and count all the posts,(none of us would do it for you) I must be doing something right. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112768

mbg  3:50am 10th Feb 2018

Arseneknewbest, yes you can just see the dullard sitting on the edge of his bed tonight, wardrobe lying open, the place a mess, half eaten rubys from a month ago lying all over the place, empty bottles of buck fast dated when spurs last won the league with pure penicillin growing all over them, still trying to work out what shirt to wear to morrow, is it the one signed by waddle or hoddle, or his favourite of all time the one signed by ardiles, that is grey black now because in a fit of temper and rage one night and sweating profusely after the gooners stuffed them, he washed it in dishwater.wenger out now. - Post No. 112769

markymark  6:46am 10th Feb 2018

MBG - I’ve probably responded to you 6 times myself over x months so god knows where the toad got that from. The image of old curry foil boxes sums it up. However I always suspect a Rustler Burger in the microwave would do for the toad. Good to see toad trying to count anyway . Next week toad tries to produce mean deviation analysis and “the German tank problem stat analysis” on who is the biggest tos...... sorry mustn’t say that word . Either toad or Voldemort ( we all know what B stands for ) - Post No. 112770

John F  8:11am 10th Feb 2018

I would add Spurs to your list Ron.No mention of their horrible fans or very little outrage about Poch condoning cheating and diving.No mention dispite the so called size of the club o*&f their pathetic recent trophy haul.It was particularly nauseating when that lovable rogue Harry was in charge. - Post No. 112771

markymark  8:36am 10th Feb 2018

Yes it’s Ron - the only thing I’d say with UTD is that it was historic advantage. UTD are yesterday’s chip paper. Having to pay £350k per week to attract top 50 players. Liverpool’s rise also falls in line with increasing profile of football from being a popular pastime to deep rooted tribal which was picked up by the media at the time. In fact 60’s and 70’s were the high point of working class tribalism. We have lost tribalism and football returns to being a popular pastime. Just one quirk I’ve discovered and that is virtually every Asian ( Indian Sub Continent ) guys I I know and I know loads through work. Support Liverpool. Strange that as they are all London based. - Post No. 112772

Babu  8:56am 10th Feb 2018

Good Morning Badarse! Nothing like waking up on the Saturday morning of a NLD and reading your ramblings. Keep up the good work! On to the small matter of the game at Wembley. Looking forward to this one, as I think we'll win it. This is a huge game on the World Stage...the early kick-off means this is the game to watch in Asia today, and THFC will crumble under the pressure. With our 2 new signings eager to show off their talents to the watching millions, and kane and alli having to watch their step I can see Wenger and the team winning by 2 or 3. Whether it will last or not? I doubt it. Just hope that we can knock that little cock off it's perch today. A win and we're 1 point behind...lose and it's 7. Xhaka to play a blinder? It has to happen one day! So, it's a 3-1 from me, and wishing you and yours a great weekend. - Post No. 112774

Badarse  9:06am 10th Feb 2018

Absolutely Ron, some very astute points, well astute I suppose because I agree with them, ha ha. I remember Liverpool coming up from the 2nd division. I was 16 then but in terms of football knowledge and general understanding I think I was a little more experienced and therefore older. I would often tease any fans with 'Everton are the big club in Liverpool', which evolved into '...were the bigger...'. To win any cup comp of course you need to be good enough but the old European Cup was a bit like a raffle. Two legs against the Champions of Iceland, then against the Champs of Bulgaria, and suddenly you were in the frame as a potential winner. Luck on the night, or softest draw, and you could skip into the S/Fs, or beyond. Now it is a war of attrition and squad depth, also the quality across the board of the squad. It's a main reason why the Oilers are running away with the PL, their squad is so powerful. Eusebio. A silky dream of a player. It was there for the taking that night and I knew it at the time and the press confirmed it the following day. Eusebio clear with the opportunity to go on and beat Stepney-then no extra time would be necessary-but he elected to blast his shot. English keepers were pretty good then, but all top class keepers should be shot-stoppers at that level. So it proved and the chance was lost. More guile and slotting it home would have changed that bit of history. Extra time proved the fitness of the MU players. A season of running through cow fields of pitches saw off Benfica. The Beatles were the catalyst Ron. Just as the air crash was MU's. Did I tell you that I saw The Beatles live? Ha ha, a few will want to have a dig at that one. - Post No. 112775

Bard  9:58am 10th Feb 2018

So today should be a defining game for the current regime. Lose this game and its all over for 4th place. By any other measure that should be Wenger done and dusted. But this is dysfunctional Arsenal so anything could happen. My view is that it will be a draw as neither side can afford to lose it. Also these derbies point tend to follow form. - Post No. 112776

John F  10:32am 10th Feb 2018

Being a Spurs fan,you get a free spital shower! if seated on front row near where Kane is playing.The half time spot the tooth competition and who has the hairiest mum monthly award.Opportunity to take part in genetic testing to find the missing link.Priority Jeremy Kyle appearances.The half time song is Chas and Dave "we keep the old championship trophy pictures in the sideboard dear".And the chance with their left hand near the groin area to act out to the "knees are all trembley" line in the infamous Ossie cup final song. - Post No. 112777

mbg  14:27pm 10th Feb 2018

Oops a Daisy we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 112780

Exiled in Pt  14:36pm 10th Feb 2018

He is still in charge and nothing is changing! Same old sh#t we defend reasonably well for 45 minutes come out second half and switch off.None of the spirit of the last game against the scum. F#ck off Wenger and the board now!! - Post No. 112781

Exiled in Pt  15:04pm 10th Feb 2018

**** way to start the weekend but instead of drowning my sorrows in the George! I shall go and have another super bock in the garden sun is shining in Portugal and as much as it hurts to lose to the scum, until this board and Wenger go, it will never quite hurt as much as it use too. Looks like the new dawn lasted one game!! Same old same old, Wenger out now! As one of the so called 6 that have acknowledged MBG according to the Twit tooaw, once again Wenger out now. - Post No. 112783

mbg  15:48pm 10th Feb 2018

Exiled, cheers mate, don't let it get you down, there's really only two or three on here who do, it's another nail in his coffin regardless, and for that we should be rejoicing, so enjoy your bock in the Sun. Any resignation yet? wenger out now. - Post No. 112786

mbg  17:18pm 10th Feb 2018

Bard, lets hope your right, but as we know this weasel of a manager has no balls. Any resignation yet ? wenger out tonight. - Post No. 112788

Alsace  17:38pm 10th Feb 2018

Spurs should have won by six or more goals. Giroud would have saved the old fraud today. The luckiest man in football is running out of snake oil with which to massage into his bony frame and slide out of the consequences of his actions. I think that he actually said this week that his strategy defensively was to score more goals. There was a manager of Spurs who got chucked out for espousing that theory. Because even they can see that it is no way to play even kindergarten football. - Post No. 112789

Goonhogday  18:43pm 10th Feb 2018

LLLDWDDWLWLDLL - That’s our Premier League away record this season. Really feel sorry for our brilliant away fans. Wenger out. - Post No. 112792

Bard  20:07pm 10th Feb 2018

A good result for the current regime. We could and should have been on the end of another massacre but for luck and Cech in top form. Woeful, lacking a plan and passion. Game over as far as Wenger is concerned. We invested massively in the window and when we come up against a half decent side all our usual problems resurface. The man is a dead man walking., Surely he will have the decency to call it a day. - Post No. 112793

mbg  0:56am 11th Feb 2018

Goonhogday, really ? I don't, they have had ample time, chances, opportunities to do something about it and haven't, and their not alone of course, but their voices are heard maybe more than others, but still choose to put up with it all, why is that ?. We want the weasel out we want the weasel out. - Post No. 112795

markymark  8:10am 11th Feb 2018

Bard - I’ve been appealing to his decency for 8 years, you’ve probably been doing similar. Two little matters in the way 8m a year and a fear he has that he will die after giving up the reigns. It’s needing that little push from others and their willingness to test Arsene’s phobia or folk belief whatever it would be called. Perhaps when the final chat is had they could provide him with a number for a nearby funeral parlour ? I’m betting though he’ll go for some natural wicker basket job. - Post No. 112798

Badarse  10:07am 11th Feb 2018

Did he hear you Nark? Did you address him personally, or was it through a 'round robin' letter you put your name to with the MAYDUP man and AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-integrity)? What has £8 mill p.a got to do with your appeal? One thing I can promise, he will die after giving up the reins-we all would, but not his reign. Phobia? Like MAYDUP's whoops a daisy and pansies? Folk belief? Like David1's old testament to the Corinthian Casuals? Wishing him dead, albeit tacitly isn't nice Nark, but in keeping with your approach. Still, I find you appealing. - Post No. 112804

Goonhogday  11:05am 11th Feb 2018

mbg - Yes, I see your point. I should’ve stuck to just posting the appalling away record and left it at that! Wenger out. - Post No. 112809

markymark  18:30pm 11th Feb 2018

Badarse - we all need to know when our times up , that can be in work , relationships or even life . Please don’t do a don’t speak I’ll of the dead either. The most useless platitude around. Without a deep criticism of a persons life we’d be revering tyrants. Wenger’s not known when his time is up result 14 years an no title - Post No. 112834

mbg  0:07am 12th Feb 2018

Goonhogday, don't get me wrong, I do respect them for their dedication, especially all the old guard if there's any left, and their not all wengerites which I doubt, but yes they have had ample time and chances to get the ball really rolling on this and for some reason haven't, and would rather put up with it, maybe because their full of these groups who are favoured by the weasel and the club, the luvvies, who are afraid to lose that status, freebies, meetings, invites to this and that, granted access to the players, etc, etc, etc by rocking the boat and having them all pulled. wenger out now. - Post No. 112845

mbg  0:27am 12th Feb 2018

markymark, TOF thinks he'll drop dead when he leaves, good one, lol, (not much sense/use for all these millions he's hoarded then) so the joke of the site thinks he's a man of God now, he'll be telling us next he's used to be a Bishop. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112846

Badarse  8:15am 12th Feb 2018

Good morning my dim stars, even stars grow dim. Man of Griff MAYDUP? You are obsessed chummy wummy. Leave the religion behind it is one crutch you shouldn't need. Nark speak ill of the dead as much as you like, even as much as you speak of the living, or even as much as you speak of me. I get it now. You are not being totally obtuse you just really do not understand the written word, do you? The 'crack'(?) about a funeral parlour was at best in poor taste and you should be man enough to admit it, if you actually realise it. It is ageist and a little unkind. Life is just a rattling old conveyor belt and when you topple over the edge you fall into oblivion, and that's it. Joking about it isn't so nice. I despise Trump but wouldn't wish death upon him. Just not a nice person Nark, are you? or did you just misunderstand the complexity of the exchange? Either way you and that other dimming star MAYDUP man are left with egg on your faces. - Post No. 112853

mbg  16:36pm 12th Feb 2018

markymark, there's a great beer over called the Bishops finger, lol. wenger out now. - Post No. 112884

markymark  9:53am 13th Feb 2018

Badarse - laughable stuff from a man who insults old ladies online and writes gropefest poetry, it was just silliness was it? Your generation had a problem with putiting your rights for complete freedom over the protection of the vulnerable. I’m sure some of your celebrity mates found this out recently . BTW I note that when Jameeson said both he and his father beat children making them physical abusers and possibly sexual perverted abusers you said nothing. It was some of us “not nice” individuals picked this up. You genuinely think your a good guy don’t you . - Post No. 112921

markymark  20:27pm 13th Feb 2018

Badarse - I’ve just had a vision of you on a rusty conveyor belt being suddenly pitched into the dark abyss. One shouldn't laugh - Post No. 112940

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds