20 Transfer Windows Ė 10 ďtop, top qualityĒ players

By Bard

Arsene Wengerís record in the transfer market and squad development in the last decade explains a lot about the clubís decline

The furore and excitement about the recent transfer window got me thinking about how this compared with past windows. Below I have listed the arrivals in the last 10 yearsí worth of summer and January transfer windows. The information was gleaned from transfermarket.com. Those I view as top additions to the team are in bold and capitals. Giroud and Nasri are probably the only contentious ones but you may have different views. I have deliberately left out this seasonís transfer windows as the jury is still out on whether they are any good.

Andrey Arshavin
Mikael Silvestre
Amaury Bischoff

Thomas Vermaelen
Sol Campbell (free transfer)

Sebastien Squillaci
Wellington Silva
Marouane Chamakh
Ryo Miyaichi
Vito Mannone
Jens Lehmann (free)

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Mikel Arteta
Andre Santos
Ju-Yeong Park
Carl Jenkinson
Joel Campbell
Yossi Benayoun (loan)

Lukas Podolski

Emiliiano Viviano
Kim Kallstrom (loan)
Semi Ajayi
Mathieu Flamini (free)
Yaya Sanogo (free)

Calum Chambers
Danny Welbeck
Gabriel Paulista
Mathieu Debuchy
David Ospina
Krystian Bielik

Mohammed Elneny

Granit Xhaka
Shkodran Mustafi
Lucas Perez
Takuma Asano
Rob Holding
Cohen Bramall

In my view there are only 10 that he has recruited in the last 10 years that could remotely be regarded as top class, in terms of their contribution over a period of time to the club. The two other players I would put in the same bracket are Wilshere and Bellerin, who came though the Arsenal system. So Arsene has effectively managed to bring in one top player for every two transfer windows. It is difficult to say definitively how good or bad that is unless you look at how other clubs in the top six have done but my feeling is itís pretty poor.

Two things stand out from the list. We have invested heavily in mediocre to rubbish players. This doesnít come as a surprise. But given the fact that many of us remember the recruitment of the likes of Henry, Anelka, Gilberto to name but a few, itís clear that the level of players we have recruited over the last 10 years has gone down not up. The second thing that struck me when I looked at the youth players who were given full professional contracts on transfermarket.com Ė check yourself to see all the names - was the attrition rate among the young guns. Young players who flickered brightly for a moment and then disappeared. Only three have made it into the team in 10 years, Wilshere, Iwobi and Bellerin. In practice this means the much-lauded Arsenal youth set up manages to produce one regular first team player every three years.

To my mind this tells us two things about the club. Despite Wengerís boast about bringing young players through in actual fact we are poor at youth player development. Secondly our scouting network is poor. Arsenal are the 6th richest club in the world, it beggars belief that a club of this stature can only find and recruit one top player every two transfer windows.

Many of us bemoan our defensive frailties, tactical naivety, mental attitude, substitutions and the like but the bottom line is you canít win anything unless you recruit and develop really good players and since leaving Highbury in 2006 we havenít done that. Hopefully the latest window signals a change of direction.

12th February 2018 12:32:31


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Yes its Ron  12:45pm 12th Feb 2018

All fair comment. So many borderline cases to argue about who was or wasn't decent class. Personally, im not totally sure there s a name there who would indisputably be considered truly top class. Sanchez was excellent on his day and had many really good days, but his overall contribution to the Club has nt in my view bracketed him as such. He got close though. I think Arshavin was top class when he signed but he was lazy and soon became aware that he could get away with so much under AW and in the end he was his own worst enemy, equally as much as he admittedly never used to his maximum effect by AW as i saw it. He contributed yo his severe and quick decline i think. - Post No. 112869

Guernsey gunner  12:51pm 12th Feb 2018

Jesus wept, some of those names. I watched a game at Bolton a couple of years back and Wellington boot played. How he ever got near The Arsenal is a mystery. A midget and a coward to boot, Iím sure he got hooked after 60 mins but he had none of that typical hard South American about him. 6 years on our pay roll sums up wengers eye for a player over the last 10 years. Clueless. - Post No. 112870

Goonhogday  13:25pm 12th Feb 2018

Ha ha ha, this is great Bard. Out of the players listed above, I wonder how many were signed on transfer deadline day in a blind panic buying spree! The 2011/12 August window springs to mind ... Wenger out - Post No. 112871

Redshirtwhitesleeves  13:45pm 12th Feb 2018

Basically you could have been a Gooner in a coma for 10 years and not missed anything.The list shows how bad the managers judgement is. As Ron says, hard to argue there's a top class name in there. Certainly nobody to compare to Bergkanp, Henry, Pires, Vieira etc. As long as this parasite remains in charge nothing will change. Wenger out - Post No. 112873

Exeter Ex  13:46pm 12th Feb 2018

Pretty damning when you see it laid out like that, and a reminder of just how long this has been going on for. I do think however that you could give 2018 Wenger the 11 best players in the world and he'd still be hanging around the lower reaches of the top 6. - Post No. 112874

The Man From UNCLE  14:26pm 12th Feb 2018

Looking at some of those names it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out why we finished where we did in the league. Why not set up a list for the players we were linked with who didn't get here too. - Post No. 112878

mbg  14:53pm 12th Feb 2018

Bard, every transfer window under this old has been is the same, the so called top top qualitee, (the excitement by some that the newbies are going to make the difference forgetting who the manager is of course) the new dawn, we're good to go, it's our year, by the usual devotees and wengerites who still believe and want to believe, but it still always ends up the same (as they're always warned and told at the time) another false dawn, so called top top qualittee being shyte, ruined, or get out from under the clutches of the old failure when they have realised, and get/have the chance. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112880

Goonhogday  15:03pm 12th Feb 2018

A decades worth of dithering on his ďspecial kind of playersĒ Wenger out - Post No. 112882

mbg  17:37pm 12th Feb 2018

Squillaci pictured with the smiling weasel, (and all the rest)top top qualittee ? my God what more needs to be said about this waste of space of a manager, and light bulb head Gervinho ? Jesus h, and of course TOF was believed and fans got excited, and their still doing it, you couldn't make it up. Like someone has already said they fooking deserve him, unfortunately real, proper fans don't. Go now wenger your not welcome here. - Post No. 112886

Perryashburtongroves  17:53pm 12th Feb 2018

I think you're being generous putting Cech and Mertesacker in capitals. The only place they should have gone is the transfer list. What's laughable is the amount of free transfers we've had. For a supposed big club, that's just ****ing pathetic. - Post No. 112887

Offside  18:52pm 12th Feb 2018

Think about the vast amount of wages that "Mr Economics Degree" squandered on that dross. - Post No. 112892

John F  18:56pm 12th Feb 2018

A few cynical attempts to tap into the Asian fan base in that list.Signed Korean and Japanese players but rarely played them. Out of so many poor players on the list I would vote Sanogoals as the worst. - Post No. 112893

RobG  19:18pm 12th Feb 2018

What seems particularly damning is the level of youth development which is wretched. Wengerís endless boasts of recruiting and developing talent is nonsense compared to Southampton or Burnley, let alone who we are supposed to match. Bayern - anyone ? It is further overwhelming evidence that we need a fresh start with anew man under a revamped system. I wonít be the only livid Gooner if they donít act swiftly in May. - Post No. 112895

Seven Kings Gooner1  19:23pm 12th Feb 2018

Just thinking of the wages paid out to this X list of football lightweights. Andre Sanchez was the biggest pub player amongst that lot - isn't he the one who asked for RVP shirt at half time away to Man Utd. Can you imagine what proper former Arsenal captains would have done to that excuse for a footballer. Again though to be fair, we cannot tell how good these some of these players could have been because none of them had proper coaching or played in a team with any plan on or off the field. - Post No. 112896

John F  19:30pm 12th Feb 2018

Ron I thought Arshavin was class but Wenger played him on the left wing which affected his confidence and he just gave up.Auba next in line for the out wide treatment. - Post No. 112897

Arseneknewbest  21:22pm 12th Feb 2018

Reasons to be cheerful, part 1. About this time of year, every year, since about 2007, we've been handed our arseholes in the most degrading fashion by bayern, barca, Milan etc etc. That cannot happen this year because we're playing a bunch of scandawegian part-timers in a greatly inferior competition. Oh, wait a minute... - Post No. 112903

mbg  22:26pm 12th Feb 2018

Bard, yes great article, what a list of pure crap assembled, it tears all his supposedly top top qualitte claims to shreds, it really is damming of wenger and shows him up in big style for what he really is, a fraud who hadn't and hasn't a fooking clue, it tears his reputation to shreds also (not that he ever had one) and not an ABK wengerite anywhere on the page trying to defend their messiah, no fooking argument that just says it all, no doubt they'll slither along later as usual when everyone else has gone to bed. we want wenger out. - Post No. 112908

Paulward  23:34pm 12th Feb 2018

Some good players and some garbage on that list, but our defensive frailties are less about personnel and more about the tactical and organisational limitations of the manager. - Post No. 112914

mbg  1:00am 13th Feb 2018

SKG1, and TOF used to cry and complain about money, and other teams spending and buying big, and is still doing it today while paying mediocre players massive wages, wally a good example, just another excuse in the long line of excuses for his failure, and his AKB wengerites fell for it and still are, wenger out now. - Post No. 112915

TonyEvans  8:35am 13th Feb 2018

On the face of it some of those names make me shudder, but you can't help but wonder if any quality that was there was quickly extinguished rather than enhanced by the clueless one. - Post No. 112917

MAF  8:43am 13th Feb 2018

amie Carragher has launched a withering attack on Arsenal - describing their players as "cowards" and suggesting that a top-four finish is "virtually impossible". Speaking on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football programme, Carragher ripped into Arsene Wenger's team and described their away form, which has yielded 26 points from 26 matches, as an "embarrassment". Carragher, a Telegraph Sport columnist, said: "Iíve always questioned Arsenalís mentality but youíve always felt they were good enough. I still question their mentality but they arenít good enough now. Arsenal are actually getting worse, they arenít getting better. "If you go back to Crystal Palace last season, I called them "cowards" and sometimes when you look back you can think itís a bit strong. But those (away form) stats back me up. "Twenty-six points from 26 away games is an embarrassment for a team that are supposedly one of the top teams in the country. "I think (top four) is virtually impossible for them. They are not catching Manchester United. It's very difficult to catch Liverpool because of the points gap. "Tottenham, who are seven points clear of them, are the best team in the league in the second half of the season and ultimately (Arsenal) arenít good enough. "Theyíve got a points deficit and they are not as good as any of those sides. They have to prioritise the Europa League because they wonít be getting the top four." Arsenal's record goalscorer Thierry Henry agreed with his fellow pundit's assessment, and said: "Realistically the competition that they can achieve the most is winning the Europa League. "I see that happening more than finishing in the top four. Something incredible might happen but it is unlikely'' - Post No. 112918

John F  9:14am 13th Feb 2018

Hard to disagree with JC MAF just wish he could summon some courage to raise these points with Wenger in after match interviews instead of pandering to him. - Post No. 112919

markymark  9:30am 13th Feb 2018

Yes itís Ron - Iím ok with the Arshavin was lazy..... but Wenger made it very clear he didnít want him. I think genuinely one of the great performances of a single player for any team anywhere ( Arshavin v Liverpool ) to see it undone by clueless Wengo defending. Iíd have lost heart and thought stuff it. Wenger has spent the last decade screwing his players up. - Post No. 112920

Yes its Ron  9:58am 13th Feb 2018

MAF - Yes, he s right to a large extent. Im not a big Carragher fan really as he exemplifies the SKY desire to blow everything up to far bigger levels than they really are. Asl have looked like cowards for years but i think really its more to do with the type of players, their physicality, the lack of physical players in the team and the sheer imbalance in the teams that has been there for years that makes us as we are. I definitely agree though, we do and have seen instances of frightened players over the years. Koschielny being the main offender in my humble view this last few Seasons. The thing is, if a coach preaches physicality isnt the done thing in his steam, the culture of the team picks up on it. Arsenals main failing is too many players who lack mental desire as i see it. A player needs that before he ll show no fear of opponents. - Post No. 112922

RobG  10:10am 13th Feb 2018

"Think about the vast amount of wages that "Mr Economics Degree" squandered on that dross". THIS ! Some of the fees payed weren't much, if anything but given that a lot of these would have been on £50K plus, a week, the squandering is mind boggling - and especially so when whinging that we can't compete financially with the likes of City and Chelsea. - Post No. 112923

MAF  12:06pm 13th Feb 2018

Ron ist also to do with Wenger. As Mikt has just said, wenger is such a nice man compared to Mourinho... WHAT ??? do you want to try to NICE a Group of guys into being a competitive Team in any Sport ? WHAT ?? Forget it Forget it. Do Pep Klopp Poch Jose Conte Dyke look like the type of coaches you muck around with ? does Wenger ? frail old intellectual pompous frenchman? you and I could put wenger around our Little finger - just Play to his ego and give him a sob Story and he will believe you.... that for me is the route of the whole Problem. Players dont get reprimanded, discplined or dropped. I am cast iron certain one of These other coaches could get better results from the current squad. Wenger is the core Problem here - Post No. 112924

Yes its Ron  13:23pm 13th Feb 2018

MAF - Hes guilty of trusting his players too much and putting too much faith in them. Back in his early days he had players who he could do that with and AW has never stopped putting faith in his players whatever their personality. Those Coaches you mention have however have all had players challenge them and their methods. I agree though in that a more modern Coach would perhaps get far more mileage from the present squad. This is the issue really for me. Arsene has been in my view for a good few yrs a man of a bygone time both in terms of coaching and man management it seems to me. I think lesser players require more rigid management styles than do the more gifted. Same as in any workplace. AW seems to have faith in mankind really and its often his undoing. I think hes quite exasperated by human failings (certainly in a football context), which is surprising given the yrs hes done his job. Any organisation at some stage needs a change at the helm, even if the present incumbents are still very capable people. The biggest human frailty is that people take others for granted. AWs longevity has made him more subject it than others. Hes fighting it by insisting that he doesn't have change his methods but i don't see it as battle he can win. He is who he is and wont ever be a bullish man, overpowering other personalities in players. - Post No. 112925

Goonhogday  13:25pm 13th Feb 2018

Itís easy to see why Arsenal are reputedly the 6th richest club in the world when you look at the players on this list. Arguably, we must have the richest football manager in the world to boot too! On the odd occasion we spend big on one player and then panic & lock the cheque book up back in the safe. It wouldnít surprise me at all if the club havenít even tapped into the new TV contract money whatsoever yet. Their just banking it in hope FFP kicks in. Wenger out - Post No. 112926

Rob1971  13:35pm 13th Feb 2018

Bard, Andre Arshavin was a totally class player....Wegner turned on him for whatever petty reason and effectively ended his career....a total disgrace. And yes Andre Santos was the worst signing in Arsenal history...panic buy after the 2-8 Manu debacle. - Post No. 112927

BigDaveTheGooner  13:42pm 13th Feb 2018

You would certainly have trouble picking your worst 11 out of that lot. There really is some dross amongst them!!!! - Post No. 112928

Yes its Ron  13:53pm 13th Feb 2018

Rob1971 - i bet Jeff Blockley and Ian Ure wont rest easily anymore now youve threatened that Santos is challenging them for that dubious award! There are many, many candidates though and not all signed by Wenger of course. - Post No. 112929

Rob1971  14:03pm 13th Feb 2018

Y i Ron, I will have to defer to you on Ure and Blockley, just slightly before my support began in earnest. The thing about Santos was that I cannot believe that Wenger ever saw him play, even on video....Santos was so bizarre and inept it defies even Wenger logic (with applicable 'accents' as required!) - Post No. 112930

Yes its Ron  14:36pm 13th Feb 2018

Rob - agree totally matey. He was a really strange player wasnt he. Bizarre even. Blockley came in about 1972. He was the great hope after Frank Mac and all things to all people. He had looked good at Coventry though. Disastrous for Arsenal but then so was the team really in his time. I can only recall Ure as a kid. LC v Swindon marked his career out, yet Man U bought him as a panic buy to try and halt their post 1968 rapid decline. Is he unfairly judged at Arsenal? Could be i suppose. - Post No. 112931

Paulo75  15:08pm 13th Feb 2018

The stubborn refusal to go that extra mile in the transfer market between say 2006-2014 on proven quality(Alonso, Higuain etc) was mind boggling when you see the huge sums wasted on utter dross over the same period. - Post No. 112932

MAF  16:02pm 13th Feb 2018

Ron - back in the day several of the Arsenal squad were on auto-Coaching. Adams dixon cole parlour winterburn keown all had tapes playing in their heads with George Graham's Military style tactics. thats why ive always said wenger got too much credit for Arsenal 1997-2005 because so Long as there was any of These guys still there plus david dein Walking the corridors, Arsenals old DNA was very much in tact. ALL wenger did was add a sprinkling of French Flair which he did very well indeed. BUT no sooner as Arsenal been left 100% to him and the past well and truly buried, the Problems begun and now we see the results - Post No. 112933

mbg  16:44pm 13th Feb 2018

Goonhogday, and you can bet your last quid mate that odd occasion we spend/spent big wasn't wanted by wenger. wenger out. - Post No. 112934

mbg  17:07pm 13th Feb 2018

markymark, I see the walking skeleton is still alive, rattling away, at least you'll not get done for murder. wenger out now. - Post No. 112935

Goonhogday  17:30pm 13th Feb 2018

Still think we shouldíve gone in for Alonso &/or Mascherano during this period. Love him or hate him, Iíd of taken back Anelka too when he was at Bolton. Alas non, we donít take back former players was one of his spindly quotes! Wenger out! - Post No. 112936

Seven Kings Gooner1  18:54pm 13th Feb 2018

Carragher is totally correct in his assessment of Arsenal but he is 10 years too late in saying it. - Post No. 112937

markymark  19:09pm 13th Feb 2018

Without blowing trumpets I have in the past mentioned that a sponsor might kick off at some point. No Champions League means our future sponsors are apprehensive , which is making the board apprehensive which in turn is finally linking Wengerís ineptness to real world financial decisioning. The Mail is saying tonight no Champions League ó> no job ! Well we will see but I think odds are shortening on Wengoís arse being kicked into touch. ďAdidas and Nike both have a firm interest in taking over from Puma as Arsenal's kit supplier. But Sportsmail understands both firms have shown an apprehension in investing huge money due to the uncertainty over when they will be back in the Champions League.Ē - Post No. 112938

CORNISH GOONER  19:37pm 13th Feb 2018

It seems that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, there is at least a "nice" man inside AW & that alone justifies yet further opportunities to increase his wealth & bore us to death with his rambling platitudes. Guilty of putting too much faith in his players is, in fact, a complete condemnation of him as a manager & his approach in a ruthless industry. "Not up to the job" as Clement Atlee our best post war Prime Minister would have said. - Post No. 112939

mbg  21:01pm 13th Feb 2018

Paulo75, top top qualittee mate. wenger out. - Post No. 112941

GoonerRon  21:37pm 13th Feb 2018

There is certainly some rubbish on that list, and many players that were given too much faith by Wenger for too long. Itís fair to say though that every club has hits and misses in the transfer market and there will be similar lists from other clubs with bigger wastes of fees and wages. As for youth development, I just donít think the scouts have been picking up the best players for quite some time. I look at the youth players weíve released or sold and canít say too many could be considered regrets (except Gnabry, Ozyakup at a push and maybe McGuane will become the new Busquets).I think I heard a stat the other day that only 1% of academy players become professional footballers at all so itís huge churn across all clubs. I think itís also fair to other clubs (especially Chelsea and Citeh) have left us behind with their investment in young infrastructure. Hopefully our investment in upgrading Hale End, along with the new scouting and executive staff at the club and a new manager at some point in the next 18 months, this list will become a smorgasbord for top quality players combined with the best young talent around. - Post No. 112942

mbg  21:56pm 13th Feb 2018

GoonerRon, so it's the scouts fault (that would be right)who employed them ? and kept/keeps faith in them, nice try no cigar. wenger out. - Post No. 112943

GoonerRon  22:44pm 13th Feb 2018

@ mbg - Ultimately the scouts watch the games, compile the reports and try to build relationships with the players, family and agents. For whatever reason I donít think weíve done that very successfully in some cases. Wenger may well be culpable (Iím assuming that was the reason for your barb) but I donít know how culpable as Iím not sure how involved he is in the process of recruiting young players or the management of the scouting network. - Post No. 112944

Guernsey gunner  2:47am 14th Feb 2018

Letís see how much this team fancy the ropey league as a get out of jail card for the old fraud. Minus 10 in ostersunds tonight and they wonít be fearing us and our abysmal away form. The really sad thing is my apathy around it all, spurs playing a thriller away to juve. Wenger has taken us to this 12 years after leaving Highbury. I guess this must be the next level is the next level is the next level. Wenger out now. - Post No. 112945

MAF  8:26am 14th Feb 2018

I cant wait to see the Ostersund match....poor old tottenham having to Slum it and go toe to toe with Juve in Turin while the whole world waits to tune into Arsenal's match on Thur night. ive come to the Point that i hope we get beaten and the real pain can start to end and the Revolution can begin - Post No. 112946

Yes its Ron  9:52am 14th Feb 2018

MAF - Ive often wondered what Arsenals fortunes would have been had we the means to create an 'alternative history' this last 12 years based on what would have occurred had we have never left Highbury? Moving home has certainly heralded a gradual decline each season since as the list of players above shows only too well. Im pretty sure it couldn't have been worse than the actual history. It s not just progress on the pitch thats been left behind but the Club has totally lost its proud DNA as you say. Im sure the new young fans wouldn't agree as many dont 'feel' or understand what that DNA was. The present owners dont either which is the nub of the problem. Does Wenger? Im sure he sort of does, but he was co opted into this regime by dint of the rewards it has given to him. As a football fan first and an Arsenal follower second, i genuinely hope that other Clubs, yes Even Spurs, learn from what Arsenal have done and ensure that they handle their own changes far better, for the sake of the supporters. Losing an identity is permanent. Once gone its never recoverable. Arsenal have lost many loyal fans since 2006 for sure. - Post No. 112947

MAF  10:06am 14th Feb 2018

Ron im with you on this. Spurs are fortunate to build new Stadium on the same site. we know theyven been studying everything that is right and wrong about the emirates. the key for me is Daniel Levy. We lost David Dein our DNA man who linked early 1980's arsernal with Wenger's Arsenal. Dein got Graham from Millwall. Dein had fight + pride in him about Arsenal. Levy is same about Spurs and he is still there. Chelsea are now suffering on identity as Abramovic is embroiled in the russia/Putin/sanctions Troubles. he is not at the matches as much as he used to be and he cannot spend anymore. Arsenal Need to find a new managemer who can get our link back to our past, our history and culture. He would be smart to put 2-3 ex Players around him. Wenger is your classic Euro Manager, detached, aloof, has not got a clue about Arsenal culture, not a man of the People, lives in a bubble. Spurs have got it spot on with Pochetino in my view - Post No. 112948

Exeter Ex  10:38am 14th Feb 2018

Interesting question, what would AFC's 'alternative history' have been had stayed at Highbury. Like many I was against the move at the time, wanted Highbury's capacity to be extended to whatever was possible within the confines - 10,000 or whatever less than Emirates, so be it, do as well as you can with that. What has happened since has proved me and others right. That unique stadium was crucial to the club's identity and the club has not progressed on the field and is now declining quite obviously. As for Wenger, I think he thinks he is the club's DNA. This is a man for whom AFC meant nothing until he was 46-47 years old remember, so why would its history. Just last season he said he 'built the club'. - Post No. 112949

CORNISH GOONER  10:43am 14th Feb 2018

Back to Markymarks earlier post - I totally agree that a Sponsor "revolt" is the likeliest way of removing Arthur. If that happens sooner than later, then I am far more optimistic about our future. It isn't realistic in today's world to expect to recover the old "DNA", whatever that was, but it is realistic for AFC to install a new modern management team, more in line with the big clubs across Europe & I do believe that process has already begun. We will be proud of our great Club again & sooner than I had hoped &, dare I say it, with a united fanbase again. Wish I could say the same about Brexit!! - Post No. 112950

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:16am 14th Feb 2018

Cornish, Ron, Maf & Exeter Ex : Very good posts guys, in time everything does become clearer and Arsenal now just are hopelessly rudderless. Whatever people think of him, Dein was our fixer and without some one like him, on the board, we are just a southern Everton. - Post No. 112951

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:46am 14th Feb 2018

Exeter Ex: I have always felt that Highbury was the Avalon of English football. - Post No. 112952

mbg  15:33pm 14th Feb 2018

Guernsey gunner, it was only a matter of time, fans like myself Ron, Arseneknewbest, Bard, Exeter, etc, etc, etc, were and have been telling, predicting, warning, everyone for years where we were going but it was never believed never listened to, we were slagged off laughed at, insulted, told to f**k off down the lane, now hear we are, and all those idiots who laughed and insulted (among other things)are very quiet indeed in fact not heard of for a long time, while we're still here, proved right, and predicting it's going to get a hell of a lot worse as long as this old parasite is about the place. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112960

Goonhogday  20:14pm 14th Feb 2018

Has anyone Heard of statdna? Itís a US sports analytics company that Arsenal bought around 2012. Very similar set up to Billy Beanes moneyball analytics used with the Oakland athletics. There are numerous articles about it on google and how Arsenal used it to buy Gabriel Paulista purely based on his stats. Wenger out. - Post No. 112969

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