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Postby Babatunde » Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:17 pm

As if things weren't bad enough, today Alex fucking Thong is given the captain's armband. Absolutely disgusting.

I shall remind those of you with short memories that Alex Thong was shocking in Marseille and has been one of our biggest Liabilities this season. He is not good enough to play for a serious big club, he should count himself fortunate to be on the bench most times. This for me, all goes back to the culture of rewarding mediocrity. What has this c*** done to get this honour?

I'd just like to remind you of some of the people who have worn the armband in the past 2 seasons:

Abou Diaby in the Nou Camp after Cesc went off.
Sebastien Shitachi last season (home to Stoke I believe).
A want-away Cesc Fabregas was never stripped of the captaincy.

Alex Thong is French-speaking though and overpaid. So he'll wear the armband. I remember the days when the armband was a privilege Arsenal players fought for. Players as excellent as Bould and Davis hardly ever got to wear the armband.

And now jokes like Thong wear it.

Does the Arsenal captaincy actually mean anything anymore?

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