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Postby xisstential » Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:46 pm

Let me give you an update and how the organizers are thinking.

We cannot protest now because spurs are up next...we cannot protest after that because of the cup final. Even if we lose both those games we will still be in the Europa and while there's hope.......

Once we are knocked out of that we will be fighting for 4th so we don't want to upset the rhythm of the team like we did last season. And if 4th is not available we HAVE to get 6th because we deserve to play in Europe so there won't be any protesting then either. And the last couple of weeks is no good because Wenger will be off in the summer to work for French TV at the WC so won't be here to face the music.

And next season won't be any good either because ....well there are just so many reasons....

And just for the record it wasn't us who started this "protest" we joined someone else and it was weeks before Aubemayang was signed. These things are not arranged the night before. EVERYBODY now knows, there will NEVER be a right time with our fan base.

We got rimmed by Swansea, that's right SWANSEA, but hey we signed Aubemayang.

And let's not forget lost our best player in exchange for someone who was crying when told he was coming to us. And we are paying that luxury German slacker over 300k a week even though NOBODY else wanted him because the same man who negligently trashed Sanchez's contract did the same to his.

But hey, what is there to protest about, right?

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Postby GTG » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:01 pm

Well said.

I read comments from people saying trying to protest before Everton was idiotic given the transfer window because it was never going to get support given the window.

Load of bollox. It doesn't really matter when the protests are arranged there will never be enough support to make a difference and I was someone who believed a difference could really be made last season. I know better now and the people saying this last season were right all along.

Even some who took part in it last year have given up this year and will just wait until it sorts itself out.

The fans (in the majority) get the club they deserve.

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Postby sk-gtfo » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:51 pm

I still don't get the logic of what was so great about the window?.

We spent £60M on Aubameyang and Miki but we lost Sanchez (our best player), maybe the two combined are a slight upgrade but negligable imo.

In the summer we sold Ox for £40M and in the window we also sold Walnut for £20M, neither were a massive loss, but they did cover the cost of the £60M we 'spent' on Aubameyang (Coq sale covers signing on fees etc.!), so why are some fans w@nking like it's yet another "we've turned the corner" and thinking we are now going to spend big??. :roll:

Our defence is as shocking as ever and we don't have a good DM option in the squad, infact I'd argue that at this point we might as well take a punt on AMN there rather than persevere with Xhaka, Elneny is maybe a decent back up but not good enough as first choice.

I'm happy to see early indications that Wenger's power might be starting to crumble but really we have a long way to go, Spurs are moving into a better stadium than us next season whilst we are adding a few extra prawn sandwich seats and spending money generated from player sales, it will take a lot more than that to convince me to go back to the bowl. :roll:

But then I'm just another 'entitled' gooner... :twisted:

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