Highbury Auction Wines

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Highbury Auction Wines

Postby IrishJB » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:57 pm

I know, probably bad timing after last night (thumping from Bayern), but we'll still get through right?

And yeah, putting an advert on here says "come and have a pop at the seller" :barscarf:

Anyways, yeah i was the fella who bought them standing in the West or was it East Stand on Highbury Auction day back in 2006. Looking to sell if the price is right, so putting some feelers out to see the interest?

I purchased this collection from Arsenal FC via the 'Highbury Auction' in 2006, details as follows:-

"11 x 75cl bottles of red commemorative wine to celebrate at the Café Royale, London the visit of the following teams for UEFA Champions League matches in the 1998/99 season:

2 x Racing Club De Lens,
5 x Dynamo Kyiv,
4 x Panathinaikos

It is a tradition that the Club's Board of Directors host a banquet for the counterparts of their European opponents

The above was the exact wording per the sale of this item.

The Auctioneers at the time (as i'm sure you all know) were 'Bache Treharne', sale date 29.7.2006

What additionally makes I believe these wines special, is that this was the very first Arsenal season in the new Champions League and also with Arsenal playing these 3 home group games at Wembley Stadium, instead of Highbury (while Highbury's North Bank was being re developed).

nb stored in a cool place since acquisition

You never know may get one genuine answer lol amongst the funny quips ..... Come on you reds!

PM if genuinely interested

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