So Farewell Nicklas Bendtner

One year short of a testimonial, a tribute to the departing Great Dane

So Farewell Nicklas Bendtner

We’ll always have the memories

After nine years, Arsenal have said a fond farewell to not only the greatest player in the club’s history, but also to the greatest striker ever to have lived. Despite being eternally grateful to the club for all the support they have given him over the years, Nicklas Bendtner has decided that his remarkable talent demands that he move to a club better placed to help him fulfil his potential. Upon hearing the news, Arsenal fans took to online message-boards in their millions not only to express their anguish at his leaving, but also to assure him that they understood the reasoning behind the move and wish him all the best for the future. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and the fictional American cartoon team the Hurricanes are all said to be interested in signing the misunderstood Danish international, who has often been the victim of vicious tabloid rumours about his personal life, spread by journalists who are obviously envious of his footballing genius, magnetic personality and chiselled good looks.

Such salacious hearsay included the Paddy Power pants controversy which erupted after a game against Portugal in Euro 2012. The press reported that Bendtner had been paid to advertise the betting company on his boxer shorts, which he would reveal if he scored for Denmark. Indeed, the athletic Adonis did score, but what actually happened in the aftermath was that his shorts, which were slightly too large to fit snugly around his washboard stomach, slipped down to reveal the controversial underwear. What reporters failed to mention, however, is that, although the boxer shorts did indeed bear the Paddy Power logo, they had actually been lent to him by a friend after his own pants were eaten by a bear a few minutes prior to kick-off.

Then there was the incident, or should I say non-incident, which occurred in Copenhagen in March 2013, when the rangy, broad-shouldered heartthrob was pulled over for allegedly being drunk behind the wheel of his car and driving against the traffic. Whilst it is true that Nicklas had indeed taken a few sips out of a friend’s can of Shandy Bass, he was actually speeding to the aid of a helpless faun with a broken leg he had spotted lying by the side of the road. His superlative hand-eye coordination meant that he was able to weave in and out of the oncoming traffic and at no point posed any threat to other drivers.

Not content to let him get on in peace with his career as a footballer, philanthropist, raconteur and wit, the press again attempted to unsettle the rugged, statuesque hunk by reporting in November 2013 that he was arrested and cautioned for causing criminal damage to the door to the swimming pool in his North-West London apartment block. What actually happened was that, when his key card failed to unlock the door, he attempted to gently coax it open, only for it to inexplicably burst into flames in front of his very eyes, a detail which journalists mysteriously failed to mention at the time.

The latest attempt to slander the rakish, charming, blue-eyed Danish boy-next-door came in March of this year when, after being declared injured and therefore unable to play in the second leg of Arsenal’s Champions League tie against Bayern Munich, he flew to Copenhagen to join some of his old friends for a meal. Accusations by a taxi driver who picked them up outside the restaurant that Nick rubbed himself up against the cab, whipped it with his belt and called the man a ‘little whore’, were way off the mark. In actual fact Nicklas had noticed that a bird had deposited its business on the side of the car, and in an act of selfless charity, had attempted to wipe it off with the groinal region of his trousers. When he found the dropping had dried surprisingly quickly and would not easily budge, however, he decided to use his belt, with its altogether more abrasive surface, to remove it. And as for the offending comment, well, what he actually said was that he needed to rub it ‘a little more’ before it would come off.

Despite these attempts by the media to call into question the integrity of the man, football fans in the know are well aware that Bendtner’s almost unfathomable talent is matched only by the quality of his character, and it is certain that, whichever club he ends up with, his gentle nature, steely determination and unwavering professionalism will shine through.

Next week: John Terry tells us what he really said to Anton Ferdinand, explains the altruistic reason behind his affair with his best friend’s girlfriend, and tells us about the time Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez fell on his knee during a Champions League semi-final.

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  1. AFCIC

    Jun 02, 2014, 14:27 #52300

    Goodbye Nick, the self proclaimed''greatest striker in europe'' We will never see your likes again at our club - THANK GOD!!!!!

  2. Croker

    Jun 02, 2014, 13:56 #52297

    9 years to find out his true worth to the Club.

  3. maguiresbridge gooner

    Jun 02, 2014, 12:43 #52281

    Personally i'd have Fabregas back as someone has mentioned where to fit him in but is that really a problem are what we have better than him? And at least we'd know what we're getting and what he's capable off, and not have to wonder about some kid from lique 2 who really wanted to be a farmer or some unknown from god knows where, and have to wait and hope they come good in three years.

  4. TJ

    Jun 02, 2014, 9:52 #52274

    Bendtner was the type of player who needed performance-related bonuses on his contract rather than just being paid £52k per week- I think, for one thing, it went to his head being paid that much.

  5. ppp

    Jun 02, 2014, 9:09 #52273

    It didn't work out for Bendtner with us but it's hardly worth constantly slagging him off in that smarmy way that makes football fans look smug and stupid - even worse than the tabloid journalists we claim to loather. Bendtner didn't put in enough work to fulfil his potential with us. Football is a weird industry and he knows full well he still has a few years to come good - and he probably will. The most recent rumour about him is that Newcastle want him. That would be a fantastic move for the bloke and if he starts the season well I expect him to prosper. Bendtner was a dissapointment no doubt but he's still a very good centre forward with something to offer.


    Jun 02, 2014, 6:53 #52272

    Good morning my little choux pastries, light, fluffy, sweet and insubstantial. As the chauvinists might say julesd, 'They may be bottom Missus, but ooh, what lovely bottoms they are!' As have the men...ha ha. Tickets for Sunday's Emirates Cup booked, a big BADARSE family posse en route. Is a double-decker twice as good as a Black and Decker, or is that racist? Good old Arsenal.

  7. julesd

    Jun 02, 2014, 5:35 #52271

    Good morning, we have the FA Cup double, how great is that? Well done the Arsenal Ladies, I don't think they will be bottom of their league for much longer.

  8. DW Thomas

    Jun 02, 2014, 2:02 #52270

    Keep Ozil. All he needs is an Aguero or Suarez type to make great runs for his passing skill. Add Cesc too and we have maybe the best midfield in the world. Ramsey Theo, Wilshere, Rosicky, and Cazorla too. What's lacking is a tough take-no-prisoners DM. Cesc made a difference every game he played, more so than Ozil so far. But add him back and we have great depth. Can we teach another to play that DM role? Always thought TV could do it well. But I have not worked a day in football. Buy Cesc, a class striker, a DM, replace and strengthen the back, and even Wenger might have me believing again! Won't be holding my breath though.

  9. Jason B

    Jun 01, 2014, 22:18 #52269

    Hilarious article.Look forward to the next one.


    Jun 01, 2014, 21:54 #52268

    Good morning Ozzie, so this day is it Toby, or not Toby, or is it Moby or not Moby, that is the Queequeg. Volunteer tail-runner. Arsenal Men, Arsenal Ladies-'Double FA Cup Winners', Power to the Feminists, and a red and white raspberry to the 'Misogs'.


    Jun 01, 2014, 20:24 #52267

    Would have Fabregas back immediately and would only then affectionately refer to him as 'Cesc, am such a pedant over some things. A swap for Ozil would be a more demanding decision. I would anticipate Mesut showing his guilt-edged side next season, and Fabregas would have to ease his way back in, which may be fraught with issues. Thankfully I am not making the choice, but an intriguing question Bard. Those Catalans never surrender. Would you swap?

  12. Bard

    Jun 01, 2014, 18:22 #52266

    MG and DW, there isnt and has never been a blueprint in the Maureen sense of the word and the missing bits of the jigsaw is our take on it. I can remember countless season where we were 3 players short of being a top side. We have currently lost Sagna and Flappy and maybe TVM so thats 3more needed just to make up tread water. Incidentally what do you guys think about us selling Ozil and bringing back Cesc ? I like Ozil but he's seems lightweight to me. I would much prefer Cesc in that role. He's a terrific player and also a warrior.

  13. maguiresbridge gooner

    Jun 01, 2014, 14:42 #52265

    Bard, yes anyone who thinks we've even shown an interest in a player/players at this moment in time have as usual fallen for the spin and there's plenty of them. As you say late August will be the time to start getting excited a couple of hours before the deadline really excited when we are told it was worth the wait to buy top top quality even though he wanted to be a green grocer.

  14. A Cornish Gooner

    Jun 01, 2014, 14:40 #52264

    BADARSE, No Park Run PB for the wife yesterday, but top on points! Charlie A. seems like a good runner too. No running club affiliation?


    Jun 01, 2014, 14:19 #52263

    Ah, julesd. Have I missed you two and how; sometimes just minding the shop can be trying-it can be like the January sales! Most testing when the sun goes down, and things creep and stir in the vaults. I want to lay money on Arsene remaining for more than three years, I bet even 24601 couldn't lay that one off. Funny how minds work-especially mine. I was reading of the Invincibles and came to the OT game. I went a little dappy because the memories stirred, as they often do, and I tapped into the emotion I felt at the final whistle. I was beside myself in the pub, on my feet, doing my own copyright of a celebratory jitterbugging barn dance, but with an outpouring of anger mixed with a jubilant defiant piece of showmanship. I was on the pitch with the lads and as touched on before, beside Martin Keown when he clipped RvN. Boy did I breath fire that day! Then my thoughts drifted to you two. I was soon distracted as the moon drifted behind a cloud and I heard a wolf howl, then I knew my night's work had begun again. Come on the Arsenal Ladies!

  16. maguiresbridge gooner

    Jun 01, 2014, 13:54 #52262

    Roy, exactly, the fact it's been mentioned, brought up, discussed even thought about says it all.

  17. julesd

    Jun 01, 2014, 13:50 #52261

    I would like to wish the Arsenal ladies the best of luck this afternoon, we will be watching and cheering. Congratulations to Arsene Wenger, so happy you have decided to stay. Badarse keep up the good work.

  18. Bard

    Jun 01, 2014, 13:48 #52260

    Neymar; relax mate. we never really start serious negotiations until late August. Once the club have identified players they then embark on protracted process that involves squeezing every last peso from the deal. This takes a very long time. I would start to worry about 3 hour before the closure of the window when the club start to panic and we suddenly find we are chasing all kinds of unknowns. Followed by an announcement that the squad is strong enough anyway


    Jun 01, 2014, 13:39 #52259

    Morning Ozzie, I was alluding to Parkrun. I know that like running water, it has reached your shores. It began in 2004 as an organised event in Bushey, near Watford and has grown to over three quarters of a million registered runners in many lands. A great event, and free! Ah, the Upstart Crow, what a force to add to your post-he could do with meeting Professor Stanley Unwin-perhaps one day. Sadly buddy you cannot separate the beast from civilised man, it's too early in our evolution; he will always lurk beneath, unless allowed too much rein, then dominates. I don't think the nationality of a manager has anything to do with success of an English side, neither does the personnel or players. It's all about ability, personality, and chemistry. Could you spread the word about my knee though?

  20. Mike Collins

    Jun 01, 2014, 10:53 #52257

    I have just read this piece, and was agreeing with it, but then a mate told me it was a mickey-take and that NB wasn't actually very good. I'm glad there are more perceptive people than me around because I hadn't spotted it was a mickey-take and thought NB was actually quite good, though not as good as Gervinho, was very good indeed, and my old favourite Igor Stepanovs, who was excellent. Never trust a word you read, peeps.

  21. Ozzie

    Jun 01, 2014, 10:38 #52256

    We are building, I don't believe I've fallen for any media myth as I don't read your papers much but I do vividly remember the kickings our team used to fall prey to at that rotten ground. While I'm here I didn't suggest we should have those managers at Arsenal; I just wondered how an English manager would go about it as opposed to AW. Is Cesc returning? Can we compensate by off loading Arteta? Cheers.

  22. WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate

    Jun 01, 2014, 9:40 #52255

    Ozzie, I see you've fallen into that media myth that BWFC used to be the team that Arsenal didn't like playing. Well when Mr Potato Head was their manager the record reads: W 4 D 5 L 3 GF 16 GA 16. They knocked us out the FA Cup in 2006, we knocked them out in 2007. Only in two of those games did they give us the runaround, 0-2 in 05/06 was one and the 1-3 in 06/07 the other, though we hit the woodwork 3 times in that game I recall. It's true that Bolton were not easy opposition, but they hardly had the upper hand. They


    Jun 01, 2014, 4:18 #52253

    The Prince is returning home. What a brilliant signing. We will have our captain back .

  24. Ozzie

    Jun 01, 2014, 0:40 #52252

    Ok, folks, I've got the message. I used to dread the Bolton games but we could sure use a bit of Sam's mongrel don't you think? Are there any ex Gunners that you can suggest who could take the club up a notch or two?

  25. Roy

    May 31, 2014, 22:03 #52251

    Yes KC, of course I was joking. May neither of them or any of their ilk ever darken our door ! What it has thrown up though is people starting to seriously imagine what it would be like.....Noooooooooooooooooooo !!!

  26. KC

    May 31, 2014, 21:42 #52250

    Big fat Sam or the joke that is Harry. No fuc£ing way. Never please in my lifetime we at least play with class at our best and don't behave like a car boot sale in the transfer market. We may require a more active approach but that would be taking the biscuit. As for fat Sam he is the real anti football and one of several reasons our kids can't play possession football an absolute James blunt.

  27. Roy

    May 31, 2014, 20:59 #52249

    If it was Redknapp, at least we'ed have some genuine transfer targets to talk about when Sky caught him leaving the training ground......even if it was b******s !! Another 3 years of stony silence during the transfer window it is, then.


    May 31, 2014, 15:13 #52248

    Well Ozzie, Alladyce's tactics would see the ball on the roof quite a lot, and Redknapp would probably nick the lead off it.

  29. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 31, 2014, 13:19 #52247

    DW Thomas, yes mate this jigsaw puzzle always so close to completion how long have we been saying that now? and the reason/reasons it's never completed and never will be as long as wenger remains? Egoism,Arrogance.

  30. Ozzie

    May 31, 2014, 12:39 #52246

    To get off Wenger for a minute, I wonder how the likes of Allardyce or Redknapp would go about managing the club? Opinions anyone?

  31. KC

    May 31, 2014, 10:10 #52244

    @DW Thomas - Good post icing on the cake comes to mind! It's no surprise we fail at the final hurdle league wise as it correspondes with a squad only 75 percent built.

  32. Anton

    May 31, 2014, 8:02 #52243

    I'm sorry but were not going to buy anyone until after we qualify for the CL after the knock out stages until then you can forget about it.

  33. Fix it Arsene

    May 31, 2014, 4:23 #52239

    Think the weakness in our team is Mertsacker and Giroud. They both have no pace and are passengers. Replace them with Lovren and Remy and we are good to go.

  34. Jack

    May 31, 2014, 4:08 #52238

    Neymar it is certainly interesting what Wenger is playing it. I reckon he is delusional and thinks he can win the league and CL with this dire squad. Giving him a new contract will be complete damage to Arsenal. There are 4 better teams than Arsenal now with 4 superior managers. He will not get his precious top 4 anymore. We will likely go to midtable. Its been coming for a long time though.

  35. Neymar

    May 31, 2014, 3:36 #52237

    Liverpool are signing Lallana, Moreno, Lambert. Chelsea have signed up Costa and are signing Felipe Luis. Man C have signed up Sagna and are after Benatia. Man U are after Shaw and have 200m kitty to spend. Arsenal are doing absolutely nothing. We need quality signings. Why is Wenger doing nothing even though he has 100m to spend? Where is our top striker, top defensive mid, top winger, top right back? I'm really worried.

  36. DW Thomas

    May 31, 2014, 0:58 #52236

    I think when Wenger lost that CL final he decided to try and emulate Barcelona but on the cheap. Never going to happen! Arsenal's best performances in the past 9 years involved hounding teams defensively and counter attacking quickly and decisively. Ironic isn't it? We never stood a chance with players like Almunia or Denilson or NB as key members of a team. You have to admire Athletico for almost making history and putting to shame Wenger's theory of not being able to compete with the filthy rich. They were 2 minutes from the double, incredibly. A much worse defeat than ours in 2006. Wenger can't seem to let go of his need to win on the cheap with players mostly made by him. How arrogant! It is this that bothers me the most. And yes he does have some good qualities, obviously. But his cocky mouth seems to always spout some new or old comment to excuse his failures. Competing means going toe to toe once in awhile with your rivals and coming out on top now and again, non? When was the last season we did that? The puzzle is so close to complete. Sad that Wenger refuses to buy the last few pieces we need for glory.

  37. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 30, 2014, 22:35 #52233

    And when we finally do see the back of him and he heads off back to france with all his fans in tow still bowing down to him, and to the acclaim of all his country men also bowing to him for keeping clubs and the economy over there solvent thanks to Arsenals money this club will be left with the wenger philosophy fingerprints all over it and it will take years to get rid off those.

  38. Bard

    May 30, 2014, 19:35 #52228

    Cholo Simeone; its true mate. We operate in a parallel universe where winning trophies and championships are secondary to doing it the 'right way' whatever that is. Currently its involves buying rubbish players Ozil excepted and playing without a top striker. At present I have been unable to unravel what exactly it is that makes us special apart from the fact that we pay the highest prices in football.

  39. jjetplane

    May 30, 2014, 19:32 #52227

    MG hope you're right there and after the next few drubbings it will be interesting to see what happens. If he goes into next season with no goals and the hotel boy up front with Carzola, Ozil and JW getting in Ramsey's way then it should be as funny as watching Maureen on his serial meltdown. Apparently Wenger is hoping for both the PL and CL in the next three years with Stan laughing and saying things like 'no **** Prof!' Why a Duck when you have a French professor.

  40. KC

    May 30, 2014, 19:28 #52226

    Ron we probably sing from the same hymn sheet I have said for years that the worst thing that ever happened to wenger was Barcelona. I don't think he will ever listen to others he is very singular in his views and so very stubborn. The heavy defeats this season have left a deep scar on me as a supporter I have lost all faith that he will change, they were truly horrific performances. He has also given me my best moments as a Gooner and now he has signed I guess I can only hope that something changes.

  41. John F

    May 30, 2014, 18:58 #52224

    Lee Chapman was worse.I remember fans around me laughing because he could not pass the ball straight during the warm up.

  42. Anfield

    May 30, 2014, 18:53 #52223

    I think Arsenal will fall out of top 4 as there are 4 better teams now. Giving Wenger a 3 year contract was a huge mistake which pleases me. Think Arsenal luck has run out.

  43. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 30, 2014, 18:15 #52222

    So the old has been has finally put pen to paper on a three year deal, so much for it being only two, surprised it wasn't four but maybe there's an option of two more and that will come to light later, possibly during the world cup. Yes we're stuck with him for a while longer but the three years might not be as long as people think.

  44. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 18:10 #52221

    KC - Good comments totally. AW has worked under restrictions and of course we all have to recognise them but we ve all done it to death on here haven't we. Im not sure they've been there for him to the extent that the he and the Club would have us believe though KC, at least not for as long as they make out anyway. To be honest, all Coaches have them to different degrees. Like you , to win offensively but with a sound way of protecting your team is an ideal that we and any Coach would all want ideally. It calls for a set of top players though, with a few useful and committed journeymen. I don't think AW recognises the balance between attack and defence now and why in my view he s never been more in need of a good backroom staff seeing as he staying. Even a man as bombastic as Fergie knew he needed to delegate to sound and solid coaches. For me, the ideal of Barca type football could never work in England. The culture and conditions just dont suit it, yet Arsene has seemingly been beguiled into thinking he could pull it off at cut price. Ludicrous notion.

  45. Arsene knows

    May 30, 2014, 18:02 #52220

    Cholo Simeone you have a had a good season but don't be delusional because of it. Arsenal have a better manager and better players. You should treat your betters with respect. Hope we draw you next season so we can show your place next season.

  46. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 17:53 #52219

    Cholo Simeone , Arsene knows believes in Arsene ,you have to cut him some slack because of this deadly affliction . Some people have been cured of it but for others the delusion has set in too far .

  47. KC

    May 30, 2014, 17:37 #52217

    Ron - Benitez record at Liverpool was 7th 2nd 4th 3rd 3rd and 5th, you mention poor owners well perhaps compare that to a new stadium and restricted budget you can not use one argument for one and not the other. They both had restrictions. Agreed his Champions league record was better but his defensive strategy came to the fore in one off matches. The 04/05 success against Milan was daylight robbery and yes a great come back but the better team lost. As for his signings many worse than wenger in a shorter period of time and the football was mechanical at best. I am no wenger apologist but I like my football to be attacking with defensive responsibility, I want Arsenal to win trophies by being the best not by simply (George graham) stopping the opposition. I want us to beat Mourinho by quality football not by out defending them in a bore feast, there are managers that have a better balance of attack and defence but Benietz is simply not one of them. Wenger has done a lot for Arsenal but total power is dangerous and he appears to have run his course but I do believe some of his critics are as extreme as his disciples although that is not aimed at yourself.

  48. Cholo Simeone

    May 30, 2014, 17:33 #52216

    Arsene knows I find it very insulting that you claim a 4th place club is better than the spanish champions and CL finalists. Do other Arsenal fans think like this?

  49. allybear

    May 30, 2014, 16:57 #52214

    To those of you who question Wenger's judgement i would like to point out the guy is a master in buying crap players!

  50. Stop being delusional

    May 30, 2014, 16:54 #52213

    Stop being deluded guys Juanfran won't leave the champions for an average outfit like Arsenal. The fact that all of you believe it shows how delusional you are and Wenger himself for thinking he can get him.

  51. Bard

    May 30, 2014, 16:51 #52212

    According to posters on previous articles we are in the echelon of clubs. if this is true why don't we sign the top players. I don't know whether we actually bid the sums reported in the press but from my point of view we need 5 players and we need to get moving.

  52. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 16:43 #52211

    He's only right if he can get those players for what he values them at ,so he is not right,but wrong.And as the Liverpool owner Henry said,'what is he smoking' when he heard of Wenger's 42m and a quid bid for Suarez .

  53. Arsene knows

    May 30, 2014, 16:36 #52210

    jeff wright I trust a great manager's judgement who has scouted his targets. If he thinks Juanfran is worth 9m, Suarez is worth 42m then he is right.

  54. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 16:30 #52209

    KC - Yes Rafa bought a few duds while at Liverpool, which coach hasnt? He also won a European Cup with his 'dire football' and when he didn't he still managed to keep Liverpool in the CL while at the same time working under owners who were deplorable and later forced out by fan power. Rafa also managed one genuine title tilt in 2009. As many as Wenger has managed in 9 years. Ill not mention the number of big games in the PL and the CL that he won v the top PL teams either. Has Wenger managed much of that in the last 9 years? Hes a top coach though its fashionable to follow the sheep and condemn the guy as the moronic baying mob in SW6 indulged in too. Why was that? Answer - he had the measure of Mourinho with Liverpools 'dire football', nothing less. When has Wenger ever been able to say the same? More to the point, hes recognised as a very much top tactician in the game. Agree though, aimless tippy tappy isnt Rafas bag!

  55. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 16:25 #52208

    How do you know Arsene that the money would be wasted? Anyway, the point was that you are talking rubbish again by claiming that what Wenger bids must be the value of the player. Was he right valuing Suarez at 42m and a quid? Wenger is useless at valuing players that's why he wastes multi-millions on wages ge awards to duffers such as Bendtner and signs cheap rubbish like Sanago in the deluded belief that he can prove his claim that he doesn't buy stars he makes them. Something obviously went wrong with him buying Ozil,although so far he has hardly looked like a star. Anyway, again not a case of proving that Arsene Knows Best,non? Lol.

  56. Alsace Lorraine de Totteridge

    May 30, 2014, 16:24 #52207

    While Mr Wenger was congratulating his bony self on settling for 4th place every year, the player who so often got us there with a last gasp winner in the 5 minutes at the end of a home game that Wonga was graciously pleased to give him, was Nicklas Bendtner. He was a striker who was good with his head on the end of a cross, and knew where to be to get that done. Where did Wonka play him.... on the wing. His self destructive streak is well documented by those who hate him, but I liked him a lot and am very sad to see a promising career fade into mush. If only he had come on under a more enlightened manager such as Sam Allerdyce or Phil Brown, who would have known where to play him and how to use him. Players have limitations. The great managers choose horses for courses. Alsatians are simply dogs.

  57. Arsene knows

    May 30, 2014, 15:59 #52206

    jeff wright you're right Arsene should waste 15m a 30 year old with no experience in PL lol.

  58. KC

    May 30, 2014, 15:52 #52205

    To all please be careful presuming what the club has bid if if in fact they have who is confirming we have bid 9 million? Ron your argument fell apart at the mention of Benitez he bought an absolute pile of crap while at Liverpool and their football was dire. It's not about harping back to the old days and English bull dog it's about buying the correct players with the correct game plan. We can't keep dreaming of Adams and Bould. the Invincibles were a great collection of players with only Campbell, Cole and Parlour the English main stays. It's strange but we have more English players now than for years but this proves nationality is not the issue it's because wenger has bought in to many average players and a fantasy game plan that stops us lasting the distant and fall away against quality opposition. All top teams have a top quality striker and a midfielder that protects the back four sadly Wenger is taking his usual time to accept the obvious. He has now signed so I hope he can go back to when he first came when he cleared out the crap and bought brilliantly. But if he stays frugal the frustration will be straight back because fans now know there is resources available.

  59. Jack

    May 30, 2014, 15:47 #52204

    Arsene knows Juanfran is a top quality player is easily worth 15m far better than Sagna he would be a top class signing. He would be the best RB in the league. 15m is a bargain. I will be extremely angry if Wenger screws this up. Pay the 15m and get a top quality RB. Our defence will get better with him.

  60. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 15:44 #52203

    Arsene Knows once again reveals the weakness in the blind faith that the AKB's have in him. They just believe that anything he says must be right.Without thinking it through.

  61. you cant buck the market

    May 30, 2014, 15:35 #52202

    Not saying he should buy him. I am saying that if a club can get 15 million for a player then that is his market value. If Wenger doesn't want to pay the market value that is his prerogative, but he does not set the market value, which you seem to think he does.

  62. Arsene knows

    May 30, 2014, 15:03 #52201

    you cant buck the market So Arsene should waste 6m more on Juanfran even though he does not warrant it great idea. I'm suprised Arsene has gone for Juanfran instead Aurier. Aurier is perfect for Arsenal and is an Arsene style player. Arsenal fan, young, pacey, athletic and French. Juanfran is 30 so we should spend 15m on a 30 year old once again great idea.

  63. you cant buck the market

    May 30, 2014, 14:39 #52200

    If Juanfran gets sold for 15 million then that is his value, and Wenger has undervalued him. You cant buck the market you fool.

  64. Arsene knows

    May 30, 2014, 14:33 #52199

    Jack If Arsene only bid 9m then his value is only 9m not 15m. Don't act as if you know better than Arsene's judgement you fool.

  65. ElSquirrel

    May 30, 2014, 14:17 #52198

    Don't let the door hit him on the way out -- we're rather fond of that door, has a nice varnish and the hinge doesn't squeak.

  66. Jack

    May 30, 2014, 14:06 #52197

    So Wenger bid 9m for Juanfran when his value for 15m. He has more than 100m in the bank and he’s trying to sign Juanfran 6m below his valuation. Wenger is a complete disgrace.

  67. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 14:05 #52196

    DW Thomas,profit was the cornerstone of the Wenger YP with hoped for sell on value being one its main attractions - against having a number of older players with little or none. The YP policy was run with the over 30 rule ,a policy that has left us short on experience on our bench at crucial times when experienced players were required .Again this policy is money motivated and not football related. The problem with Wenger's YP was that the players he signed up on big wages and long contracts failed to cut the mustard, this was down to Wenger's poor judgement in giving them the contracts and money that could not be recouped and in reality was just wasted . Wenger's coaching and his medical regime also contributed to the decline of what appeared to him to be promising prospects who he could make money from in the way that he did with Anelka. He is saying now that Sanago will be the new Anelka then again he claimed that Vekla was our Robbie Fowler and Alialider ( spelling) was the new Henry,so my advice is hold your bets ! Ron ,Badarse in my view is a typical example of someone who has bought the Wenger myth and I don't need to get inside his head as he claims to work out why he thought Denilson would make it and Jeffers would not. He is just so transparent,despite all of his attempted obfuscation in his posts to try and disguise this.

  68. Tony Evans

    May 30, 2014, 13:23 #52195

    Ron - entirely agree with your view on Wenger and the 'nice boy' types he so favours over substance. I firmly believe that his early successes had much to do with old guard players like Adams and Keown etc having the guts and experience to ignore Wenger's lunatic gung ho approach to defending and therefore kept it tight at the back. I see we are in for another 3 years of him so let's hope he surprises us with a fresh, more pragmatic approach this time. I am not holding my breath though.

  69. jjetplane

    May 30, 2014, 13:20 #52194

    RON and JEFF see where you are going on the precious culture that has been allowed to **** itself as the Parlours and the Adamses died away with Highbury and possibly what Arsenal really was. What we have is a reasonably efficient outfit doing a perversely efficient job. It suits a football breed who have no past or truck with the game to lap up a handful of exhibition performances throughout a season and the less familiar with the game they are, the better the profit verses any romantic notions of competing. That is a vulgarity in Wenger's world and in a sense it makes him unique in that he has traveled so far in a business he has never seen as anything other than an abstraction and a place to practice economic possibilities. I imagine when the Chelskis are brushing aside the everyday flimsy that is Arsenal, there is a sigh of approval across the football world because a majority of players and staff out there still believe in team spirit and self-respect and probably see Arsenal as not the beautiful game but more the piss-take masters of everything football purports to. Look what happens to a troubling player like Nasri when he ends up with a good coach and an emphatic squad. His game grows up and that he is not for Brazil is just more silly rubbish in the French camp. As I scribble tis confirmed that your great leader has said 'oh alright' to a 3 year deal which will give him 21!!!!! years at 'Arsenal'. May I just say I shall continue to praise the endeavours of those who are worthy. Step forward SG! ha ha .....

  70. Jack

    May 30, 2014, 13:17 #52193

    Ron what you say is completely true. Wenger has completely converted the club in his image. All what it means to be Arsenal have been stripped out and replaced by Wenger's image. He has shown no respect for our clubs history. His arrogance is outstanding. How can we sign a new contract after his complete failure for a decade? he has no dignity. Many Managers would have resigned by their 3rd year by now in the trophy drought. Yet Wenger is signing a new contract and acts as if he is doing a favor. He is a dictator. I honestly wish he had never joined us. He is a complete disgrace.

  71. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 13:07 #52192

    Badarse - thats a little rich as i think the only one getting 'needled' and feeling 'insulted' right now is you actually. Ive said it before in that there's none on here so barbed and spiteful as you are when your faced with posters who's opinions challenge, counter and/or deflate your own. Your very last post ironically, denigrating Jeff as some kind of basket case is yet further testimony to it. Another calamity shot you've made right into your own foot again it seems. Double standards roll off your keyboard once more sadly.

  72. Peter Wain

    May 30, 2014, 12:57 #52190

    so over rated a testament to Wenger's poor judgement.

  73. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 30, 2014, 12:48 #52189

    KC, you've hit the nail on the head there, it's all about not being proved wrong, not having to admit defeat what better example could there be than the Spanish waiter let alone the cart horse we're talking about and the rest someone has already mentioned their mother in law crying over results but boy could the waiter bring tears to your eyes.


    May 30, 2014, 12:45 #52188

    The Ron and jeff show is up and running, folks. You jeff presume to know what's in my mind and I doubt if you even know what's going on sometimes in your own head, but that's OK as long as it stays there, but both of you seem to get needled far too easily and it betrays a sense of personal doubt, hence the fact that the pair of you need to insult and throw out barbs and assumptions. My sort of men, ha ha.

  75. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 12:36 #52187

    Hi Jeff - Spot on with the 'elitist' point. Perhaps the most accurate point you've ever made. Many Arsenal fans have developed a rather distasteful type of snobbery ever since they moved to that stadium. They bought the 'Barca lite' myth a few years back and swallowed it unquestioningly, bought in to the ' we are cosmopolitan, super smooth and tasteful, higher plane than others Club' myth peddled ever since the Club started to overdose on French players in the late 90s too. The Club has sold itself as such, so its no surprise the fans bought it. In doing it, the Club has basically gone 'soft' in my view in its rejection of many types of alternative players in favour of the lighter, nice boy types Wenger has fostered over the last 7 years. This new imagery provides a suitable shield though for Wenger not buying and having to cope with players who might challenge him in the dressing room. His whole coaching ethos, if he has one, has been to reject english football in its entirety (yes, some of its methods needed rejecting)but in doing so, his failed aim of bolting light touch french type football onto the PL hasn't worked. Its fairweather football as you say. The great coaches such as Ancellotti, Mourinho, Fergie, even Benitez have never failed to maintain english type methods alongside the european flavour that their Clubs have also adopted. That marks all of them out as far superior to Wenger for me. The bigger problem is that hes too stubborn to recognise it.The mans a fanatasist at a Club daft enough to indulge him. I believe that this is what Mourinho was alluding too when he made his derogatory comments towards Wenger recently, not that he needs defending by me.These other top Clubs have so large a vested interest in Wenger there its amazing,but true. Why have an Arsenal with all its potential appoint a Coach who would tap into it and make it work? This is why most of them are so respectful. Its like many Americans when asked what they think of royalty, they often respond by saying 'its lovely'. When asked if they would like to have it and pay for it, they respond by saying 'no, not ever, you keep it'!

  76. Ramgun

    May 30, 2014, 12:12 #52186

    It would seem that Bendtner has an ego problem, so he has something in common with Wenger. Bendtner has/had more natural ability than Giroud or Sanogo but between him and Wenger it has been wasted. Giroud's work-rate at the team's hotel is probably higher than Bendtner's and I am sure that Sanogo is a better postman.

  77. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 11:58 #52185

    BADARSE - Ha. Matey. My 'man management' techniques have operated and worked well enough for 24 years to keep me in business, fairly successfully enough so ill keep them as they are if its OK with you. On the contrary, i would venture perhaps that your preferred touchy feely, apparently inexhaustible tolerance policy that you might employ in 'man engagement' should you be (or ever have been) in business (i suspect you've not or your loony left/liberal tendencies would have been seen for what they are and marked 'obsolete - file as pie in the sky') years ago) would see you insolvent in 3 months. No business should EVER invest so much control in a/any employee so as to make said EE feel indispensable. By all means, reward well for loyalty and results but hand them the helm - even occasionally? Never in a reign of Sundays but that's my perception of what Arsenal have done.

  78. KC

    May 30, 2014, 11:22 #52183

    Badarse - Ron is correct it takes our manager far to long to determine a player is not good enough and quite simply over the last 6 to 7 years there has been to many. Quite rightly you use Ramsey as a counter argument but before his horrific injury he was showing signs of real class so we knew he had the talent. To many of the others never had it Denilson was safe but neither great going forward or great defensively, Vela preferred to win free kicks than assist or score. With most of the average that wenger has stood by for to long the majority of supporters knew were not good enough, and the big question is why does it take wenger so long to get rid of? Is it bad judgement or an obsession to be proved right at the expense of the club.

  79. jeff wright

    May 30, 2014, 11:22 #52182

    Badarse, your views on why you at first glance thought that Denny would make it and jugears would fail is not as difficult to fathom out as you suggest that it is. Denny was was foreign (a Brazilian no less! ) and jugears was English and worse still a scouser ! Images of little Denny growing up in poverty in some Brazilian shanty town , honing his natural ball skills by playing football in the street bare footed in a desperate attempt to escape from the poverty in which fate had cast him, would have flashed across your mind. Jeffers however induced images of drunken scousers on council estates and kids brought up on the local parks playing 'get stuck in and, on me 'ead son! British type football.Hey, how could an oaf like Jeffers fit into Arsene's master plan of total possesion football ?Ironic really, as I pointed out before, that Arsene had to resort to using old fashioned two big lads up front 4-4-2 to scrape draws against the might of Wigan and Hull in the Wembley finals during normal time - and that this saved his neck . That's football though and there no doubt in my mind that Wenger has brought elitist type thinking to many of our supporters, but unfortunately this is not backed up by the players in the results that they produce in the league , other than against modest oppo on the perfect Emirates pitch , that provides amusement and gasps of awe from the audience .Well sometimes that is. The whole Emirates thingy is just a stage show really where getting draws against top opponents is regarded as being ' good result' . A good result is actually when you beat them.


    May 30, 2014, 11:15 #52181

    Morning Ron 'DR. Martens'. You make very valid points but I just think the emphasis is slightly extreme, I also think you might try to work on your man-management techniques a little.

  81. allybear

    May 30, 2014, 10:42 #52179

    Steve i had forgotten some of the 'players' you mentioned. Wenger is a genius at buying those kind of players and one that I always remember is Igor Stepanovs! I remember his display at OT when we were trashed 6-1. Oh yes AW has an eye for a player!

  82. WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate

    May 30, 2014, 10:34 #52178

    NB wasn't the worse ever player in the club's history - I can remember Martin Hayes like it was yesterday - but his situation does sum up all that's rotten about football. A so-so player, handsomely rewarded with a big contract, who has done nothing of note in the game - (OK scored a few goals and did alright up front for Denmark) except make a lot of money. It's all wrong.

  83. Ron

    May 30, 2014, 10:21 #52177

    BADARSE - Good points, but why does it take 5-6 years in many cases for AW to decide such and such a player isn't cutting it? Hes paid to make decisions quickly, yes at risk, of getting it wrong and being too hasty perhaps at times. Thats the price a coach pays but its why they're paid so much to do it. Fergusons approach as you describe it might be right, im not sure actually, but if it is right, its because he ran a Club that demanded results and an early return on highly paid players so to ensure the Clubs quest (need if you like) for trophies wasn't stymied. Ferguson was still paternalistic and he was known for assisting youngsters to get good Clubs and deals once he d deemed they weren't going to make it at Utd. On the contrary, Wenger has taken paternalism far too far and its affected the Club on the field and in his beloved accounts dept. For all Ferg s so called power there, he remained a Coach and not a quasi director/financial adviser/admin and general odd job bob as Wengers been allowed to become. Far too comfortable he is, surrounded by yes men and players who dont rock boats. He must feel like a pig in clover there, basking in a place where there are few demands on him and master of all that he surveys. The Clubs stale and i cant think of any business, small or large who would allow it to happen.You say that you d 'get on your bended knee' to him. If he was my EE, id boot his cosy arse for him, appoint others around him who i thought covered roles that he cant/ wont fulfil and demand some tangible results for my investment in him. If he didn't like it, he can shut the door behind him.

  84. Black Hei

    May 30, 2014, 9:35 #52176

    Great minds on the internet have given their verdict and that TGSTEL is a no talent rubbish footballer/comedian. Wenger is the fool for thinking TGSTEL football will come good. Conte the silly, for throwing a season of astronomical wages at him. Olsen is brainless for consistently picking Bendter, when fit, for the national team. They are all so mind numbingly incompetent. Long live the great minds on the internet.


    May 30, 2014, 7:06 #52172

    Revered DW Thomas? Nay, sir. Eternally grateful, (well until I die that is), absolutely! I don't see the last nine years as a waste of time, and view the 'flops' slightly differently. I think I know my football-don't we all? I thought Denilson was a gem when I saw the early development, in contrast I believed Jeffers never had enough from day one, stayed with that mind set until the day he left, and never gave him a backward glance. So my judgement was wrong and correct in those two instances. I have also tried to gauge youngsters in my grandson's side, some do and some don't improve, and of course some go backwards. It's a tricky business as you must know. All so easy to criticise and condemn with hindsight, though you may have seen something I didn't in some cases, because that's what we as fans do. We bring our own personal judgements to the fore but who can say, hand on heart, that they are not nudged or persuaded by other people's comments? Very tricky. Then an early decision day arrives. Do we sign him or not? If so, for how much? A complicated situation as you, as a representative of the club have lassoed him, nurtured and guided and brought him to this point as a prospective AFC player. You hope the slight improvement will continue in an upward spiral, you are aware a rival may scoop him up for nothing and just load the zero fee he cost into wages. So difficult to get the decision correct sometimes. My buddy who also really knows his football, was certain that Carlos Vela would make it. I appreciated the skill that the lad had, desperately wanted him to succeed for AFC, me, and of course my friend. All the while I thought his ability wouldn't translate into the PL demands. A big part of the criticism of anything is how your peers conduct themselves. Most fashion their attitude by what transpires around them; independent thought is scarce, if it actually exists, (and many learned people believe it's a falsehood, and we are incapable as a species to acquire it). Ferguson had a 'winning' 'slash and burn' approach to team management. Not making it? Get rid! The fall out of such a policy was left to the admin people, and accountants behind the scenes. It wasn't his problem. Who paid for these errors in his judgement? The club/fans. We all pay once signed up to a club, just in slightly different ways sometimes. As a final denouement, some perhaps many, wanted to 'slash and burn' Aaron Ramsey. Arsene didn't. Now some are even saying he is world class.

  86. DW Thomas

    May 30, 2014, 3:25 #52170

    Did we all forget that match, believe it was Burnley, when Bendtner missed I think 3 or 4 really, really good chances? Now everyone has a bad day attheoffice, but that was ridiculous for TGSTEL! He is one of if not the prime example of where Wenger had gone wrong. What about his poor touch from Jacks pass vs Barca in that CL game? I thought Denilson was poor, but he was worse IMO. Again if he was the answer to our striker question, Wenger should rethink his whole philosophy. No team with league title or CL ambitions would have him as a main striker. It boggles the mind players like him, Denilson, Almunia, et al. being given such chances and failing again and again! If profit were not the main purpose of this club and Project Youth, there is no way these type of players would be at the club so long, no WAY! And personally BADARSE, no man should be revered like Wenger with these past 9 years of flops. Football is too fleeting to be revered like that. He has too many errors in his management to be seen as this sacred cow. His glory days are long gone. Football has moved on. Staleness in the club is not being addressed. And I fear for players like Ramsey and Jack with a leader like Wenger. Excuse making was and will never be a trait of champions!

  87. Steve

    May 29, 2014, 22:25 #52167

    Terrible player but not the worst under Wenger by a long stretch.Just a few who were worse Eboue Denilson Diaby Sanogoal Park Gervinho Santos Squillaci Djourou Silvestre Chamakh.Wenger you bought tell all.Scary yeah?

  88. Bard

    May 29, 2014, 21:41 #52164

    Bendtner is a footnote in Arsenal's history. An average striker at best. The main story is how such an average striker secured such a ridiculously long and lucrative contract. He probably earned more than Joe Baker, Radford and Wrighty combined.

  89. jjetplane

    May 29, 2014, 20:33 #52163

    MG he could use it to hold his belt up or when he's in some eurobar he can entertain the locals with this is why I am the greatest hic .....

  90. KC

    May 29, 2014, 20:08 #52162

    Enjoyable post. The debate on NB is interesting just how bad was he! I think he was one of many misjudgements by wenger who were at the club far to long. The answer for many of these players in question is where do they go after Arsenal mostly to mid table teams around Europe this really answers the question but raises the one on the managers judgement he has made many great signings but in the second half of his reign he has had far to much patience with poor to average players.

  91. jjetplane

    May 29, 2014, 19:24 #52159

    Has to be AC BADARSe with all 'laughter and forgetting'. Personally think Wenger is no more than a cog/accountant in the global machination and I have done my FA cups when they were cheaper and more accessible so 100 squid for an event is a total no no for me. I shall be paying 6 pound a match next season at the local (now that is football) - a mere bike ride away along the seafront but that is a good cause. That I am no part of the Emiratz experience becomes less and less a problem when you consider the visit of Brighton for a friendly as big time football. So much life outside Arsenal but as you well know - once an Arsenal man, always. Just waiting for Arsenal to appear again - red hair and all that. Sounds mighty strange but I was more on tenderhooks watching Athletico (see Hull) than the Arsenal final. Still thinking of that moment too when dear old Arsene took the wrong stairs - or did he? About great falls - that's for those at the top.


    May 29, 2014, 18:48 #52158

    jjetplane your posts are so unique, as off the wall as Humpty Dumpty. I think the size, length of contract is a dodgy area to criticise, always obvious when viewed with hindsight. If you want a cup final ticket and it will cost you £100 do you buy or not? Knowing incidentally that someone else probably will leaving you to look for another which may have a £200 price tag. If it's apersonal choice it is one thing, but if you are a freelance reporter who needs to go to cup finals as a career choice it becomes a different consideration, and the parameters change. I cannot for the life of me see one man controlling the whole show, though it is that premise which fuels your argument, and most other critics. Wonder of Milan Kundera was Inter AC/DC?

  93. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 29, 2014, 18:30 #52157

    I wonder did he get an FA cup winners medal.

  94. jjetplane

    May 29, 2014, 18:27 #52156

    By overpaying ineffectual players BADARSE Mista Wenga has proved himself to not be much cop in the money lane too. So - no tactics, useless with money - sounds like a recipe for personal success in that dodgy old Banky way in that failure (see hedge funding et al) rewards those in that 'multi-masonic' world of shifting finance. Quite what any of this has to do with football is anyone's guess though it sure fits in nicely with a sacceur spectacle such as Stan the empiricist envisions. Slice of the mid-west bang smack in the middle of Holloway road - onward the colonization. Really have got to the point where I consider Wenger to have never been a football man. His globalist activity points him evermore in the direction of people product. That is not what football is about - never!

  95. jeff wright

    May 29, 2014, 18:05 #52154

    Badarse, I think the PY was an enlargement of what Wenger had always done ,he started bringing in young players and selling them right from the off after arriving at Highbury. As Ron pointed out Wenger had form for doing this at Monaco. Big clubs keep their young players that make the grade,like Barca,United , and this can save money in having to buy established stars . Ferguson benefited from the young players he had on the books when the Prem was formed. He didn't sell them to other rivals. Wenger has done this down to his crazy wage policy that he installed that made it impossible to keep the young guns that made the grade,and still might do. Then again ,as some have unkindly suggested, perhaps the club doesn't want to keep them because selling them makes money and keeps the wage bill down. After all as Hill-Wood once claimed Wenger is good at digging up diamonds. I think he was confusing Wenger with Danny there,but you get the gist. I still see no sign that Wenger is about to embark on a more pragmatic approach to his squad building,despite now having more cash to do so,or that the penny has dropped regarding his tactics that are entwined with the type of players that he buys. So long as he can convince the customers at the coliseum that they are watching something special there then he will just carry on regardless.


    May 29, 2014, 17:46 #52153

    Ron, jeff, for sure you are correct in it being my view, and a judged one at that. Perhaps missing by a country mile but possibly close to a form of what was happening within the framework of both AFC and the economy at that time. It was a potted version and Ron you are quite right to clarify the time lines regarding DD and Edelman. It is also true that DD didn't want to go the local stadium and had set his heart on Wembley buoyed by our CL excursions there. It's also true that any venture has a number of positives listed and also those on the debit side. Profit would have figured highly in my opinion; if the kernel of an idea could perhaps be the way forward of course financial considerations would have been a big factor, but not a deciding one. I would offer as a strong defence the fact that many on this site whine constantly about the contracts awarded to those players considered to be underperforming. So this would mean it was a strategy largely based on cost-cutting/profit-making, but then to overpay the recipients? It doesn't quite add up in my summation, but I take your points gentlemen, though I think my general assessment is both logical and seemingly a sensible approach that a group may have made under the climate that prevailed at that time.

  97. maguiresbridge gooner

    May 29, 2014, 17:33 #52152

    One year off a testimonial that says it all and would any of us have been surprised if he'd gotten one? after all over the years with this club failure has been rewaeded. It's good riddance to bad rubbish well lets just say rubbish or cart horse would be more apt(like a lot of others)he was here far far to long but that's what happens when dross is given long term lucrative contracts in the hope one day they'll come good and never do and then you're stuck with them can't get rid or even give them away and they bleed the club and leech of it for no return, i wonder who's to blame for that? or who was/has been held responsible? sorry silly question it's always someones else's fault, that laundry again. We've eventually got rid and to think OGL and fans thought he was going to be our saviour as the seasons end approached, he's gone and will has been very quickly forgotten that's until the next batch arrive if their not already here, but as your very good article suggests Lance it will always be someone else's fault.

  98. Ron

    May 29, 2014, 17:02 #52151

    There are truths in your post BADARSE for sure, but your views are your views as Jeff has stated and why not? Factually, your slightly askew though. Dein would have had us at Wembley long term and failing that top side of the M25. The Highbury Sq project ended up flat due to Edelman, Hill Wood wanting to play at property developer and not sell the land. Tottenhams Council support was offered for far more acute social reasons than what was needed by Islington Council you should know that being a revolutionary leftie surely? Best defence hmmm? Not sure. Very good/excellent even for sure but there are many seeking that accolade. Arsene has been a superb boss for sure, but the most astute? Who says so? Its naive to suggest that the youth emphasis given to it by AW was purely for the reasons you suggest. You're partly right, but profit margins do come into it. AW had form for doing that at Monaco and it came off the rails there, where there was no ground shift/debt etc to cater for.

  99. jeff wright

    May 29, 2014, 16:45 #52150

    Badarse again you are stating your own views as though they are facts.There are differing views on why Wenger embarked on project youth,personally I think that profit ,or future profit,was the main intention of it all. Although Wenger's admitted that he enjoys coaching young players so that may also have been involved. There were however alternatives to PY it was not forced onto Wenger and the signing of Sanago and use of him in big games suggests that old Arsene has still not given up on his beloved PY .Wenger could have bought a more experienced top striker but couldnt resist anothewr dab at finding a new Anelka and if he had bought a top striker then we most likely would have at least finished 3rd instead of 4th .The money you spend his equal to the money you make.Well some times..

  100. BADARSE

    May 29, 2014, 16:24 #52149

    Just to explain things to make the picture a little clearer for some. When we decided to move it was a clearly thought-out decision. Highbury and AFC were being crushed under the weight of the capacity at OT and the 'spend, spend, spend', manageable debt policy of the club who played there. We fought tooth and nail to hold onto their coat tails and did so effectively, I would say stupendously. In every home game they bettered us by twice the capacity, and that is seriously strong financial muscle. We hung on and this was due to a combination of having the most astute manager ever to grace the PL in Arsene Wenger-a man for his time! We also had the best ever defence in the history of English football, comprising Safe Hands, Nutty boy, Lee Dixon, Tone, Bouldy and Keown. Thirdly we had the Iceman. The fourth and most unsung aspect was the dynamics between Arsene and DD, which allowed the freedom of ideas to travel backwards and forwards influencing all around, and it was a great strategy they devised. Move nearby, convert Highbury into apartments to recoup vast amounts, build a crème de la crème stadium of 60k, and begin to dominate English, and perhaps European football. The financial collapse hung a weight around our necks, the council pushed us to the limit in affordable housing builds-unlike the Tiny Totts offers of establishment aid, and the rest of the footballing world caught onto AW's gameplan, also DD fell out with AFC and Arsene lost his foil; he then became burdened with too much. Part of that strategy was to concentrate on project youth-and why not? The player contracts awarded were as a diect result of a speculative approach which backfired, to reward and thereby influence a sense of loyalty as the player/s developed. A bold but flawed plan. In the intervening years the financial world deteriorated, affecting the housing market, and the footballing landscape had a seismic shift with oligarchs and oil money polluting it. Through all of these turbulent times we have shown a level of fortitude I defy any other club to match, let alone better. Personally I would get down on my knees to Arsene Wenger for the safeguarding of my football club. He always has been the man. With this resume perhaps the contract awarded to NB adopts a slightly different perspective, I hope it does because it explains a fundamental aspect when assessing this young man's ability, or perhaps your own. If you are a poor accountant/solicitor/footballer the amount you earn will not necessarily make you better, though it does have short-term merits in incentivising any individual's performance. Personally I think NB was a competent PL player, and had he used the intelligence he was born with, and utilised the support at his disposal more positively he would have had a more than reasonable career at AFC. Many players plying their trade in the PL at the moment would give an awful lot to possess his natural ability.

  101. jeff wright

    May 29, 2014, 14:52 #52147

    Jack, a lot of supporters , even my mother in law, have been reduced to tears by Wenger's results against Chelsea and Liverpool .Our opponents tears are of course either crocodile ones or tears of mirth. Wenger doesn't seem to understand , or care rather, that him losing 6-0 to Chelsea due to his silly gung-ho tactics has traumatic consequences for some supporters. Winning the FAC provided some joy after 9 seasons of agony but it does not compensate for that or those awful heavy defeats in which we looked like a Sunday pub side rather than the mighty Arsenal. I was, along with many others, hoping the clown would bow out after winning the cup and a new manager would come in to add some steel to our performances, but sadly it was not to be and the agony goes on and on with another dull flat transfer window for us to endure. For how long all of this malarkey with Wenger will continue though is anyones guess , because regarding the league and Europe, Wenger is still drinking in the last chance saloon with most supporters ,even if he is only sipping bottled Perrier water .

  102. Jack

    May 29, 2014, 14:28 #52146

    jeff wright Sanago, Giroud are both crap but he keeps saying they are quality. I don't know if really he believes that or lying to the fans. He recenlty said we would have beaten Bayern and got to final if it weren't for the referee. I again don't know he believes what he says or lying. Eitherway what the man has done to the club its very sad to see. At times I break down in tears. Its very painful watching Wenger destroy the club.

  103. jeff wright

    May 29, 2014, 14:12 #52144

    Jack, it's a mercenary and ego combination this buying young players and chucking them in at the deep end. As he ludicrously did with Sanago v BM . No other manager of a top side would have done such a stupid thing. Wenger got lucky with Anelka when he first arrived he helped him do the double and then he later sold him for a record amount having paid pea-nuts for him. That sale of le sulk to Madrid was what instigated the crazy escalation of prices for footballers. Wenger's still trying to replicate this Anelka scenario but has failed miserably to do so. He is def on an ego trip and wants any glory won to be down to him and any defeats are the result of bad luck,accidents, injuries ,City having money , the economic crisis in Europe or anything else that he can blame.

  104. Jack

    May 29, 2014, 13:37 #52143

    jeff wright Agree with you Wenger has been awarding big contracts to unproven players and gives them undeserved playing time. It has to do with his obssesion with youth. He has cost us many trophies due to this. He cost us the league last season buying Sanago instead of Higuain. I despise the man he is the cancer of the club. So many quality players he has turned to give youth playing time. He wouldn't last at another club. Think he is a fraud who got lucky to be honest.

  105. Erich

    May 29, 2014, 13:27 #52142

    Show some respect you idiot. Bendtner has been playing us for a decade and he has been a decent player. This article is a disgrace. Yes he did not work out with us and he had made some mistakes but that doesn't mean you can insult him like this. He will be a good player for whichever club he joins.

  106. jeff wright

    May 29, 2014, 13:24 #52141

    Big Bendy obviously fooled Arsene into believing in him ,even if no one else did.I always thought that Bruce's Brum in the Championship was Bendy's real level ,rather than Real Madrid .Someone should be keeping Wenger's penchant for awarding big wages and long contracts vto unproven young players in check, but Ivan the uncredible and the rest of Silent Stan's stooges know nothing about football,so that will not happen and more piss-poor signings will occur before Wenger leaves the building. Sanagoals , and no first touch either, looks like another one, even Bendy was better at his age!

  107. Adam from Cranham

    May 29, 2014, 13:20 #52140

    Well done for completely making a fool of yourself. Well done for not mentioning all of the key goals NB52 scored for this club. The winner against Tottenham, That great goal against Man City, the curler against Ipswich in the league cup. Not to mention the goal at the Nou Camp which would have taken us past the mighty Barcelona had Wenger not provided us with an awful defence for so long. For this Arsenal fan, I will never understand why he got all the grief he did, there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. A great player. Long live Lord Bendtner.

  108. Jack

    May 29, 2014, 12:44 #52138

    Bendtner is not a good player, even though he is an adult acts like a teenager. His problem is he has never matured, and his not good at football. Still he has made himself a millionaire with all this suppose he is smarter than the rest us.

  109. smithy

    May 29, 2014, 12:34 #52137

    He was a symbol of all that was wrong with the club.Massively overpaid and over comfortable lazy charlatan. I would always back a perry groves,a martin hayes, Jenkinson over a person who made winston Bogarde look like a committed player.Should have been sacked 3 seasons ago!

  110. jjetplane

    May 29, 2014, 12:32 #52136

    Think you have something there WENGER OUT the lack of football control which results in being caned 6-0 by dull Chelski runs to the players and old nutty Dane is the perfect example of Wenger's inability to manage or control anything outside of the Arsenal accounts. Though as PAUL says Deeearbee on 3m for being not up to the task of errr .... playing football takes a big biscuit. JW in Brazil - dearie me .... Very funny article. Look forward to the Terry - hold you to it!

  111. Ron

    May 29, 2014, 11:46 #52128

    Ha. Good stuff. The fact that hes made a living in footie is astonishing really, yet Clubs seem to think they can dredge some thing from him. There are however equally as average players in the squad who would be following him through the door under a more ambitious Coach and administration.

  112. Ronan

    May 29, 2014, 11:20 #52126

    actually - Paddy Power did not pay for the advertising - They sent the pants to all teams involved in the Euros. Bendtner wearing and showing them caught Paddy Power by surprise. (Guy's who's idea it was got a shock, then a big bonus) ... I'm not even sure they paid the fine for him.

  113. Arsene needs to go

    May 29, 2014, 10:53 #52122

    Lazy, no workrate, no heart. You actually described Ozil here


    May 29, 2014, 10:16 #52118

    The funny thing is I think he's probably better than we give him credit for - Not better than he gives himself credit for - but better than he's perceived to be. It would have been interesting to see what kind of player he could have been with the right attitude and coaching.

  115. Ozil

    May 29, 2014, 10:08 #52117

    One of the worst players to put on the Arsenal shirt. Lazy, no workrate, no heart and no ability. Glad he is gone.

  116. Mark T

    May 29, 2014, 10:03 #52115

    Pure genius (just like Bendtner....).