Statement on The Future of The Gooner Fanzine


We are humbled and delighted to announce that the Gooner Fanzine has been saved. 

It has been an exhausting rollercoaster of a ride for everyone associated with our fanzine - and even up until Wednesday night a decision had yet to be made about the long-term future of our print version that has been publishing continuously since 1987.

However, due to the love, support and generosity from loyal Arsenal supporters near and far, who value intelligent, informed and irreverent coverage on all aspects of our beloved club, we can confirm that the long-term future of the Gooner Fanzine has been secured – thanks to YOUR help.

We will share more of our exciting plans on how we can continue to grow as the voice of genuine supporters who value reasoned, measured, knowledgeable debate over ignorant, craven and manufactured hysteria, but for today, we would simply like to thank every single subscriber who has stepped up to help Save the Gooner Fanzine.

Not only have our loyal subscribers kept us alive at a time when the Covid pandemic presented huge challenges, but also, because of their unstinting loyalty, we have seen the Gooner buck global trends by showing that the printed word does have a long-term future in an increasingly crowded digital market. 

From everyone associated with the Gooner Fanzine: Thank you. 

 GETCHA GOONER ISSUE 288 – out later this month

No wonder we’re all knackered, because on top of our Save the Gooner campaign, not to mention fighting the European Super League and taking part in the demonstration, our team has been busy burning the midnight oil putting together our next print issue. 

We had planed the issue to be a full tribute to Arsenal’s 1971 double winning side – that was until greedy billionaires tried to trample over more than a century of football tradition through their shameless greed. 

And while we will cover in detail the successful fight against the failed European Super League – which owed, in great part, to supporter solidarity – we thought we simply couldn’t do justice to our 1971 legends without going ahead with our coverage in honouring them. 

So we have decided to publish a bumper 96 page issue at no extra cost to readers (£5) in which will pay tribute to those true heroes from 50 years ago this week.


And seeing as Saturday is the 50thanniversary to the day since that wonderful side won the double by beating Liverpool at Wembley to celebrate their achievements we have commissioned original artwork from the brilliant Carl Bourke that will feature in May’s print edition to mark the occasion.

We have also teamed up with Carl, in what will be the Gooner’s first foray into t-shirts and prints that are available to buy below - as we feel his outstanding work is a perfect fit for the Gooner and our readers. 

But don’t take our word for it, have a look at what’s on offer as we hail Arsenal heroes in prints as well as in print.

For more on Gooner Fanzine creative Carl read our in-depth interview with him here


Thank you to each and every single person who helped to save the Gooner Fanzine by taking out a subscription. And to the wonderful lady who sent us a cheque and a letter that moved us to tears. Why? Because she asked us if she could continue to take out a subscription in memory of her late husband who had a lifelong love of our club. The Gooner made him happy. So it makes her happy too. Thank you so much.