Wenger’s Arsenal Sink to New Low

Online Ed: Gunners lose fourth consecutive PL away game, conceding three each time

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Well, where to start? The bigger picture or the match detail? Arsenal FC under Arsene Wenger in 2017 or last night’s rudderless display under the good captain Theo Walcott?

Let’s briefly pick over the bones of what happened at Selhurst Park. Sam Allardyce did not need to do too much preparatory work to realize, as he stated after the game, that Wenger’s team leave their centre backs isolated and that the full backs play more like wingers. So when breaking, get the ball wide and create chances. Palace did that and won the game easily. Arsene Wenger talked afterwards about the opposition winning the direct duels and more of the second ball. In effect, Allardyce’s team wanted it more. Arsenal enjoyed the majority of the possession by some distance but could not do very much with it.

The travelling fans chanted against the manager and the players, both during the game and beside the team coach after the game. No hiding place at Selhurst Park, unlike the Emirates, where the manager has ensured the stadium design cossets his players from any interaction with the hoi polloi. If this were Italy, the windows would have been put in. What we have here is a group of highly paid millionaires not willing to put a shift in, with the odd arguable exception, but that doesn’t make a team, a unit. It’s a sinking ship, and there are further depths to plumb until finally, the desperately needed change in the dugout is made.

Realistically, this season’s gone. It does not really matter whether or not Wenger is sacked before it ends, although that is a very unlikely scenario, because it’s too late to get anyone else in and Steve Bould probably has little respect from the players after years of playing the manager’s lapdog. What we are looking at now is the rebuild. This can’t be delayed past the manager’s current contract and critically will be more easily achieved with him back in France or wherever someone foolish enough to want to employ a man so patently past his best will take him.

The club need to move on and work hard to update the footballing operation. So here’s the good news. Ivan Gazidis has access to a lot of people who can give him some very good advice and recommendations. And Arsenal have a lot of money. So it’s about recruitment and bedding in. On the playing front, things have sunk too low to even consider a credible title challenge for at least two seasons. The club need three good summer transfer windows in which they spend well, and a manager who can work with the team and rebuild it. The one thing that Arsene Wenger has achieved is to put the club in a position where rebuild is possible, although if he is allowed to stick around for another two years, it will probably be too late.

But the decision on the future needs to be made now – specifically the announcement (long overdue) that this is the final season of Wengerball – and the club need to be working very hard to line up the staff required to begin the process of transforming Arsenal from the current freedom of expression football fiasco to an organized team capable of getting results. I don’t think it’s going to be possible to drop to eighth place to avoid Europa League next season. However, given that the club will not be challenging for the title in 2017/18, they might as well use the experience of European football to re-learn the art of winning two-legged ties for the time when they are good enough to take part in the Champions League again.

Chris Sutton on Radio 5 Live described Arsenal as going from the Invincibles to the Invisibles. Each season these days follows the same pattern. Signs of hope with enough good results and performances to make people believe that this year, it will be different, before the inevitable springtime collapse. They don’t hurt anymore. 2008 hurt. 2009 hurt. Gradually, since then, many have become numb to the pain. They’ve been hit so many times they don’t really feel it anymore. Many do not even watch the games anymore, don’t care about the results.

Certainly the players need to take some of the blame, but they have reached this level of non-performance because the manager has allowed them to. He does not take anyone to task. You can see that from his demeanour on the bench. The only person he feels able to shout at is the fourth official, and once in a blue moon the opposition manager. So the guy can be confrontational, but not, it appears with his players. Not only that, but his failure to prepare them tactically for matches is now reaping its dividend more and more frequently. You want an example of a Wenger dressing room team talk?

How about telling his players to act like a pack of wolves back in 2013? On one level, as a motivational technique, I could buy it, but only if the foundation of the brass tacks of countering the opposition with some tactical instruction had been laid. But Arsene rarely changes anything to take account of the opposition. For the 2006 Champions League final, he sat down with some videos of Barcelona the day before the game.

The Gooner launched a poll on Twitter yesterday lunchtime asking fans, What is your feeling regarding Arsène Wenger remaining as Arsenal manager for the 2017/18 season?The number of characters allowed limits the amount of detail in the answer options, but the results as they stand are as follows after over 1500 votes so far:
Ok to continue as manager - 13%
Go but don't want protest - 43%
Go & protests necessary - 44%

So 7 out of 8 who voted wish for a new manager next season, but there is a 50/50 split over the idea of needing to hound Arsene Wenger out of the job. Those who respect the man too much to raise their voices against him need to realize he is an arrogant egotist who cares nothing for the views of supporters whether they are respectful or not, but anyway, for them, I have a proposal which I will detail tomorrow.

As for those who agree that protests are necessary, you will have the opportunity to join in between now and the end of the season, as the protest organisers responsible for the plane at West Brom, the mobile billboard at Man City and the training ground reception committee before the West Ham press conference have been in touch to inform me that their campaign will continue, but that more funds are required for them to maintain the pressure. They raised £4,000 from their original JustGiving page, but needed to close that to release the amount to pay for the stuff they have already done or need to pay for up front. So now, they have started a fresh JustGiving appeal. If you want to see a change of manager, then put your money where your mouth is, and when given the opportunity, join in with their activities, which they will publicise as and when necessary on their Twitter account @NoNewContract.

Unfortunately, the board needs to be forced into action, or failing their ability to do that, Arsene Wenger has to understand that the atmosphere at the club will become untenable if he does remain past the summer. Should he stay, whether or not he spends the annually publicized transfer warchest on top quality established players or tries to be clever in the market as if he were shopping online at Dealslands or saving money in the fashion of a Argos Sports Offers buyer, recent times have shown he falls short when it comes to the fundamental business of building a winning team. If 7 out of 8 supporters want him to go, then things are unlikely to improve, given he has had the use of two world class players in his team for the last three seasons and failed to deliver a title challenge. Assuming both are sold this summer, can you really see things improving next season? Protests are the best way to ramp up pressure for change.

It would help if all high profile bloggers also publicized the protest group’s fundraising and activities. Nobody wants to need to do this, nobody wants to have to chant against the manager and player to force change, but it has reached this stage because the board have not had the gumption to take the required action. So people have to stick their necks out and do something they would prefer not to have to. Or you can just sit on your arses meekly accepting this evident decline.

If it had been announced after the away defeat v Bayern that the manager was stepping down at the end of the season, unity would have been forged and everyone would have pulled together to get something from the season, manager, players and fans. Instead things have been allowed to drift with the increasing number of sh*tshows we are witnessing on a habitual basis. Supporters need to realize that they must act in unison to force the required changes. A few brainwashed Wenger cultists remain, but the vast majority now want change at the club. That has to start with the manager as he is obviously a busted flush. Once we get a new individual in who operates under the criteria of a normal first team coach, we can then focus on whether or not the owner and the board really want success and take the appropriate action to force any necessary changes there.

“Arsene is ultimately accountable to the fans - they ultimately make judgment. If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down over time that is unsustainable” - Ivan Gazidis, June 2011.

How bad does it need to get, people? How much more of this kind of p***taking do you wish to see? Does anyone want to sustain this for a further two seasons? Really?

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  1. mbg

    Apr 12, 2017, 15:12 #100501

    gooner.ed, yes i'd certainly go along with that, and/but as Rippy says he's going to have a task, even the most experienced manager, because wenger has everything so mixed up, players not knowing what their doing, where their playing, so badly coached, with gobbledegook tactics, way's of training, ways of doing things, etc, etc, he has all his (out dated) philosophy's so entrenched into them they will probably need a psychiatrist now, it could also be the ruination of a good manager, and also an up and coming one, to come here and try and put it right, and i'm sure they'll look at that side of it too especially one with his reputation and money made, thanks wenger you parasite you've left such a mess we might not even get someone to sort it out. wenger out now.

  2. aero192

    Apr 12, 2017, 13:55 #100497

    Ah, sorry to disappoint you Alsace but I've been a loyal fan since 1975! If you can't consider a thrashing over there to be a potential "final straw" then you're living in a dream world, there is a growing well of anger building up in our ranks and soon a breaking point will be reached, we all need to wake up and face reality.

  3. Rochey

    Apr 12, 2017, 13:42 #100495

    Next year will be a nightmarish if Wenger stays. Regardless of who he buys. Once we go through a bad patch the knives will be out and we will have to go through all this crap again.

  4. Alsace

    Apr 12, 2017, 09:41 #100483

    I love the idea that he considers a defeat to Spurs significant. Let's get it straight. He isn't an Arsenal supporter. He has never stood on the North Bank or the clock end at Highbury. He has never played for the club or worked in the backrooms. He knows nothing of the traditions of the club. He couldn't care less. What he does care about is opprobrium and White Hart Lane is going to be more than he can take. Time for the players to sell their jerseys, because under Wenger, those wonderful red and white shirts are meaningless - without joy, without hope, without guts, without glory and without Arsenal.

  5. aero192

    Apr 12, 2017, 08:43 #100482

    Just wait for April 30th when we go "you know where", it could be 5 or more, that very well could be the final catalyst for change that we so desperately need, painful but necessary...

  6. Bard

    Apr 12, 2017, 06:11 #100481

    Completely agree Kev we are in need of a major rebuild which will take more than a season. In the meantime Wenger needs to resign, I have said before things will turn very ugly before the season ends if he stays. CP wasnt pleasant. Bould is capable of overseeing the last few games and it might well spark some effort. He has clearly lost the team.

  7. Petergooner

    Apr 12, 2017, 05:59 #100480

    Great article and great comments. Just wonder where is Leekfc? Perhaps he has now gone to support his local team LeekFC.

  8. Rippy

    Apr 12, 2017, 02:53 #100479

    Thank you for the reply ed. I must admit the next manager will have a very hard task on his hands. I think the style will have to change to steady the ship. The revenue loss of £50 mill will be made up by selling and cutting the wage bill. Losing big players also sends an even worse message than kroenkes " I didn't buy arsenal to win titles comment" Wenger should have left the next man with CL mate bet to play with. His stubborn selfish megalomaniac attitude has done serious damage now. I really fear for us under kroenke. Could we be the next Aston Villa ? I expect a cheap patsy manager put in place now. We are all aiming high and hoping for a top name. But I seriously think kroenke will try to maximise revenue loss. Everything for the next couple of years will be on the cheap. What top players will sign for us under that cloud? What manager would want to seriously ruin a good reputation? The best thing to happen in the future would be for kroenke to sell up. The soulless fun sucking parasite needs to be gone. The quicker the better.

  9. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 22:44 #100478

    jj, yes big fat Sam does it again, how wenger must f*****g hate him, how Sam must love him LOL, well done Sam we owe you, fancy the managers job ? or director of football ? wenger out now.

  10. Moscowgooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 21:03 #100477

    We have to hear 'we want you to go' sung consistently at the Emirates - and by 20,000 not by 200. It's now or never really: if we sit back and let others do the protesting we deserve all that could be coming to us over the next two seasons....

  11. Gaz

    Apr 11, 2017, 20:39 #100476

    Only thing that really disappointed me about last night was Palace not getting a fourth. Any other manager at any other Club at any other time in history would not have survived last night. Fact that Wenger's still in control of his own future is a sick joke.

  12. mad max

    Apr 11, 2017, 19:55 #100475

    I agree with mbg and gtg, a lot of the blame has to go the type of fans that follow us these days, they,ve been brainwashed by wenger. how can anyone believe that he,s the right man to take us forward. when are we gonna hear wenger out chants inside the soulless bowl. I reckon at least 20,000 of the fans that used to fill out highbury every week no longer attend that's why you don't hear protests,i cant afford to go regular anymore if I did you,d hear me screaming wenger out so loud you,d hear me on the telly. this useless megalomaniac is causing untold long lasting damage to the club. come on home fans join the protests get vocal now, WE WANT WENGER OUT,SAY WE WANT WENGER OUT.

  13. Paulward

    Apr 11, 2017, 19:02 #100474

    Walcott as captain, just about says it all where this sad excuse for a football club stands right now, especially when the supposed club captain ( Mertesacker) is sat on the bench watching Bill and Ben play at centre back. Muddled thinking doesn't quite cover it, you couldn't make this circus up.


    Apr 11, 2017, 18:47 #100473

    Looking very, very old, tired, wrinkled, crumpled, a sea of greyness, & a beaten man - but that's enough about me. So I went to the bathroom this morning & decided that, despite all this & being a few years older than he, I still looked a damned sight better than the Delusional One. I was delighted that when I asked for a second opinion my lovely wife agreed - result! Maybe Arthur has now passed the point of no return. I just hope he leaves the Corporation completely & is not given the DoF role as a sop to his massive snobbish ego. How embarrassing for a new guy to arrive early hours at Colney to see Wengo waiting by the entrance? It's so sad, & entirely his fault, that it has come to this when he could have left with dignity & genuine gratitude. I watched the TA "Legends" film yesterday & was genuinely moved by the man's honesty & strength to overcome his demons. It also felt sad to see the obvious contrasts with the creche mentality that has since been allowed to permeate the Club. Presently, I don't think there is one player in our dressing room fit to lace TA's boots - a proper leader (sorry Wally but you really don't cut the mustard). As Ron often says, make no mistake, the overhaul job will be massive & I doubt it will be done with 100% commitment as long as Stanley & his odious Regime remain in charge.

  15. Paulward

    Apr 11, 2017, 18:47 #100472

    Xhaka and Mustafi must be the biggest waste of 70 million quid I've ever seen, can't believe anybody in their right mind is gonna entrust Wenger with enough money to rebuild this squad , even old Stan must be wavering now. Club an absolute mess from top to bottom.

  16. BigDaveTheGooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 18:40 #100471

    I want Wenger out of this once great football club as much as the next man(I called him a busted flush the day after our champions league final defeat in 2006,tactically inept are the words I used). But I fear the scenario, a new man comes in turns things around and we're still left with Stan "the syrup". I want this parasite of a man out of our club. Do we have to be relegation fodder before he decides to cash in and be rid of him or suffer him further if we turn into contenders.Either way it's a scenario I,d rather not contemplate. The ideal solution would be for the Syrup to sell in the summer and Wenger follows him out the door. One can live in hope!!!!!7

  17. Nugssy

    Apr 11, 2017, 17:28 #100470

    MAF the Dna of this once great club was wiped out a long time ago! The tradition and class has long gone and been replaced by a dictatorship! Leek where are you son? Im waiting for you tell us how unlucky we were and what a great manager Le twat is! The seasons end can't come soon enough and I honestly honestly hope we get spanked in every game we play bar the **** till then because I can't support this team while that mad ego maniac is at the helm.

  18. Aylesbury Gooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 17:23 #100469

    Just watched the legend Tony Adams on Sky sports.How we need a captain like him again.Don't think he would stand the nonsense in our team and Ozil would not be sucking his thumb everytime he scored if Mr Adams was around.Wenger OUT,OUT,OUT

  19. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:35 #100468

    And something I forgot to add to my last post, lets see and hear what these away fans have to say at out next away game (borough I think it is) if wenger and his little nice boys are tippy tapping them to death and winning two or three nil, i have a fair idea what we'll be hearing.

  20. MAF

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:26 #100467

    i just donated. this is now so painful i cant think straight anymore. there is no way we can allow him to stay as honestly not one decent Player will join for next season with this pompous arrogant frail old man here. Arsenal's DNA has been hijacked and is in danger of becoming wiped out unless we all now stand up

  21. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:23 #100466

    DJW, I wouldn't exactly call them heroes, these are the same away fans who sang one arsene wenger at old Trafford as we were been humiliated by 8 where many believe TOF should have resigned after, the same away fans who have kept stum and sat on their hands for years after embarrassment and embarrassment and other humiliations when fans like myself and a lot of others on here were crying out for them to get of the fence and say and tell it like it is, yes though it's good to see them finally getting off that fence it's better late than never (but how long will it last ?)it's way way to late now the damage has clearly bee done and allowed to be, maybe if these away fans would have spoken up or sung up (and maybe even woken up) what needed to be sung years ago we wouldn't be in this fooking mess now. We want wenger out.

  22. GSPM

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:20 #100465

    Wenger , a fraud , presiding over a shambles. Unless strong action is taken, the club will fall into the abyss. Our best players are about to leave, no CL football, unable to attract any top players will cause massive underachievement for the oncoming seasons. "Be careful what you wish for " ........The End is Nigh.

  23. RegW

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:19 #100464

    Agree with seven kings - Spurs will deliver the last rites (after a wembley humbling). It's going to be a very painful ending but it's been coming for years now. Just donated at fresh justgiving appeal. Dig deep please guys

  24. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:07 #100463

    After palace scored their third did you see that other waste of f*****g space bould immediately looking down at his clip board as if it was important ? ( as if that was going to tell him what happened, what went wrong, who's fault it was or how to fix it etc,) LOL, the page actually looked to be blank, (just like wengers and his brain)and would we be surprised ? You couldn't make it up. Go now wenger you brainless waste of space and take that other brainless ex Legend puppet with you. wenger out.

  25. clarky

    Apr 11, 2017, 16:03 #100462

    I tell you who I feel sorry for, that is the away fans that are going to WHL in a few weeks time. You are going to get absolutely slaughtered. Been loads of times before but wouldn't go to this one if you paid me!

  26. jjetplane

    Apr 11, 2017, 15:37 #100461

    Meanwhile, having just watched MOTD highs we see Totts, Chelski and Liver with Coaches who are ablaze with what the PL fan now wants. All three are great to watch and you would not question their passion for the game. Contrast with the anally retentive ostrich at the Ems whom younger players probably find a bit creepy. Arsene FC are so far off where the PL is going with all the new money it is now a daily process that is effecting the decline. The superficial misery (is it even real?) that swims around the EMs like a pourly nourished turd is becoming a story few want to even entertain as much, as we all love a darkly sublime comedy. Fans want to be entertained and it is up to the clubs to be the most alluring brand. Wenger is just too old and spiteful to be in such a hot seat. His players reflect his pathological aloofness and there is not one personality between them. Take someone like Song at the Totts who although not an automatic shoo in for a start plays with more verve and passion than the whole Arsene team put together. As for entertainment i am loving all that hand shake **** the Totts are getting up to and I remember when I had my ST and DB10 was ruling and one of my Spud mates saying fair play even if Denis was a Spud. Tellingly he also said Wenger was a **** as a lot of supporters have also said. I learnt that one quick enough and have not been proved wrong. The fun is now elsewhere and the youth will jump ship and support the team having the most fun. The Ems watery red look and insipid badge will be dead in a couple of seasons time and the Hammers and the Eagles will be pushing above and looking for spoils. It's pure Darwin and like the Dodo the Ostrich is finding it hard to live with the newness. Just look at Klopp coming on the pitch to hug his super subs and the joy on their faces. Priceless and planets away from the vacous labyrinth that is the Ems. Two games this weekend for me in the 8th tier at a cost of 3 quid a game. And we are really fighting for a top six finish. Perspective hey!

  27. Alsace

    Apr 11, 2017, 15:20 #100460

    GTG. I wish I could say that its like dealing with the Hitler Youth, ie people who have never known anything else and are consequential fanatics. It isn't. This is a proper civil war with Arsenal fans of every age in different camps. I must say however that there now appears to be something of a landslide taking place. Those that remain faithful to the Manager do so for a variety of reasons, faith, love, a deep desire not to have been WRONG for 10 years, bloody mindedness, hopeless confusion about the deep conflict of interest between AFC and Arsene Wenger, and lastly but not least, pure funk and cowardice in the face of an uncertain future. Wenger will pull everything out to beat Midelsborg, but his opportunities for points are fast disappearing and his team no longer functions. We are now in Berlin in April - May 1945, so beware the Wengerites who will wish to make an example of those displaying disloyalty to the Emperor and who still admire his wonderful new suit of magic clothes. "The King is in the altogether the altogether the altogether he's altogether as naked as the day that he was born"

  28. gooner.ed

    Apr 11, 2017, 15:09 #100459

    Rippy - Re: Do you think a lot of the sponsorship deals revolve around CL status. I do not think so, but it might affect the club's bargaining power next time around if they are not habitually in the competition. They will be approx £50m worse off next season if they do not make it, but player dealings will ensure profit. As for the rebuild comments of MBG, I did say it would take 3 summer transfer windows to repair the damage done by AW's recruitment, but with good scouting and good tactics and motivation from a new coach, future glory is definitely possible. The longer AW stays though, the longer the rebuild will take once he finally clears off, as he is taking the club south now, a direction we have been heading in since he broke up the Invincibles a little too early. With hindsight, his freezing out of Gilberto Silva in favour of Flamini (and Gallas as captain) in 2007-08 now looks like the height of self-indulgence.

  29. GTG

    Apr 11, 2017, 15:03 #100458

    Honestly its no wonder there are scuffles at more or less every away game these days with some of the stuff you hear. 2 lads stood behind me, trying to sing "Kronke OUT" over the top of the Wenger chants. I said to them... look at what your watching Kronke needs to go but he didn't put this team together. The response was Wenger deserves more respect, I can deal with that viewpoint even though I dont agree. They then continue to blame the board for witholding funds.... I tell them he spent £75m in the summer. Then they proceed to say its the players that are not performing. This conversation went back and forth for about 15 minutes and there was absolutely no blame on Wenger is their eyes whatsoever. The old gems of who would you replace him with came out, to which I replied "anyone" because at least it would start a rebuilding process. "but he gets us top 4" I honestly despair at some of the people that follow us these days. We would all love to send Wenger off respectively but when are some gooners going to realise that if we are respectful to Wenger he will use that as a green light to carry on in his cushy £8.5m a year job doing the same things over and over again.

  30. Seven Kings Gooner1

    Apr 11, 2017, 14:54 #100457

    Rippy: Good point about Aston Villa, you think relegation is a long way off but if the unthinkable happens and Wenger gets another two years the drop would be a real possibility, especially with Theo wearing the armband.

  31. Aylesbury Gooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 14:28 #100456

    mbg,You are so right a complete gutting is required from top to bottom,cannot wait for that day.Boro up next lets all hope its gonna be the final nail in his coffin.Wenger OUT,OUT,OUT

  32. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 14:14 #100455

    In a position to rebuild Kev ? i'd guess a lot of fans would say it's way way to late for that already, we're not exactly looking at two three or four players here anymore (it's way to late for even that now), it's a complete team, not to mention the background staff, coaches, medics, fitness, etc, etc, a complete gutting is needed nothing else will do and that is what wenger has achieved, and the first gutting is TOF himself. Go now wenger you gutless old fraud.

  33. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 13:57 #100454

    Any resignation yet ? It's all this nasty piece of work has left now. We want wenger out.

  34. Aylesbury Gooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 13:29 #100453

    DJW,The away fans were fantastic last nite. So good to hear those chants they were music to my ears hoping it all piles on the pressure to get Wenger and Co out of our club so we can get our club back and start again.Wenger OUT,OUT,OUT

  35. Redshirtwhitesleeves

    Apr 11, 2017, 13:20 #100452

    Agree with every word Kevin and all you other sane gooners have said. The perfect result for us last night and hopefully a few more of those will do for the old maniac. I have despised many opposition players over the years but not as much as I despise this lot of chumps masquerading as Arsenal footballers currently humiliating us week after week. I thought I hated ferguson and Maureen with a passion (back when we were still THE Arsenal) but that's nothing compared with the loathing I have developed for Wenger. As for Walcott, the biggest cowardly, disgrace ever to wear our shirt, and now captain. You couldn't make this s*** up. The board need to act now before the last traces of a once great football club are lost forever

  36. Seven Kings Gooner1

    Apr 11, 2017, 13:18 #100451

    The game against "the Spuds" at the end of the month at WHL will be the moment the stake gets driven firmly through the heart of Arsene's walking corpses. Hopefully that will be the end of this 10 year nonsense and we get a clear out of Wenger and every single member of staff that he has appointed in his time at Emirates FC. The new manager must then see to it that the groundsmen get thousands of gallons of red emulsion so they can paint out the "yellow streak" that has invaded our club.

  37. Exeter Gunner

    Apr 11, 2017, 13:04 #100450

    Wally: "that wasn't Arsenal" Yes it was. Wenger: "we're not used to losing like that" Yes we are. Beating W Ham never signified anything - they didn't fight, Palace did. Boro take note - there's an easy 3 points for you if you just show a bit of determination, the little petals will fall straight off. Beyond parody now.

  38. markymark

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:42 #100449

    If they are stupid enough to extend the contract. I just hope someone does a Francois Fillon job on him and covers him in flour during the unveiling. Anything to wipe that smug smirk off his face

  39. 1971 Gooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:41 #100448

    Spot on Kev, post of the year so far for me. As one of the 43% 'Go but no protest' voters, I had thought even now we could have salvaged something from this season, at least in terms of optimism for the next, and still manage to pay AW the credit he deserves for what he achieved for us in the early years of his tenure. I cannot ever remember being so dissolutionef with The Arsenal, both on and off the field, and that is saying something having witnessed the dying days of Terry Neill and the glory days of Jeff Blockley replacing Frank McLintock.

  40. Rippy

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:39 #100447

    Good article Kevin . Can I ask you a question . Do you think a lot of the sponsorship deals revolve around CL status. Basically the loss of revenue could be a lot more than the obvious TV money for the group stages and the last 16 games we play?. If this is so don't you think kroenke will cut back the expenditure through selling a couple of major players. Then cutting the wage bill in line with the loss. I think things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better. Kroenke is the worst thing to ever happen to arsenal. All his sports teams are lousy to average. His got absolutely no love for football. Even putting his son on the board with zero football knowledge just goes to show how little he really cares about success. Arsenal are a big club with a parasite firmly attached now. Obviously Wenger is part of this because kroenke has opted for the easy 4th place revenue stream. Now that's well and truly over i am extremely worried what messages will be sent out from a board that are well out of their depth. we need a new manager that is obvious but we also need kroenke to change direction totally and do something he has never done before. Invest in a sports team . His a real estate man who buys more into the infrastructural asset. Basically a place to park the Walmart money. If we aren't careful we could be in an Aston Villa scenario very quickly.

  41. TonyEvans

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:29 #100446

    Actually cheered out loud when I found out the score, that is what Wenger has reduced me to. As Ron says please let this madness be over soon. I have long suspected Wenger was a busted flush, ever since Project Youth and the gung-ho, who cares about the defence phase (the defence issue still endures today) and at long last (8 years in the making) we are finally seeing the groundswell of opinion turn against this egotistical maniac that is slowly, but surely, stripping the life blood from our club. His demise can not come soon enough for me now and I don't care how it is brought about. The players are doing a great job by themselves at the moment led by 'captain' Walcott - keep it up lads and roll on the next defeat! I think top 4 is beyond Wenger now so let's see us out of the cup too (unless he has announced he is off before then) and then he has nothing to hide behind, no excuse whatsoever to inflict himself on us for another two years.

  42. King Jeremy

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:21 #100445

    What matters is this: What Kroenke says, goes. His shares were each worth around £15k this time yesterday and today at the same time they are still each worth around £15k. Therefore, by his only measure there is nothing wrong. As a result, the manager will be around for at least next year.

  43. jjetplane

    Apr 11, 2017, 12:01 #100444

    Super Sam's finest moment and no suprise with the Eagles getting their act together should beat a non-football club headed by an accountant and a wanker called Wally. Palace could be back in the top ten soon enough and Wenger will have trouble getting in the top ten next season. All the fanny talk after the Hammers game makes that the last time it will ever wash. Wenger is now in the position of being the most hated, laughed at 'manager' in modern football. So ugly he just needs to vanish with his millions but the damage is done. Sad to say Arsenal as a club is dead and will never be back. Again, well done Sam and the Eagles. Job ****ing done! Remember - Wenger is now his own protest. Saw a mighty strange film called Raw yesterday which was about Cannibalism. Perversely enjoyable watching Wenger eat himself. Lean Ostrich meat .....

  44. Yes its Ron

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:59 #100443

    Bob - 'Captain' Wally exceeded even his level of nausea didn't he. He truly excels at nausea. Its his one true skill! Ian M - A good mate of mine who i saw that with last night, a life long Wolves supporter, said exactly that as per yr post. Its done for me too. They can keep football in the main at that level. Arsenal PLC are just one facet of the whole really arent they. My own commitment to them wont ever return, however they evolve in future years. i wont let it. Their disdain for us lifetime supporters has bitten too deep. Of the phenomena that you speak of, i think Asnl are the worst offenders to be honest.

  45. Charlie Charles

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:58 #100442

    Last nights motivational team talk "act like a brood of headless poulet". Boy did they deliver...

  46. David1

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:55 #100441

    MoscowGooner - already Westlower and Badarse are in South America with a few strands of DNA, looking to recreate their glorious leader in the manner of Gregory Peck and The Boys From Brazil. However, the Wenger Cult has some seriously high-level members, exchanging knowing looks during Arsenal boardroom meetings, followed by a clandestine tete-a-tete in the executive washrooms. The conspiracy goes right to the top.

  47. Alsace

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:53 #100440

    Kevin is absolutely right to include lots of stuff today about the need for consistent continued and hard faced activity from the Wenger out Brigade. This manager has a self re setting happy button, and we have to put him in a position where he has no where else to go but out. There are still a huge number of people in the Stadium who DO NOT GET IT and would rather die than be disrespectful to the manager. Fortunately, the seeds of Wenger's own destruction are in his suicidal game plan, which he will not and now it appears cannot vary. ITS THE DEFENCE STUPID. The prospect of getting rid is a bright shining prize, and losses like last night are paving the way for Gazidis to convince Stan that it is time to take decisive action. Time to start singing with the away support, who hopefully will now start vocal opposition insider the soulless bowl, with which we can all join in. Also, everyone get their dosh out. The protest movement is a vital part of this.

  48. Bob Bayliss

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:48 #100439

    What shook me was how little protest there was at and after the West Ham game. How on earth did we not manage to keep up the momentum we had built against him on the pre-match protests at home to Bayern, Lincoln and Man City, and especially away to West Brom? Why did it suddenly evaporate into thin air after one half of flat-track bullying, only to return with a vengeance last night? We are all entitled to our views, and if there are any who still passionately believe Wenger is the right man to lead us forward then even though I don't understand them I respect them. What I don't respect are AKBs who have tried to intimidate legitimate opposition to Wenger inside the ground, and are suddenly playing the "we're all Arsenal, let's stop fighting each other" card now that they don't have the numbers to intimidate those of us with half a brain and a mind of our own. Theo Walcott said during his interview last night "this wasn't Arsenal"......Carragher quite rightly called him on it - yes it WAS Arsenal - the AKB's Arsenal. It is not ours anymore, but we will fight you to reclaim it.

  49. Yes its Ron

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:38 #100438

    The will he wont he pendulum swings back and forth but last night felt like a watershed moment. Oh the irony of it, that fat lump, the odious, gum chewing, uncouth,classless, surly gristle Allardyce being one of the executioners and then later, likely Tottenham after all the Coaches there who Wengs has outlived likely to be administering the final thrashing of the Wenger years at the month end. Please let it be over soon.

  50. Offside

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:34 #100437

    Spot on as usual but unfortunately this article could have been written during any spring time in the last 10 years. In a shocking development, Belgian Walter (Tony's right-hand man on Untold) has finally noticed that Arsenal have serious on-field problems.

  51. Ian M

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:32 #100436

    As you say, and this isn't the first time it has occurred to me, we are watching a bunch of millionaires fanny about and pose and preen in Arsenal shirts. When you remind yourself of that salutary fact (|not to mention the multi millionaire sitting on the throne) it becomes impossible to have any form of identification with this brand, once known as a football team. You become detached, cynical and remind yourself of when it really meant something to go to a game, and watch players who clearly relished playing and winning. I don't know if it is possible to go back to that. The trajectory of AFC is a wider symptom of how the game has been sold from under the feet of the public who are fed the illusion that these modern corporate entities are still their football clubs. Wenger, Kroenke, the players - it is a hollow sham, exemplified by underachieving nonentities like Walcott, an entirely appropriate symbol of 'captain' of this freeloading millionaire culture. There isn't a gap between the club and fans, there is a chasm. On their side everything is fine, the money keeps pouring in. On our side, there is nothing to identify with or support, and no motivation to keep going. As top Arsenal fan, John Lydon once said, "Ever get the feeling you've been had?"

  52. jwe1981

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:28 #100435


  53. DJW

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:26 #100434

    Just a thank you to the away support at Palace last night. You my friends are heroes and your actions may just have saved this once great club!

  54. mbg

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:26 #100433

    Every game we play now under this long string of misery is a new low, any resignation yet ? surely surely he has to go, even his most die hard AKB's can see it. Go now wenger your not fit for purpose.

  55. Ham

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:23 #100432

    Great piece Kev, says it all. Meanwhile, over on Untold, Mandy Dodd, erstwhile contributor here, acknlowledges that there might actually be a problem. However, her solution is that Arsene stays but might have to go outside his comfort zone... "Leon" then says that he thinks we have problems with our "defense" (yes, spelt with an "s") and, wait for it, that he thinks we may not qualify for the CL by getting top 4 and that we might have to win the FA cup to qualify for it! priceless

  56. The Man From UNCLE

    Apr 11, 2017, 11:22 #100431

    Somebody, whether at board level or managerial level, please just fall on their sword and let our great club start all over again. Good grief, Steve Bould - just sitting there nodding, "I know, Arsene, I know, they just aren't doing what they're supposed to." Kev says it'll take three years - it might not, maybe 18 months, but this cancer eating away our club's core has to be lanced.

  57. Its up for grabs 89

    Apr 11, 2017, 10:55 #100430

    Great article Kevin. I will definitely donate and try and take part. My fear is that he is staying no matter what otherwise why has it been left like this?? Maybe they are waiting for the semifinals? In blind hope or luck? What I don't really understand is why don't we protest in the emirates, surely that would immediately end it all. Imagine a constant Wenger out banner and chants agains Man U no matter what the the score is, or just at least at 20 min in for his 20 years or something. There is no need for o respect anyone in the he club, manager, players and board. In fact we are showing respect to Arsenal by protesting. I hope one of these event organisers can also organise this. It will be the finally and avoidable bullet. I hope I'm hear.

  58. Burkey Boy

    Apr 11, 2017, 10:54 #100429

    Walcott embodies the self-delusion and gutlessness that runs through this Arsenal squad like a virus. He should **** off along with Inspector Clueless when the latter deigns to relinquish his grip on our great club. Captain for two games, substituted in two games. Then he talks a load of bollocks in his post-match interview about letting the fans down, as if he cares about us. Did he look like someone who was hurting? Jamie Carragher got it nailed on when he said the likes of Walcott (and Oxlade-Chamberlain after the West Brom debacle) are protecting themselves with their "honesty".

  59. jeff wright

    Apr 11, 2017, 10:49 #100428

    Watching Wengo's pathetic body language during the game when the cameras zoomed in on the rat faced cretin it was discernible that a change of mood overcame him after the second Palace goal flew in. Prior to that he had been his usual stressed out tetchy self haranguing the hapless 4th official of course over some perceived wrong doing by the ref rather than trying to motivate a better reaction from his own players . I say 'his' players because like most sane supporters these days I feel no empathy toward Wenger's comfy zone wallies led now by chief Wally and Wengo fav little Wally Walcott. If led is the right word that is. Wengo looked like a broken man after the second Palace goal a man resigned to the fact that there will not be any 4th place trophy to hide behind this season a man with nowhere left to hide .Wenger is now being cruelly exposed for the very ordinary manager that he always was . The arrogant oaf brought this fate down on himself when he surrounded himself with sycophants such as Wally Walcott and built a squad without any leaders in it or players with a winning mentality. Instead we have the Wallies who celebrate finishing 4th and who posted inane grinning gloating selfies of themselves on Twitter after beating ordinary sides at Syrupy's coliseum of profits.If anyone needs to know what it is that has kept Wenger in his well paid post for yawn inducing donkeys years of rubbish then his comments a couple of weeks back comparing the current price of AFC shares with what they were when he landed from Japan is all that they need to know. Even this however is an illusion,well most things are where old clueless is concerned ,because virtually every club in the land is far richer now than they were way back in the late 90's and this has nothing what so ever to do with Wenger. In fact it could easily be argued that if using money for a yardstick to measure success with then Wengo's inept failures to win top trophies for years has actually cost AFC money . I posted yesterday that I believed that Wenger thought he would win 4th place and Syrupy and co were waiting to see if it was true.They must have serious doubts now . If this is a game changer regarding Wenger's future though is something that only time will tell. It would fly in the face of all logic and reason if Wenger were still manager of AFC next season but this is Silent Stan land now days and logic and reason like winning trophies or even competing for them are not something that Stan and his gang are concerned with. Making money and using lies and chicanery to do so are the norm for them. Boro away and hopeless 'i'll give you a slap woman ' bug eyes ' Moyes Sunderland could offer a respite for awhile for Wengo .That's all it will be though because as sure as night follows day and tock follows tick it is all set to end in tears for arrogant Arsene. He never really did understand how to play tika taka and ended up instead with his tippy -tappy then again he is not as clever as he thinks that he is. Even Fat Sam worked out how to out play him. And he is no genius ! You couldn't make it up.

  60. Moscowgooner

    Apr 11, 2017, 10:40 #100427

    100% on the nail. Are there still any Wenger 'loyalists' out there after last night? 'Cultists' would be the right word because effectively they are prepared to see the club sacrificed on the altar of his warped ego.

  61. Paulo75

    Apr 11, 2017, 10:26 #100426

    Good article and can't disagree with anything said which is a sad indictment on those in power and on the playing staff. What chance of a similar banner at the Emirates to that at Stamford Bridge? Theo Walcott - Captain, Leader, Legend