Arsenal Recover Twice in the Principality

Online Ed: Unai Emery’s first away win comes at Cardiff

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Well, well, well. As with West Ham last weekend, it was another case of Arsenal overcoming an inferior team but making hard work of it. Cardiff had not registered a single goal in their opening three league matches this season. Given the opportunities they enjoyed yesterday afternoon, you could understand why. Once again, it was a case of realizing that a team with more clinical finishing could have scored more than the two goals Neil Warnock’s side managed.

The sight of Petr Cech passing the ball straight to an opposition forward feels a little too familiar. The keeper is far from comfortable on the ball, and yet the way the team plays he needs to be. The philosophy is not to play any 50/50 balls, such as the long punt upfield, but to build from the back and move the ball forward, with the eventual aim often being a low ball cut back from the byline into the danger area in front of goal.

All well and good if you can move the ball out of your penalty area in the first instance. The key men here are Cech, the two central defenders and the two deeper midfield men. Cech must have options as to who to pass to, but even when he does, he is prone to misplace the pass, and present a gift of a chance to the opposition. It happened at Cardiff, but Harry Arter fortunately fired a very decent chance over the bar. Cech’s passing is something that needs more practice, but at his age, it's unlikely the current team captain is going to become Manuel Neuer in that department anytime soon.

There are reputedly question marks over Bernd Leno’s ability between the sticks, although with a relatively hefty purchase price one imagines that given his age, he will improve. One thing seems almost a given, he will do better with the ball at his feet – assuming that is the reason he was sought after by the club. Emery is not going to want to drop his current skipper, but Cech cannot continue to get away with passing the ball directly to the opposition. Rival managers can smell blood here, and set up their teams to press Arsenal very deeply.

This could be avoided if the first ball played out by Cech was made more quickly. Too often he is ponderous. He can throw it quickly, but kicking seems to be a different matter. This wouldn’t be such a factor if Emery were not insistent on playing out from the back, but he is, so it needs sorting out before it starts actually costing goals.

Still, at least at the other end of the pitch, the team continue to fashion very presentable chances. And after taking the lead through a Mustafi header in the first half, they had to work to re-establish their lead twice more. So fair play to the team’s character and will to win. Heads did not drop, they kept going. The second and third goals were a lesson in finishing for their hosts, two excellent strikes from Aubameyang and Lacazette. Arsenal certainly deserved the win, but failed to make life comfortable for themselves by extending their lead beyond a single goal at any point.

Unai Emery started with Alexandre Lacazette for the first time, and having the Frenchman on the pitch in tandem with Pierre Aubameyang made Arsenal’s attacking threat more substantial. The pair were probably Arsenal’s standout performers on the day. Mesut Ozil returned to the side, but his contribution wasn’t anywhere near as significant. This even though Cardiff were far less physically intimidating than I expected them to be. Once more Xhaka and Guendouzi, who could prove to be one of the best bargains in football history, started in the centre, with Torreira coming on in the second half for the latter, just after Cardiff had equalized for the second time following a series of corners and free kicks. Although Xhaka did not have his worst game (even if he did set up Cardiff’s opener with a terrible crossfield ball), this observer feels that Torreira offers the team more.

We shouldn’t have to wait long to see a Torreira – Guendouzi partnership from kick off. Xhaka picked up his fourth booking in four matches, so his next will see him suspended for a game.

At the back, the full backs were aggressive in attack and not always so great in defence – neither was great on the two Cardiff goals - but this is a consequence of what Emery wants. We’ll just have to get used to it. Mustafi and Sokratis made less errors than in previous outings, but that isn’t saying too much. Mustafi, at least, headed well to open the scoring for his team.

The comparison with Pep’s first season at Manchester City has been made before. However, I think it will take two years for Arsenal to progress as far as City did in this style of play. Key to this – in all probability – are more changes in personnel, so that those players that spent a significant amount of time working under Arsene Wenger’s methods are moved on. Before the game I was told a story about how Jurgen Klopp did not give Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain too much first team game time when he first arrived at Anfield a year ago. The reason was that Klopp had to change the habits of the Ox on the training field to suit the style he wanted from his players. Klopp of course, is known for gegenpressing, which is similar to what Emery wants from his men. The problem the Arsenal manager has is that this has not been drilled into the players who have been at the club for some time, and the team has to act automatically in unison for this to be effective. And it doesn’t come naturally after years of focus on technique on the ball rather than denial of space.

At least against Cardiff, Arsenal enjoyed far more of the ball. Warnock’s side did not enjoy lengthy spells of possession, their chances mainly fashioned in quick breaks, or when dispossessing Arsenal in their own half. But until Emery’s players have the build-up completely mastered, with pace, movement and precision throughout the team (such as the second goal v Chelsea), then there is always going to be the danger of a cheap goal conceded. In the Premier League, you could argue this style is too idealistic, although if you are as good at it as Man City, then you can get away with the occasional and inevitable lapse.

Arsenal got away with it yesterday as they did against West Ham, and having with this being the second of an eight game stretch in the league before they face Liverpool, it was important to get maximum points on the board. The team is going to have to improve quickly though or we will see dropped points against opposition outside of the predicted top six. The reality is that they are unlikely to do improve quickly enough. 24 points from these eight matches are certainly possible, but it really does not look as if Arsenal are tight enough. This approach is going to need time, and most Gooners understand that, however painful and frustrating it is to watch sometimes. But there are definite signs of change. Last season, there is every chance Arsenal would have lost this type of fixture. Yesterday, they showed character, and you could see at the end of the game that it mattered to the players. I’m not certain you could have said that a few months back.

So at the end of it all, an enjoyable win, even if the team put the traveling fans through the mill to achieve it. We wait to see what happens at Newcastle after the team reconvenes post international break.

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  1. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 7, 2018, 10:57 #112152

    Exeter. LOL. Brilliant. '"Quite amusing"'. The trouble is that whatever you know, about more or less any subject, there will always be somebody who thinks he nose more. markymark. Presumably you are referring to Jimmy Logan's run in the 1894 FA Cup Final. He went on to score a hat-trick for Notts County in a 4-1 victory over Bolton, who demanded a replay because there was no roof.I wasn't there but I know a man who probably was.

  2. Exeter Ex

    Sep 7, 2018, 10:45 #112151

    Further insights for you all ahead of the Newcastle match, be quiet and listen, you might learn something: 'Lac' always waves at his wife in the crowd ahead of kick off. No one else has noticed this, but I have. And everyone except me has overlooked how 'Aub' always gives a thumbs up to the chums with the 'In Arsene We Trust' banner - draw your own conclusions... People (except me) have missed the special positional play of 'Lorry' - he's like a juggernaut in midfield. You can all start laughing now. And absolutely no one has considered how Jimmy McIlroy would've fitted into the current Arsenal starting 11, but I have. And no one has ever commented on how much more assuming stadiums are without roofs - another world first for me. Yes, 'assuming' is definitely the word here.

  3. Badarse

    Sep 7, 2018, 09:40 #112150

    Not at all Exeter, but I note the inverted commas, used as always to take a pop. If you want to take a pop then take dad for a picnic. Bald eggs, Cheesy Dips and Baby beets aplenty, all available at the local store. Oh and the post itself was a poor attempt at satire. Enlist for the OG Virtual Satire Course, not to be confused by dyslexics with the OG Virtual Sitar Course, the former Monday evenings, the latter Wednesday lunchtime.

  4. Exeter Ex

    Sep 7, 2018, 09:31 #112149

    Just not enough eggs in the contributions from markymark and Made Up Stat. What's 'quite amusing' is to call those offerings 'not up to scratch'... and then write those following sentences. Anyway, I'd like to make my contribution to the predictions on the Newcastle match. It will be 11 v 11. Newcastle will play in black and white and Arsenal will not. Some of the Newcastle fans will be in black and white but others will be topless. Someone from either side will score, or they won't. Have I broken any of the new rules?

  5. Badarse

    Sep 7, 2018, 08:57 #112148

    Quite amusing Made Up and even Nark, but not quite up to scratch. More OG Virtual Writing classes required methinks, or...Down amongst was two enough, both scribbled of the writies on the queboard of the comuter. Each laughed a lot of smilies and scratched their chinwags. More chuckedled and sniffy up their noses as the eyeshots watered. So funnily enough we are two by two, us an all. Deaf and tandels riding, he he, or she, she. Oh so blinky that ol convenor belt is a universal pictures one, for us all woe betide. Cripes and crepes, we are all riding on it a while, only us two are doing it side saddle up. Drat! Dart! Tard! Trad! Artd! Now where is the Ketchup as he is healthier than us?

  6. Made Up Stat

    Sep 7, 2018, 08:22 #112147

    Morning all. Here i was looking out the window enjoying the day, when i noticed two people riding down the road on a tandem. Well, the old boy at the front puffing away was peddling the best he could (bless), but the young un at the back wearing a Spuds shirt didn't seem to be doing much apart from scowling at passers by. It somehow reminded me of the time I attended the 1849 match between.....

  7. markymark

    Sep 7, 2018, 07:11 #112146

    Madeupstat - I’m being very careful not to delve into any allegory’s concerning death for fear I may be suspected of issuing a fatwa on our Wenger brethren. So I will not mention Badarse in the same context as the guilotine, being placed against a wall , rusty conveyor belts , probably deceased ex posters , dead Burnley footballers or discuss medical procedures such as the contentious NHS Liverpool method or one way tickets to Swiss Medical Clinics. To answer Badarse’s question. Jealousy was not the first thought that came to mind, rather disturbing thoughts of a 101 year old writing to his chum in the manner of a 9 year old girl ( na , na , na , na , tee hee ). Somewhat creepy I feel. Anyway Baddie must run I’ve got a showing of ‘Logan’s Run’ to watch. Oh no it’s got me thinking about death again!

  8. Badarse

    Sep 7, 2018, 07:07 #112145

    Made Up, stop making it up. Just enjoy the day. Get back to football and stop griping. Just an aside as I touched upon the '62 Final yesterday, it happened to be the last final without the roof. I also went to the '63 final, the first with the roof. What struck me on that overcast day was the fact that the ground seemed smaller with the roof. This I assume is a human optical effect. Without a roof it seemed more assuming and perhaps had that effect on the players too. It would have given the England players who were more familiar with the wide open stretches of the crowd a distinct advantage. More so than once the roof was built. I'd like to make my house bigger so perhaps the roof's days are numbered.

  9. Made Up Stat

    Sep 6, 2018, 22:16 #112144

    Vitriol and third person stream of nonsense conscousness gone? 'Depend upon it sir, nothing focuses the mind more when he knows he is about to be hanged'.

  10. Badarse

    Sep 6, 2018, 21:47 #112143

    Blimey Only One, you haven't left much out there, have you? Tight game perhaps settled by a goal, but veering towards a 1-1 scoreline. If Torry plays it is a bit of a kiss-off for Granit and rightly so on performances. How does he ever get back unless an injury to a player? I love Lac, and think his profile as a striker sometimes misses his special positional play, I hope he has a long career at the Arsenal. I love the partnership between him and Aub, they will get goals together and it is likely it is Aub in the next match. Hope I am mistaken and we can force a winner, I'd gladly give you the reward, the jar of baby beets. Do you think any might be jealous of our love-in? Ha ha. Red and white dreams to all.

  11. TOOAW

    Sep 6, 2018, 21:00 #112142

    Hi Badarse. Appreciate that the international break will take precedence but here's my prediction for the next game. Auba and Lac will start with Torriera given a starting place. 2-0 Arsenal with Ozil and Aubamayang on the scoresheet. What ya reckon buddy?

  12. mbg

    Sep 6, 2018, 19:22 #112141

    Made up Stat, nice one, let them bicker and insult and fight with each other over who can steer, lol.

  13. Made Up Stat

    Sep 6, 2018, 18:33 #112140

    Tandem for the losers!

  14. mbg

    Sep 6, 2018, 18:13 #112139

    Cover ? No MayDup man then ? Why not ? There's only two posters on here who need a Taxi. Exciting times ahead.

  15. Exeter Ex

    Sep 6, 2018, 17:34 #112138

    If only we listened, there is great wisdom to be found among the eggs, beetroots and cheesy dips. You will leave here very soon knowing no more than when you came in.

  16. Badarse

    Sep 6, 2018, 16:49 #112137

    I'll cover that with a minicab and raise you a hire bus. As Nye Bevan once said to hecklers, 'If you just be quiet and listen then you may leave here knowing more than when you came in.'

  17. Made Up Stat

    Sep 6, 2018, 16:24 #112136

    Taxi for TOOAW and PompArse!

  18. mbg

    Sep 6, 2018, 15:00 #112135

    So old bigoted sudocreamarse suddenly thinks it's ok and wants to discuss football now ? when he knows any kind of comment whatsoever he has made and been making in the past, and continuing like wise will get him banned, (what makes you think we're interested in anything you have to say about football anyway) If he thinks that will suddenly make everything alright Think again, it won't, if anyone wants to converse with you that's their prerogative but we all know what you are now. Exciting times ahead.

  19. Exeter Ex

    Sep 6, 2018, 14:45 #112134

    Good to see the new rules. Also good that the worst offender thinks he just talks about football and it doesn't apply to him, as he'll be gone within days. Agree however it's an outrage that the passing of a Burnley player from the 1960s hasn't been brought up here.

  20. Badarse

    Sep 6, 2018, 14:29 #112133

    Now that's what I call music. Why not discuss football? It is a simple game and should be chatted about, here is one trying to do just that. I have tried recently to put forth football related ideas but there isn't any fruition and we all need five a day. I know the future is orange, I never had a Blackberry and my computer isn't an apple. I am busily searching for a passion fruit but my rubber lips is a put off. Anyone got a spare banana? Jimmy Mcllroy died and it went uncommented upon on this site. He was a very good player and I remember seeing him in the 62 Cup Final. Thanks Jim, you are free to beam up now.


    Sep 6, 2018, 13:38 #112132

    Well we have been well & truly told by the ED so roll on some real football/AFC issues to discuss - mind you there is loads worse abuse on Le Grov etc. Personally, I would like to see any abuse on here directed at Wiggy - just our luck to get landed with the worst sort of billionaire (with hindsight, Peter Hill-Wood was right, just a shame it took an Old Etonian type to point it out). ACG - just purchased issue 1478, that cover is a real bummer isn't it? St. Theresa's School.... & the franglais Guerre des Scallops are worth the cover price alone. I can only say this to a fellow fan as my wife hates the bloody magazine with a passion & dismisses it as a boys thing. Decision for our day - do we go forward as The Cornish Crew or the Corniche Brothers? I like the latter but at my advanced years know it sounds too glamorous- for me at any rate!!

  22. markymark

    Sep 6, 2018, 13:24 #112131

    ToOaW the rusty conveyer belt and bucket heading towards oblivion is actually Badarse’s creation. You do realise that don’t you? Happy to see tougher rules in place . I’m pretty confident that I know the first who will end up going. I presume the new rules can also create a ban for non abusive but non football related posts such as the tedious egg posts?

  23. gooner.ed

    Sep 6, 2018, 12:48 #112130

    Ok, so I've had a few complaints about personal abuse / personal information being given out / racism and more. The comments are not moderated anymore for 2 reasons - you have to be registered to comment and I am too busy to moderate them. I will write a full article about the following later, but new rules are as follows - football talk is ok. abuse, death threats, casual or blatant racism and wind up activity gets you banned. very simple. I fully expect 80% of you will be gone within a week with the new policy. as I do not have time to check the comments, any instances of activity from here on that can be classified as transgressing the above can be emailed to me at I will then look at the offending comment and ban the commenter if I agree. The other option is to simply get shot of all the comments and you can all go to the gooner forum which is moderated. I may do this anyway, but for now, this is the new policy. There are plenty of other websites on which you can abuse each other.

  24. TOOAW

    Sep 6, 2018, 11:33 #112129

    Wishing death to a fellow gooner is ok though ???

  25. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 6, 2018, 10:27 #112128

    Interesting final sentence in TOOAW's last post. 'Beetroot ya sell' Is TOOAW actually Uphisownarse in disguise?

  26. Exeter Ex

    Sep 6, 2018, 10:12 #112127

    Ignoring them has been tried. Just look under the 'A Win's A Win But My God' editorial for what happens. He just keeps niggling until he provokes a reaction. On any moderated site, like Le Grove for example, they both would've been banned, for a post with paedophilic connotations and making threats respectively. That's the only thing that's going to stop what happens on here, but it seems the editor doesn't mind this or the continual anti-Irish stuff from the pair of them. The paedophilic post has not even been removed, amazingly.

  27. Badarse

    Sep 6, 2018, 09:51 #112126

    A memory jog to the elders. Who can remember the music played at the Arsenal back in the day? 'Happy Talk' played every week and whenever I hear it's strains it takes me back to a sunny Highbury. Any other songs stuck in people's heads which immediately bring the Arsenal to the fore?

  28. Badarse

    Sep 6, 2018, 09:19 #112125

    He took his last swig of beetroot juice and spit it in the eggcup. As he binned his Cheesy Dips and returned to the breakfast table he noticed his bald egg had turned red. He would paint! The bald egg went the way of the other brekkie items. He returned with paint to satisfy his palette. He would begin by painting animals. Now where was the cat? It slept peacefully as he daubed some red paint on it's head. A blue stripe down the body followed. Within moments he had painted his cat. He loved the experience and set off on his new interest. Possibly he should now paint footballers. Now what colour should he paint Unai?

  29. mbg

    Sep 5, 2018, 22:07 #112124

    It's also no doubt pissing them right off that everybody is ticking each others boxes, and agreeing with each other over their pathetic gobbledegook posts, and not falling out with each other and at each others throats over them, especially the Joke of the site (who once wanted to be top dog remember, lol, woof woof) and would love no better, isn't it great to have friends. Exciting times ahead. Onwards and up wards.

  30. markymark

    Sep 5, 2018, 22:03 #112123

    Tooaw - one of the major reasons people want you banned is your continual “dog whistle racism” sadly something that Badarse delights in joining in. So congratulations as you’ve just provided a further example.

  31. TOOAW

    Sep 5, 2018, 21:36 #112122

    Narky Boy..... You are guilty as sin fella. Last year you posted under at least 6 different guises. What's your problem. It's a 12 month ban for you but oh, let's forget that eh. Get real. It's a website that is supposedly Arsenal. Chief superintendent EX does nothing but complain, JJ drivels about lower tier football and occasionally AFC, you have a massive chip on your shoulder and the Irish one is a day or 2 behind GMT. The last decent post was Mr Badarse and look where your crew are taking this site. As paddy would say " be troot t ya sell" good old Arsenal.

  32. mbg

    Sep 5, 2018, 21:24 #112121

    Bard, I tick that box also, the Bigot of the site and that other half wit Racist in their twisted mixed up little minds probably think this is great at the moment, all this gobbledegook and racist crap their spouting is keeping the talk from our popular and fully supported new manager, new regime, a fired up new Arsenal, (and of course the blaming and slagging off of their messiah who was of course to blame for the mess he's left behind) that's obviously pissing them right off the support they're all getting and the fact we're all in agreement and not falling out over it, especially when they hate him and the way things are going and shaping up now with Arsenal. Exciting times ahead, Come on Unai.

  33. Nigel

    Sep 5, 2018, 21:24 #112120

    It is very rare for me to have made it all the way to the last post when either of the two trolls have posted. I can't be bothered to sift the posts for football comment so just don't bother. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just ban them.

  34. markymark

    Sep 5, 2018, 20:38 #112119

    A Cornish that’s perfectly fine . After a few minutes thought I suddenly guessed what might have been the issue. All I can say is one of the most insidious and oddball trolls has suddenly gone all sensitive. I highly suspect a nerve has been touched, a buried memory . Let’s leave it there. Looking at Le Grove they’ve got a few on that site, one of whom is trying to be racist so it does affect most sites. The Gooner thankfully is not censored like Untold , however the move over to registrated posters has also coincided with virtual zero policing. I think we still need this . Towards the end of Jamees sad time with us he could barely scratch his arse without it being deleted. End result was he gave up. LeekAFC memorably said “I’m back!” 5 minutes later he was banned ( much to my merriment ). More recently the editor has publicly outed ToOaW as being a Spurs Troll . Yet he doesn’t ban him? TBF I had a few posts removed myself in the past mainly concerning Jamee burying his brother under the Patio. Police the site, remove aggravating posts , remove senseless Posts I.e every rubbish Egg one. It will drive them off. Job done

  35. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 5, 2018, 20:02 #112118

    Sorry markymark. It’s only Uphisownarse and his dummy who refer to you as ‘Nark’ So, no, it definitely wasn’t you I was suggesting, and you’re right about the offending posts not being removed. Bard. I didn’t realise you were that old! I’ve only been supporting since ’64. As I’ve said before ignoring certain posters is easier said than done. Agree with jj re. the use of ‘eggs’. Or cheesy dips or beetroot ffs. CORNISH Sorry you got involved. Hadn’t they heard of ‘The Corniche Brothers’, as we were once referred to? I apologised to Kevin for wasting his time. I can see why you bought Private Eye 1477. Have you framed it and put your guilty pleasure on display? Don’t suppose you’ll be doing the same with 1478!

  36. markymark

    Sep 5, 2018, 19:38 #112117

    I should just point out to the Cornish Crew just in case the term ‘Nark suggests me. That it’s not me who put in the complaint. I am actually surprised that A Cornish has had any complaints tbh as haven’t read anything that suggests anything untoward. For the record I have actually complained about ToOaW’s paedophillic post as this directly was aimed at me and was pretty disgusting and possibly could break the obscenity acts. Why he wasn’t banned I cannot imagine. To answer Bard a ban on ToOaW would have probably done the job. When he was Leek he was banned for less. My best guess is when one goes the other will eventually go. I have to say though Bard that through a basic comrade in arms basis I will jump in if I see two of the miscreants starting . So I will go to war with the two of them. Badarse should have been banned for physical threats , ToOaW should have been banned for obscenity . I’m afraid Bard I think the site is under policed so not sure where all the hard work dealing with posters is being done. The problem with just ignoring is that the editors no longer remove postings so the paedophillic post is still there. If we knew the editors would remove posts I think we might be tempted to leave them and better still trolls would give up posting. Case in point was Jamee who gave up

  37. jjetplane

    Sep 5, 2018, 19:23 #112116

    Get where you're coming from BARD but the use of the word eggs is a no no if you want football talk. Expect you will be getting a sermon from pulpitarse quite soon re the use of puerile as he is only trying to get us to see the light ....


    Sep 5, 2018, 19:08 #112115

    A Cornish G - I wasn't going to mention this but, having read your post, I should tell you that I also received a warning e-mail from "Management" earlier this week. It was funny because it related to a couple of things you had posted which, imo, were innocuous & humorous as per your usual. I explained there were 2 Cornish guys on here & received an apology. But it ain't funny really is it? It means that we have a nasty little twat somewhere on this excellent site dedicated to making trouble where possible. I wonder who could that be? And it isn't fair on Kevin & Co. who have far better things to do than waste time policing the site & sorting out trouble makers.

  39. Bard

    Sep 5, 2018, 19:01 #112114

    I think there is a vacuum on this site at the moment and its being filled with pointless squabbles. Too many of the posts pander to a couple of idiots who's only point is to wind people up with puerile comments. I have said before ignore them and they will go away. I feel we need to get back to what I love about this site, chat about football. I respect most of the football views posted on here even though I may disagree. This is what makes this site different. Most of the posters on other sites read as though they have never seen a game of football in their life. Many posters on here have been watching Arsenal as long if not longer than me. My first game was 1955. Lets get back to football guys and ignore the idiots. Replying to their nonsense just eggs them on. Come on Unai.

  40. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 5, 2018, 18:45 #112113

    jj. I think the problem with Uphisownarse is that ninth tier is soo Grisham. Only Orwell, Dostoyevsky, Steinbeck, London et al are good enough for him. I watched a level 12 game last night. Honest endeavour, no posing and no ‘simulation’. Things not looking too good for Truro and Plymouth at the moment. But Barnet have recovered brilliantly. There’s still hope jj. Exeter. I’m thinking of submitting some of Uphisownarse’s best work to Private Eye’s ‘Pseud’s Corner’ I’d get £10 if it was published. Sadly, it will probably be rejected. They wouldn’t believe anybody could be so pompous. Finally, I had a rap on the knuckles today. Apparently there has been a complaint. Nothing to do with racism. bigotry anti-Semitism or paedophilia on my part, but I have posted something that offended somebody else. I can’t go into details of the complaint or the complainer unfortunately, so no names. Let’s just call him ‘Narkarse’.

  41. mbg

    Sep 5, 2018, 18:24 #112112

    jj, a couple of good posts, I tick both boxes, I think your onto something there with the Racist, he's had a bad experience indeed, especially with women, maybe it goes as far back as primary school and up to Walton's mountain you never hear him talking about his mother/s, aunt/s, granddaughter/s, sister/s, wife/s etc maybe he was never even married, hence the degrading, slagging off of the fairer sex, it must have been bad, probably one of triplets (some band of racists there)and he was the one on the bottle lol, and has never forgotten or forgiven, yes it must have been bad.

  42. Badarse

    Sep 5, 2018, 13:45 #112111

    He knew you couldn't beat roots. These were not the salad days, they'd happened earlier with the day he'd hit an iceberg cos it was in the way. He'd listened to Mike Oldfield's Tubar Bells and been hooked and cooked. He was a bit puzzled about whether you could a carrot could be a Swede, or whether a vasectomy was a parsnip. This was at the root of the problem. He had no problems with things below the surface, whether it was lower league footie, or sharks, human or otherwise. Turn up a turnip and you are on your way, Rabbie Burns knew that. Good old Arsenal, good old rooting tooting beetroots.

  43. jjetplane

    Sep 5, 2018, 12:56 #112110

    ..... the point being no matter the score line their heads are up and they don't stop trying. That's all the Wobs wanted and that is why we are not in a fit like TOOAW or his mate over what is a steady enough start for Unai with no crushing defeats either now or seemingly on the horizon. Much as the EORs would just love to see Unai fail we have the strong hope he won't.

  44. jjetplane

    Sep 5, 2018, 11:07 #112109

    'What a load of tripe for a board like this' said Ron in 2015 re another post by muddledarse. Hilarious stuff and I was right in the middle of it. Talking of the 9th tier which orwellarse seems to have a below the surface problem with I reckon he had an unfortunate event that scarred him for life re amateur football. Just watched our club get beaten 0-6 in a cup game last night so will be back on Saturday for more of the same. It really is some experience watching a team that could fold any moment.

  45. Badarse

    Sep 5, 2018, 10:05 #112108

    The hot summer beets were lifted from the stained pot. The aroma transported him. He lifted them onto his plate and three slid off onto the floor. He tried to pick them up and he had to chase them around the kitchen. Finally he had them back on the plate and he ground black pepper onto them to create traction and to amplify the taste. His hands were red. He dabbed one finger onto his nose. It was a him and Rudolph moment. He scratched two fingers of each hand down his cheeks and went into his Adam Ant routine, 'Woo Ant music...'. He munched on the beetroots. Mmm, yummy. He spread the juice from his plate onto his head and stroked the fingers through his hair. Red Freddie! Time to go the Arsenal. Good old Arsenal, good old beetroots.

  46. Exeter Ex

    Sep 5, 2018, 09:59 #112107

    The origins of the current 'outpouring of vitriol' can be seen by anyone - silent majority member or otherwise - who looks under the 'A Win's A Win But My God' editorial. Trollarse was ignored a number of times so started back on the name calling to provoke a reaction. When he finally got one he wrote "Ha ha, site was dying on it's arse again so decided to liven it up, thanks MAYDUP man and Nark for obliging. Job done. Keep it going or I'll be back." This is trolling, pure and simple. This is what Trollarse wanted. Of course, he doesn't like it now his belief that being Northern Irish makes you a terrorist has been exposed. And he talks of vitriol from others...

  47. Badarse

    Sep 5, 2018, 09:21 #112106

    Racist: Someone who races. Bigotry: An oversized Tory. Glad to see the site has livened up but not in the way I would like. I wonder if the silent majority are able to see that this outpouring of vitriol was due to a post regarding the current offside rule in our previous match. Have given up the Cheesy Dips as well as the bald eggs, (until Easter), it's now all about beetroot.

  48. mbg

    Sep 4, 2018, 23:16 #112105

    Yes lads that's around the time when the idiot was angling for top dog status (oh how he craved for that) remember that ? hee hee, with his superior than though crap, now of course more commonly known as gobbledegook, thank god he never succeeded as little did we know then the Racist Bigot he actually was.

  49. markymark

    Sep 4, 2018, 20:29 #112104

    ToOaW - obviously these comments have got under your skin and I know exactly which one. You’ve been outed as a Paedo. Worst thing you can be in my book. Your own words , grim , perverted stuff.

  50. TOOAW

    Sep 4, 2018, 20:17 #112103

    It does seem that Mr Badarse gets under the skin of many on here. Old four eyes has even bought a hammer and some nails. What does make me laugh is that I personally outed Narky boy as a confused, lying, hypocrite and full on bullsh itter back in March. Wisely he forgets this though.

  51. markymark

    Sep 4, 2018, 17:57 #112102

    Badarse - you see there’s always someone on the site to pick up on your nastiness, hypocrisy and cynical behaviour. In this case Exeter spotted your bigoted comments . The Irish , Jews , WOB’s , all get your venom. Paedo posters, racists , thugs , self-confessed child beaters have been your pals. Shame for you most have been driven off. You’d be better spending your winter days doing something positive .

  52. Exeter Ex

    Sep 4, 2018, 17:54 #112101

    Cornish - just had a look. That name dropping of authors is hilarious. The self-regard is enormous. It blocks out self-awareness and a sense of shame. That's why he's still on here. Despite being constantly outwitted and out-argued on here, he still labours under the misapprehension he's the cleverest one in the room and we can't work out what he's up to. It's a bit like Trump, who thinks no one can tell when he's lying.

  53. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 4, 2018, 16:45 #112100

    Exeter. This is how clever Sadarse thinks he is:"I know how clever I am; most children, pretty much all kids are amazingly wondrous pieces of blotting paper, they could absorb so much given the right help and social considerations...I am so fortunate. I had magnificent teachers, and my type of brain feeds off information-I crave facts, and enjoy mental gymnastics. That's all. It is just who I am" Yes that is just who he is, a conceited twat. For further hilarious reading look up 'Football Napster' Feb 2015 in the archives. A real ding-dong with Ron.

  54. mbg

    Sep 4, 2018, 16:03 #112099

    Exeter Ex, thanks for that, Respect. It's great to have friends on here, and as we can all see by the racist cockroach billy no mates posts, that's really killing him.

  55. mbg

    Sep 4, 2018, 15:28 #112098

    jj, I tick that box, we'll still be a work in progress with lots still to do but we'll not know/recognise this team by the end of the season. come on Unai

  56. Exeter Ex

    Sep 4, 2018, 15:27 #112097

    "He would ask MAYDUP man, he knew what made people tick." The insinuation being a ticking bomb, as because he's from Northern Ireland, he's a terrorist. That's about as spite laden as it gets. He thought it was too clever and subtle for anyone to pick up on.

  57. mbg

    Sep 4, 2018, 15:06 #112096

    Exeter Ex, yes mate the Bigotry is well imbedded in the Racist tick now, it must be terrible to have no mates or friends it's really eating at him. exciting times ahead.

  58. markymark

    Sep 4, 2018, 14:48 #112094

    Badarse - so saying people live with Pigs and are living in a swamp , isn’t spite laden? Jeez your a decepid hypocrite. Here’s some spite for you. Baddie , baddie , baddie Nail down the lid! Baddie , baddie , baddie Nail down the lid! I know you like to channel Trump so thought I’d play on a Trumpish chant. Ps which way are you voting on the IHRA definition? As you’ve recently had a pop at Jonathan Sachs I think I can guess. Badarse = Otto Strasser

  59. Exiled in Pt

    Sep 4, 2018, 10:53 #112093

    Hopefully he will do the same with Xhaka , shown far to much faith in him so far ! Shame maybe Nelson was not given a chance as part of the front 3 , his pace and trickery on the right may will of complemented Lacazette and Auby , rather than Ozil or Mikki. Hopefully after a season loan in Germany he will come back even stronger.

  60. jjetplane

    Sep 4, 2018, 09:40 #112091

    Unai is indeed shaking the place up dropping some of those who are in such a post Wenger comfort zone. An example is Iwobi who has a long way to go before he is a great player or even a good one. Under Wenger he was given the ambassador role that Wally used to to do. Still seems to be popping up here and there opening this or that while football becomes a side line. Bellerin is a bit like that with all the fashion BS and wonder is that why their form is so questionable. Things are changing though and it's amazing what a new coach can instill. Look at Wally at the Toffees where he is now seemingly doing what he rarely did under Wenger. Back to Iwobi who seems to have an awkwardness about him that reminds me of a Stirling before Pep got into him. If Iwobi is worth saving then Unai is the man.

  61. Exeter Ex

    Sep 4, 2018, 08:55 #112090

    Cornish - only Tickarse is allowed to mock people. When he does it, it is not spite laden but the spite lays below the surface where it is even more profound.

  62. Badarse

    Sep 4, 2018, 08:13 #112089

    Another spite-laden response. He wondered what made people tick. He would ask MAYDUP man, he knew what made people tick.

  63. Bard

    Sep 4, 2018, 08:05 #112088

    There are some subtle changes going on or not so subtle depending on your view. I was interested to see Lacazette's performance. He was clearly peed off not being in the team and as a result put in one hell o0f a performance. Dick has subbed all the Wenger regulars and has made it clear that if you dont perform you wont be in the team. Mikky, Iwobi Ramsey and Ozil have all been hooked or dropped to the bench. That wonderful word 'competition' comes to mind, something thats been absent for a decade or more. Some will respond and others wont. Will be interesting to see how Ozil responds, it will make him or break him, as it should be. Well done Dick

  64. mbg

    Sep 3, 2018, 21:43 #112085

    John F, hee hee, yes it's a weird one alright, maybe Unai knows lol.

  65. John F

    Sep 3, 2018, 18:38 #112084

    Hi Mgb It's the only crazy tactic I could think of to justify playing a past it Goalkeeper.In his defence he does look fitter but last season's record of the most errors leading to goals looks like continuing in to this season.

  66. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 3, 2018, 17:48 #112083

    Evening Badarse. Just an aside. Your view of people wanting to ‘needlessly stamp their personality’ is a good case in question. I must be honest I hadn't focused on that aspect especially but knew in my gut it was questionable. Seeing it graphically as your post has illustrated, makes me realise my instincts which lay below the surface are even more profound. Good job, buddy. It could have been a vital decision, but thankfully not on the outcome on the day.

  67. mbg

    Sep 3, 2018, 17:39 #112082

    markymark, yes or the Watford manager Gracia is it ? see his defence against the spuds ? straight line back four most of the time with midfield fielders working hard protecting, just like George Graham if ever I saw it. And before some half wit wengerite try's to score a Scooby snack the boss has a long way to go yet before we'll be looking down that road.

  68. mbg

    Sep 3, 2018, 17:13 #112081

    John F, All some sort of master plan to confuse the opposition eh, My god we had one manager doing that to himself and his fans for fourteen years and that was enough.

  69. Badarse

    Sep 3, 2018, 16:13 #112080

    Just an aside in yesterday's game which flew under the radar. Ball played into space and though Lacazette was moving he hhalted his run in realisation that he would be offside if he played the ball. Danny was sprinting through to pick it up with a clear run on goal. However the referee blew on a lino's flag, (I assume though didn't note it at the time). I know the rules are that a lino's decision only comes into force if a referee is unsure. How could the referee be unsure when Lac halted his run early and Danny was a long way from the loose ball? It's another licence for officials to needlessly stamp their personality on the game. It could have been a vital decision, but thankfully not on the outcome on the day.

  70. Bard

    Sep 3, 2018, 13:57 #112079

    I enjoyed the game yesterday. We looked very good up front and the goals were crackers. We are still an accident waiting to happen at the back although I rather like Sokratis, he seems very solid if a little slow. Im with you mbg slow progress. I expect a couple of comings and goings in the Jan window. We need a better Cb than the ones we have on offer and like others I cant see why he plays Xhaka.

  71. RobG

    Sep 3, 2018, 13:35 #112078

    Don't like to single out any one player for faults but I am rapidly running out of patience with Xhaka. It's not that he makes more mistakes than the others but that they are often costly and the way he teed up Cardiff for their first goal was woeful. I also cannot recall seeing a game where he wasn't booked or sent off. I was amazed Emery kept him on for the full game.

  72. Exiled in Pt

    Sep 3, 2018, 13:28 #112077

    Spot on Ron , hopefully enough proof that Lacazette and PA have to start .How long he continues with Xhaka will be interesting to see , woeful again yesterday .Most sensible thing i have heard Souness say for a long time give it 15 minutes before the suicide passing to Cech . Good to see the heads did not drop, like they would of done last season .I do find it strange he has gone with Cech as captain does not make it easy to drop him and bring Leno in to the team . Or was Leno not a buy that Dick wanted ??

  73. ClockEnd_90

    Sep 3, 2018, 13:09 #112076

    Despite the pessimism of the match report I thought we looked a lot better yesterday and for longer periods, too. Don't see why there is 'reputedly' a question mark over Leno. We spent a considerable amount of cash on him and he is yet to play a competitive game for us so lets see how he gets on before we start writing him off. Up the Gunners.

  74. markymark

    Sep 3, 2018, 13:02 #112075

    Tooaw our away form at one point was the worst in the league for a considerable time. You may not have heard , perhaps due your Buckie habit. But much was made on the News about our away win yesterday. For a very long time we hadn’t won away all season. Arsene Wenger 2003-6 maybe might have won 0-4. Arsene Wenger 2009-2018 a 3-2 loss far more likely. Whilst you keep on quoting rubbish about Wengo no one will take you seriously, oh apart from Sorearse of course.

  75. jjetplane

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:55 #112074

    My thoughts too Gooner Ron if we can ride out the transitions which uniquely entail overturning not just the tactics but fundamentally the culture of the club. As Kev said we might have lost such a match last season but it looks like Unai is instilling a most important message. Put the effort in and you will play. Have no doubt he will know who he wants playing after ten games so the Torreira/Guendouzi ticket looks good to me and most bemused how one poster thinks the midfield was a strong point last season. Poor old TOOAW too trying to spin himself out of his AKB nightmare and now has taken to referring to the wonderful Unai as 'the manager.' Probably unhappy cause his go to Spuds got slapped around by Watford who are a revelation this season. Arsenal are in the top ten and a move into the top eight with a cup perhaps would be a great season. Europa cup never looked more enticing as we have faith now that we might nick it or bust a gut trying. The resignation is slowly dripping away from the club and things really are brighter.

  76. markymark

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:45 #112072

    I agree with Gooner Ron re the first 5 minutes but also feel if Cech plays then a midfielder must drop deep . Looking at some of those back passes some of the returned passes were almost Suicidal as well. If we continue to play this way some savviness needs to be employed. Peter Wain I read your postings with increasing incredulity. When was our midfield strong ? Do you mean 10 years ago? We’ve been soft as melted butter for years, where’ve you been? The coming back into games is the first Unai stamp I’m seeing. That game may well have been lost under Wenger. BTW Peter. However bad it gets Big Sam is not the answer. You’d be better off with Dyche and that’s not going to happen as we’d probably nick the Wolves boss assuming he hadn’t crashed and burnt.

  77. GoonerRon

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:26 #112070

    I think at this stage trying to build momentum with wins, however they come, whilst implementing Emery’s changes is what we should be aiming for - and that’s what we’ve done in the last two games so let’s keep on winning the games we should and build from there. I thought Lacazette was hugely impressive and if we want to press high he is a must to start games and his work rate is excellent. As for Cech, if he insists on sticking with him perhaps we should avoid playing out from the back for the first 5 minutes - take the sting out of the crowd and eventually the opposition will stop pushing high up and give us some space to play out. Or drop him and bring in Leno.

  78. peter wain

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:25 #112069

    A win is a win but reality is this team is nowhere near good enough and things have to change. Not only in the defence but also our midfield which use to be our strength but is now poor. Quite what Dick sees in Granit I do not know and Torriera should stat ahead of him. I would also question the substitutions yesterday as I would have thought Holding should come on instead of Mick to counter the long ball game the Cardiff manager likes.

  79. John F

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:18 #112068

    Perhaps Dick may be taking a calculated gamble on Cech.If the opposition think that he is going to make a mistake they might leave 2/3 players up leaving space behind for Arsenal to counter attack rather then facing the ten behind the ball situation that some team s adopt against us.Can not understand why Granit is picked above Torreia,is it to justify giving him a new contract.

  80. mbg

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:07 #112067

    Three cracking goals and more importantly three points while we're still a work in progress, a massive work (and will be for some time thanks to whatshisname) so can't complain I suppose, as for one of whatshisnames past it top top qualittee cheapies the cat in a hat ? The nearest veterinary clinic.

  81. 1971 Gooner

    Sep 3, 2018, 12:05 #112066

    Torreira has made the team look better each time he has come on, and needs to start for me. How many times has a Xhaka mistake lead more or less directly to conceding a goal, and how much longer can Unai keep him in the starting line up? Thought Ramsey had an average game at best - work to do for the new boss with the midfield as well as the defence, but you can’t knock an away win. COYG.

  82. ArsenalMagna

    Sep 3, 2018, 11:07 #112065

    I said before that we should play a counterattack and more direct (not long ball) system with a 4-4-1-1, Auba at 10, Lacazette as 9, Elneny and Torriera in CM and Bellerin pushed up. The only sheds of light we're seeing at the moment are our two fantastic £60m strikers, Torreira, and some of the wing attacking, with a few other positives. It doesn't look like Steve Bould is able to have much of an influence on our play which is a great shame...

  83. VoiceOfReason

    Sep 3, 2018, 10:45 #112064

    @TOOAW - you're clearly living in dreamland. We only won 4 of our 19 away games last season (thanks to you know who), and three of those were by the odd goal. Certainly weren't beating teams 4-0 away from home, that's for sure.

  84. TOOAW

    Sep 3, 2018, 10:42 #112063

    4-0 prediction was a bit wayward but I feel if it was last season we would have beaten them 3 or 4 nil. Nevertheless, a win is 3 points. Tactically we look a bit of a mess but I'm confident that the manager can amend this through the season. All in all a good team performance and it's up the football league we go.