NEWS: Lukas Podolski: I never wanted to leave Arsenal

NEWS: Lukas Podolski reflects on his 'great' time at Arsenal

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Lukas Podolski reveals he never wanted to leave Arsenal. PICTURE: Celebrating a goal with former teammate Mikel Arteta. CREDIT: OFFSIDE

Former Arsenal striker Lukas Poldolski has been reflecting on his time at the club insisting he never wanted to leave.

The forward started his career at Cologne’s before shining for Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich prior to signing for Arsenal, where he became a favourite with supporters.

The German became renowned for a powerful left-foot, scoring many spectacular goals – but never fully established himself at the Emirates under Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to Arsenal’s lockdown podcast Podolski explained: “I had some games I played very well, I scored goals or played well and the next match I was sitting on the bench again. That's why I started thinking, 'I'm going to have to change this situation.' I was thinking I was ready for Arsenal, I was thinking I was ready for the starting XI or to come on earlier but it was not like that.
"For any reason it sometimes happens like that in football or sport and that's why I decided to move. This is life, this is sport, I didn't want to but I had to because I wanted to play football. I wanted to be on the pitch but I would have loved to stay at Arsenal for a couple more years because I felt really great there.
"I had some talks with Arsene about my situation and I told him, 'I want to play, I want to come on earlier' and of course, he's the coach, he has to decide, he can't promise players a bonus or to always play. No coach gives you that. So I decided for myself to move forward."

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic halting life across the globe including sport the popular German had been playing in Turkey with Antalyaspor having joined on a free transfer in January from Japanese side Vissel Kobe.

But his time in north London left a deep impression on him as he recalled: "The team, the stuff around the team and everyone at the club was so friendly - like a family. Great fans, great city, the stadium – everything. I really enjoyed it but in the end it is like it is.”

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  1. Don Howe

    May 9, 2020, 10:12 #116820

    I think that people are deadened by all of this. I have a reasonably frequent email conversation with friends, but they go quiet on me and I go quiet too. Kevin seems to be a hive of activity with lots and lots produced, for which thank you Kevin. The Podolski thing is just part of Wenger's W*nkerdom. A great player with a terrifying shot, and we hardly played him. there are many others.AT least he didnt have his career destroyed by the French Fart.

  2. vhuntley

    May 7, 2020, 21:09 #116818

    Where have all the gooners gone on here? I posted a comment about the recent Rocky article and last time I checked no one else had. Surely he deserves some comments. Come on Gooners I know these are really depressing times (and not just for Arsenal fans) times but we need to keep the debate and dialogue going. If you need to be re-inspired I get it.. Perhaps go and watch You Tube greatest goals by Henry, Wright, Bergkamp and Limpar or even some of our best and worst cup final moments (Ipswich 78 as bad as can be, but United 79 an antidote). Might stoke up some nostalgia even if our great club and game don't quite ever return to those days. Keep the faith and if not that then at least the many great memories we have all had in the past. Just remember how you felt when you went to your first match. My own was in mid 70s and we were about 5th from bottom but Highbury was such a special place. There is a cool youtube video which might stir up some memories just search on you tube for highbury photos afcguildford