5 Days Left To Save Arsenal’s The Gooner Fanzine!

The drive to secure our future goes into overdrive starting today

5 Days Left To Save Arsenal’s The Gooner Fanzine!

Will we be around next season? Our fate is in your hands...

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Midnight on Sunday (12th July) is the deadline for us to secure enough subscribers to continue!
Ok, so we need to do an exact tot up, but we are between 200-250 short of our target of 1,000 subscribers for the 2020/21 season which will mean we can continue producing The Gooner. Many thanks to those that have signed up already. We have had to start cashing cheques that are coming up to their six months’ expiry for those that sent cheques between late December and early January. These will be refunded via online bank transfer in the event that we don’t reach our target.

Of course, this should have all been resolved back at the end of March, but we all know what has happened to present us with the situation we are in now.

The final issue of 2019/20 (although hopefully not ever!)
So, firstly, let’s deal with the situation regarding the current season. Our subscribers are due one further issue, and this will go to the printers at the end of the current weekend. It should be printed and posted out to arrive by the day of Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City. Quite obviously we are taking a financial hit with this issue as there won’t be any sales outside matches to supporters. However, we are hopeful that regular matchday buyers will buy the issue online, and we are offering it for cover price, with free postage if you order before the end of Tuesday 14th July – that can be bought through this link (UK orders only – the issue will be made available to foreign buyers once published).

Next season…
Now for next season –at this point, we do not know whether or not we will be able to sell issues at matches when the season begins. Informed opinion suggests that capacity crowds will not be allowed at Premier League matches until January 2021. This of course, would mean at least three issues that we potentially will only be able to sell online – and this is why it is more important now than ever that if you do buy The Gooner, you subscribe. Truth to tell, we will need to get more than 1,000 signed up, but if we can reach that figure we can just about survive, and continue to drum up more numbers in the period between the final issue of this season and the first of the next.

Here are the 4 ways that you can subscribe (UK addresses £30, Overseas £42)

  1. You can pay with a credit or debit card via our online store - just click on this link to open the page where you can select a subscription option.

  2. Pay direct via PayPal – either using our paypal.me link - paypal.me/goonerfanzine (make sure to put your name and address details in where the ‘add a note’ field is) or by sending from your PayPal account to the email address: thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com. If doing this, please make your payment a ‘friends and family’ / personal payment – this helps keep our costs down. Very important – If you do make a payment this way, please email us at thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com to inform us of your postal address, as when paying this way, PayPal does not give us your address details.

  3. Via online bank transfer, making a payment of £30 (or £42 for addresses outside of the UK) to – 
    Account name: The Gooner 
    Sort Code: 20-76-90 
    Account Number: 03004112
    Use the reference 2021 followed by your surname. Very important - please follow up the payment with an email to thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com stating your name and address, and the reference that you used for payment (e.g. 2021Smith). Otherwise, we will not be able to match the payment to you. If you require IBAN and BIC codes for an international payment, please email us at thegoonerfanzine@btinternet.com.

  4. Via post by sending a cheque payable to ‘The Gooner’ to -
    The Gooner
    12 Buxton Court
    Hanbury Drive
    E11 1GB

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  1. Aylesbury Gooner

    Jul 12, 2020, 12:54 #116943

    GoonerBri- Old School we are. Just like you prefer the hard copy to anything else,newspapers the same. Agree with you RobG about our fanzine one of the best around and it needs to keep going so Gooners sign up now.

  2. RobG

    Jul 12, 2020, 10:29 #116942

    COME ON YOU LAZY LOT !!!! IT'S NOT MUCH TO ASK. IT REALLY ISN'T. We have one of the biggest fan bases in this country and beyond. To find 1,000 game subscribers, should not be so hard - or problematic. So much has changed in football and at Arsenal in the last 30 years. And some of it has been far from good. THE GOONER is a direct link with our old Highbury home and a reassuring sign in an un reassuring world. The fanzine should not be allowed to die like this, buried by apathy. COME ON ! Sign up and save the day and SAVE THE GOONER.

  3. GoonerBri

    Jul 09, 2020, 16:46 #116941

    Come on you Gooners - subscribe! Call me old fashioned but I prefer a physical publication to an electronic one.