In praise of Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp - my favourite goal from the Dutch Master (it's not what you think)

Brian Marsh has a particular reason why he loves Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp

In praise of Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp - my favourite goal from the Dutch Master (it's not what you think)

Dennis Bergkamp is a true Arsenal legend. Read on for Brian Marsh's favourite goal from the Dutch Master - and no, it's not what you think. CREDIT: OFFSIDE

With the news that certain Arsenal fans have scandalously been rubbbishing Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp, long-standing Gooner Brian Marsh, shares just why he loves the Gunners Dutch Master. 

Read on for his take...

Dennis Bergkamp. Every year, I celebrate his birthday. Every year, I celebrate the anniversary of his first goal for the Arsenal.

Sixteen minutes past three, on Saturday, September 23, 1995, against Southampton at Highbury Dennis scored his first goal for Arsenal on an unforgettable afternoon in north London.

Tony Gubba commentated on that game for Match of the Day. I can still recall his commentary: "...and after ten hours and 46 minutes of the season, Bergkamp finally delivers."

In honour of that moment, my fantasy football league squads have all been named 'Ten hours and 46 minutes.'

Ian Wright said: "Dennis Bergkamp is the best. The best player Arsenal have signed, or will ever sign."

That says it all. 

My favourite DB10 goal? It's not what you think...

My favourite Dennis Bergkamp goal? No, it's not the expected masterpiece against Newcastle, or any of the three at Leicester.

No, it was scored on November 22, 2003 at St Andrews. 80th minute. A break out from a Birmingham corner, the ball is threaded out for Dennis to run onto from our own half, he sprints the length of the field and chips it over Maik Taylor into the net.

He then runs behind the goal to where we are celebrating. Captain for the day, he raises his arm, and points to the armband.

To me, that summed up his love for our club, and for us, its supporters.

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