Dial Square Diary: Get ready for new kit in homage of Arsenal's 1971 double-winning side

Dial Square Diary: The latest from the club that all true Gooners should check out

Dial Square Diary: Get ready for new kit in homage of Arsenal's 1971 double-winning side

Dial Square FC: For the fans, by the fans

Buy Carl Bourke's t-shirt and print of Arsenal's iconic 1971 celebrations in association with the Gooner

The Gooner Fanzine fully endorses Dial Square FC. 

A grassroots football club run for the fans by the fans - for Gooners everywhere.


What happens when all you love about a club is no longer the priority?

When the values and traditions of a club are put firmly on the back burner, with income being the firm focus?

And when that focus is at the expense of the fans?

Revival is the answer.

In 1886 the original Dial Square FC was founded by a group of munitions workers in the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal Armament Factory in Woolwich.

And this incarnation of Dial Square has been set up to bring back the original Arsenal values into its soul.

Whether you fell in love with The Arsenal who won the Double in 71, achieved the Miracle in 89, the 'Almost-Invincibles' of 91, or the Invincibles of Wengers early era – does the club feel the same as the one you remember?

Dial Square has been formed in response to fans that were disillusioned by the business-orientated approach blighting the majority of Premier League clubs.

Dial Square is run by YOU and with YOU in mind.

Dial Square FC is not a replacement for Arsenal FC. Arsenal FC is still beloved by all at DSFC. 

This mindset won’t change either. With constant rumblings around a possible European Super League and TV money stretching the chasm between lower league, non-league and the Premiership – it shows that fans are no longer on the radar for clubs.

Dial Square wanted a club run by the fans and for the fans

A grass-roots club that can offer what a football club should – a connection to the club, a place to meet friends and family and to enjoy a game of football.

Football in its modern form is in direct contrast to the sport we all love. 

Dial Square FC is a place you can feel that connection again.

Here, fans are first. Here, football is first. Here, football is revived.



You can read the latest updates on Dial Square in the current issue of the Gooner Fanzine as well as our new edition out later this month.

In the meantime here's the latest news from Dial Square's tireless chairman Stuart Morgan, on the club that every true Gooner should check out - including a brilliant new kit honouring the 1971 double-winning side. 



Dial Square Diary: Get ready for our new kit – a homage to the 1971 double winning side

May 8, 1971. A date all Arsenal fans should know about.

We’ve all seen that truly iconic image of Charlie George lying on his back, having given Arsenal the lead in extra-time, against Liverpool in the FA Cup Final. That goal, scored in the 111th minute, gave Arsenal its first ever ‘Double’ winning season.

Having secured the league title at White Hart Lane a few days earlier (May 3), The Arsenal team they clinched the FA Cup win at Wembley, forever immortalised through Charlie George’s iconic celebration.  

So, to pay the utmost respect to those legends of the game, Dial Square FC has decided to pay homage to all the players, in what is the 50th anniversary of that glorious achievement.

On May 8, 2021, exactly 50 years after the ‘Double’ was accomplished, we shall be fully revealing our new away kit. 

You won’t be at all surprised by the style or colouring, given the significance and the importance of this kit. It’s actually not hugely dissimilar to our current away kit, but it is going to be very special indeed.

So much so, that we are limiting the amount of shirts to be sold.

That’s correct, the #HomageEdition will be limited edition and each shirt will come with a small, silicone badge, authenticating each one made and what number it is.

The shirt will be available for pre-ordering by fan-owners only, on the 1st June

If fan-owners now want to view the kit privately, they can do so by emailing info@dialsquarefc.com

All remaining shirts will be available to purchase exclusively in the online club shop, on the July 31, for the general public. 

Support us, support Arsenal and support the legends, in this very special year ahead.

#DialSquareReborn #HomageEdition #71Double


Listen to Ian Selley on Dial Square's podcast here


PS: A note from Gooner editor Layth. If you’re a true Arsenal supporter – and let’s face it, if you're reading this website it certainly means you are, then I heartily recommend checking out Dial Square FC.

They certainly have this fanzine's and my endorsement. So much so that I’ve taken out membership.

The Gooner can’t wait to get down to watch them next season when fans return, and have a proper day out.

Chairman Stuart Morgan lives and breathes the club and would love as many Gooners – old school and new – to head down to see for themselves from next season.

In the meantime, as a loyal Arsenal supporter, why not take a look at their website and see how you can join this worthy grassroots football club. Their Latin motto means ‘revived’, or ‘renewed’. If you spend time talking to the tireless Stuart and others at the club you’ll see why.  Now, about that new 71 kit…

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