The Top Arsenal Players of All Time

The Top Arsenal Players of All Time

The Top Arsenal Players of All Time

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Arsenal and awesomeness tend to enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship.

This team has produced some truly stellar players over the years and they are now breeding an entirely new generation of talent at Hale End.

However, the best way to determine where we may be headed involves examining where we have already been.

Let's therefore take a look at some of the most impressive Arsenal players of the past as well as what talents each individual brought onto the pitch.

Dennis Bergkamp

This true legend served to redefine the game as we know it as well as to put Arsenal on the international map. As the Bleacher Report highlights, Bergkamp is one of the best leaders that the team has ever had. It is also important to mention that he helped to massively increase Arsenal's fan base, increasing their revenue and ultimately, enabling the team to acquire even more talent.

Patrick Vieira

In terms of the perfect midfielder, look no further than Patrick Vieira. Known for his amazing legs, astounding speed and impeccable offence, Vieira was integral to the success of Arsenal.

Let's also remember that he captained the team to an undefeated 2003-2004 season. After inheriting the coveted armband from Tony Adams, Vieira decided to try his luck coaching Manchester City. Might he decide to return to Arsenal one day? Only time will tell.

Tony Adams

Speaking of Tony Adams, any list of the top Arsenal players would be incomplete without his name. Adams was often referred to as "Mr. Arsenal" during his heyday, and the term certainly fit.

This man embodied the entire team spirit for more than 20 years and his name still echoes on the pitch into the present day. Although Adams is known for his defensive skills, it was his managerial prowess that truly served to define his entire career.

Adams was also one of the key individuals who helped the transition to Arsene Wenger. In many ways, Tony Adams is one of the main reasons why Arsenal is a top-tier team in the present.

Thierry Henry

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Thierry Henry was just as much of a well-rounded player. While he might not be the top goal scorer that Arsenal ever produced, football is much more than points alone.

His personality, grace on the pitch and keenly strategic mind all served to define what made him great. This is why the majority of contemporary sports analysts believe that Thierry Henry was the greatest Arsenal player in history.


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