A Winning Feeling: Arsenal's Chocolate Labrador called Win is included in official team photo

Arsenal include canine member of the Gunners family in official team photo as Win the Chocolate Labrador takes part

A Winning Feeling: Arsenal's Chocolate Labrador called Win is included in official team photo

'Win', Arsenal's adorable Chocolate Labrador. Picture courtesy of Arsenal FC

Arsenal supporters love their club for so many reasons on so many levels - with the inclusion of an adorable pet dog in the Gunners official team photo at London Colney simply giving another reason for fans to fall in love with the North London side. 

Boss Mikel Arteta introduced the lovable canine to the world, named, appropriately enough 'Win', at the end of last season - and now, the beautiful Chocolate Labroador is making headlines again, this time for being part of the team.

The club's HQ and training ground traditionally plays host to the staging of team photos - with the wonderful twist this season being the addition of 'Win'.


Speaking in May, Arteta said: "We always talk about family. And being connected. In my opinion a big family like we are at the club, which I feel we are a family, you need a dog to represent that family.

"I think there are still things at the club that can be done to connect with people, to be more caring with people, to show love, and I found this dog that in my opinion was the perfect representative of who we are right now.

"Her name is Win, we all love winning, and Win needs a lot of love. So the 'love for Win.' That is basically it. So the reaction of the players has been incredible, the staff, she is one of us and will be on the journey together.

"Something that changes your mood [clicks fingers] like this. You come in the building like this and she is coming and giving all the love and suddenly you just feel the energy, the players on the floor just hugging her, it is just beautiful to watch. It is different feeling. For me those things are very important."

Win proudly carries  a tag around her neck which reads: "I'm not a dog, I'm a Gooner. Come on the Arsenal."

For those Gooners who call themselves animal lovers out there - and our fanzine knows we have plenty - Arsenal already have a cat, called Bob, at the training ground.

Arteta - who is often praised for his emotional intelligence and empathy - asked the club's gardener to provide a miniature version of the olive tree that he can see from the window of his office at the Colney HQ, which has previously sat in the middle of the room during team meetings.

"We have another symbol of the club that is a tree and is very strong but needs a lot of care as well," said Arteta previously. 

"We have different things and this team at the moment needs a bit of this but needs accountability because we have to look after Win as well, her emotional needs and what she needs. I think it is a good thing.

"[The tree] is an olive tree that has 150 years which is similar to the club's history. We have to look after those roots every single day, make sure they don't get poisoned and they don't get damaged and remain in the right condition."

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