Conti Cup Final Live Blog: Arsenal Women take on Chelsea at Molineux

Defending champions Arsenal are aiming for Conti Cup glory again, in what could be there only remaining chance for silverware this season

Conti Cup Final Live Blog: Arsenal Women take on Chelsea at Molineux

England captain Leah Williamson comes up against Chelsea's Fran Kirby. Credit- WellOffside

Live BLog Sunday Mar 31st

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  1. Freddie Cardy: 18:15 #4421

    That’s all for my Conti Cup final coverage after five stressful hours- Arsenal are Champions after a 1-0 extra time win, but most importantly Frida Maanum is conscious and stable. Sending her all the best wishes.

  2. Freddie Cardy: 18:14 #4420

    Probably not as exciting as we had all hoped for then.

  3. Freddie Cardy: 18:10 #4419

    Eidevall says that the bust-up with Emma Hayes was about the multi-ball system- Chelsea didn't want to play with multi-ball but they utilised it at the end by taking a quick throw-in!

  4. Freddie Cardy: 18:09 #4418

    Jonas Eidevall: "We're much much better than last time we played them!"

  5. Freddie Cardy: 18:06 #4417

    Kim Little and Leah Williamson lift the Conti Cup final for the second year in a row! Arsenal are champions!

  6. Freddie Cardy: 18:03 #4416

    And now Arsenal step up to collect their seventh Conti Cup!

  7. Freddie Cardy: 18:02 #4415

    Chelsea are collecting their runners-up medals for a third year in a row.

  8. Freddie Cardy: 17:59 #4414

    There was a little coming together between Eidevall and Hayes- the latter gave Eidevall a bit of a shove in what should have been the post match handshake.

  9. Freddie Cardy: 17:55 #4413

    Alessia Russo on Frida Maanum: "We're all wishing that she's ok. It was written in the stars that her best mate scored the winner for her. We just hope she's ok."

  10. Freddie Cardy: 17:55 #4412

    Pelova says that Alessia Russo was ill for the last two days.

  11. Freddie Cardy: 17:54 #4411

    Victoria Pelova: "I just feel cramps! I'm dead! I'm so proud of the team".

  12. Freddie Cardy: 17:53 #4410

    There will be no quadruple for Chelsea, who are defeated in the Conti Cup final for the third year in a row.

  13. Freddie Cardy: 17:51 #4409

    Arsenal players and staff run over to celebrate with their fans!

  14. Freddie Cardy: 17:51 #4408

    It's an emotional North London Forever at Molineux...

  15. Freddie Cardy: 17:49 #4407


  16. Freddie Cardy: 17:49 #4406

    Headed away!

  17. Freddie Cardy: 17:48 #4405

    ET 30+2' One more Chelsea corner for Arsenal to defend... 1-0

  18. Freddie Cardy: 17:47 #4404

    ET 30+1' Two added minutes as Arsenal clear the corner before Foord wallops the ball away. 1-0

  19. Freddie Cardy: 17:46 #4403

    ET 30' Macario goes down in the box and wins a corner. 1-0

  20. Freddie Cardy: 17:45 #4402

    ET 29' Aggie Beever-Jones comes on for Chelsea. 1-0

  21. Freddie Cardy: 17:44 #4401

    ET 26' Finally Arsenal are in front! Blackstenius creates some space in the box and buries the ball into the bottom corner, off a touch from Hampton! 1-0 to the Arsenal with four minutes of extra time left. 1-0

  22. Freddie Cardy: 17:42 #4400


  23. Freddie Cardy: 17:41 #4399

    ET 24' Fantastic long ball from Cooney-Cross to find Foord, who pulls the ball back to Russo. Her shot is straight at Hampton- Arsenal have had the chances to win this final! 0-0

  24. Freddie Cardy: 17:37 #4398

    ET 21' Very dubious shouts for a penalty against Catley are turned down. 0-0

  25. Freddie Cardy: 17:37 #4397

    ET 20' Another opportunity- this time Foord gets into the box but it's a brilliant block to deny her. 0-0

  26. Freddie Cardy: 17:33 #4396

    ET 16' What a chance! Blackstenius is played in behind by Russo but fires over on the half-volley. Had to do better. 0-0

  27. Freddie Cardy: 17:32 #4395

    ET 16' Underway again. 0-0

  28. Freddie Cardy: 17:31 #4394

    ET 16' Kyra Cooney-Cross comes on for Katie McCabe. 0-0

  29. Freddie Cardy: 17:30 #4393

    Can't share any thoughts on the first half of extra time because I barely watched it- the Frida Maanum news was the focus in the last 15 minutes.

  30. Freddie Cardy: 17:29 #4392

    Half time in extra time: 0-0

  31. Freddie Cardy: 17:27 #4391

    ET 15' Two added minutes at the end of the first half. 0-0

  32. Freddie Cardy: 17:26 #4390

    ET 13' So close for Arsenal! McCabe heads just wide from Catley's cross. 0-0

  33. Freddie Cardy: 17:23 #4389

    ET 12' Fox's cross is headed away before Pelova can't connect with a shot. 0-0

  34. Freddie Cardy: 17:19 #4388

    ET 8' Arsenal: Frida Maanum is conscious, talking and in a stable condition. She will continue to be monitored closely by our medical team. 0-0

  35. Freddie Cardy: 17:17 #4387

    ET 6' Catarina Macario comes on for Sjoeke Nusken. 0-0

  36. Freddie Cardy: 17:16 #4386

    ET' 6 Positive news that highlights the severity of the situation. We will continue to bring more updates as we get them. 0-0

  37. Freddie Cardy: 17:15 #4385

    ET 4' Frida Maanum is stable and being looked after, according to the BBC commentators. 0-0

  38. Freddie Cardy: 17:11 #4384

    1' Extra time is underway. 0-0

  39. Freddie Cardy: 17:10 #4383

    Zinsberger is leading Arsenal's huddle as the teams prepare for extra time.

  40. Freddie Cardy: 17:08 #4382

    Both sets of players will value these moments to gather themselves before extra time.

  41. Freddie Cardy: 17:06 #4381

    Full time: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea. We are going to extra time in the Conti Cup final.

  42. Freddie Cardy: 17:04 #4380

    90+13' Alessia Russo replaces Frida Maanum. We await further news and pray that she is ok. 0-0

  43. Freddie Cardy: 17:03 #4379

    90+13' Maanum is being lifted onto the stretcher, to applause from all around Molineux. 0-0

  44. Freddie Cardy: 17:03 #4378

    Molineux is silent- a few players kicking a ball between them, the Arsenal dugout are all waiting on the side of the pitch.

  45. Freddie Cardy: 17:00 #4377

    90+10' Players slowly heading back out onto the pitch as Maanum continues to receive treatment. 0-0

  46. Freddie Cardy: 16:57 #4376

    90+7' Maanum had collapsed off the ball. 0-0

  47. Freddie Cardy: 16:57 #4375

    90+7' Frida Maanum is down and receiving treatment- this looks serious. 0-0

  48. Freddie Cardy: 16:56 #4374

    90+6' A stoppage as an Arsenal player is down and the medical team rush on. 0-0

  49. Freddie Cardy: 16:54 #4373

    90+4' Charles' cross finds the roof of the net. 0-0

  50. Freddie Cardy: 16:52 #4372

    90+2' Cuthbert fouls Pelova and is booked. Maanum's free-kick is cleared. 0-0

  51. Freddie Cardy: 16:51 #4371

    90+1' Seven minutes added on! 0-0

  52. Freddie Cardy: 16:50 #4370

    90' Brilliant from Fox, who has been superb- she drives forward and plays through Blackstenius, but Hampton is out quickly to smother the ball. 0-0

  53. Freddie Cardy: 16:49 #4369

    89' Maanum looks for Blackstenius but her pass is wayward. 0-0

  54. Freddie Cardy: 16:46 #4368

    85' What a chance for Chelsea, but Zinsberger pulls off a crucial save to deny James one on one! 0-0

  55. Freddie Cardy: 16:45 #4367

    85' In fact Foord stays on the left, and McCabe is on the right, allowing Foord to cut inside. 0-0

  56. Freddie Cardy: 16:44 #4366

    84' Steph Catley comes on for Beth Mead- McCabe to LW and Foord RW I would expect. 0-0

  57. Freddie Cardy: 16:44 #4365

    83' James' cross is claimed unchallenged by Zinsberger. 0-0

  58. Freddie Cardy: 16:42 #4364

    82' All a bit scrappy. Reiten's cross is blocked after Pelova flew in for a tackle. Extra time and potentially penalties are in store unless someone can come up with a breakthrough. 0-0

  59. Freddie Cardy: 16:37 #4363

    77' 21,462 fans are at Molineux, a record attendance for a Conti Cup final. 0-0

  60. Freddie Cardy: 16:37 #4362

    76' Brilliant crossfield ball in behind by James to find Kaneryd, who sets up Ramirez but she can't get a shot away before Leupolz fires over. Ramirez is then replaced by Reiten. 0-0

  61. Freddie Cardy: 16:35 #4361

    75' Perisset's delivery is headed away. 0-0

  62. Freddie Cardy: 16:35 #4360

    74' Mead fouls James in Arsenal's half, and Chelsea have the opportunity to swing the ball into the box. 0-0

  63. Freddie Cardy: 16:32 #4359

    72' Caitlin Foord comes on for Cloe Lacasse. 0-0

  64. Freddie Cardy: 16:29 #4358

    69' Zinsberger is down again and being attended to. Looks like an issue with her left knee/thigh. 0-0

  65. Freddie Cardy: 16:27 #4357

    66' Best chance so far for Arsenal but Hampton saves well from Lacasse. 0-0

  66. Freddie Cardy: 16:25 #4356

    65' Russo is out warming up. 0-0

  67. Freddie Cardy: 16:21 #4355

    61' Was that the right decision from Maanum? She picks up the ball in behind after Blackstenius' flick-on and tries to lob Hampton. Just wide. 0-0

  68. Freddie Cardy: 16:19 #4354

    58' Frustrating there for Mead. Pelova got into a good shooting position but tried to find Mead, just getting her pass wrong and it's behind for a goal kick. 0-0

  69. Freddie Cardy: 16:18 #4353

    57' Perisset's free-kick comes to nothing, but Cuthbert can float in a cross which is headed wide by Leupolz, via a deflection. 0-0

  70. Freddie Cardy: 16:17 #4352

    56' We're back underway and Wubben-Moy immediately gives the ball away before Nusken is fouled. 0-0

  71. Freddie Cardy: 16:15 #4351

    55' Zinsberger is now receiving treatment from the physios. 0-0

  72. Freddie Cardy: 16:14 #4350

    54' James fires into the sidenetting after a Chelsea cross flashed across goal. 0-0

  73. Freddie Cardy: 16:12 #4349

    51' Codina covers well to deal with the danger from James, who is booked for leaving one on Codina- she should have been booked for diving in the first half too. 0-0

  74. Freddie Cardy: 16:10 #4348

    50' Good build-up play from Chelsea. Charles peels wide and slides in Kaneryd. She cuts back to Nusken who blazes her effort over. 0-0

  75. Freddie Cardy: 16:09 #4347

    48' Mead can't get a shot away from Lacasse's cross. 0-0

  76. Freddie Cardy: 16:07 #4346

    47' Blackstenius goes down in the box but the referee says no penalty- her foot had got tangled with Cuthbert's. 0-0

  77. Freddie Cardy: 16:06 #4345

    46' The second half is underway. 0-0

  78. Freddie Cardy: 16:05 #4344

    Laia Codina comes on for Leah Williamson

  79. Freddie Cardy: 16:02 #4343

    I wonder who will be the happier of the two teams at half time- maybe Arsenal by a fraction, simply because of their calamitous first half at Stamford Bridge not too long ago.

  80. Freddie Cardy: 15:51 #4342

    Enjoyable first half if you're a neutral! Mayra Ramirez thought she had put Chelsea ahead but her goal was ruled out for an Erin Cuthbert handball. Arsenal have had more chances but neither side have found a breakthrough. It's all to play for.

  81. Freddie Cardy: 15:50 #4341

    Half time: Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea.

  82. Freddie Cardy: 15:49 #4340

    40+4' Some claims for handball against McCabe at the end of the first half are waved away. 0-0

  83. Freddie Cardy: 15:48 #4339

    40+3' Maanum with a clever first-time pass over the top but Hampton gets there before Mead. 0-0

  84. Freddie Cardy: 15:46 #4338

    45+2' James gets into the penalty area but Maanum is there to clear the danger. 0-0

  85. Freddie Cardy: 15:45 #4337

    45+1' Four minutes of added time. 0-0

  86. Freddie Cardy: 15:44 #4336

    44' In terms of physicality, Arsenal have been so much better than they were at Stamford Bridge a couple of weeks ago. Tackles and challenges flying in and the midfield battle is far more even. 0-0

  87. Freddie Cardy: 15:42 #4335

    43' Kaneryd's cross is blocked by Wubben-Moy, a painful one for the defender. 0-0

  88. Freddie Cardy: 15:40 #4334

    40' Hampton is able to continue after both teams take a tactical timeout. 0-0

  89. Freddie Cardy: 15:38 #4333

    39' Hampton is down and receiving treatment after scuffing a long clearance- her standing foot had just slipped. 0-0

  90. Freddie Cardy: 15:37 #4332

    37' Relief for the Arsenal defence as the whistle blows just as Kaneryd gets into the box- she had fouled Wubben-Moy. 0-0

  91. Freddie Cardy: 15:35 #4331

    35' Crucial block by Williamson after Little had slipped on the edge of the box- Williamson was back to prevent James' shot. 0-0

  92. Freddie Cardy: 15:32 #4330

    32' What a moment that would have been. Nusken heads away from the Arsenal corner before the ball drops for Wubben-Moy to volley wide. 0-0

  93. Freddie Cardy: 15:31 #4329

    31' McCabe is the latest player to test Hampton, pouncing onto a clearance and her shot is tipped over from range. 0-0

  94. Freddie Cardy: 15:30 #4328

    30' Arsenal continue to knock on the Chelsea door as Lacasse and Maanum try to get efforts away in the box to no avail. 0-0

  95. Freddie Cardy: 15:28 #4327

    28' Hampton gets down low to deny Lacasse from a narrow angle. 0-0

  96. Freddie Cardy: 15:26 #4326

    26' Mead tries her luck from a long way out, trying to lob Hampton and finding the roof of the net. 0-0

  97. Freddie Cardy: 15:23 #4325

    23' The goal is disallowed after a handball from Cuthbert in the lead-up to Ramirez's shot. 0-0

  98. Freddie Cardy: 15:22 #4324

    22' VAR check in progress after a handball in the buildup from Cuthbert. 0-1

  99. Freddie Cardy: 15:22 #4323

    21' Goal! Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea: Mayra Ramirez buries the ball into the bottom corner from the edge of the box. 0-1

  100. Freddie Cardy: 15:19 #4322

    19' Another shaky moment for Hampton- Blackstenius moved the ball wide and Fox's deep cross towards Lacasse is just about dealt with by the goalkeeper. 0-0

  101. Freddie Cardy: 15:18 #4321

    18' McCabe's inswinging corner is claimed by Hampton after she initially spilled the catch under pressure from Wubben-Moy. 0-0

  102. Freddie Cardy: 15:17 #4320

    17' First Arsenal corner after Charles tackles Lacasse. 0-0

  103. Freddie Cardy: 15:15 #4319

    15' Excellent from McCabe to keep hold of the ball before she is dragged down by Cuthbert for an Arsenal free-kick. 0-0

  104. Freddie Cardy: 15:12 #4318

    12' Lacasse drags a shot wide from range after Wubben-Moy and Pelova brought the ball forward through midfield. 0-0

  105. Freddie Cardy: 15:12 #4317

    12' Down goes James on the edge of the box but very quiet penalty appeals are turned down. Referee had a good view. 0-0

  106. Freddie Cardy: 15:10 #4316

    10' Arsenal respond with a quick break. Mead's cross from the left of the box can't pick out a teammate. 0-0

  107. Freddie Cardy: 15:08 #4315

    8' First opportunity for Chelsea sees James break into the box, burst past Wubben-Moy and draw a strong save from Zinsberger. 0-0

  108. Freddie Cardy: 15:08 #4314

    8' A great atmosphere at Molineux, with Arsenal fans a wall of red in the Sir Jack Hayward Stand and going through their repertoire of chants. 0-0

  109. Freddie Cardy: 15:05 #4313

    6' Steady start to the game- Arsenal choosing their moments to press as both teams size each other out. 0-0

  110. Freddie Cardy: 15:03 #4312

    3' Maanum presses Carter and Hampton has to hurriedly clear. Chelsea attack and Wubben-Moy puts in a good challenge before being fouled by Cuthbert. 0-0

  111. Freddie Cardy: 15:01 #4311

    1' A rousing chorus of Angel (North London Forever) from the Arsenal supporters to kick things off. 0-0

  112. Freddie Cardy: 15:00 #4310

    1' Underway in the Conti Cup final! 0-0

  113. Freddie Cardy: 14:59 #4309

    Video Assistant Referee is in place today.

  114. Freddie Cardy: 14:59 #4308

    Here we go then. It's Arsenal against Chelsea for what could be Arsenal's only silverware this season, or the first of four potential trophies for Chelsea.

  115. Freddie Cardy: 14:56 #4307

    Firstly, it's time for the national anthem.

  116. Freddie Cardy: 14:55 #4306

    Both sides and their managers are meeting the WSL representatives and sponsors before going through the pre-match handshakes.

  117. Freddie Cardy: 14:53 #4305

    Here come the teams! Arsenal in red, and white socks! Chelsea in all blue, so no kit clash today.

  118. Freddie Cardy: 14:52 #4304

    The teams are in the tunnel! How are the nerves?

  119. Freddie Cardy: 14:51 #4303

    For coverage of Manchester City v Arsenal in the Premier League, make sure to follow Gooner editor @laythy29 on Twitter. Layth is already in the Etihad Stadium press box, ready to cover one of the biggest games in recent years for Arsenal.

  120. Freddie Cardy: 14:48 #4302

    Emma Hayes On facing Jonas Eidevall: "We respect each other and I respect the job he's done with Arsenal and I for one am going to enjoy today knowing it's going to be my last."

  121. Freddie Cardy: 14:47 #4301

    Arsenal's defence must improve against Chelsea this afternoon, and they can look at last year's Conti Cup final win over the same opposition for inspiration. Less than a week after losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup, Arsenal did not give the Blues a look-in and scooped the first silverware of Jonas Eidevall's tenure.

  122. Freddie Cardy: 14:45 #4300

    One battle that jumps out to me is Katie McCabe vs Johanna Rytting Kaneryd. The winger tore apart Steph Catley at Stamford Bridge and scored at the Emirates, and is a player who can perhaps slide under the radar in this star-studded Chelsea side.

  123. Freddie Cardy: 14:42 #4299

    That will explain the decision to start Russo on the bench, then.

  124. Freddie Cardy: 14:40 #4298

    Jonas Eidevall speaking to BBC Sport: "Alessia has had a bug and not been able to train. She has done a tremendous job being able to be available to in the squad today and she is felling much much better now."

  125. Freddie Cardy: 14:39 #4297

    Both Alex Scott and Ellen White on BBC punditry duty have said that Alessia Russo has been ill in the week.

  126. Freddie Cardy: 14:35 #4296

    Arsenal are now 9 points behind league leaders City, also with a game in hand. Out of the FA Cup and with no Champions League football, the Conti Cup is likely Arsenal's only opportunity for silverware this season.

  127. Freddie Cardy: 14:31 #4295

    After Man City beat Liverpool yesterday, Chelsea are now three points off top spot but with a game in hand, chasing a historic quadruple.

  128. Freddie Cardy: 14:26 #4294

    Arsenal beat Chelsea 4-1 in a remarkable Emirates Stadium afternoon in December, but Emma Hayes' side got their revenge earlier this month with a 3-1 win over the Gunners at Stamford Bridge. What will Moilneux, a neutral venue, hold today?

  129. Freddie Cardy: 14:20 #4293

    Laura Wienroither remains in the Arsenal squad, as she nears a return to full first-team action following a lengthy ACL injury. The Austrian played for Arsenal U21 in a 2-0 win over Charlton Athletic in midweek.

  130. Freddie Cardy: 14:15 #4292

    The big omission in Chelsea's starting eleven is Norwegian midfielder Guro Reiten- instead, Sjoeke Nusken keeps her place after scoring a brace in the last meeting with Arsenal.

  131. Freddie Cardy: 14:11 #4291

    Emma Hayes makes six changes from Chelsea's midweek win over Ajax, with Lauren James and Johanna Rytting Kaneryd back into the side. Mayra Ramirez starts upfront, her first meeting with Arsenal.

  132. Freddie Cardy: 14:07 #4290

    Cloe Lacasse is also preferred to Caitlin Foord on the left wing, whilst Frida Maanum keeps her place in the number 10 role.

  133. Freddie Cardy: 14:04 #4289

    Stina Blackstenius is again preferred upfront to Alessia Russo, something that was a feature of Arsenal's 3-1 defeat to Chelsea in the WSL two games ago.

  134. Freddie Cardy: 14:03 #4288

    Chelsea subs: Musovic, Berger, Ingle, Macario, Reiten, Lawrence, Kirby, Hamano, Beever-Jones.

  135. Freddie Cardy: 14:02 #4287

    Arsenal subs: D'Angelo, Williams, Catley, Codina, Wienroither, Foord, Cooney-Cross, Russo, Lia.

  136. Freddie Cardy: 14:02 #4286

    Chelsea: Hampton, Perisset, Carter, Buchanan, Charles, Cuthbert, Leupolz, Nusken, Kaneryd, James, Ramirez.

  137. Freddie Cardy: 14:01 #4285

    Arsenal: Zinsberger; McCabe, Wubben-Moy, Williamson, Fox; Pelova, Little; Lacasse; Maanum, Mead; Blackstenius.

  138. Freddie Cardy: 13:57 #4284

    Just a few minutes now until team news, and both managers have some big decisions to make. Personally, I'm fascinated to see who starts upfront for Arsenal- could both Alessia Russo and Stina Blackstenius feature? We will wait and see.

  139. Freddie Cardy: 13:54 #4283

    Firstly, the good news is that after last week's delays, Arsenal have arrived at Molineux on time. Whether they've packed the right socks this time, we'll have to see.

  140. Freddie Cardy: 13:53 #4282

    Good afternoon, and what a massive afternoon it is for Arsenal Football Club. It all starts at 3pm UK time as Arsenal Women face Chelsea in the Conti Cup final, and Freddie Cardy is here to take you through all of the action. Settle in, if you can...

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