Filmmakers Launch Project to Document Arsenal Africa Fan Festival in Uganda

Filmmaker Stanley Brock and collaborator Harry Costa launch project to secure funding for film telling story of annual Arsenal Africa Fans Festival

Filmmakers Launch Project to Document Arsenal Africa Fan Festival in Uganda

The passion for Arsenal in Africa cannot be underestimated. CREDIT: Harry Brock

British filmmaker Stanley Brock and collaborator Harry Costa have launched an ambitious project to secure funding for a film that tells the story of the annual Arsenal Africa Fans Festival.

Taking place every Easter, the festival sees Gooners from all across Africa come together in one location over multiple days to celebrate the shared community spirit around following the North London club from afar.

The festival typically involves screenings, charitable ventures, and – in the past – appearances from Arsenal legends. This year’s festival takes place in Uganda and will welcome fans from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda , Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The two have just launched a GoFundMe to help bring the project to life by covering travel and production costs. Speaking on his reason for wanting to tell this story, Brock said:

“The feeling of fan culture in Africa is unique and special, with an ingrained emphasis on looking out for the wider community on a human level rather than just a football level. I want to show the world what this means on a personal level by following two fans as they travel to Uganda from Nairobi, Kenya.

We’ll understand why so many dedicate so much of their lives to Arsenal. From coaches filled with crazed fans leaving Nairobi to ‘Godfrey the Great’ who travels thousands of miles alone on his Arsenal-stamped motorbike. Despite living thousands of miles away, each fan has a unique story and special connection to the club. This fandom deserves applause and I want to be able to share their story with the world.”

To donate to the film’s GoFundMe, please visit this link.

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