Live Blog: Brighton & Hove Albion host Arsenal Women in the WSL

Arsenal come into the game off the back of a 6-2 comeback win over Leicester City

Live Blog: Brighton & Hove Albion host Arsenal Women in the WSL

Pyrotechnics lie in wait at Broadfield Stadium before kick-off. Credit- @cardyfreddie

Live BLog Sunday Nov 19th

  1. 16:02 #3008

    An excellent afternoon for the Gunners, who keep their first clean sheet of the season as well as the goals from Blackstenius, Foord and then Maanum.

  2. 15:57 #3007

    Full time: Brighton 0-3 Arsenal Women!

  3. 15:55 #3006

    90+6' Lacasse drives a shot in and it's well saved. 0-3

  4. 15:55 #3005

    90+5' Goal! Brighton 0-3 Arsenal- Russo crosses from the left and Lacasse is unselfish, laying the ball off to Maanum who buries it into the bottom corner. 0-3

  5. 15:52 #3004

    90+3' This time it's Arsenal's Zinsberger who punches away a corner, only as far as Robinson who sends a volley over the crossbar. 0-2

  6. 15:51 #3003

    90+2' Her next delivery curls into the side netting. 0-2

  7. 15:51 #3002

    90+2' Catley delivers a corner which is punched away by the goalkeeper. She tries to send another cross in and it results in another corner. 0-2

  8. 15:49 #3001

    90+1' Six minutes of added time. 0-2

  9. 15:48 #3000

    88' Frida Maanum tries an effort she has pulled off before, looking to bend the ball into the top corner from the edge of the box. It doesn't come off this time. 0-2

  10. 15:44 #2999

    85' Victoria Pelova is down and will be replaced eventually by Kathrine Kuhl. 0-2

  11. 15:44 #2998

    85' 4,921 in attendance here, the highest crowd for a WSL game at Broadfield Stadium. 0-2

  12. 15:43 #2997

    84' Brighton make their final change as Pattinson comes on for Kullberg. 0-2

  13. 15:41 #2996

    80' Goal! Brighton 0-2 Arsenal- Caitlin Foord only scores excellent goals at the moment and there is another one for her collection, a super finish into the far corner from the edge of the box. 0-2

  14. 15:39 #2995

    80' Lia Walti comes on for Kyra Cooney-Cross. 0-1

  15. 15:38 #2994

    79' Frida Maanum is sliding in on the goal-line but can't get a touch to Pelova's brilliant low cross. So close to a second for Arsenal. 0-1

  16. 15:37 #2993

    78' Lia Walti is set to be introduced for Arsenal. KCC dances through a crowd of Brighton players but cannot get a shot away. 0-1

  17. 15:36 #2992

    77' Cooney-Cross' corner is easily claimed by Baggaley. 0-1

  18. 15:35 #2991

    76' Foord gets the ball onto her right foot and her shot towards the near post is blocked out for a corner. 0-1

  19. 15:33 #2990

    74' Russo has Maanum on the overlap and the Norwegian gives the ball back to Foord but her effort is blocked. Lacasse then gets into the box but air-kicks her shot. 0-1

  20. 15:31 #2989

    72' Elisabeth Terland is replaced by Tatiana Pinto, who Arsenal were reportedly interested in during this summer's transfer window. 0-1

  21. 15:29 #2988

    70' Lacasse spins away from her marker on the right and finds Russo, who's shot is a poor one. 0-1

  22. 15:26 #2987

    67' A flurry of action as Pelova, Maanum and Foord all have shots blocked in the penalty area. 0-1

  23. 15:24 #2986

    64' Catley, Maanum and Lacasse are on for McCabe, Mead and Blackstenius. 0-1

  24. 15:23 #2985

    63' Losada and Bremer are replaced by Symonds and Lee. Arsenal have done very well to restrict the threat of those two midfielders. 0-1

  25. 15:23 #2984

    63' Wubben-Moy goes long to Blackstenius, who pulls the ball back to Mead. Her first time shot is smashed just wide of the top corner! 0-1

  26. 15:21 #2983

    62' McCabe pings a cross up to Russo but her header is tame and easily saved by Baggaley. 0-1

  27. 15:20 #2982

    61' Symonds and Geum-Min will be coming on shortly for Brighton. 0-1

  28. 15:19 #2981

    59' Pelova fancies a crack from the edge of the box but her effort will only test the top of the KRL Logistics Stand. 0-1

  29. 15:17 #2980

    57' Russo with a nice layoff to Pelova and her shot is blocked. Foord then finds Blackstenius and her effort is blocked on the line. 0-1

  30. 15:12 #2979

    53' That is special from Alessia Russo- the Arsenal forward with a crucial tackle to prevent a Brighton goal. Brilliant work rate. 0-1

  31. 15:08 #2978

    49' Arsenal have the incentive here to keep a first clean sheet in all competitions this season. They are moving the ball around with purpose at the start of this second period. 0-1

  32. 15:05 #2977

    46' Rule is straight into the game, driving forward into space but gives the ball straight to a red shirt. 0-1

  33. 15:05 #2976

    46' The second half is underway! 0-1

  34. 15:03 #2975

    Charlize Rule comes on for Li Mengwen as the Seagulls make their first switch.

  35. 15:03 #2974

    Arsenal emerge from the tunnel for the second half, before Brighton follow.

  36. 15:00 #2973

    Australian Charlize Rule is stripped and warming up at half time for Brighton.

  37. 14:58 #2972

    Comedian Suzy Ruffel is being interviewed pitchside at half-time in her Brighton memorabilia to promote her new women's football podcast.

  38. 14:54 #2971

    It's not going to be the eight goal thriller that Arsenal enjoyed last weekend, but the Gunners will be pleased with their rare half time lead.

  39. 14:51 #2970

    Stina Blackstenius' excellent finish in the 12th minute separates the two sides at the break.

  40. 14:49 #2969

    Half time: Brighton 0-1 Arsenal Women.

  41. 14:47 #2968

    45+3' It's a deep one and Zigiotti forces Zinsberger into a save at her near post. 0-1

  42. 14:46 #2967

    45+2' Mengwen's cross from the right is headed behind by Maritz. Brighton corner. 0-1

  43. 14:46 #2966

    45+1' Brighton's cross is flicked back towards Zinsberger by Wubben-Moy, and the Austrian gathers. She will be very keen for a clean sheet this afternoon. 0-1

  44. 14:45 #2965

    45+1' Four minutes of added time at the end of this first half. 0-1

  45. 14:43 #2964

    43' Poor from Wubben-Moy who allows Terland to run in behind her and get a shot away. Zinsberger saves and gathers the rebound. 0-1

  46. 14:42 #2963

    42' Excellent defending by Bergsvand to rob Foord after KCC had put Arsenal on the counter attack. 0-1

  47. 14:38 #2962

    39' Mead is able to continue. 0-1

  48. 14:37 #2961

    38' Strong header on the halfway line from Carabali and Mead has come off badly. The physios are quickly on.

  49. 14:35 #2960

    36' Mead is convinced she was pushed for a penalty but there is nothing for the referee's liking, and I would agree with Tim Robinson there. 0-1

  50. 14:34 #2959

    35' KCC breaks forward and finds Foord, who picks out Blackstenius on the left. KCC tees up Mead and her cross is too deep. 0-1

  51. 14:32 #2958

    33' Mead is played through by Maritz but gives the ball away in the box. Pelova then finds Blackstenius but Brighton have numbers back and can clear. 0-1

  52. 14:30 #2957

    31' Nasty coming together between Carabali and Russo which I could hear up in the press box. A very quiet spell in this game after Blackstenius' 12th minute goal, with the Seagulls consolidating. 0-1

  53. 14:28 #2956

    29' Chance for the Seagulls to swing in a free kick from deep here after Losada was fouled. Ilestedt heads clear Zigiotti's delivery. 0-1

  54. 14:27 #2955

    28' Zigiotti now takes aim and misses the target by an equally long distance. Poor from Brighton this. 0-1

  55. 14:26 #2954

    27' Ambitious effort from range by Vicky Losada, nowhere near hitting the target. 0-1

  56. 14:26 #2953

    27' There is a Brighton fan dressed as a seagull, and they clapped their wings with relief when that flew wide of the far post. 0-1

  57. 14:25 #2952

    26' Great corner from Mead and it's headed just wide by Wubben-Moy. 0-1

  58. 14:24 #2951

    25' Russo gets a shot away on the edge of the box and it's deflected behind. 0-1

  59. 14:23 #2950

    23' A trademark shove from McCabe on Mengwen as the Irishwoman clears her lines. 0-1

  60. 14:20 #2949

    20' Brighton are caught playing out from the back and Pelova finds Blackstenius, who sees her shot blocked. An ambitious effort from McCabe flies wide. 0-1

  61. 14:18 #2948

    18' Blackstenius is then caught and goes down injured. Luckily for Arsenal, the physios are not required. 0-1

  62. 14:17 #2947

    18' Pelova is caught on the ball and Brighton can attack, but Wubben-Moy is there to intercept from Kullberg. 0-1

  63. 14:15 #2946

    16' Commanding header away from Wubben-Moy but Robinson can then cross for Mengwen, who heads wide. 0-1

  64. 14:13 #2945

    14' "One-nil, on your big day out" sing the Arsenal fans. Mead flashes a cross into the box and it's cleared. 0-1

  65. 14:12 #2944

    12' Goal! Brighton 0-1 Arsenal- Stina Blackstenius miscues her first shot but then gets a second opportunity and finds the top corner.

  66. 14:10 #2943

    10' Foord shimmies inside and her cross is headed away by Thorisdottir, who then wallops the ball into the mid rift of Blackstenius. Ouch. 0-0

  67. 14:07 #2942

    8' McCabe crosses for Wubben-Moy who heads wide. 0-0

  68. 14:06 #2941

    7' McCabe threads through Blackstenius and her left footed effort is blocked behind for Arsenal's first corner. 0-0

  69. 14:06 #2940

    6' Quick feet in the area from Pelova who sees her shot deflected high into the air, where Foord cannot bring it down at the back post. 0-0

  70. 14:04 #2939

    5' Robinson slips the ball into the feet of Mengwen but Foord is back to defend. 0-0

  71. 14:03 #2938

    4' Steady start as Brighton settle into the game. Arsenal fans recite Louis Dunford's Angel. 0-0

  72. 14:00 #2937

    1' Blackstenius starts upfront with Russo in the 10, Foord left wing and Mead right. 0-0

  73. 14:00 #2936

    1' Underway! 0-0

  74. 13:59 #2935

    Both teams are in their huddles, and captains McCabe and Losada meet in the middle for the coin toss.

  75. 13:57 #2934

    Brighton are in their trademark blue and white stripes, with Arsenal wearing their red and white home shirt.

  76. 13:56 #2933

    Here come the teams, the flamethrowers go off as they make their way out!

  77. 13:55 #2932

    The teams are in the tunnel, and the Arsenal fans are making themselves heard!

  78. 13:51 #2931

    I'm asking for your score predictions over on X, @cardyfreddie to get in touch.

  79. 13:48 #2930

    Only right that Brighton local Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" is played by the tannoy before kick-off, albeit a remix...

  80. 13:46 #2929

    As always, I've got player ratings and post match reaction to come after full time as well as this live blog.

  81. 13:45 #2928

    Arsenal started quickly here in May with Blackstenius netting in the 6th and 8th minutes, and a quick start is just what the Gunners have been missing in recent games. Jonas Eidevall's side had to come back from 2-0 down at half time to beat Leicester 6-2 after a torrid first half.

  82. 13:42 #2927

    Both sides have finished their warm ups and are back into the dressing rooms.

  83. 13:41 #2926

    Arsenal won 4-0 here at Broadfield Stadium back in May. Stina Blackstenius hit an early brace before goals from Frida Maanum and Victoria Pelova. Blackstenius was denied a hat-trick by an incorrect offside decision in the first half.

  84. 13:38 #2925

    Twenty minutes to go until kick-off in what should be an excellent game of football. Two sides who have found form and are looking to establish themselves in a very competitive division- this will no doubt be the toughest Brighton side that Arsenal have faced.

  85. 13:34 #2924

    Brighton head into today's affair off the back of an impressive 1-0 victory against Manchester City. Lee Geum-Min's goal, coupled with a superb defensive display, helped the Seagulls up to 8th in the WSL. Everton winning means they come into this game 9th, as it stands.

  86. 13:29 #2923

    In the early kick-off it's Everton who lead 1-0 at home to Bristol City.

  87. 13:27 #2922

    Arsenal go into the game six points behind league leaders Chelsea, who dispatched Liverpool at Stamford Bridge yesterday thanks to three goals and an assist from Lauren James. Win today, and the Gunners will halve the deficit against Emma Hayes' side.

  88. 13:24 #2921

    Both sides are going through their pre-match warm-ups as the ground continues to fill up.

  89. 13:19 #2920

    It's a Brighton side that looks so much stronger than when these two sides last met. Summer arrivals include Vicky Losada, formerly of Arsenal and Barcelona, and Pauline Bremer, who came off the bench for Wolfsburg to help knock Arsenal out of the Champions League last season.

  90. 13:12 #2919

    Brighton subs: Evrard, Pattinson, Sarri, Lee, Hawkesby, Pinto, Symonds, Rule, Startup.

  91. 13:09 #2918

    Arsenal subs: Williams, Catley, Maanum, Walti, Hurtig, Kuhl, Lacasse, Codina.

  92. 13:08 #2917

    A very attacking Arsenal lineup as Foord, Russo, Mead and Blackstenius all start!

  93. 13:07 #2916

    Correction to the Arsenal side- it's Beth Mead, rather than Steph Catley: Zinsberger; McCabe, Ilestedt, Wubben-Moy, Maritz; Pelova, Cooney-Cross; Foord, Russo, Mead; Blackstenius.

  94. 13:06 #2915

    Beth Mead makes her first WSL start since returning from an ACL injury.

  95. 13:05 #2914

    Brighton: Baggalley, Thorisdottir, Bergsvand, Losada, Bremer, Zigiotti, Terland, Carabali, Li Mengwen, Kullberg, Robinson.

  96. 13:04 #2913

    Arsenal: Zinsberger; Catley, Ilestedt, Wubben-Moy, Maritz; Pelova, Cooney-Cross; Foord, Russo, McCabe; Blackstenius.

  97. 12:55 #2912

    Team news is five minutes away...

  98. 12:53 #2911

    The new Cloe Lacasse "24" chant, to the tune of ABBA's Voulez-Vous, has been belted out for the first of many times by the Arsenal fans this afternoon. Victoria Pelova told the Gooner that it was her favourite, when I asked her at the King Power last weekend.

  99. 12:45 #2910

    Arsenal fans have made their way down from the pre-match meetup and are already filling up large parts of the stand away to my left. Today's game is sold out!

  100. 12:42 #2909

    Vivianne Miedema, Jen Beattie and Kim Little are also carrying knocks.

  101. 12:38 #2908

    The early team news from Broadfield Stadium is that Lia Walti, Kyra Cooney-Cross and Laia Codina are all in attendance and have been taking a walk on the pitch. The trio have all been carrying knocks.

  102. 12:35 #2907

    Good afternoon and welcome to our Gooner Fanzine live blog. Brighton & Hove Albion Women face Arsenal in the Women's Super League, live from Broadfield Stadium in Crawley.

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