Why Basketball Edges Out Soccer In Popularity In the US?

Why Basketball Edges Out Soccer In Popularity In the US?

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Why Basketball Edges Out Soccer In Popularity In the US?

Since statistics and viewership tells us that soccer is the most popular sport in the world, one would expect that it will be the most popular in countries like the US, but that isn't the case. Instead, soccer is lagging greatly in the country, and it makes people wonder about the reason. Like, why are sports like basketball highly favored over soccer?

In the US, a large population knows the history of a basketball team like the Boston Celtics more than they know anything about soccer. And they would rather visit sites like Pickboss to check their odds and promo codes than have anything to do with soccer.

So, what is it about basketball that appeals to the hearts of US citizens? Why does this hand-played game thrive over the most popular sport in the world in this country? We know the reason, and we will show you in this article.

Lack Of International Success

International competitions are a major boost to the popularity of a country's sports teams. Not only do they bring glory to the country, but it also increases how much citizens view the sport because they want to experience the ecstasy of winning.

But when a country keeps failing on the international sports stage, citizens begin to lose interest in it. And when you look at the record of the US soccer team in the World Cup, it isn't the best.

Comparing their international Soccer resume side-by-side with the international basketball equivalent, the difference is clear. As of 2023, their basketball team is one of the most successful on the world stage, owning at least one medal in every Olympics they have ever competed in—and sixteen out of this being a gold medal. So, why won't any US citizen want to tune in to watch their country win?

Tie Ending Games

In basketball, a game can't end in a tie. Even If both teams are level after the fourth quarter, there would be overtime, where they can fight it out for an extra five minutes. And if the initial five minutes aren't enough, they will keep entering overtime till there is a winner.

Soccer, on the other hand, does not have any rules that mandate having a winner, except it is a knockout game. And if we are being honest, there is a disappointment that comes with seeing a match end in a draw, especially if a team clearly played better. The only time fans celebrate ties is when their team is a huge underdog that was meant to be thrashed in a game.

So, in short, everyone wants to celebrate a win, and most times, that is impossible when the game ends in a tie. That is why most will rather stick with the sport that gives them the thrill of having a winner.

High Scoring Frequency

For every sports fan, the joy of your team scoring a goal or making a point always hits differently, especially if it puts the team ahead on the scoreboard.

So, irrespective of how many goals each team has to their name, every fan doesn't mind seeing more, and basketball gives a very similar experience!

Due to the relatively small court, lower number of players, and the rules, players score frequently. And as you expect, fans celebrate every one of them in their little ways. They don’t mind doing that all night.

But as for soccer, a game that spans 90 minutes, many will agree that scoring frequency is in the lower percentile. In fact, it is not uncommon to see games end with only one goal from a team.

While it may not matter to you, several US fans hate the fact that they only have to celebrate a few times in 90 minutes. So, they would rather choose the sport that gives them a more frequent taste of dopamine.

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