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A suggestion for improving the atmosphere at home matches

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We are all frustrated by the sterility of the Emirates on match days and it’s easy to blame the club, especially regarding the design of the stadium. Quadrants instead of good, old-fashioned stands, for example. The obvious problem is the lack of noise we create and our rival fans have been mocking us over that since the North Bank became all seater and The Highbury Library was born.

But there’s something being largely overlooked and it’s largely our fault. I implore you: Wear the colours. I want to see red (and white) at the Emirates. Flags, scarves, banners, hats, shoes… whatever. Imagine how different it would be if everyone participated. Think of Villarreal’s famous Yellow Submarine, the Boca Juniors’ jamboree and even The Kop.

Why can’t we have a Red and White Submarine? Okay, it wouldn’t be called that but you get the idea (whatever happened to “Red Army”?). We can all independently do our bit because there’s no need for collective, organised action here to make an impact. The problem, as I see it, is that even the likes of AFTV superstars like DT and Troopz don’t wear the colours. And even the otherwise passionate Robbie sports the dodgy away/third/cup/‘mug’/whatever shirts. Get yer kit off, Robbie!

Maybe the problem is something to do with being based in such a cosmopolitan city, where everybody is focused on asserting their individuality. But there is also a not unconnected issue I have with the whole business of selling replica shirts made for 7p each by three year olds in the Far East and sold for up to £500 a pop throughout the world (libel lawyer alert: Obviously an exaggeration for illustrative, comic effect).

I vaguely remember an informal agreement by top flight clubs during the Nineties to only change their home shirts every other season because kids always want the new versions and parents were complaining about the spiralling cost. What happened to that pledge? Now we get three new kits every season, the away/third/cup/‘mug’/whatever ones presumably designed by drug-addled toddlers.

I have to confess I don’t know much about our pre-colour TV away strips but what’s wrong with yellow and blue? The revolution to fleece us had its roots in the slightly divisive blue and green away kit launched in 1982. I actually got my mum to buy me one. But it did occur to me, even then, as a ten year old, that the strip was still evocative of Arsenal because the sleeves and shorts were a different colour to the body of the shirt. However, I did wonder why not yellow instead of green?

Indeed, my favourite away shirt ever is the 1989 yellow and blue version (reprised a few time since), fondly remembered for so many reasons. I currently have my original from when I was 16 hanging up in my living room, where it’s been since I watched the film 89 before Christmas.

The rip-off revolution began in earnest with the 1992 “you look like you’ve been run over by a lorry” yellow and blue shirt (which, admittedly, was quite popular, although I hated it). And the 2005-06 “redcurrant” shirt to mark the last season at Highbury was just a cynical marketing ploy, in my opinion. We originally wore that colour home shirt before we became a great club. We haven’t won the league again since we wore them. A curse?

That was a blip and it’s mostly the away strips which bother me. In recent years, it’s not been like watching Arsenal in change strips as we’ve sported all manner of colours with bizarre to ridiculous designs. That, for me, has become synonymous with our failure on the pitch. It’s just like watching a bunch of overpaid clothes horses (also rans). Part of why they get paid such obscene amounts of money is because the club/kit manufacturers are ripping us off.

Yes, success is the most important thing but colours are a big part of a football club’s identity. Think Cardiff City: The Bluebirds changing from blue to red in 2012 is a mind-blowingly absurd example. What I’m suggesting at the Emirates is quite achievable. Just wear as much red and white as possible, it doesn’t even have to be Arsenal-branded garb. I haven’t been a regular at games for years but the change in management has made me want to go. And when I do, I will wear the colours, as I always did. But if I don’t get a buzz out of seeing games live then I won’t bother going again in the future.

This is a perfect time to launch a winnable campaign to get back to yellow and blue away kits because the Puma contract is up at the end of the season and we can appeal to the next kit manufacturers. Or am I the only one who feels strongly about this?

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  1. Made Up Stat

    Sep 11, 2018, 12:01 #112220

    Markymark, like your description of Wenger being Clough without relegation. Albeit not being in actual danger of going down (although with no change of management that could have changed in 2 or 3 seasons), we certainly became an outfit that could not challenge for serious honours and even began to struggle to qualify for the euro consolation cup. Reckon we've got to look forward to autobiographies from players involved in the Wenger sh!t$how to get the insights from the horses mouths. should be entertaining and perhaps providing confirmation of what we've suspected or said over the last few years.

  2. markymark

    Sep 11, 2018, 08:46 #112216

    I know Gaz what an absolute tragedy . A tragedy that Wenger recognises himself now ( I won’t even look at MBG’s post or I’ll be ranting again lol! ) Look at Alastair Cook who happens to be my favourite sportsman , he had the strength and fortitude to go at the right time. A lesson in brilliant timing. Surely Wenger knew? Surely he must have known his way couldn’t deliver having been overtaken? Did his isolationism from other managers operate as a massive denial act? You talk to peer colleagues and you start finding out information , new ways of developing. Wenger played out some sort of 10 year bunker mentality to our complete detriment . He became Clough minus the relegation . However , though he did not decline as far as Clough neither did he soar as high. A tragedy no doubt. At least now my trough of cynicism and sorrow can end and the club of course survives as we knew it always would .

  3. Gaz

    Sep 11, 2018, 06:45 #112215

    Hi markymark. Your comment 'I’m actually enjoying this as I’ve lost a fair amount of anger and look forward to games with the right thoughts in my mind. really struck a chord with me. I spent nearly four years either wanting us to lose or not caring one bit how we got on and that was a really painful experience to go through. Now though I'm right back to looking forward to games and feeling the pain and the joy depending on the result! Even the 'kids' (they're 21 and 26!) are enjoying seeing me running round the front room again when we score! And to cap it all I've even got a ST which means I'm going back to the Emirates again on a regular basis for the first time in years! Must admit though that now its all over there is a lot of sadness in how it all finally panned out as for ten years Wenger could do no wrong in my book. It's been and done now though and thankfully we can all move on and regardless of what happens over the next few years hope, interest and enjoyment has returned and I couldn't be happier!

  4. mbg

    Sep 11, 2018, 00:15 #112214

    markymark, I remember a quip on here way back at the time after he had topped out and his hod carrying days were over and the talk was rife how he had built the Stadium and in record time too, three four five years later he was still trying to build a team, six, seven eight nine still trying and failing miserably (in between should have been sacked numerous times) judge him/me in May ? Ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen, eventually Sacked, not one single team ever built not one or anywhere even near, (funny how that seems to have been forgotten about)leaving us worse off than we ever were, (and remember Fergie built two or three in that time) the quip being and still relevant today i'd hate to have to wait for him to build a house for us we'd be a long time homeless. And where is he today after slithering off with £140,000,000 plus for all that failure ? With a big house or a mansion in every major city in Europe, and holiday homes al over the World. Scandalous.

  5. Nigel

    Sep 10, 2018, 21:43 #112213

    There is no longer a 'relationship' between players and fans. Ruined by money and the barrier of 10-30 metres of space. Along with the pricing out of the fans who traditionally made the noise we will now suffer the silence until 'modern football' collapses. And that is no time soon.

  6. markymark

    Sep 10, 2018, 11:14 #112210

    Hi MBG, Yes mate lots posts bleating about Wenger with that trowel in his hand . What a colossus he was!

  7. mbg

    Sep 10, 2018, 10:02 #112208

    markymark, couldn't agree more, I feel the same way myself actually looking forward to games again, the enthusiasm of old hasn't returned yet but it's certainly coming back, even enough to start planning getting back over to games next season. Exciting times ahead.

  8. mbg

    Sep 10, 2018, 00:58 #112205

    goone-ed, my post 118099 not that I regard it as having a pop, more the truth, it was submitted before I knew/read badarse was banned.

  9. mbg

    Sep 10, 2018, 00:45 #112204

    Rob G, good post if you ask me, any person persons who would copy the Arsenal way under wenger in the last fourteen years would be idiots, and god knows he copied others enough in his quest to try and be great, and of course made a lot of silly things up too.

  10. mbg

    Sep 10, 2018, 00:31 #112203

    Exeter Ex, yes he's still at it, he just cant help himself, no matter, as we all know it's in him, still insulting and now talking a new version of gobbledgook, lets call it gobble. Exciting times ahead, Come on Unai.

  11. mbg

    Sep 10, 2018, 00:16 #112202

    markymark, yes mate, I tick that box, according to some of the idiots we'd have become extinct, do a leeds etc, just look where we ended up under their messiah and where we'd be with another two years of the weasels rein, which they wanted and would have loved, yes like I said he had his big red runny hooter stuck in everything,(apart from coaching) it has even been said Rob the chef had to show him his menu for the week for approval and kept informed of any changes, as for the stadium TOF ran the show, remember all the blowing and bumming from his luvvies and wengerites over the years about his constant meetings with planners and builders, and his silly grinning with his boots and hard hat, now of course all of a sudden he had nothing to do with it or any input into it at all, they're still fooking blaming others. You couldn't make it up. Exciting times ahead.

  12. markymark

    Sep 9, 2018, 20:34 #112199

    Ex - I feel that the removal of the Wenger comfort blanket will effectively create a forward looking discussion from now on in. There’s simply no one left with a massive Wenger bond. Unless of course a newbie joins with that point of view. Today marks a real watershed. We really do move forward. What will be interesting is if the removal of Wenger blinds us to future mistakes under Emery . Pedro on Le Grove has received a bit of a kicking for forceful criticism . I feel it’s far to early and unfair but feel that I can comment from a head space not a heartfelt space. I’m actually enjoying this as I’ve lost a fair amount of anger and look forward to games with the right thoughts in my mind. Today it really is onwards and upwards !

  13. jjetplane

    Sep 9, 2018, 15:33 #112197

    Like that John F with toffy Totts from Totteridge challenging AFC chaps to duels and whatnot. Average crowd at my local team is a 100 yet there is a community full of passion, pain and joy (when we actually score a goal). Only pitch invasion are the young gulls (hard enough) but yes in the PL and such the game is pretty much like most corporate entertainment and singing or shouting will have you marked out by the stewards in some grounds nowadays. They want a nice quiet family type crowd who buy lots of merchandise and dutifully wear the shirts and once you have who needs you to sing. Used to go to Highbury as a nipper in the 60s with a bunch of other nippers under the age of 10 and not a parent in sight. The game has changed.

  14. Exeter Ex

    Sep 9, 2018, 15:09 #112196

    Think the site will just naturally become non-abusive now. First Arsene Wenger... it's been a good year. Can't see anyone being abused for admitting Spurs have a better team and stadium. First step in dealing with a problem is admitting you have one.

  15. John F

    Sep 9, 2018, 15:00 #112195

    Agree with you Rob I think it is the type of fans.I remember thinking that when I went to the F A cup screening for the Hull game which I think was a fiver to get in.There was a much younger slightly drunker crowd in who made twice as much noise then a full Emirates although things did get a bit out of hand with the pitch invasion.The club probably looked at that and thought they don't want that sort of riff raff in as justification for their pricing policy.I do think other London clubs director s including Spurs would look at Arsenal and how they have changed the demographics of the crowd and look to copy it to gain extra revenue.I look forward to Arsenal fans going down Tottenham high road and getting pelted with prawn sandwiches and greeted with chants of Boo Arsenal.The other issue is that there are too many season ticket holders at Arsenal which usually are older or more middle class.

  16. RobG

    Sep 9, 2018, 13:54 #112194

    jet - pressure is definitely on both Spurs and the Scoucers, no doubt about that. As they have so far spent big but not actually seen any trophies. Think City are in a different boat. For that matter, Mourinho if not Utd themselves, are also under the same.So they can't all succeed 😎👍.

  17. jjetplane

    Sep 9, 2018, 13:34 #112193

    RobG but are the Spuds in a serious rut of sorts and pressure to win something massive now as with City who for all the talk of them have to win the CL yesterday. Arsenal now have the pressure fully off so that may work to our favour. Given time Unai may well sneak a trophy or two while no one is listening. All eyes on Liverpool too who have to win something now. Would be a laugh to see any of that three crack this season. My ideal top four at the end of it all would be Arsenal, Wolves, Fulham and Watford. Sweet dreams.

  18. RobG

    Sep 9, 2018, 13:02 #112192

    This will not be a popular post - but hopefully won't get me a ban ! Spurs have clearly studies our move and West Hams and with this in mind they have built the new 'Zebra Dome' (thus named as they last won something in black and white) with a single tier 18,000 block to generate abetter atmosphere. Now whether this works or not remains to be seen. I tend to think that it's the fans rather than the stadium architecture that is the final arbiter in this matter.

  19. gooner.ed

    Sep 9, 2018, 12:21 #112191

    Ok. So under the new policy of zero tolerance, Badarse has had to be banned for abuse. Post 118083 following on from others suggests he wanted this. TOOAW has been banned for a previous post, pre-warning, that is serious enough to get a ban without a warning of any kind. I will not refer to it, but enough regulars are aware of it and it has been brought to my attention only recently. I suspect TOOAW will return under a different guise before long, but under the new policy, it won't be long before he is banned again. Hopefully we can now focus on football debate rather than personal abuse. I have decided to leave the comments in place so that people can see what kind of thing is going to get you banned. And that includes anyone having a pop at now banned commenters. So let's all move on.

  20. Made Up Stat

    Sep 9, 2018, 11:48 #112190

    If the new order means the end of nonsensical posts by pompous stuffed shirts, then hooray.

  21. jjetplane

    Sep 9, 2018, 11:30 #112189

    Why does the defeated one (his words) think Exeter is a problem for other posters? Exeter is often praised on here so think the jealousy thing is on again as the defeated one had when he saw Ron being too popular with other posters. Best for the defeated one to give it up before it's too late. Not good for his health and dull as dishwater to boot.

  22. Exeter Ex

    Sep 9, 2018, 11:15 #112188

    Badarse - for clarification, by Pete Brady did you actually mean Ian or Liam? Back on to the original subject, more colours in the stadium. Those in the high class restaurants and diamond club could do their bit: The gentlemen could wear red tuxedos with white shirts, red bow ties. The ladies could wear red evening gowns with white stilettos.

  23. Badarse

    Sep 9, 2018, 10:58 #112187

    Made Up it is a directive by the Editor and one I am determined to adhere to. This communicating style is going down unless the disruptive and snide posts stop. Move with the times please, as you appear a dinosaur. If you must moan and groan do it in the privacy of your own bathroom. Just have a gurn in the mirror, then emerge as a real grown up. Then post.

  24. Made Up Stat

    Sep 9, 2018, 10:38 #112186

    'Stick to football posts'. Quoteth the one who frequently submits rambling nonsensical posts of many, many words without once mentioning football.

  25. Badarse

    Sep 9, 2018, 10:28 #112185

    Sorry to surprise you with some information Exeter, but you are a fool. Carry on though as your credibility is now very much in question. Do you expect a leadership challenge? Loved Mad Jens winning the Legends game. Nice to see some great players from yesteryear. Good old Arsenal.

  26. Exeter Ex

    Sep 9, 2018, 09:50 #112184

    The Great Arbiter of the site is helpfully outlining for us what is and isn't possible, and usefully it all accords with his own inclinations. He likes the modern badge - so accept it. He likes the design of the stadium - so accept it. However he is for safe standing, so it's okay to focus on that. It might seem to others that changing the design of the badge would be a much more easily attainable goal than replacing seats with standing areas, but the Arbiter has sent down his dictat and we must focus our energies in the areas he has circumscribed.

  27. Badarse

    Sep 9, 2018, 09:44 #112183

    Your post is another nail in your coffin, and that isn't a death threat. Posters are beginning to see through you, Pete Brady. Please try to stick to football posts, or crossbars if you like.

  28. Exeter Ex

    Sep 9, 2018, 09:34 #112182

    Self-regarding Man, interesting you should reference your own anti-Irish sentiments with 'ticking bomb', perhaps deep down you're hoping to be removed, as your own pride won't allow you to remove yourself. You're certainly unable to grasp what's going on with these deconstructions - do try and keep up. "I see what others do not" weaves through every single post in one form or another, ego front and centre at all times. Presently we have a wagging finger at those apparently 'wanting things to remain the same' - this from someone who wanted Wenger to carry on - whilst at the same time telling people to accept things as they are.

  29. Badarse

    Sep 9, 2018, 09:18 #112181

    Marky your post was relevant, however you then reverted to a Korean badge and a corporate bowl. The badge is as it is. You do not have to like it, as it happens I do. I also love the previous as it was the one I grew up with and it reminded me as a child of knights of olde. I also like the previous one to that depicted on the corners of the old North Bank Stand, the 'AC' one. Badges as with retro shirts, are all now freely recognised as Arsenal, although the article writer puts forward the case for only one colour, which will not happen. You will not change it so just let it flow and wear your own personal badge. The stadium is a copy of Sporting Lisbon's or Porto's I believe, so it wasn't designed by Arsene Wenger, nor did he personally build it. Had he and it then deserved criticism it is the Board's fault. You cannot commission a project, give free rein to an individual then moan if public opinion decides it has failings. It is as it is. Not ideal but in modern ways a vast improvement on Highbury, which I loved. By the way the old original shirts are a legacy for the future if your prices are to be believed; I have a number.

  30. markymark

    Sep 9, 2018, 09:12 #112180

    Interesting to see Jack Wilshire has confirmed Wenger was sacked

  31. markymark

    Sep 9, 2018, 08:42 #112179

    Badarse - nostalgia is all around us it’s branded as ‘Retro’. Arsenal period shirts can go for £250 up. Vintage Omega Speedmasters have tripled in price. I should know I chase after them.Bricklane market which sends a Street fashion signal to the UK is chic full of retro. That isn’t going away. Arsenal can happily blend their retro like iconic Charlie George images along with early 90’s Tony. It’ll be excellent. What we have is a Korean car badge and a corporate bowl. Any marketing person worth their salt could create an inclusive image for Arsenal.

  32. Badarse

    Sep 9, 2018, 07:50 #112178

    Just an overview but nostalgia is generally regarded as a hankering after the past. Wanting things to remain the same, or to go back to halcyon days is a craving for a womblike security, and often associated with immaturity. It is right and correct to recognise some aspects of life deteriorating and going awry and should always be arrested wherever possible. That calls for hard work and a united and concerted effort, with expectations on a limited scale. The natural market forces of the day have to be considered and with this in mind a reasonable and possible approach should be taken. Generally though most moan and complain and do nothing. This does not change the world or even alter tiny parts of it. The design of the stadium, ex managers, youth of today, (bit of a contradiction here as someone moans that the young are priced out of going to the Arsenal, then also groan that the young/new fan only takes 'selfies' once inside), players, distance from pitch, colour shirts the crowd wears are all secondary. Safe standing is in my opinion clearly the way forward. A realistic and sensible aim to focus on.

  33. markymark

    Sep 8, 2018, 21:07 #112177

    I don’t think the only issue is with terraces or seating arrangements. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of the Nou Camp Tour or better still attended a match their can see how Barcelona have kept the link of their history in what is basically a concrete bowl. Why haven’t we got images of the Clock End and North Bank projected on the bare internal concrete interior? An audio memory room of older fans and players. Images of kits through the years. Revert the badge back as well. Have club bars for social media groups , memorabilia clubs. This could all be done . You’d stoke up the pride and make it far more connected.

  34. GeorgeBung

    Sep 8, 2018, 17:53 #112176

    Sadly i don't see the atmosphere at the Emirates ever getting better whilst money is the top priority with the owner.Most of your hardcore,working class supporters who make most of the noise have been priced out of the game.As someone said you also have the gentrification,i.e. social cleansing, of North London and the fact we are a tourist attraction.Thousands now fly in the day before or on the day to attend the game,the one's with the half and half scarves wrapped round their necks in the home end.Introducing safe standing will make no difference whatsoever.I'm in section 7 of the lower tier and everybody stands in that section as do most in the other lower tier sections behind the goal.A safe standing space takes up the same amount of room as a seat,does anybody really think that Kroenke would charge less than for a seat,I doubt it.If there was a huge demand for those areas he would probably charge more.What would certainly improve the atmosphere is if football got back to the values of why these clubs were formed in the first place back in the late 1800's and that is for the benefit of the LOCAL community in respect of social cohesion,a focal point for the community and a place where the community could meet.No chance of that. LAHK

  35. jjetplane

    Sep 8, 2018, 16:33 #112175

    Exeter Ex good points as always and you must be a fan of Derrida (played for Monaco) as you are spot on with your deconstructions of the poster who is defeated by 'the intractable mentality of many people nowadays.' Well we got trounced 1-6 and scored a lovely goal so last cup to play in Tuesday against St Francis which should be a cracker. Just putting this up for TOOAW as he seems to love 9th tier drivelling. Exciting banter ahead. Still cannot get over Harry the Spud is going to wear gold boots to collect his 'golden boot award.' As for the above article people just don't sing at the Emirates because of Wenger who considered any form of chanting to be vulgar in his quest for total art on the field through the promotion of mental spirit. I can't hear a ****ing thing! ......

  36. markymark

    Sep 8, 2018, 15:13 #112174

    Good points by Gooner Ron I would add of course that according to the Children of Wenger. Wasn’t the belief that Wenger was massively behind the design of the stadium and fully involved in the project? Quite amusing to see the Wenger Boys either having to admit that Wenger’s involvement was Bullshine or even more unpalatable that he oversaw a mediocre soulless bowl suitable for hot climates but to airy to suit the UK and a stadium that took Arsenal’s fine Highbury design and trounced it. Still according to Badarse “Arsenal would have gone to the Wall if they’d stayed at Highbury” A ticketed standing section would be good but I’d suggest season ticket only

  37. Badarse

    Sep 8, 2018, 14:22 #112173

    Inverted Comma Man, you are just a bit too tick-are you a ticking bomb, or unable to follow and grasp certain aspects of writing? It's only hearing tyour own voice which has perhaps precluded you from the step up to further knowledge. You give yourself away. Please try to keep up, but if you cannot try not to draw attention to your own inabilities to comprehend. Comma, dot, apostrophe, full stop!

  38. Exeter Ex

    Sep 8, 2018, 13:36 #112172

    "Harkening back to the 'good old days' is a pointless exercise" followed by "In the 60s we changed our world to make it fit us". Then there's "Safe standing is a step forwards" followed by "To hope to change the new mentality is a lost cause" Tip: Check essay for self-contradictions before submitting.

  39. mbg

    Sep 8, 2018, 13:03 #112171

    We've also got to remember we've never had any success under TOF at the Emirates apart for a couple of lucky FA Cups against mediocre opposition which wasn't certainly wasn't rated as success among all the right thinking fans, or any exciting games to bring the place down, DB's Testimonial about the pick, lol (little did we know at that time) he got rid of all the personnel that helped him and assured he did what he did in the past ( a past now mostly forgotten ) due to his arrogance and egoism in thinking he was God and going it alone with his pet projects and footballing philosophies which failed miserably. Hopefully now Unai will change all that, and bring/bring back an atmosphere with real success and great nights with proper football and silverware. Exciting times ahead.

  40. Badarse

    Sep 8, 2018, 12:56 #112170

    I commend you Only One, as the OG Virtual Fan of the Year who couldn't? Think I heard someone yelling commend in a phone box the other eve near the Swamp, not sure what it meant, but there you are. What defeats me is the intractable mentality of many people nowadays. Simple rule of logic, you can only compare like with like. Sure on here many compare like with dislike but that is straying from the point. The zeitgeist of every era dictates. Harkening back to the 'good old days', is a pointless exercise, unless there is a determination to alter the status quo of the day. All valid points by Gooner Ron. Distilled to it's essence is the fact that people have changed. This is the year 2018; reminiscing is great but it never changes anything. Safe standing is a step forwards-'all seater stadia' should never have happened. It was a knee-jerk reaction by the Thatcher government due to the Hillsborough Disaster. The attitude of allowing the dregs, (as viewed by the 'intelligentsia'), to embrace diabolical and unsafe conditions is the norm in this country, only a disaster shakes-up Westminster. Soft option? Make people sit and to hell with improving standing areas. To hope to change the new mentality is a lost cause. In the 60s we changed our world to make it fit us and that remains constant. Nowadays of course the grey men subtly tell the young what they want, and they follow, as we all would when we were young blank canvasses.

  41. jjetplane

    Sep 8, 2018, 12:08 #112169

    Further on the state of the present game Spud Kane is to wear golden boots to pick up the lest deserved award ever. His game has gone the drain since everybody stuck him on a pedestal. May prove people wrong but presently looks like he is on drugs. If they they get a pasting from Spain well .....

  42. jjetplane

    Sep 8, 2018, 11:10 #112168

    Excellent points Gooner Ron and it is interesting that the atmospheres at American soccer games are quite lively as they deal with the novelty of the sport until it goes the same way and it becomes hard to sing when you have a pizza attached to your face. When grounds here were lively no one was wearing a shirt and on the north bank scarves were not abundant so it is not the visual display of shirts (and phones) that make atmosphere but a culture of supporter who have now been priced out of the game. Anyway yesterday I somehow found myself staring at the Rocky and Wrighty film on Youtube. Supposed have been preparing fences for painting but once I started watching that was it. Great contributions from GG, Tony, Perry, David D and others and nicely put the story of those two as life long mates and yes I was a little teary by the end and that time when Rocky had his minute silence and we were playing the Spuds who to a man were impeccably behaved. That football world no longer exists and now with a new comp in international euro football playing out they will try anything to save the game. Glorified friendlies played out in sterile atmospheres not a long way from countless games without meaning in the PL except to steady the financial mooring of involved clubs. Great shot on the Rocky film of a mental north bank with not a shirt in sight but just thousands of people supporting their team. Ain't gonna happen again because once it went (for AFC at Highbury) no chance of now teaching new dogs old tricks. Off to see us get trounced again in the rain no doubt and would not swap that for a seat at the Emirates on a lazy Sunday afternoon surrounded by passionless fans in shirts costing fifty quid and more. Try selling that bollocks to a family of four who have better things to do with their money like having some food on the table. Big love to Rocky and Wrighty.

  43. Aylesbury Gooner

    Sep 8, 2018, 11:07 #112167

    GoonerRon,All your points are valid regarding the atmosphere at the Emirates but would also add that the actual stadium itself has much to do with it,is too far from the pitch also gaps in the structure don't keep in the sound.We need one big terrace like the german teams and here Liverpool and soon to be Spurs.Also another poster pointed out that the red section is in the wrong place and i would agree,i was at the West Ham game not far from the the away support and could just hear the red section in the far corner although there seem to be alot of them joining in so moving closer to the away support would i beleive create a much better atmosphere and move the family enclosure and maybe the young guns too why we need all these sections is beyond me.How did we get by at Highbury?

  44. Exeter Ex

    Sep 8, 2018, 10:00 #112166

    It's almost endearing how desperate you are to be liked and accepted, Tooaw. I'm afraid it's too late. Anyone seen the Guradian article on Carzola? Wenger gave him an optional year's contract just before surgery, a 'lovely gesture'. Even though Carzola would've already made millions from the club. Couple that with the story of Mertesacker taking a year's playing contract even though he didn't want to play anymore. That's the level of indulgence that went on, that's the embedded culture that's got to be turned around.

  45. GoonerRon

    Sep 8, 2018, 08:51 #112165

    Personally my feeling is there are a number of reasons for poorer atmospheres: (1) The generation of supporters who were vocal 20-something’s in the 70’s/80’s are older now and perhaps less likely to join in with chanting (my Dad is a case in point, albeit a sample of one). (2) The game is sanitised so much now that there is rarely a crunching tackle anymore which was often a catalyst for atmosphere. (3) Apathy towards the club, the owners, the previous manager, the players, the game itself has meant people are just less ‘into it’ than they used to be. (4) Ticket prices have changed the dynamic of attendees at matches with less hardcore supporters and more corporate freeloaders. (5) The match day experience is too comfortable - easy access to food, drinks the toilets etc mean you’re not in a rush to get back to your big padded seats before the game and after half time. (6) Perhaps the stadium design isn’t optimal for atmosphere although I’d counter that with the fact I’ve been there when it genuinely rocked. (7) The local infrastructure means people feel minded to leave early - at Anfield they’d be belting out YNWA on 90 minutes whereas 30,000 people run to the Tube stations from the Emirates. (8) Changes in modern life - parts of generations y and z ‘consume’ their entertainment in different ways and being there in person may not be as important as it was/is to the more traditional supporters.

  46. TOOAW

    Sep 7, 2018, 20:26 #112164

    Ex.... 'others' meaning TOOAW. Feel free to commend me fella.

  47. mbg

    Sep 7, 2018, 18:45 #112163

    Siddy, don't forget we had an old past it sterile manager playing sterile football so what did we expect, and we had wengerites waving stupid banners that he knows, and how can we ever forget how he had his big hooter stuck in the plans for the design when it was been built ? designing this and that, all in is own image again obviously and if you listened to his moonies they would still tell you he built it, maybe they were right all along, now we've got rid of the old weasel we could we get some thing done about the Stadium and his grubby fingerprints of that. Exiting times ahead.

  48. John F

    Sep 7, 2018, 18:06 #112162

    It is not only Arsenal that has this problem,on radio 5 I did hear a Utd fan complain about the atmosphere at Old Trafford.He went on to claim that out of a 70,000 crowd only 20,000 were true supporters the rest were casual tourists he was very upset at the ut d fans who posed for selfies with some of the Spurs team after the defeat.West Ham have the same issue.The demographic has changed at some of the bigger clubs and the same will eventually happen at the spuds.I think we should have a section of the ground tha t the away scheme members get priority seating.Our away support is always loud and putting them together at the bowl might create a better atmosphere maybe as mentioned in a safe standing area.

  49. Made Up Stat

    Sep 7, 2018, 17:10 #112161

    Exeter - I didn't know that about the yellow shirts. Says it all i suppose.

  50. Exeter Ex

    Sep 7, 2018, 16:37 #112160

    We don't see yellow away shirts anymore cos they didn't sell well in the overseas market. And the middle class, middle aged consumers of the matchday experience that make up such a large chunk of the Emirates attendance would feel embarrassed to wear football colours. As others say, get in safe standing, much cheaper tickets so younger people can attend and that'll improve the atmosphere. What would also massively help the atmosphere is a ban on mobile phone use in view of the pitch, but that's not realistic.

  51. Trevor Ross

    Sep 7, 2018, 15:56 #112159

    Agree with others. Re North Bank (and Clock End), it's sacrilege and an insult to use those names at the soulless bowl. The lower tiers are ridiculously shallow and I doubt if away teams ever feel intimidated that the home fans are right on top of them, and putting the Red Section in the farthest possible place from the away fans (and out of view of TV cameras) was such an anti-football decision. Arsenal's fan demographic seems to have changed more than any other major club over the past 30 years, whether it's our relatively consistent success, the continued gentrification of Islington (especially Holloway Road recently) or Wenger's soul-destroying '4th place is a trophy' mentality, who knows. Maybe now he's gone and we're no longer a Champions League club, some fans of yesteryear will come back and we'll have an atmosphere again.

  52. Made Up Stat

    Sep 7, 2018, 15:30 #112158

    Apologies Siddy for being downbeat about your proposed movement, but i think long gone are the days where anyone of any standing (now only one person?) at Arsenal would listen to the fans on subjects like kit colours and design - particularly if some dosh could be had. Traditions that were held in such regard are obsolete. Would be great to see such colour and atmosphere at our games, but speaking as someone who first started going to Highbury (sigh) in the late 60s, I'm not sure if we've ever had such a culture of mass displays that you would see at say Anfield or abroad. A possible option perhaps might be where the club would provide free scarves on the seats before all home games? Job lots might cost the club a quid for 3 or 4? Very affordable for Prem clubs but good luck mate in getting a response.

  53. Hi Berry

    Sep 7, 2018, 14:31 #112157

    Agree with your sentiments entirely and the the way the stadium has been designed is terrible for generating an atmosphere, but also think that the make up of the crowd attending these days is not that of perhaps the seventies or eighties which you may be harking back to. I think I read that the percentage of under 25s attending these days is less than 10% and maybe therein lies the problem. Lower the ticket prices to make it more affordable for kids and teenagers and you may see an improvement.

  54. TOOAW

    Sep 7, 2018, 14:21 #112156

    Introduction of safe standing is clearly the answer. Away games back this up. There is definitely a difference in atmosphere when standing and when sitting. Arsenal need to introduce this asap.


    Sep 7, 2018, 12:19 #112155

    Atmosphere - dare i say it but Spurs new stadium with one huge bank of a home end will create a fantastic atmosphere. Calling our home end the "North Bank", although done as a nod to the old ground, is embarrassing. Its not a bank more a mound and there in lies the problem. Our ground is beginning to look more quaint with every new build that goes up. Away kit - why can't these kit makers see that if they want to sell shirts, then give us yellow and blue. Arsenal more than any other club in this country, cherishes its yellow and blue as its away colours, as much as our home.

  56. Exeter Ex

    Sep 7, 2018, 11:55 #112154

    I think they should consider getting rid of the roofs at the Emirates. The stadium would then be much more assuming of the weather and people would wear more mackintoshs. Market research shows by far the most popular colour of mack is red. Problem solved. No one else has thought of this. No need to thank me.

  57. Redshirtwhitesleeves

    Sep 7, 2018, 11:54 #112153

    I'm glad your taking action against the handful of posters that have completely ruined what used to be a great place to discuss and debate the club with other like minded Gooners. Hopefully once they have been put in their place (hopefully barred from here for good) then this site will go back to how it was and some of the old regulars will return for some sensible, grown up discussions and banter