We are the Arsenal!

The non-celebration of the equaliser v Southampton says it all

We are the Arsenal!

Lacazette saves a point… to general indifference

We are the Arsenal!

That is the context in which we play and watch football. Danny Baker one of the so called ‘voice of the fans’ type pundits that emerged when football became fashionable in the 90s once unfavourably compared Arsenal fans to his own - Millwall fans. We were spoiled moaners that lacked humour whereas the denizens of the Den supported their team unfailingly and chuckled along with any misfortune. Apart from being plain wrong, decades of The Gooner shows we find humour in almost all aspects of our club. What makes Baker’s judgment really worthless though is the lack of context. We have an expectation of success – Millwall do not.

We are the Arsenal! We are simply not going to wildly celebrate a late equalizer against Southampton.

Our history is one of a club that competes at home and abroad. We challenge for trophies, we even win trophies sometimes. Our expectations are legitimate. This season? Now that’s another story entirely. It’s flat. And the crowd is.

To understand how bad this season has been we need to remember recent history. Post 2006 the Wenger years weren’t great. However, we competed for a title in 2008 (the Eduardo year); we won cups taking some decent scalps along the way.

This current mess has been coming though. The Baku catastrophe was predictable - decent opposition, we lose badly. But, we did compete well last season against some top sides.

This season is very different. The players know it and the fans know it.

It’s not that we won’t win anything – any fool knows that, barring a fluke. It’s that we don’t compete in games. And it’s getting worse not better. Forget performing against any decent side - just expect a heavy defeat. We don’t compete against Wolves, Burnley, Palace for goodness sake. Southampton should have embarrassed us not just in performance but in the score line too.

These are sides that in the later Wenger years we used to dominate. Yes the result often was a ridiculous defeat or silly draw sometimes, but we outplayed them virtually always.

Not anymore. You don’t need to be a stats man to know that shots pepper our goal week after week home and away no matter who we play.

This is our worst defence in over 40 years. Trust me, I’m that old. Stepanovs bad, Cygan awful, Senderos well, ponderous? Try Jeff Blockley or Ian Ure - we have had some shockers!

This current lot as a collective are the worst I’ve seen. Who actually sat in the meeting that decided David Luiz was the man to stabilize a dodgy defence. Can’t somebody show Calum Chambers the way to Twickenham – yes Calum you will be allowed to use your arms to tackle there. Oh and Sokratis you aren’t Beckenbauer. No, no really you aren’t!

Let’s not start on the manager. Clearly the job is too big for him. He has to go and surely in time for changes to the playing personnel in January.

Given all this is it really surprising that after (yet another) abject display against (fellow….arrgghh!) relegation strugglers where we squeeze out a wholly undeserved draw that the crowd is flat… even when we romp to a 2- 2 draw with a 96th minute equalizer!

Why would the crowd ignite? The reaction is a sign of dejection and maybe resignation. But it’s also because they know that - We are the Arsenal! And this just isn’t good enough.

The players are no different. They know who we are, and what we are. To celebrate that goal, against that opposition, after that performance, would have been embarrassing for them as much as for us.

The lack of celebration of the goal offers some hope. The players still have standards too. We know the fans do.

It’s over to the powers that be now….

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  1. Hi Berry

    Nov 28, 2019, 8:40 #115610

    Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how someone like Jim White on Talksport can make a mountain out of a molehill by creating a pernicious debate by giving the most trivial of matters an alternative slant. Not solely a problem found in football though, but the advent of 24/7 rolling news coverage magnifies trivia to fill the screens and airwaves across all subjects and in all walks of life.

  2. Cyril

    Nov 27, 2019, 23:34 #115609

    Ron, that was a lovely piece. I’ve been of the opinion that this gig has been fixed for a very long time and the TV companies are the main protagonists. Disturbingly, we have seen the slow creep of the increase of betting organisations who are in on the act too. It’s like being in the middle of a Colombo movie for this rabble. They know the outcome and then sell it as a ‘whodunnit’ . They work their lines out and revel in their acting performances - each patting each other on the back as they go along. A constant stream of shit stirring and then it’s a case of ‘not me guv’ at the top of the fan crescendo!

  3. itsRonagain2

    Nov 27, 2019, 9:53 #115607

    On this managerial merry go round, 2 thoughts occur to me aside from who the club are looking for. Ive long held the view that SKY televison via the odious Carragher, Neville Shreeves Merson Murphy and the other never been muppets and Co love to be the judge jury and executioner on these matters. Though they feign 'disappointment' and oft say they 'hate to see a coach losing his job' guff i think they love a sacking as much as if not more than a Man U , Spuds or Liverpool win and actually encourage fans to hanker for sackings and in turn, to assert media pressure on club owners to give the fans the sackings they crave. As if these c---s views count for much, give that none have ever successfully done the job or never had the balls to try. Part of me hopes that Emery Pellegrino and Silva all survive and go on to do better just to spite the obnoxious rabble. It wont happen of course, but would be nice for those agitators to be seen to have been talking the bollox about this as they do everything else in the main. I dont think people generally really appreciate how caustic an organisation Sky Sports actually is. They create an appetite for their spiteful agendas for passive viewers to latch on to and then declare that its the fans who are the orchestrators of the witch hunts. Its cleverly done.They are just an extension of the general vile media in the UK, but some how manage to make themselves appear less odious under cover of being sports hacks.

  4. Radfordkennedy

    Nov 27, 2019, 9:05 #115606

    Marky...Last Sunday there was an article in one of the broadsheets written by the respected journalist Miguel Delaney who stated that the club had drawn up a contingency plan and that the club had put together our next four games in a block and called them ' winnable ', and that a decision would be taken on UE's future before the West Ham game if these games did not go our way. Well the first of those games was Southampton,and if the Eagle has landed as you suggest Mark, and the noises suggesting Aubas agent has been successful in touting his client to the Spanish giants,then I don't think Unai's reign will get to the end of those four games, there seems to be a certain momentum gathering.

  5. markymark

    Nov 26, 2019, 18:29 #115605

    Apparently the Kroenke’s have arrived in London so looks like it’s happening

  6. TonyEvans

    Nov 26, 2019, 15:16 #115604

    Apart from Wenger's P45 I can't recall celebrating much, Arsenal wise, for ages. 'Back in the day' , when I wasn't at the game, I could not relax, knowing Arsenal were playing, and the need to find out the score was over-whelming! Now I look for the score (eventually), shrug my shoulders, and thank Christ I am not the devoted supporter I once was!

  7. itsRonagain2

    Nov 26, 2019, 13:54 #115603

    Hi Berry - Hi matey. We didn't realise how lucky were did we when going to games back then even in the so called bad days of the mid 70s and before that, the mid 60s.! No comparison with today at all as you rightly say. No camaraderie in it amongst the fan base as there was way back. Its a game that been willingly hi jacked by TV and the corporate interests. Im glad my time as a supporter was when it was .I've often said i pity the new young fans but they know no different do they bless them. Its a game that has disappeared up its own back side years ago. Im firmly of the view that AFC are the example of the club that has most embraced the new corporate culture to the expense and disregard of its own supporters . They are reaping what they themselves sowed now.

  8. Hi Berry

    Nov 26, 2019, 13:43 #115602

    Hear, hear Ron! What an absolute shambles of a game football has turned into. By coincidence I finally got round to watching '89' last night after it had been sitting on my shelf since last Christmas - My God doesn't it bring a tear to your eye to see and hear the passion of the players - particularly the back four seated round a table and revealing how George had them training day in, day out on their shape WITHOUT a ball. All pre-Sky, of course, when tackles didn't automatically result in a yellow or red card. As you say, the whole atmosphere around football has changed now - humourless and awash with too much cash. We can't turn back the clock but isn't it great to have those memories of teams, players and matches when, as fans, we actually felt connected to the club, winning wasn't everything and we actually cared about it?

  9. itsRonagain2

    Nov 26, 2019, 12:48 #115601

    I d fully agree with the idea its the worst defence since the days of Ure, MacGill Furnell and Co. I think all goals are worthy of celebrating though. Lacca didnt because of his expectation of the crowd i think. That cant be right. We are an average team and our expectations as a club of this status in football might be latently high, but for now they should be low, as befitting the quality of the team and that means any goal is a good goal. Theres not much humour now with football fans all over. They all think only winning is acceptable and most are partially brainwashed by SKY and Co. Even the Coaches are governed by 'trial by Neville' et al. Like it or not, both TV and social media have corroded the spirit out of football, the cash in it too is partly to blame.

  10. John F

    Nov 26, 2019, 12:24 #115600

    The media love bashing Arsenal fans and I am not sure how Danny Baker can claim how good Millwall fans are when we all know different. Did the media claim Liverpool fans were spoilt when they protested against the owners and were unhappy with successive managers before Klopp .No mention of Spurs fans with previous managers prior to Poch and even booing there own team this season.Utd fans for the last two season's have managed to get rid of 3 managers so far but are not considered moaners.The list could go on to cover most teams fans in the league but Arsenal fans are the only entitled moaners.