Gunnersaurus made redundant as part of Arsenal cost-cutting

Arsenal have made mascot Gunnersaurus redundant as part of their ongoing cost-cutting measures.

Gunnersaurus made redundant as part of Arsenal cost-cutting

Gunnersaurus has been let go by Arsenal. CREDIT: OFFSIDE

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According to The Athletic, Jerry Quy, who has played the mascot since its inception in 1993, has been let go as part of the club's ongoing streamlining measures following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quy was not part of the 55 redundancies announced in August as his role was classed as a part-time one, but his departure is still part of those money-saving exits.

The decision to axe Gunnersaurus was made as the club deemed the mascot's role no longer necessary, with fans still not allowed back at the Emirates. 

A hugely popular and longstanding figure at Arsenal, Quy attended his first match in 1963 and even missed his brother's wedding to attend a home game.

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  1. Kroenkephobe

    Oct 06, 2020, 19:59 #117159

    Just to prove he's not a complete dodo, our highly paid former footballer Ozil has magnanimously offered to fund the wages of the extinct gunnersaurus this evening. What a sweet and generous guy funding the pay of someone who works maybe 15 to 20 hours a month on what can't be too far north of minimum wage. This from someone whose own hourly rate - particularly now he no longer works weekday nights and weekends (ahem) - probably exceeds poor my quy's telephone number. He's happy to rub shoulders with presidents who bump off their own journalists, but hey he's giving this geezer a few hundred quid a month from the 1.4 million he trousers every month from fans. It warms the cockles of your heart, no really it does gor blimey. F*kkin hell what is the world coming to?