Thomas Partey: I want to help Arsenal win the Premier League

New Arsenal £45m signing Thomas Partey wants to help lead the Gunners to the Premier League title

Thomas Partey: I want to help Arsenal win the Premier League

Arsenal and Ghana's Thomas Partey wants to help the Gunners get back to where they belong. PICTURE: Partey in his Arsenal shirt complete with Ghana flag. Buy the Gunners shirt at

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Arsenal's new signing Thomas Partey wants to help the north London giants get "back where they belong" and lift the Premier League title.

Ghana midfielder Partey, joined the Gunners in a £45m deal from Atletico Madrid hours before the transfer window closed.

The 27-year-old who had been targeted by Mikel Arteta over the course of the summer window put pen to paper on a long-term deal last week - and has already insisted he wants to make his mark with the Gunners.

While Arsenal have been champions of England 13 times, their last title came in 2003-04, during the Invincibles season.

"Everybody is wanting to win all the trophies that can be won. That’s my goal also," Partey told

“It’s something that’s difficult but we're working towards it and we're ready. We have to go all out and try and achieve all I have said.

“That’s the objective of the club and myself. We have to get back to where we belong."

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  1. itsRonagain2

    Oct 16, 2020, 13:32 #117172

    Hi Lads. Yes, Wengers a nauseating old sod now isnt he. The stuff about wasting Ozil. Good grief. When did Wenger ever get a tune out of that feeble sloth? If he did, i must have been on Mars or somewhere. Hes pushing his book i guess. Might be worth a read once its obtainable 2nd hand for 50p from somewhere. How sad he s ended up like this, churning out his drivel. Has he no dignity at all? I wonder hw he ll phrase the chapter about how he and that snake Gazadis were the authors in great part of the post 2008 shit show?

  2. Kroenkephobe

    Oct 16, 2020, 7:10 #117171

    Very good to hear from the Cornish contingent. I hope you're all well down there. In my corner of the southwest (Pembrokeshire) we've been relatively unscathed but man it's been dull. But at least the government on this side of the Bristol channel has a clue when it comes to pandemics. The adverts, the banality and the gambling promotion have all conspired to diminish the site which used to provide us all with some crumbs of comfort during the worst of of the wengerian era. Paradoxically, the quality might improve if the team's form takes another nosedive.


    Oct 15, 2020, 20:30 #117170

    Hi ACG! Agree re online ads which are everywhere & don't start me on TV channels which you have already paid for but still make it bloody difficult & time consuming to avoid. I suppose "modern life", this Brave New World" we now have is not for us Old Gits. I have just spent the best part of 3 days trying to transfer my old Post Office credit card to a new supplier, which I didn't want, to one of those new Fintech companies JaJa. Apparently due to their cockups I own them money - which I sorted, they have since, despite interminable waits on the old steam powered telephone been unable to get me online. Last I heard I was about 70th in their queue which was probably composed entirely of old duffers like me caught in this modern nightmare. Aaaarrrggghhh!

  4. A Cornish Gooner

    Oct 15, 2020, 18:59 #117169

    Hello Cornish and a belated welcome back to you Kroenkephobe. Good to see you’re both still alive. The Online Gooner does indeed seem moribund. It wasn’t so many years ago that one of our most prolific posters returned in order to ‘save’ it. So, fingers crossed he doesn’t have another go. Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, I’m sure, for the site to carry on, I think we’ve moved from Online Gooner (Highbury model) to Online Gooner (Emirates model) In the process it’s lost its soul. Like a lot of regular readers/posters on here I’m an old git (or grumpy old geriatric as you describe us CG). I’m not a technophobe but I’m really hacked off with the amount of unnecessary crap that now appears every time I try to read anything on this site. This seems to be worse on newer devices. In the last few days of Kevin’s reign, I emailed every gooner email address I could find, complaining about the abundance of adverts, especially the ‘90 min’ bollocks, which cannot be closed and which remains visible even after scrolling down and down. Two people replied, both saying it wasn’t up to them or their area of expertise and that I should just install an ad-blocker. Well I’m sorry but I’m not going to waste my time if they can’t sort it. The new OG is like visiting the Emirates. Any excuse for improving the experience without giving us what we previously had, and enjoyed. They can’t even update the number of ‘Comments’ next to the article author’s name. Agree with you Kroenkephobe re the currently ubiquitous Wenger. A more appropriate book title would be ‘Arsenal Wenger – In His Dreams’ although I know that there are still some who would have him back tomorrow.


    Oct 14, 2020, 20:27 #117168

    Enjoyed the latest edition of The Gooner but, regrettably, not the current state of the Online G. which seems moribund. Where is everyone? Why no debates, why no cries of outrage over that outrageous power grab by the privileged elite of the Premier League (which would see me giving up on football were it to happen), why no attempts to make that scumbag Ozil "an offer he can't refuse" etc, etc? Most of the main Arsenal sites are alive with chat - some of it controversial, the majority of it interesting. Are we just a bunch of grumpy old geriatrics? My wife would include me in the last bit unfortunately!

  6. Kroenkephobe

    Oct 13, 2020, 19:54 #117167

    I'm certainly not enjoying seeing AW pop up left, right and centre in the media at the moment. The BBC did a puff piece in which he reprised all that sh*te about "I rebuilt the club's image after the move" , or the equally far-fetched "I played a big part in building the stadium". Wenger up to his knees in aggregate overseeing the pouring of the concrete and tying up rebar? I'm not convinced. And the rehashing of all that tosh about who he could've signed and the clubs he could've worked at. Blah blah blah - A complete fraud. So TP wants us to win trophies? A truism, but better than hearing that he's going to do an Ozil I suppose. Can't wait to see if he can do his talking on the pitch. I have a good feeling that he will. Cannot wait for this turd polishing International break to finish.