Glove Story 2: The perfect Christmas gift for Gooners with a foreword from Arsenal legend Bob Wilson

Glove Story 2: The best Xmas gift for anyone who has been a member of the keepers union - with a foreword from Arsenal legend Bob Wilson

Glove Story 2: The perfect Christmas gift for Gooners with a foreword from Arsenal legend Bob Wilson

Buy Glove Story 2 now: With a foreword from Arsenal legend Bob Wilson

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The Gooner takes a look at the book Glove Story 2 which has a foreword by much-loved Arsenal legend Bob Wilson.

Read on to learn about the book which makes a perfect Christmas present for every goalkeeper, past and present as it shares the concerns and obsessions of everyone who has ever been a member of the 'Keepers' Union.'


Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of owning the biggest pair of oversize latex gloves in your school, club or local pub? Does the sight of a bulging goalnet make you feel distinctly woozy?

If so, this may be another football book for you.

Three seasons on since Glove Story made its acclaimed debut, the same crack team of collectors and nostalgics are ready for a big-league comeback.

In a lavishly enlarged second edition, Glove Story 2 delves deep into Rob Stokes’ amazing collection of goalkeeping memorabilia – not just hundreds of pairs of rare and vintage gloves but also equipment catalogues, games, glovebags, videos and even special football boots for goalies.

This catch-all compendium of keeper culture features shared memories galore, all suffused with GK lore. LikeToy Story 2 and The Godfather 2, Glove Story 2expands on the original with yet more larger-than-life characters and terrific stories – including exclusive interviews with over 30 goalkeeping stars. With a foreword by Arsenal & TV legend Bob Wilson.

Read Glove Story 2 and you will discover:

A powerful standalone collection of heartstring-tugging goalie memories and memorabilia – as well as a perfect companion volume to the critically acclaimed Glove Story

Hundreds of images of rare and vintage goalkeeper memorabilia never before seen in print

Exclusive interviews with legendary goalkeepers

A visual feast, featuring superb illustrations by Doug Nash and photography covering keepers from park to international level.

Top keepers’ choices of their greatest inspirations and influences

All the great brands – Adidas, Uhlsport, Reusch, Sondico Sports, Sells, Umbro – along with others that fell by the wayside

The evolution of goalkeeping equipment, training and coaching

Memories of goalkeeping summer schools

The greatest ever goalkeeping moments

Kid gloves – your own snaps of junior shotstoppers at work, and meeting their goalkeeper heroes

Plus keeper tips, programmes, stamps, the American Invasion, goaliemobiles... and GK marketing with all-time rubbish puns.

About the authors

Rob Stokes played in goal for Southern League Waterlooville from 1989-98, making 334 appearances and scoring two goals (both penalties!). Rob is a passionate collector of goalkeeping memorabilia, with vintage gloves stretching back to the early ‘70s. He has a loyal following on Instagram and Twitter.

Derek Hammond and Gary Silke are the authors of Got, Not Got, runner-up in the BSBA Football Book of the Year 2012, and the following series of books.

Buy Glove Story 2 here


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