Dan Mountney's column: William Saliba's childish whinging needs to stop

In his column this week, the Gooner's Dan Mountney reflects on Arsenal's disappointing defeat to Aston Villa and has his say on William Saliba after the young defender took yet another swipe at Mikel Arteta.

Dan Mountney's column: William Saliba's childish whinging needs to stop

William Saliba has had another dig at Mikel Arteta: CREDIT: COURTESY OF ARSENAL FC

I had hoped that being robbed of victory against Wolves last week would not kill Arsenal's momentum stone dead, but Saturday's loss to Aston Villa is a real indicator that it might have done just that.

The Gunners looked like the team we'd seen earlier in the season rather than the one glimpsed in recent weeks. The verve and vigour was gone, and although this might be down to tiredness caused by the busy schedule it's a real cause for concern.

With Manchester City, Leicester, Tottenham, West Ham and Liverpool all to play over the next month, the Gunners need to regroup and start putting together some results again. If not, they could be back where they were in mid-December.

Now, onto William Saliba.

To be quite honest, I've had just about enough of the Frenchman running his mouth off.

The 19-year-old has been impressing on loan with Nice after joining the Ligue 1 side last month, but it's the comments he's made to the press that have caught people's attention - rather than his good form.

For the third time this season, Saliba has taken a dig at Mikel Arteta for his lack of playing time in north London.

Speaking to RMC earlier this week, he said: "He judged me on two-and-a-half matches."

"I would have liked for him to play me more. But he told me I wasn’t ready."

By taking yet another swipe at his manager, Saliba has shown a lack of maturity and respect, two things that will likely keep him out of Arteta's plans, the very thing he's been moaning about.

Whether he's being badly advised or simply doesn't understand the lack of professionalism his comments display, his campaign to slander Arteta is doing him absolutely no favours.

And anyway, if the manager doesn't want you to play then that's that. Accept it, keep your mouth shut, knuckle down and get on with it. It's as simple as that.

If I'd have spoken about Gooner Fanzine editor, Layth Yousif, in the way that Saliba has spoken about Arteta, I can guarantee I would no longer be writing for this fine publication.

Maybe the £27m fee Arsenal paid for Saliba has given him an inflated sense of worth and he expected to be a key player immediately. He would do well to realise that he is still just 19 and clearly has a lot to learn both on and off the pitch.

He also suggested in his most recent interview that the change of manager has not helped his situation, but in truth, he was always more of a signing made for the club than for Unai Emery. There is nothing to suggest that had the Spaniard still been in charge that he would have played anyway.

It seems that Saliba's and his comments have also got the Arteta Out brigade on his side, with plenty on social media calling for the manager's head over not playing the Frenchman. For me, it is absolutely crazy that some 'fans' can back a defender who has never played for the club over a manager who won Arsenal the FA Cup last season.

Judgement should not be passed having never seen him play and with no knowledge of what is taking place behind the scenes. If Saliba wasn't putting in any effort in training or was causing problems in the dressing room would you want him to play? I certainly wouldn't.

I imagine these are the kind of 'fans' who staunchly supported Ozil FC before his departure last month. Let me just remind you, it's Arsenal FC, not Saliba FC.

Our club was here long before Saliba, and it will be here long after he's gone, so just keep that it mind.

Who knows what will happen with the Frenchman come the summer, but one thing is for certain. Saliba's childish whinging needs to stop now.

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  1. shu

    Feb 11, 2021, 12:45 #117237

    So a journo says ‘how come it hasn’t worked out at Arsenal ‘? , the answer because he only judged me on two and a half games. So what is wrong with that ? Arteta is his own man , a manager who rates Shaka and Luiz and totally froze out Ozil . Now I wasn’t a ozil fan but hey things were desperate before Xmas . Player of the month in his first month that Nice , great and I hope he feels wanted !!!!!