Two London derbies in a month may be the jolt Arsenal needs

Two London derbies in a month may be the jolt Arsenal needs

Two London derbies in a month may be the jolt Arsenal needs

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The month of March, usually a time when the "big four" are finalising their push for silverware or cementing their spots for Europe next season, may well be a foregone conclusion for Arsenal.

They look nothing like a top 10 team in the English Premier League and may well be fighting to stay afloat come the dying moments of the 2021 season.

Despite the victory over Benfica on Thursday, the Gunners sit in an unfamiliar but deserved tenth place,  with Arteta's men lacking consistent league results.

Their latest in a season-long expression of inconsistency saw them ram four past Leeds, only to look unrecognisable as they lost to a Manchester City side that has been on a tear lately but did not look their usual laser-sharp self.

The match was well within reach for the Gunners, who got stunned earlier by their lethargic play, to concede two minutes into the game.

The game would end 1-0, but an unmemorable lackluster display from the Arsenal players will be what will stick in the minds of fans, pundits, and coaches of national sides, as they draw up their lists for Euro 2020.

The tests will not let up for the Gunners, and they will have to dig deep and do much better if they hope to salvage anything from the season.

As February draws to a close, the team that faced Benfica in the Europa League for a chance to further themselves into the knockout stages did themselves proud. So far, the team has been brilliant in Europe, behind an electric Alexandre Lacazette in the competition. Still, more will be needed, especially from coach Mikel Arteta who cannot seem to figure out which starting eleven works best for him. Past Benfica, the month will end with a tough match against an in-form Leicester City side that is making a legitimate push for Champions League football next season. The month of March will open with a game to the defensively-disciplined Burnley side, who sit five places behind Arsenal and separated by only six points. Next up will be the North London derby against the ever-fiery Jose Mourinho and rivals Tottenham. Mou will be in a mood of his own after the current losing streak of his side has seen them drop to ninth in what was supposed to be a title-chasing year.

Tottenham has not had the season they planned but losing to Arsenal will be salt to injury. Both teams will need a big derby win to make a positive impression on disappointed fans and an expectant boardroom.

The month will be impacted by a round of international matches before the team comes back to close against a red-hot West Ham side in another London derby. West Ham has been impressive this season and is the best London team so far, sitting in fourth place after twenty-five games.

Two London derbies in a month should be enough motivation for an Arsenal side worthy of the name, but this season has shown that the bright lights make this Gunners side shrink.

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