Arsenal have moved so far away from its values and traditions as to be unrecognisable

Dial Square - the club for Arsenal supporters by Arsenal supporters - issue statement on European Super League

Arsenal have moved so far away from its values and traditions as to be unrecognisable

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In light of the proposed European Super League, Dial Square have issued a statement. 
The proposed European Super League has disgusted the majority of fans, pundits and journalists alike with it’s underbelly of greed and selfishness.
But it has had one positive side effect.
It has corralled what is normally a divisive fan base into one common belief.
Unfortunately, that belief is that Arsenal Football Club – who declared itself one of the founding members of this clandestine, money-orientated movement – has moved so far away from the values and traditions that form the cornerstones of Arsenal – that the club itself is unrecognisable.
So many have come forward via social media and said that boycotting the club, punishing the club with points deductions, throwing the club out of competitions etc, will be a lesson for Arsenal.
A fair portion of us have mentioned that fans should come together and form a new club from the ground up.
A club built on the fabric that Arsenal Football Club came from. One that shares the values that made us one of the most revered and respected football clubs in the world.
Well, this already exists.
‘Dial Square FC Enterprise’ is that avenue for all Arsenal fans disenchanted with the current state of our club and modern football. For Gooners who cannot abide any more the prioritisation of money over morals.
DSFCE gives us fans a place to go where we belong, rather than a place where we are a forgotten notion.
Dial Square is FOR the fans – and run by the fans. That’s right. Those clubs we look at with fan ownership? Dial Square have followed suit and ensured that a fan presence in the running of the club is pivotal – and always maintained, by forming DSFCE.
Just read the club’s Mission Statement. It will tell you that Dial Square is the antithesis of modern football.
It is a club that knows the value of loyal support.
The European Super League has been bandied around for many years. The idea of an elite competition. But the fact that clubs involved have issued a statement? That means that football as we know it is close to utter mutation.
So we need to salvage something. We need to latch onto what we remember.
Dial Square is the Arsenal we know and love – minus the business element and constant cap in hand toward fans who already stump up for the highest ticket prices and four kit launches per season.
Dial Square is what you’ve been looking for.
Come and see for yourself what we are building. And then you can be part of what may well be the reincarnation of the club we used to know”

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