Arsenal are looking for a Gold Member rep on fans forum: Vote Kev! 

Arsenal Needs You: Vote Kev!

Arsenal are looking for a Gold Member rep on fans forum: Vote Kev! 

Your Club Needs You (to vote Kev)

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Machievallan machinations, political manoeuvring, dodgy dealings, backstabbing and scalps - but hey, that's enough of the current Arsenal boardroom (allegedly), the race is on for the club to find a Gold Member rep!

Kev was editor of the Gooner for two decades so we thought we'd repay his loyalty by backing him as our man to help make the club understand what loyal season ticket holders really want. 

And while there are so many good people on the list, no-one has more experience of all matters Arsenal than Kev. 

But don't just our word for it, why not take a look at Kev's impeccable Arsenal CV which you can also see on the club's website here.

So: Our advice is Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Kev



Kevin Whitcher's CV

Skills and Experience: As editor of the Gooner fanzine for 20 years until 2020, an AISA committee member for many of those, and a Season Ticket holder since 1993.

I have developed a good knowledge of the things that Season Ticket holders would like to see changed or improved. I can present the issues that arise for them in a constructive way and work towards solutions.

Key Issues: Feeling more valued by the club for their loyalty, not being regarded as customers who can just be tossed aside because others can take their place.

This can take the form of improved communications and genuine benefits for their financial commitment each year. Improvement in their experience in attending the Emirates.

The increasing use of technology casting long-term season ticket holders adrift.

Fairer treatment of season ticket holders reaching retirement. A growing sense of the club losing the values it has historically represented.




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